Title: Finding A Sister Title: Finding A Sister Author: Kyoko Godaikun Email: kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com Note: I don't own V6. They belong to the agency Authors note: This story can only be put on Katrinkak's site. Any one else who is crazy enough to want to put it on their site must have the express permission of me. Time: June 2003 The quest is what Morita Go called it. His search for Miyake Ken's twin sister was very important to him. With most twins, it would have been very easy to find the other. They kept in touch. Ken's situation was different. He had been separated from his sister when he was twelve. She had been sent to live with her father, and had vanished sometime after Ken had joined the agency. Ken had given up finding his sister, but Morita wanted to help him. They were no longer lovers, barely even talked to each other. But Morita had to give this to Ken. It had been a year since they broke up. Twelve long months that had changed Morita Go. His dreams had been haunted by the memories of Ken lying on the floor of the Onsen. His head was bleeding from a wound that he got when he was pushed into the table. It was then Morita had realized he had gone too far in his abuse. When he had returned from the Onsen trip he had asked management to let him see a psychologist. Since then saw a doctor twice a week to help him deal with his temper.† "We found a led, Go-tsun." Morita Go's band mate Nagano Hiroshi came into the Coming Century's dressing room. Nagano hoped that one day, when his V6 career was over, he would be a private detective. "A led?" Morita repeated.† "You asked me to help you look for Miyake Kimiko," he reminded him. "Sorry, you're right. I did." He looked at him. "What did you find?" "There is a junior at St. Helens University named Miyake Kimiko." he handed him a paper. "She also works part time at a cafe as a waitress." Morita took the information. This had been the sixth Kimiko they found. "I'll check her out later. Thank you." "I've never understood why you would want to find out about Ken's relative." Nagano said. "Perhaps I'm one of the few people who understand what he's going through." "I don't understand." "I've never met my real father." Morita told him. "My step-father is a wonderful father. But it's hard to know you have brothers and sisters out somewhere that you've never met." "I could help you find him." Nagano offered. "That wouldn't be a good idea." Morita paused. "I don't want to cause my father embarrassment. How would he explain to his wife about the son he never acknowledged?" "Perhaps Ken will take you back if you find his sister." Nagano suggested. "No, I don't think that will ever happen." "You love him." †"Yes, I love him. He's my life."† Morita looked at the ring. "Why don't you tell him your feelings?" "I can't do that. I've brought too much pain to Ken-chan." He couldn't keep the sadness out of his voice. "It would be better for him if we weren't together." Just then Ken returned with his PA. The conversation changed to more trivial things. The look on Ken's face made Morita wonder what he had heard. **************** It had been a year since Ken had left Morita. In that time, his friend hadn't even looked at him. He wanted to ask Morita for his ring back. Ken had given it to him soon after they started dating. Morita had always refused to wear it. It had showed up on Morita's finger a few days after the break up. Then one day, Ken had heard Morita's confession of love. The pain in Morita's voice tugged at Ken's heart. In the years they had been together, Morita had never told Ken he loved him. They only saw each other during rehearsals and filmings. During one filming, Morita went into their dressing room. "Would you mind if I talked to you?" †Ken sat down on the chair. "You want to talk." "I wanted to apologize to you." Morita told him. "I wanted you to know that I am very sorry for what I put you through." "Are you trying to get me to move back in with you?" Ken asked. "No, I wasn't going to ask you that." Morita said. "I hurt you so much, that I don't deserve forgiveness. I just wanted to make peace with you." "Peace?" "We're in the same group. For the good of the group, it would be best if we could be friends." Morita said. "Nothing else, just friends." "Just friends?" Ken asked. "You just want to be my friend. What guarantee do I have that you won't try to beat me again?" "I won't." Morita took an envelope out of his pocket. "This is my resignation. If I ever lay hands you again, you can turn it in for me." Ken opened the envelope. He read the letter. Morita had been right, it was his resignation.† Ken took the envelope and put it in his pocket. "I've given a copy to every member of V6." Morita continued. "Anyone of them can turn it in if they see a bruise on you." †Ken wanted to tell him that he heard his confession. But he realized that perhaps Morita had bee right, they needed to stay apart. He finally said. "For the good of the group, I'll be your friend."