title: Spotted Dick ˝

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: KoDA, some Akame

Genre: romance a bit of crack

Note: A sort of sequel to Sold out for Stardom

Summary: Kat-tun is tired of Ueda and Koki’s constant fighting. The group arrange for them to be locked in a walk in freezer until they get along.



Kat-Tun was traveling from one appearance to another. To save money, the agency had decided that the group would take a bus. That should have given the group some time for some well deserved sleep. Unfortunately, Koki and Ueda had ended up having to sit together. That was bad news for the rest of the group, because Koki and Ueda hated each other.

"I don't like you," Koki told Ueda.

"I don't like you either." Ueda rolled his eyes at Koki.

"You are a slut." Koki pointed out. "You'll sleep with anyone for the right money!"

Takes one to know one!" Ueda snapped back.

"You're a whore!" Koki snapped.

Koki took out a cigarette and lit it. He took a deep puff and blew the smoke into Ueda's face.

"Smoking is really bad for you." Ueda insisted.

"What you going to do slut?" Koki took another puff, he blew a smoke circle.

Ueda snatched the cigarette out of Koki's mouth. He put it on the floor of the bus and stomped on it. "I don't give a shit if you die. But I'm sick of you calling me a slut!"

"You are one!" Koki glared at him. "Tell me, who haven't you slept with in this agency?"

"I would be caught dead before I sleep with you!" Ueda snarled.


The rest of Kat-Tun groaned as they traveled in the tour bus. It was going to be a long trip. All of them wished that Koki and Ueda would stop fighting all the time. It was really affecting the groups well being.

"Hey Maru," Kame asked.

"Mumm?" Maru was gazing into Junno's eyes.

"You know that walk in freezer you locked me and Jin in?" Kame began.

"Yeah, what about it?" He didn't take his eyes off his lover.

"You think we could arrange to lock those two in it?" Kame suggested.

"They'll kill each other!" Maru finally looked at Kame.

That was the beginning of the plan. The group would get Ueda and Koki together simply to keep the peace.


Ueda was woken by someone kicking him hard in the side. He opened his eyes. He was laying on something cool. He was on a floor. Koki stood over him, he did not look happy. He looked past Koki. They were in the walk in freezer that they had locked Jin and Kame in several months before.

"Why are we here?" Koki demanded.

"I don't understand." Ueda sat up and looked around.

'It was your idea to lock up Jin and Kame." Koki reminded him.


“I bet it was your idea to lock us up together.” Koki spat.

“Why would I ever want to be locked up with you?” Ueda demanded.

"You want me, you know you do." Koki began.

"You flatter yourself." Ueda dismissed. "I'd rather sleep with a cobra!"

Ueda looked around the room, there had been a note left for Jin and Kame, but there were no notes for them. Just some bottles of water.

'They didn't even give us food! At least we thought of those baka's well being!" Koki spat. He opened water and took a long drink.

Ueda got up and got his own water. He too drank. It tasted a bit strange, but it was one of those American designer waters, the kind that Jin had always loved to drink.


They drank in silence. Koki being the pig that he was drank three of the waters.

That was when Ueda found the note. It was from Kame, and stated that the water had truth serum in it. It was long lasting. They would be forced to say the truth for twenty four hours.

"Great, just great." Koki sighed. "Why would they give us truth serum?"

"I don't know," Ueda admitted. "But perhaps it might make us understand each other better."

"What would give you that idea?" Koki snapped. "There's nothing for us to understand!"

"Tell me, why do you hate me?"

"You're rich." Koki told him. 'Your family has so much money that you don't know what it's like to starve." Then he stopped, "I guess there really is something in that water."

"I would rather be poor." Ueda said softly.

Koki couldn't believe his ears. "Why do you say that?"

"My family’s money comes from the yakuza. I don't want money that is taken from people."

"The yakuza." Koki gasped.

"That's why I never let anyone meet my family." Ueda admitted. "If you really want to meet my grandfather, you're more then welcome. He's a Kumichō."

"Crap," Koki swore.

"I agree." Ueda closed his eyes. He didn't like anyone knowing that his grandfather was the equivalent of a mafia's godfather.

"So why do you hate me?" Koki asked.

"I don't hate you," Ueda admitted. "In fact many ways I admire you."


Time passed. Koki wanted to beat up who ever gave them the drugged water. He could no longer lie to Ueda. That wasn't good. Why was Ueda so annoying? Why did his very existence have to bother Koki so much?

