Birthday Surprises

Author: Kyoko Godaikun


Disclaimer: I don’t own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Time: February 1998



The Kinki Kids had been invited on a trip to Sakamoto's cousin's inn. The trip was as very early birthday present to Tsuyoshi by the other J-Friends. Leader insisted that decorum must be maintained, that included officially having roommates that were not their lovers, and arriving at different times.  Since the Manager was going to be out of town for four days, he had given Koichi permission to go. 


Tsuyoshi arrived at the inn before Koichi. That was the drawback of going in two cars. He looked around the lobby. He had expected a traditional Japanese inn, but this place was more like an American Ski cottage.


Tsuyoshi couldn't believe his eyes. The man who was standing behind the check in desk looked like an older version of Sakamoto. He smiled when he saw the motley group.  He rang a bell, and three men appeared from down a hallway.  He then went to the group. He bowed. "Welcome to my inn. I am Sakamoto Saburo."


"Thank you for letting us stay here." Sakamoto told him.


The owner looked over the group. "I don't understand. I thought you where bringing Junichi here. I so wanted to meet him."


"He'll be here soon." Sakamoto said. "Our group took two cars. We don't want the Manager to be suspicious."


"So he's still has those archaic rules." Saburo paused for a moment. "Please give your car keys to my employees; they will unpack the car for you."


Sakamoto gave his keys to a man who was near his own age. Tsuyoshi watched as the men went outside. The man who had taken the keys looked familiar to Tsuyoshi though he couldn't figure out why.


"Let me show you to your rooms." The owner took a piece of paper off of the check in desk.


The five men followed Saburo to the second floor.  The owner opened a door. "This room will belong to Leader and Nagase." he gave the key to Nagase. The group walked into the room. "You will have to share a bath, I hope you don't mind."


"We don't mind," Nagase told him.


Saburo showed everyone else their rooms, except for Tsuyoshi.  He turned to leave.


Tsuyoshi ran to stop him. "Where's my room?"


"Your name?"


"Domoto Tsuyoshi."


"You're not on my list."


"I'm not on your list?" Tsuyoshi repeated unbelieving.  "Those Baga's drug me up here, and I don't have a room?"


"Don't panic. There was probably a mistake." Saburo went to Sakamoto's room and knocked at the door.


Sakamoto opened the door. "What's up?"


"Why isn't this man on your list?"


"Let me explain." Sakamoto whispered something into the owner's ear. 


Saburo eyes got larger. "So he's the one."


"What's going on?" Tsuyoshi asked.


The owner turned to Tsuyoshi. "I'm sorry, we had a misunderstanding. Please come with me."


"Of course," The younger man told him.


Tsuyoshi followed Saburo up another set of stairs to the top floor. "I know this is a bit out of the way, but it's our best room." He unlocked the door, and ushered Tsuyoshi inside. The room was huge. It was more like a suite instead of an ordinary room. Saburo went to window and opened the curtains.  


"This must be very expensive." Tsuyoshi gasped.


"All expensive have been covered. Please do not worry about it." Saburo told him. "All you should worry about is enjoying this week."


"Thank you very much." Tsuyoshi told him.  The owner bowed and left.


"Like the room?" Nagase said from behind him.


"It's nice, really nice." he went to the window, looking out at the mountains.  "I can't believe we have five nights here."


"We've all needed a break." Nagase joined him at the window.  "Now if Shingeru was here it would be perfect."


"Whose bright idea was it for us to go in two cars?"


"Leaders, he didn't think we would be suspected if we went in two cars."


"I'm tired of always having to be under the spotlight." Tsuyoshi sighed.  "Everywhere we go there are cameras."


"It's a side effect of being an idol." he shrugged.


"I hate the spies, I hate never even being able to take a shower without being watched by security devices." he admitted. "If I didn't have Koichi, I would have quit a long time ago."


"What about performing?" Nagase reminded him.


"I don't really care for performing." Tsuyoshi admitted. "Now if it was just me, and my guitar that might be different."


