Title: Always and Forever

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

Email: kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: I don’t own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Time: February 1998


Sakamoto walked past Hiroshi and Inocchi's room. The door was open; Taichi and Inocchi were sitting in chairs beside the wall.


"Sakamoto! You have to come here!" Inocchi said.


Sakamoto came into the room. "What's going on?"


Inocchi took his earpiece out and handed it to the older man.  "Their doing it in the sauna!"


Sakamoto put the earpiece on. He heard Koichi sigh. "Oh god, that feels so good!"


"Do those two ever stop?" Taichi giggled.


Sakamoto took the earphone off. He pulled the devices off the wall. He threw the listening devices into the corner.


"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Inocchi demanded.


For the first time Sakamoto noticed the tape recorder. "You're taping it?”


"Of course! We want to listen to it later!"


"Come on, Sakamoto. Put the mikes back against the wall." Taichi said.


Sakamoto picked up the tape recorder and threw it against the far wall. "How the hell could you betray them like that?"


"What's the big deal? Koichi's a slut!" Inocchi asked. "Don't deny he's one. We've all had him!"


"I've never slept with Koichi!"


"He's slept with everyone!" The V6 member said. "He's so good at it, he should charge money!"


Sakamoto lost his temper. He punched Inocchi in the face.  His fellow V6 member countered, hitting Sakamoto in the stomach. He doubled over in pain. He was then hit in the head with something hard. 


"Stop it both of you!" Taichi told them.


"Koichi's not a slut!' Sakamoto yelled. 


"Yeah, and the whole dorm has had him!' Inocchi chortled.


Sakamoto got to his feet and punched Inocchi. "Never talk that way about him!"


Taichi grabbed Sakamoto from behind. Sakamoto struggled against him. Inocchi moved to hit him. Sakamoto was able to kick him in the stomach first. 


"That was a bad move." Inocchi told him. "A real bad move. Tell me, who are they going to believe, you or us?"


"I won't betray my friends!" Sakamoto vowed. He struggled as Taichi fastened Sakamoto's legs to a device he found in a drawer. Then the two men pinned him down and fastened his arms to the device. Inocchi and Taichi drug Sakamoto to the bed and threw him on it.


"Leave me alone!"  Sakamoto tried to struggle; he was now on his stomach, his arms and legs behind him.


"Make us!" Inocchi stuffed a sock in Sakamoto's mouth, and then tied something around it. He could hear the two men cleaning up the room.



"What is going on?" Leader demanded. 


"Why is Sakamoto tied up?" Okada asked.


"He went crazy, he attacked us." Inocchi told him.


"We had to tie him up for his own safety." Taichi said innocently.


Sakamoto moved his head so he could see what was going on.  He looked up to Okada.


Okada went to Sakamoto's side. He ungaged him. "What happened?"


"We all ready told you! He's insane!" Inocchi said.


"I caught them taping Koichi and Tsuyoshi making love in the sauna." Sakamoto explained.


"Do you think we would do something like that?" Taichi asked.


"Yes I do."


"Where's the proof?" Inocchi asked. "You don't have any!"


"He's right, there is no proof." Leader told Okada.


"Inocchi is a voyeur. He gets off on watching people." Sakamoto said.


"There's nothing wrong with that." Inocchi told him. "Every guy likes to look at porno! I just like mine live!"


Okada looked at Sakamoto. "Where did he put the devices?"


"He put them in one of the drawers." The V6 leader told him.


Okada went the dresser. He started going through the drawers.


"Hey! You can't do that!" Taichi said.


Okada pulled out several bondage devices and put them on the dresser, and then he took out a whip. 


"Those aren't our whips! Sakamoto must have planted them!" Taichi told them.


Okada took out a tape recorder. He hit rewind.  Then play. The room was filled with the sounds of Koichi and Tsuyoshi making love. He quickly turned it off. "Sakamoto was right."


"Give me the tape." Leader ordered. Okada did, leader pulled the tape out of the case letting it furl like ribbon.


