Title: The Babies Inside

Sequel to: Junno One Half

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Genre': Romance, Humor, this story is A/U a really really strange A/U
Rating: PG
Pairings: JunDa a tiny bit of Akame

Note: the boy turns into girl stolen from Ranma nibun-no-ichi,

Summary: Junno has difficulties with being pregnant, Ueda's adopted a pet pig, and Jin's fallen into a cursed spring.


As the months passed Taguchi Junno and Ueda Tatsuya grew more and more pregnant. They tried to pretend that the pregnancy tests were just mistakes. They couldn't really be pregnant. Until finally they decided they better get a check up. Junno and Ueda's Doctor was Dr. Tofu. The doctor was one of a kind, who actually understood what they were going through. He was the one that talked to Kitagawa Johnny about their problem. Seemed that Kitagawa Johnny was one of his patients.

At Johnny-sama's orders, Junno married Midori. Then when they began to show, they officially went to London to study English. But in reality, the pair stayed in Tokyo as their female selves.

Once Ueda had got used to the idea of being pregnant, he kind of liked it. Under Doctor's orders, neither of them had turned into their male forms since right after the press conference. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that Junno missed being a guy. He complained about everything there was about being a woman. He hated his breasts, he hated that he had to sit down to go to the bathroom. He hated not being able to make love to Ueda the way he wanted.

Junno spent most of his time taking care of Ueda. He seemed really and truly excited about the baby Ueda was carrying. He would reach out and caress Ueda's stomach. The baby would always move under Junno's hand.

Junno on the other hand hated being pregnant. Junno denied it. Ignoring the baby as if it would go away. So Ueda didn’t' talk about the Junno's baby. Instead, he talked about was the one he was expecting.

Ueda had sat on the bed to watch TV. Junno was fussing around him. Fluffing pillows and putting them behind Ueda's back. Junno looked on the brink of exhaustion. Almost everything he ate seemed to go to his increasing waistline. The rest of his body had become gaunt.

"Why don't you get on the bed with me?" Ueda suggested.

Junno waddled to his side of the bed. Junno's baby belly was huge. All he could wear was robes. He climbed up on the bed. Then he sighed as he tried to make himself comfortable.

"It's getting harder for me to take care of you with this *thing* growing inside of me." Junno said.

"It's a baby Junno, our baby." Ueda reminded him. "Don't ever call it a thing."

"But you don't want it. Not the baby I'm carrying. All you care about is your baby." Junno turned away, not before Ueda could see a tear rolling down his cheek. "We haven't even discussed a name."

"I want our baby very much." Ueda told him. "It's like Dr. Tofu said, their almost twins."

"Your baby will be easy to pass off. But what about mine?" Junno asked. "I'm married to Midori, but Suke never married anyone. My baby will be a bastard."

"Dr. Tofu told me he would put them as twins on the birth certificates." Ueda told him. "We'll tell everyone they are twins. No one needs to know."

"You're right, he always calls them twins." Junno gasped, and then he rubbed his stomach. "It's been kicking a lot lately. I think it hates me."

"Perhaps it won't hate its father," Ueda said. "Can I touch it?"

Junno nodded. Ueda reached out, and touched Junno's stomach. He could feel the baby move inside Junno. His lover's baby was so active. For the first time Ueda realized how hard it must be for Junno to be pregnant. In the back of Ueda's mind, he knew he could have a baby. But Junno had never considered it.

"Junno, did you really want this baby?" Ueda asked. "I know you don't believe in abortions, but..."

"It's a product of our love," Junno looked like he was about to cry. "It's just been so hard..."

"I understand it's been hard for both of us."

"I feel so fat," Junno confessed. "The baby keeps moving. Sometimes I wish it would stop, so I can get some sleep."

"Having trouble sleeping?" Ueda continued to rub Junno's belly. He could feel the baby settle down. Ueda could feel something else, something inside of him. A tingling in his clitoris. That was another thing that Ueda didn't expect, being pregnant made both of them almost constantly turned on. When he had told the doctor, he had been told it was normal. That it was all right to love.

"It's to be expected, I guess." Junno told him. "That feels really good."

"Have you thought of a baby name?" Ueda asked him. Ueda's hand move upwards, until it was cupping one of Junno's full breasts. He began to pinch the nipple.

"Not really," Junno moaned. "Cant' call it tadpole. I don't know if it's a girl or boy."

That made Ueda smile as he increased the pinching. "Tomorrow we go for our ultrasounds. We'll know if it's a girl or a boy then."

Junno snuggled against Ueda. "Tat-Chan."


"I'm horny," Junno told him.

"Yeah, me too." Ueda told him.

"I wish I could turn into my real self and give you what I really want to give you." Junno murmured. "I want to be inside you."

"We'll have to wait for that," Ueda smiled seductively.

