Title: Blue Boxes and Princes Part One

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: JunDa
Genre: angst
Rating: PG

Summary: This is A/U. Both Junno and Ueda are princes from the future. But Ueda has amnesia. They are hiding on Earth. They run into The Doctor.

Note: this is really, really strange.

Note two: This story is also a crossover with Dr. Who. The new one, not the classic one. The 2005 Dr. Who is executive produced by the creator of Queer as Folk.


"I promise to love you forever," Prince Ueda Tatsuya told Taguchi Junnosuke. They where in their quarters, the quarters were in a space ship the Goldhawk. The flag ship of the Miyagi Empire's space fleet.

"Of course my prince." Junno told him as he unbuttoned Ueda's uniform.

"Why do you call me that?" Ueda said annoyed. "You're a prince too."

"I gave that up to marry you." Junno reminded him. He moved closer, kissing Ueda on the lips. "Now I'm simply a first officer in love with his Prince Captain."

Just then someone came over the intercom. "Your highness, Gotsu battleships have come into range."

"Right, I'm on the way." Ueda buttoned back up his uniform.

"Want me to come?" Junno asked.

"Why wouldn't you?"

"I'm Gotsu," Junno reminded him.

"You mean you were my love. You're Miyagi now." Ueda grabbed his hand. "We have to get to our posts."


Ueda felt someone shake him. He blinked, then his eyes centered on Taguchi Junnosuke, for some reason he was no longer wearing his uniform. Not only that, they were on a planet. "The ship, is it all right?"

"What ship?" Junno asked.

"The Goldhawk," He looked around confused.

"You remember the Goldhawk?"

"Nothing, I must have been imagining it." Ueda shook his head one more time.

It was spring break at a typical small Japanese university. Three students in their early twenties sat in a study room reading. They hadn't gone home or on vacation during the break. They had decided to stay at the almost deserted school.

Ueda Tatsuya rubbed his eyes and yawned. The student was very dedicated to learning. He wanted to someday become a linguist. There was one thing unusual about Ueda, he had amnesia. It was brought on by a car accident.

His friend Taguchi Junnosuke stopped reading and looked at him. He was about his age. "Eyes bothering you again?"

"A bit," he admitted.

"Perhaps you should take a break?" the third student suggested. His name was Tanaka Koki.

"That wouldn't be a good idea." Ueda said softly. "I need to learn more."

Junno looked into Ueda's eyes and smiled. Ueda found himself smiling back. His friend was gorgeous. Junno was tall, thin, with long silky hair. He earned extra money by modeling. Ueda had fallen in love with Junno They had dated for a little more then a month, but hadn't crossed the line into being lovers.

"Why don't I buy us a coke?" he suggested.

"Sounds wonderful." Junno's smile grew wider.

"I'll like a coke, if the two of you have the time." Koki grinned; he had always found the flirting between the two friends funny.

"I wish studying was like my dreams." Ueda said as he went to the door.

"Your dreams?" Junno asked.

"I dream about living in the future, and we learn by teaching machines. We only spend one hour a day with them, and we learn more then we do this way." Ueda told him.

"How many times do you have that dream?" Junno suddenly sounded very serious. "And the Goldhawk, do you dream a lot about the Goldhawk?"

"Almost every night." Ueda smiled. "We both know that the dreams aren't true. Dreams are just dreams. It's not like I'm really a prince."

That made Koki laugh. "You a prince? How many times have you had that dream?"

"What does that matter? It was only a dream." Ueda turned and left the room. He was followed closely by Junno. He wondered if Junno would laugh if he knew the rest of his dream. Ueda dreamed that he was married to Junno.


Junno followed Ueda in the break room. He was buying a bottle of pop from a machine. He felt hope, finally after all this time Ueda was beginning to remember.

They were refugees from a war. Ueda had been captured near the end of the war and his memory had been wiped. He had been rescued before the enemy had put its plan in place. They were planning on reprogramming Ueda and putting him in place as the Emperor of Miyagi.

