Title: Broken Bond Part 2

Time: New Years 2002

Authors email: Kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com


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Really don't think the real Takuya Kimura is as evil as this in real life.

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Note: This story features Inherited Vampires. These type of vampires where

created by the fanfic author Katrinka. Her concept used with her

permission. The basic difference between inherited vampires and regular

vampires is the fact that Inherited can have children, and go out during

the day. Their children will also be a vampire, crossing over in their teens.



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In the half-darkness of the Kimura's guest room, Kimura watched his lover putting on his clothes. They had been lovers once, when both were teens. It had only been a few months since they had gotten back together.  Their first time had been a few days after Goro had been fired. When Kimura had found out that his new lover was a vampire. He had originally wanted to kill his new lover, but when he found the truth, he had instead decided to train the man in the vampire laws.


"Where are you going?" Kimura asked.


"I'm leaving." Nakai told him.


"You can stay tonight. Kari doesn't mind."


"I'm not leaving because of your wife." Nakai put on his pants. "I'm leaving for your sake."


"You're doing this because of what Dr. Lian said." He guessed.


"You need to be well. You won't be well until you get back with Goro." Nakai pointed out.


"I'm not sick."


"Yes, Takuya you are." He said softly. "Your soul is hurting. You have to have it cured."


"Don't I have a say in this?" Kimura realized that Nakai was breaking up with him.


"I knew what we had was temporary." Nakai told him. "That when we got Goro back this would end."


"I never said that."


"You might not have, but I did." Nakai picked up his warm up jacket and put it on. "You taught me to be a vampire, and I am very grateful. But now we have to go back to being only friends."


"I don't understand." Kimura said truthfully. "I've taken your blood, I know you love me."


"I've never denied my love for you." His friend looked sad. "My feelings for you have to change to friendship."


"What about my feelings?"


"Your feelings? I've taken your blood enough to know I'm simply a friend to you." Nakai smiled. "You love Goro-chan. You need to be with him."


"We both know I can never be with him." Kimura told him. "I'm now less the human."


"He misses you." Nakai picked up his hat. "I think he would understand that you’re a werewolf."


"Hiro-chan, stay."


 *Your sick. You won't be cured until you get back with Goro. I want you to be well.* Nakai went to the bedroom door. He looked back to Kimura. "Sayonara Takuya." With that, Nakai turned and left.


Kimura stared at the closed door. Nakai had left him. He had never been dumped by a lover before. He lay down and looked up to the ceiling. He knew he should be upset for Nakai's leaving. The problem was that he didn't feel anything. Instead, all he could think of was Goro. Was Dr. Lian right? Was he really ill? The pain in his heart as always overwhelmed everything. For an instant, he knew what he needed. But he would never get Goro back.




He could hear the wail of the baby. He got out of bed and went to his room. His wife was beginning to stir. He touched her. "Go back to sleep Kari."


"The baby's awake." She told him.


"I know I'll take this feeding."


"Won't picking her up hurt your arm?" She reminded him. "Dr. Lian told you to take it easy for a week."


"It'll be okay."


She looked behind him, towards the door. "What about Nakai?"


"He's gone." he admitted. "He won’t be coming back. We've broken up."


"Good, I'm glad. He seems to want to own you." She said. "I wish you'd get back with Goro. He was so much nicer. I didn't mind sharing you with him."


"Why haven't you ever minded my cheating on you?"


"You're from the Dracula line. The need to hunt is in your blood." She explained. "As long as you come home to me, I don't mind."


The baby cried harder, demanding attention. His wife moved to get out of bed.


"I told you, I'll feed her." He left the room, and went to the room next door.


The child had at first been an object to him. He had taken it away from Goro. It had been a way to punish his friend. In the months that had passed since her birth, he had learned to love the baby.


"Hi, sweetie." He checked the baby. "You're wet. No wonder you’re crying."


He quickly changed the baby. He took a bottle out of the refrigerator. Then he picked up the baby.  His wife had been right; picking up the baby hurt his arm. He shifted her to the other arm. It was still uncomfortable, but he could stand it.


He went to the rocking chair. He knew the formula was cold, but the baby liked it that way. He gave the bottle to the baby.