Ueda's good looks didn't help Koki. While there was a part of Koki that did hate Ueda, there was another part that Koki had to fight. A part of himself that wanted to spend his life at Ueda's side.

"Why did your granddad let you join the Juniors?" Koki asked.

"Johnny-sama owed him a favor." Ueda looked bothered.

"What do you mean?"

"Come off of it, you didn't know that Johnny-sama is a Kumichō?" Ueda snorted. "I thought everyone knew that."

"Yet you don't want to be a member of the Yakuza." Koki couldn't believe his ears.

"No, I don't."

"Why not?"

Ueda sighed. "I've seen too many people die."

They lapsed into silence after that. Koki wasn't too sure what to say to Ueda. His friend was right, he had seen people die. Koki knew he didn't like talking about it. The truth serum was trying to take over his mind. Koki was beginning to wonder why on earth he fought his feelings for the group’s leader.


They had been in the walk in freezer for two days. Koki was going bonkers. He was going through nicotine withdrawal. He was surprised that Ueda was sympatric to his problem.

"When you get out of here, you can smoke as much as you want." Ueda promised.

"You won't say anything?" Koki countered.

"I might, but I wont' mean it." He took something out of his pocket. He passed it to Koki. "You can use this."

Koki looked at it. It was an old fashioned cigarette holder. "Why do you have this?"

"I'm supposed to smoke in my new drama." Ueda explained. "The director told me to use this, to get used to the fact that I have something in my mouth."

"Like you’re not used to sucking cock." Koki said harshly.

Ueda flinched. "I was just trying to help."

"Gomen," Koki told him. "I shouldn't have said that. Forgive me?"

Koki looked into Ueda's eyes. There was only honesty there. Koki found himself really liking Ueda while he was under truth serum.

Finally, Ueda smiled at Koki, a smile that lit up his face. "Of course I forgive you."


"If you're going to hold us hostage forever you need to feed us!" Koki told the sky.

"Koki, there's no one who can hear you." Ueda reminded him.

"I know, I know!" He bit down on the cigarette holder. "We've been in here for three days, and we've had no food."

Ueda sat on the cot. "I'm so hungry, I could eat my shoe."

"I know what you mean." Koki sat beside him. He put his hand on top of Ueda's. "We'll get out of here somehow."

"I hope so," Ueda took his hand.

Ueda looked into Koki's eyes. For the first time ever, he saw understanding, not hatred in Koki's eyes. Perhaps, just perhaps Koki might feel a bit of the love that Ueda felt for him.


There was a small slot in the door. It was small, like a cat flap. Water and pop had been pushed through it before. Also, someone when they where asleep had emptied the bucket that they had to use instead of the rest room.

Finally, on the third day, the slot was open and take out boxes were shoved into the room.

Koki went to the take out boxes. He picked them up and put them on the table.

"I think they brought us breakfast." Koki told Ueda.

"What is it?" Ueda said from the floor. He had given Koki the one cot.

Koki opened one box. "Some strange American stuff."

Ueda joined him at the table. He glanced at the boxes. "It isn't American, it's English."

"How do you know that?" Koki asked skeptically.

"I've been to England." Ueda said simply.

"What's the difference between English and American food?" Koki asked. "They speak the same language."

"The Americans' don't eat spotted dick." Ueda curled his lip at the food. "Or bangers and mash or bubble and squeak."

"Spotted dick?" Koki repeated. "It's the sausage right?"

"No, it's the pudding." Ueda sighed. "I'm so hungry; I could eat all of it."

"I am too. We better eat." Koki picked up a pair of chopsticks, a container and began to shovel food into his mouth.

Ueda too began to eat. He hated English food, but he was so hungry that didn't matter.

"If its Jin that did this to us, can I put a hit out on him?" Koki asked.

"Hits cost money," Ueda reminded him as he began to eat.


While Koki and Ueda ate, their watchers watched them. Over the past three days, the group had been taking turns watching them. To make sure that when Koki and Ueda did get together, they would be released.

"I don't think this is going to work," Jin said. He was watching the close circuit TV.

"Give me one good reason why it won't." Kame told him.

"For one, they really hate each other." Jin reminded him.

"What gives you that idea?" Kame couldn't help but smile at his lover.

"Their barely talking to each other." Jin pointed out. "I mean if they loved each other, wouldn’t' they say it?"

"We didn't," Kame pointed out.

"Perhaps we need to give them more truth serum." Jin suggested.

Their conversation was interrupted by Koki screaming. "God damn it! I knew it!"

"What is it?" Ueda asked.