Bodyguard, that was what Junno's job description read. His job was to protect a prince with amnesia. Unlike Koki, protecting Ueda wasn't just a job. It was far more personal to him. It had been a long year of Ueda not remembering. A year of pretending to be only his friend. The day that the enemy had kidnapped Ueda had changed Junno's life forever. For before the war, Junno had also been a prince.

Then, a little more then a month ago, Ueda had asked Junno out. Junno knew that it was forbidden. That being a bodyguard meant no personal involvement. He had missed the times before the amnesia, when he wasn't a bodyguard. That he had fallen in love with the enemy, and had made a life bonding. A marriage that had started a war.

Ueda was going through his change; he counted out a few coins then put them in the machine. The pressed a button and a bottle of pop came out.

Ueda met his eyes, and then smiled. "What would you like to drink?"

"I'll take water."

Ueda looked down to his change. "I'm sorry, I don't have enough money."

Junno took out some change from his pocket. He placed it in Ueda's hand. Ueda looked so alone, Junno couldn't help it. He kissed Junno's lips. Then he felt Ueda sigh. His arms went around him, holding him tight, and the kiss increased. The change fell to the ground, unnoticed.

"I love you," Junno breathed.

"I love you too." Ueda smiled and moved to kiss him again.

Then it happened, a large blue box materialized in the room. It was followed by a loud wheezing noise. It was some type of space ship. A blue box not much bigger then the pop machine it stood by. It looked very familiar to Junno. A time agent called the Doctor owned a machine like this one. He was the one to take the three friends back in time to hide.

"What is that?" Ueda asked.

"I'm not sure" Junno lied.

"We have to find out what that is." his friend said. "Things don't just appear out of mid-air."

Just then the door to the space ship opened. A girl with long blond hair and wearing a tight t-shirt came out. She was followed by a man with short hair and wearing black leather.

"What year is it?" The girl asked in English, she had a British accent.

"I told you before, 2007." The man said. "The Tardis said that the time disturbance came from here.'

It was not the man Junno had once met called the Doctor. Time agents, they had to be Time agents. Junno had to protect Ueda. He got between Ueda and the agents. He raised his hands. "I am Prince of the Empire of Gotsu. I willingly turn myself in for judgment."

"Junno! What are you doing?" Ueda asked.

"Go back to Koki, tell him what happened." Junno ordered. "Please, beloved. Listen to me this one time."

"What about you?" Ueda asked concerned.

"I'll be all right, just go!"

Junno heard Ueda leave the room. He sighed inwardly. He would have to give Ueda time. Junno was a wanted criminal on Gotsu. He hoped the time agents would take him and leave Ueda alone.

The man looked Junno over. "What is a prince from the Empire of Gotsu Doing on Earth?"

"I broke galactic law by being on a closed world. Please arrest me." Junno countered.

"What is going on?" The woman asked. "Why do you want to be arrested?"

"I am a criminal." Junno told them. "The Empress of Gotsu has passed the death penalty on me. I give myself to you for judgment."

"So you want me to arrest you and leave?" The man asked.

"Isn't that what Time agents usually do?" Junno countered.

"What year are you from?" The man asked.

"I'm from 50,456 by Earth time."

The man closed his eyes and opened them after a moment. "Your mother is Empress of Gotsu isn't he?"

"How do you know that?"

"We met before. It's Commander Taguchi isn't it?" The man broke out in a grin. "I'm the Doctor."

The Doctor, this man looked nothing like the Doctor. "You are not the Doctor. He had curly golden hair and traveled with a girl with dark hair."

"Her name is Peri." The Doctor told her. "I've changed my face since then."

"I see," Junno didn't quite believe the man.

"This is Rose, my companion." The man introduced.

"It's good to meet you." Rose turned to the Doctor. "What is a Prince from the year 50,456 doing on Earth?"


