Title: Bugs For Dinner

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Genre': Romance
Rating: PG
Pairings: TaNaka

Summary: While playing video games, Koki and Maru come to a new understanding about their friendship


Maru had always been jealous of Jin for being Koki's first love. Koki would never love anyone the way he did Jin, for Jin was his first love, and that meant he would always be special to Koki.

Partners, best friends. That was what everyone said about Tanaka Koki and Nakamaru Yuichi. Their relationship had always been more then just work friends; they hung out together in their private life. Koki had been the first person that Maru came out to. Then a year later, Koki came out to Maru.

Friends, close friends. Koki had been more then just a friend to Maru for quite some time. But Koki didn't feel that way to him. Maru wasn't his type. Maru knew what type of guy Koki liked, his type was more glamorous. Koki had gone out with Jin for a long time, but Jin had gone to America to study.

It wasn't like Maru was pure and innocent. He liked bad boys. He had gone out with almost every bad boy in the agency. Except for one. That one was Tanaka Koki.

Maru and Koki were spending the evening playing games. Maru didn't used to be a gamer. In fact, he still wasn't as good as Koki. But he played with his friend, learning to really enjoy the games.

Then Maru realized that the one person he loved more then anything was Koki. He wanted to spend his life at Koki's side. Not just as friends. He wanted to love Koki because he was in love with him. What was worse, he no longer cared if Koki had a boy friend.

He realized it in the strangest of places. They where in Koki's living room, playing video games.

"Koki?" Maru asked. Maru had taken a quick break from his playing.

"Yeah?" Koki didn't look up from his game.

"I love you," It was the first time that Maru had voiced his feelings to Koki.

"I love you too." Still, Koki didn't look at him.

"I mean it; I'm in love with you." Maru moved closer to Koki. He didn't protest, but he didn't act like it mattered.

"That's nice," Koki told him.

"I want to have wild sex with you," Maru continued.

"Perhaps later." Koki said. "Let's finish playing this game first."

Maru fought down the temptation to hit Koki. He was getting really frustrated. He wanted to have a serious talk with Koki, and all Koki could think about was games!

"I love your stomach muscles."

"Yeah, me too." Koki obviously wasn't listening.

"I love you so much that I want to tie you up and pour chocolate sauce on you." Maru told him. "Then I'll let ants eat it off."

"Sounds good,"

"I'm feeding you bugs for dinner." Maru continued.

"Sounds great."

"Do you want spiders or scorpions?"

"Donít' care, you choose," Koki said distracted.

"YOU DRIVE ME INSANE!" Maru shouted.

That made Koki look at him. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"You want bugs for dinner?"

"No I don't."

"You told me you did! And you want to be tied up with chocolate sauce poured all over you. Then have ants eat it off."

Koki wrinkled his nose. "I donít like those things."

"Yeah, but you agreed to them." Maru smiled evilly. "I told you I loved you, and you were too busy playing games."

"You love me?" Koki asked. "You mean as friends?"

"Not as friends," Maru gave him his most seductive look. Koki had a boy friend, but right now Maru didn't care. Jin was in America, and he was here.

"Are you sure?" Koki turned the TV off. "I'm not your type."

"You're exactly my type." Maru countered. "I like bad assed guys and youíre the badest of them all."

That made Koki smile. "Okay, how do I get out of having bugs for dinner?"

"You kiss me."

Koki leaned forwards kissing Maru very chastely on the lips. Then he pulled away from him. "All right, no bugs."

Maru sighed. That was a really bad kiss. Not like he expected. "Is that your best kiss?"

"What do you mean?" Koki challenged. "Can you kiss better then that?"

"Yeah, I can." Maru straddled Koki's lap. To say that Koki looked surprised was an understatement. Then Maru kissed him. The kind of kiss that he had craved from Koki. He could feel Koki put his arms around him. The kiss grew deeper, Maru demanding that he gain entrance to Koki's mouth. His friends sighed and gave into the kiss.

When they came up for air, Koki was smiling. "What was that for?"

"I love you." Maru smiled. "I want to spend my life at your side."

"What about lovers?" Koki asked gently. His hands running over Maru's back. "It's silly for us to be in love and not be lovers."

"Dunno, I kind of like this unexplored unfulfilled sexual tension."

"What does that mean?" He shifted, for the first time Maru could feel just how exited Koki was. "I mean you just crawl up on my lap, kiss the breath out of me, and nothing?"

"Oh I didn't say nothing would happen." Maru smiled evilly. He ground his hips against Koki again.