They kissed, their bellies getting so large that they bumped into each other. They tried it again, with the same result. It was then Ueda realized they were too large to make love like they usually did.

"I wonder if there's a book about us." Junno asked.

"Humm?" Ueda asked.

"Lesbian sex for women who are really men who are very pregnant." Junno kidded. He reached between Ueda's legs, pulling the night shirt up. Then he loved Ueda the only was they were able to, with his fingers.


Junno lay on Dr. Tofu's table. He still wasn't used to this pregnancy thing. But unlike all of his other visits, Ueda stayed in the exam room with him. He couldn't tell Ueda just how scared he was to be pregnant. Ueda seemed to be a natural. He was as beautiful as a pregnant woman.

Junno on the other hand felt ugly. He had a huge belly. It was really hard for him to get around. He waddled, he hated waddling.

Junno had avoided getting an ultrasound until the doctor said he really had to have it. Neither of them had gotten one. But it was mandatory in the eighth month.

The doctor was running the ultrasound across Junno's stomach. "Just as I thought,"

"What do you mean doctor?" Ueda asked.

"You're expecting twins." the doctor pronounced. "I did tell you that during your first visit."

"I know, I'm carrying one, Ueda the other." Junno told him.

"No, I didn't mean it that way." The doctor turned the screen. "See, you are having twins. A girl and a boy."

"Look at our babies," Ueda breathed. "Their so beautiful."

Looking at the babies suddenly made Junno really want them. Two little creatures, living inside of him. "Can I have a copy of the ultrasound?"

"Of course, it's included in the exam." Dr. Tofu told him.

"How pregnant am I?" Junno asked.

"Eight months," the doctor told him. "All right, Midori's turn."

Ueda helped Junno off the table. Then Ueda climbed on. Ueda pulled up his shirt, and then the doctor put gel on his stomach, and ran the ultrasound over his stomach.

"Oh my,"

"What's wrong?" Junno asked. He got up and looked at the screen. "Don't you need to clear it out before you do Ueda?"

"I did, these are Midori's babies. She's having a girl and a boy too." The doctor sighed. "You both have twin natures, which reflect on your children."

"How far along am I?" Ueda asked.

"About the same amount as Taguchi." The doctor sighed again. "I think it would be best for Taguchi if he has a c-section."

"When?" Junno asked.

The doctor scheduled a date. Junno could get a bikini cut, which would diminish the possibility of scaring. Then the doctor recommended one for Ueda too. The babies could all have the same birthday.


When they got back to the apartment, there was a small pink pig waiting by the door. It wagged its little tail when it saw the pair. . It was a little pink pig that sometimes showed up on their doorstep.

"P-Chan! Where have you been?" Ueda asked.

The pig being a pig didn't talk; it wagged its tail and went inside as soon as Junno opened the door.

Ueda sat down on the couch, and P-Chan curled up on Ueda's lap. Junno sank down beside Ueda and put his arm around him.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" Junno asked.

"Not enough,"

Junno moved to kiss Ueda, but the pig began to squeal loudly. It forcibly got between Ueda and Junno. When Junno tried to move the pig, it nipped at him.

"This pig is getting on my nerves." Junno said sharply.

"It's just a little pig," Ueda told him. "Our babies need a pet."

"Our babies aren't born yet." Junno reminded him.


Junno has weird cravings for things he doesn't even like. Junno dumped a container of Nato on some chocolate ice cream. Junno hated Natto, but the babies didn't. They loved it.

Ueda sat beside him on the couch. He was eating a mustard sundae. Ueda didn't like mustard. But the babies did.

Junno decided that the babies were strange, really strange. Far stranger then anything else he had ever seen.

The pig seemed to be happy eating the bowl of ice cream that Ueda made it. Junno's life was getting weirder and weirder.

Junno got a phone call, he sighed, perhaps some normality. But it was Jin who had returned to Kat-Tun right before Junno had taken maternity leave. He babbled on about his trip to China.

"Aspasia was a renowned woman of Greece," Jin told him. "She was famous for her romantic involvement with the..."

"Hey Jin?" Junno interrupted. "Did you fall into any springs when you where in China?"

"Just the Cursed Spring of the Drowned Genius." Jin said. "But as you know, curses are only myths."

"Darling! Are you on the phone again?" Kame asked his voice sounding female. There was a loud crackling sound.

"I'm just talking to Suke!"

"Another woman!" More crackling.

"Sorry, I have to get off. At our trip to China, Kame fell into the Spring of the Drowned Lum!" Jin said. "He's making my life a nightmare."

"You no call no more!" Kame said over the phone in an outrageous French accent. Then he hung up the phone.

Junno sighed, just when he thought his life was weird, it grew even weirder.




