Title: Childhood Friends Part One
Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Pairing: Hina/Yoko a bit of Yoko/Subaru
Genre: Angst/Romance
Summary: Yokoyama You had a one sided love for his oldest friend. Not only that, he's been suspended from the group.


Yokoyama You real first name Kimitaka placed the framed photo on the nightstand beside his bed. It was his favorite photo, taken before Kanjani 8 had debuted. Yoko was sitting; Hina was behind him with his arms around his shoulders. It had been something Hina used to do when they were young. When life was a whole lot more innocent. Before each had joined Johnny's. He would keep the photo of his oldest friend and him. It wasn't really a photo, it was something taken out of a magazine.

Yoko had known he liked boys before he had even heard of a thing called Johnny's. Back in the days when Hina was called Shingo and he was Yoko's best friend. Hina was the first one he had come out to. It never mattered to Hina. But his best friend was straight and didn't like guys. Hina had helped Yoko hide the truth from the world. When the other boys at school realized he was gay, he had been picked on. Until Hina had taught him to fight back.

Yoko wished for those days, before time had changed their friendship. Back before the divorce and Yoko being forced to quit school and help support his family. Hina had interests that Yoko didn't fully understand, because he wasn't as educated as Hina. Now the two never spent time together by choice.

Yokoyama Yu didn't expect the tabloid story that broke. He really didn't realize the amount of trouble that he would be in with Johnny-sama. A tabloid had a front page story about his being gay. His girl friend has sold the story that he's in love with a Kanjani member.

Johnny-sama demanded that Yoko tell him who he was in love with. Yoko refused. He was never with Hina after all. Johnny-sama suspended Yoko for a month, ordered to get over the fellow member, and act straight again.

As Yoko unpacked his things, he knew he would never act straight again. He realized he would never go back to the agency. He was like many others, an out of work former idol.


Yoko's mom understood she knew about the press story. She told him if he wanted to quit, she would let him come work at the family store. .

Yoko wasn't too sure what would happen when the time was up. He reminded himself over and over that this was for the best. He shouldn't have fallen in love with him. He didn't know why he fell in love with Hina. His friend was so smart, he would spend hours reading books. He was so outgoing, loud, and very funny. He was nothing like Yoko who had to pretend to be outgoing, when inside he was very shy.

Yoko was working on his mother's computer. He had found a distance learning school. He had been working hard for the past few years to try and get an education. He had started with Middle school, since he had been so young when he was forced to quit school. He was now a freshman in high school. He had never told any of the group he was trying to get an education. He knew they would have teased him about it. He didn't even enroll with the name he used, which was his mother's family name. Instead, he used the name he used before the divorce and his real first name.

Yoko could hear his mother talking to someone in the next room. He ignored it. She had called a plumber about the shower that had broken earlier in the morning.

"So this is where you're hiding." A very familiar voice said.

Yoko turned to him. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to visit."

"You’re not supposed to."

"Since when have I ever done anything I'm supposed to?" Subaru came closer to him.

"This isn't a good idea, what if the press was outside?" Yoko asked worried that Subaru too would get into trouble.

"They're not." Subaru told him. "I did check."

Subaru walked to the computer. He looked at the screen. Yoko quickly saved and got out of it.

"What are you doing?" his friend asked.

"I'm just fooling around on the computer." he tried to lie. "Just playing a few games."

"That's strange, because that's where Hina, Ryo and I got our high school diplomas." Subaru told him. "Of course then we had to complete assignments and mail them in."

"Yes, I'm doing distance learning." Yoko confessed. "Now that I'm out of work, I need to make something of my life."

"I always wondered, why you didn't do distance learning when we did?"

"How could I do distance learning high school, when I never went to middle school?" Yoko went to his bed and sat down. "At the time they didn't have a program for middle school."

"Why are you using a fake name?" Subaru sat down on the other end of the bed.

"I didn't want to be recognized."

"That's a good idea. I thought we needed to talk." Subaru said seriously. "Your ex is going to the press again. She called me, to gloat. She told me everything, even the name of the one you love."

"Oh no," Yoko looked down to his hands. He hadn't expected that. He hadn't told his ex girl friend who it was, just said it was his oldest friend.

"I can't understand why you would go out with someone like her." Subaru moved closer to him. "She's a bitch, she's totally ruthless, self centered, heartless, and only out for money."

"She's a lot like Ryo." Yoko pointed out.

"You're right, she is." Subaru smiled. "I should have realized."

"You're always very busy."

"Never busy enough for someone like you." Subaru reached out gently and moved a hair from Yoko's face. "I'm never too busy for you." Subaru's fingers moved so that he was caressing Yoko's cheek.

"Baru-Chan, please don't touch me." Yoko said almost like a prayer.

"Why can't I touch you?" Subaru moved even closer to him.

"Because you're playing, and I don't want to play."

"Who says I'm playing?" Then Subaru was kissing him.

It had been a long time since Yoko had kissed another man. As Subaru kissed him, he realized it was too long. Not only that, he thought of Subaru as being attractive. It took all of Yoko''s will to pull away from him. "Don't do this to me! We both know you're going out with Shota! I don't want to be with you!"

"You're kidding right?" Subaru asked. "Your ex told me that you are in love with me."

"Of course I'm not kidding!" Yoko paused. "Besides..."


"My ex guessed wrong. I told her that I was in love with my oldest friend in Johnny's." Yoko explained. "She assumed it had to be you."

"You’re the first person I met at the audition."

"I've known Hina for as long as I can remember." Yoko admitted.

"So who do you love?" Subaru acted like he hadn't heard Yoko's almost confession. "Have you discussed this with Hina?"

"How can I discuss it with him?" Yoko felt hopeless.

"You really need to talk to him about this. He's your oldest friend."

"I can't," Yoko closed his eyes. Subaru, as always was getting to close to the truth.

"You love him." Subaru realized. "Why didn't you tell him the truth?"

"The truth? What's that? That I'm in love with my oldest friend." Yoko felt the tears stinging his eyes. "That the one I want to spend my life with is straight! It's better this way Baru that he doesn't find out."


I've got to get my mind off of Kimi." Murakami Shingo known as Hina thought as he tried to concentrate on the book he was reading. But he couldn't concentrate. All he could think of was his friend Yoko, who had been suspended for a month. It wasn't fair that Johnny-sama had been so harsh with his friend. Yoko had done what the rest of the gay members of Johnny's had to do. He had pretended to go out with girls. Just because one girl friend went to the press without any proof, Yoko had to be punished.

Hina was jealous of the fact that Yoko was in love. He was upset that Yoko hadn't trusted him enough to tell him the truth. As a child Yoko used to always confide in him. But time had changed their friendship. They were so busy being the leaders of Kanjani 8 that they really didn't have too much time to be together.

Just then his doorbell rang. It had to be someone who had passes to come to his apartment. Everyone else had to be beeped in. Grateful to the interruption, Hina answered the door. It was Subaru.

"What are you doing back so soon?" Hina asked as he ushered his friend into the apartment. "Did you find Kimi?"

"Yeah, the love sick puppy was at his mom's house." Subaru sat on Hina's couch.

"And?" Hina demanded.

"We ate lunch, and I came over here." Subaru shrugged.

"You did remind him that you’re with Shota?" Hina sat on the other end of the couch.

"No, I kissed him." Subaru admitted.

Hina suddenly wanted to punch Subaru. He counted to ten very slowly. "Why did you kiss him?"

"I wanted to test him."

"I see," Though Hina didn’t' see at all.

"Kimi wouldn't let me kiss him." Subaru admitted. "I'm not the one he's in love with."

'Did you find out who it is?"

"I can tell you he has a framed photo of the one he loves beside his bed." Subaru told him. "I'm pretty sure he took it out of a magazine. I don't think the two of them would pose that way unless they had been told to."

"So He's not friends with this person." Hina began to think. "But what did Kimi tell that girl? That he was in love with his oldest Johnny's friend. You're the first one to meet him at the audition."

"Perhaps," Subaru gave him a sly smile. "But you have to think of his oldest friend."

"You mean someone else he met at the audition?" Hina guessed.