Ueda ran to the study room. Junno had identified herself as a prince and had told him to leave. Everything seemed to be too much for him. If he hadn't seen the box appear out of no where, he wouldn't have believed it.

Koki looked up to him. "What's going on?"

"You're not going to believe this." Ueda told him.

"Try me."

"This big blue box materialized in the break room." Ueda told him. "Two people came out of the box. Junno told them he was some type of Prince, and then he told me to find you."

"Right." Koki took a pencil box out of his backpack. He touched a button. The pencil box transformed into a much larger box. He opened the box and took out two futuristic looking guns and a holster for them. He fastened the holster around his waist. Then he took a similar holster out and handed it to Ueda. "Put this on."

"I can't use this!" Ueda gasped.

"The enemy might have come for you." Koki pointed out. "You have to defend yourself."

"Why would anyone come for me?" Ueda pointed out. "What makes me so special? Nothing!"

"You are a prince. Someday you will be emperor of Miyake." Koki told him. "I know you don't remember, but we come from the future."

"The future?" Ueda asked skeptically.

"The dreams you told us, they are real. You are the crown prince of Miyake." Koki told him. "Our enemies had erased your memory. We were lucky to get you back. We took you back in time to protect you."

"Our enemies?" Ueda decided that Koki was insane. He put down the gun and began to back towards the door.

Suddenly there was a very loud rumbling. The room vibrated as if there was an earthquake. Koki ran to the window.

"Your highness, the enemy is here." Koki told him.

Ueda went to the window. A space ship was landing in the courtyard, It was large, and barely fit in the grounds. Ueda was surprised when it opened and two armed woman came out of the ship. They were wearing black uniforms. They stood at the bottom of the ramp, their guns drawn. A woman came out of the ship. This one wearing a uniform that was much fancier then the other two. She also bore a striking resemblance to Junno.

Koki picked up the other gun, shoved it in a holster. Then he grabbed Ueda by the arm. 'We have to get out of here."

"Where is that ship from?" Ueda demanded.

"I'll tell you later."

Ueda jerked his hand away. "You'll tell me now."

"The ship is a Gotsu shuttle. It came from a Gotsu war ship. The Gotsu are our enemy." Koki said quickly. "They want you dead. Let's get out of here." With that, Koki pulled Ueda out of the room.

"But Junno said he was a Gotsu prince." Ueda objected as Koki pulled him to safety. "Is he our enemy?"

Koki didn't answer the question. Instead he concentrated in getting Ueda away.



Junno could hear the sound of a space ship landing. He saw Rose go to the window. "Doctor, we have company."

The Doctor went to the window. Then he gestured to Junno. 'Do you recognize this ship?"

Junno looked at the ship. He had to hide his panic. That was the thing he never wanted to see again in his life. "It's a Gotsu shuttlecraft."

"Why would they come here?" Rose asked.

"Presumably to capture the prince." The Doctor told her. "The Gotsu consider you a traitor, don't they Commander Taguchi?"

"Yes, they do." Junno admitted. "Even though I am the fifteenth child of the empress, she'll want to make an example out of me."

"What should we do?" Rose asked.

"We'll have to get them off Earth." The Doctor decided. "They could hurt the time stream irrelevancy if they stay."

Just then a tall thin kid ran into the room. He went to the window. "Why the hell did they break the convention?"

"Convention?" Rose repeated.

"The intergalactic time travel convention." The kid said. "Time travel is reserved for scientific expeditions, not Gotsu warships."

"Who are you?" Rose asked.

The kid looked at Junno. Junno decided that he needed to introduce them. "Rose, Doctor this is my brother Nakamaru."

Just then a ramp came down on the ship. Two guards walked down the ramp, stopping at the bottom. Then a woman came out, she bore a striking resemblance to Junno.

"Shit! We're in big trouble." Maru gasped.