"The good part about being on stage is I can put my arm around Shingeru and it doesn't matter." Nagase smiled.  "The audience thinks it's all an act."


There was a knock at the door. Tsuyoshi turned.  Taichi was standing in the doorway.  "Seen Yama-chan?"


"He's not here yet." Tsuyoshi said.


"Let's go downstairs and wait for them." Nagase suggested.


"Good idea." Taichi said.


They went to the main room.  Inocchi sat on one of the couches looking miserable. 

Sakamoto was sitting in front of a fireplace. He was rubbing the ring on his right ring finger.


'They weren't upstairs." Taichi told him.


"I told you they hadn't arrived." Sakamoto said without looking up.


"Anyone check this place for security devices?" Nagase sat down on a couch.


"My cousin can't stand the Manager. I'm sure he wouldn't let them put any in." Sakamoto said.


"Saburo knows the Manager?" Tsuyoshi sat down too.


"Come on Tsu! Saburo was in the Raindrops!" Taichi sat down in a chair.


"The Raindrops?" Inocchi asked. "What are the Raindrops?"


"Seventies glam group, they were part of Johnny's Entertainment." Nagase explained.  "They were good, really good."


"They where different then most groups in the agency." Taichi said. "Kind of like Tokio."


There was the sound of a ketai ringing.  It was Tsuyoshi's. He answered it. "Moshi Moshi."


"It's me." Koichi said.


"Ko-chan, Where are you?" Tsuyoshi asked.


"We broke down about fifteen kilometers from the inn. We need to be picked up."


"Is that Koichi?" Sakamoto asked.


"He says the car broke down." Tsuyoshi told him.


Sakamoto got to his feet. "Can I talk to him?"


"Sure." he spoke into the Ketai. "Ko-chan, Sakamoto needs to talk to you."


"Okay." Koichi said.


 Tsuyoshi handed his ketai to Sakamoto. The older man walked away from the group of friends talking to Koichi.


 After a few minutes Sakamoto turned it off and gave it to Tsuyoshi.  "I'm going to go get them."


"I want to come too." Inocchi got to his feet.


"No! There isn't enough room in my car for all of them and you!"


"You're right." he sat back down.


Sakamoto turned to Nagase. "Leader told me to bring you. He says you can wait with him while the car is getting fixed."


"Of course." Nagase got to his feet.


Tsuyoshi watched his two friends leave.


"Our little vacation wasn't supposed to start this way." Taichi sighed. "Do you know how long we've been looking forward to this?"


"At least you guys get to live on your own." Tsuyoshi said.


"I hate the dorm." Inocchi said. "I was so glad to get out of there."




"What's your next drama going to be?" Tsuyoshi asked Inocchi.  It had been half an hour since Sakamoto left.


"What ever they assign me." the V6 member sighed. 


"You don't like acting?" Taichi asked.


"It's okay." Inahara shrugged. "I'd rather spend my time writing songs."


"Think they'll make you wear a dress in your next drama?" Taichi asked Koichi.


"I hope not! Can't spoil my macho image in a dress!" Tsuyoshi kidded. 


That made Inocchi laughs. "Who knows, perhaps you'll be like Taichi! He got married once in a drama."


"What's so bad about that?"


"He was the bride!" Inocchi snorted. "He wore a white wedding dress and full make up!"


"I made a beautiful bride!"  Taichi yelped.


"So when are you going to marry Yamaguchi?" Tsuyoshi teased.


"We're all ready married!" the keyboardist showed him the ring on his ring finger. "I know it's not legal, but we feel married."


"I understand that." Inocchi said.  "I've only been with Hiroshi since August, but I've never felt so close to anyone before."


 The door to the inn opened, and Yamaguchi came in. Taichi sprung to his feet.  "Yama-chan you're here!"


Yamaguchi smiled.  "I suppose I am."


Taichi took his bag. "Let me show you our room!"


"Sounds good."