"I don't believe this," Subaru sighed exasperated. "That's it; I've decided that you two deserve each other."

"We deserve each other?" Hina repeated.

"How come when it comes to Kimi's feelings, you get so stupid? It's not like the two of you haven’t known each other all your life." Subaru got to his feet and went to the door. "If you can figure out who's been Kimi's friend so long that he can't remember a life without him. You'll be able to figure out whom he loves." With that, Subaru left.

Hina went to the door, locking it. Then he put his head against the door. Could Subaru’s words be true? Was Yoko in love with him? There was only one way to find out. He would have to go find Yoko.

For the first time Hina realized he had no idea where Yoko’s mother lived. Hina went to his cell phone and dialed the number of his brother. His brother was still close to Yoko’s family. He realized as he called his brother that it shouldn’t have gotten to this point. They should have remained close friends. Then Yoko would have been able to tell Hina the truth.




Yoko was at work in his stepmother's grocery store. It was in a nice part of town. He was used to work. He had been working since his step mother made him quit school at thirteen. Yoko understood his father had left his step mother for another woman. His step mother had gotten guardianship of all the children including her step son Kimitaka.

Without Yoko working, his brothers would have had to quit their exclusive schools. Since his stepmother had told him countless times that he wasn't as smart as his brothers, he had to be the one that made sure they got an education.

Yoko was stocking cans of peas on the shelf. He had to do this; he had to continue working, though he would have liked to have gone somewhere and hid until all of the scandal was over. But there was something in his personal life that made him work hard. He was paying for his two younger brother's education. They were really his two half brothers. They were the sons of his father. They were smart, both going to college.

Yoko wondered how it would be like if he had been able to finish school. He couldn't go to college yet because he hadn't even gone to junior high. He knew that now that he was no longer an idol he wouldn't be able to afford something like college.

Johnny-sama had promised Yoko’s stepmother that when he became a junior, he would get his education. Like many things Johnny-sama said, it was a lie. The kind of education Johnny-sama gave him was the kind that Yoko wanted to forget.

Yoko tried to concentrate on his stocking. That would be a good job for an out of work idol. He could support his family by helping out at the store. He also knew that if he worked he could keep his mind off of Hina. The only problem with trying to forget his friend was the tabloids that were in the small magazine rack. Almost everyone had a front page story about Hina being seen in public with his latest girl friend. This one seemed to be more serious. One tabloid reported that they had been seen shopping for engagement rings.

"What are you doing?" a very familiar voice asked.

Yoko looked up to Hina. "What does it look like? I'm working."

"You're working," Hina repeated.

"I'm now the stocker for my mother's store." Yoko explained. "Now if you can excuse me, I've really got a lot to do."

Hina didn't say anything to Yoko. He went down the aisle, to another stack of boxes. He opened one and began to stock the shelf. Yoko had a brief flash of a memory. Of Hina being twelve years old and helping Yoko stock his stepmother's' store shelves. Yoko's stepmother always gave Yoko too much work, and the only way he could get time off was to have help. Hina never complained that he had to help out. Instead he always seemed to enjoy it.

"What are you doing?" Yoko asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Hina turned back to the shelf and got back to work. "We always used to help each other out in the past. You do remember those times don't you?"

"Of course I remember," Yoko told him. They hadn't talked about the times before Yoko left school in years. . It was one of the happiest times in Yoko's life. He had a best friend that really cared for him.


Hina stayed with Yoko during the day, working at his side, like it used to be. Yoko had always been one that had to throw everything into his work. Hina wondered if Yoko was working because he wanted to, or was it his mother's influence. Even though his stepmother owned a store, she was dependant on the money that Yoko gave her. It was so much like the times when they were kids.

It was late when the store finally closed. They were the only the two of them still working. Yokoyama-san hadn't worked that day. It was her day off. Hina had a chance to check the schedule sheet. Yoko was on it every day for the next three weeks, without a day off. It didn't even have Yoko's name on it; instead it was the nick name that Yoko's stepmother had given him when he was small child. A name Hina hated.

"What are you doing after work?" Hina asked him.

"I don't know, probably eat something." Yoko shrugged.

"We could go out for some ramen,” Hina offered. "I know that money's tight, so why don't I treat you?"

"I can't," Yoko looked away from him. "The press is following me around."

"Why don't I make you some ramen?" Hina suggested.

"All right," Yoko agreed.

Hina went to the shelves picking out items for his famous homemade ramen. He was nervous, he hadn't seen Yoko's stepmother in years. He was worried she would reject him, as she had all those years ago.


Hina followed Yoko to the upstairs apartment. Yoko was embarrassed that his mother chose to live on the top floor of the grocery store.

"I'm home," Yoko said as they walked into his stepmother's upstairs apartment.

'Cinderella, I wasn’t expecting you for at least two more hours! Are you sure you got the store clean?" Yokoyama-san called from the other room. "I want it spotless for tomorrow."

"Yes Mother, it's clean." Yoko promised.

Yoko went to the living room, followed by his friend. Yokoyama-san was watching something on TV. She stood up when she saw Hina. "Shingo-Chan, it's been a long time."

"I'm sorry I've been away so long. I've had work." Hina said with a bow. "Do you mind if I use your kitchen? I'm going to make Kimi some ramen."

"You don't have to ask." She told him. "It's your home too."

"Thank you," Hina went into the kitchen.

"Cinderella, why did you bring him here?" Yokoyama-san hissed.

"Shingo's my friend. He offered to make me dinner." Yoko paused. "You didn't mind when Shibutani Kun came to visit."

"Shingo's different and you know it." She told him. "You know it's better for the whole family when he stays away."

"How is it better?" Yoko countered. "If you send him away again, I'll never forgive you."

"I had my reasons to not let Shingo live with us. He’s the one that caused the divorce between your father and me!" his stepmother said defensively.

“Your divorce wasn’t Shingo’s fault!” Yoko tried hard to control his temper. “How could you blame him for my father running off with another woman?”

"You were too young to understand what I had to do." Yokoyama-san insisted. “Everything I did was for your benefit Cinderella.”

"I'm tired of talking about the past. We can't change anything anyway." Yoko headed towards the kitchen. "Don't worry; I'll eat in the kitchen."


Hina worked on making dinner. He tried not to listen to the conversation going on in the next room. It was hard; he didn't know why Yokoyama-san still had such hard feelings about him. Nothing she hated him for was his fault.

Hina didn't like Yokoyama-san. She had nick named Yoko Cinderella when he was a small child. She had decided from the beginning that he would be the one that would do all the chores and earn the money to support the family. Nothing Yoko ever did was good enough for her. Everything Yoko did was criticized by her as not being good enough.

Yoko came into the kitchen. He leaned against the door, a tear rolling down his cheek. It was so much like when they were children; Yoko's mother had abused him emotionally so much that he cried often. Then Yoko was punished for crying.

"Kimi-Chan," Hina went to him, wiping the tear of his face. "Please don't cry."

"She makes me so mad. Why can't she put the past behind her?" Yoko asked.

"I don't know," Hina admitted. "I didn't realize she still called you that awful name."

"But that's what I am." Yoko reminded him. "I'm the one that has to work for the family. I'm the one that's stupid."

"Kimi-Chan, you're not stupid." Hina suddenly wanted to kiss Yoko. But he couldn't do it, not in Yokoyama-san's kitchen. He didn't want to think what would happen if they were caught kissing.

"Stay tonight, please." Yoko sounded like a lost child. "Please Shingo, just this once."

"Of course I'll stay, you don't have to ask." Hina smiled at him. 'Now do you want something to eat?"

"I'm starving," Yoko admitted.

"I made the ramen just the way you like it." Hina went back to the stove. He dished up a bowl of ramen for Yoko and set it on the kitchen table. Then he got himself a bowl. Yoko was waiting for him. That was one thing that Hina really liked about his friend, Yoko always thought of others. They began to eat, chatting about the day.


After they ate, Yoko took Hina to his bedroom. It was more like a large walk in closet. He noticed the photo on the bed side table. It was taken before they debuted, when they were still a part of the Three Baka's. Yoko has sat in a chair, Hina stood behind him, his arms around Yoko's shoulders. Their smiles were genuine, not the fake smiles that they had to put on for photo shoots. It was a really nice photo, and Hina wished he had a copy of it.

