Title: Junichi

Title: Junichi

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

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Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Time: Early November 1997

Okada sat in the gym.It had been several months since the security devices had been installed.So that meant that the group had to wait for Inocchi and Nagano before they started practice. So the youngest member of V6 was practicing his photography.


Management had decreed a week before that anyone over the age of twenty-one could move out if they wanted.Two members of Tokio had moved out the day of the decree. Inocchi and Nagano had also moved. Now there were only two members of Johnny's over twenty-one living in the Dorms, Leader and Sakamoto. He knew the reasons why Leader stayed.He was the dorm parent.Sakamoto was another thing; Okada didn't know why he stayed.


His camera focused on Morita and Ken.Their love/hate relationship frankly puzzled the young man. One day they might be the best of friends, and the next day would be spent fighting. Both where united in their hatred of Okada.


Then he moved on to Sakamoto.Their relationship had changed dramatically since the cameras had been put in.No longer was he Okada's best friend, his lover.Instead, the man acted as if he could barely stand the teenager.Sakamoto glanced at the camera. Okada took his picture. All Okada had left were photos of his former lover, and his camera. At least his camera wouldn't betray him. His camera wouldn't lie. His camera wouldn't break his heart.


His former friend took the script he was working on, and left the gym. That meant that Okada was alone with Ken and Morita. Before the surveillance devices, Sakamoto would have stayed. Now Okada was alone, and he had to take care of himself. The teen realized there would be trouble.


"What are you doing?" Ken demanded as he walked to Okada.


"Camera boy youíre spying on us again." Morita accused. "Are you going to give the photos to your boyfriend?"


"I don't have a boyfriend."


"Give me that," Ken took the camera out of Okada's hand. He moved away from the younger man.


Okada got to his feet, and went towards Ken."It's mine. You have no right to take it."


Morita punched Junichi in the stomach.The younger teen doubled up in pain. Morita looked down to him, a sneer on his face. "You need to remember your place. If you weren't the managerís boy-chan, you wouldn't be in this group." Another hit, to the face.


Out of the corner of his eye, Okada could see Ken taking the film out of the camera, ruining it. Then Ken took the camera and hit Okada in the head.He found himself falling. As he landed on the floor, he was kicked in the face.


"Quit spying on us!" Ken demanded.


"I don't spy!"


"No one likes you. Even Sakamoto can't stand you. Why do you stay in the group?" another kick, this time in the side.


"Why don't' you go back home to Osaka?" Morita countered.


Okada lay on the floor. His nose was bleeding.He was afraid to get up, afraid that his band mates would go after him again.


Ken hit him over and over with the camera. Okada was too weak to move. His head was beyond hurting.


"Leave him alone!" Sakamoto yelled. He then punched Ken in the face.


"This is between the slut and us! Stay out of it!" Morita yelled.He picked up a baseball bat.


"Get out of here!"


"You've got to be kidding!Okada deserves what he gets!"


"He's your band mate!" Sakamoto insisted.


"He didn't go through the Junior ranks! He only got into V6 because he's our manager's boy toy!" Ken said.


"He's a spy! He'll sell out his own grandmother if he had the chance!" Morita banged the bat against the wall. "Get out of here; let us take care of him!"


"No one's going to touch Okada!" Sakamoto said.


Ken hit Sakamoto in the face. The older man was able to counter.Then Sakamoto was hit in the back with Morita's baseball bat.The two members of Coming Century began to beat on Sakamoto.


"No, please. You're argument is with me, not him." Okada pleaded weakly.††


"Get out of here Junichi!" Sakamoto ordered.


Okada tried, but he couldn't move. The pain in his head was too much.


"Stop it right now!" Inocchi yelled.


"Youíre out numbered." Nagano said.


Okada could hear a crash of a baseball bat being dropped.


"This isn't how it looks." Morita said.


"Oh really?" Inocchi said. "What I saw was Okada lying in a pool of blood, and you beating Sakamoto with a baseball bat. What part of that did I see wrong?"


"Okada deserves to pay." Ken said boldly."You of all people should realize that. We where forced to take Okada. He never was a Junior. All he is Manager's slut!'


"That's where youíre wrong. Okada is not a slut.He is a victim!" Nagano told them.


"Do you really think he wanted that man to touch him?" Sakamoto asked. "He was tortured into telling on you."


"Is that what he told you?" Morita sneered."How would you know what the Manager does with his boy toy? Okada probably made it up!"


"Before Okada, before Tsuyoshi, before Goro, before Taichi, *I* was the favorite! I know what kind of hell Junichi went through, because I lived it." Sakamoto told him."Nights of being raped, then tied up and thrown into the closet. I was given to business associates to be used, the beatings, and the torture. His hell is my hell. You fight him for what he is, and then you fight me too. Because I just like him!"