"The food is laced with truth serum!" Koki threw the now empty container against the wall.

"Tell me, how did he know that?" Kame asked Jin.

'I bribed the English take away to put my note in the bottom of the containers." Jin shrugged.

There was a loud yell as Koki began to trash the freezer.

Kame grabbed the voice changer, and then turned the microphone on. "If you don't stop messing up the place, you'll never get out alive."

"Who is this?" Koki demanded.

"I'm your worst nightmare. Now stop destroying your cell." Kame told him, and then he turned off the microphone.

Koki picked up the room's one chair. He held it as if he was planning on throwing it.

Ueda went to Koki's side. He reached out, touching Koki gently. "You have to stop. We can't let them win."

"Why do they keep drugging us?" Koki demanded.

"I don't know." Ueda admitted. "But please, for both our sakes, put the chair down."

Jin was surprised when Koki put down the chair. "You're right, we can't let them win."

"When the time is right, we'll make them pay." Ueda promised. He took Koki's hand.

The pair was looking into each other's eyes again. They had been doing that a lot for the past day. Holding hands and looking at each other. But no kissing or anything likes that.

Kame reached over and turned the sound off on the monitor. "Even the take out food had brought them to a better understanding."

Jin gave Kame a half smile. "You're evil."

"Thank you, I work hard at it." Kame smiled seductively.

He crossed over to Kame, kneeling in front of him. "Evil is such a turn-on."

"Everything to you is a turn on." Kame reminded him, he kissed his lovers lips.

Jin and Kame were too wrapped up in each other to see the tears that rolled down Ueda's cheeks. Too busy to see Koki reach out and wipe the tears off. They were also too busy to see the couple's first kiss. A kiss so gentle, and sweet. One that Koki gave Ueda to comfort him. They where both so busy that they didn't see exactly what they were looking for.




Koki wasn't sure how it happened. One minute he was comforting Ueda. They where kissing for the very first time. The next....Ueda suddenly was on his knees, and was deep throating him.

Koki wanted to tell Ueda to quit. That he didn't want a relationship like this. But oh god, what Ueda could do with his tongue. He wanted to find who ever taught Ueda to do this, and thank him.

Koki let his fingers get lost in Ueda's hair. Ueda would use his tongue to swirl around Koki's hardness, then thrust in, taking him whole in one gulp.

He wanted to be gentle, but Ueda was so very good at this. Koki found all the control leaving his body; he began to thrust into Ueda's mouth. It was the best head he had ever been given.

Koki wanted this feeling to last forever. The feeling right before he came, the building up, the swelling. The way that Ueda took him in so deeply that he knew Ueda would have throat and neck problems in the morning. The way that Ueda looked at Koki while loving him. The way that Ueda would stare at him though his mouth was full of Koki's cock. That was a photo he wished he could keep forever.

Finally, Koki couldn't hold back any longer, and he came. Screaming Ueda's name. Ueda, his beautiful Ueda sucking him dry.


Koki felt Ueda pull him onto the floor with him. Then his friend was snuggling against him, kissing his cheek gently. They sat there, just clinging to each other while Koki got his breath back.

As soon as Koki could breathe normally, he realized that Ueda was still hard. Koki ran his hand across it, caressing it through the cloth of Ueda's jeans.

"No, don't do this." Ueda asked. "Please, don’t' touch me there."

"Tatsuya," Koki let his hand drop. "What about what you want?"

"Don't worry about my needs," He cuddled against Koki. "I'm happy just letting you hold me."


"You didn't like it?" Ueda suddenly let his arms drop. "I worked hard to make you like it."

"Of course it was good," Koki told him. "But love isn't just about what I get."

Ueda pulled away from him. "We'll pretend it didn't happen. That I never loved you."

Koki couldn't understand it. Why was Ueda acting this way? "Tatsuya..."

"You're right, I am a slut." A single tear rolled down his cheek. "Sluts give love, they never get it back."

"You've only given oral haven't you?" Koki realized. "You've never really made love to anyone."

"The other way hurts too much." Ueda told him. "No one's ever cared for me enough to know what I want."

Koki wanted to pull Ueda to his arms, to comfort him, to tell him that he cared. . But the cat flap opened, and food was shoved in.

Ueda went to the door, picking up the cans of spotted dick, placing them on the table. He wiped his face. Koki went to him, touching him gently. Trying to make him realize that he did care for him.

Ueda shrugged away from Koki. "Leave me alone."


Time passed, they drank more water. They really didn't get the choice. They were thirsty. They were fed again, more English food. Koki was sick of the sight of spotted dick.