Yoko went to the photo, putting it in the drawer. He looked very embarrassed as if he had been caught doing something wrong.

"You didn't have to put it up." Hina told him. "I really like that photo."

"I would feel better if it's put up." Yoko told him. "Besides, Mother might see it. I don't want it disappearing when I'm at work."

"All right." Hina agreed.

"I still have the same trundle bed I had as a kid." Yoko pulled the spare bed out from under the first one. "I don't know why I don't replace it."

"There's nothing wrong with it." Hina sat down on it. "It was always a nice bed."

They got ready for bed. Hina borrowed a pair of Yoko's pajamas. Yoko turned off the lights and they both got into bed. Hina looked up to the ceiling. It wasn't the same room Yoko had as a kid, but it was the same bed. In a way it made him feel like a child again. He wondered what Yoko would have done if all those years ago, Hina had told him the truth. That Hina had always loved him. But Hina had been afraid to lose his oldest friend.

"We don't talk about the old times, but I was wondering, do you miss it?" Yoko asked very quietly.

"Yeah, I do." Hina admitted. "I was so happy then. It hasn't been the same since. Do you want to go back to those times?"

"I just wish we could still be close like we were back then." Yoko confessed.

"Too many things have changed." Hina reminded him.

"I know, I know." Yoko paused. "I just wish my mom hadn't changed my family name."

"It was part of the divorce settlement," Hina said in almost a whisper.

"I sometimes wish there was no such thing as divorce." Yoko admitted.

"I do too, but what can we do about it?" Hina paused. "Can I push my bed so that it's right next to yours?"

"Yeah sure."

Hina got out of bed. He pushed his trundle so that it was against Yoko's. It was so much like a full bed this way. Then he got back into bed. Yoko was so close that Hina could hear his breathing. He could Yoko shudder as he moved closer to him. He knew that Yoko cared for him. Hina rolled over; he reached out to find Yoko's face. Then he kissed Yoko very, very gently.

"Shingo-Chan..." Yoko gasped. "You have a girl friend."

"Don't worry about that," Hina soothed. "I just wanted to give you a good night kiss."

"Is that all it was?" Yoko sounded heartbroken.

"No, it's more than that. Much more than just good night." Hina kissed him again, this time the kiss was longer.

Yoko pulled away from him. "We can't do that, not here. What if mother walked in on us?"

"You're right."" Hina realized. "We better go to sleep. Good night Kimi."

"Good night Shingo." Yoko said as he closed his eyes.

As Hina was trying to go to sleep, he felt Yoko take his hand and squeeze it. Then Yoko brought Hina's hand to his lips and kissed it. "Good night my love."


It was so much like old times, Hina getting up early in the morning, borrowing some of Yoko's clothes. Then going to the kitchen for breakfast.

Yokoyama san was cooking something on the stove. "Shingo-Chan, I'm making you eggs and sausage."

"Thank you," Hina sat down at the table.

Yoko stumbled into the kitchen a few moments later, his hair wet from the shower he had just taken. He looked at Hina and smiled for just a second.

"What's for breakfast?" Yoko asked.

"There's some left over rice in the rice cooker," Yokoyama san told him. "You can eat that."

Yoko got a bowl out of the cabinet; he then filled it with left over rice. He grabbed some chopsticks and sat at the table across from Hina.

In a few moments, Yokoyama san put a filled plate in front of Hina.

"Hurry up and eat," She snapped at Yoko. "You've got a lot of dishes to wash."

"I'll hurry." Yoko promised.

"Do you want me to help you with work again?" Hina asked Yoko as they ate breakfast.

"Don't you have your Johnny's work?" Yoko asked concerned. "Won't you get in trouble?"

"I talked to the old man; he's given me some time to talk you into coming back to the group after your suspension." Hina admitted.

"I don't know if I'll do that." Yoko admitted. "My family needs me to help out."

"We could always use another hand Shingo," Yokoyama san told Hina. "It would be nice to have you help out. It will be like the old times again."

"Yeah, it will," Hina put on a fake smile.

Yokoyama san left the room. Without saying anything Hina reached over and put some of his sausage in Yoko's rice bowl. Then heaped some eggs on top of it.

"That woman makes me so angry." Hina admitted. "If that woman could make me breakfast, why couldn't she make you some?"

"That's because I'm just a servant." Yoko told him.


Working in a grocery store was never the same every day. Yoko never knew who would come in. Yoko was working as cashier when Maru and Ryo came into the store. He realized he should have expected it. Ryo lived in an apartment nearby. Ryo grabbed a basket and pushed it towards the vegetable department. He was followed by Maru.

Yoko breathed a sigh of relief, they hadn't seen him. He felt depressed. The pair was out within the agency, and nothing was ever done to them. No one was suspended. Instead, they were allowed to live in peace. But Yoko knew that if the press found out, that the lovers would be in the same boat as Yoko was. They too would be suspended.

Yoko could hear very loud talking coming from one of the isles. That's when he realized Maru and Ryo had found Hina.

That was just what he needed. If Yoko wasn't careful, the entire agency would find out where he was staying. They made fun of him enough as it was, without Ryo knowing the truth. Yoko realized his life would be a living hell for the rest of his life, or at least the next few months.

The cart came into view. Maru smiled when he saw him. "Hi Kimi, how are you doing?"

"Fine I guess." Yoko shrugged.

"Hina told me you were working here," Ryo said. "I didn't realize this was your mom's store."

"I don't tell many people." Yoko admitted.

"If you need anything, tell us." Maru looked into his eyes. "Really Kimi, we don't mind helping."

"Thanks," he looked at the basket. "You two finished?"

"I thought we could talk for a while." Maru told him.

Just then Yokoyama-san walked by them, she smiled when she saw them. "Good afternoon Nishikido Kun, Maruyama kun."

"Good afternoon Yokoyama-san," Ryo gave her one of his winning, totally fake smiles. "How are you doing?"

"We're very busy. Why don't you visit Kimi sometime after he gets off work?" she hinted.

"What time do you get off work?" Maru asked.

"Midnight," Yoko told them. He knew that they would never come visit his stepmother's house.

"You two better run along, my son's got a lot of work to do." she told them.

"Right, we need to check out." Maru decided.

"See you boys later," With that, Yokoyama san walked to the other end of the store.

Yoko began to busy himself with Maru's basket of groceries. He unloaded the cart, as he did he added up the basket in his head. When he was finished he told them. "The total amount for your groceries is ten thousand two hundred and seventy six yen including tax."

"Kimi, don't you think you better use the cash register?" Maru asked.

"I think you overcharged us." Ryo pointed out.

"Here, I'll ring them up." Hina volunteered. "But I bet you two if Yoko is right, you owe us two thousand yen."

"What if he's wrong?" Ryo's eyes narrowed.

"I'll pay for your groceries." Hina promised.

"Deal," Ryo smiled evilly. "I just love winning easy money!"

Hina began to add up the groceries, and Yoko bagged them. In a few minutes he said. "The grand total of your purchase is: Ten thousand two hundred and seventy six yen including tax."

"I can't believe that!" Maru gasped.

"Let me see the receipt." Ryo ordered.

Hina showed him the receipt. Ryo got out his wallet and paid them, plus the money for the bet.

"See you later you two." Maru said as they left.

"I knew you do that trick all the time, but you have to be careful." Hina said very seriously. "Ryo's the type to realize what you're doing."

"I'm such a baka." Yoko murmured.

"Don’t' call yourself that!" Hina snapped. "You're smart, very, very smart."

Just then Yokoyama san began to yell for Yoko. He smiled as his friend and went to find his step mother.


Hina worked with Yoko. His schedule that day was from 8 am to closing. The hours were way too long, and he wondered why his friend didn't say anything about that. He wasn't even scheduled for breaks.

Cinderella was what Yoko's mother always called his friend. Hina always wondered what did that make him? Yoko always called him Prince Charming. But the Prince Charming was supposed to rescue Cinderella, not be sent away.

"Shingo Chan," Yokoyama-san said as she looked at tabloid.

"Yes?" Hina looked up from his work.