"Get out of here!" Inocchi ordered. "Or I will turn you over to the Manager myself!"


He could hear the two men leaving.


"Junichi." Sakamoto went to his side.


"I'll be all right." Okada tried to get up, but his body wouldn't obey him. Everything was surrounded by a thick grey fog.He reached out to Sakamoto, but couldn't find him. "Yuki, I can't see."


"It's all right. I'm here." Sakamoto took his hand. "Nagano, call an ambulance."


"What's wrong with him?" Nagano asked.


"What do you think?" The leader of V6 countered. "They tried to kill him using his camera! He's got a head injury."


Okada could hear Nagano calling for an ambulance.



"I'm sorry I left you here alone with them." Sakamoto told him. "I promised you I would never do that. I'm sorry I failed you."


"Don't leave me, please don't leave me." Okada begged.


"I'll be at your side forever." His lover vowed.




Sakamoto sat beside Okada's bed. The teen hadn't woken up since being brought to the hospital. He was concerned for Okada's sight. The doctors couldn't tell if he would see again until he woke up. He went to the window and looked out. He knew what would happen if Okada had been made blind by the attack. His friend would have to leave the agency. *If that happens, I'll follow you.*


"Yuki-chan," he heard Okada say. "You shouldn't be here. You could be punished."


"Itís all right. I got permission." Sakamoto turned to him. He couldn't help but smiling. His friend had seen him. "I said I would stay with you."


"Thanks for keeping your promise."


"How's your vision?"


"Everything's blurry." Okada squinted as he looked at his friend. "I can tell who you are. Your face is bruised."


"Don't worry about me. I'll heal." Sakamoto touched his bruises. "Do you remember what happened?"


"I was taking pictures in the gym. Morita and Ken attacked me." he thought for a moment. "Then you came. You protected me."


"I didn't keep you from being hurt." Sakamoto reminded him.


"I would have been killed if you didn't stop them." he paused. "I don't blame them for hating me."


"Their band mates, they should understand."


Okada reached up, his head was bandaged."What's wrong with me?"


"You have a scull fracture.Ken smashed you in the head with your camera." Sakamoto explained. "You had some stitches. The doctor said that the scar will be near you ear. You'll be able to cover it with your hair."


"My camera, is it okay?" The teen asked concerned.


*I should have realized you would be more worried about your camera then your well being.* Sakamoto thought.


"Something happened to my camera?" Okada guessed.


"It's seen better days." Sakamoto reached out, touching Okada. "Please don't worry about it. Cameras can be replaced. You can't."


'Why are you being so nice to me?"


"I've been trying to protect you. Just like I promised."


"Why? I'm no longer your friend." Okada said sadly. "You can't stand to be in the same room as I am."


*I didn't realize my protecting you would hurt you so much.* Sakamoto thought. *If only I could say the words to you, you might understand.*


"Yuki-chan." Okada said. "Why do you treat me the way you do?"


"I've been mean and rude to you. I'm sorry. With the security devices, I've had to be careful. I don't want the Manager to find out about us." Sakamoto confessed. "He'll send for you if he finds out about us. I have to protect you."


"So your behavior has been a game?"


"Of course it has!" Sakamoto insisted."But we will still have to play the game."


"Your right, we will." Okada paused.


"I'm sorry Jun-chan. I didn't mean to hurt you."


"It's all right. I understand."" Okada decided to change the subject."What will happen to Ken and Morita?"


"Leader talked to the Manager. We're going to be allowed to give them justice." Sakamoto shrugged. "They'll probably be given over to Yamaguchi."


"That won't be punishment. They are always tying each other up. They're really into S and M." Okada told him. "You know what I wish you would do with them?"


"Beat them to a bloody pulp?" Sakamoto asked.


"Something even better, Tie and gag them, then lock them in a closet. Let them stay there a few hours. Every once in a while, have someone come by, rattle the door, or talk or somehow make them think they will be rescued." Okada told him. "But don't rescue them. Let them stay. Let them give up hope. Then after a day passes, release them."


Sakamoto took out a piece of paper and wrote down the idea."No beating them?"


"This is better. Oh, and put down that they each go to a separate closet. They need to be alone. Put something heavy against the door so they can't kick their way out."


"Do you really think that would teach them a lesson?"


"Didn't the Manager do that to you?"


"Too many times." Sakamoto admitted. "It was worse then being beaten."


"Ask Leader if that can be the punishment."


"I will." Sakamoto promised.


