Title: Breaking Up

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Time: February 1998


The youngest member of the Kinki Kids was nervous.  Tsuyoshi stopped in the hallway outside the dining room and pulled the turtle neck over his love bites. He looked into the mirror on the wall, he could still see a love bite that was near his ear.


"Its okay, no one can see them." Koichi tried to reassure. He was wearing a thin yukata with nothing beneath it.  "Besides, if anyone notices, they'll just think you're mine. You don't mind being mine, do you?"


"I like being yours." Tsuyoshi admitted.


"Let's go eat," Koichi took his hand. Tsuyoshi let his friend lead him into the dining room.


Tsuyoshi noticed Nagase sitting with Leader at a table. Yamaguchi and Taichi shared a table with Inocchi and Nagano who had his arm around Inocchi. All the couples acted like lovers. Koichi had been right, no one would notice the love bites.


Okada sat alone at a table, he looked depressed. He kept glancing at Sakamoto who was helping his cousin serve dinner. The older man seemed to not even notice his lover.


"Can we sit down?" Koichi asked.


"Be my guest." Okada said.


The pair sat down. Koichi reached out, putting his arm around Tsuyoshi chair, and then he asked. "When will Sakamoto join us?"


"I'm not quite sure." Okada said softly. "He's been busy thinking."


"Not again." Koichi groaned.  "What's he thinking of this time?"


"Have no idea. He's V6's leader. He has a lot of responsibilities."


"This is supposed to be a vacation to be together." Tsuyoshi reminded him.


"I know. I don't want to talk about It." he glanced at Tsuyoshi. "Looks like vampires are out."


Tsuyoshi's hand went to his neck. "You said they where covered, Ko-chan."


"Pull the neck up and they will be." Koichi kidded.


Sakamoto put a plate in front of Okada and walked off without saying anything to him. He watched his lover go back into the kitchen.


"I guess I'll be eating alone tonight." Okada finally said.


"We'll be with you," Koichi told him.


"It's not the same thing." Junichi looked at the closed kitchen door. "If I'm not with Yuki-chan, I'm alone."




After dinner, Tsuyoshi followed Koichi back to their room. Tsuyoshi pulled his shirt off as soon as the door was locked.  He tossed his shirt on a chair. "Since we've been together, we haven't seen each other nude."


"You weren't ready for it." Koichi reminded him.


 "Things change.”Tsuyoshi went to Koichi; he began to work on his yukata.  "I want to make love to you."


"We have to use condoms. I might give you something." Koichi told him.


"I brought some. Their lubricated." Tsuyoshi let go of Koichi, he went to his bag and took something out of it.


"You bought condoms?" Koichi asked unbelieving. "I can't see you going into a store and buying some."


"I had Nagase buy them for me." Tsuyoshi gave him a half smile. "He bought an extra large box for us."


Tsuyoshi pulled his pants off. Koichi slipped the yukata off his shoulders, exposing his bare skin. Koichi's eyes were dark with passion.  Then he climbed onto the bed.    Tsuyoshi had never wanted anything so badly before, he could feel his body react to seeing his friend nude.


"Come to bed my love." Koichi told him.   "Make love to me."


Tsuyoshi pulled off his clothes and lay down on the bed beside him.  Koichi took the condom out of Tsuyoshi's hands; he opened it, and then unrolled it onto his friend's hardness.


Tsuyoshi moved so he was on top of Koichi. "I don't want to hurt you."


"You won't. I want this." Koichi's voice sounded husky.  "Do it, do it now."


Tsuyoshi slowly pushed himself into his friend. There was a brief tightness, and then his lover opened himself to him.  When he was fully inside him, he asked. "How does that feel?"


Koichi pushed himself onto Tsuyoshi. "Move now damn it! Don't hold back!"


That was all the encouragement Tsuyoshi needed. He began to thrust hard into Koichi. His lover began to moan in pleasure with every thrust. Koichi moved his hips up to meet every thrust.


