Title: New Beginnings

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Time: Summer 1996



Domoto Tsuyoshi was cleaning the main room of the senior dorms. It was a fairly easy job.   He didn't mind. He thought of it as keeping himself useful. So when everyone else was enjoying the Saturday afternoon, he was working. He had thrown on an old T-shirt and a pair of shorts. He didn't care how he looked when he was cleaning. He was caring a plastic trash bag; he stopped at a table which was covered with used paper cups and plates. He picked each one up and put it in the bag.


"Are you sure you don't want me to help?" Okada Junichi asked from a table in the corner. 


"It's okay, finish your homework." He gave a half smile.  He could see himself in Okada. Perhaps it was because they both where from the Kinki region. They could speak to each other, and no one would tease them about their accents.


"Why do you do this everyday?" The teenager asked. He had all of his school books out on the table. Because of his busy schedule he had to catch up with homework.


"When you get my age, you'll understand." Tsuyoshi went to the next table. There wasn't as much trash on it. Just a few paper towels and a plate was on it.


"You're not old! You're only a year and a half older then me!'  The teenager insisted.


Tsuyoshi gave another smile. His friend still didn't realize an idol had to be young. Tsuyoshi was getting older every day. He had to make himself useful so that management wouldn't think he was a burden.


"You know, if you don't get back to work, you'll never be able to have some free time." Tsuyoshi teased.


"You sound just like Yuki-chan. I mean Sakamoto." Okada corrected quickly.


Tsuyoshi gave another smile. He knew that Okada had a huge crush on his V6 leader. "See, you should listen to your sempai's."


"Yes sir." Okada went back to his homework. 


His fellow Kinki Kid came into the room. Even on a Saturday afternoon, Koichi was impeccably dressed.  His casual clothes made him look like a male model.  Koichi had always taken pride in his looks.  The Kinki Kids where one of the top groups in the agency. Tsuyoshi knew that most of their popularity rested on his handsome friend's shoulders.


Koichi gave his partner the look, as he thought of it. The look was a long lingering sweep of his body. One that made him feel as if he was nude. "How's the cleaning coming?"


"Great." He nodded at Okada. The young man was his friend, but he knew he couldn't trust him fully. He had this terrible habit of reporting what he saw to management.


Koichi gave him a half smile.  "Tsuyoshi, can you help me check the rice?"


"I'm busy." It was a game they played. Koichi was in charge of the rice, but that was an extremely easy chore. His need of help was more about the need to be alone with his partner.


"There are bags and bags of rice. I'll need some help." Koichi paused. "Please."


"I could use a break." Tsuyoshi smiled. He got to his feet and walked to the pantry.  He turned for a second. The younger boy was watching them.  Okada quickly began reading again.


*Why can't he leave well enough alone?* He asked himself. 


A few seconds later, Koichi followed. He joined the younger man in the pantry, and locked the door.


Koichi grabbed Tsuyoshi and shoved him against the sacks of rice. He began to kiss him passionately.

His lips left his friend's, and he began to nuzzle his neck.  "I've needed this."


"So have I." Tsuyoshi dug his fingers into his friend's hair.


"Tsu-chan, I want to make love to you." Koichi rubbed himself against Tsuyoshi. Through his thin shorts, he could feel Koichi's hardness.


Tsuyoshi pulled away from Koichi. He turned his back to him. “This is against the rules."


"If we love each other, what do the rules matter?" he asked. "We've been sneaking around for a long time. Don't you want to be my lover?"


"Of course I do!"


"Then why don't we?" Koichi put his arms around Tsuyoshi's waist, his hand reached around caressing the younger man's hardness.  Tsuyoshi moaned, and pushed himself against his friend. "I'm tired of waiting."


It took all of Tsuyoshi's will to break away from Koichi.  "If we're caught, I’ll be forbidden to see you. I can't loose you!"


"No one's here. We won't get caught." Koichi put his arms back around Tsuyoshi.


"Okada watched us come in here." Tsuyoshi reminded him. "He's the Manager's spy. We'll get in trouble."


"You're right." Koichi grudgingly agreed.


