Title: Chains 1/1

Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Pairing: TaNaka
Genre: Yaoi
Rating: Nc-17
Note: This story takes place at the same time that part three of Lone Wolf happens, but can be read on its own.
Note 2: This is my feeble attempt of smut.
Summary: Koki and Maru are members of the fetish community


Kat-Tun had been put on probation. That was why they moved into the small apartment. The room was very small, not more then a walk in closet. There was a set of bunk beds, and a desk. There wasn't room for anything else but the dresser. The group was all living together again. The way they had when the group was first formed.

Maru remembered the happy times. They had all been friends then. Yes, Junno was picked on then, but it was good natured. Then the group started pairing off. Koki with Ueda, Jin with Junno, and Maru with Kame. All six had been too young for serious relationships.

The first relationship that self destructed was Jin and Junno's. Maru still couldn't understand why the pair had ever gotten together. As soon as they broke up, Jin had begun his vicious teasing of Junno. He also stole Kame away from Maru. Then Koki and Ueda had broken up.

At the time Maru was heartbroken. But he was the only one that still wanted the group to get along. Even though by then, everyone hated each other. But it seemed as if everyone hated Junno most of all.

Maru had tried, really tried to stay Junno's friend, but he found himself falling into the same teasing everyone else had. He hoped that perhaps this new apartment would give him his friend back. But still as he tried, he knew deep inside what he was doing was fake. That too much had happened between Maru and Junno for them ever to be friends.

The main reason why Maru loved the new apartment was the fact that he was going to be able to live with Koki. They had a special kind of love. Koki really understood him. Koki was the perfect man for Maru. He loved Maru, really loved him. He wouldn't do anything to hurt him intentionally. He wasn't like Kame, who had beaten him up emotionally. Had left bruises on him as a sign of ownership.

The lovers were sitting together on top of the desk. They had wanted some alone time which was hard to have when they had to share the apartment with four others.

"Hey Yu-Chan?" Koki asked there was suddenly a lilt to his voice.

"Yeah?" Maru asked.

"How come Ueda and Junno got the nice brass bed?" Koki sighed. "I mean the rails are just perfect."

Maru went to the bed; he let his hands run over the railings of the bed. "These are nice strong railings. Handcuffs won't mark them the way they will with brass railings."

Koki got up, he examined them. "You're right, they are strong. Did you bring the hand cuffs?"

"Of course I did." Maru went to one of the two boxes he was allowed to bring. He opened one, and took out hand cuffs. "I also brought my blind folds and your favorite whips."

"My good little slave." Koki purred. "Now prepare yourself."

"Of course....master." Maru said happily. "Do you think that Junno would like to be whipped?"

Koki knew about Maru's secret. That he was really attracted to Junno. It wasn't that he really wanted him, just fantasized about him sometimes. Koki swatted Maru hard on the ass. "I have need for only one slave!"

"Yes master,"

"I need you, get ready." Koki told him.

Maru couldn't help but smile as he prepared himself for bed. He took off his clothes, and then fastened his cock ring, so that he wouldn’t come without permission. The collar was next, it went around his neck. He attached a chain to it.

Koki was watching, desire in his eyes. He wouldn't take off his clothes, not yet. It wasn't time.

He handed the blind fold to Koki. It was proof to Koki that Maru trusted him. Koki fastened the blind fold, not making it too tight. Then he grabbed the chain and pulled slightly. Maru moved downwards.

He could feel Koki's lips on his, kissing him roughly. Hungrily, Koki needed him, really needed him.

"Lay down," Koki ordered.

Maru felt for the bed. It wasn't that hard to find. Then he lay on his stomach and let Koki fasten the hand cuffs. They weren't too tight. It wasn't like when he was with Kame, Maru still had scars from being with Kame.

.He waited in anticipation for that first blow to come down on his back. When it did come, it sent shivers up and down his spine.

"Do you want another?" Koki asked.

"Please master, give me another." Then he gasped in pleasure as Koki hit him again. His body moved a little bit forwards so that his hardness rubbed against the sheet.

He could feel Koki running the whip down his body, slowly, gently. Then back up, over his neck to his chin.

"Do you love your whip?" Koki asked.

"Yes master,"

'Then kiss it."

Maru kissed his whip. He let his tongue run over the tip. "I've been so bad, please hit me again."

Then Koki began to whip Maru again, the blows stung but didn't hurt. It drove Maru insane. He wanted more, much more. He wanted the discipline to hurt.

"Please master, whip me harder." Maru begged.

"Are you sure?"

"Please master, discipline me until you're ready to take me." He rubbed himself against the bed, excited at the mere thought of being beaten by Koki.

That was all the permission Koki needed. He began to punish his slave in earnest. Maru gasped with every hit, moving forwards slightly, every blow making his hardness stroke against the sheets. It felt so good, and Maru had been so bad. He knew that he really deserved the pain.

Maru knew his flesh was getting red. But not bruised. Koki was good to keep his slave from showing marks.