"Hey! You can't do that!" Inocchi said.


"Can someone let me out of this?" Sakamoto asked. 


Leader looked over the device. "Where's the key?"


"Key? Yama-chan won't tell me where he keeps them." Taichi said innocently.


Leader sighed. He took out his ketai and called Yamaguchi.  "Fine, you can explain all of this to your master."


Yamaguchi arrived a few minutes later. "What's up?"


"Sakamoto caught these two taping Koichi and Tsuyoshi making love.  They put him in that thing." Leader pointed to Sakamoto.  "And Taichi told us that you don't let him use the key."


"I can never leave the two of you alone together." Yamaguchi sighed.  He took a keychain out of his pocket. He went to Sakamoto and unlocked his bonds.


"Thank you." Sakamoto got off the bed, he rubbed his aching wrists.


"What did I tell you about using my stuff without permission?" Yamaguchi told Taichi.


"I'm not allowed to." The keyboardist said sheepishly.


"You'll spend a couple of hours in his place! Now lay down!" Yamaguchi barked.


"Yes master." Taichi lay down on the bed. He didn't struggle as his lover put him in the restraints.


"What should we do with Inocchi?" Leader asked Sakamoto.  "Have Yamaguchi take care of him."


"That sound like a great idea." The leader of V6 gave Leader a sly smile.  "He's all yours Yamaguchi. Just don't hurt him too much. Don't want to upset Nagano."


"I'll be *real* gentle with him." Yamaguchi smiled.


Sakamoto turned to Okada. "Can we talk?"


"What's the use?" Okada said coldly. He walked off.




A boring afternoon, the two Kinki Kids decided that they needed to do at least some of the homework their teachers had sent with them. There was a knock at Tsuyoshi and Koichi's hotel room door. He got up and answered it. Yamaguchi stood in the doorway. "Am I disturbing anything?"


"We're just doing homework." Tsuyoshi smiled. "Come in."


"Just a minute." Yamaguchi turned to someone in the hallway. "Get in here."


Inocchi and Taichi came into the room, followed closely by Yamaguchi.  


"Apologize!" Yamaguchi ordered.


Both men got on their knees and bowed low. Inocchi said. "We're very sorry."


Tsuyoshi glanced at Koichi who was sitting at the table. His lover raised an eyebrow. "What's going on?



"You two better confess now!" the bass player growled.


"We taped the two of you in the bathroom." Taichi told them.


"I thought we where free of spies here." Tsuyoshi said.


"Inocchi is a voyeur." Yamaguchi told him. "He gets off on watching or hearing others make love."


"I know what happened. They taped us, and then Taichi let Inocchi beat him." Koichi guessed.


"I only let Yama-chan beat me!" Taichi said.


"Shut up Taichi!" Yamaguchi snapped.


"Where's the tape?" Tsuyoshi sounded scared. "Are you going to give it to the Manager?"


"I was only planning on using it for my....pleasure." Inocchi told him.


"He's not going to do that are you?" Yamaguchi asked.


"Leader destroyed it. He also took my mikes!"


"You didn't make any copies?" Koichi asked.


"Sakamoto stopped us while we where taping." Taichi bowed low again. "I'm sorry."


"I will deal with both of them. Trust me; they'll never do it again." Yamaguchi told Tsuyoshi.


"Is that enough? Tsuyoshi asked.


"Trust me Tsu-chan. After Yamaguchi is finished with them, they'll be very sorry." Koichi told him.


Tsuyoshi nodded. "I'll leave them to you."


"Get up boys. We're going back to my room." Yamaguchi ordered.


Koichi watched them leave. He shut and locked the door.


"Do I really want to know about those guys?" Tsuyoshi asked.


Koichi sat back down. "You might as well."


"Let me get this straight. Inocchi is a voyeur and Taichi gets off on being beaten." Tsuyoshi guessed.


"Right the first time." Koichi smiled.


"What about Yamaguchi. How does he fit into it?"