Tsuyoshi made up his mind.  "I do want you to make love to me."


"Why don't we tonight? After curfew come to my bed." Koichi let go of him.   "I just wish we could really be going together."


"We are." Tsuyoshi turned back around. This time it was Tsuyoshi's turn to kiss his friend.  It took all his self control not to pull his partner to the floor.  He wanted Koichi as much as his friend wanted him. 


"I want to be your boyfriend. A real boyfriend that doesn't have to sneak into storage rooms to kiss." He looked away from Tsuyoshi. "I hate having to do that."


 "I don't like this way either." 


"I wish we could be true roommates. I want to wake up in your bed."  Koichi confessed. "I want to take you out, and show you off as mine."


"I want to give you something." Tsuyoshi took a ring off his finger. "As long as you wear this, we will be together."


Koichi let Tsuyoshi slip the ring on. "It's like it was meant to be there."


"Just like I was meant to be at your side."


"I want you to have this."  Koichi took off one of his rings. He put it on his lover's right index finger. "I'll always protect you."



Tsuyoshi could hear Katori Shingo yelling for him. "I forgot, I was supposed to give him a back rub."


Koichi nodded. "It's okay, go to him."


"Are you sure?"


He tried to smile "We'll be together tonight."


Tsuyoshi left the pantry.  He looked back to his friend. "I love you."


Koichi's smile faded. "Hurry up. We can't be found together."





"Ko-chan, I've been looking for you." Koichi heard Mabo say as soon as he left the pantry. "I need your help."


"What's wrong?"


Mabo grabbed Koichi and pulled him into the pantry. He could hear the door slam, then lock. The man shoved Koichi against the stack of rice bags. The taller man unbuckled his pants, and unzipped them. 


"What are you doing?" Koichi demanded.


Mabo grabbed Koichi's chin in a clamp, and squeezed tightly. "Stop acting like a virgin. It doesn't suit you."


Koichi tried to get away from the drummer. "This isn't a good idea."


"You didn't say that yesterday. Didn't you like what we did?" Mabo sneered.



"What we've been doing is wrong." Koichi said firmly. "It won't happen again."


"Why? What's changed?"


"I'm in love with Tsuyoshi.  I won't cheat on him anymore." Koichi decided. "I'm leaving. Don't come after me."


"You really think telling me your in love with someone will make you stop seeing me?" The drummer gave him another hard shove. Mabo put his hand inside of Koichi's shorts, manipulating his penis. "You're hard. You know you want me."


"I don't want you!"


"Remember my promise. If you stop our little meetings, I'll tell your precious Tsuyoshi on you." Mabo threatened. "Then you won't have me, and you won't have Tsuyoshi."


"You wouldn’t' do that."


"Have you forgotten the evidence I have against you?" he continued. "I'll tell the Manager about your sleeping around. He won't be pleased that you broke the rules." Mabo pulled Koichi's pants down, then he turned the teenager around, pushing him stomach first against the sacks of rice.  "Now I have something else to tell our manager. You're in love.  You don't have a choice. What will the manager do when he find out your in love?"


Koichi knew exactly what would happen. The manager would call for Tsuyoshi, and his friend would be severely punished.  There was even a chance that Tsuyoshi could become the new favorite. He had to protect Tsuyoshi. "Get it over with."


"I knew a slut like you could see reason." He could hear Mabo opening the container of lube. A few seconds later, the drummer pushed his way into Koichi. He grabbed a handful of the younger man's hair and began to thrust hard. 


"Let go of my hair!" Koichi gasped.


"Shut up!" Mabo gave a hard yank on his hair. "You do what I say, not the other way around."


Koichi had to bite his lower lip. It hurt this time. He closed his eyes and thought of Tsuyoshi.  It was finished quickly. Koichi could hear Mabo zip his pants.


"I want you tonight."




"After curfew, I'll meet you in the bathroom."  With that, the drummer left.