Tsuyoshi watched his friends go upstairs. Still no Koichi, He got to his feet and went to the window. Koichi and Nagano was helping Sakamoto and Okada taking suitcases out of the trunk. He watched as Inocchi joined them, helping them carry bags. 


It took all of Tsuyoshi's will power not to run outside and join them.   But then he remembered there were no security devices. He went outside. Koichi looked at him; he gave a half-smile.


"What's taking everyone so long?" Tsuyoshi asked.


 "I think Jun-chan must have brought all his clothes!" Sakamoto said.


Koichi walked up to him, carrying his two bags. "Want to help me with my bags?"


"Would love to." Tsuyoshi smiled and took one.




"Junichi, there is someone who wants to meet you." Sakamoto told him as they entered the inn.


"Why would anyone want to meet me?" Okada followed his lover to the front desk. Behind the desk stood a man who looked like an older version of Sakamoto.


"Okada Junichi, this is my cousin Sakamoto Saburo." Sakamoto introduced.


Saburo looked Okada over, for a brief moment he wondered if something was on him.  'He does look like him."


"What do you mean?" Okada asked. "What do I look like?"


"I see, you never told him." Saburo said.


"What's going on?" Okada demanded.


"In the eighties there was a singer in the agency named Ito. You resemble him." Sakamoto told him. "He was quite talented."


"What happened to him?"


"He was killed after moving to America."


Okada turned to his lover. "Did you know him?"


Sakamoto looked troubled. "Yes, I did."


Okada could almost visibly see the walls go up in Sakamoto's mind. His friend had some secret dealing with the man who was killed.  If he didn't do something quickly, he was afraid Sakamoto would shut down compactly.


"I heard you were in the Raindrops." Okada said quickly.


Saburo looked surprised. "You've heard of the Raindrops?"


"I've seen your videos, you were quite good."


"Thank you very much."


"Why don't we go to our room?" Sakamoto suggested.


"Sounds good." He turned to the Owner. "It's good to meet you."


Okada followed his lover to their room. The room was nice, cozy. It was small, but it was elegantly decorated. Okada's suitcases were stacked in a corner.


Sakamoto opened the curtains. "We have a good view here."


Okada's mind was full of questions about the singer who had died. "About Ito..."


"If you don't mind, I don't want to talk about him." Sakamoto said quickly.


"I'm sorry."


"Did you bring your homework?" Sakamoto changed the subject.


"Yes, I brought it."


"Even though we are on vacation, you can't get behind in school." The older man reminded him.


"I sometimes wish I could quit school." Okada said longingly.


"You need your education. You'll not always be an idol." Sakamoto told him. "Now, why don't you get working on it?"


"You want me to do my homework now?" Okada said puzzled. He glanced at the bed. "I thought you would want to make love to me."


"You have homework." Sakamoto repeated.  The walls were up in Sakamoto's mind. Okada had always thought he was so much like a Vulcan at times, not having emotions.


Okada fought the disappointment that overwhelmed everything. They were on vacation, but for Okada that meant homework, not love. He went to his book bag and took out his homework stacking it on the only table in the room. He opened his notebook and one of his text books and began to work.


He felt Sakamoto's hand on his shoulder, and then he said softly. "The quicker you get finished with your homework, the sooner we'll be together."


Okada ignored him and went to work. A single tear trickled down his cheek.





Koichi followed Tsuyoshi to their room. They talked about being Koichi's being stuck out on the road. Tsuyoshi put his suitcases in the corner.


Koichi went to the window. "We have a beautiful view here."


Tsuyoshi joined him. He was amazed by the sight of the mountains.  "You're right, it is beautiful."


"I'm glad you talked me into going." Koichi took Tsuyoshi's hand, their fingers intertwining.


I want you to teach me how wonderful loves can be." he looked away. "I want to make love to you."


"You're ready." Koichi breathed.


"I understand if you don't want to." Tsuyoshi said quickly. "I've made you wait for so long."