Okada looked past Sakamoto. The older man turned.Domoto Tsuyoshi was standing in the doorway."I was sent to take over."


Sakamoto got up; he bent down, kissing Okada on the lips. "I'll be back."


Okada tried to smile. "I'm not going anywhere."



After four days in the hospital, Okada was released.Sakamoto drove him back to the dorms. Okada looked into a mirror, trying to turn his head so that he could see his wound, but the bandage covered it. There was a dull ache in his scull, as if he had a bad ear ache.He now had to wear glasses. The beating had affected his eye sight. The doctor had told him that the glasses might be temporary depending on how well his eye healed.


Sakamoto glanced at him, and then back to the road. "Is your head bothering you?"


"No," He lied. "I donít want everyone staring at my bandage.


"Look in the glove box. I bought something for you."


Okada opened the glove box. There was a baseball cap inside. He took it out and put it on. It covered most of the bandages."Thank you Yuki-chan."


Sakamoto smiled. "Anything for you."


Sakamoto pulled into the dorms parking lot and parked the car. Sakamoto went around to Okada's side and opened the door for him. Okada looked into his friend's eyes. "Thank you."


Sakamoto looked into Okada's eyes. "Anytime."


They walked to the dorm. Sakamoto opened the door for him. There were several dorm mates waiting for him. They applauded when they saw Okada. He could feel himself blush.


"Good to see you." Nagase told him.


"The J-Friends has a concert coming up in a few weeks." Koichi told him. "We couldn't practice without you."


"Junichi's still healing." Sakamoto touched his back. "He has to wait a few weeks before he can dance again."


"There are thirteen J-friends. I donít' think anyone would notice if I'm not there." Okada said.


"We'll wait to debut until your well." Leader told him. "The Managers pushed our debut back until January."


Okada looked around for his fellow Coming Century members. He couldn't find them.Finally he asked Sakamoto. "Where are Morita and Ken?"


"We thought it might be better if the first thing they saw when they came out of the closet was you." Leader told him.


"I was in the hospital for four days." Okada said confused. "They where in the closet for four days?"


"Wasn't that your idea?" Sakamoto told him.


"I told you a day, not four!" Okada decided to hide the anger he felt. "Where are they?"


Okada was taken to the basement. Several of the dorm mates followed them. Leader unlocked one of the storage closets. Okada opened the door. The stench inside was almost indescribable. Morita Ken was in a corner, his arms and legs tied behind his back.His body was nude. His eyes and mouth had been duct taped.He went to Ken's side. He knelt down. "I'm going to take off your gag." Ken nodded.As gently as he possibly could, he took the duct tape off of his mouth and nose.


"Help me." Ken gasped.


"Of course I'll help you." Okada tried the ropes. He couldn't get them untied. "Does anyone have a knife?"


Sakamoto handed him one. Okada used it to cut the ropes. Then Sakamoto handed him a bottle of water.



"Drink, youíve gone a long time without water." Okada pressed the bottle into his hand. It took no prompting.Ken drank.


"Get him something to cover him with!" When no one moved, Okada went to shelf, pulling the blanket off. He then knelt back down. Wrapping the man in a blanket.


"Why are you helping him?"Nagase demanded. "It was your idea to put him in here."


"I said a few hours. Not this." He closed his eyes tightly, trying to block out the flashback.But it came anyway, of his being new to the agency, and the days he spent locked up.


"How long have I been in here?" Ken asked."Two weeks?"


"Four days." Leader said.


"Go, where is Go?"


"He's still locked up.""


Okada looked up to his lover. "Yuki, please. Take care of him."


"I'm staying with you." Sakamoto said. "I can't help him. Not after what he did to you."


"I'll take care of him." Koichi offered.He helped ken to his feet. "Let's go get cleaned up. Then I'll take you to our room. Tsuyoshi, help."


The other KinKi kid put his arm around Ken, and guided him out of the room.



"We have to release Morita." Okada said.


"I'll take you to him." Leader said.


Okada found Morita lying in the corner of a second closet. Okada went to the man's side. He knelt down to check on him. Morita lashed out, his bound hands connecting with Okada's face.


"Let's lock him back up." Nagase told him.


"No!He's confused." Okada sat back up. "Go, it's me Junichi.I'm here to get you out of here."


'This is crazy; youíre talking to your enemy." Nagase said."You should leave him here."


"What happened to his was punishment enough, we should help him."


"Okada's right." Leader said. "He was left in too long. He needs help."


"But not from us!" Nagase objected.


"Tomoya! We can talk about this later." Leader snapped.


"Go, I'm going to take off your eye shade and gag. Can I do that?" Okada asked very softly.


