Title: Words Can Cut Deeper Then a Sword

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: Akame plus a bit of JunDa at the end

Rating: PG

Note: This story is strange to put it mildly. It takes place in a world where magic is real

Summary: Jin did something that is almost unforgivable to Kame. Jin goes to Ueda Tatsuya who says he has magic powers. Will he be able to change time and make everything right? Will Ueda’s plans mean the end of everything?



It was a moment that Akanishi Jin had regretted all of his life. A simple sentence that had destroyed everything that he held dear.

He would have given anything to go back in time and change everything.

It had taken Jin three years to come to the realization that words can cut deeper then a sword. That Jin's self-centered words destroyed the relationship with his lover. That the man Jin had cast away with those words was the only thing that ever really meant to him.

The dream haunted Jin's nights. Night after night he dreamt of the night that he lost Kamenashi Kazuya. It had been at a party to celebrate the ending of a drama. There was an American actress there, all big boobs and dyed blond hair. Jin had wanted to be inside her badly. But only one thing prevented it. His lover Kame.

"Who’s that?" The blond bimbo asked at the party. She gestured to Kame.

"He's nobody, just someone I work with."

"He isn’t' your boy friend?"

"Of course not. I'm not gay." Jin laughed. "He's just a boy hole. I only fuck him because I can't get a girl to fuck."

That was when Jin realized that Kame had been watching the whole time. The way that Kame looked at Jin made him realize it was over. Kame would never forgive him for calling him a boy hole.

Jin had followed Kame to the rest room. His friend was sobbing. “How could you say those things about me?"

"You know what we had wasn't serious." Jin chided him.

"It was to me!" Kame sobbed. "I love you!"

"Love it over rated." Jin said coldly.

"Please take me back."

"I will never take you back." Jin snapped. "Get over it."

"I want the pain to go away." Kame took a pocket knife out of his pocket. Then with one swift cut, he slit his wrist. His eyes looked at Jin terrified. "Help me."

"Go to hell!" Jin walked out of the rest room.

Jin always woke up in a cold sweat after he had the dream. If he had stopped, if he had turned and helped his lover. Perhaps none of this would have happened. But Jin had been selfish and had only thought of himself. Jin had gone off with the American actress and had her. He had even turned off his ketai so that he wouldn't hear the calls of those telling him that Kame was in the hospital. At the time, all he had cared about was himself.

*If only I could change time.* Jin thought for the thousandth time.


It was a living room decorated in all black. It was illumined only by candles. Sitting at a table was Ueda Tatsuya. A crystal ball in front of him. Ueda knew he didn't need all of this to work his magic. But it was expected by those not practicing the craft. Besides, it looked creepy, and Ueda loved creeping out his friends. For Ueda had a secret. He practiced not the art of good magic, but the dark arts.

"Here is the money you asked for." The Kat-tun member told Ueda Tatsuya. He handed him an envelope full of money.

Ueda counted it. "Yes, all the money is here.”

"Well, can you do what I want?" His friend demanded.

"Yes, eventually." Ueda said.

"I thought you said..."

"When he is ready, it will happen."

"What do you mean?" He sounded inpatient. “I am so sick of this. It hurts so much.” He showed Ueda his fresh cut. “I cut myself and the pain wont’ go away! I can never make the pain of Jin calling me a boy hole go away!”

“If you keep cutting yourself, the pain will never go away.” Ueda told him. “If you don’t stop hurting yourself with drinking and the knife, I will refuse to help you.”

“What if I stop? What if I go to the psychologist Johnny-sama wants me to go to, and take the medicines the doctor says I need. ” He asked. “Will you change time then? Will it be different?”

"When Jin is ready to change, he will come to me." Ueda told his friend. "When that happens, the spell will be cast. I will use the time flower, and hopefully, history will be changed."

"When will I know it did?"

"You'll know." Ueda said firmly. "Now you must go. Take care of yourself. Start seeing that doctor that Johnny-sama wants you to. It will make your mind feel better."