"This paper says you're about to become engaged. I’ll really like to meet your girl friend." She showed him the tabloid.

"You want to meet my girl friend?" Hina repeated.

"Don't you think it's natural that I'd want to meet the girl you're going to spend your life with?" Yokoyama smiled a bit.

"I suppose so," Hina sighed.

Hina looked over to Yoko who was pretending to work without listening. His hands were shaking as he stacked the ears of corn. Hina realized he would have to say something very soon about his girl friend to Yoko. Perhaps then he would understand.

"Well Shingo? Don't you want to call her?" Yokoyama-san prompted.

"She's filming a drama today," Hina lied. "I'll try and contact her this evening."

"You're such a good boy. I wish Cinderella was more like you." Yokoyama-san grabbed her purse. "I need to run a few errands. Watch the store for me!"

Hina watched Yokoyama leave. Then he turned back to Yoko.

"I'm sorry,"

"Don't be," Yoko finished stacking the corn. He pushed his cart to the fresh beans. "I'm just a little jealous. Mother's never wanted to meet any of my girlfriends."

"I've noticed that your girl friends are like her," Hina pointed out.

"I know I keep attracting lovers who have mother's personality." Yoko shrugged. "We better get to work, or we'll be here all night."


Yoko busied himself with work. He just knew his step mother would bring up the truth. That Hina had a girl friend. Yoko couldn't help be jealous. He wondered why Hina had kissed him the night before. For a brief instant the kiss had given Yoko hope. Now Hina was going to have his girlfriend come over. Yoko knew he wouldn't be able to compete against the girl friend. She was a top actress, she was beautiful.

Besides, Yoko was supposed to get over being openly gay. He was supposed to stop loving Hina the way he did. There was a word for the feelings Yoko had for Hina. The word was a horrible, terrible word that Yoko couldn't even breathe. It was one of the reason's his step mother sent Hina away those years before. She said it was to protect Hina, from Yoko.

Yoko went into the store room to get some more items that ran out. He was surprised to find that Hina followed him, shutting the door behind him.

"So that’s where you went." Hina moved closer to him. "We have to talk about my girl friend Erika."

"No, we don't need to. There's nothing wrong with you having a girl friend I guess." Yoko didn't look at him, instead concentrated on the cans on the shelf.

"Erika means nothing to me." Hina began; Yoko closed his eyes from the truth. "She's a lesbian. We date to fool the press into thinking we're straight."

"You're straight Shingo." Yoko reminded him.

"Do you know why that woman sent me away?" Hina asked. "We were both so young, I was only twelve. Do you want to know my secret? The one that changed both our lives?"

"The past no longer matters.” Yoko whispered.

"That woman found out my feelings for you." He touched Yoko's chin, turning it so he could look into his eyes. "My first love, you’ll always be my first love."


"We're no longer children." Hina told him hoarsely. "She can't just send us away anymore."

"But it's illegal...."

"No, my love it isn't." Hina tried to soothe. "That woman made sure of that."

"Why do you call Mother that woman? She's your..." Yoko couldn't say anything else, because Hina was kissing him. He pushed Yoko against the shelf.

Yoko realized he would be all right if Hina was there. Yoko knew that Hina was lying to him, that their feelings for each other were wrong. But he needed Hina's touch. He wanted just for a while to know that everything he was going through was worth it, because he had Hina.




Hina woke, his whole body hurt from work the day before. He reached out to see if Yoko was in the next bed. He found the bed empty. He wondered if that woman had made Yoko wake up early and do something horrible like clean the house again.

Hina hated that woman, the woman who had sent him away when he was only twelve. Giving him to his real father’s family. He hadn't even met the people before he had been sent there. He had felt as if he had failed Yoko. He had promised Yoko that he would always protect him from that woman. He hated himself for lying.

Hina realized the bedroom light was on. Yoko was working at his computer. He was wearing his sleep clothes, and his black rimmed glasses. He also looked very, very serious about his studies.

Hina put on his glasses and glanced at the clock. It was five in the morning. They still had an hour before they had to get up for work. Not only that, they hadn't gotten to bed until past one.

Hina got out of bed and went to Yoko. He glanced at the screen. Yoko was working on his distance learning, doing some strange calculation that made Hina's head spin just looking at it. He also noticed Yoko's name Murakami Kimitaka. Yoko was using the family name that he used before the divorce.

"Good morning," Hina kissed his cheek. Yoko yelped and almost fell off his chair. Hina couldn't help but smile. "It's just me."

"Sorry did I wake you?" Yoko asked concerned.

"It's all right; I needed to get up anyway." Hina sat back down on his bed. He fished a book out from his bag and began to read.

Hina read for about an hour, as he did Yoko worked on his school work. Hina thought a lot about Yoko when he tried to read. If Hina could get Yoko talked into coming back to the group, he would be able to finish his studies.

Finally Yoko logged out. "I'm done for the day. Thanks for letting me finish."

"It's no problem. I needed some time to read." Hina put the book mark in his book. "What time did you wake up?"

"About three." Yoko rubbed his eyes. "My lessons are usually three hours a day. It's better to do it in the morning, then after work."

Hina realized that all this had to end. He had to get Yoko away from working for his step mother. It wasn't in his friend's best interest to stay working like a slave. At least as a Johnny's he would get time to rest. Would be allowed to finish his studies. Plus they could be together. The sexual frustration was really beginning to get to Hina.

"Listen, I was thinking, why don't you come live with me?" Hina suggested. "You could come back to the group as soon as the suspension ends.”

"Oh yeah, Johnny-sama would love if we moved in together. I got sent here to get over you." Yoko paused. "Kenta and Jun are still at university. I have to pay for their tuition."

"I can help with that," Hina volunteered.

"Why would you do that?" Yoko countered. "You told me that we're no longer related."

"I'm still related to Kenta and Jun. I've been saving my money. I have enough to put them through college." Hina reassured him. "Kenta's working on his master's isn't he?"

"Yeah at a university called UCLA in California." Yoko went to the bed and sat down beside him.

"It must be expensive to go to university in America."

"It takes up most of my pay check." Yoko admitted. "It took most of my Johnny's pay too. But Kenta's so smart. He's going to be an engineer some day if I keep working."

"He will become an engineer," Hina took his hand. "You have me now. I'll help support our brother."

"What am I going to tell mother?" Yoko asked.

"Don't worry; I'll take care of that woman." Hina promised. "I think she still feels guilty for sending me to live with my real father."


Hina was at work helping Yoko. He didn't think of helping that woman. He wasn't. He was helping his best friend, someone who was more to him than just a friend.

"Shingo-Chan?" Yokoyama san asked coming around the corner.

"Can I help you?" Hina asked.

"I was wondering if you could be in an ad for the store." she told him.

"I can't," Hina tried to concentrate on the cans he was stacking.

"Why can't you?" She countered.

"Johnny-sama owns our images. We can only appear in ads that have been approved by the agency." Hina told her the stock answer.

"Would you like me to contact him?" Yokoyama san asked. "I'm sure we can come to some arrangement."

"You'd have to pay, and how are you going to do that? By having Kimi work without any breaks?"

"I thought you would pay for the ad"

"Why on Earth would I do that?" Hina counted.

"You owe me!" Yokoyama san insisted.

"How do I owe you?" Hina tried to control his temper. "What did you ever do loving to me? You catch me fooling around with Kimi and you sent me to some man who didn't want me!"

"I sent you to your father."

"My father is the man that raised me Murakami San." Hina told her. "That's why I use his name and I refuse to use your name, even though legally it's mine."

"Murakami San left me! He's not your father!" She yelled. "He's that half's father!"

"Don't call Kimi a half!"

"But he is one! His fucking father married a god damned Welsh woman!" Yokoyama san spat. "If it wasn't for me, the fucking bastard would have been deported a long time ago."

"I was one years old when you married Murakami san. He raised me." he saw Yoko come into view. "If you must know, I spend holidays with him. That's how I'm able to stay in contact with my brothers."

"You're still in contact with Jun and Kenta?"

"Of course I'm still in contact with them! From now on, I'll pay for their education." Hina's voice rose. "You no longer have to use Kimi as a slave."

