Some Kanjani 8 Stories

The Scarlett T: Uchi faces an insane Ryo

Turquoise Ring: Ryo gives a turquoise ring to Uchi
Princess with Balls: A changed Uchi rejoins K8 sequel to Turquoise Ring
King Of Pain: Uchi hires Ueda to teach Ryo a lesson

The Promise: Ohkura loves Uchi, but what happens when Uchi dies?
The Guardian Angel: Uchi becomes Ryo and Ohkura's guardian angel

Prince and the Dragon: Ueda has turned Ryo into a dragon

St. Century Part One: Kanjani 8 are transported to AU
St. Century Part Two: Will everyone get home safe?
Shadows of the Past: A K8 member has a deep dark secret
The Nakai Curse:
J Web of A Dying K8 Member:

head of the house P. 1: Ohkura is married, but loves someone else
Head of the house Part two:
Shell of A Man : Maruyama/Shota sequel to Head Of the House

Holiday Stories

The Latest Model : Shota/Subaru
Love In Soup: Ohkura/Shota
Odd Man Out: Shota/Ohkura/Ryo
Unconditional Gifts: Shota/Ohkura
Decorations Made By Children: Ryo/Maruyama
Friends and Brothers: Ryo/Maru sequel to Decorations
The Day The Maid Quit: Ryo/Ohkura
Coffee And Snow: Hina/Ohkura

Other Kanjani 8 stories