Ueda had held Koki to arms length since their encounter. They had begun to fight again, all the fights started by Ueda. Koki realized very quickly that Ueda was starting the fights to protect his heart.

"I wish we wouldn't fight," Koki told Ueda.

"Why does that matter to you?" Ueda spat back.

"I think we could be friends if we didn't fight so much."

"You got your cock sucking, what else do you want? You want to force yourself in side of me? To make me bleed?" There was pain in Ueda's voice. For the first time, Koki realized that Ueda was hurting about all of this.

"I would never do anything to you that you didn't want." Koki promised.

"That's what they all say." Ueda told him. "But in the end, they make me bleed."


"Go to hell." Ueda curled up on the one cot. Turning his back to Koki.


Ueda sat curled up on the bed. He didn't know that all this would hurt so much. He had hoped that Koki would be different, that Koki would care for him just a little bit. But Koki had been like all the others. Koki had called him a slut many times in the past. Knowing that Koki was like all the rest hurt more then anything. Ueda felt tears sting his eyes.

Koki had asked could they be friends again. For some reason, that made Ueda hurt even more. But he had to agree. He was so much in love with Koki that even the pain was worth it.

"What do we have in common?" Ueda asked him.

"I'm a hard assed gangsta rapper." Koki smiled.

"I'm not a rapper!" Ueda reminded him.

"Yeah, but you are a gangsta, with real street cred."

"You know, I was taught to kill before I was eight?" Ueda told him. "My grandfather wanted me to be an assassin."

Koki moved from the floor to sit beside Ueda on the one cot. "Do you know that dangerous guys turn me on?"

"I'm not that dangerous."

"Have you killed?" The way that Koki asked made it sound seductive.

"Yes, I told you, I was taught to kill."

"Then you're dangerous." Koki pointed out.

"I guess I am." Ueda smiled.

Ueda was surprised by the kiss. It was as gentle as their first kiss. No one had ever kissed Ueda the way that Koki did. A man so hard, so edgy always kissed so loving. Ueda put his hand behind Koki's head. He felt so loved when Koki kissed him. He knew it was a lie, Koki was like all the rest, but right now he didn't care.

Ueda pulled away from him. "I could kill you for this."

"Then do it." Koki tempted.

"Make me," Ueda kissed Koki back forcing his tongue into Koki's mouth.


Ueda was surprised when Koki pulled away from him. His dark eyes looked confused.

"You don't want me anymore," Ueda tried to keep the hurt out of his voice. Why did he think it would be different with Koki?

"I do want you," Koki admitted.

"Then let me love you with my mouth." Ueda told him.

"What if I want to love you?" Koki countered. "Have you ever wanted that?"

"I'm afraid." Ueda admitted. "It bleeds so much."

"Who made you bleed?" Koki's protective side started to come out. He suddenly wanted to hurt who ever hurt Ueda.

"What does that matter?"

"Who was it?" Koki almost shouted. "Who is the one that started you on this cycle that made you think that all love is pain?"

"Tsubasa!" Ueda whispered. "I joined Johnny's because I had a crush on him. I let him use me. I loved him, but it hurt so much. Then I was with Tackey, and I bled with him too."

"On Tatsuya, I'm sorry." Koki reached out stroking Ueda. He wanted to pull away from Koki, but it felt so good.

"I learned not to let men use my body for love. Because the pain was always there." Ueda whispered. "I learned to use my mouth. To be so good that perhaps they would forget about being inside of me...”

"No one's cared enough for you to give you pleasure?"

"No one," Ueda looked away from him.

"I care," Koki said softly. "Please Tatsuya; let me teach you how wonderful it can be."

"Later, perhaps." Ueda found himself telling his friend.


Koki invited Ueda to share the cot that night. Ueda found himself agreeing. He was a bit afraid. Koki wanted Ueda to be his bottom. He knew that he would eventually agree. He loved Koki so much that he actually wanted Koki to love him.

Instead of forcing Ueda to do something he didn't want to, Koki laid down, he moved over so that Ueda could get in bed too.

"Aren't you going to take off your clothes?" Ueda asked.

"No, I haven't earned your trust yet."

Ueda got into bed. Koki eased his head onto his shoulder. Koki's shoulder felt so comfortable. He felt Koki stroke his hair. He felt his body respond to Koki's touch. Would it bleed with Koki? Ueda began to shake uncontrollably with fear.

"There's nothing to be afraid of." Koki told him.

"Why do you think I'm afraid?"