The pain made Maru feel good, really good. With ever blow, he rubbed against the bed. He was so close to coming, but the cock ring prevented him.

"Please master, let me cum." Maru begged.

"You've been a good little slave, time for your reward." Koki unfastened Maru.

Maru sat up in bed, on his knees. He still couldn't see. His master hadn't given him permission. He could feel Koki's hands on him, taking the cock ring off.

Then he felt Koki smear something onto Maru's fingers. "Fuck yourself. Use all the fingers."

Maru reached behind him, and shoved all the fingers of his hand into himself. He felt his mind began to rush. He sat still for a moment, and then began to thrust them in and out. His other hand went to his aching penis, to give himself some relief, but Koki swatted it away.

"You still don't have permission to cum." Koki told him. "Now increase the tempo, you're going to slow."

"Yes, master." Maru grabbed the sheet beside him. Then he rammed his fingers inside of him over and over. As hard as he could. It hurt, but Maru liked it rough. He was giving his master a show. His fingers raked his sweet spot. He began to cry out with ever thrust.

"Master, I'm so close," Maru gasped. "I don't think I can hold on any more."

"Then let go."

That was all the permission Maru needed. He put his hand on his penis, and stroked. He needed only a few strokes before he erupted. His sperm trapped in his fingers.

"Clean yourself," Came the order.

Maru brought his fingers to his lips and licked them clean. He did it slowly, teasingly. He wanted to give his master the best show.

Maru could feel his body being turned. Koki swatted the fingers that were still inside Maru away. Maru could hear his master remove his clothes.

"What do you want?" Koki asked harshly.

"I want you inside me." Maru gasped.

"Hold onto the bed rail."

Maru did as he was ordered. Then he felt Koki enter him. His master began to thrust really hard, over and over. Not really caring for Maru's pleasure, for Maru really loved it this way. Maru gasped and shoved himself backwards with every thrust, so that Koki was even more inside of him.

Maru held onto the rail as hard as he could. He could feel his fingers slipping from the lube that he had used to love himself. But Maru didn't want stop it, not when it felt so good. Instead, he fought to keep his hands on the rail, even as they slipped.

Then with one final hard push, Koki came. It knocked Maru off balance. He fell forwards, his head hitting the railing.

Everything went black.


Maru woke a few moments later. The blindfold and the collar had been removed. He was under the covers. There was as cool cloth on his forehead. Maru realized that Koki must have cleaned him up.

"How are you doing?" Koki asked concerned.


"Don’t call me that right now." Koki said softly. "Your head, does it hurt?"

Maru reached up, he touched the lump on his head. "What happened?"

"I was too rough. I didn't think of your feelings, and you got hurt." Suddenly Koki looked very, very sorry.

"It's all right, it was an accident."

"I made you a promise when we first got together," Koki said softly. "I promised I would never hurt you. What did I tell you would happen if I ever hurt you?"

"Koki-Chan," Maru gasped, he could remember the promise.

"Do you remember the promise?" Koki persisted.

"You told me you would leave me if you seriously hurt me." Maru said by rote.

"I have to keep my end of the promise,"

"Master...." When Koki flinched, Maru corrected himself. "Koki, Please don't leave me."

"I said I wouldn't be like him, and look what I did to you."

"No Koki." Maru sat up. "Kame would hurt me on purpose. He wouldn't care for my pleasure. What happened was an accident. My hand slipped."

"Your hand slipped?" Koki sounded as if he didn't believe Maru.

"It's my fault; I am the one that should have told you that I couldn't hold on. That I hadn't wiped the lube off my fingers." Tears stung Maru's eyes. "But it felt so good. I didn't want it to stop."

Koki just looked at Maru, thinking. Maru could almost see the wheels turn in Koki's head as he thought.

"It's my fault," Maru finally said. "I wasn't being a good slave."

"No, you're the best slave." Koki told him. "But next time, I'm going to have to discipline you for not telling me that you where slipping."

"I can't wait." Maru told him.

"It's getting late, move over." Koki ordered.

Maru did as he was told. Koki got into the bed with him. He took him into his arms. Koki always seemed to be more then gentle after they made love, almost as if it was to make up for the pain he had given him

Koki took Maru's wrist into his hand; there was a bruise there that Maru hadn't noticed. He kissed it. "I'm so sorry."

"It's all right,"

"I promised I would never bruise you." Koki reminded him.

"It was an accident, my love." Maru told him. "I got too turned on by the discipline. I kept pulling on my own bonds."

"I'm so lucky to have you," Koki told him.

"No, I am the lucky one." Maru kissed him gently.

Koki eased Maru's head onto his shoulders. He began to stroke Maru's hair. "Go to sleep my love. We've got a busy day in the morning."

Koki was such a good master, who didn't beat him too hard. Everyone in the group seemed to have troubles, but Maru didn't. He had found the perfect man for him. One that gave him the perfect mix of pain and pleasure.