"He's a sadist. He *really* gets off on beating his lover."


"I don't believe this." Tsuyoshi sighed. "And you know this by experience."


"That's the bad part of being a slut. You know everyone's little appetites."


"What's your appetite?" Tsuyoshi raised an eyebrow. "Anything Kinki I need to know about?"


"Kinki?" he couldn't repress the smile. "My appetite is for princes."


"Princes?" Tsuyoshi got up, kissing Koichi's lips. "You like princes?"


"Oh yeah." Koichi pulled him onto his lap. "What's your appetite?"


"Hum. I've got it bad for men who have the same last name as Me." he kissed Koichi. "I'm very particular in my tastes."


"Yeah, and you taste good." Koichi kissed him.




Okada felt guilty for brushing Sakamoto off. He realized he had left Sakamoto at a bad time. His friend had finally told him about his lover that had been killed. Okada's response had been to break up with him.  When Okada had left Sakamoto he had hoped that his lover would run after him and beg him to stay. Instead, Sakamoto let him go.


He took out his album of good photos. He flipped through them, he found one of Sakamoto. Junichi reached out, tracing the outline of his lover's face. There was a note paperclip to the page. It had been written by Sakamoto. Okada opened it. "Don't feel trapped by us being together. If you ever leave me, I'll let you go. I won't force you to stay with me."


*Did you want to stay with me?* Okada put up the album and went to Sakamoto's room. He knocked on the door. There was no answer. He used his key and opened the door. Sakamoto wasn't inside. There was as piece of paper on the bedside table.  "I'm sorry; I should have told you about Ito earlier. I didn't want you to end up like him. He was murdered because of me. The Manager hired a thug to kill him. I don't want the same to happen to you. I can't loose you."


*No wonder your afraid.* Okada realized.


Okada put the letter down, and went to look for Sakamoto.  No matter where he looked, he couldn't find Sakamoto. It was like the man had vanished from the face of the earth.


He gave up looking for Sakamoto in the lobby. He sat on a couch in front of a window, looking at the snow fall.  It was there he realized that the snow was so much like his Sakamoto. He had always called him Yuki, the same name as snow. Like snow, his lover was cold, but beautiful. When it melted it gave people life.


"What are you thinking of?" Leader sat down on the couch next to him.


"The yuki falling." Okada said. "I've been thinking of my own Yuki."


"You do know that you're the only one who’s allowed to call Sakamoto Yuki?" Leader asked him.


"No, I didn't realize." Okada paused. "I did something stupid. I broke up with Sakamoto. Now I want to apologize to him, and I can't find him."


"Sakamoto needs some time alone." the older man told him. "His heart's been broken; did you really think he would wait around for your apology?"


"He'll never take me back." Okada realized.


"Give Sakamoto some time, when he's ready he'll return to you." Leader told him.


"What does it matter? I'll never be number one in his heart." Okada said.


"You're not being fair to Sakamoto. You're in love with someone older then you. You shouldn't be surprised to know he has a past."


 "Ito lives in his heart. How can I compete against a dead man?"


"Let's pretend for a moment that Sakamoto died. You would be devastated." Leader said. "Then one day, someone much younger then you walked into your life. He looked like a twin of Sakamoto, even having the same personality, tastes and interests. Do you think that perhaps fate brought you a second chance?"


"Is that what Sakamoto thinks of me?"


"Answer my question Junichi, how easy would it be for you to fall in love with that look alike?"


"It would be too easy." Okada admitted. "IS that why Sakamoto has left everything up to me? We became involved because I wanted it. When I left, he let me go."


"He didn't want to force his feelings onto you. He wanted to learn to love you for you." Leader paused. "You should thank Ito sometime. Because of him, you have Sakamoto."


"I don't have Sakamoto, not anymore."


"You still have him. He'll come back to you." Leader reassured. "You have to have faith that will happen."