"I’m the one that decides if Kimi is a slave, I'm Kimi's mother." she spat. "He's just like Cinderella, his mother's dead. So I have to be his mother, even though I've never wanted him."

Yoko looked close to tears. Hina wanted to go to him, to hold him, to kiss him and tell him it would be all right. Instead, he had to put up with that woman.

"We shouldn't fight," Yokoyama told Hina. "You're my first born."

He looked at Yoko again; he hoped that Yoko understood why he was going to have to apologize.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you." Hina bowed slightly. “I can’t stand to see you so upset. Can you please forgive me?"

"See? That's why you’re so much better then Cinderella. You've always thought of your mother's feelings." She tried to smile.


Yoko and Hina worked hard together that day. It was almost one when they fell in bed exhausted. It was so much better when Hina was visiting; Yokoyama san wasn't so mean to him. Yoko was still surprised that Yoko had fought with her.

The lights in the apartment were off, and Yoko knew his step mother was asleep. Yoko breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't want another fight between Hina and Yokoyama san.

"Prince Charming," Yoko whispered, he rolled onto his side.

"What is it Kimi?" Hina asked. "Are you still upset about the fight?"

"No, I understand why you had to apologize."

"Then what's upsetting you?" Hina asked gently.

Yoko didn't say anything, he moved forwards, kissing Hina full on the mouth. They kissed for quite a while. Hina pulling him close, putting a leg between his. Hina began to thrust against him. Yoko rolled on his back, pulling his lover on top of him. Hina looked into his eyes for just a moment, and then he kissed him again, this time not hiding his feelings for him.

Yoko couldn't believe that Hina could be so hungry for him. He worked on the only thing his friend was wearing, a pair of shorts.

"I need you," Yoko murmured. "Please, make love to me."

"We've got to stop," Hina said as he broke for air, he sank back down on his bed. He was breathing heavily. He worked on pulling his shorts back up.

"I'm no longer afraid," Yoko confessed. "I know it will be all right as long as you're here."

"That woman's bedroom is next door to yours." Hina reminded him. "Our beds squeak. She will hear us."

"Do you want me Prince Charming?" Yoko asked seductively.

"Oh god yes," his new lover gasped. "Just you kissing me has made me so close to cuming, I can't stand it."

"Remember when we were kids?" Yoko's hand went lower, dipping into Hina's pants. His hand finding that his new lover was all ready painfully hard. "I need you, I really need you."

"I need you too." Hina’s hand ran down Yoko's side, and he felt himself shake. His lover helped him pull his shorts down. Then with expert hands, Hina began to stroke.

Yoko kissed Hina as he loved him with his hand. He could feel his lover shudder as he stroked him. Hina was right; he was very close to coming.

"It's all right my love, cum. We'll have other times together." Yoko tried to soothe as he quickened the strokes on his friend's cock, hard, fast strokes the type Yoko hoped would drive his new lover over the edge.

"I love you so much," Hina gasped as his remaining control left him. His hand left Yoko's hardness and he took Yoko in both arms, holding him so tight that Yoko felt as if he would be crushed. He put his head against Yoko's shoulder. Then very suddenly he could feel Hina stiffen, he bit down on Yoko's shoulder hard, so hard that it broke the skin. Then he was coming.

Yoko quickly cleaned off his hand. Then he stroked his lover's hair, trying to forget about his own need. He felt Hina lick his hurt shoulder. Yoko had to make him feel better. "It's all right Shingo. It doesn't hurt."

"Oh god Kimi, you were so wonderful." Hina gasped.

"I'm glad you liked it."

"You're still hard." Hina murmured against his shoulder. "Let me take care of that."

Yoko didn't know what to expect. Hina moved lower, kissing his way down Yoko's chest. He moved around on the bed for a moment, and then Yoko could hear him doing something. He wasn't sure what. Hina's hand nudged Yoko's legs apart. Then he felt a lubed finger trace his hole. Yoko relaxed as he felt the finger enter him, then a second, then a third. Hina slowly began to make love to him with his fingers.

Yoko moaned. Finally he had a part of his lover inside of him. He moved to touch himself, when Hina batted his hand away.

"Do you want me to suck you?" Hina asked seductively.

"Please Shingo, oh please, oh please." Yoko begged.

Hina kissed his lips, not hiding his hunger in it. Then he moved lower. All the while making love to him with his hand. It was getting too much for Yoko. It felt as if his whole body was throbbing in time to the strokes of Hina's fingers.

"Please let me cum. Please Prince Charming." he pleaded.

Yoko felt his friend's mouth descend onto him. He looked down, in the light from the computer; he could see Hina looking up to him. He was lost in the feeling as his lover sucked him. He wanted to find whoever taught Hina how to love and thank him.

He felt himself tighten like he had never before, His whole body felt like it was on fire, his penis felt like it was pulsating so hard that he knew he wouldn't last long.

Yoko felt like Hina was his; he would never be taken from him. He belonged to Hina. Then it happened, he felt as if his world was exploding. Yoko screamed his lovers name into his hand. He felt his lover's sucking grow harder as he came.

When finally it was done, Hina pulled his fingers out of him. Then he got off the bed. Hina stumbled to the bathroom. He came back a few moments later. He wiped off Yoko's hurt shoulder with a cloth. Then he applied some ointment and a large band aid.

'That should heal all right." Hina lay back down on the bed. "I'm sorry I hurt you."

"It's all right Shingo, I liked it." Yoko said as he tried to find his breath.

Yoko wasn't sure what would happen next. His lover moved so they were lying on the same bed, then he pulled him into his arms. Hina eased Yoko's head onto his shoulder.

"Prince Charming, that was incredible." Yoko finally told him.

"I'm glad you liked it," Hina kissed him chastely. "We need to sleep. We've got lots of work in the morning."

Yoko felt himself being lulled to sleep by Hina's heartbeat. He couldn't help it, his eyes closed.




Yoko was trying to work on his distance learning. He looked over to the bed. Hina was still sleeping. He wanted to go to him, to lie beside him and to wake his new lover up with kisses. Then they could love, this time even more wonderful. He wanted not to be afraid to wake his step mother. He wanted to feel Hina inside of him, making Yoko completely his. . Yoko wanted to, but couldn't. His step mother was sleeping next door. He was terrified of her.

Yoko tried to get back to work. All he could think of was Hina. Their parents had married when Yoko was almost two years old, Hina was a year old. They had been raised as brothers. It wasn't until Yoko's father left Hina's mother that he realized that they weren’t' really related. That's when everything turned horrible, his step mother had gone from loving Yoko like he was her own son, to hating him. She started calling him Cinderella, and pointing out almost constantly that he was a half.

Yoko had always loved his brother. He wasn't sure when that love turned from a love from a brother to the beginnings of a first love. Even though Yoko was older, Hina was always the most outgoing of the pair.

Yoko could remember their first kiss. His twelve year old brother had crawled into bed with him. That was when the world knew him as Kimi, and Hina as Shingo.

"Kimi-Chan, I want to tell you something," Twelve year old Shingo whispered. "It's just you might not like me after I tell you."

"Please Shingo, tell me." Kimi asked.

"I like you a lot, a whole lot." he told him. "I think it's more than like. What does love feel like?"

"It's something I can't describe." Kimi gathered up his courage. "I think I love you."

"I love you too," Shingo kissed his lips. Neither had kissed before. They weren't sure what to do. He felt his brothers' hands glide over his body exploring him, stopping at the front of his pajamas, caressing him roughly. "It's okay Kimi. Mama won't find out."

"I know, I trust you," Kimi sighed as Shingo started to kiss his neck.

Yoko felt someone shake him. Suddenly he was back sitting in front of a computer. He was no longer an innocent child. Instead Yoko was a man who had lost his innocence long ago.

"Kimi, you've been on the same problem for thirty minutes." Hina said confused.

"I'm sorry, I was thinking," Yoko looked at his neglected work.

"About what?" Hina asked concerned.

"The day you crawled into my bed and told me you loved me." Yoko confessed. "We had our first kiss that night."

"I've always felt guilty about seducing you." Hina suddenly looked very, very ashamed.

"Why? It's a wonderful memory."

