A bruised battered Junno slumped against his bonds. This session had been the worst yet. Shikayko had attached pain inducers to all of his major nerve endings. His body felt as if it had been pulled inside out. Shikayko had finally broken him. He would do anything to end the pain.

"Little brother, if you agree. You'll be forgiven." Shikayko's voice was gentle. "I've all ready talked to mother. I've convinced her that you can join my harem."

"What must I do?" Junno gasped. "I'll do anything you ask; of you just stop hurting me."

Shikayko snapped and the pain inducers were taken off his body. He would be free of the pain, but at what price?

Shikayko punched a button and suddenly Junno was let out of his bonds. He was made to sit down at a desk. His hand was pressed against a screen.

"Give vocal conformation, you want to divorce Prince Ueda." She ordered.

"I want to divorce Prince Ueda." Even as he said it, Junno hated himself.

"Give vocal conformation that you want to marry me."

"I want to marry Princess General Shikayko." He let his hand drop. The screen was now covered in Junno's blood.

"Good boy," She crooned. "See that didn't hurt a bit."

Flimsies were printed out. A pen was pressed into his hand. He couldn't help but notice the large Gotsu symbol on each page. He signed all of them. The blood from his wounds dripped on the paper.

Shikayko put her hand on his shoulder. He tried to shrug it off.

"Leave me alone, please." He moaned. "I hurt so much, I need to rest."

"Oh no my husband. You are mine." She growled. "Your torture has made me hot. It's time we consummate our marriage."

"But it's incest." He protested.

"Of course it isn't incest!" She told him. "You forget, on Gotsu, it's perfectly legal to marry your sister and to love her."

She pressed a hypo spray against his neck. After a couple of minutes, Junno no longer felt in control of himself. Then two troupers too him by the arm and lead him to Shikayko's quarters.


Junno lay on the bed, waiting for another round with Shikayko. He felt sick to his stomach. The passion drugs always had that effect on him. He hated himself for what his body had done. Even though he couldnít' control his body, he had cheated on Ueda.

He watched As Shikayko filled her hypo spray full of more passion drug. Another round, He wasn't too sure his body could handle another round of Shikayko's desires.

"Your highness," Someone said over the intercom.

"Go away, I am enjoying my honeymoon!" Shikayko spat.

"But your highness, Prince Jin is demanding that he talk to you." The trouper told her. "He says he's being held against his will."

"Where is he?" Shikayko sighed.

"In our docking port."

"Bring him here." Shikayko put on a robe, and then turned to Junno. "We'll have to wait a while for our honeymoon."

A few minutes passed. Two troupers came into the cabin, each held onto one of Jin's arms. They pushed him inside the room.

"Leave us!" Shikayko ordered. The two women left.

"Oh your highness! Finally a friendly face!' Jin said as if ecstatic to see her.

"Why are you giving yourself up?" She demanded.

"You don't understand!" Jin told her. "I've been held hostage since mother sent me to Miyagi! All this time, I've wanted to come home."

"Don't you like the freedoms men are given in the Miyagi Empire?"

"Their horrible!" Jin sounded as if he hated everything. "Woman doesnít care for their men on Miyake. They can do what ever they want to do. But all I want to do is be cared for!"

"What would you do if I allow you to go home?" Shikayko sounded like she was beginning to believe Jin.

"All my life, I've wished to be a member of a harem." Jin lied. "But they don't have harems in the Miyagi Empire!"

"You want to be in a harem?"

"My favorite memories are of you training me to be a good husband." Jin continued. "Please, let me come home."

"What would you say if I could arrange it so that you join my harem?" She tempted.

"I would be the happiest man in the universe." Jin gushed. "That's my life's dream. To serve a beautiful woman with all my soul."

Junno watched horrified as Shikayko went to Jin kissing his lips. Jin ran his hands over her body as if he really wanted her. Then his hands dipped inside her robe and began to caress her body.

Jin didn't understand why Jin was doing all of this. Jin was married, how could he just give up his husband?

Jin pulled away from her. "Must my traitor of a brother watch?"

"He's now your co-husband." She picked up the hypo spray. "Do you remember from your training what a good wife wants from her husbands?"