It felt good, the feeling was so wonderful. Then suddenly Tsuyoshi came, the pleasure seemed to be ice hot.  He screamed Koichi's name. He could hear Koichi's own cries as he came.


Tsuyoshi's world seemed to be spinning. He pulled out of Koichi, taking the condom off. He tied the end. He tossed it in the direction of the trash can.  He sunk down on the bed beside his lover. He lay there, trying to catch his breath. He could feel Koichi moving beside him. Tsuyoshi didn't fight when Koichi pulled him into his arms. His head settling on Koichi's shoulder, He could hear Koichi trying to catch his own breath.


"I never thought I could feel this wonderful." Tsuyoshi finally said.


"I've never felt this way either." Koichi said. "It's the first time I've been with someone I love."


 He snuggled against his friend. "I didn't realize it would feel so good."


"That's love." he felt Koichi caress his forehead with his lips.


"I'm not sure if I'm ready for you to make love to me."


"It's okay, this is enough." Another kiss.  "It's more then enough."


"I love you."


"Love you too." Koichi paused.  "Don't feel pressured just because we did this."


"I know."  Tsuyoshi told him.  "I don't want to stop this feeling. Please, just hold me."


"Anything you say, Prince-sama." his arms tightened for a second. 


  "Love you," Tsuyoshi said as he drifted off to sleep.




Sakamoto was sitting in a chair staring at the fireplace. He played with the ring on his right ring finger. It was a nervous habit of his. In reality, his mind was somewhere else. He realized that he shouldn't have brought Okada to this place. His cousin had even given him the same room he had with Ito. Sakamoto wanted to go home, but he knew that it would disappoint Okada. 


He has spent the past year and a half pretending the past didn’t' exist. But every time he closed his eyes he was reminded of Ito. He wanted to tell Okada about Ito, but he was afraid what would happen if he did. What would Okada say if he knew Sakamoto had a lover that was killed because of him? Would Okada leave him? Sakamoto realized it couldn't go on this way with him always in mourning. He wanted a future with Okada. He wanted to start fresh.


  Then he heard the voice of Okada.  "Yuki...I mean Sakamoto, I brought you a blanket and pellow. I'll leave it on the couch."


Sakamoto turned to watch Okada. He was walking towards the stairs. "Please, don't go. I want you to stay."


"Are you sure I wouldn't be disturbing what ever you’re thinking about?"  There was pain in Okada's voice. "You where so busy thinking you couldn't even eat dinner with me! I was alone!"


"Please Jun-chan."


Okada turned and went back down the stairs.  He then went to the couch and sat down. "What do you have to say?"


Sakamoto moved to the other end of the couch.  "I've been thinking a lot about us lately."


 "I know you're going to break up with me. I wish you would just get it over with." Okada said tersely.


"Do you really think I want to break up with you?"


"You can no longer stand to be in the same room as me." There was pain in Okada's voice. Sakamoto realized his actions affected Okada. "Why would I think you would want to stay with me?"


"That's not true. I love being with you."


 "We come here to be together, and you couldn't even eat dinner with me." Okada accused.


"I've had a lot on my mind. I've been thinking of us, or relationship." Sakamoto couldn't tell Okada the whole truth, he wouldn't understand. "Or our lack of one, I've been trying to find out a way for us to be together without sneaking around."


"You could have told me what was going on."


"I've been watching the other couples. They come here, and they stop pretending to be only friends." Sakamoto said. "I want to be like that." Sakamoto reached out, he put his hand on Okada's leg. "I'm sorry I've been distant. I've been trying to gather up the courage to ask you something."


"You want to ask me something." Okada repeated.


"I feel complete when I am with you." I would like for us to commit to each other."


"You want us to have a commitment?" the teen gasped.


"Yes, I would."


"For how long?"


"For life if you'll take me. I'd ask you to marry me if it was legal." The older man looked away from him.  "It's all right if you turn me down. I'll understand. I'm nine years older then you. It might be better if you have a boyfriend nearer to your own age."