Two weeks passed since their ultrasound. Junno had decided to sleep on the couch. He had a cold, and he didn't want Ueda to catch it. One of them should get some sleep. His chest hurt and he coughed a lot. He was also dizzy, very dizzy.

Junno watched TV, Ueda had all ready fallen asleep, with that pig. Junno didn't trust the pig. It was almost as if it was human. This was crazy when Junno thought of it. But then it was also crazy to be a man and pregnant with twins.

Junno’s back had begun hurting earlier in the day. Just little twitches. But now the pains were becoming worse. Much worse, it was hurting to breathe. He felt as if he was being suffocated.

Finally he realized he had to get help. He tried to get off the couch, but he sank to the ground.

He felt the pig sniff him. More pains rolled over his body.

"I wish you where a dog, then you could go get Ueda." another pain, and Junno gasped. Then he felt something flow out of his body. Something wet and warm. "Oh god, my water's broke."

Then it happened, the warm water contacted his skin. Junno turned back into a man. That only made his pains worse, as now the babies had no where to go. Then there was a pain, like his insides ripping open. He screamed, he couldn't help it. He hurt so much.

He could hear the pig move around the room. But a pig couldn't be much help. Then he felt a man's hand touch Junno's face.

"Junno! You're burning up!" The man said. "Stay here, I'll get Midori."


Junno wasn't sleeping with Ueda. That bothered Ueda. Usually they slept together, their big bellies bumping each other. Something so comical had become routine in their lives. But something had been bothering Junno. He no longer liked to touch Ueda. He wondered if it was because of Junno's cold.

So Ueda tried to sleep. After about an hour sleep finally overcame him. Suddenly he was woken from a wonderful dream of neither of them being pregnant, and loving each other.

"Midori wake up!" a very male voice told him.

Ueda opened his eyes. Uchi stood beside the bed. "What are you doing here?"

"Suke's in labor, her water's broke." Uchi said quickly. "Not only that, but Junno's burning up with fever!"

"How did you get into my apartment?" Ueda demanded.

"That doesn't matter!" Uchi said. "I don't know what happened, but Suke turned into Junno right before my eyes! He's in labor!"

Ueda threw on a robe and went into the living room. Junno was holding his stomach and gasping for air.

Ueda knelt beside Junno. "Junno, are you all right?"

"I think I'm dying Tat-Chan," Junno gasped. "My insides feel like their being pulled apart."

"Junno! Tat-Chan!" Uchi gasped.

Ueda looked at Uchi, "Listen, I don't know how you got in here, but there is a number by the phone. It's for Dr. Tofu. Call it please."

"I'm sorry; our babies won't be quads after all." Junno gasped. "There's no place for the babies to come out."

"Don't worry about that now." Ueda tried to soothe. He reached out, touching Junno's face. Uchi had been right; Junno was burning up with fever.

"I hate China!" Junno gasped. "I hate the spring of the drowned girl."

"Not now Junno," Ueda told him. "You have to think of the babies."

"But their going to die and I'm going to die."

"Dr Tofu's sending an ambulance." Uchi told Ueda. "He says we're supposed to pour cold water on Junno."

"Then get some!" Ueda ordered.

Uchi left the room, and returned a few moments later with a glass of water. He threw it on Junno, who turned back into a woman. That only made Junno cry out in pain.

"How did you get into this apartment?" Ueda demanded.

"During a visit to China, I once fell into the cursed spring of the drowned pig." Uchi explained. "Actually Jin pushed me in!"

"So why make yourself look like a pig to get in my apartment?"

"Because your brother's my friend and I don't have to keep the two of you’re from fooling around!" Uchi said. "Your husbands go to London and you two start an affair!"

"Okay, I'm going to tell you this once, and once only." Ueda told him. "I fell into the cursed spring of the drowned boy, and Junno fell into the cursed spring of the drowned girl."

"I don’t' understand." Uchi said clueless as ever.

"Suke is short for Junnosuke," Ueda tried to explain.

But how did he get pregnant?"

"We had sex," Ueda shrugged.

"But you're a girl too." Uchi pointed out.

"I wasn't when I had sex with Junno!" Ueda couldn't believe he was having this argument with Uchi.

Just then there was a loud banging on the door. Uchi ran and got it. It was paramedics. They quickly examined Junno and put him on the stretcher.

"I need to come with you!" Ueda insisted.

"Sorry, only the husband can ride in the ambulance with us." The paramedic said as they wheeled out Junno.


Junno was taken to St. Century’s hospital. When Ueda got to the hospital, the nurse gives him papers to fill out. He wanted to be with Junno, but he was told that it was impossible. Only fathers were allowed in the emergency exam room. Then the news came, Junno was near death. Junno had been rushed to emergency surgery.

Uchi stayed with him. Of course Uchi would. Uchi had been Ueda lover before he had become involved with Junno. No one in the outside world knew that the hatred between Ryo and Ueda all revolved around a love triangle.