Koichi pulled his shorts back up. He looked down to Tsuyoshi's ring. His best friend wanted a commitment.  *What would you say if you knew about this?*





Koichi walked past Shingo's bedroom, the door was open. In the half light he could see Tsuyoshi on top of Shingo. His shirt was off, and he was straddling the tall man's legs. Half of his body was covered. The larger man moaned every time he moved.


"That's good," Shingo groaned.


"Do you like it like this?" Tsuyoshi's voice was deeper then usual. . His fingers touching a place on Shingo's back. As he did, his   hips moved into him.


*I don't believe this!* Koichi thought, a wave of jealousy swept over him. *Tsuyoshi's making love to him!*


Tsuyoshi turned and looked at Koichi. His eyes were dark with passion. He stopped what he was doing.


"Tsuyoshi, don't stop." Shingo moaned. "It feels so good."


"Ko-chan, what are you doing here?" Tsuyoshi asked.


The taller man turned his head towards Koichi. "Why don't you join us? He can do you next. Tsuyoshi's really good at this."



Without saying anything, Koichi turned and left. He needed some time alone, to think. He walked without thinking, the anger of finding Tsuyoshi with Shingo.  He felt betrayed. The man he thought of as a pure prince was just like him.


Koichi found himself in the yard behind the dorms.  There wasn't much to it, a storage shed, some benches and a basketball goal.  Koichi sat down on a bench.  Tears stung his eyes. He could still see his friend in his mind.


*You said you where a virgin.* he thought. *You lied to me. You're sharing yourself with others."


A few minutes passed. He could hear the back door open then shut.  Then Tsuyoshi said. "So that's where you went."


He didn't look at his friend. "I wasn't lost."


Tsuyoshi sat down on the bench beside him. "What are you doing out here?"


"I'm thinking." he wiped the tears from his face. 


"It's really nice out here." 


"Not its not." he lied. His friend was right, it was nice.


Tsuyoshi reached out, taking his hand. Koichi snatched it away. His partner looked at him confused. "What's wrong?"


"I thought you would stay with Shingo tonight." Koichi tried to control the jealousy that was trying to block everything else.


"Why on earth would I do that?"  He sounded truly confused. "I gave him a back rub. What's so special about that?"


"I saw the two of you together!" the words caught in his throat. "You’re a whore, a slut!"


Tsuyoshi flinched. "I've been true to you."


"Sure you have. Tell me, do you go straight to someone every time we're finished?" He accused. "I know your doing it with other people!"


Tsuyoshi looked like he was going to cry. “How could you believe I'd cheat on you?"


"When you go out, do you give head to your other friends?" The anger he felt exploded. "Or strangers? How much do they pay you?"


"I love you! How can you think that about me?" He gasped. "I'm a virgin!"


"I changed so I could be with you!" Koichi yelled. "If you wanted me to change, why didn't you? Why couldn't you stop sleeping with others?"


"I've never cheated on you!" a tear rolled down Tsuyoshi's cheek. "You're the only one in my life!"


"Stop lying!" He slapped Tsuyoshi hard across the face. "We're over! Do you understand me? Over!"


Koichi got to his feet, and stormed off.



Tsuyoshi decided to hide in the gym. He found an out of the way corner.  No one would find him there, not on a Saturday afternoon.  Tsuyoshi fought back the tears that threatened to take over everything. But no matter how hard he fought, the tears came. 


*Why does it hurt so much?*


"Why did I have to fall in love with you?" He asked the wall. *Why can't you believe I'm a virgin?"


He looked at the ring on his finger. Koichi's ring. "You gave me your ring. I thought that meant you trusted me."


Tsuyoshi could hear the sound of someone moving around outside the gym. He hoped it was Koichi. He could see in his mind's eye, his friend telling him that it was all a horrible mistake. Kissing him, telling him it was all a bad dream.  Giving him the love he had craved during their relationship.



Then Tsuyoshi could hear the unmistakable sound of someone dragging a large piece of exercise equipment to the middle of the floor. Tsuyoshi looked up. Shingo had moved something that looked like a tackling dummy into the gym. He gave the dummy an experimental kick. Satisfied, he began to practice his high kicks.  Tsuyoshi watched as the Smap member practiced his karate.


