Author: Kyoko Godaikun


Note: I don't own V6. They belong to the agency

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Time: July 2003

It was two days after Ken's birthday. He had been given the best birthday present ever. For Morita Go had found Ken's twin sister.

They where sitting in their dressing room. Morita could feel Ken's eyes on him. His friend had been staring at him ever since he found his sister. He hadn't thanked Morita for finding her. Every time he had tried, Morita had shrugged and told him that it was nothing.

"Hey Ken, you're famous." Inocchi came into the dressing room, he was carrying a tabloid.

"What do you mean?" Ken glanced at Morita.

"Ken's made the tabloids?" Morita asked.

"There are pictures of Ken with a beautiful woman!" Inocchi handed Ken the tabloid.

"We made the front page?" Ken gasped.

"What is management ever going to say when they see this?" Inocchi asked. "You know we're supposed to be discreet with relationships."

Morita went to his side. The headline read "Miyake Ken's mystery woman." He was pictured with a young woman with dark hair. She held his arm. The woman was Kimiko.

"Ken!" he heard Sakamoto bellow. A few moments later, Sakamoto came into the dressing room. "What on earth did you think you were doing?"

"I don't understand." Ken pretended ignorance.

"You went on a date in a public place with a girl!" Sakamoto said. "You know that's against the rules!"

"Oh that," Ken shrugged. "What's the harm?"

"The agency's going to kill you!"

"What? For going out?" Ken smiled. "What's wrong with going out?"

"Break up with her!" Sakamoto ordered. "Call her and tell her you'll never see her again."

"Why must I?" Ken pouted. Morita tried not to smile. His friend was having too much fun with this.

"If you don't do it on your own, the agency will order it."

"I won't stop seeing her!" Ken vowed. "I love her!"

"Sakamoto's right," Inocchi added. "You need to break up with her."

"I have to break up with her?" Ken repeated.

"And you can't see her again!" Sakamoto crossed his arms and glared at Ken.

"Sorry, can't do that!" Ken grinned. "You can't force me to leave her."

"I didn't even know you liked girls." Inocchi told him.

"I usually don't, but this one is special." He grinned again. "Look at it this way, it gives us some publicity."

Sakamoto grabbed Ken by the shirt and shoved him against the wall. "Can't you do what you're told?"

"Let go of him." Morita finally said.

"Not until he starts seeing some sense." Sakamoto countered.

"Aren't you upset that Kens' dating?" Inocchi asked.

"I don't care." Morita sighed. "Ken tell them the truth, or I will."

"The truth?" Sakamoto repeated. "What truth is that?"

"Let go of me, and I'll tell you!" Ken said.

Sakamoto let go of him. Ken moved away from him. Ken picked the tabloid back up. "The girl I went out with is my sister Kimiko. We were celebrating our birthday."

"That's impossible." Sakamoto said. "You haven't seen her since you where twelve!"

Ken glanced at his ex-lover. "Morita found her for me."

"Nagano helped me." Morita said. "He did a lot of the investigative work."

"I don't believe it's your sister." Sakamoto told him.

Ken went to the dressing room table. He picked up his bag nod took his ketai out of it. He then called a phone number. He let it ring for a moment, and then he said. "Hi, it's me. Could you talk to someone?" There was a pause. "His name is Sakamoto, he's V6's leader." He turned to Sakamoto. "If you don't believe me, talk to her."

Sakamoto took the ketai from Ken. He went out into the hallway.

Morita picked up the paper and looked through it. To anyone who looked at the photos, it looked like Ken was going on a serious date. Kimiko either held his hand or his arm. Ken looked so happy with her.

Sakamoto came back into the dressing room. He handed the ketai to Ken. "You're right, it is your sister."

"Why didn't you tell us you found her?" Inocchi asked.

"I don't know." Ken admitted. "I still can't quite believe she's back in my life."

"No real harm done." Sakamoto looked Ken up and down. "I'll call management and explain it to them."