"You need to call Ryo, to tell him where you are." Ueda suggested.

"That's a good idea." Uchi went off to call his boy friend.

The twins were moving more then usual. It was almost like they sensed Ueda's mood. He put his hand on his belly and rubbed it.

"It's all right," Ueda told them. "Daddy will be fine. Your brother and sister will be fine." But even as he told his babies that, he was terrified that he was lying.

Other people arrived though Ueda had been too worried to call anyone. The rest of the group, Junno's mom.

Finally the light turned off over the operating room. Dr. Tofu came out. Junno's mom leapt to her feet. She was the one that the doctor gave the report to. All Ueda could do was wait with the rest of the group.

Finally Junno's mother went to Ueda. "Why don’t' we talk over here?"

Ueda got up; he followed Taguchi-san to the other side of the waiting room. They both sat down.

"Okay, I want to know exactly why my son just had babies!" She demanded. "He was supposed to be in London to study English."

"Junno never went to London." Ueda confessed.

"I can tell. How did he become a girl?"

"When he was in China, he fell into the stream of the drowned girl." Ueda explained.

"Who is the father of Junno's babies?" she continued.

"I am," Ueda looked away from her. "Just like he's the father of my twins."

"How can you be the father of his babies when you're his wife?"

"I'm really Ueda Tatsuya." Ueda confessed. "When I was twelve, I fell into the spring of the drowned boy. I wanted to join the Johnny's, so started being a guy all the time."

"I see," though it was obvious that she didn't really see.

"Please tell me, how is Junno?" Ueda asked. "They won't tell me anything."

"Junno is in a bad way." She told him. "His womb ruptured when he was going through labor."

"Will he be all right?"

"He had to have a hysterectomy." She looked around the room. "He also has Pneumonia, strep and saph."

"The babies, how are they?"

"They've been rushed to neo natal ICU."

Uchi went to the water fountain. He filled up a cup, non chalantly in the sight of Junno's mother he poured cold water all over himself. Suddenly he was a little pink pig.

"Did you see that?" Junno mother asked. "That guy just turned into a pig!"

"That was Uchi," Ueda sighed. "He fell into the cursed spring of the drowned pig."

Just then three doctors walked by the waiting room. They all looked like exact duplicates of Coming Century.


A few moments later, Dr. Tofu told him it was important that Ueda have his c-section immediately. There was a chance that Junno might not survive. It would be the only way that his twins could be protected. Ueda agreed, but wanted to see the babies and Junno first.

Ueda went to the nursery. Junno's babies were both in incubators. Their skins yellow from jaundice. They both had heart monitors. Neither of them moved.

"They are both very ill," Dr. Tofu told Ueda. "They caught pneumonia from their mother."

"They'll get better." Ueda insisted.

"You can never tell with babies. Don't get too attached to them, they might not survive." He told Ueda. "They have pneumonia, strep and staph. They also have jaundice. That's a lot of things for a baby to fight."

"Please, what ever you do, don't tell their mother." Ueda begged. "She is so sick."

Then Ueda went to Junno's room. He looked so small in his bed. All Ueda could think about was the question why, why hadn't Junno told him he was so sick? Ueda went to his side. He was surprised when Junno's eyes flickered open.

"Our babies." Junno gasped.

"Their beautiful." Ueda tells him.

"Are they all right?"

"They're perfect." Ueda lied. He couldn’t' tell Junno the truth, that Dr. Tofu thought that the babies might not make it. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Junno told him. "I've decided what to name our babies. The girl Midori, the boy Tatsuya."

"You named them after me."

"Please don't name yours Gackt." Junno's eyes flickered shut.

"It's time," The nurse said from the door way.

Ueda turned from Junno. His lover so pale and sick. He wondered if he would ever see his husband alive again. But for now, he had to think of his children. To protect them, Ueda had to have a c-section. If Junno died, Ueda would be the only one that would care for the babies, so it was imperative that they all be born on the same day. Dr. Tofu would register them as quads. Ueda just hoped that when he was out of surgery that his wonderful Junno would be waiting for him.



Junno was having a strange dream. He was on an operating table. He kept fading in and out of consciousness. Junno could feel a tugging at his stomach. It didn't hurt at all. Just felt as if something was being taken out of him. He tried to fall back to sleep, but someone shook him awake.

"Taguchi-san," a female voice said. He looked up to it. Why did the nurse look like Miyake Ken in drag?

"Yeah?" Junno asked.

"You have twins, a girl and a boy." The woman said in her nasal voice.

"I want to see them." he gasped.

He could hear more voices. He looked towards them. There were two groups, gathered around two small baby beds. Desperately trying to revive them.

Other voices, he couldn't understand what they were saying. But there were no cries from the babies. Finally one baby began to wail. It was followed by the cries of the other baby.