Koki gasped. "Please Yu-Chan."

"Please what?" Maru teased.

"I want to be your lover." Koki arched back for a second when Maru gave him yet another grind. "Are we going to do something, or are you just going to give me a lap dance?"

"Make me," Maru ordered.

Koki grabbed Maru around the waist. He picked up Maru, turning him, so that Maru was lying on his back on the couch. Then he pulled off his shirt and lay between Maru's legs. Then they were kissing again.

"Why does it always seem to be a time when we have too many clothes on?" Maru murmured between kisses.

"I don't know." Koki tried to work on Maruís clothes, but since he was on top of him, it was difficult. "New law, human beat boxes have to be nude all the time."

"You want everyone looking at my nude body?" Maru asked as he helped Koki off with his pants.

"No, you're mine!" Koki got up; he quickly took off his clothes.

Maru got to his feet. Koki helped him off with his clothes. Then Koki was pulling him close and kissing him. Maru closed his eyes, not caring that he was helping Koki cheat on his boy friend. He loved Koki, and there was nothing Jin could do to stop it.


Afterwards, Koki laid on the couch, Koki held Maru close. He kissed Maru very gently. It was one of the most intense loves making session that Koki ever had. As Koki held Maru, he realized that he never loved Jin, not the way he loved Maru. He knew Maru would never betray him. He was more then a lover to Koki, Maru was his best friend.

Something was bothering Maru. His friend didnít cuddle; instead he stiffened at Koki's touch. A tear rolled down Maru's cheek. Maru rolled off the couch, he found his jeans. Then without looking at Koki he pulled his jeans back on.

"What are you doing?" Koki asked.

"I'm getting ready to leave," Maru tried to sound like it didn't matter to him, but Koki knew him too well. All of this was really bothering Maru. Tears rolled down Maru's cheeks.

"Why do you have to leave?"

"You have a boy friend." Maru reminded him. "Jin will come back soon, and you'll be with him."

"Why do you think that?" Koki got to his feet; he went to Maru, hugging him from behind.

"I wish sometimes that I was the only man in your heart." Maru tried to pull away from Koki, but Koki wouldn't let him. "Then we could stay together."

Koki held onto Maru as if his life depended on it. . "Yu-Chan, please donít' go."

"I have to." Maru tried to hide his tears. "If it's a choice between me and Jin, what man in his right mind would pick me?"

That was when it hit Koki; Maru thought that Koki was still with Jin. That Maru had risked everything to love someone all ready with a lover. That Maru thought he wasnít as good as Jin. All Koki could think of was the Maru was much better then Jin, because Maru wasnít the type that would cheat on him. In Kokiís mind, Maru was the most wonderful man in the world.

"Yu-Chan, you're mistaken." Koki held him even tighter. "Listen to me, please."

Maru stopped struggling. "What do you want to tell me?"

"I broke up with Jin before he went to America."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Maru sounded like he didn't believe Koki.

"I thought you knew," Koki said simply.

"Why would you break up with someone as wonderful as Jin?"

"I found out that Jin gives his love freely to almost everyone." Koki told him. "I knew he wouldn't change in America. So I had to let him go."

"Jin cheated on you." Maru realized.

"He was never loyal to me." Koki agreed. "I found out I wasn't his only lover, I was just one of many."

"I'm sorry," Maru told him.

"I'm not." Koki kissed Maru's cheek. "If I had been with him, I never would have realized my true feelings for you." Koki let go of Maru. "I love you."

"I love you too." Maru told him.

"Will this be a one time thing?" Koki asked. "I feel different with you then I ever did with him. You're like the other half of my soul. Please don't leave me."

"I won't." Maru promised. He turned back to Koki. Tears were rolling down his cheeks.

Koki pulled Maru into his arms and kissed his lips. Maru sighed and gave into the kiss. Maru's tears dripped onto Koki's face.

"Are you really going to serve me bugs for dinner?" Koki asked between kisses.

"No, I have other plans for dinner." Maru told him. "Perhaps we can have a sandwich after we tired out from loving."

"That's going to be a long time." Koki kissed Maru again. Koki felt Maru's arms go around him, holding him tighter then he could imagine.

Koki would never love anyone the way he had Jin, for Jin was his first love, and that meant he would always be special to Koki. But sometimes, just sometimes the first love wasn't the best love. Nakamaru Yuichi would not be Koki's number one; he would be Koki's only one. The thing that made Koki overjoyed with happiness was that Koki knew that he was Maru's only one.