"You're not old, you’re perfect. When you hold me I feel safe, as if no one can ever harm me."  Okada said softly. "I don't want a boyfriend my age. I want you."


'You have friends now, you don't need me." Sakamoto said softly.


"I might have a million friends, but if I don't have you, I'll be alone." he vowed.


'I've been watching you these past few months." He admitted. "You're popular now. You can have any one in the dorms."


"But I don't want any man in the dorm." Okada said stubbornly.  "I want you!"


"I bought you a present. Can I give it to you now?"  Sakamoto took a small box out of his pocket. He pressed it into Okada’s hand. "Before you say anything about being caught, I bought me one too. As far as the spies know, I only bought one, and I wear it." Okada opened the box. Inside was a silver ring, identical Sakamoto's.

 "Don’t' give me your answer now. I want you to think about it."


 "I will. Can I still wear it?"


Sakamoto took the box out of Okada's hand, he took the ring out, and slid it on Okada's' right ring finger. "Let's go to bed."




When Tsuyoshi woke, he realized that someone had covered him up with a blanket.  He reached out, but Koichi wasn't there. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he realized that Koichi was sitting by the window drinking something out of a cup.  He was nude, his body beautiful.


*He's mine now.* Tsuyoshi realized.   He finally murmured. "My prince."


Koichi got off the chair and walked over to him. He sat down on the bed.  "No, you're the prince. I'm a whore."


"You're not a whore." Tsuyoshi reached out, touching Koichi's leg. "You're my prince. I love you."


"Love you too."



Koichi kissed him. There was a hunger in the kiss that hadn't been there before. Just then there was a knock on the door, and it opened.


Koichi pulled away from him. He rolled his eyes.  "Can't you wait until we answer the door?"


The lights came on. Taichi stood in the doorway, his eyes wide. "Oh I see."


"What do you want?" Koichi walked to the door, not minding that he was nude.


"What I want?" Taichi repeated he stared wide eyed at Koichi's nude body.


Koichi crossed his arms looking impatient. "Yes, what do you want?"


"Leader says it's time for breakfast." he finally said.  "You're hungry aren't you?"


"Are you hungry Tsu-chan?" Koichi looked into Tsuyoshi's eyes.


Tsuyoshi smiled. "I'm starving."


"Tell him we'll be right down." Koichi told him.


"Sure thing." Taichi left without shutting the door.


"Taichi is an airhead." Koichi shut the door. "It isn't like he hasn't seen me nude before."


"He means well." Tsuyoshi got out of bed.


Koichi went to him, kissing his lips.  "I want to work on our lessons later today."


"So do I," Tsuyoshi kissed him back. 


Koichi pulled away from him. "You better get dressed."





Koichi caressed Tsuyoshi's forehead with his lips. They had finished another round of lovemaking, with each one; Tsuyoshi's fear of love seemed to dissolve.


"Tell me what you’re thinking." Tsuyoshi asked.


"When I'm with you, I don't feel like a whore." Koichi said softly.


"You're not a whore!" Tsuyoshi insisted.


"I'm not faithful to you." Koichi reminded him.


"If you could stop visiting the mansion, would you?"


Koichi pulled away from him, he found his yukata and pulled it on. Then he went to the window. "We both know I can't."


"Pretend for a moment, that you could quit and no one would get hurt. Would you?"


"He wouldn't send for you?"


"No, he wouldn't."


"I would tell him to go to hell, then I'd quit!



"See, I told you!" Tsuyoshi pulled on a robe and joined his friend at the window.


I think you need to know something. The Manager has a new boy." Koichi said softly. "I knew that sometime he would get one, but not one so young."


"How old is he?"


"Thirteen." he didn't look at Tsuyoshi. "How could the Manager have someone so young?"


"The Manager's always liked his boys young." Tsuyoshi reminded him.