Once, when Smap had first been formed, Shingo had been picked on by just about everyone.  Small, young, Shingo had been an easy target for bullies. That was, until he took up karate.  Now he was a very tall man with a black belt. It didn't help that Shingo had a bad temper. He had been known to kick someone in the face and ask questions later.


After quite some time, Shingo finally realized Tsuyoshi was watching him. He went to his side. "What are you doing here?"


"I wanted to think," Tsuyoshi wiped a tear from his face. He couldn't let his friend see him cry.


Shingo put a finger under his chin, and turned his face. "Something's happened. It was Koichi wasn't it?"  He said the name like a curse. "He's said something to you, hasn't he? Did he break up with you?"


"We're partners in Kinki Kids, nothing else." Koichi told him.


"You’re lying. Every time you look at him, I know you love him." Shingo's eyes turned hard. "You're my friend. My brother. I can tell when something's going on. So what did he do?"


"He says he saw the two of us making love." 


"He didn't believe that you only gave me a back rub?" Shingo asked. "You had your pants on. Didn't he see that?"


"I suppose he didn't."


"Koichi is an idiot."


"He won't believe I'm a virgin." Tsuyoshi confessed. The tears returned.  "He called me a whore, a slut. He says I sell myself. Why would he call me those things?"


"Because that's what he is!" Shingo pulled his friend into his arms.  "Everyone in the agency knows that if you need sex you go to Koichi. He'll let anyone do anything to him."


"Koichi's changed. He's not like that anymore."


"He only did that to win you over." Shingo stroked his hair. "Just yesterday I saw him going alone to a practice room with Mabo. The only thing he's changed is where he sleeps with someone."


"I can't believe I trusted him." Tsuyoshi's remaining walls came down. He began to sob. His friend stroked his hair, promising Koichi would never hurt him again.





Koichi walked. He spent most of the evening walking. With every step, he tried to block Tsuyoshi out of his mind. When they had began to go together, he had promised not to fall in love. He had told his mind. But he had forgotten to tell his heart.


He looked at Tsuyoshi's ring. "Why would you give me your ring if you weren't going to be true to me?"


It was close to curfew. Koichi would have to go back to the dorms. If he didn't, the manager would probably send people out looking for him.


*I don't want to go back.* Koichi realized. *I need time, Time to think.*


Koichi all ready had a hiding spot. It was a small gardening closet that was attached to the back of the dorm.  He sat in a corner and began to mull over his problems. He wondered if he had totally changed, would it have been different. It was very difficult for Koichi to remain true to Tsuyoshi. He had always shared his love.  In the six months he had been with Tsuyoshi he had strayed only a few times.


Seeing Tsuyoshi with Shingo had hurt Koichi. Now that he was calmer he realized he was a hypocrite. Koichi had held Tsuyoshi up to a higher standard then he could keep. How could he expect his boy friend to stay true to him, when he couldn’t? He now knew the hurt that Tsuyoshi had felt all those times he found someone in Koichi's bed. 


Suddenly the door to the shed opened. "So that's where you're hiding!" Shingo yelled. He grabbed Koichi by his shirt, and pulled him into the yard. "He loves you? Do you know that?"


"Who loves me?" Koichi asked confused.


"Tsuyoshi! He would give his life for yours! You repay him by breaking his heart?!" The high kick came out of no where. Shingo's foot slammed into Koichi's nose. He could hear the bone breaking. Then the blood began to flow. Koichi found himself falling. He landed on his arm, he could hear something pop. Then there was an almost indescribable pain in his arm.


"What are you doing?" Koichi pulled his arm close to him. He didn't fight back. The pain from his injuries kept him from fighting. Besides, Shingo had training in martial arts. He knew that the older man was dangerous.


"No one breaks my friend's heart and gets away with it." Shingo kicked him hard in the ribs. "Do you really think he's like you? He's not a slut!"


Koichi cried out in pain.  Then he gasped. "I'm not a slut."


"Then tell me three people in the dorms you haven't slept with! I don't mean juniors either!" Another kick, then there was as horrible pain in Koichi's side.