† "Thank you." Morita got up. "I better go." "Can I ask you something?" "You can ask me anything." "I notice your wearing the ring." Ken said. "You once said you would never wear it. You said that meant that I owned you." "It's a reminder." Morita said softly. "Every time I look at it, I'm reminded that my own stupid behavior lost the thing that is most important to me in my life." "What's that?" "I lost you." Mortia went to the door. He opened it. "I'll see you tomorrow. Miyake-kun." "Wait." Ken got to his feet. "If we're friends, why can't you call me Ken?" "All right Ken." Morita paused. "Would you mind calling me Go-tsun?" "You want me to call you Go-tsun?" Ken repeated. "You hurt me when I call you by your first name." "I'll never hurt you again." There was pain in Morita's eyes. "If we have a new start as friends, perhaps I need to go by a new name. I would be honored if you call me Go-tsun." "All right, Go-tsun." Ken paused. "Why don't you stay?" "No, I really have to go. I'll see you tomorrow." With that Morita left. ******************* After work, Morita decided to check out the led. He went to the cafe that the paper stated. It was an out of the way restaurant, with a bar and some small tables. There was a girl behind the counter. Petite, with her long hair pulled back in a tail.† She looked so familiar to him. Her smile was so much like Ken's. Morita couldn't help but stare. He realized that this time he might be lucky. He might have found Ken's twin. "Can I help you?" the woman asked. "Yeah," Morita said. "Can I have today's special?" She wrote the order down and took it back to the kitchen. Then she came out. She seemed unsettled by Morita's presence. "Excuse me; are you Morita Go-kun?" "I'm sorry, I'm his cousin." He lied. "That's too bad." She seemed disappointed. "Are you a fan of his?" "Not really." She looked so much like Ken when he was disappointed. "You might not believe this, but I have a brother in V6." "Why haven't you met the group before?" "My parents sent me to live with my father when I was twelve." She explained. "I haven't seen my brother since then." "You never tried to contact him?" "I sent him letters, but he never answered." She said softly. "I've written the agency in the past, but I don't think he gets them. He must get many, many letters." Morita decided to tell the truth. "What if I said I was Morita Go?" "Then I would ask you to take a letter to my brother." She paused. "I won't take advantage of him. I just want to know how he's doing." "You're Kimiko," Morita guessed. "Ken's told me about you." "So you are Morita-kun," The girl seemed relieved. "I know you don't know me, but could you please help me?" "I'd be glad to." Morita smiled at her. "Why didn't you ask your mother to tell him to contact you?" "I did. She said he didn't want to talk to me." The manager yelled at her. "I've got to get back to work." "What time do you get off?" "In about an hour." She told him. She turned and went back to work. ****************** Morita waited for Kimiko to get off work. He decided to walk her home. He was surprised when she invited him up to her apartment. It was a simple one room apartment. "Sorry about the mess." She apologized, even though the room was spotless. "Have a seat." Morita sat at the small table on the floor. He noticed the framed photo on the wall. It was of Ken and Kimiko when they where younger. He wondered what she would do if she knew that Ken was going through the same pain as her? That his only real wish was to contact his sister. She took an envelope out of a drawer. Then she went to the table and sat down. "I write Ken every month. This is this month's letter." He took it and put it in his pocket. "I'll be sure to give it to him." "Thank you," She looked down to the table. She reminded Morita so much of Ken. Morita realized he had to make conversation. "So youíre a waitress." "Just part time." She said. "I'm a university student. I work so that I can pay for my living expenses." "Do you need some help with bills?" Morita took his wallet out. He took out some bills and tried to hand them to the woman. "I can take care of myself." She pushed the money away. "I'm not a prostitute!" Morita put the money away. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean it that way." "Can I ask you some things about my brother?" She asked changing the subject. "I know that most of the things in magazines are lies that were thought up my publicists." "You can ask me anything," Morita told her. "Does he enjoy being an idol?" "Ken-chan enjoys acting." Morita told her. "When V6 is over, he'll probably make that his career." "You call him Ken-chan. Are you his boy friend?" "No, I'm simply a member of his band." he looked down to the ring. It was the constant reminder of his mistake. "That's too bad.† I was hoping that he could find happiness." Kimiko said. "You know he's gay?" Morita asked. "If the press found out..." ""Why would I tell the press?" She sounded puzzled. "I have no problem with him being gay. He never had to come out to me. I always knew." "The two of you were close." Morita said, even though he knew the answer. "I miss him." She paused. "If he decides to write back. Can you make sure I get it?" "Of course," Morita promised. ******************* Ken was studying lines for his latest drama in the dressing room he shared with coming century. Morita came into the dressing room. Ken didn't look up to him. Even though they had called a truce, he wasn't too sure he could trust his former lover. Morita took a letter out of his pocket. He placed it on the dressing room table in front of ken.