"Total and complete loyalty." Jin said by rote.

"What is my favorite past time besides torture?" She questioned.

"Watching your husbands love each other."

She pressed the hypo spray against Jin's neck and pressed the trigger. She refilled it, and pressed it into his hand. 'Give a dose to Junno. Then love him."

Jin went to the bed. He leaned over Junno. Junno tried to jerk away. But Jin whispered into his ear. "The Doctor's here. He needs time to get us out. We have to give him that time."

"Yes, I see." Junno nodded. Now everything made a lot more sense.

"It's like when we trained. What will happen between us will only be a dream." Jin whispered. "Please Junno, cooperate."

Junno could remember the promise the brothers had made during training. When as a part of training, they had to do unspeakable things to each other. On Gotsu, it wasn't considered incest to be with a sibling, but Junno still hated it.

"What are you talking about?" Shikayko demanded.

"I was just telling Mr. Ungrateful that he needs to cooperate with you." Jin lied.

"Give him the shot." She ordered. "I so miss seeing the two of you together."

"Of course my love." Jin pressed the trigger against Junno's neck. Then as soon as it was emptied, he leaned down and kissed Junno.


Koki's communicator beeped. Ueda nodded. Koki answered it. What he saw shocked him. A barely recognizable Junno was agreeing to divorce Ueda. Then it got worse, Junno marrying Shikayko and then the nightmare. Junno being forced to consummate his marriage. Then another image of Jin and Junno loving each other.

"Turn it off!' Ueda yelled.

"I want to kill that bitch." Koki punched the wall.

"Tat-Chan," Kame said almost softly. "Do you think Jin really wanted it? He told me that he only loved me."

Koki went to Kame punching the teen in the face. "Shut up! What do you care who that whore sleeps with?"

Kame jumped to his feet and punched Koki back. "Donít' talk about my husband that way!"

Ueda got between the pair. "Stop it both of you!"

"Why the hell are they going to rescue him, after what he did to you?" Koki demanded. "I should call Maru and tell him to stop!"

"You will not!" Ueda ordered. He took a moment to calm down. "Junno told me about a drug they made him take when he was being trained."

"A drug?" Kame asked.

"He's an addict?" Koki accused.

"All of our husbands had to take it." Ueda told him. "He told me he hated it. It made him want people he didn't usually want."

"Like that woman I'm going to kill." Koki spat.

"Ueda, I want to help." Kame told him firmly. "Right now they are on a suicide mission. If they get captured the same thing will happen to them."

"You want to go after them." Ueda said evenly.

"It's not a want. It's a fact." Kame said. "Koki, are you coming?"

"You bet I am." Koki cocked his gun.

"I'm coming too. Give me a gun!" Ueda ordered.

Koki tossed him a gun.

"Ueda no! You're going to be our next emperor." Kame objected. "You have to stay here!"

"What's the use of being an emperor if I cannot save what's precious to me?" Ueda countered.

"Then letís go." Koki decided.

"Wait." Ueda said. "If we are able to get close to Shikayko. I want the chance to kill her."


Afterwards, Shikayko went to the bridge to do official work. Junno turned towards the wall and began to sob. Guilt overcame him. Nothing would be the same. Junno was no longer the husband of Ueda. What was even worse, he was married to his own sister.

Jin got out of bed and put on his clothes. Then he sat back down on the bed. "I'm sorry."

"What happened wasn't your fault." He told him. "It was hers."

Jin reached out, putting his hand on Junno's cheek. The passion drug had a side effect. It gave the user temporary telepathy.

*The Doctor's working on the time mechanism of this ship.* Jin telepathed. *If we gave him enough time, then this shuttle and the main ship will go back to their own time.*

*But what's there to go back to?*

*Your husband.*

*He's no longer my husband, she made me divorce him.* Tears began to sting his eyes.

Just then the door to the cabin opened. Jin dropped his hand. Maru came in. "It's been done."

Jin helped Junno to put his clothes back on. Then he helped him to his feet. "Let's get out of here."

They went into the hallway. They were joined by Rose and The Doctor.

""We better get out of here fast." The Doctor said. "That is unless we want to go back to the Gotsu Empire."