It had been two days since Okada had left Sakamoto. The only time he had seen his lover was the time he rescued him from Inocchi and Taichi. The rest of the time he had hidden himself away. His lover had called him a Vulcan. After much thought, Sakamoto realized his friend had been right. If he couldn't even show his emotions to the man he loved, what good was he?


Sakamoto took the photograph from his wallet and set it propped up on the desk. Then he knelt in front of it. He couldn't have a full Shinto shrine to Ito. But there had been times he had remembered him.


"Today's the eighth anniversary of your death. I never really came to terms with your passing. I think it's because there's been a part of me that never stopped loving you." He told the photograph. "I realized that even though I won't stop loving you that I've got to continue with my life. I've been with Junichi for two years, but I've never let him into my heart. I've hurt him. I want to start loving him fully.  Please, when you see me loving him, bless us being together. I do love you, but I love Junichi. I want to spend my life with him." 


"You would like Junichi. He's so much like you." Suddenly Sakamoto felt as if he was making the right choice. “Knowing you, you brought him to me didn't you? You promised to always take care of me, is this how you did it?"


 He picked the photo up and put it in his wallet. Then he went to find his friend.  Sakamoto's cousin told him where Okada's room was. His friend was staying in a small room reserved for staff members. Sakamoto knocked on the door. Okada answered it; his eyes were red rimed as if he had been crying.


"Can I talk to you?" Sakamoto asked.


"Sure, come in." Okada opened the door wide enough so that his friend could come in. Then he shut it behind him. "Sit down."


The room was very tiny, almost a walk in closet, there was barely enough room for the bed. Sakamoto sat down on the edge of the bed. "What are you doing?"


"Homework." before his friend could get up, he said quickly. "It's okay, I needed a break."


"I just wanted to tell you, you were right. I have been punishing you." Sakamoto said. "It's not right for me to do that."


"If you had explained what happened earlier, I would have understood." Okada sat down beside him, but not touching.


"I should have trusted you." Sakamoto whispered. "I'll always regret never trusting you fully."


"It must have been hard loosing your boy friend."


"Ito promised he would come back for me when I turned twenty." Sakamoto told him. "Then he died. I think part of my soul died. That is until I met you."


"Do you really love me?"


"Yes, I do." Sakamoto got up and went to the door. "I came here to ask you to let us start over. Suddenly my courage is leaving me."


"What would happen if we did start over?" Okada interrupted.


"Our relationship would be different. I want to let you in my heart." Sakamoto's voice cracked. He reached up, wiping his eyes. "I think you're right. I am a Vulcan. But even Vulcan’s can feel."


"Then let's start over." Okada went to him, putting his arms around the taller man's waist.


Sakamoto turned in his arms. He reached out, touching Okada's face. "My name is Sakamoto Masayuki. I'm in a group called Tonsin. I'm a Vulcan."


"I'm Okada Junichi, I'm in Comicen. It's good to meet you." Okada told him. "Perhaps you're not a Vulcan, perhaps you're a Romulan."


He raised an eyebrow. "A Romulan?"


"I like Romulans better. Romulans are like Vulcans, except they have emotions." Okada smiled. "I've driven you crazy with Star Trek again, haven't I?"


"It doesn't matter. I like being driven crazy by you." Sakamoto knew he had to overcome his fear of commitment. Softly he said. "I love you."


Okada grinned. "I love you too, Sakamoto."


"Yuki," Sakamoto corrected. "It sounds really strange to hear you call me Sakamoto all the time."


"All right, I love you too Yuki-chan." He put his hand behind Sakamoto's head and kissed him.




Sakamoto was spooning with his lover.  For the first time, Sakamoto had stayed nude. Okada was in front of him sleeping. Sakamoto stroked his lover's body. After a while, Okada sighed then stretched against Sakamoto.


"How was your sleep?" Sakamoto asked.


"Good," Okada snuggled against his lover.


""I should have told you about Ito earlier."


"I understand why you didn't." Okada said. "If you died, I'm not sure I would ever be able to talk about it."


"You would have liked Ito. He was so much like you." Sakamoto said. "The two of you both like photography."