"Because you're whole body is quivering against mine." Koki told him. "Just remember, you can kill me."

"What has that got to do with anything?"

"If I hurt you, you can kill me."

"You're kidding." Ueda gasped.

"I've never been so serious in my life." Koki kissed Ueda.

Ueda was always surprised by Koki's kisses, they were so gentle. So loving. Would his love making be the same way? The threat of death over his head. It turned Ueda on in some strange primal way.

Ueda suddenly realized he was ready. He wanted Koki so much that he no longer cared if it hurt. Ueda pulled away from Koki, he got out of bed and undressed. He was very hard; he wanted Koki to see it.

Koki got to his feet, he kissed Ueda again. Ueda almost melted against Koki.

"Why suddenly change your mind?" Koki asked.

"Shut up.," they where kissing again. Ueda began to work on Koki's clothes. While they kissed, Koki began to give love bites on Ueda's neck. His hand going to Ueda's hardness, pumping it.

*I'll do anything for you,* Ueda thought. What he was feeling with Koki felt so good. "Why can't I tell you I love you?"

"I don't know why can't you?" Koki pushed him back to the table.

"You heard what I said." Ueda realized.

"It’s all right, I love you too." With a large sweep, Koki cleared off the table, the cans of spotted dick crashing to the ground. Then he opened a drawer, and took out a tube. "The bakas didn't find it from last time.'


"Lube,' Koki was kissing Ueda again. He eased Ueda back onto the table. Ueda lay across it, the table so cool against his back.

While Ueda was waiting, Koki stripped off his clothes. He threw his shirt over the camera that was in the corner. "I don't want them to see this."

"I don't understand."

"We're being spied on." Koki moved back to the table. He went to his lover's side, kissing Ueda's lips. His hand going to Ueda's hardness, pumping it.

"Why won't you take me?" Ueda asked.

"I'm working on it." Koki's hand left Ueda's hardness. He opened the tube and coated his fingers with it. Then he put a large amount on Ueda's hole. "I'm going to put my fingers in you. If you say stop, I will."

"All right," Ueda tried to relax.

Koki's lips went back to his, kissing him again. His hand nudged Ueda's knees apart. Then he felt it, one finger entered him slowly. Ueda felt himself clinch hard against the intrusion. It hurt, god, it hurt.

"Breathe Tatsuya, breathe.' Koki told him.

Ueda let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. Slowly his body got used to Koki's finger. It no longer hurt to have a bit of Koki inside him. Koki's lips left his; they trailed their way to Ueda's hardness.

Koki took Ueda into his mouth. As he did, he inserted another finger. This one didn't hurt so much.

The pain was mixed with so much pleasure. Ueda arched up into Koki's mouth. The first time anyone care enough to suck Ueda. It took all of his self control not to cry out, not to move.

"Let yourself go," Koki urged.

"Nunnn yes," Ueda hissed.

Another finger entered Ueda; it scraped something inside of him. It made Ueda cry out. Koki hit the spot again and again. Ueda screamed over and over as his prostate was being hit. Pleasure, all Ueda could feel was pleasure.

All he could think of was Koki, his wonderful Koki. His hand went to the back of Koki's head urging him on.

Ueda felt himself swell bigger then he had ever before. Then there was stars behind his eyes, the fingers inside him thrusted, the mouth loved him.

"Koki!" he screamed as his world exploded.

Koki sucked him until he was completely emptied.

Then Koki's lips left his cock, his fingers still inside him. He kissed Ueda again. Ueda could taste his sperm on Koki's breath. "I want to make love to you. Will you let me?"

All Ueda could do was nod. He would agree to anything Koki asked.

Ueda watched as Koki removed his fingers from him. Then he covered himself with the lube. "If this hurts, tell me. I'll stop."

"I want it too." Ueda told him. "Please Koki, make me yours."

Koki got between his legs. Then suddenly Ueda was being filled. He had been prepared this time. He didn't feel himself tear, or bleed. Instead, Ueda felt just a little pain, which was soon taken over by pleasure.

Ueda put his legs around Koki's waist as his new lover began to thrust. The strokes deep in, then almost out. Then deep again, hitting that spot again and again.

"Oh Koki, this feels so good." Ueda moaned.

"That's because I love you." Koki said with a hard thrust.

Ueda's cock, pinned between their bodies hardened again. Ueda sat up so that he was even more impaled onto Koki. They kissed as they loved. Hungry, desperate kisses. The kisses moving to their necks, giving each other love bites.