They got off the ship; they were almost in the building when shots rang out.

Maru tossed Jin a blaster, and then he tossed one to Junno.

Troupers ran down the ramp. Jin and Maru began to shoot back at them. Junno, even though he was weak also shot back.

The problem was, they were badly out gunned, but they fought back as hard as they could. Soon very soon the battle would be over, and they would have lost.

"I want everyone dead!" Shikayko ordered. "A million credits reward for every prince killed!"

The troupers began to fight even harder. Junno was shot in his left arm. He changed arms while shooting and continued.

Suddenly from another door came Koki, Kame and Ueda. They were able to catch the fighters by surprise. Most of them were killed.

Junno could feel fire course through his leg. He had been hit again! He fell to the ground. He turned; the one that shot him was Shikayko. She looked at him and aimed the gun towards his head. She was going to finish him off.

He closed his eyes, and imagined Ueda was holding him as he waited to die.

Just then a shot rang out. Junno could hear something fall to the ground. He opened his eyes. Shikayko was on the ground. The one that shot her was Ueda.

"Finish her," Ueda ordered.

Junno raised his gun. Then using all his strength he shot Shikayko in the head. Junno wished he could feel sad that his sister was dead. But in fact, he felt relief. There was as war going on. If He hadn't killed her, then she might have killed someone else.

Then suddenly the ship and all the troupers, dead and alive vanished.



"Why don't we take you home?" The Doctor suggested.

Jin and Maru helped Junno to his feet. They were able to half carry; half walk him to the Tardis.

The Doctor opened the door of the Tardis. Junno's brothers helped him into the Tardis. Junno had barely gotten in, when he collapsed to the floor. All he wanted to do was get some rest.

The other three fighters went into the Tardis.

"Suke!" Ueda screamed. He went to his side. Ueda, his wonderful husband. Junno wanted to tell Ueda that he loved him. But Junno knew he couldn't. He had betrayed the man he loved.

"It's only a flesh wound. I'll recover enough to stand trial." Junno gasped.

"Why would we have a trial?" Ueda asked puzzled.

"I am a Gotsu. I am your enemy. When we get back to our time, you have a duty to arrest me." Junno turned away; it took all of his will not to cry. "I am a traitor. Please, I ask you, to make my execution painless."

"Would you like for us to take you home?" The Doctor asked.

"Please," Ueda asked. "Do you have a first aid kit?"

"Rose, go get the first aid kit." The doctor ordered. He went to the console and set the controls.

While they were waiting, Junno watched the reunion between his brothers and their spouses.

Jin went to Kame. "I'm sorry my love. I had to cheat on you to give the doctor time."

"You did what you had to do." Kame put his arms around him. "There is a war going on."

"I don't deserve your forgiveness."

"You do it again, and I'll kill you." Kame promised before he kissed his husband.

"Good work," Koki told Maru. They where standing on the other side of the console room.

"Thanks." Maru said.

"You and Shikayko, you didn't...." Koki began to make gestures.

"I am not my stupid brother!" Maru snapped. "I would rather cut my throat then lay with that bitch."

"Yeah, I know." Koki took Maru's hand.

Rose got the first aid kit and begins to care for Junno.

"Let me take care of him." Ueda told her.

"Sure," She moved away from Junno.

Ueda cut away Junno's jeans and began to bandage Junno. His hands so gentle that it almost made Junno cry. "Suke, when we get you back home, I'll make sure the best doctors treat you."

"You called me Suke." Tears stung his eyes. That was the name that Ueda called him when they where married. He looked away from Ueda. "Please, your highness, never call me that name. It reminds me of a sad time. When I lost the only person I've ever loved."

"You lost your husband in the war?" Ueda asked.

"The war took him from me." The tears rolled down her cheek. "Please, your highness. I never want to talk of him. His memory is still very painful to me."

"Do you remember the first time he told you he loved you?" Ueda asked. "You were in the orchard. He told you that Miyagi wasn't half as handsome as you were. Then you shared your first kiss."

"Did one of my brothers tell you about that?" Junno asked. "I told them never to tell you about my husband."