"I think if Goro met you, he would change his mind about you." he told her. "You need to get to know your real father. I know it's only a matter of time until I have to give you to him.'


"Then I'll have lost you, and him."


He knew deep in his heart that Nakai had been wrong. He would never get Goro back. Goro would never allow himself to become a werewolf. He would have to go to a professional and get the bond broken. But deep inside him knew that he couldn't take that step.




 The group decided to have a celebration at Shingo and Tsuyoshi's apartment.


Kimura wanted to take Goro back to his apartment and to love him. But now that was impossible. Kimura was a werewolf/Vampire hybrid. He was less then human. He was lower then a slave. He knew that he would never be able to love Goro. The bond that he had wanted since their break-up would never happen.


They went to Shingo's apartment for drinks. Goro had seemed bothered the entire time. He kept looking at Kimura, as if willing him to speak. Kimura felt torn. How could he tell Goro the truth? That even though they had exchanged emails that they would never be together.


 "How is the arm doing?" Goro asked him. "I saw you on the news."


"It still hurts a bit." He shrugged.


"It looks really bad." he looked concerned.


"Dr. Lian said if I were human, I would have had to have a skin graft." Kimura admitted.


"And you’re still working?" Goro said unbelieving. "Aren't you supposed to rest?"


"Working kept my mind off of everything." He went to get a drink. When he turned back around, Goro was gone. 


Kimura looked around the room. He couldn't see Goro. He glanced at Nakai. *Do you know where Goro went?*


*He's on the balcony.* Nakai telepathed.  *Your ill. You have to get back with him.*


"I won't go back to him simply to cure my illness." He said softly. "I promised myself I would never use him again."


"It wouldn't be using if you both want it." Nakai smiled sadly. "Go to him Takuya."


Kimura opened the door and slipped onto the balcony. Goro was standing on the balcony looking out at the night sky.  Kimura couldn't push his former lover out of his heart. He realized that the doctor had been right, he was ill.


"Goro-Chan." He breathed.


"Why didn't you ever visit me?" Goro asked. "You found the time to email me, so why no visits?"


"You where being watched."


"Oh come off of it. You could have used the window." He turned towards Kimura.  "If it had been reversed, I would have found a way to see you."


"I couldn't visit. Try and understand."


"I *don't* understand. Why can't you tell me?" he couldn't keep the pain out of his voice.


"It has to end. You need to be free of me." Kimura took another breath. “You wanted to be free of me. I'm giving you that freedom."


"If you wanted me to be free, why did you answer my e-mails?" Goro asked. "If you had told me even once that you wanted me to have my freedom, I never would have e-mailed you."


 "It's for your best interest if we're not together." he paused. He debated in his mind to tell him the truth. But he knew he couldn't. "It took all of my willpower not to be with you everyday. I love you. But my love has always been bad for you."


 Goro nodded. "If we can't be lovers, can we be friends?"


 "Just friends."


"Yes!" He insisted. "You’re my very best friend. No matter what happens you will always be my friend"


  Kimura made up his mind. He would be there for Goro, even if it was simply his friend. He went to Goro. Putting his good arm around him, hugging him tightly. "Welcome back. I've missed you."


"I've missed you too."


*Why can I stop loving you?* Kimura telepathed. *I can't force my feelings onto you.*


*It wouldn't be force.* Goro told him. *I love you too.*


Kimura pulled away from him. He reached out, touching Goro's cheek. He heard his voice say. "I will be different this time. You're the only one in my heart."


He could feel the emptiness in Goro. It was as strong as the loneliness Kimura felt.  Kimura kissed him gently. He could feel Goro sigh and kiss him back. Kimura pushed his lover against the wall, his lips going to Goro's neck.   He felt Goro's fingers on the back of his head, encouraging him. Kimura bit down gently, letting Goro's blood fill his mouth. Goro arched back against him.



*Yes, Takuya, yes.* Goro telepathed.


He could hear the balcony door open. Then Nakai telepathed. *The two of you are beginning to be missed.*


In shock, Goro pulled away from Kimura. He punched Kimura hard in the face. His fist connecting with Kimura's jaw. Kimura found himself falling. Then Goro spat. "You're using me again!"


"It's not what you think." Nakai told him.