"Thank you." Ken said.

They watched the two members of Tonisen´s leave. Morita too started to leave. Ken grabbed his arm. "Don't go."

"Ken-chan, I can't be near you." Morita said.

"You're still my friend." Ken pointed out. "Friends spend time together. They don't leave each other."

"You want to spend time with me?" Morita asked. "After everything I did to you, you want to be with me?"

"Let me see, you found my sister. You didn't do it for your benefit, but for mine." Ken told him. "You did something a true friend would."

"I had to find her for you." Morita told him. "I simply wanted to make you happy."

"You´ve made me very happy." Ken moved forwards, kissing Morita's lips very gently. He sighed and kissed Ken back. He had missed his friend's touch.

It took all of Morita's will power to pull away. He wanted to take Ken into his arms and love him. He reached out, touching his former lover's face. "I'm sorry, we can't."


"I'm not good for you." Morita let his hand drop. "We can't go back to what we had."

"What about you?" Ken asked. "Do you want me back?"

"My feelings don't matter," Morita said softly. "What matters right now are you and your feelings."

Ken looked amazed. "You've never thought of my feelings before."

"Do you want to go out tonight?" Morita found himself asking. "We could go out, simply as friends."

"Where would we go?" Ken asked. "We'll be finished filming late tonight."

"What if we go bowling?" Morita asked.

Ken smiled that beautiful smile that Morita had missed. "Bowling sounds fun."


They where going bowling, Morita had brought his bowling ball that was painted like a soccer ball. It was late, really late. Ken had never been to this place. It was one of Morita's secret hideaways.  Everyone seemed to recognize him. That wasn't too surprising, but everyone seemed to be elderly.

"Good to see you back Morita-kun," the woman behind the counter told him.

"Good to be back." he put a hand behind Ken's back. "My friend needs to borrow some shoes."

"What size?"

Morita told her. Ken was surprised that his friend knew his shoe size. She put a pair on the counter.  Morita picked them up.

"What about your shoes?" Ken asked.

"I have a locker that I rent." Morita looked at the woman. "This is my friend Miyake-kun."

"So you do have friends." The woman teased. She looked at Ken. "I was beginning to wonder. He comes here at least three times a week. He's always been alone."

"I've told you before, don't worry about me." Morita told the woman. "Miyake-kun is my co-worker."

"It's good to meet you." The woman told him.

Ken was surprised that there was so much about Morita he didn't know. Like this place. He followed Morita to a row of lockers. He used a key and opened one. On the inside of the locker was a photo of Ken.

"You can put your shoes in here." Morita told him.

"Of course." Ken slipped off his shoes and handed them to Morita. His friend took out his bowling shoes and put Ken and his own street shoes in the locker then he locked it. Then he slipped on his own shoes.

"Sorry about the manager, she worries about me." Morita tried to explain.

"I see."

Morita looked around. "No one here knows that I'm an idol. They think I work nights."

"Don't they recognize you from TV?"

"Nope, they don't." Morita smiled. "The Morita on TV is my cousin."

"Oh I see." Ken couldn't help it, he smiled back.


Morita tried to act casual with Ken, even though inside he was very nervous.  He watched his friend bowl. His bowling had always been horrible. Ken didn't have the hand-eye coordination that Morita had. After missing all the pins for the third time, Ken looked at his friend, his eyes terrified.

Morita got to his feet and went to him. Ken flinched, and stepped back unconsciously. His hands went up to protect his face. "Please Morita, don't hit me. I'll do better next time."

"Ken-chan, it's all right." He tried to reassure. "I just wanted to help you with your stance."

"My stance?" he repeated.

"The way you´re letting go of the ball puts too much spin on it." Morita explained.  "Let me show you."

"Hai," Ken put his hands down.

Morita picked up his ball, and then he very slowly bowled correctly. "See, you have to aim at the center pin. Just take it easy."