"Love, oh god, this is love." Ueda realized as again his world exploded. He bit down on Koki's neck. Giving him a large love bite. This second coming felt better then the first. His channel spasming around Koki's hardness.

Then Koki screamed "Tatsuya," and he was coming.

They held onto each other afterwards, Koki's kisses became gentle, loving again.

Then Koki pulled away from him, so that he could look into his eyes. "Never, ever call yourself a slut again."

"I won't," Ueda promised. "Is this love really is?"

"Yes, it is." Koki gave him another kiss. "Let's go to bed now."

"What about the table?"

"To hell with that," Koki smiled at him.

Koki helped Ueda get into bed. He slid in next to his lover. Koki eased Ueda's head onto his shoulder.

"Why didn't you ever tell me you where so good in bed?" Ueda asked.

"I let my talents speak for themselves." Koki kissed his lips. "Go to sleep, I'll be here in the morning. I'll be here forever if that's what you want."

"Forever..." Ueda felt his eyes flutter shut. Ueda couldn't help it; he fell asleep on his new lover's shoulder.


Koki woke to the sound of Ueda snoring softly in his ear. He couldn't help but smile. Ueda was his, no one else’s. He looked around; someone had come in during the night, cleaning off the table. Taking the shirt off the camera. There was a sign posted above the camera. "Leave the camera alone." The sign was in English, in Jin's sloppy hand writing. There were also more cans of spotted dick stacked on the table.

"Why won't they let us out?" Koki asked out loud.

"What?" Ueda's eyes flickered open.

"Sorry for waking you," Koki kissed Ueda very gently on the lips. He loved the feel of Ueda's lips on his. They were so full, so lush.

"That’s okay," Ueda kissed back. "What were you saying?"

"Why won't those bastards let us out?" Koki said. "We're lovers now. Isn't that what they wanted?"

"We didn't let Kame and Jin out until we actually saw them become lovers." Ueda pointed out.

"This is their revenge isn't it?" Koki realized.

"I think so." Ueda reached out, running his hand down Koki's body.

"So how will we ever get out?" Koki asked.

"Simple," Ueda gave him his most smoldering look. "We'll give them a show."

"A show?" Koki repeated slowly. "What you and I do is private."

"But if they don't ever see us, they'll make us live here forever."

"Ueda tells the truth." someone said over the intercom. They used a voice changer, so Koki couldn't figure out who it was. "If we do not have proof of you being lovers, we will not let you out."

"Jin! You're a hentai!" Koki screamed.

"This isn't Jin."

"You all ready saw Ueda suck me." Koki protested.

"Ueda's a slut, he sucks everyone!"

"Ueda's not a slut!" Koki jumped out of bed, he moved towards the intercom. He wanted to punch who ever was talking to them. He was surprised when Ueda grabbed his arm. "I'm going to kill him."

"We can do that later," Ueda kissed Koki's lips. "Please Koki, I can't stand another hour in this place."

"Will you help me kill them?"

"Of course I will." Ueda kissed Koki yet again. "Forget the camera."

Koki couldn't forget the camera as he eased Ueda to the bed. If those bakas wanted a show, he was going to give it to them. He knew they where probably dvding it. They deserved that too. Koki had sold DVD’s of Kame and Jin's make up session.

"Close your eyes," Ueda whispered to Koki. "Ignore them, they don't matter. They'll be dead by morning."

Koki felt a fire go through him that settled in his mid-section. He loved it when Ueda talked about murder. He kissed his lover. "You're so sexy when you're dangerous."

"I'm not kidding; I really want to kill them." Ueda lubed his own fingers, pressing them inside himself. His eyes fluttered shut.

"When we get out, we will chop them into tiny pieces." Koki promised. "I'll help you hide their bodies."

"I'll have my grandfather's people do that." He gasped as his fingers hit his prostrate. "We just have to think of ways of making their deaths slow and painful."

Koki wasn't too sure Ueda was being serious. Ueda knew how much his homicidal talk turned on Koki. Koki was so horny that he no longer cared about the cameras, no longer cared that Kame and Jin would be watching.

Koki grabbed the lube and prepared himself. Then he swatted away Ueda's fingers. His lover looked up to him, desire etched in his eyes. He arched his back up to Koki, just a tiny bit. His hand went to his own hardness, pumping it.

"Now Koki, now." Ueda breathed.

Koki got between Ueda's legs. He very slowly slid into his lover. Ueda gasped, pushing himself even more onto Koki. Then Koki began to slowly thrust. Koki would kill Jin, but that would be later. All he could think of was Ueda, his wonderful, perfect lover.