† "I think you need to read this." "Fan letter?" "Not exactly." Morita seemed to be hiding something. "If you read this, I think your fondest wish will come true." "Thank you." Ken went back to studying his script. "If you want to write back, I'll make sure the writer gets the letter." Morita went to the door, and then he turned back to Ken. I need to see if the producer has changed anything."† †Ken then looked at the envelope. The writing was very familiar to him.† He put his script down, and then He opened up the letter. It was only a page long, and contained a photo.† He looked at it. A familiar face looked at him. It was a face that he had missed for twelve years. "Kimiko." he said out loud. "Kimiko, you found me." With shaking fingers he opened the letter. The first thing on the letter was a small note. "Who ever read this, please give this to Miyake Ken." "Dear Ken, How are you? I don't know why I still write. I've sent a letter to you a month since you joined the agency. Youíve never answered me, but I still feel the need to write. I am going to university now. I'm studying to be a translator. I want to work sometime for the United Nations. Perhaps I'll even be able to translate for you when you go over seas for a concert. How are you doing? I sometimes watch you on TV, but that always makes me miss you more. I can't believe that my brother is a famous idol. I don't tell people about you. Gomen, I sometimes feel like its better that way. It would only bring up unwanted questions. I don't want to explain that my brother doesn't want to see me. That doesn't mean that I'm not very, very proud of you. How is my sister Ken-Ko? I wonder about her too. Is she still visiting you, or have you hidden her away? I miss my sister horribly. We went through so much together. I hope someday Iíll be able to see her again. I know you don't want to contact me. Mother made that clear to me. You are busy, and you don't need me in your life. I'm not asking for you to contact me. If you want to give me a note, that would be enough. Just let me know you're doing okay. Your sister, Kimiko Ken read the letter again and again. He was hurt by the fact that Kimiko had tried to get a hold of him many times, but had been prevented by his management and his mother. He had to write her back. He took out a pad. And began to write. "Kimiko, Please believe that I never got any of your letters. If I had, I would have written back. Please forgive me for not knowing. I don't know why mother lied to you. She knows my one wish is to find you. I used to send you letters, but they always got returned to me unopened. Still, I hoped that someday I would find you. Every time I look in the mirror, I think of you. I am so proud you are at University. My dream would be for you to translate for me. You asked about Ken-ko, the real me. Ken-ko misses you too. My group knows about her and understands her, when we go private trips together; she is the one that goes. I am usually Ken-ko if I'm not out in public. So far, I don't have work on our birthday. Perhaps we could meet then. If they do give me work, I will be sure to contact you. I know that time has changed everything, but please don't let it change the fact that we are twins. I miss you Ken-ko Morita had done this for him. It made ken realize that he had underestimated his friend. He realized that his friend must have met Kimiko sometime. He folded the letter the way he used to fold his notes to her. He put her name on the outside, and then put the note on the table. ********************* The weeks passed quickly. Every day there was a new note from Kimiko. She included pictures of where she worked her apartment. Ken realized that Morita must have been seeing Kimiko. For the first time in a long time, Ken wasn't jealous of Morita's dating. Then one evening, Morita had showed up at Ken's apartment. He was dressed well then he had ever dressed when he was living with Ken. Ken invited Morita into his apartment. Ken's dogs went crazy with happiness. Morita bent down petting them. The dogs had been theirs when they lived together. Since the break up, all three dogs lived with Ken. "Why are you here?" Ken asked. "Would there be any way I could take you out dinner tonight?" Morita asked Ken. "I don't mean as a date, simply in friendship." "You want to take me out?" Ken repeated. "You don't have to if you don't want to." Morita said quickly. "I just wanted to go eat with my friend." "Where could we go?" Ken asked. "I know a little place just a few blocks from here." Morita told him. "You'd love it." "Sure why not." Ken decided. "But we'll go only as friends." "Of course," Morita turned back to Ken's dogs. Ken went into the bedroom and quickly changed his clothes. He found Morita sitting on the floor; he was making baby noises at the dogs. The dogs were licking them. For the first time since their break up, Morita looked truly happy.† Morita had loved their dogs, and Ken had refused to let him see them. "Hey Go-tsun?" Ken finally said. "Sorry, you caught me." Morita got up. "I know you don't want me near the dogs." "I was thinking," Ken said. "Why don't we share the dogs?" "Share the dogs?" Morita repeated. "They've lived with me for six months; perhaps they need to stay with you for six months." Ken suggested. "I can't take them." Mortia suddenly looked very sad. "They are so happy with you. You need something to love you, so they can stay here." Ken decided to change the subject. "I'm ready to go." ********************** Ken was going out with Morita.