"We were married when all the moons were full." Ueda continued. "You glowed during the ceremony. I had my hair up, with flowers in it. I wore a kimono that had been in my family for thousands of years. I promised I would never leave your side, but I did."

"Your highness." Junno turned back to him.

"Suke, I'm sorry I forgot our love." Ueda told him.

"Do you remember now?"

"I remember everything," Ueda smiled that wonderful smile that Junno had missed.

Ueda moved to kiss Junno. But tearfully, Junno shook his head no. "We can no longer touch each other."

"Why? What's wrong?" Ueda asked.

Junno looked away from Ueda. "Shikayko tortured me. Finally, the pain grew too much and I did what ever she wanted me to."

"What did she want?"

"She made me renounce you." More tears came. "Then she made me marry her. I didn't want to, oh Prince Ueda. I didn't want to."

"Excuse me for interrupting." The Doctor said. "But we've arrived."

"Thank you," Maru told him. "Is the war still going on?"

"I've brought you ten years in your future. The war is over." The Doctor told them.

"Who won?" Koki demanded.

"The Miyagi won." The Doctor flicked a switch and the door to the Tardis opened.

"Koki, Maru, get Junno to the med center!" Ueda ordered.

"Of course youíre Highness." Maru said. They picked up Junno and carried him out of the Tardis.

Junno felt helpless as he was taken to the med center. He wondered if this was the last time he would see Ueda.


Days latter, Junno lay in a bed in a private room in the med center. His injured leg and arm had been treated by the Miyagi doctors. He hadn't seen Ueda since arriving back at home. But that was to be expected. He knew that his prince would never forgive him.

The days ticked by. He was able to catch up one what happened during the war. After Shikayko had vanished, other members of the Intergalactic Union had come to broker a treaty between the warring systems. There was now a neutral zone between the two empires.

The Doctor and Rose had vanished in their blue box a few minutes after they arrived. They had stayed only long enough to make sure they were in the right place at the right time. Then they were gone.

Junno had been visited several times by his brothers and their spouses. Koki promised him a job in the security force when he got out of the med center. Junno wasn't too sure he wanted to work in the security force, as he would have to guard Ueda.

There was a tapping at his door. Then a voice so familiar to him, "Can I come in?"

Junno looked up, it was Ueda. He knew he should get to his feet, but it hurt to stand. "Your highness."

Ueda came into the room and shut the door. "How are you feeling?"

"Better," Junno told him. "I should get out of the med center tomorrow morning."

"Have you thought of what you will do when you get out?" Ueda asked.

"Koki's offered me a job with the security forces."

"Are you going to take it?" He moved closer to Junno.

"I'm not sure I will." He looked away from Ueda. "I know I divorced you. But I still love you. I can't work with you; it would be too uncomfortable for me."

"Did you sign Miyagi divorce papers or Gotsu divorce papers?"

"What does that matter?" Junno asked. "I divorced you."

"Please Suke, it's very important." Ueda told him. "A lot rests on whose papers you signed."

"Gotsu papers." Junno finally said.

"You're a citizen of the Miyagi Empire." Ueda reached out, touching his hand. "You gave up your Gotsu citizenship before you married me."

"What does that matter?"

"In the Miyagi/Gotsu peace treaty, there is a part about Miyagi citizen signing Gotsu contracts and documents."

"What does it say?"

"Anything signed before a certain date is considered null and void.' Ueda told him. "Seems that when the Gotsu's invaded several of our planets, they forced the locals to sign a lot of contracts basically giving up all claims to their planet."

"But it's past that date."

"Shikayko came from before the date of the treaty." Ueda pointed out. "She filed the papers before the treaty went into effect."

"What does that mean?"

"Your divorce from me and marriage to her have been declared null and void." Ueda brought Junno's fingers to his lips and kissed them. "I contacted the Empress of Gotsu who agreed with my orders."

"Your orders? How can you make an order such as that?" Junno asked. "You're not emperor."

"That's the other news I needed to tell you." Ueda let go of Junno's hand. "My mother's abdicated. I am the new Emperor."


"Next week will be my coronation. Seems my mother's had this planned for quite some time." Ueda explained. "Do you want to stay married to me?"