A doctor shouted. "Get the babies to ICU stat!"

Junno woke. He was lying in a hospital bed; there was an oxygen mask on his face. He felt really sick. Suddenly he realized that he was no longer pregnant. He put a hand on his stomach, it was flat. He was back to being a man. Was the dream real? Someone was in the room with him.

"My twins...” Junno gasped.

"How are you feeling?" Koki asked he was sitting in a chair near the bed. He jumped to his feet as son as Junno spoke.

"The babies, are they all right?" he weakly.

"They are in the nursery."

"Tat-Chan, I mean Midori." It hurt to talk.

"She's recovering from her c-section." Koki took out some photos

"The babies, their healthy aren't they?" Junno asked concerned.

"Of course their fine!" Koki lied; Junno could tell he was lying.

"What's wrong with them?" Junno demanded.

"It doesn't matter," Koki tried to soothe. "We need to concentrate on getting you well."

Just then a doctor came into the room. He bore a striking resemblance to Morita Go. He looked over Junno's chart, and then looked at Junno. "How are you feeling today?"

"Not so good." he paused. "My children..."

"Are you still having difficulties breathing?" The doctor ignored Junno's concerns.

"It doesn't matter about me. I need to know about my babies." Junno insisted.

"Why are you so worried?" The doctor asked. "You're just the father. It's the mother's job to worry."

Yet another brush-off, it was making Junno very suspicious. "The babies are dead, aren't they?"

"Of course their not dead!" the doctor told him. He put on his stethoscope and listened to Junno's chest. "Just rest. You can see them in a few days when you're not contagious."

"I don't understand, what's wrong with me?" Junno asked.

"You have strep, staph and pneumonia." The doctor told him. "You are a very sick man. You have to get well soon for your family."

With that, the doctor left.

Junno looked at Koki. "My twins, are they really alive?"

"Yes, they are." Koki told him. "Would you like me to check on them?"

"I would like that." Junno suddenly felt very sleepy.

Koki left the room. Junno closed his eyes and feel asleep. He dreamt of his twins. That they had grown to healthy children. Junno was playing catch ball with them. It was a happy dream. A dream that gave Junno hope.


Ueda stood outside of the neo natal ICU. He looked at Junno's twins. They had begun to recover. They no longer where on breathing tubes. They had begun to look strong and healthily. Still they had at least two more weeks in the hospital to fully recover.

Ueda wanted to go to Junno and be with him. But because he was recovering from a c-section, the doctor's had decided that it wouldn't be good for him to be near Junno. Since Junno might still be contagious.

"How are they doing?" Koki walked up to the glass, and stood beside Ueda.

"Their getting better." Ueda told him distracted.

"Junno's awake." Koki paused. "He's worried about his twins."

"What did you tell him?"

"You ordered that Junno be told nothing." Koki reminded him.

"He needs to concentrate on getting better." Ueda told him.

"I don't think he's going to get better if he isn't told about the babies." Koki said firmly. "We need to tell him the truth."

"Absolutely not!" Ueda decided. "He's very sick. He has to get well."

"I don't think he'll get well until he is told how the babies are doing." Koki insisted. "He is their mother. If the same thing happened to your twins, wouldn't you feel the same way?"

That's when it hit Ueda. The babies that were so sick were Junno's children. He was their mother. Junno cared for them the way a mother would.

"What do you think we should do?" Ueda finally asked.

"Let me use my instant camera to take pictures of all four of the babies." Koki suggested. "Then we can give the photos to Junno. Perhaps he'll feel better if he seems them."


Taking photos was easier said then done. St. Century's was a strange hospital. There was staff at the hospital that looked like members of V6, even down to their names, but Ueda knew that the V6 members were singers, not doctors. Still, Ueda had to wait for Dr. Okada to finish examining Junno's twins. He wrote something in their charts and left.

Ueda had to be there when Koki took the photos. Junno's mother had put only Ueda and herself on the list of visitors.

Ueda went to the isolationet for Midori. Ueda had been so selfish. He considered all the children his, but hadn't even thought of Junno's feelings. A tear rolled down Ueda's cheek. He would have to make up to Junno for this.

"What's wrong?" Koki asked.

"Nothing, why don't you go ahead and take the photos." Ueda suggested.

"Ueda-san!" a nurse came up to him. She looked like Ken Miyake wearing a dress. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"I wanted to visit my children." Ueda said truthfully. "How are they doing?"

"Their much better, they’ve really reacted well to the medicines." She even had Ken's nasal voice.

"Will they be able to see their father soon?"

"He's just the father, he can wait." She told him. "Now would you like to hold one?"

Ueda knew he shouldn't agree. That Junno should be the one holding them first. But they were Ueda's children too. He found himself agreeing.