"It was the first step of me being sent away." Hina admitted. "If we hadn't started fooling around, then perhaps that woman would have treated you better."

"Don't feel guilty for what happened." Yoko told him. "I've always cherished the memory. After she sent you away, the memories of our times together made me realize that someone loved me."

"I do love you," Hina admitted. "I never stopped loving you."

"I love you too Shingo," He stood up, kissing Hina very gently on the lips.

Hina pulled away from him. "Don't work at the store today."

"I have to," Yoko reminded him.

"No you don't." Hina looked into his eyes. "We're together now. Together we're stronger then that woman."

"Mother has stuff on me. Lots of stuff. It goes back to even before you were sent away." Yoko admitted. "If I don't work hard, she will release it to the public."

"Like what?"

"First, I'm a half. That my biological mother was from Wales. I might lose my citizenship." Yoko reminded him. "I don't even know how to speak Welsh. What's going to happen when I'm deported? You know that will happen."

"You won't be deported!" Hina insisted. "Besides, if you do you have family in Wales?"

"Yeah, father sent me there once. I had to spend a month with these weird people I didn't understand. Father taught me to get by in English, but they spoke Welsh." Yoko told him. "They eat weird things like spotted dick and blood sausage."

"Those weird people are your family."

"No, they’re not." Yoko looked at Hina. "You're my family. We grew up together; we shared the same bedroom for eleven years. I don't care if our loves illegal."

"Our love isn't incest. You do know that don't you?" Hina said concerned.

"Sometimes I wonder," Yoko looked away from him. "My first memories are of playing with you. Sometimes I believe that perhaps we are really brothers."

"That woman took that away from us." Hina spat. "Is that the only thing that woman has on you?"

"She has some other stuff. She has evidence of my being gay. It's not just me."

"She has stuff on me." Hina guessed. "She's blackmailing you."

"I'm not important, but the group is." Yoko insisted. "I have to protect the ones I care for. Those are my real family."

"That bitch!" Hina almost screamed. "How the hell did that woman give birth to me?"

"What are we going to do?" Yoko felt helpless.

"Simple, I'm suddenly going to be the loyal son. Don't worry, I still hate her! I'll get the evidence that she has on us, and then I'll help you escape." Hina promised. "Please Kimi, trust me."

"I have to trust you, I love you." Yoko admitted.


Something was going on with Hina. Yoko tried to ignore it. Suddenly Hina was madly in love with his mother. He brought her coffee. He told her to take a long lunch. He even called the woman Mother.

Hina told him to trust him, so Yoko tried to trust him. He thought when his step mother went out for a long lunch Hina would spend time with him. Instead he grabbed his keys. Hina headed to the back door. Yoko followed him.

"I have to go, can you watch the store?" Hina asked.

"I thought when you sent Mother to lunch that meant we were going to get some quality time together." Yoko told him.

"Remember when I told you I'd take care of you?" Hina reminded him. "This is part of it."

"Where are you going?" Yoko asked.

"I'll be at her house. Don't be surprised if when you come back most of your stuff is gone." Hina said. "If I have my way, it will all be gone."

"I can help you with packing." Yoko offered.

"I need you here Kimi, to be the look out." Hina went to Yoko, he reached out touching him. "It's better for you if you don't know what I have planned."

"It's illegal isn't it?" Yoko guessed.

"It could be considered illegal." Hina admitted. "I'm going to see if I can find where that woman hid the evidence."

"What does it matter if you find it? I'm still suspended." Yoko said glumly.

"You'll be back after the suspension." Hina promised. "You'll no longer have to be a slave."

"What about Johnny-sama?" Yoko asked worried.

"I've all ready talked to him. If we can meet certain conditions, you'll be back where you belong." Hina promised.

Yoko realized that he would have to stay at the store. "Do you want me to call when she returns from lunch?"

"As soon as you see her, call me." Hina paused. "When we get done with this, we'll be free to be together."

"I love you," Suddenly Yoko felt very depressed.

Hina looked around to make sure no other workers or costumers were around. Then he kissed Yoko's lips. "I love you too."


Hina called the group when he found out about the evidence. He waited for them inside his mother’s house. He found Yoko's bags; in one bag was a small album of photos. He looked through it. Inside there were pictures of them when they were boys. Then there were a few photos of a red headed woman that looked so much like Yoko. Hina's mother had forbidden Yoko to have photos of his real mother. Hina vowed when he rescued Yoko that the photos would be in a place of honor, not hidden away.

There was a special knock at the door. Hina ran and answered it. The first ones to arrive were Maru and Ryo.

"What do you want us to do?" Maru asked.

"I want you guys to pack everything that's mine and Yoko's in his room. Then get it out of here." Hina ordered.

"I thought you needed someone sneaky." Ryo objected.

"I need the sneakiest person on Earth to get our stuff out of here without my mother figuring out what we are doing." Hina explained.

"Your mother?" Maru gasped. "I thought Yokoyama san was Kimi's step mother."

"We don't have time for this." Hina said impatiently. "That woman went on a long lunch. We have to get the stuff out before she finds what we are doing."

"I'm sure he'll explain it to us later," Ryo decided. "Now where's this bedroom?"

"Yoko has school books. Make sure you back those," Hina told him. "It's very important to get his school books."


A few minutes later Ohkura, Shota and Subaru arrived. Of all the members of the group, Subaru knew the truth about Yoko and Hina's relationship. He was also a lot more trustworthy then Ryo, who had a bad tendency to babble secrets when drunk.

"What did you tell them?" Hina asked when he took them into his mother's bedroom.

"Enough to help us." Subaru told him.

"Yassan can you go help Maru and Ryo?" Hina asked. "Make sure they keep their hands off each other, and also keep Ryo off the phone."

"Will do," Shota promised.

"Don't worry, Subaru hasn't told me anything." Ohkura told Hina. "My mother used to work at the day care your two little brothers were sent to. So I know most of the story from my mother."

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" Hina asked.

"I told Kimi who asked me not to tell, so I didn't." Ohkura shrugged.

"So what are we doing?" Subaru asked.

"We're going to search this room, and find anything you might think of as evidence." Hina explained.

"Why would she keep the evidence here?"

“My mother's blackmailing Kimi. So it has to be here." Hina decided.

They began searching the room. They looked everywhere, but still nothing more than some old family photos and bills.

"Are you sure the evidence is here Shingo?" Subaru asked. "You might want to ask Kimi."

Hina took out his cell phone. He dialed Yoko's number.

"What's wrong Shingo?" Was the first thing Yoko asked.

"Kimi, where does that woman keep the black mail stuff?" Hina asked.

"If you move out the big dresser, there is a small door that covers a space. Push it, you'll find all the evidence there."

"Thanks Kimi."

Hina was about to hang up when he heard Yoko say. "I love you."

Hina put the phone back to his ear. "I love you too Kimi."

"Any news?" Subaru asked.

Hina hung up. "We've got to move the big dresser. There's a small door behind there."

The dresser was heavy. It would be impossible to move it quickly unless they got help. Ohkura went and got the rest. It didn't take long to move the dresser with the six of them. Since Shota was the smallest, he got on the floor and opened the door. He took out several boxes of materials.

"We're going to have to get these out and move the dresser back." Hina told them.

They removed all the boxes then moved the dresser back. Ohkura using his almost photographic memory made sure the things on the top of the dresser were in the right order.

"Is everything out of Yoko's room?" Subaru asked.

"Yes, we're done." Ryo told them.

"Ryo, you're apartment is close to here. Can we put these boxes in there until I can get them to my apartment?"

"Of course you can." Ryo promised. "It might be better if we go through them there. Yokoyama-san might look at your apartment."

"Good idea," Hina took out his cell phone and texted Yoko, telling him of the plans. Yoko as he expected understood, he seemed to always understand. That was one of the reasons Hina loved him.




Yoko looked around the back room of the grocery store; it was filled with box after box of fresh produce. Yokoyama had ordered a whole lot of fruit and vegetables. Yoko knew that her store was well known for its choice of produce, but he really didn't want to have to put it all up. Yoko went and got his cart. He stacked boxes on it. He thought he was going to be able to get at least a short break while his step mother was talking a long lunch, but he knew what would happen to him if he didn't get to work putting the new shipment out. Yoko would be punished.

