Short Listing of Xiaodan Stories

I hope someday to have all my stories on this site. I do not have a scanner, so many of these stories will have to wait until someone can scan them for me. The short ones I will type up.


No Where Is Home: The story of Tarrant and Deeta's move to Earth. As seen through Deeta's eyes. Coming soon.

Third Season;

Spread Your Wings: This is what happened to Jenna and Blake after Star One. This story can be found in Seven Live On 7.

Xiaodan: A plague is dropped on the planet Xiaodan, and only the Liberator crew can help. This story can be found in Gambit 4.

For Every Memory: after Deeta's death, Dayna and Tarrant become involved. This story is Dayna/Tarrant and can be found on this site!

Headlong: Servalan gives Tarrant a form of Pon Farr. Coming soon to this site.

Helpless Dancer: Tarrant comes up against his secret past. This story can be found in Seven Live On 6.

Fourth Season:

It's Late: Xiaodan's version of Sand. Coming soon!

Post Guada-Prime:

The Survivor: Tarrant wakes after being captured at Guada Prime. This story can be found in Destiny 1. This first draft of the story accidentally got into this zine.

Rainbows End: a rewrite of the Survivor. This story on this site!

After The Fire: What happens to Vila and Dayna after their capture on Guada prime. This story can be found in Gambit 6.

Dobre: Vila becomes involved with a former enemy of his. This story is coming soon.

Naked Eye: Paatrov Avon asked Blake if he would like to house a rebel base on the planet. Tarrant rescues Vila from Slavery and takes him to Xiaodan. Avon and Cally are rescued. This story is in Gambit 5.

The Sea Refuses No River: Avon has a mental breakdown. Vila sees a ghost, and Tarrant finds out that Dana is still alive. Can be found in Gambit 7.

Sparks: The crew of the Goldhawk rescues Dayna, Jenna and Tahdzee. The reunion is rocky between Dayna and Tarrant. Tarrant is shot in the face. This can be found in Gambit 8.

Dreams Of Youth: The crew of the Goldhawk is called to Teal to help fight off an invasion by the Federation. Dayna finds out that Tealian traditions are a bit different then Earth traditions. This story can be found in Gambit 9.

Pretending: Tarrant is broken by the Federation. The Goldhawk gets a new crew member. This story can be found on this site. Also this story can be found in Gambit 10.

Torn: Tarrant questions his sanity. Vila lets Dayna seduce him. This story is coming soon to this site.

Too Much Love Will Kill You: The Goldhawk crew return to Teal. Vila runs into Dobre again. Dayna is attacked, and Seato is blamed. This story can be found in Gambit 11.

The Wind Must Blow: The Goldhawk crew visit the United Tribes of the Namur. Several crew members go on a quest to prove that they are worthy to become allies with the United Tribes. This story can be found in Gambit 12.

Countdown To War: This story happens two years after The Wind Must Blow. Servalan orders Travis's aid to be conditioned so she can join the resistance. This is in progress.

Xiaodan Stories You Can Find Here!

Rainbow's End: See what happens to Tarrant right after Guada Prime!
For Every Memory: : After Deeta's death, Dayna gets closer to Tarrant

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