The Ken look alike ushered Ueda to a chair. She picked one of the babies up. Then brought it to Ueda. "This is the oldest girl."

Ueda took the baby into his arms. A life, living only because Junno gave birth to it. He could hear Koki taking photos of the baby. The baby began to cry, hungry. Ueda didn't know how he knew it was a hunger cry. He had nursed his twins, so he knew what to do. He moved his gown so that one of his breasts was showing. Then he eased the babies’ mouth to the nipple. The child began to suck. The doctors had explained to Ueda that ever drop of milk Ueda could give would help the sick babies delicate immune systems. He had been expressing milk for them from almost the time he had woken from his c-section. But this was the first time he could nurse them in person.

Then the Ken look alike helped Ueda to take the other baby in her other arm. The boy too began to cry with hunger. The nurse helped Ueda with guiding his nipple to the boy's mouth. Then she placed a large pillow on Ueda's lap, so that he could rest the babies on them. It was an unusual feeling to nurse. It was sensual, it was something else. Something that Ueda found addictive.

Ueda was surprised when Koki took a photo of Ueda nursing Junno's twins.

"What's that for?" Ueda asked him.

"You know this is going to make great blackmail." Koki grinned. "I could make a fortune selling the photo to a tabloid."

"You wouldn't!" Ueda asked.

Koki began to laugh. "I thought that Junno would like to see his twins being cared for."


Junno watched the TV news channel. In entertainment news there was a story about Junno being the father of quads. Also how tragic it was that his appendix ruptured the day that they where born.

Koki came into the room. Junno turned off the TV.

"Did you get to see them?" Junno asked concerned.

"I was able to take some photos of them." Koki handed Junno four photos.

Junno looked down to the photos. Two of the babies were in isolationets. They had heart monitors strapped to their chests. They also had tape around one arm, with an IV tube attached to the tape.

"These two," Junno showed him the photos. "Are these my twins?"

Koki glanced at the photos. "Yes, they are."

"Why are they in those boxes?"

"They caught strep, staph and pneumonia from you." Koki explained. "The isolationets keep the germs away from them, so that they can fight their illnesses."

"I wish I could be there for them." Junno mused.

"You will," Koki promised. "Once you get well, you'll have your hands full taking care of all four of your children. Not many people become a father and a mother on the same day."

Junno spent several minutes just staring at the photos.

"I have two more photos for you." Koki brought them out. "Seems that the doctors have convinced Ueda that your twins need breast milk."

"What do you mean breast milk?" Junno asked.

Koki passed him the photos. Junno looked at them. In both photos Ueda was breast feeding Junno's twins. Junno suddenly felt very jealous. Junno was the mother, *he* should be the one feeding the babies, not Ueda. Still the peaceful look on his spouse's face made Junno almost forgive him.

"Why would Tat-Chan agree with this?" Junno asked. "Their my babies, not his."

"The doctors said that the milk would help the babies’ immune system." Koki told him. "Of course it would be natural for you to nurse the babies, but since you're sick, what else could they do?"

"Yo dudes, what's happening in the hood?" Just then Maru came in. At least Junno hoped it was Maru. The guy was speaking in English and he was white, very white.

"Maru!" Koki snapped. "Get out of here!"

"Dude! I want to visit my homey!" Maru told him.

"Maru did you fall into a stream?" Junno asked.


"Just a minute!" Koki grabbed Maru by the arm and pulled him into the hallway. Junno couldn't help but over hear. "I told you not to come like this!'

"But dude! It's not my fault that some kid dumped a drink on me!" Maru said. "I was just chillin in the crib when boom!"

"If you're not careful we're going to have to explain why you fell into the spring of the cursed bad white rapper." Koki hissed.

"Dude, he won't know the diff!" Maru insisted.

"I know the diff!"

"Come on dude, we can pour some cold water on you, and he can see what you look like!" Maru told him.

"NO way!" Koki shouted. "No one, I repeat no one is going to know what cursed spring I fell into!"

"Why not dude?"

"It's embarrassing!" Koki insisted.

Just then another set of visitors came into his room. A little pink pig on a leash, and something else. Something that Junno couldn't believe. It was Ohkura dressed as a punk rocker, with green and purple spiked hair. His face full of piercings. Right behind him skipped in Ryo wearing a pink ginger dress and bows in his hair. That was the first time that Junno realized that the entire group of Kanjani 8 had also visited China.


A week passed, an endless stream of strange visitors visited Ueda. It had taken a lot of questioning from Ueda to find out that most of the Johnny's had gone to China to film a drama. Now the Johnny's agency was filled with dogs, kittens, bears, bad white rappers and Sailor Moons.

Ueda had gotten the happy news that Junno was no longer contagious, and that he could have visitors, but Junno's mother had given orders that Ueda not be allowed to see him. She blamed Ueda for all the health problems that Junno had. The most heartbreaking thing was that she had also forbidden Junno from seeing his children. Junno's mother was evil. Ueda decided.