"Who is that?" Rose asked.

"That is Princess General Shikayko of the Gotsu's invasion force." Junno explained. "She's also our sister."

The General looked up to the window. She spied Junno and Maru. She gestured to the troupers, who ran into the building.

"Why don't we quit talking?" The Doctor snapped. "We have to get out of here."


Ueda and Koki hid in a stairwell. Ueda could hear the sound of solders outside. A strange kind of space force that was all women. He was suddenly very afraid, though he wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was because he hadn't seen space ships before.

Koki was on his ketai. "The Gotsu are here. We are at high alert. Meet us at the designated place."

"Why are you protecting me?" Ueda asked.

"It's my job. I'm your bodyguard." Koki whispered he put up the ketai.

"What about Junno? Is he my bodyguard too?"

"Yes, he is."

"That means the two of you aren't really my friends." he realized. "I'm simply an assignment."

"I'm sorry your highness."

Ueda felt tears sting his eyes. "I fell in love with Junno. I thought he loved me too. Why, why would he become involved with me, if I'm simply an assignment?"

"Did you ever dream about Junno?" Koki asked.

"What does that matter now?"

"I need to know. Did you?" Koki persisted.

"Yes," he admitted. "We were married my dreams. We were so happy together. But my dreams are lies."

"Junno's more then a bodyguard." Koki told him. Heís youíre..."

Just then the door to the stairs opened. A man dressed in a black leather jacket dashed down the stairs. He hid underneath the steps. He looked at Ueda as if he recognized him.

"Your highness! I'm glad I found you." the man told him.

Ueda grabbed one of Koki's guns. He pointed it at the man. "What did you do with Junno?"

"Who are you?" Koki demanded as he too took out his gun.

"I'm the Doctor." The man told him. "I'm the one that brought you to this time."

"Prove it. Who am I?" Koki continued.

"Who are you?" He paused as if thinking. "You're Koki, Prince Ueda's bodyguard. I met your husband earlier; his name's Maru isn't it?"

Koki put up his gun. "The Doctor's an ally of ours."

"He's the one that took Junno." Ueda insisted.

"The Gotsuís are here. I was separated from Commander Taguchi and my companion." The Doctor said.

"Then he's dead." Koki glanced at Ueda. "Please, put the gun down. This man can help us."

Ueda put up his gun. "What about Junno? He said he was a prince."

"Junno's a Prince of the imperial house of Gotsu." Koki explained. "When the Gotsu invaded our empire, Junno fought on our side."

"Why would he do that?"

"Your highness, not now." The Doctor said. "We have to get out of here."


Junno, Maru and Rose ran. Junno could hear the guards looking for him. They ran to his apartment. He unlocked the door and ushered the other two inside.

"Why are we coming here?" Rose asked. "Shouldn't we get out?"

"I need my weapons." Junno went to the closet and took out a box. Then he took out guns on a holster. He buckled the holster around his waist.

There was a knock at the door. Maru went and got it. Junno raised his gun. Maru opened the door. Kame and Jin came into the apartment. The door was shut and locked.

Kame took a gun out and decided to guard the door. To let the rest talk to each other.

"What's the emergency?" Jin asked.

"Shikayko's here."

"What on earth is she doing here?" Jin was the brother next in line to Junno.

"She wants to bring us home." Junno explained. "They also want our spouses."

"Oh no, I'm not going home with her!" Jin said almost panicked. "I am not going to join some woman's harem."

"None of us want that," Maru agreed. "But do you think mother's going to just let us go free?"

"But we're married!" Jin insisted.

"Do you really think Gotsu will let our marriages stand?" Maru asked. "It's illegal for a man to marry a man on Gotsu."

"She'll execute our husbands. Then they'll force us to join a harem," Junno told his brother. "We've broken almost ever male law in the Gotsu Empire."

"Why would you have to join a harem?" Rose asked.