The member of V6 nodded.


Okada untied the eye shade, then his gag.Then he untied his arms and legs.


"Is this what he put you through?" Morita asked weekly.


"A taste of it." Okada looked at his lover, who handed him a bottle of water. He opened the lid, and gave it to Morita. "Drink this slowly."


Morita drank the bottle down."I would have turned in my mother to end that hell."


"Now think about it, week after week. At any time a limo could come for you." Sakamoto said. "You wouldn't just get that; you would get rapes, beatings. Tell me, what would you do?"


"The same thing as Okada." He looked at his band mate. "I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry. I told them to lock you up for a few hours. Not days." Okada turned to ask for a blanket, Leader had one ready, he handed it to him.Okada put it around Morita's shoulders. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up."


He helped Morita to his feet. He was surprised when Leader grabbed his other side, supporting him.


Ken-chan. Is Ken all right?" Morita asked.


"He's fine, Ken's getting cleaned up."


"All I could think about was the hell he was going through. I want to see him. I have to see if he's all right."


When they got to the bathroom, Ken was sitting on a bench, washing himself off. He looked sad, depressed.


"I can walk by myself." Morita said, pulling away from his two helpers. He went to Ken's side.


Ken looked up to his friend. "Are you all right?"


"I thought I would never see you again." Morita looked around for surveillance devices. Seeing none, he bent down, embraced his friend. The two men clung to each other.


"I don't like having an audience." Ken pulled away from him."Besides, you smell."


"You smell too." Morita smiled bit.




Sakamoto Masayuki had only been seventeen when he first fell in love. Ito had been ten years older then Sakamoto. The lovers were together six months before the Manager had found out about the relationship. Ito had been given a promotion, in reality had been forced to retire from singing. It wasn't long before the man had been sent to America to work at the very small American branch. He had been killed a week after arriving in the States. Sakamoto had been punished in a way that the Manager reserved for favorites that had betrayed him. The experience had left him scars not just on the outside of his body, but on the inside. Scars so deep that he knew he would never fully recover from them.


Okada Junichi had been someone special from day one. Sakamoto had tried as hard as he could to make sure Okada would never be like him. During the abuse Sakamoto had suffered as favorite, he had been alone. He made sure that Okada always had the support that he needed.


Then the day had come when Okada seduced him. They had spent almost every night together since that day, until the security devices had been put in. To save his friend from being hurt, they had to change their relationship.


Sakamoto was hanging his clothes on an out of the way line in the dorms back yard.He could hear the back door open then shut.


"I think you're the only person who hasn't said anything about my age difference with Yuki-chan." He could hear Okada say.


"How can I?" The unmistakable voice of Nagase said."I'm eight years younger then Leader."


Sakamoto looked around the corner of the shed. Okada was sitting on a bench with Nagase. Okada had his hat and his glasses on.


"You are?" Okada gasped.


"When we're together, it doesn't feel like he's older then me."


"I like that Yuki's older then me." Okada said."Heís gone through what I have. I feel like he's the only one who can truly understand me."


"How long have you been going with Sakamoto?" Nagase asked Okada.


"We're not going together." Okada sounded very depressed. "We're friends, we're only friends. That's all it will ever be."


"You've slept with him." Nagase reminded him."Isn't that being a lover?"


"We haven't slept together in a long time." Okada confessed."Not since your last party."


"But youíre together." Nagase insisted.


"I'm not with him. We're only friends."


"Do you still date others?"


"How can I? I have Sakamoto." he paused. "To Sakamoto, we're only friends. Yes we sleep together. But we're friends."


"Does he date others?"


"I don't know.I suppose he does." Okada sounded sad."I try not to think of it."


"You're in love with him." Nagase realized. "Does he know?"


"I can't tell him. If he found out, he would stop being my friend."


"Perhaps I should talk to him."


"No please don't." Okada said quickly. "I would rather live this way, then without Sakamoto."


"You're not happy."


"I wish sometimes he would love me back. I see you guys with your lovers, and I get jealous.I want Sakamoto to be that way with Me." he sounded heartbroken."I have to be happy with what I have."


"You're miserable."


"I know that." he looked at Nagase. "What I have with him is better then nothing."


The news sunk into Sakamoto, he was making his lover miserable.He turned back to his laundry.


*If only I could say the words to you.* he thought as he put a shirt on the line. *I have to make it right for you."




Sakamoto decided to visit Okada. He was glad in a way for his friend to be injured. He had been given permission to look after his friend until he was well. He went to Okada's room.


Okada answered the door. He looked him over. "Hello Sakamoto-san."