"Do you have any of Ito's photos?"


"I have a box of them at my mother's house."


"Someday, can you show them to me? Okada asked. "I want to see the work of the man who loved you."


"You're not jealous?" Sakamoto asked.


"How could I be jealous?" Okada sounded clearly puzzled. ""I'm grateful to the man who taught you how to love. I just wish I could see what he looked like."


"I have a photo in my wallet." Sakamoto got out of bed; he took his wallet out of his pants. He took two photos out of his wallet, and then sat back down on the bed. He handed them to Okada. 


Okada's response surprised Sakamoto. He pulled a bag out from under the bed. He took a loose leaf notebook out. Then Okada flipped through the album. Finally he stopped at a photo. "I want you to see something."


Sakamoto took the notebook from him. He looked at the photo. It was almost identical to the one that Sakamoto carried around. It had been Ito's favorite photo. He had taken it one morning after they first became involved. Sakamoto lay on a bed, his body covered by a thin sheet. The photo Okada showed him had an older Sakamoto sleeping in Okada's bed.


"Ito was a lot like you. He even liked his breakfast the same way you did." Sakamoto said softly. "Ito also loved Star Trek."


"The dark room in the basement of the dorms. Was that Ito's first?"


"Yes, it was." Sakamoto admitted.


Okada looked at the next photo it was of the young Sakamoto and his lover.  "Ito looked like me."


"That's what first attracted me to you."


 "It seems strange to know there was someone so much like me."


"I don't compare you to Ito. I don't expect you to be a replacement for him." Sakamoto told him. "I love you for you, not because you're like him."



"I know." Okada put the photos on the bedside table. "Looking at the photo of you, I know he loved you very much."


"How can you tell?"


"Because I love you."


"I let you in my heart." Sakamoto confessed. "The pain is going away."


"You're the one that taught me love takes away pain."


"When did I do that?"


"Those nights you held me after I visited the Manager. Every time you touched me, my pain went away." Okada took the album from Sakamoto and put it up. "That's when I fell in love with you."


"When you turn twenty, would you consider moving in with me?"


"I'll move in with you on my twentieth birthday." Okada promised. 


"Can I talk about my dream with you?"


"You wanted to be a professional dancer?"


"Yes, I did. Because of my leg, I'll never be perfect." Sakamoto told him. "I found out that I liked teaching students how to dance. So when all this is over I want to own a studio."


"That sounds good."


"I'll have to hire a good photographer, do you know any?"


"I just might." Okada smiled.


"We could own a studio together. Half would be a dance studio, the other half would be a photographic studio." Sakamoto told him. "We could have a future together."


"Together?" Okada asked surprised.


*He doesn't want that.* Sakamoto realized. He could feel his walls come back up.


 "What do you think we should call our studio?" Okada asked him.


"Sakoda?" Sakamoto relaxed again. "We'll decide before we open it."


"Sakoda sounds good." Okada kissed him gently. "A perfect combination of us together."



Tsuyoshi stood at the bedroom window watching the snow falling. He had spent the last four days in bed learning the wonders of love. The two new lovers had only left their room when it was necessary.  It seemed to be the most natural thing on earth to be nude. There was nothing he had to hide with Koichi.


Suddenly Koichi's ketai began to ring. Tsuyoshi got a sinking feeling in his stomach.  "Moshi, moshi." He heard Koichi say. There was a very long pause. "Yes, master. I understand."  Tsuyoshi closed his eyes. It was the Manager.  He knew their vacation was over. Very soon a limo would be arriving for Koichi.


"I know you'll enjoy it."  Koichi said, another pause, then. "Thank you for calling. I'll see you later."


"When's the limo coming?" Tsuyoshi asked.


"It's not... ever." Koichi said softly. 


Tsuyoshi turned to Koichi. "What do you mean?"


"He's never calling for me a gain." Koichi looked as if he was in shock. "I'm no longer his favorite."


"Why? I don't understand."