Ueda watched Kame leave. He was angry for what Jin did to him. The good, kind Kame's life had been ruined by Jin. Ueda went to his window box and planted a special flower in the pot. When the time came, and Jin did come to him. Ueda would make sure Jin wouldn't hurt anyone ever again.


Time had changed Jin's heart. He was truly sorry for what he did to Kame. He wanted to go back in time to change everything. Not for him, but for Kame. He couldn’t' stand to see Kame in so much pain. There was only one person he could turn to, Ueda Tatsuya.

Everyone in the agency was afraid of Ueda Tatsuya’s apartment. Still, because of circumstances Jin went there. It was a place that didn't even have electricity in the living room. It was illuminated by candles.

Jin knew that Ueda was into dark magic. No one knew if Ueda really had powers, but he had a way of making things come true. But everything Ueda did had a price. Jin was so desperate to help Kame that he would pay any price.

"What would you give?" Ueda had asked him after hearing Jin's story for the millionth time. "You know by using my powers, you must pay a price."

"There's no way I can go back in time." Jin said softly. "Kame is so sick because of something I did to him. If I could go back in time, I would change it."

"Just say that you can." Ueda smirked evily. "Would you give up your fame?"

"Yes," Jin said firmly. "If it will make Kame well, I will give up everything."

"If you are willing to quit the group for six months, I will arrange it for you." Ueda promised. “But it will only happen when you come back to Japan.”

"I will go to Johnny-sama right now." Jin told him. "I will leave the group right away."


Jin did as Ueda told him too. He left the group for six months. He went to LA. A place far away from Kame. It was a risk; he knew that it might never actually happen. He might not ever get Kame back. But he had to try. He wasn’t doing this for himself, but for Kame. All Jin wanted was Kame's mind to be well.

Then came the day that he returned home. Jin had hoped it would be the day he got the real Kame back. But it hadn't happened. Nothing had really changed. The pain still lived in Kame's eyes. Though the cutting had stopped.

Two weeks after Jin's return, Ueda called Jin to his apartment, it was still decorated all in black, illuminated by candles. He felt creeped out.

"I called you here, because you were not the first person to hire me." Ueda admitted. "I was paid by someone else first."

"Oh I see," Jin looked down.

"You did as I asked." Ueda told him. "I will do what you asked." Ueda went to his window. There was a window box full of flowers. Ueda picked on, dark blue that turned light when it was picked. He took it to Jin. He sat back down. He tore it into tiny pieces. Then he took a cup, he put the torn up petals into it. Then added hot water. "We'll let it seep for a minute."

"This will let me change time?" Jin asked looking at the tea.

"It will only take you back in time for two minutes." Ueda warned him. "So you must use your time wisely"

"But if time changes, Kame will be well?" Jin persisted.

"Of course he will!" Ueda snapped. "Now drink!"

Jin drank the tea, even though it was very bitter. He felt dizzy as he drank the liquid.

Junno ran into Ueda's apartment. "You can't kill him! This has got to end now!"

"It's all ready been done!" Ueda said.

"I will change what you did to Jin!" Junno said. "I'll cast a spell to make everything right!"

Jin found himself passing out. The last thing he heard before blackness overcame him was Junno beginning to say a spell.


Suddenly Jin was back at the party. It was the party of Jin’s nightmares. The party that he had lost Kame. It would be Jin’s final chance to change everything. Jin knew that ever word could change Kame's life. He couldn't betray him, not this time.

"Who is the guy?" The blond bimbo asked.


"Who is that guy?" The bimbo repeated. "That guy over there?"

"Oh him?" Jin smiled his best smile. He realized that Kame was watching from across the room. His smile grew wider. He watched Kame move closer to him.

"Yeah, is he your boy friend?"

"Yes, he is." He moved to Kame, putting his arm around him. "I'd marry him if it was legal."

"Baka," Kame teased.

"I mean it, I would." He looked into Kame's eyes. "Marry me?"

"I can't believe you two." The bimbo rolled her eyes.

The past, Jin had changed the past. Kame looked at him strangely. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, everything's right for once." Then Jin kissed Kame in front of the woman.