"So this is why you couldn't love me.” Goro kicked Kimura in the side.  "You're blood bonded."


"Goro please let me explain." Kimura began, but it was too late, Goro had gone to the edge of the balcony and flew away. Kimura got to his feet.


*You have to follow him. Go to him Takuya, tell him the truth. The whole truth." Nakai's eyes were serious. "Goro has the right to know."


"How can he forgive me for being less then human?"


 "He loves you." Nakai said firmly. "He'll understand. Now, go."





Goro let himself into his apartment. He locked the door behind him. He had let himself believe that he could trust Kimura. The emptiness had disappeared for a brief period. Now it was back, and Goro could feel his heart breaking.


He could hear the window open, and then Kimura crawled through it.


"What are you doing here?" Goro glared at him. "I want to be alone."


 "You shouldn't have left the party."


"Get out!" Goro growled "I've changed in the time we were apart. I'll never be your plaything again!"


"I told you, it will be different this time." Kimura said quietly.


"How is it different?" He countered. "You are bonded to Nakai. All your doing with me is cheating on him. That's all I've ever been to you, something to use when you’re bored with your current lover."


"I’ll never treat you that way again."


"When did you cross him over?" He pushed Kimura hard. Kimura fell to the ground, landing on his hurt arm.   "You told me you would never cross him over! He's a werewolf! His condition now could bring out the enforcers!"


"I didn't cross him over." Kimura groaned in pain. He moved away from Goro, holding his arm.  "It's a long story, but he was crossed over by Tsuyoshi's blood. Then I took Shingo and Tsuyoshi's blood. I didn't know it would make me forbidden."


"You're forbidden?" he asked.


Kimura sank against a wall. He was pale from pain. "I can't love you. If I did, you would become like me. I can't make you a hybrid."


 He knelt down beside Kimura. His friend jerked away from him. Suddenly everything made sense to Goro. He felt himself calming down. He could feel fear from his lover. "Did Nakai teach you how to be a werewolf?"


"I didn't intend to bond with him. It just happened." Tears rolled down his cheek. "He's the one who sent me to you. He told me you would understand. "He told me we could still bond. How could I make you like I am?""


"So you didn't stop loving me."


 "A day hasn't gone by when I didn't want to come to you." Kimura confessed. "I want to bond with you, to spend forever with you. Now I can't. I'm less the human."


"I wouldn't mind being less then human if I had you." 


"I can't do that to you." Kimura looked away from Goro. "I can't just think of myself. I have to think of you. I can't force you to be a hybrid."


"It's my choice." Goro said firmly.  "I want to bond with you."


"I love you" Kimura said very gently “I've never loved anyone the way I love you."


  Goro smiled. "I'm sorry I hurt you."


"You didn't mean to." Kimura tried to smile. "Please, let me stay tonight. I'll sleep on the couch; I just don't want to leave your side."


"There’s room in my bed." Goro said very gently.


"I hurt too much to love." he confessed.


"Are you well enough to take my blood?"


In answer, Kimura kissed him. It was a kiss of sadness and regret. Goro got up, and helped Kimura to his feet. Then he guided him to the bed. They lay down together. They began to kiss as soon as they lay down. Goro could feel his fangs grow. Then Kimura guided his head to his neck.


*drink from Me.* Kimura telepathed.


*I'm not allowed to take your blood.*


*I told you, it' different this time.*


With that, Goro bit Kimura. He felt his lover arch against him. Then he too bit Goro. Then everything went black.



Goro was the first to wake. Kimura lay beside him, snoring softly. Goro came to a decision. He would have to take the choice of being a hybrid out of Kimura's hands. Kimura might never forgive Goro, but it was the only way to be together. He unfastened Kimura's shirt, exposing Kimura's chest.


*I want to be with you forever.* he telepathed. Then he bit his lover, right under his left nipple. He drank deeply. By drinking, he knew he was becoming a hybrid. 


He heard Kimura moan, and then put his arms around him. Kimura was still sleeping, but responding to Goro's touch. When he was finished, he pulled away from Kimura, his head settled on his shoulder. Then he too fell asleep, knowing in the morning they would still be together.