"It's only a matter of time until I'm no longer the favorite. Then he'll stop calling for me." Koichi closed his eyes for a moment. "I hope the day will come soon, but I think of the other one. What will happen to him?"


"You can't save everyone." Tsuyoshi reminded him.


"I know," he put his arm around Tsuyoshi. "I don't understand Jin; he likes what the manager does."


"Perhaps he's pretending, like I used to."


"Jin really likes it." Koichi said in almost a whisper. "There's been a night he's cried because I was the one beaten or he wasn't shared with a guest. I don't understand him."


"I don't either." Tsuyoshi admitted.


 "I wish we could stay here forever." Koichi said changing the subject.


"So do me."


"Someday we'll be together." Koichi promised. "I'll be free, and I'll really belong to you."


Tsuyoshi he put his arms around Koichi's waist.  The only thing that matters to me is your heart being faithful." Tsuyoshi told him. "Am I the only one in your heart?"


"I've never been in love before." he admitted.  "I love this feeling. I don't want it to ever stop."


"As long as we're together it won't stop." Tsuyoshi promised.




Since Leader had talked to Okada, he had been watching Sakamoto more.  His friend had the habit of putting long pants on as soon as they had made love. Okada realized it had been few times he had seen his lover totally nude.


*What happened to you?* Okada   thought. He got up and went to the window. *What hurt you so bad that you can't give yourself totally to me?*


After a while, he heard Sakamoto get out of bed.  "What are you doing?"


"I'm watching the snow."


"Perhaps I should go downstairs."


"If that's what you want." Okada tried to sound cold.


"What would everyone think?"


"Do you think anyone cares?" Okada couldn't keep the pain out of his voice. "Everyone came here to be with their lovers. I thought that's why you came here. I guess I was wrong. You only wanted me here to use my body!"


"That's not true."


"I hate this life. I want to break up."




"It's very hard to be in love with a man who can't even trust me enough to let me see him nude." Tears stung Okada's eyes. "You've never given yourself completely to me. You just use my body, and leave me."


"When I was seventeen, I feel in love. His name was Ito. He was ten years older then me. He was the first one to ever understand what happened to me." Sakamoto sat down on the bed. "The Manager found out. Ito was transferred to the American branch of the Agency. He was killed a week after he went to America."


"I'm sorry."


 "At the time I was the manager's favorite. The Manager went insane with jealousy. I spent two weeks in the closet. I was beaten many times. Near then end, my leg was broken in three places." Sakamoto wiped a tear from his face. "The Manager didn't send me to the hospital. I spent days in agony. Finally the Manager realized I wasn't kidding. I was taken to the hospital. I had to have surgery. When I was in the hospital, I found out about the death of my lover."


"That must have been a nightmare."


"I promised I would never fall in love again. Then I met you." Sakamoto told him.  "The pain I went through. I don't want you to go through it too. What would happen if you died too?"


"I would wait for you in heaven." Okada paused. "I would always be yours."


"You're not thinking about the risk." Sakamoto insisted. "We can't be close, don't you understand?"


"No! I don't understand why can't we be close?"


"I don't have to tell you that!" the walls were fully up. “You’ll have to trust me on this.”


"Quit punishing me!" Okada countered.


"I'm not punishing you!" Sakamoto insisted.


 "You're pushing me away from you, so you won't get hurt again."


That's' ridiculous."


"Is it? I'm tired of this; I'm fed up with being used!" Okada exploded. "Being with you is like being married to a Vulcan! You have no emotions, no feelings! Damn it, you don't even smile at me!" Okada pulled his clothes on.  "When you decide that you can let me in your heart, come to me. I'll be waiting."


"Where will you stay?"


"I'll talk to your cousin. I'm sure he has another room I can stay in."


"Junichi, please...."


"Goodbye."  With that, Okada left. He waited in the hallway for Sakamoto to come to him, to beg him to stay. Instead the door remained shut. The teenager felt his heart break. He sank to the floor and began to sob.