"I don't believe this," Jin said as he watched the monitor screen. He had turned on the DVD recorder when he had found them asleep together nude. Something had happened the night before, but Koki had covered up the camera with his shirt.

Now the camera had been uncovered. Koki was making love to Ueda. Ueda's legs were slung over Koki's shoulders. Koki was thrusting hard into Ueda.

"Don't believe what?" Kame asked. He was working on his lap top, his back to the screen.

"Their doing it in front of the camera." Jin gasped; he had grown hard at watching the pair love each other.

"You mean Tat-Chan’s sucking Koki again?" Kame guessed. "He's sucked off everyone in the agency. That isn't anything new."

Jin turned up the sound on the monitor. The unmistakable sounds of Ueda's yips filled the room. With every thrust of Koki, Ueda made a noise that resembled a puppy.

They shifted positions, with Koki sitting up on the bed, Ueda straddling his lap. He was thrusting up and down on Koki's hardness.

Kame got up, to get a closer look. God the pair was hot. This was much better then any porno, because it was real. Koki came hard, screaming Ueda's name. He pulled out of Ueda and turned over, he held onto the foot of the cot for balance.

"Come on Tat-Chan, you know you want it." Koki growled.

Jin had never seen this from Ueda, his being a top. Ueda was a bottom, everyone knew it. But still, Ueda prepared Koki. Then Ueda entered Koki and began to pump.

Jin felt his hands on their own pull down his pants. Then one went to his penis, pumping himself. Watching someone really having sex was one of the biggest turn on's he had ever felt.

"They really want out, don't they?" Kame murmured his voice deep.

"Kazuya, please. Their making me so hot." With his other hand, he took the lube out of his pocket. "Let's do it while watching them."

Kame pushed Jin over the back of a chair. He pulled down his pants. Kame lubed his hardness and then entered his lover roughly. Then he began to thrust into Jin. Both watching Ueda and Koki as they loved each other.


Koki and Ueda loved each other again and again, until both got to the point that they couldn't. Ueda had found it to be quite a turn on to do it in front of a camera. They cleaned themselves up as best as they could with the bottled water and towels. Still Ueda felt hot and sticky and need of a shower.

Ueda could hear voices outside of the freezer. Ueda had already put his clothes on. He looked around for something he could use as a weapon. He had a knife in his boot, but he knew that should wait until he really needed it.

"Their back." Koki said pulling on his clothes quickly. "Just do as we planned."

Kame and Jin entered the room. Both looked like they had won some kind of bet. The over whelming smell of sex hit Ueda in the face. He realized that they had done it while watching Ueda and Koki.

"You did as we ask, so now you're free to go." Kame said smugly.

"Of course we're going to sell DVD’s of what you did," Jin told them. "You two are very nasty, really nasty."

Both Kame and Jin looked at each other and sniggered. Ueda knew that if they didn't do something fast, Jin's big mouth would be spreading the word of Ueda and Koki's love making everywhere. Ueda realized that Jin had to suffer for kidnapping them.

"Well, we've decided to pay you back for locking us up." Koki decided. "You also drugged us, not nice at all."

"You owe us!" Ueda said evilly.

"You can't do anything to us," Kame told him. “If you do, we’ll release the DVD if you two having sex.”

“Do you think that matters?” Koki snorted. "You release our DVD; we will make sure that Ueda's grandfather thanks you for it."

Kame paled. "Oh god, you mean the one that is in the Yakuza?"

"They won't do anything!" Jin scoffed.

Kame pulled Jin to the side, he whispered furiously in his ear. Jin began to protest, but Kame shut him up with a glare.

"We've decided that we’re going to kill you." Ueda put his arm around Koki's waist.

Koki put his arm around Ueda. "Let's make them sweat a while. Revenge is a dish best served cold."

'You stole that from the Klingons." Ueda pointed out. "We need to kill them now.""

"That's what I love about you," Koki was getting turned on by Ueda's rough talk. "You’re so blood thirsty."

"Okay, stop kidding around!" Jin said almost panicked. "We took care of you!"

"Do you know how sick we are of spotted dick?" Koki spat.

"I love spotted dick!" Jin said. "It’s so yummy with ice cream!"

"I want to execute him." Ueda pouted. "I think I'll carve out his heart."

"You don't have a knife," Jin smirked.

Ueda pulled a stiletto out of his boot. He went to Jin, running the tip over Jin's cheek. "What is that you where saying?"

"You're going to kill me," Jin gulped.

