Title: J web of a Dying Johnny's

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: Two members Kanjani 8

Rating: PG

Genre: Humor

Summary: A member of Kanjani 8 thinks heís dying.


Day One


I am sick. I think I am dying.

I feel like crap, really I do.

I tried to work with this, but my nose was all red.

So I was sent home and must lie in bed.


I have a fever. So I am hot, but not that way.

I hate this. I have things I must do.


I have a new CM I must be in.

I am very upset; they are giving the CM to Yoko.

Sick people donít' need CM's.


My roommate hovers around me. "Take your medicine."


I don't like my medicine, and I tell him that.

He sits on me and forces me to take it.

It's awful yucky grape flavored syrup. It tasted nasty.

It's supposed to be for my sore throat.


My throat hurts, my face hurts.

In fact I hurt all over.

I know I am dying, just no one will tell me.


You know that part right by my nose? It's also swollen.

It looks like someone punched me in the face.

My roommate thinks it's a bit funny to see me this way.

I tell him to shut up. I want ice cream.


My roommate tells me that ice cream isn't good for my illness.

I don't care. I am dying. I want ice cream.

He just smiles sweetly at me.

My roommate is so nice to me.

I guess he has to, since I am near death.


Day Two


I am still sick, I am also still dying.

I'm coughing a lot now.

All I want to do is lie in bed and die.


To keep me in bed, my roommate as put on this really cute nurses dress.

He tells me that he is my nurse and he will take care of me.

He hovers around me more.

If I ask him for something, my nurse is right on it.

He feeds me ice chips, and soup that he's made.

My nurse is a crap cook.

I don't tell him that.



My roommate looks hot as a nurse.

I want to do him on the bed.

He just gets this strange look on his face and tells me not in my life.

I remind him that he is Uke.

He tells me when I'm sick he's not!


My roommate fluffs my pillows.

He asks me if I feel better.

I tell him to go away.

He just smiles again and takes my temperature.

He says it's gone down.

I say of course it has, I am dying.


PS I still want Ice cream


The Third Day


I slept a lot today.

I no longer think I am dying, I know I am.

My nurse just smiles at me,

And tells me that I'll feel better soon.


"I want ice cream." I tell him for the millionth time.


"What kind?"


"Hot fudge brownie!"


My roommate rolls his eyes. "If I give this to you, will you shut up?"


"Of course I will." I lie.


Soon he brings me my ice cream.

It's really yummy. It is deep and rich like his eyes.

It feels so good to my sore throat.


Day Four


This member of Kanjani 8 is really dying.

Please put flowers on my grave.


Day Five


Good news! I am no longer dying!

I feel a whole lot better.

The swelling in my face is gone.


My roommate on the other hand is lying on his side of the bed.

He has this horrible hacking cough. His nose is also really red.

He looks so cute, like a little red nosed elf.


"What's wrong?" I ask him concerned.


"I'm dying." he gasps.


My roommate looks so cute when he's sick.

I go to my closet and take out my intern's smock.

In a flash I turn into super intern.


I take his temperature. He is sick.


"You'll get better soon," I tell him sweetly.


"Go to hell Tacchan," My roommate snarls. "You gave this to me."


"Come on Ryo, it isnít' that bad." I soothe. "You have me; I'll take care of you."


"You'll be here when I die?" Ryo asked plaintively.


"I told you I would be here forever." I promised.


I know Ryo's not dying, though he feels like he is.

Soon we'll be back together again.

We can play hospital, one of our favorite games.

But first I must help get Ryo better.