"Can I come in?"


"If that's what you want."Okada turned and went back to his bed. He climbed up onto the top bunk. He opened his book and began to look at it.


The only other roommate in the room was Koichi; he was wearing a robe and studying a script. "Hello Sakamoto."


"Good afternoon."


"Do you need any help with your homework?" Sakamoto asked the younger man.


"I'm all most done." Okada smiled at him.


"Look at the time! I'm late for rehearsal!" Koichi said. He got out of bed, and pulled some clothes on.


"I can't believe you forgot!" Okada teased.


"I'll be gone for at least two hours. I won't come back." Koichi said leaving the room.


Okada looked down to Sakamoto. "It's not safe for us to be alone together."


"It's all right. I have permission. I'm allowed to visit you while you recover." Sakamoto paused. "Do you want me to go?"


"I want you to stay." Okada jumped down from the top bunk.


"Be careful." the older man told him. "You're not supposed to be doing physical activity."


"I'll be all right." Okada sat down on Koichi's bed. He patted the place beside him. "Sit with me."


Sakamoto sat down, close but not touching. "You had a check up today."


"I probably won't have to wear the bandage after the next visit." Okada told him. "I'm healing up well. In a few weeks I should be able to go back to rehearsals without restrictions."


"What about your eyes?"


"The doctor told me there was as good chance that I'll have to wear glasses for the rest of my life." Okada paused. "In a few months, I'll be able to wear contacts."


"I see."


"Don't worry about my sight." Okada took Sakamoto's hand. "You saved my life."


"I shouldn't have left you alone." Sakamoto said guiltily."If I had stayed with you, none of this would have happened."


"Yuki, you're not god." Okada said quietly.


"It's my fault that you were hurt."


"That's not true!" Okada's grip grew tighter. "It's Ken and Morita's fault."


"I left you alone with them." Sakamoto reminded him.


"Ken used to be my roommate." Okada let go of his hand. "Most of the time I did sleep in your bed and you protected me. But there were times I had to sleep in my own bed."


"They bullied you. As leader of V6, I should have stopped them."


Just then the door opened and Nagase came into the room. He glared at Sakamoto. "What are you doing here?"


"I am visiting Junichi." he looked at his lover. "I need to go."


"I'll see you later."


Sakamoto took a chance. He kissed Okada in front of Nagase. Then he got to his feet. "I'll see you later."




It was quiet in his room, a little too quiet. Tsuyoshi was working on a drama with Koichi.Okada had liked the concept, but it was decided that a junior would play the role he would have liked to play.He wondered how it would be like to work on one with Sakamoto.


*I'm too young.* he realized. *I could only play your little brother.*


There was a knock at the door. He was thankful that he had been given a chance to take a break. He got up and went to the door. It was Ken and Morita.


"Can we come in?" Morita asked.


Okada stepped back a bit to let them in.


"Why don't you keep the door open?" Ken suggested."The cameras look straight in here when you do."


"If that's what you want." he gestured to Tsuyoshi's' bed. "Why don't you sit down?"


The two other members of Coming Century looked at each other. Morita whispered to Ken. He nodded, and they both sat down.


"Can we ask you something?" Ken said.


"I don't see why not."


"How did you endure it?" Morita asked.


"Endure what?"


"Being locked in the closet."


"Usually when he was finished with me, I would be put in the closet." Okada told him."That only lasted until morning. When that happened, I slept."


"How could you sleep tied up?"


"I got used to it. I learned that I had to get sleep when I could. Anytime I could be needed again."


"Where you ever tied up as long as we where?" Ken asked.


"When he first hired me, I was told the Manager needed to talk to me. I was tied up, and put in the closet.He would take me out, use me. Then throw me back in." Okada closed his eyes at the memory."I fought at first, but day by day he broke me. In the end, I agreed to anything he wanted me to do."


"How long where you in?"


"I lost three weeks of my life." Okada told him."You hate me for never being a Junior.I would have given anything to be a Junior. That was my dream."


Morita glanced at Ken. "Three weeks, I can't image being in for three weeks."


"That's why you seemed so lost when Coming Century was formed." Ken guessed.


"It didn't help that it had all ready gotten out about my being his favorite." Okada agreed.


Morita got to his feet; he sank to his knees, bowing so low that his forehead touched the ground. Ken quickly joined him."Please forgive us. We were idiots; we didn't realize the hell you went through."


"We're sorry we hated you." Ken said. "Please forgive us."


Looking at them, Okada realized that they where as much a victim as he was."Why don't we start fresh? I would like to be a proper band mate to you."


They both sat up. Ken wiped a tear off his eye. "Thank you."