Ueda hadn't turned himself into a man since his pregnancy began to show. But he poured himself a glass of cold water, and splashed himself with it. He felt himself transform. The aches and pains from the c-section were now gone. Ueda ran his hand down his stomach. It was flat, just like it had been before he had gotten pregnant. He then went out in search of his husband's room.

Ueda finally found Junno; he was in a hospital room just a few doors from his. He was sitting up in bed, looking at some photos. An IV tube was attached to his wrist. He was in his male form. Ueda resisted the urge to run to his husband and to kiss him. When he saw Ueda come into the room, he hid the photos under the blanket.

Junno looked up to Ueda, he smiled weakly. "Tat-Chan is that really you?"

"In the flesh." He went to Junno and kissed him gently.

"Why haven't you visited earlier?" Junno sounded depressed. "I've missed you so much."

"Your mother's forbidden it." Ueda tried to explain.

'Then how did you get in here?" He asked.

"I snuck in."

"My mother told me that you wanted to break up." A tear rolled down his cheek. "Why Tat-Chan, why do you want to break up with me?"

"I don't!" Ueda insisted.

Junno picked up a piece of paper and handed it to Ueda. "Did you sign this?"

Ueda took the tear stained document from Junno. He looked at it. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was divorce papers. Someone had signed his name to it.

"Why do you want to get divorced?" Junno's tears increased. "After everything we've been through?"

"This isn't my handwriting. I don't want to divorce you!" To prove the point, Ueda tore the document into tiny pieces and threw it in the trash can.

"All I have is photos. I'm not allowed near our babies." Junno said softly. "My mother wants your twins to undergo DNA tests. To make sure I'm the father."

"You mean she thinks I cheated on you." Ueda guessed.

"She thinks if we break up, I'll go back to being a man all the time." Junno told him. "That I'll lose the ability to transform."

"Do you want to break up?" Ueda asked point blank.

"Of course I don't." Junno said quickly. "You're my husband. I want to spend my life with you."

"I feel the same way," Ueda confessed.

"I didn't know I would miss having the babies inside of me." Junno confessed. "I wasn't alone when I was with them. But I've been so alone since I woke from the surgery."

"I'm sorry I couldn't be here."

"I just gave birth, I'm a *mother* and no one will ever know." More tears fell. "My mother wants for me to sign over rights to my twins to you. But how can I?"

"I'll make it so you can see them," Ueda promised.

"I was really jealous when I saw the photos of you feeding my twins." Junno told him. "Why did I have to be so sick? Why can't I feed my own children?"

"I'm only doing it because Dr. Tofu asked me to." Ueda told him. "I didn't mean to take your place as mother."

"When I finally get to hold them, I would like to try and feed them." Junno decided. "I might not be able to..."

"Don't' worry, I'll teach you how to." Ueda smiled at him. "It's really simple."

Just then Taguchi-san stormed into the room. "What the hell are you doing here? I told you you're not allowed to be near my son!"

"He's my husband," Ueda reminded him.

"Take your freak of nature self out of here, or I'll call the police!" Junno's mother shouted.

"Please stay Tat-Chan," Junno suddenly looked very venerable.

"It's all right. I'll see you later." Ueda promised.

Ueda left the room. He stood right outside the doorway. He could hear Junno arguing with his mother about him. His heart sank. Junno's mother was very persuasive. He knew it was only a matter of time until Junno was forced to leave him.

There was nothing he could do, or was there? He could remember that Koki had shipped jugs of water from China. Perhaps one of those could solve his problems. He called Koki on his Ketai.


Junno was tired, he had been arguing with his mother for over an hour. She wouldn't budge from her choice. If Taguchi-san had anything to say about it, Junno would go home alone without his family.

"Tat-Chan is not my enemy," Junno told his mother.

"It turned you into a freak!" Taguchi-san always called Ueda it, not by his real name.

"No he didn't!" Junno insisted. "I fell into a spring in China."

"It was with you, wasn't it?" she accused.

"No, he wasn't."

"You can't deny it didn't take care of you right!" Junno's mother shouted. "You had strep, staph and pneumonia. You also were mal nourished. If it was so great, it should have realized there was something was seriously wrong with you!"

"If I didn't know anything was wrong, how could Tatsuya?" Junno countered.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything." Koki said. He came into the hospital room carrying a very large vase with flowers in it.

"Tanaka-kun, my son and I are having a discussion!" Taguchi-san insisted. "Give me the flowers and go!"

Koki went to Junno's mother. He tripped accidentally, spilling the water all over Taguchi-san. He had to hide a smirk as he looked at Junno's mother. "I am so sorry Taguchi-san."