"In the Gotsu Empire, women are allowed as many husbands as they can support." Junno told her. "The only jobs that men have are pleasing women."

"How many husbands does your mother have?"

"When we left, she had fifty."

"Fifty!" She gasped. "Is that why you guys don't resemble each other? You have different fathers?"

The three looked at each other confused. Junno knew that some cultures knew who their male parents were. But on Gotsu, that wasn't a question that was even asked.

"You don't know who your fathers are," Rose realized.

"In the Gotsu Empire, parentage is only based on who your mother is." Maru explained. "We've been brought up not to question who our fathers are."

"Because it doesn't really matter." Jin continued.

"Our mother had fifteen children. Eight of those males." Junno said. "We were raised to be given to various empires around the galaxy.

"Like the middle ages." Rose realized. "Political marriages."

"In our mother's empire all a prince is good for is to sell for political gains." Junno agreed.

"I know you don't understand." Maru began. "It must be hard for you to understand that we're from a different time, a different system."

"I've been around." Rose smiled knowingly. "I've been to many places, many times. I even saw the end of the Earth."


Just then, The Doctor, Koki and Ueda ran into the apartment. Kame locked the door behind them. "This won't last long."

Ueda stood in the middle of the room. He glared at Junno. Junno hadn't seen Ueda this angry before. "So everything was a lie."

"I don't understand." Junno said.

"I know the truth." There was pain in Ueda's voice. "That you aren't really my lover, or my friend. That all you are is a bodyguard."

Junno looked very ashamed. "I'm sorry."

"You *used* me." Ueda spat. "You let me fall in love with you, and all I am to you is a job!"

"Your highness, please calm down." Maru grabbed his arm.

"Keep your hands off of me." Ueda pulled away from him. He went to Junno, slapping him hard in the face. "We're over, do you understand? When all of this is done, I never want to see your face again."

"What ever pleases your highness?" Junno turned from him, trying to hide his tears.

"If my planet has the death penalty, I'll be sure you are executed." he told him. "You committed treason against me."

"Think about what you're saying." Koki tried to reason. "You don't mean it."

"I'm serious. Any love I had for you is gone." Ueda hissed. "All that is left if hatred."

"Someone needs to guard the hallway." The Doctor interrupted. "While the rest of us get out by the window."

"I'll do it." Junno volunteered.

"You'll be killed." Rose told him.

"My job is to protect my prince. I will die before I see that he's captured." Junno checked his gun one more time. What he was going to do would probably kill him. He just hoped that he would give Ueda and the rest enough time to get away. Koki handed him another gun. Then Junno hugged his brotherís good bye. He knew there was a good chance that he would never see them again.

Junno went into the hallway; he hid in the laundry room down the hall from his apartment. He could see the entire hallway from the laundry room. The tears wouldn't stop falling. It was over. He had hoped that when Ueda heard the truth, he would understand.

A few moments later, Junno was joined by Rose.

"Ma'am you need to go back to your friends." Junno tried to sound professional.

"Why didn't you tell that guy the truth?" Rose asked him.

"I don't understand what you mean." He wiped the tears on his face off.

"You love him, don't you?" Rose said gently.

"He's my world." Junno admitted.

"Then why didn't you tell him you loved him?" She asked. "So you're his bodyguard. Can't bodyguards fall in love?"

"No, we can't." He took one of her guns off. He passed it to Rose. "Why don't you help me watch the corridor?"

"I can't use this!" Rose told him.

"Sometimes everyone has to do something they don't want to." Junno told her. "I would have loved to tell Ueda that he's my husband. But what would that help? He can't remember me."

"So you protect him."

'That's all I can do." Junno said softly.

"Everyone I've seen from your time is Japanese." Rose persisted in her questioning.

"My ancestors did come from Japan." Junno admitted.

"You also all speak Japanese."

"Do you really think the English speaker's take over everything?" Junno countered. "That the entire universe will be one large empire that speaks English?"