"Look at me Tsu-chan." Koichi whispered.  Tsuyoshi did. He reached out, touching his cheek. "Are you sure?"


"I've never been so sure in my life."


Koichi looked as if he was making up his mind.  "You really want this?"


"Yes, I do."


"I want it too." Koichi confessed.


It took Tsuyoshi several minutes to realize that Koichi was waiting for him to make a move. He let go of Koichi's hand, and put his arm around his shoulders. He touched Koichi's face, turning it towards him. Then Tsuyoshi kissed him.



Koichi reached up, touching Tsuyoshi's chin. He looked into his eyes, as if he was looking for something. Then he kissed him softly. "Our first lesson."




Koichi sank to his knees. He unfastened Tsuyoshi's belt using his teeth. Then he used his mouth to unfasten his friend's pants. As he did, his hand went inside of Tsuyoshi's leg, stroking it, caressing it.


"What do you want me to do?" Tsuyoshi finally gasped.


"Relax; let me love you this way." He pulled Tsuyoshi's pants down. Exposing his hardness, Koichi began to lick up and down Tsuyoshi's shaft.  His fingers kneaded the tip.


"How does that feel?" Koichi asked.




Suddenly Tsuyoshi's sex was enveloped by Koichi's mouth. Tsuyoshi closed his eyes; he leaned back against the window. One of his hands found Koichi's head, his fingers got lost in his hair.

 It took all of Tsuyoshi's will power not to thrust. He opened his eyes for a brief moment. Seeing his lover on his knees loving him drove Tsuyoshi over the edge.


Koichi pulled Tsuyoshi onto the floor. He pulled him into his arms. "Was that all right?"


"God your good." Tsuyoshi told him.


"Love you," Koichi nuzzled his neck.


Tsuyoshi realized that Koichi must have a need too.  His hand went to his friend's waist, his fingers stroking downwards until he touched Koichi's hardness.  He tried to unfasten Koichi's belt. 


"Tsu-chan, you don't have to." Koichi told him. "I can take care of it later."


"You loved me, I want to love you."  Tsuyoshi insisted.




Koichi pulled away from him. He unbuckled his belt then unzipped his pants. Tsuyoshi kissed him, as he did he put his hand inside Koichi's pants. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft and began to caress it.  He could feel Koichi swelling in his hand.


"Tsu-chan." Koichi gave him gentle bites on the neck. "My prince."



Koichi's small bites grew harder; he began to suck on a place on his neck. Tsuyoshi's fingers went to Koichi's tip; he kneaded the sensitive tip the same way Koichi had with him. Then taking all his courage, he bent down and took Koichi in his mouth.  He fought down a bit of panic as his partner trusted into him.  He could feel Koichi's hand on the back of his head urging him on.


*This is Koichi, he won't hurt me.* Tsuyoshi repeated to himself as he deep throated Koichi. Instead of worrying about his own fears, he began to think only of pleasing Koichi. He could hear Koichi making noise as Tsuyoshi loved him, not caring for the first time if anyone heard.


"Oh my god, oh my god." Koichi's pleas grew louder and louder. Then there was a pause, and Koichi shouted Tsuyoshi's name, as he did he came.


Tsuyoshi sat up, swallowing his friend's seed. Then he pulled Koichi into his arms. "I love you."


"Tsu-chan that was the first." Koichi said as he tried to catch his breath.


"What do you mean?"


"No one's ever loved me with their mouth." Koichi explained. "Sluts give love, they never get it."


"You're no longer a slut, you're mine." Tsuyoshi kissed him.


Koichi probed his mouth with his tongue. Then he pulled away from him. "Is that how I taste?"


"You taste good."


"Yeah, I do." Koichi smiled.  "You should see your neck."


Tsuyoshi brought a hand to his neck. "What's wrong with it?"


"It looks like you've been attacked by a vampire."


"Not a vampire, my wonderful Koichi." He said, kissing Koichi again.