Jin woke up; he was in bed in his bed room. He felt his heart sink. It had only been a dream. He hadn't gotten Kame back. The world was still destroyed by his words. He began to cry tears of regret.

It took Jin a few minutes to realize that someone was in his bathroom. Had someone broken in? What was even worse had he gotten drunk and picked up someone?

Then the door to the bathroom opened. Someone came into the bedroom. He was wearing a robe and towel drying his hair.

"Kame," Jin breathed. "What are you doing here?"

"I live here?" Kame sounded like he couldn't believe his ears. He went to Jin, sitting on the bed.

"Are we together?" Jin asked.

"Never been apart." Kame smiled. "Not even one day. Even when you went to LA to study English, we called each other every day."

"What about the party?" Jin asked. "With the blond bimbo?"

"That was years ago."

"What happened?"

"You told her I was your boy friend." Kame smiled even broader. "You proposed to me."

"You're right I did."

Kame held up his hand, showing the narrow gold band. "See? We did get married."

"Married?" Jin looked at his own hand, to the matching band.

"I know it's not legal, but if we feel it in our hearts, its' real."

"I wish I could remember." Jin said softly.

"Ueda brought you a gift earlier. He said you would understand." He gave Jin a box. "He said if you don't want to make all this go away, to always wear this."

Jin opened it. It was a necklace with a charm that looked like a small time flower. He put it on. Then he realized that Kame was wearing one too.

"You're wearing one." Jin realized. "You're the one that went to Ueda."

"Yeah, I did." Kame admitted. "But he was right; you are the one that had to change. Just like I had to go to the doctor to change myself. But then, when you changed history, you changed my mind. I went to the doctor; he says that I've never been mentally ill. I'm well, thanks to you."

"I’ve changed too. I'm no longer self-centered. All I care about is you." Jin told him. "I do love you."

"I know," Kame smiled. 'History has changed. The only one that remembers that other past is us."

"We will have to work at making sure that it won't happen again." Jin said.

"It won't happen again." Kame said firmly. "You do it again, and I kick you to the curb."

"Of course," Jin took Kame's hand and checked the wrist for cuts. Kame's wrist was scar free, as if he had never been cut. He brought the wrist to his lips and kissed it. Tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks. Kame was back, the well Kame. The illness had left his mind as if it had never been there in the first place.

"We have a second chance." Kame kissed Jin. "Not very many lovers get the chance to start all over again."

"Then we better not waste it." Jin kissed Kame back, promising himself that he would never hurt Kame again.


A few blocks away, a man sat at a white table, in a white room illuminated by sunlight. He turned over a tarot card. It was the lovers. The card told him one thing. Junno was able to reverse Ueda's evil spell. Jin was no longer dead. The forces of good had won over the forces of darkness.

"Did it work?" His lover asked. "Did you change the past? Is Kame well, and Jin's no longer able to hurt him?"

"My love, this kind of magic always works." Junno said calmly. "Those two will have a happy ending."

"How can you be so sure?" Ueda asked.

"You were planning on killing Jin if I hadn't stopped you." Junno reminded him. "But we gave Jin what he wanted, a chance to start over."

"So it's been changed?"

"You of all people should know that the power of love can change everything." Junno told him. "It can even make a evil sorcerer fall in love with a white witch and change his ways."

"You didn't force me to love you?" Ueda asked.

"I might have magical powers, but not even I can make someone love me." Junno smiled. "That magic was created by our hearts."

"So Jin will live?" his lover asked. "He has to live. I can't live with myself if he dies."

"Of course he will live, and he will live his life in happiness with Kame."

. "That’s good.” Ueda said relieved.

"Why do I love you?" Junno asked. "I've never been too sure you're totally good."

"I am, most of the time." Ueda admitted to his lover. "I can't be too good. What's the fun in that?"

"I do love you." Junno smiled.

"Love you too." Ueda reached out his hand. "Let's go to bed."

Junno took Ueda's hand and led him to the bedroom. Where they made their own magic of their own. One not made by potions and herbs, but of two bodies becoming one. A magic so powerful that it turned Ueda from being a force of evil to one that worked only for love.