That was one thing that Yoko was glad about Hina's visiting, his step mother didn't hit him around Hina. But his friend wasn't nearby, so Yoko knew that if he didn't work hard, he would be hit. Yoko wanted to hit his step mother back, to get her to stop hurting him, but he couldn't. He was being blackmailed. He had to protect the rest of the group from his step mother’s evidence.

"Why are you wearing an apron that says Cinderella?" he heard Ohkura ask.

Yoko glanced down to his green apron. Yokoyama san insisted that all of her employees wore aprons while they worked; she thought the place looked brighter. Yoko's had been embroidered with the name Cinderella.

"Yeah Kimi, why are you wearing that apron?" Shota asked.

"It's my work uniform." he admitted. "Now excuse me, I really have to work."

Yoko went back to putting out the produce. He was surprised when Shota jumped in and started to help.

"Shota, what are you doing?" Yoko asked.

"I'm putting out fresh beans." Shota told him.

Yoko stopped what he was doing. "Something really weird is going on."

"If you must know Hina sent us." Ohkura tried to explain. "Hina's found the evidence, and he's gone to Maru and Ryo's apartment to sort through it."

"Hina sent us here to help you." Shota explained. "He told us the store was expecting a truck in, and without help you'd be here all night working."

"You have to wear aprons. It's something my step mother insists on." Yoko ran to the back room. He grabbed his two spare aprons.

When Yoko returned, his two friends were whispering to each other. Ohkura nudged Shota, who smiled at him. "You're back."

"I have two spare aprons, you can wear them." Yoko handed them the aprons.

While Shota was tying his apron, he said. "They both say Cinderella."

"I guess we're Cinderella’s too." Ohkura agreed.

"Yeah I guess," Yoko didn't like to talk about his nick name.

"Why are you called Cinderella?" Shota asked very gently.

"Because my mean, evil stepmother makes me do all the work. I have to give almost all of my salary to her so that my two younger brothers can get a good education." Yoko snapped. "She thinks it's funny that I'm her slave. That's why she calls me Cinderella."

Yoko went to the store room and began to refill the cart. He was more than a little upset when he found that Ohkura and Shota followed him.

"Sorry," Ohkura told him.

"We didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Shota agreed.

"Why don't you tell us what we need to do," Shota smiled at him.

"Really, we don't mind." Ohkura agreed.

"Sure, we've got a lot to do with the produce." Yoko told them. "We just got in a truck of produce."

"Produce?" Ohkura repeated.

"Vegetables and fruit." Yoko picked up a box and put it on the cart. "We first have to bag up the remaining produce on the shelves, and then we put these out."

"Why do we bag them up?"

"The older produce is half off." Yoko explained. "Don’t' worry, it isn't that hard."

"Is this what you and Hina have been doing every day?" Shota asked.

"Yes, basically. We also have to make sure the shelves are full of cans and packages of food. Oh and we put the meat out. Also we clean the place." Yoko pushed the cart into the main part of the store, then to the wall that had the produce displayed against it.

Yoko began to bag up the older produce. Shota jumped in and began to help. He was soon joined by Ohkura. Yoko was still very upset that they had brought up his nick name. Both if his friends had parents that adored them. They couldn’t even understand how it was like to be totally alone.

"Kimi, did you know that Tacchon has a girlfriend?" Shota teased changing the subject.

"I don't have a girl friend." Ohkura insisted. "I just date as a cover to hide the fact that I have a boy friend."

"So who’s your boy friend?" Yoko asked.

"That is a secret," The drummer moved onto the oranges.

"It's not like we're going to tell," Yoko reminded him. "Now, since I sometimes hang with Ryo's gang and you do too. Let me try and figure out who it is."

"My boy friend doesn't hang with Ryo's gang."

"But he is in Tokyo." Yoko guessed.

"He's in Chiba right now." Ohkura paused. “I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”

"Oh I can figure this out." Shota smiled. "Arashi are in Chiba right now."

"You're going out with a member of Arashi?" Yoko gasped.

"What's wrong with going out with a member of Arashi?" Ohkura countered.

"But most of them are taken," Yoko thought for a second. "Aiba's not taken."

"Aiba is too taken!" Ohkura insisted hotly.

"Yeah, by you!" Shota snorted.

All three of them began to laugh, and they began to work harder on the produce.


Ryo took the things to the apartment he shared with Maru. Subaru went with them. Hina wanted to go through the material by himself. He didn't want to share Yoko's secrets with them. Hina was a realist. He knew that he really needed help with the many boxes of things.

"I only want Subaru to help me look through the boxes." Hina decided.

"You still don’t; trust me." Ryo's eyes narrowed. "Why do you think I'm going to tell anyone your secrets?"

"All right, you can help." Hina didn't really feel like fighting with anyone.

Ryo grabbed a box. He began to go through it. "All of these are unopened letters to Kimi, from Wales? Where's Wales?"

"It's part of the United Kingdom." Subaru told him.

“Why does it say that his last name is Murakami?” Ryo asked. “Are you sure that this isn’t some type of practical joke?”

“Until the divorce, his last name was Murakami.” Hina tried to explain.

“Are the two of you brothers?” Ryo guessed.

“Step brothers, Kimi’s father married my mother.” Hina told him. “But they got divorced when I was twelve.”

Hina opened a box; there were items that belonged to Yoko's real mother. Photos of them together. "I want you to make sure this box gets to my apartment. There's a framed photo inside, be sure you put it on my living room wall."

"Who is it?" Subaru asked.

"Kimi's real mother." Hina held the photo up to show them. "That's why that woman hates Kimi. Because he’s half white."

"I'll put it there myself." Subaru promised.

"If anyone says anything to Kimi about being half white, I'll be very, very upset." Hina threatened. "I'll be so upset that I'll hit first and ask questions later."

"I've known his real mother was white for a very long time." Ryo told him. "Johnny-sama told me. When I told Kimi about it, he made me promise not to tell anyone. So I didn't!"

"You know I don't care." Maru told Hina. "My grandfather was American. I guess that makes me a quarter!"

"Let's get back to work." Subaru ordered.

Maru started going through his box. He paused. "I don't think I should be looking at this."

"What is it?" Ryo moved to peek.

Maru slammed the lid shut. "We can't look. It’s really, really private."

Hina went to Maru and took the box from him. "There are five more boxes. See if any more evidence is in them."

Hina went to the corner and opened the box. It was filled with photos of them, starting when they had begun to experiment with love. Hina felt sick to his stomach. His mother had cameras in their bedroom when they were kids. She had seen everything. Hina felt as if he was going to throw up.

"Shingo," Subaru sounded really strange. "Oh my god Shingo. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen."

"It can't be as bad what I'm looking at." Hina pointed out.

Subaru took the box to Hina. It wasn't too big it had once been a box of file folders. For the first time Hina saw his name and Subaru's written on it.

"I want to kill her Shingo; I really want to kill her." Subaru confessed. "I don't care if she's your mother; she has no right to do this."

Hina opened the box. Inside were photos of when Hina was in a relationship with Subaru. It had been over ten years in the past. The photos had been taken in a hotel room that they had stayed in once. There was also a bill from a detective agency inside.

"Kimi told me that he was protecting the people he cared for by being her slave." Hina whispered. "Perhaps he meant this."

"Here's more," Ryo said. "Shota and Ohkura were together back a long time ago."

"How long ago?" Subaru asked.

"When they first joined the agency." Ryo explained. "Back in 1998."

"Here's some of Uchi and Ryo." Maru told him. "And me and Yoko."

"She needs to pay for this," Subaru vowed. "Maru you have some family that's yakazuka. Could we arrange to put a hit on her?"

"No one dies!" Hina decided. "I know she deserve death, but she is my mother."

"We could take the evidence to Johnny-sama." Maru suggested.

"He'll disband the group." Ryo pointed out.

"Hina, I know she's your mother. But what would you say if she loses everything?" Subaru asked.

"What do you mean looses everything?" Hina asked. "What about her precious house? She adores that house. She couldn't pay for my brothers to go to college, but she could pay for that!"