Koichi didn't say anything. He curled up in a ball.  He hoped beyond hope that Shingo would stop hurting him. 

Shingo grabbed Koichi's shirt, and pulled him to his feet.  "You don't deserve him. Unlike you, Tsuyoshi wouldn't cheat."


"I don't cheat on Tsuyoshi. I've changed."


"You've really changed?" Shingo said sarcastically. "I use the practice rooms to study my lines for dramas. About twice a week you and Mabo use one of the rooms."


"We're just working on a song."


 "Tsuyoshi might believe that, but I won't!" Shingo thundered.  "Yesterday the two of you started undressing each other before you even went into the room."


"I've only strayed a few times." Koichi said. "I'm true to Tsuyoshi."


"If you where true to him, you wouldn't stray!" Shingo kicked him again.  "How is Tsuyoshi going to feel once he finds out you cheated on him?"


"If you’re going to kill me, get it over with. I deserve it." the blood kept flowing.



"You're going to find Tsu-chan. You're going to apologize to him. Then you're going to leave him alone!" Shingo ordered.


"What will happen if I don't?"


"I'll turn you into our manager myself! I'll tell him how you've whored yourself. How you slept with others, including me, when you where his favorite!" Shingo threatened. "Now do what you’re told!"


Koichi walked to the clothes line and took a towel off of it. He pressed the towel against his bleeding nose.  His whole body hurt, and he was beginning to get dizzy. He didn't care about being turned in. All he cared about was Tsuyoshi. He had to apologize to him. He went off in search of his friend.




Koichi found Tsuyoshi in the gym. His best friend was sitting on the floor, his knees pulled up to his chest. He was staring at the floor.  Koichi went to him, close but not touching. Koichi's body was beyond hurting.  But the pain didn’t matter. He had to talk to his friend.


"Tsu-chan." Koichi began. His voice sounded strange, what with the towel pressed against his nose. His side ached, and his arm. His arm hurt too much to move. He hugged it close to his body.


"I want to be alone." his friend said quietly.


Instead of leaving, the older man sat down behind him. He didn't want his friend to see his bleeding nose. He knew he couldn't explain the blood on his clothes.  "When I saw you and Shingo....I was jealous."


"There's nothing to be jealous of. You don't own me." Tsuyoshi said coldly.


"I know." Koichi couldn't help but notice the towel was soaked with blood. "I thought our relationship was special."


"It's over between us."


"I'm sorry."  Koichi took a handkerchief out of his pocket and pressed it against his nose. It wouldn't stop bleeding.  He never had a nose bleed as bad as this one. The nosebleed didn't both Koichi as much as the pain from his arm and side.


"Why did you think I was with him?"


"I thought I saw the two of you together in bed." It was getting hard to breathe. "It looked like you where making love to Shingo."


"You thought I was having sex with Shingo?" Tsuyoshi asked incredulously. "When did you see this?"


"This afternoon." He gasped.  "You were on top of Shingo, in bed."


"Was I dressed?"


"You where covered up. I could see that you weren't wearing a shirt."


"What business is it to you if I take my shirt off?"


"It's okay. I don't own you. You have the right to be with whom ever you want." The pain in his side got worse. "I was wrong. I jumped to conclusions. I know you didn't make love to him."


"The words you called me. I am not a slut, I am not a whore. I would never sell myself."


"I'm sorry I didn't trust you." He looked down to the puddle of blood that was forming on the floor. The more he talked, the more his nose bleed.


"Shingo told me that you were with Mabo yesterday." Tsuyoshi told him.  "Why did you cheat on me?"


"Until I saw you with Shingo, I didn't realize how much I hurt you by straying.  I've done too much to you to be forgiven." Koichi told him. "I'm sorry, I'm very sorry."


"How many times were you with him?" Tsuyoshi wiped another tear. "Please tell me the truth."


"Mabo's blackmailing me. If I don't sleep with him, he'll turn us into the manager." Koichi felt his own tears fall.  "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."


"Mabo's blackmailing you?" Tsuyoshi sounded as if he didn't believe his friend.