"Of course I want to stay married to you!" Junno said without thinking.

Ueda moved closer to Junno. "I am so sorry I forgot you. Can you ever forgive me for telling you I hate you?"

"Yeah," Tears began to sting his eyes. "I'm sorry I betrayed you."

"If you don't want me to take the throne, I'll let Kame do it."

"No, I don't mind being married to an emperor." Junno reached out, he touched Ueda's cheek. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Ueda sighed. "When I'm with you, I'm just Ueda. Not an emperor, not a prince. Just the man that loves you."

Junno kissed his husband. The Ueda crawled up onto the bed beside Junno. Then he was kissing Junno's lips again.

"Ueda," Junno moaned as his husband began to massage the front of his pants.

"Humm?" Ueda began to bite on his neck.

"Won't we get caught?"

"That's the good thing about Emperor; you can order everyone to go away." He began to unfasten Junno's clothes. "So I did. They're not allowed back in here until I'm finished visiting you."


They put off the coronation until Junno was able to stand. The Empire of Miyagi's coronations weren't huge affairs. But Junno had to wear a new uniform. It was dark blue, with gold rank stripes on the sleeves. He was now Prince Admiral of the space force. He would also have another title by the end of the ceremony.

He hadn't seen Ueda yet. He was going through the first crowning ceremony, the one that Junno wasn't allowed to attend. So he waited with his brothers and Koki. The newly titled Grand Duke Kame was helping Ueda during his ceremony.

"I don't want a title," Koki groaned. He was dressed in the formal security forces uniform.

"It's not my fault that the Emperor gave us the title of Duke." Maru reminded him. "You don't have to accept your title."

"Oh no, I'm not going to have you outrank me." Koki told him.

"Yeah but I'll outrank you," Jin pointed out. "You're still going to have to call me sir."

"I am so not going to call you sir!" Koki growled.

"The husband of a Grand Duke is also a Grand Duke." Jin teased.

"You are so full of yourself!" Koki balled up his fists and moved closer to Jin. "We saw what you did on that ship! You're a slut!"

"I was doing it to save Junno's life!" Jin objected.


"Stop it!" Junno ordered. "We can't fight today. It's Emperor Ueda's day."

"Yes, your majesty." Koki said.

Junno sighed, he still wasnít' used to his new title. In his home system, men couldn't use the title Majesty. But he did like the fact that it helped control his brothers and their spouses.

A guard came into the room. "Your Majesty, it's time."

Junno suddenly felt very nervous. "Are you sure I should do this?"

"Why wouldn't you?" Maru asked.

"I was born only to join a harem." Junno reminded them. "I wasn't meant to be first in line to the Miyagi throne."

Jin grabbed his hand. "You have to do this. You'll give all the men in the Gotsu Empire hope that someday, they'll have freedom too."

"Jin's right," Maru said. "Did you ever think when we grew up on Gotsu Prime that you would be the husband of an Emperor?"

"Never." Junno admitted. "I can't let everyone down."

"We'll be right at your side." Jin promised.

Junno followed the guard to the coronation room. It was the first time that he saw Ueda in his robe and crown. He was magnificent. There was an empty throne chair beside Ueda's. That would be for Junno, if he could just make it to him.

All Junno had to do was walk down the indigo carpet to Ueda, kneel and say his oath. Junno's knees shook as he walked down the carpet. Maru on one side, Jin on the other. Everyone's eyes were on him.

He knelt, looking at the floor. He pledged his loyalty to the Miyagi Empire and the Emperor.

"Suke you have to look up," Jin poked him.

Junno looked up. Ueda looked at Kame, who passed him a crown.

"I Emperor Ueda Tatsuya crown you Emperor Consort Taguchi Junnosuke."' Then Ueda placed the crown on Junno's head. "Now sit with me husband."

Junno got to his feet. He sat in on the seat beside Ueda. His husband took his hand and squeezed it. He smiled at Junno, who couldn't help but smile back.

Then the announcement came that all other nobles would make the pledge to the new Emperor and the Emperor Consort. Even though the ceremony of loyalty was a long boring one, it went quickly for Junno. Because Junno now knew he would live the rest of his life with his Ueda, and he was very happy.