"Where did you get that idea?"

"I've watched your science fiction shows. Planet after planet settled by people who speak English." he shrugged. "Not everyone everywhere speaks English. Our empires speak Japanese."

Rose began to ask another question. Junno put his hand on her lips. "What is it?"

"Their coming! You have to be quiet!" Junno cocked his gun.

A group of troops swarmed into the hallway. One spotted Junno and fired at him. Junno took aim and fired back, disabling the trouper.

He noticed with some satisfaction that Rose also fought back. They fought until they ran out of ammo.

The Gotsu troupers rushed them. Two grabbed Junno and hit him hard across the face. Junno hoped that he had given the rest time to get away.

"Don't take the girl; she's just an innocent bystander." Junno told him.

"Shut up male!" Again he was hit.

Troupers grabbed Rose and they both were marched out of the building. Then they where walked up the ramp and into the Gotsu shuttle.

Junno was shoved onto the floor; he landed at the feet of Shikayko. She kicked him hard in the face.

"Welcome home, little brother." She spat. Then she kicked him again.

"I give up." Junno gasped.

"Attach him to an interrogation table!" The woman ordered.

Junno felt himself being lifted, then fastened to an upright table.

"Tie the woman to the other table." Shikayko ordered.

"She hasn't done anything!" Junno protested. "She's innocent!"

"Don't speak unless youíre spoken to!" the woman punched him in the face. "Now little traitor, I will get answers from you."



Junno woke; he was strapped to an interrogation machine in the Gotsu ship. He had all ready survived one round of torture from the machine. He knew that his sister adored the interrogation machines. He could remember when he was going through training to be a good husband. He had to spend time in her harem. His nights had been haunted by the sounds of her torturing one of her many husbands.

"So you come back to us." His older sister Shikayko told him.

"Not my choice." Junno tried moving his hands.

"Do you belong to this woman?"

"I don't know her." Junno said truthfully. "She's an innocent bystander."

"That's what I told you." Rose said. "I have no idea who you are!"

"But you do, don't you man?" The Woman gave a sarcastic laugh. "No longer a prince are you? You lost that during the war. Now what are you? Hired help to a husband who doesn't even remember you."

"It's your fault he can't remember me!"

"Your crime is treason. Your punishment is death by torture." Shikayko said. "But that punishment will not be fulfilled until we get information."

"You'll get no information from me." Junno vowed.

"Do you think your silence will save you, man?" Shikayko grinned. "It will simply gain you more punishment."

More pain, Junno couldn't help but scream. Then Shikayko went to him, punching Junno hard. Her fist contacted with his eye.

"Where are your brothers?"

"What brothers?" Junno countered.

"The other two traitors." Shikayko spat. "Jin and Nakamaru."

Junno refused to answer. She picked up something. He wasn't sure what it was, but this time when she punched him, her fist contacted with his nose. He heard a loud popping sound, and then blood began to spurt out of his nose.

He could hear Rose screaming for Shikayko to stop. His sister snapped her fingers. Two guards unfastened Rose.

"Take this one to a cell." Shikayko ordered.

Rose was pulled out of the control room. She screamed and kicked the entire way.

"What do you want from me?" Junno demanded.

"A full confession, then you will sign divorce papers." She told him.

"I will never do that." Junno said, before the pain began again.


There was a beeping from Koki's communicator. With fascination, Ueda watched as he took it off his belt and turned it on. A holographic image filled the room.

"I need to speak to Prince Ueda." The woman wearing a military uniform said. "This is Princess General Shikayko of the Gotsu Empire."

The Doctor motioned for Ueda to move into view. "I am Prince Ueda."

"We have something you want. Give yourself up, or it will be destroyed."

"You have nothing I want." Ueda told her.

"Oh my brother-in-law, we do." The camera turned. Junno was strapped to the wall. His body bruised and battered. "We have your man. Or should I call it your spouse? Miyagi is an immoral empire, allowing men to marry each other."

