Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Title: Bridge Over Troubled Waters
The final story in the Vaartuslik Universe
Author: Katrinka (
Archive: master_apprentice, OKEB, and my homepage only. Anyone else, just ask.
Rating: R
Warnings: Giant amounts of Angst!
Death of a major character
Catagory: A/U, H/C, Drama
Summary: Obi-Wan comes to grip with the death of his Master. He finds that with every ending, there is a begining.

Note: there will probably be more Vaar stories, but I thought the time was right for me to post the final one!

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Thanks to: Baliana for betaing this!

It had all proceeded so quickly. Obi-Wan had been cut off from Master Qui-Gon when he needed him the most. Obi-Wan had slain the enemy, but it gave him no sense of justice.

Now it was his job to light his Master's funeral pyre. Feelings of despair and Pain filled the temple.

Queen Amalida was present for this ceremony, Obi-Wan looked over at the young Queen. She had the elegant purple and black robes on that Qui-Gon had complemented her on just a few short days ago. Qui-Gon had become friends with the young ruler from Naboo, when she had disguised herself and called herself Padame. In her own way, she had loved Qui-Gon.

Obi-Wan glanced at his new Padawan. The boy was trying his best to be strong under the circumstances. Obi-Wan knew that this was just the first of many despair filled times in his life, and thought about what the future may hold for this child.

He then turned his attentions to Mace Windu. The man had helped him in ways he never could properly thank him for. Windu nodded at Obi-Wan. It was time.

Obi-Wan slowly walked forwards, and lit the bonfire. He then placed the ritual torch back in it's holder.

Obi-Wan awoke, the lights from the dawn of Naboo shining through his window. It had been a dream. Yet again, he had relived his failure. His Master had trusted him. The pain from the broken Vaar filled his heart. One half of himself had died that day. Obi-Wan knew that someday he would loose his lover, but he had always dreamt the loss would be sometime in the very distant future. Not this soon. Five years, their time as bondsmates had only been five years. A time too short.

//I'm sorry. I tried...// Tears stung his eyes. Was it his imagination or did a whisper-soft finger wipe the tears from his cheek? //Why can't you come back to me?//

//You avenged me. You made me proud to be your Master.// the voice came out of nowhere.

Dreaming, this must be part of his dream.

//My death wasn't your fault.//

//I'm so alone.// Obi-Wan cofessed.

//I have been here with you. You just had to ask.// Obi-Wan heard his Master's voice in his head. //I did as I promised.//

//I'm going mad.// Obi-Wan thought frantically.

//You are quite sane, Obi-Wan, more sane then I am. Come to the mirror.//

Obi-Wan got out of bed, he went to the full-length mirror. Right behind him stood Qui-Gon. The man reached out, touching the man's shoulder. "Don't turn, beloved."

"I don't understand." Obi-Wan could feel his Master's lips on his neck.

"I live within you, but I am not part of you." Qui-Gon tried to explain, as the lips explored the Padawan."You must invite me to join your soul."

Obi-Wan's mind filled with questions. "How did this happen? How where you able to come back?"

"It was the Vaartuslik. My soul is part of yours. When I died, my soul sought out yours." The familiar large hands began to caress Obi-Wan's body.

"Then your not really dead?" hope flickered in his mind.

"My body is dead, yet my soul lives."

"Why didn't you tell me this after you died?"

"I am not allowed to. Technically, I should not even be here,." Qui-Gon smiled lopsided.

//You were never one to follow rules.// Obi-Wan couldn't help but smile too. "Then why did you come?"

"I could not bear to see you in such pain."

"So you came here."

To make the process complete, you must invite me to meld with you." Qui-Gon's light-blue eyes where pleading. "You have to be sure you want this. You will be different afterwards. It might be in your best interests if we did not join."

Obi-Wan realized this was like the Vaartuslik, he must be the one that choose. "What would happen if we joined?"

"The feeling would be the same as when we made love. The completeness of the Vaartuslik. Except this will be one body, one soul."

"Our soul." he breathed.

"Yes, my beloved."

"Master, I can't live without you." Obi-Wan confessed. "I invite you to join with me."

"No matter how you feel for me. You don't have to do this." There was love in his Master's voice. "I would understand."

"I would never forgive myself if I let you go."

Something happened to Obi-Wan. Something he didn't expect. Qui-Gon's sprit-self melted into his body. Obi-Wan's eyes changed from gray to light blue.

Then he felt Qui-Gon pressing into his soul. Obi-Wan opened himself to his Master. There was a brief moment of pure joy as the two became one. Loving, more then just love.

Obi-Wan sank to the floor as his body began to react to the meld. Release, his body cried out for release.

//This won't be finished until you orgasm.//

//Like the Vaar.//

He could see Qui-Gon looking down to his hands, then rub them across his chest. He felt Qui-Gon's large hands on his body, unfastening his pants. Then the fingers found Obi-Wan's hardness. The Padawan gave into the feelings. He began thrusting into the pumps. The hand movedquicker, trying to speed the orgasm. Then the release came, and with it a new life.

//We are of one mind, one body now.// He heard Qui-Gon tell him. //I can never leave you, we are one. I love you.//

That was the final thought of Qui-Gon Jinn. Suddenly he was not only Obi-Wan, he was Qui-Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan now had memories, not just his but of Qui-Gon's. Obi-Wan looked into the mirror. His hair now had a streak of gray.

Obi-Wan picked up a knife. With one swift motion, he cut off his Padawan's braid.

He could see the sun rising. A new day, a new life.

Obi-Wan no longer mourned. There was no longer a reason to.