"He has evidence. I've seen it."


Tsuyoshi turned to him, and gasped. "What happened to your face?"


"It got in the way of Shingo's foot." Koichi tried to joke. He tried to ignore the blood and the almost indescribable pain.


"Why would Shingo hurt you like that?"


"I broke your heart."  He told him. "I deserve this pain. I want to give you something." Koichi took off Tsuyoshi's ring and handed it to him. "I don't deserve it."



"Don't worry about that now."  Tsuyoshi put the ring in his pocket. "Your arm, is it all right?"


"I think its broken." he admitted.  "I fell on it. Shingo didn't break it."


"How did it happen?" Without waiting for the answer he said. "I bet Shingo kicked you and you fell on it."


Koichi nodded. Even with the pain he couldn't lie to Tsuyoshi.


"Let me see your nose." Tsuyoshi went to him, touching his face. He pulled the now soaked rag from it.

Tsuyoshi examined it. "I think it's broken. We need to get you to a hospital."


"No, I don't want to go there." Koichi told him. "I deserve what Shingo did to me. I betrayed you!"


"How long has your nose been bleeding?" Tsuyoshi asked when there was no response. "Too long I bet. We're going to the hospital, if I have to carry you myself!"



Tsuyoshi ran into the main room of the dorm.  Shingo was working on a puzzle at a table. Joshima whom everyone called Leader was sitting with his friend, reading the paper.  The leader of Tokio had been talked into being the dorm parent to the senior's dorm.


"Leader, can you take us to the hospital?" Tsuyoshi asked.


"You want to go to the hospital?" Leader asked warily.


Shingo looked up from the puzzle. "Who needs to go to the hospital?"


"Koichi, he’s been beaten badly. I think he has at least two broken bones." Tsuyoshi couldn't help but shudder. "There's blood everywhere. His nose won't stop bleeding."


"Where is he?" Leader asked.


"He's in the gym."


"Has he said how it happened?" Shingo's eyes narrowed.


"He hasn't told me." He lied.  It took all his willpower not to hit his friend. 


"Are you sure you don't know how it happened?" Leader asked.


"We can talk about that later! I don't care how he was injured." Tsuyoshi tried to control his temper. "Koichi is seriously hurt. He needs help!"


"Let's go." the leader ran to the gym, followed closely by Tsuyoshi and Shingo.  Shingo knelt beside Tsuyoshi.


Koichi tried to move away from him. "Stay away from me."


Leader gestured, and Shingo moved away from Koichi.  Leader then knelt beside him. "What happened to you?


The injured man looked at the floor. "Someone jumped me from behind. I didn't see who it was."


"You where mugged. We need to tell the police."


"No! No police!" Koichi insisted. "I'll be all right. Just give me some time to catch my breath."


"I think he must have been hit in the head." Shingo told Leader. "He's acting very confused."


"That's why I thought he needed to go to the hospital." Tsuyoshi glared at Shingo, who took a step back. 


"How long have you been bleeding?" He asked.


"I don't know." Koichi admitted.


"Please, let me see your arm." Shingo moved near Koichi. "I won't touch it."


"Keep your hands off of me." Koichi lashed out at him.


"Can you move your arm?" Leader asked.


"No, it hurts too much." He admitted.


Leader looked at it without touching it. "It's broken. I'll call for an ambulance." Leader took out his ketai and made the call.


"You deserved what you got." Shingo hissed at Koichi.


Something inside Tsuyoshi snapped. He jumped on top of Shingo. The blow knocked the larger man off balance. He fell to the floor. Then Tsuyoshi began to beat on him. The taller man grabbed his wrists, preventing him from hurting him.


"What the hell is going on?" Leader demanded.


"How could you?" Tsuyoshi began fight against him. "Koichi's your friend!"


"Stop it Tsu!" Leader ordered.


"Why are you attacking me?" Shingo demanded.


"Look what you did to Ko-chan!" Tsuyoshi continued to struggle. "You took it on your own to beat up my boy friend! Who gave you the right to hurt him?"