† He was beyond nervous. They had walked to the area. Morita was right; it was only a few blocks from Ken's apartment.† He felt everyone's eyes on him as he walked, even though in reality, no one was looking. Morita had dressed up better then he had ever when they went bar crawling.† The area looked familiar to him. His twin sister worked as a waitress at a cafe in this neighborhood. She had sent him photos of the area in one of her letters. His busy schedule prevented him from actually going to the cafe. † "What is it?" Morita stopped. "My sister works in this neighborhood." Ken finally told him. "Oh she does?" he sounded not at all surprised. "You're seeing her, aren't you?" Ken asked. "What ever gave you that idea?" He said mysteriously. To say that the cafe that they went to was small was an understatement. It had room for only a bar, and a few tables. The manager smiled as he saw Morita. Then he stopped and looked Ken up and down. "Welcome back." "Thank you," Morita put his hand on Ken's back. "Is there a table free?" "Of course," The manager showed them to the table in the corner. Ken was shaken up with the man's strange looks. Ken finally said. "Is there a problem?" "You're right Morita-kun, they do look alike." The manager said. "I don't understand." Ken said. "You didn't know? Oh my!" The manager went into the kitchen. "What was all that about?" Ken asked Morita. "Who do I look like?" "You'll see," Morita smiled. A few minutes later, the Manager returned, half-pushing, half-dragging a small woman towards the table. She was dressed as a waitress. "Do you know this man?" The manager asked the waitress. "Ken, what are you doing here?"† Kimiko asked. "You have a new drama, shouldn't you be studying?" "Go-tsun's taking me out for dinner." ken finally said. "Why are you here so late? Don't you have class tomorrow?" "It's no problem." She smiled. "Most of my classes are in the afternoon." Morita got to his feet, and then he offered Kimiko his chair. The Waitress looked at the Manager, who nodded. She sat down. Morita sat in the chair next to Ken's. They watched as the Manager left. "I'm sorry I didn't visit sooner." Ken told her. "It's all right; I know that idol's are very busy." She glanced at Morita. "Go-tsun keeps me updated on you. It's almost as if you visit." "You've been here before?" Ken asked Morita. "Sometimes I come after I bowl." Morita told him. "Kimiko has a lot of patience." "Why didn't you tell me?" "That's my fault." Kimiko told him. "I didn't want you to worry about me." "I wouldn't have dressed like this if I knew you where here." He admitted. "Don't feel that way." she shook her head. "How's my sister? Iíve missed Ken-ko. I haven't seen her since we where children." "She's the reason they took you away from me." he looked down. "I've always hated myself for that." "Ken-ko's was my best friend when I was a child. I wouldn't have missed a moment with her." She looked at Morita. "Then Go-tsun came in one day. I knew he was in your group.† The way he looked at me was strange. So I introduced myself to him." "Forgive me for becoming friends with her without telling you." Morita told him. "It's all right," Ken felt uncomfortable. "Kimiko, I wish you would have invited me to visit. For you, I would have found the time." "Kimiko, you need to get back to work." the Manager bellowed. "I'll do her job." Morita volunteered. He got out of his seat and went to the kitchen. "Oh my," Ken began to giggle. "What's wrong?" Kimiko asked. "I just can't see Go-tsun as a waitress" he felt more at ease now that Morita was gone. "How long have you been dating him?" "Why do you think I'm dating him?" She sounded puzzled. "He sees you every night." †"Rule number 563, donít' date your sister's boyfriend." Kimiko smiled at him. "I'm your brother." Ken reminded her. "Go-tsun's not my boyfriend. We broke up." "Ken-ko's my twin sister." Her smile grew wider. "Plus all Go-tsun talks about is Ken, Ken, Ken. Who wants to go out with someone whoís obsessed with you?" "Okay, I get your point." he paused. "Next week's our birthday. Is there anyway we could celebrate together?" "I might be able to work that out." She reached across the table, taking Ken's hand. "You need to thank Go-tsun; he's the one that tracked me down." "He did?" Ken asked. "He told me that he wanted to give you your fondest wish." She told him. "He told me that he didn't want anything in return. He simply wanted to make you happy." "Why would he do something like that?" Ken looked at Morita who was working at the bar. "He did it because he loves you." She took out her ketai and handed it to Ken. "Could you program your secret phone number into my ketai?" "Of course," Ken gave her his own ketai. "If you put your number in mine." Ken concentrated on putting his number in his sister's ketai. Then he looked back to Morita, who was watching him. His friend looked away. *Thank you.* Ken thought before he handed the ketai back to his sister. *************************