"I am not married." Ueda insisted.

"Then you won't care if we torture your husband." She sneered. "You spouse chose to fight with your Empire instead of his own people. His sense of loyalty remained with his husband instead of his own people. He is a traitor to his people. Of course, what can you expect from a man?"

"Junno," Ueda gasped.

Shikayko went to Junno's side. She grabbed his hair, pulling his head up so that Kenji could see it. "You know what to say."

"My beloved Prince Ueda. Please listen to my words." he sat up straight on his own, as if he suddenly had more strength. "You can't give in to them! You must defeat them and drive them off this planet. They are our enemies. They caused the death of millions of your people. Do not come after me. My death will be worth it, if you survive."

Shikayko pressed a button beside the panel that Junno was attached it. He cried out in agony. Shikayko turned to the screen. "You have twelve hours, or your man dies."

The screen went blank.

"My husband? Junno's my husband?" Ueda asked. "He didn't use me."

"No he didn't," Koki confessed. "When they took your memories, the Empress talked Junno into keeping it from you. I think it broke Prince Junno's heart when it happened. But he understood it was in your best interest. He couldn't stop loving you. When you asked him out, he hoped that he could have you back again."

"And I told him I would have him executed." Ueda couldn't control the guilt he felt.

"What do you remember of him?" The Doctor asked. "It's very important."

"I don't have real memories. Just things I've seen in dreams." Ueda tried to explain. "Until today, I thought my memory loss was because of a car accident."

"It's very important we get your memories back." The Doctor told him.

"The best doctors in Miyagi said it was impossible." Koki told him. "In time, it might come back on its own."

"We don't have that time." The Doctor gestured to a chair. "Sit down, your highness."

Ueda sat down on the chair. The doctor looked into his eyes, and told him to go to sleep. Then suddenly he was awake, and he remembered. Now he knew the reason for the pain that always shown in Junno's eyes.

"Why didn't he tell me about us?" Ueda asked.

"It was his choice." Koki tried to explain. "He felt like he would be imposing his love on you. So instead, he chose to be at your side as your bodyguard."

"Then I fell in love with him again." he said sadly. "I'll never get him back." A tear trickled down his cheek. "I told him I wanted him dead."

"Don't worry you highness, I'll do everything in my power to get your spouse back." The doctor promised. "But first, we have to get you to safety."


After the interrogation, they where taken to a cell. Junno was barely able to get to a bed before he fell down. He felt lucky that Shikayko thought of torture as a turn on. She had drug away one of her husbands she had brought with her to please that need. Perhaps, just perhaps if Junno was allowed to rest, he might be able to survive this thing.

"These are your people?" Rose asked.

"The woman who tortured me is my sister." Junno said softly. "I am a criminal. In the Gotsu Empire, Traitors are tortured."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead." Junno felt as if he was undergoing another interrogation. This time with this blond woman. It wouldn't surprise him one bit if she wasn't really a companion of the Doctor, but instead worked for Shikayko.

"So does that mean that youíre human?" Rose asked. "The interrogator called you a mutant."

"Yes, I am a man." Junno admitted. "We are discriminated against on Gotsu. We aren't considered fully human. That's why I was given to the Empress of Miyagi. On Miyagi it's different. We have full right there. When the Prince fell in love with me, we were allowed to marry. That never would have happened on Gotsu."

"Then why are you a traitor?" Rose asked. ďI mean you were given to the Empress."

"I was meant to be a husband to Prince Ueda's sister." Junno explained. "In the Gotsu Empire a woman can have many husbands. So they saw no problem with her being only twelve. In fact, my mother also gave two of my older brothers to Prince Ueda's sister."

"She gave three of you?"

"Maru and Jin." Junno was bleeding, and he was very upset that all this woman wanted to do was probe him for information.