 Ken did as he was told. This time, he bowled a strike. He turned to Morita, to see if he had been watching.

 "That was perfect." Morita smiled.  "Why don't you take the rest of this game? I'll go get us a drink."

"Sounds good, Go-tsun" Ken went back to bowling.

A few minutes later, Morita came back with a couple of cans of pop. He stood watching his friend. Ken looked so determined. Without his friend's presence he seemed to be a better bowler. His self-confidence seemed to be higher.

Morita knew he must say something. "You're really good."

"No, I'm not." Ken picked up a ball and bowled again. This time, he bowled a strike. "I still need work."

"Don't sell yourself short. You've improved a lot." Morita told him. "You'll be able to beat me soon."

Ken didn't say anything. He went back to his practicing. Morita sat down at the player's area. He opened up his can of pop and began to drink. As he did, he observed his friend. Morita realized that he couldn't live with the guarded truce between the pair. Somehow, he wanted to be Ken's friend. 

Ken finally went to Morita and sat down. He handed him a can of pop. Ken opened it and took a long drink. Then he asked. "Do you really come three times a week?"

"Yeah, I do." Morita admitted. "I've always told you I was going bowling."

"I thought you where lying." Ken took another drink.

"Then what was I doing?"

"Going out with others." Ken looked down to his can.  "At least that's what you were doing when we lived together."

"If you don't believe me, you can ask the manager of this place." Morita said softly. "Bowling has always a time when I can feel normal. It's hard for us always being in the spotlight."

"Yeah, it is." he admitted.

"I should have brought you here earlier."  Morita confessed. "I want to ask you something. You can say no if you want. I promise I wouldn't hate you for that."


"Would there be any way we could go out? I mean as friends. I don't mean dating." Morita said quickly. "I won't sleep with you. I won't touch you. I won't even kiss you. I miss your friendship."

"What would your other lovers say?" Ken asked. "Won't they get jealous of your friendship with me?"

"There are no other lovers." Morita said softly. "I'm alone."

"You love sex." Ken reminded him. "I can't believe that you're not involved with someone."

"I haven't had sex since the day you left me." Morita looked down to his can. He realized that his idea might not be a good one. "When I saw you lying in a pool of blood, I realized how wrong I was.  I had tried to kill the most important thing in my life. Sometimes you don't realize what you have until it's gone."

"Go-tsun," Ken breathed.

"It´s all right if you say no." Morita looked away from him. "The way I treated you wasn't right. I don't deserve friendship."

"I miss you." Ken said softly. "We've had some bad times, but we've had some good times too. You taught me how to love."

"I miss you too."

Ken thought for a moment, and then he reached out and took Morita's hand. "I would love to be your friend."

"Thank you." Morita said relived.


They were now going out as friends, but to Ken it felt as if they were dating. As they bowled, Ken began to realize why Morita liked the bowling alley. He could be himself without recognition. Morita seemed to be a different person there, kinder, gentler. He suddenly seemed to be everything Ken wanted in a man.

"Can I walk you home?" Morita asked as they left the center.

"I only live a few blocks away." Ken reminded him. 

"It's on my way to the taxi stop." Morita shrugged.

Ken didn't remind his friend that there was a taxi stop right outside of the bowling alley. Instead, he let his friend walk with him. Morita suddenly stopped a block away from his apartment. "Why are there are a lot of vans in your neighborhood?"

"It's the press." Ken sighed.

"How long have they been here?" Morita asked.

"I noticed them the morning after my birthday." Ken said. "I think their looking for Kimiko."

Morita put the hood up on his sweat shirt. Then he took Ken's arm. "Let's trick them!"


"It will be fun!" Morita let go of his arm. "We need to pay them back for stalking you.  They'll be out here all night waiting for the girl to leave your apartment."

"Then let's go to my apartment." He took Morita's hand. 

As they got closer to the apartment, Ken could hear the click of cameras. They walked past as if they hadn't seen the cameramen who were hiding in vans.