"Right the first time." He ran the tip of the knife down Jin's chest, stopping at his penis.

Kame pulled the terrified Jin away from Ueda. Then Kame and Jin edged away from Ueda very slowly.

"I didn't realize putting those two together would make them crazy." Jin stage whispered.

"We're not crazy," Ueda glared at Jin. "We're assassins. Thanks to you two, we're going into the murder business."

"We'll give you a free murder on the house." Koki sneered.

"A free murder?" Jin yelped.

"Yeah, yours." Ueda spat. "I'm going to cut off pieces of you one by one. I'll start with your spotted dick."

"You better give us your car keys right now." Koki ordered. "We are going to get out of here."

Terrified, Jin handed Koki his keys. "It’s parked right outside."

"We're giving you a five minute head start." Ueda told him. "If you’re not out of here by then, we'll kill you."

Kame and Jin rushed away as quickly as they could. Kame only stopping to get the DVD and his lap top.

Ueda looked at Koki. He began to giggle.

"Was I convincing?" Ueda asked with a smile.

"Very," Koki kissed Ueda very gently. He took Ueda's hand. "Why don't we go back to my place?"

"Sounds good to me." Ueda smiled.


No one was quite sure if Koki and Ueda had actually gone into the murder business. One day Ueda's PM made Ueda angry, and the next day Ueda had a new PM. No one had heard from the PM since then, and Jin knew that Ueda had killed him. He told everyone that. That is, until Ueda told him he would be next if he didn't shut up.

Then Tackey and Tsubasa had been found dead. A car accident was what it had been called. But there were rumors. They had both been stabbed by a stiletto. Ueda had a stiletto. So to Jin's logic, Ueda had killed Tackey and Tsubasa.

Ueda knew the truth; he hadn't killed Tackey and Tsubasa. The execution had been Koki's way of punishing them for what they did to Ueda. The accident had been staged by Ueda's grandfather's people. They understood why the pair had to die. Revenge had been a dish served cold indeed.

Things changed in Kat-Tun after the disappearance of the PM and the death of Tacky and Tsubasa. It was a velvet revolution of sorts. Ueda and Koki suddenly were the two tops of the group. Ueda realized he loved the power. Power was a bigger turn on to him then murder was to Koki.

Kat-tun was in the group's dressing room. Jin had begun to act like his old baka self. The night before he had teased Ueda on stage. He had even given Ueda a playful shove. Well, Ueda would stop that. No one would pick on him again.

Ueda walked by Jin, he reached out with one finger, tracing it along Jin's shoulder. Jin jumped as if he was electrocuted.

"What did he do?" Kame asked.

"Nothing," Ueda smiled evilly. "I was just reminding him who was leader."

Koki watched him; he sucked on the cigarette holder that Ueda had given him as a gift. "I saw Jin push Ueda on stage last night."

"I'm sure it was an accident." Kame said quickly.

"It wasn't an accident," Maru chimed in. "I talked to him before it happened. Jin said he was planning to hurt Ueda."

"Maru, stay out of it!" Junno chided. He looked at Ueda with fear in his eyes. Ueda didn’t know why Junno was so frightened; Ueda hadn’t actually done anything violent to Junno. The only thing he did was to hold all of Junno's games for ransom. Ueda wasn’t really going to hurt them. But Junno had paid quite a bit to get them back.

"It won't happen again," Jin promised.

"I'm sure it won't." Ueda said levelly. "Because if he does, I will take care of him."

"It won't," Jin got onto his knees, he bowed low. "I'm sorry. Please don't kill me."

"I won't kill you...today." Ueda promised.

"You look hungry. Why don't you eat your spotted dick?" Koki suggested almost kindly.

"Thank you, I will." Jin bowed again, and then got to his feet. He went to his bag and took out a can of spotted dick. He took out a plastic spoon, and then began to eat. He looked sick with every bite.

"Still like the stuff?" Kame asked Jin.

"No! I hate it." Then he smiled a fake smile at Ueda. "But I'll eat it, because my leader wants me to!"

"Good boy," Ueda purred.

Ueda went to Koki and sat beside him. Koki put his hand on Ueda's leg possessively. Ueda knew he should tell the group the truth that he really wouldn't kill them. That he considered all of them brothers. He was grateful that they had gotten him together with Koki. But if he did that, it would go back to the old times, when Jin and Kame were the two tops.

Ueda realized it was best that Ueda and Koki were in power. In the long run, it would be good for the group. Besides, it was really funny forcing Jin to eat can after can of spotted dick