"You are a klutz!" She shouted.

"Just think the water came all the way from a cursed spring in china." Koki told her as he watched her transform. "What happened to Junno is happening to you. Junno can transform simply because of an accident, not because of what Ueda did to him."

"I've changed?" Junno's mother asked. She went to the mirror and yelped. "How am I going to explain this to my husband?"

"Pour hot water on yourself and you will change back." Junno told her.

"Will I be like this for the rest of my life?" She asked.

"It's not that bad." Junno told her. "What exactly did you pour over my mother Koki?"

"Water from the cursed spring of the Drowned English Nanny." Koki told him.


It took some fast talk on Ueda's part for the babies to be brought to Junno's room. He had changed back into being a woman. Not that he was going to stay that way, he preferred being a man. His spouse seemed so depressed about the babies. Junno cried a lot, and fingered the photos of the babies.

A nurse came into Junno's hospital room pushing a baby cart. "Is daddy ready to see his babies?"

"The babies!" Junno seemed to perk up.

"I only brought the oldest two. The youngest are sleeping." The nurse took out one baby. "You're going to have to grow some arms!"

"My wife will help me." Junno beamed.

The nurse handed the baby to Junno. "This is the first girl. Does she have a name?"

"Midori," Ueda told her.

The nurse wrote it down. "Have you picked names for your babies?"

"Yes, the first boy is named Tatsuya," Junno looked at Ueda. "What do you want to name the other two?"

"The second girl is named Eri," Ueda said. "The second boy Junnosuke, after his father."

"Does the Mommy want to hold one?" The nurse asked after writing down the names.

"Please," Ueda said.

The nurse picked up a baby. "This is Tatsuya."

Junno held his daughter in his arms. He looked down to it. Ueda's dark eyes looked up to him; even though he was a baby she had Ueda's lips.

"Oh look, she looks just like you," Junno told Ueda.

"It's too bad that none of the babies look like their father," The nurse said. The nurse left to do paperwork.

"She's so tiny," Junno marveled. "Our babies are so beautiful."

"Thank you for giving me them." Ueda said. "You're a wonderful mother." Ueda poured a glass of water. "Do you want to try breast feeding them?"

"Yes, let's do it." Junno decided.

Ueda splashed Junno with water. He felt himself turning back into a woman. The baby began to cry. It was odd, hearing the crying made Junno's breasts ache.

"Let me show you what to do." Ueda the more experienced one helped Junno take off the wet gown. He put a pillow on one side of Junno. Then he placed the twin he was carrying on the pillow. "All you have to do is guide your tit to the baby’s mouth." He helped Junno put his nipple into the baby’s mouth. It began to suck. Then Ueda helped him move the one that Junno was holding so that he could nurse both. The feeling of the babies drinking from him wasn't sensual, but it was very pleasant.

"I'm so glad you're the mother of our twins." Ueda kissed Junno very gently on the lips. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Junno confessed. "I'm glad you’re the mother of our other twins."

"Perhaps together, we'll be able to feed all four of them." Ueda put his hand on one of the babies head, stroking it. "Our four seem to be very hungry all the time."

That made Junno smile, tears rolled down his cheeks.

"My mother the nanny has decided that we should stay married." Junno told him.

"Well, that's a good thing, because I don't plan to divorce you." Ueda told him.

"Oh, and since she can now turn into a super nanny she wants to help out with the kids."

"I'll think about it," Ueda promised.

Finally Junno was finished feeding his twins. Midori began to cry because she was wet.

"Here, let me take care of it." Ueda took Midori. He took her to the cart, and began to change her diaper. Then he said. "Oh my."

"What's wrong?" Junno asked.

"Is this Midori?" Ueda sounded a little bit strange.

Junno checked the baby he was holding. "Yes, this is Tatsuya."

"Midori got splashed with cold water?" Ueda asked.

"A bit," Junno admitted. "Not much."

"I better get some hot water." Ueda said quickly. "Before someone comes in here and sees her."

"What's wrong?" Junno asked concerned.

"I think I better show you." Ueda brought the nude newborn to Junno. He showed the baby to Junno. "Is that what I think it is?"

Junno looked at the baby Ueda was holding. Midori was now a boy. He groaned. "Just what we need."

"Looks like our babies inherited our curses!" Ueda told him. He quickly put a diaper on the baby. Then went into the bathroom. He came out with a glass of steaming hot water. He dipped a towel into it and he rubbed on Midori. Then he passed the glass to Junno. He poured the water across his chest. He felt himself turn back into a man.

"Our lives have just gotten a whole lot more interesting." Junno told Ueda.

"Much more interesting." Ueda agreed. "At least we have each other."

Someday when the babies were older, they would have to explain the whole thing. But for now, all Junno could do was marvel at the new lives they created. A family, Junno had a family. For that he was very happy.