They went inside and up to Ken's apartment. Again the dogs went crazy. Morita bent down to pet them. His friend looked very sad.

"Do you want a drink?" Ken offered.

"No, that's okay." Morita took off his sweat jacket. "Can I stay a minute? I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Sure, sit down." Ken sat down on the couch.

Morita sat next to him. Close to Ken, but not touching. His dog jumped up on the couch, and without thinking he petted it. "If I tell you this, you can't tell anyone."

"I can keep a secret." Ken reminded him.

"It's just that the agency doesn't want to get out what I do." Morita tried to explain. His friend was nervous, very nervous.

"I told you, I can keep a secret." Ken repeated.

Morita nodded. He looked away from Ken. "I've been seeing a psychologist."

"Why?" Ken tried to hold the questions in that he had. He couldn't believe that someone like Morita would get help.

"After the Onsen trip, I realized I had to get help." Morita confessed. "I have to get control of my temper."

"How many times do you go?"

"Three times a week." Morita concentrated on petting the dog. "I usually go when everyone's at lunch."

Ken realized how much of a risk Morita had made by confessing to Ken. He knew he had to tell Morita the truth.  "When Kimiko was sent to live with our father. My mother sent me to a psychologist."

"How long did you see him?"

"I went until our debut." Ken smiled. "The agency passed it off as allergy treatments."

"Why did you go?"

"My mother had this strange idea that I could be 'cured" of being gay." Ken looked down to his hands.  "When my mother figured out that I wouldn't be cured, she made me stop going."

"So you don't think I'm sick?" Morita looked at his friend.

"Of course not." Ken smiled at him.  "There's nothing wrong with getting some help."

Morita looked at his watch. "I better get going. We have an early day tomorrow."

"Why don't you stay here?" Ken offered before Morita could say anything, Ken quickly said. "You can sleep on the couch if you want."

Morita tried to smile. "The couch it is."


It had been a simple date, just bowling. The next day was rehearsal for the upcoming tour. It was going to be a far more difficult tour then in the past. The group would do two different shows. Depending on the night you saw it.

During a break, the Coming Century members went to their dressing room. They could hear the music as Tonsin rehearsed a song. Morita sat down beside Ken. His friend handed him a bottle of water.

"Thanks." Morita took a drink. He handed the bottle back to Ken, who took a drink. Indirect kissing is what they called it.

Okada watched, he raised an eyebrow. "I suppose I win."

"What do you mean?" Morita asked.

"Tonsin and I have a bet going on." Okada explained. "How long will it be until the two of you become lovers again? I won, because you're back to being lovers."

"We're only friends." Ken told him.

"You can't fool me; I know the both of you." Okada gave them a knowing smile. "You can't resist Morita."

"So we have to be sleeping together for anyone to win?" Morita guessed.


"We're only friends." Ken glanced at his friend.

"We're not even holding hands." Morita told him. "Nothing physical. We're just friends."

Okada rolled his eyes. "I can't believe that! I know you Morita."

Several staff members came into the room. One pushed a cart full of bentos into the room.

"Lunch!" Okada got to his feet and went to the cart. The staff member handed him a bento.

"Might as well eat too." Morita went to the cart. He turned to Ken. "Want one?"

"That might be nice, Go-tsun." Ken smiled.

Morita picked up two bentos and some chopsticks. He took them to Ken. He handed him one.

 He sat down beside his friend. He opened the bento. It had in one compartment a small helping of Kimiche. Ken adored the Korean food. "Here Ken-chan, take my kimiche." He put it on Ken's helping.

Ken smile grew wider. "Thank you Go-tsun,"

The two friends began to eat.  Morita couldn´t help but notice Okada's eyes budging. His smile grew wider. "What's wrong?"

"He called you Go-tsun!" And you did something nice for him." the youngest member of V6 continued. "You never do anything nice."

"Things change.' Morita shrugged and began to eat.