"Wait a second." Leader said. "Shingo attacked him? Tsuyoshi is that true."


"I deserved it." Koichi said.  "I betrayed Tsuyoshi."


"Shingo hurt you because you betrayed Tsuyoshi?" Leader asked unbelieving.



"Yes, I did." Shingo admitted.


"You can never answer names with your fist!" Leader closed his eyes for a moment. Then he opened them. “If management finds out about this, you could be fired!"


"Perhaps that’s' what I deserve." Shingo said quietly. He let go of Tsuyoshi's wrists. "Do what you will with me. If you want to hurt me, I won't fight back."


"Tsuyoshi! It won't stop until you stop it." Leader snapped. "Get off of him."


"I hate you!" Tsuyoshi got off of Shingo.


"Don't hate him." Koichi told his partner. "He hurt me because he loves you."


"I'm not interested in Tsuyoshi!" Shingo growled.


"You love him like a brother, Shingo. You've told me that." Koichi gasped. "You protected your brother when you hit me."


"Yes, I did." Shingo admitted. "I couldn't see you hurt, Tsu-chan."


"I'm sorry Tsuyoshi. I'm really sorry I didn't believe in you." Koichi told him.  "I'm sorry I strayed."


"Don't worry about us right now." Tsuyoshi went to Koichi. He reached out, touching him.   "I'll stay at your side forever."


"I'll change." Koichi promised. "I won't give you reason to doubt me again."


There was a sound of sirens. Okada came running into the gym, followed by paramedics with a stretcher. A police officer also followed.


"What happened?" the officer asked.


"He was mugged." Leader lied. "When we found him, we called you."


"Who’s in charge here?"


"I am." Leader said.  "I'm the dorm parent."


"I need the names of everyone here." The officer took out his memo book.


"Can't we do that later?" Tsuyoshi asked. "Koichi's hurt. He needs help."


"No one leave until I get to interview them."  The officer turned to Koichi.  "Did you see who attacked you?"


"I was hit from behind." Koichi lied. "There was a gang of them. They over powered me."


"Are you sure you didn't see their faces?"


"No, I'm sorry. I didn't."


The paramedics walked past the officer. One began to examine Koichi.  He raised two fingers. "How many fingers do you see?"


"I see two." Koichi told him.


"Can you walk?"


"I get dizzy when I walk."


The paramedics helped Koichi onto the stretcher.  They then helped Koichi lay down, and they strapped him down. Tsuyoshi looked at Koichi. Their eyes met for a brief instant.


"I'll see you at the hospital." Tsuyoshi promised.


The paramedics raised the stretcher so that it was at waist level. Tsuyoshi watched them wheel his best friend out of the gym.



"I'll have to file a report. Can I interview everyone who saw him in this condition?" The officer asked.


"Of course." Leader told him.  "It was just the four of us."


'This is a big dorm. Why are there only four people here?"


"It's Saturday, all most everyone is out enjoying the weekend."


The officer went to Tsuyoshi. "What is the name of the injured man?"


"His name is Domoto Koichi." Tsuyoshi told him.


The man wrote it down. "What is your name?"


"Domoto Tsuyoshi."


"Are the two of you related?"


"No, we're not." Tsuyoshi admitted.


The man eyeballed him. "You look familiar to me, very familiar. Do you have a police record?"


"I've never been in trouble with the law."


"Then why do you look so familiar to me?"


"I've been in several dramas." Tsuyoshi told him. "Koichi and I have a television show."


"Tsuyoshi is part of an idol group called the KinKi Kids." Leader told the officer.


"Oh, the KinKi Kids." the officer smiled. "My daughter has a poster of you on her wall. Can I have an autograph?"


"Of course you may." Tsuyoshi took the officer's notebook and signed a blank piece of paper.  He handed it back to the officer. "Do you need me to answer any more questions?"


"No, that will be all." The officer turned to Leader and began to ask him questions.


Tsuyoshi went to the bleachers and sat down. He couldn't help but notice that the officer got signatures from Shingo, Leader and Okada too. His mind went to Koichi. He hoped the officer hurried up. He wanted to be with his partner.