"The Manager’s’ decided to replace me with Jin. He's the new favorite." Koichi put up the ketai. "I'm free."


"Koichi," Tsuyoshi went to him, putting his arms around his lover. "I never thought this day would come."


They stood there for several moments just holding each other. Tsuyoshi could feel wetness on his shoulder. His lover was crying. "It's over. I can't believe its' over."


"Our dream has come true."


"Now I only belong to you." Koichi kissed Tsuyoshi gently.



"I thought you would be happier about this." Tsuyoshi told him.


"I am happy, I just can't believe it." Koichi pulled away from him, he took Tsuyoshi's hand. "Let's celebrate my freedom."


"How?" Tsuyoshi asked.


Koichi didn't answer; instead he pulled Tsuyoshi to the bed.





Sakamoto sat on a couch in the main room in front of the large French windows. He watched the snow falling. His lover had a headache and had taken a nap.  So the older man entertained himself watching snow.


Suddenly someone jumped over the back of the couch, landing at Sakamoto's side. It was Okada.


"Jun-chan, there are people here." Sakamoto warned. He glanced behind him, Taichi and Yamaguchi sat on one couch, Hiroshi and Inocchi on another. Both couples were wrapped up in each other.


"Do you think anyone cares if we sit together?" Okada countered.


"I keep thinking we'll be turned in." Sakamoto said sheepishly.


Okada smiled. “If they do that, I'll turn them in."


Sakamoto reached out, putting his hand on Junichi's leg. "How's the headache?"


"It's better." Okada smiled. "I never told you my answer."


"What answer?"


"To your question-about commitment." Okada gave the ring back to Sakamoto.


"Its' all right, I understand." Sakamoto tried to hide the hurt he felt. "Can we at least stay together for the rest of the vacation?"


"What are you talking about?" Okada asked confused. "I want to marry you."


Sakamoto let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. 'You sure you want to marry a Vulcan or am I a Romulan? I can’t' remember."


"You're a Romulan." He could see the smile in Okada's eyes.  "Does your species marry punk kids?"


"You're not a punk, or a kid." Sakamoto took Okada's left hand in his. He paused for a moment, thinking. Then he slipped the ring on Okada's ring finger. "From now on, in my heart. We're married."


"Married." Okada looked into Sakamoto's eyes.


The older man kissed him gently on the lips.  He then pulled away from Okada. "What is it?"


"We have identical wedding bands. Shouldn't I move yours?"


"You're right." Sakamoto took the ring off his right hand.  He handed it to Okada. "Put it on me."


"Hai." He took Sakamoto's hand, and slipped the ring on it.  "In my heart, we're married."


Sakamoto put his arm around Okada's shoulder, pulling him close. The younger man put his head on his shoulder. "Let's watch the snow together."


"Snow? Do you think we'll be snowed in?"


"Hope so." Sakamoto squeezed him for an instant.  "I hope we're snowed in for a very long time."




Tsuyoshi woke up, he saw his lover watching the snow fall at the window. His lover, a man who now belonged only to him. Tsuyoshi got out of bed, and went to his side. Koichi put his arm around his shoulder, and Tsuyoshi put his arm around his lover's waist.


"I see it's snowing." Tsuyoshi finally said.


"They've closed the roads." Koichi told him. "We'll be stuck here for at least two more days."


"Good, I'm glad." He looked up to Koichi and they kissed.


"I feel like we belong to each other totally," Koichi said as they went back to looking at the snow falling.


"I'll always be yours." Tsuyoshi promised.


"Always and forever."


"What are we going to do when we get back?" Tsuyoshi asked. "I'm not sure I can go weeks without having you."


"We'll find a way." Koichi promised. "Even if that means we wake up extra early, we'll be together."


"I love you," Tsuyoshi said softly.


"Love you too." his lover kissed him. "Let's go back to bed."


"Yes, lets." Tsuyoshi agreed. He let Koichi pull him to the bed.  His lover, a man who knew him even more then he knew himself.  What ever the future held, the partners knew they would face it together.