Okada looked around the room he shared with Sakamoto. He was alone. His lover was no where to be found. Sakamoto had ordered Okada to work on homework, and then had left.  Okada had hoped beyond hope that things would have changed when they arrived. But he had found that nothing had changed.


Okada decided to go to the kitchen. Perhaps he could help out.  Saburo was helping a man who looked familiar to Okada cook dinner.  The owner reminded him so much of Sakamoto.


The owner looked up to Okada. "Can I help you?"


"I was looking around." Okada told him.


"Why don't you get Masayuki to show you around?" Saburo suggested. "We're busy cooking dinner."


"Sorry to interrupt." Okada bowed and left the room.


Okada went into the dining room. It was a cozy dining room, several tables with blue tablecloths. Sakamoto was setting a table.


"Can I help?" Okada finally asked.


"I'm doing fine without you." Sakamoto said coldly.


"I just thought..."


"Don't!" the leader of V6 interrupted. "I am helping my cousin out. I don't need or want your help."




"Stop it! My name’s Sakamoto. You have to stop calling me Yuki-chan in public!" Sakamoto interrupted again. "Why don't you go do homework or something?"


"Gomen Na," Okada bowed and left the dining room.  He went down a hallway that was off the kitchen. He leaned against the wall.  The tears that he had been keeping in began to fall. 


"Why are you hiding here?" Leader asked.


"I'm sorry, I was just thinking." Okada whipped the tears from his face.


"Where's Sakamoto?"


"He's helping his cousin."


"Why aren't you helping him?"


Okada turned away from Leader. "If you don't mind, I want to be alone."


 "I want to tell you about something." Leader said. "I think it would make you understand Sakamoto better."


"What is there to understand?" Okada turned back to him. "Sakamoto doesn't want me to be around."


"Masayuki's only been in love two times. Do you want to hear about his first love?" Leader asked.


"His first love?" Okada repeated.


"Sakamoto and I used to be in the Skateboys together.” Leader began. "There used to be a solo singer at the time. He was ten years older then Masayuki. He fell hard for him."


"How old was Sakamoto?"


"He was only seventeen. Ito loved him too. Ito was the best thing that happened to Sakamoto. Before that, Sakamoto was very sullen. After he fell in love, he was different." Leader told him. "Ito was a lot like you."


"What happened? Why did they break up?"


"The Manager found out about the relationship. Ito was sent to America to work with the American branch.


"Saburo told me that Ito was killed." Okada said. "Did it have anything to do with Yuki-chan?"


"I think it would be better if you heard it from Sakamoto." Leader told him. "What changed his dream? Why does he now only want to teach?"


"Why can't you tell me?"


"If you knew what happened to Sakamoto, you would understand why he's scared to give himself totally to you." Leader turned to leave. "You need to talk to him about it."





Okada followed the hallway to another more out of the way place. He noticed photos on a wall. Photos of the Raindrops in their heyday. Saburo had been a part of the group, as was the man that had been cooking.  Two of the photos were just the two of them.  For the first time he realized the two men were lovers. 


*No wonder he didn't mind us coming up here. I wonder if they had to go through the same crap we do everyday.* Okada thought. *It seems like Saburu and his lover have the same age difference as Yuki and me.*


Nagase came into the hallway. "What are you doing?"


"Looking at some photos."


Nagase looked at them.  "The owner looks so much like Sakamoto."


"He does."


"Perhaps someday you and Sakamoto could run an inn." Nagase suggested.


"When he retires, Yuki-chan wants to own a dance school."


"What's going on between the two of you? I haven't seen the two of you together."


"Sakamoto's thinking." Okada told him.


"He's thinking? Can't he do it at a different time?" Nagase countered.


"I don't know. He won't talk to me." He decided to change the subject.  "You think anyone would get mad if I took some photos?"


"That might not be a good idea. They could get back to management."


"Yeah, you're right." The younger man admitted.


There was a bell. Nagase smiled. "Sounds like dinner time."