"Is it different in Miyagi?"

"Yeah, everyone has only one spouse." Junno said. "Besides, I'm gay. I don't think I would make Ueda's sister happy."

"Were you happy with Ueda?"

"It was like a dream come true to marry him." Junno said. "But he was captured by my sister, and his memory was taken. How can I be married to someone who doesn't remember me?"

Rose began more of her endless questions.

"Rose can you do me a favor?" Junno asked.

"Sure what?"

"Can you shut up?" he said almost harshly. "You're as bad as my sister. All I want to do is rest. Besides, this place probably is monitored."

"So that woman knows what we're saying?"

"Right the first time." Junno closed his eyes. A few moments passed. He could hear something tearing. There was movement. Then something touched his bleeding face.

Junno's eyes snapped open. Rose was leaning over him. She had torn part of her jeans leg off. She was using the excess fabric to blot the blood from his hurt face. Then Rose whispered. "Sorry."

Junno nodded. He let Rose care for him. The first time that a woman had ever showed Junno anything gentle. After a while, he fell asleep.


Finally, after quite some time, the Doctor was able to double back to his Tardis. The Doctor opened the door to his Tardis. "All right, everyone in."

The remaining body guards and Ueda went into the Tardis. The last time he had been in the Tardis, the whole thing was gleaming white and silver. Now it seemed to be almost grown out of coral.

Ueda looked around. "You've redecorated."

'This is great." Kame agreed.

"Your highness, I'm going to have to insist that you stay here with at least one body guard." The Doctor told Ueda.

"We have to rescue your companion, and my husband." Ueda insisted.

"We will." The Doctor said firmly. "You are too valuable to risk getting killed. You are the crown prince of Miyagi."

"I never told you that!" Ueda told him.

Kame pulled Ueda to the side and whispered to him that their mother had told the Doctor. That was another thing Ueda still was grasping. Kame was his younger brother.

"Who will stay with me?" Ueda decided to give in gracefully. "I think you need to stay little brother."

"I want to fight with my husband." The youngest of the body guards insisted.

"Your job is to protect the prince." Koki reminded him.

"My huband's a prince, so why can't I protect him?" Kame reminded him. "I'm a prince too!"

"If I die, youíre next in line for the throne." Ueda reminded him. "Do you really think Princess General Shikayko wouldn't just adore using you as their puppet Emperor on Miyagi?"

"I wouldn't get captured!" Kame insisted.

Jin grabbed Kame and pulled him to the other side of the console room. "It's best if you stay with Prince Ueda."

"I want to fight at your side." Kame told him seriously.

"I wish we could fight together. But not this time." Jin reached out touching Kame's cheek. "Beloved, if Shikayko finds out that we're married, you'll also have a death penalty."

"You will come back?" Kame asked hopefully.

"Of course I will." Jin promised. Both knew he was lying. Jin kissed Kame's lips.

Koki turned to Maru. "Don't even try to insist that I stay."

"I have to." Maru said softly. "You're Prince Ueda's chief body guard."

Koki pulled Maru to the other side of the console room. It was hard for Ueda to watch the two couples say their goodbyes. Both pairs knowing that the other might not return.

All Ueda could think of was Junno, his face bruised and bleeding. His handsome, wonderful prince. Their love had started a war. All this was just one more battle in the war.

Ueda hated himself for telling Junno he hated him. He could now remember their saying good bye to each other before the last battle. When Ueda had insisted that Junno go back to Miyagi's home planet.

"Your highness," The Doctor interrupted his thoughts. "We'll do everything in our power to get Commander Taguchi back."

"Thank you," Ueda said. "Then can you please take us back to our own time? This time isn't safe anymore."

"Your time isn't safe either." The Doctor reminded him.

"Could you take us some time in our future?" Ueda asked. "When the war is over? Even if we are defeated, my people will need us, to help rebuild."

"I think that can be done." The Doctor promised.