Kimura woke. He was lying in Goro's bed. His lover slept beside him. He reached out, touching Goro. He had let Goro take his blood. One more feeding and his lover would be a werewolf. Kimura knew that Goro hadn't thought of reality. He had been blinded by his love for Kimura. If he took one more feeding, the enforcers would someday find out about him. The penalty for being a vampire/werewolf hybrid was death.


Kimura realized he would have to break it off with Goro. He had to keep his lover safe from the enforcers. No matter how much he loved him, he had to protect him.


Kimura wouldn't just leave Goro. It would hurt less if he told him in person. Perhaps Goro would understand. He got out of bed; he found a cigarette and lit it. Then he stood looking out the window. For a few hours he had happiness. The bond had returned when they slept. He closed his eyes and forced a barrier between them.  The emptiness that had filled his soul returned.


Now, to save Goro's life, he would have to leave.


Kimura looked at the photos on the wall. They were of the baby. Each one had been printed from the computer. So, the baby meant more to Goro then he had said. Even if he left, he promised to himself to give Goro back his daughter. She looked like Goro. It was only a matter of time until everyone realized that.


After about an hour, he could feel Goro stir. He reached out beside him, feeling for Kimura. Then with a disappointed sigh, he rubbed his eyes.


*I don't want to leave.* Kimura thought to himself. *I want to spend eternity with you.*


Goro smiled, as if he had heard Kimura's thoughts. Then he sat up, looking at Kimura. "How was your sleep?"


"It went well." He turned to Goro. "How was yours?"


"Best I've had in a long time." Goro smiled. "Come back to bed."


Kimura put his cigarette in an ashtray that was on the bedside table. Then he sat down beside Goro. He reached out, touching Goro's cheek. Then he let his hand drop. "Last night was wrong. I shouldn't have let you take my blood."


"Why? What did I do?"


"It isn't you, it's me." Kimura looked away from him. "If you take my blood one more time, you'll become like me."


"I told you before, it's my choice." Goro said firmly. "I want to be a hybrid."


"If someone turned you into the enforcers, you would die." This was harder then he had expected. "I can't have your death on my hands."


 "I had a feeling you would change your mind." Goro gave a half smile.


Kimura was puzzled by Goro's lack of sadness about the break up. Instead he acted is if he had expected it. He looked his lover in the eyes. "I have to save your life."


"It's too late." Goro reached out, touching Kimura's chest, right below the nipple was a bite mark he hadn't noticed.  "Last night, after you fell asleep, I took your blood again."


Kimura looked down to his chest. "Why did you do this?"


 "You might hate me forever for becoming like you are. I knew that was the risk." Goro paused, gathering his thoughts. "I want to spend my life with you. It was the only way."


Kimura got up; he went back to the window. Goro had just proven that he had a lot more courage then Kimura had given him credit for. "You could die."


"Even if I was with you for only one night, my death would be worth it." Goro opened himself fully to Kimura.  Suddenly the bond Kimura had suppressed was back, and stronger then before.  Kimura could feel the depth to Goro's love. He had thought of the drawbacks. His choice had been the right one for him.


"I've never had anyone love me that much." Kimura fought his own emotions that swept him. "I'm not worthy to be loved."


"Shouldn't that be my choice? I told you, I love you for you." Goro got up and went to him. "That includes your being a hybrid."


"Now you're one too."


"You'll have to teach me what to do."


"I will." Kimura promised.


"I'm glad I took your blood." His smile grew wider. "Don't feel guilty Takuya, it's what I wanted."


"Takuya?" Kimura tried to hide his own grin. The emptiness had left, he felt whole again. This time he knew it wouldn't go away.


"Kimura, sorry. I know I'm not allowed to use Takuya."  Goro cast his eyes downwards. Kimura could feel his terror of being punished. The way he had so many times before the break-up.


"It feels so good when you call me Takuya." Kimura touched him again. It felt good to touch his lover.  "It makes me feel like I'm completely yours."


"You want to be mine?" Goro couldn't keep the disbelief out of his voice.


"I've never belonged to anyone before." Kimura admitted. "If you belong to me, why can't I belong to you? You wouldn't mind if I was yours?"


"That's what I've always wanted." Goro confessed.


Kimura decided to take the chance. "I love you."


"I love you too."  Goro leaned forwards and kissed his lover.