"We could burn down her house." Ryo suggested. "It's been a long time since I've been at a good fire."

"We could do it later tonight. Ryo, you used to be good about starting fires and not getting caught." Hina reminded him.

"I'm still good at it." Ryo pointed out proudly. “I’ve burnt down lots of places and have never been caught!”

"How will you be able to get Kimi away?" Maru asked.

"We'll go on a double date with Erika and her partner." Hina decided. "We'll stay out all night."

"How will you prove you were out?" Maru asked.

"I'll make sure the press is following us." Hina told them. "I might leak it that we're going on a date. I'm sure at least one tabloid will stalk us."

"That'll make Johnny-sama happy." Subaru agreed. "He'll have evidence that Kimi is behaving. Plus we'll have proof that you're not involved in the fire."

"What about all the evidence?" Hina asked.

"I'll burn it too." Ryo promised. "Trust me, before the night is out, all of this shit will be ash!"

Hina began to make plans in his mind about the double date. He would have to talk Erika into going along, but if it did happen the both of them would be finally free.



Yoko continued to work in the grocery store as he waited for Hina to return from trying to recover the evidence. Ohkura and Shota stayed with him, they talked to him as they tried to get his mind off of Hina. Yoko thought that his friends would lose interest and leave. But instead they worked with gusto. Their almost constant talking made Yoko forget about things. He didn't want to think of his step mother or the evidence, or the fact of Hina actually looking at it. .

He could still remember when Yokoyama san showed him the evidence for the first time. It was 2001 and the Kansai juniors had just gotten sent back to Osaka by Johnny-sama. Yoko felt as if all their hard work had been for nothing.

Yoko sat at the kitchen table. His step mother towering over him. "How do you expect for your brothers to stay in school?"

"I'll get a job." Yoko looked down to his hands.

"You'll come to work at the grocery store," she decided. "When you're not doing Johnny's stuff I expect you to be there."

"How much do I get paid?"

"Cinderella doesn't get paid." She took a large box off the shelf. "If Cinderella has to get paid, I will give the press and his friends a present."

"A present?" Yoko repeated.

"What's your latest boy friend’s name?" she asked. "Ryuhei isn't it?"

"How do you know about him?" Yoko demanded.

She took a smaller box out of the large box. Then she set it in front of him. "He'll get my first present. Open it!"

Yoko opened the box. There were photos of the two of them in bed together. She gave him a second box, this one of Ryo with Uchi. "How can I make you not show anyone?"

"Not yet pervert." She snapped. "You're sickness has invaded all of the Kansai Juniors! I have evidence, lots of evidence." She slammed a box down. "Look what you turned your brother into! I have proof it was you that made him homosexual! You blamed me for sending him away, but it was all your fault!"

Yoko looked into the box. Inside were photos of Hina with him. It had been so long ago. The photos showed two young teens in their first love. They were all taken in their bedroom. "You had a camera in our bedroom?"

"I can have a camera anywhere I want! This is my house!" She threw another box down. 'This is what you turned my son into! You will pay for that!"

"Shingo's the one that seduced me." Yoko told her.

"Liar!" She slapped him as hard as she could across his face. "My son sleeps with other kids because of you. How old is this Shibutani guy? Twelve? Thirteen?"

"He's the same age as I am."

"Bull shit!" Another hit, this one even harder.

"What must I do to make sure you don't release these photos?" Yoko asked.

"First, you break up with that Ryuhei guy. Do you get it? No more!" She ordered.

"I'll break up with him." Yoko promised.

"The next is money." She took a piece of paper out and shoved it at him, then gave him a pen. "This is a contract that you will sign. From now on, no matter where you work, I get eighty percent of your salary."

"If I sign this, you won't tell anyone about the photos?" he asked. He thought of his friends, he had to protect them.

'Sign the contract." She ordered.

Yoko read the contract. It was as she had told him, give her eighty percent of his income for the rest of his life, and the photos would not be released. Yoko thought of Hina, whom he still cared about. If the photos got out, his life would be ruined. He found himself signing.


Two hours after Ohkura and Shota arrived to help Yoko. Yokoyama san returned to the store. She ordered Yoko to start cleaning. Yoko was working in the back room when Hina returned to the store. He could hear the noise from the front, Yokoyama san was making a big deal of Hina return. Instead he tried to concentrate on his work.

"So this is where you’re hiding." A very familiar voice told him. "We found the evidence."

"Did you look at it?" Yoko asked ashamed.

"If she had showed me the same stuff, I would have done what you did." Hina went to him, kissing his lips gently. "I want you to know that by midnight tonight, it will all be destroyed."


"Promise," Hina kissed him again. "Can we check out the cooler?"

"The cooler?"

Hina grabbed his hand. "Yeah, the cooler. We need to celebrate your freedom."

Yoko let Hina guide him to the cooler. The walk in refrigerator that could be opened from the inside. Hina opened the door and they both went in. As soon as Hina shut the door, he pulled Yoko to him, kissing his lips, not hiding the hunger he felt.

"What's this for?" Yoko asked between kisses.

"Cause I love you," Hina rubbed the front of Yoko's jeans. "I want you to know how much I love you."

"We'll get caught," Yoko moaned as Hina helped him off with his apron.

"No, we won't." Hina unbuckled Yoko's belt, then he unzipped his zipper, and dipped a hand inside. "That woman went to get her hair done."

"Then who’s minding the store?"

"Ohkura and Shota." His hand went around Yoko's hardness and began to stroke hard. "You don't know how hard it is for me to keep my hands off of you."

"I want to spend a month in bed with you," He began to work on Hina's pants. "Bring any lube?"

"No but this is a store." Hina's other hand snaked around Yoko's body, and began to rub his hole. "I just stole some."

"I should turn you in," Yoko moaned as Hina pushed the tip of his finger inside him and began to caress the inner ridge. "There's an empty shelf behind me. I say let's use it."

Hina didn't answer instead he kissed Yoko hard, shoving him backwards, his ass against the shelf. He felt Hina's hands on him, shoving his pants down. "Get your pants off."

Yoko did as he was told; he kept his eyes on Hina as he did. He got up on the shelf. It was cold against his back. Yoko kept thinking what he was doing was crazy. He had never thought of doing it in his step mother's store.

Hina took out the lube; he smeared it on his fingers. Then he shoved one inside of Yoko, hard really hard. His nails scraped something inside of Yoko, who pushed himself against the hand. Hina put the second finger in; it was quickly followed by the third, then the fourth. As he did Hina twisted and pushed in, his fingers colliding again and again against his secret spot. Yoko began to writhe against him.

"I want to bite you so hard you bleed," Hina told him as he thrust with his hand.

'Shingo, please get inside of me." Yoko begged.

Another hard shove of his hand. "Will you let me bite you?"

Yoko was beginning to feel very impatient. "Yes you can bite me! Please I feel close to cuming!"

Hina pulled his fingers out of him. Yoko couldn't help but whimper. He watched as Hina pulled his jeans down, rolled a condom on himself, and then rubbed his lubed fingers over it. Then he moved closer to Yoko. He could feel something hard against his cheeks, and then Hina pushed his way inside of him.

"Sit up," Hina said with a growl.

Yoko did as he was told; he put his arms around Hina's shoulders. His lover began to thrust very slowly in, then pull almost all the way out, and shove back into him.

"You're mine, oh god you mine," Hina told him. He began to thrust so hard that he hit Yoko's secret spot every time. Yoko's hand went to his penis; he began to stroke in time to Hina's thrusts. His body felt as if he was on fire, he felt as if he was a volcano about to explode. The cold against him only made him more turned on.

Yoko began to make small noises as Hina loved him. He couldn't help it. The noises got louder and louder. He was going to cum soon, he could feel it.

Hina clamped his hand over Yoko's mouth, he felt as if he was going to smother.

"Use your teeth on me," Hina ordered. "When you want to cry out, bite me!"

Yoko nodded, and then did as he was told. He came; biting down so hard that Hina's blood filled his mouth. Hina's lips went to Yoko's neck, kissing him, biting him.

Yoko knew what to expect, but his body gave into the sensation. Then he felt it; Hina's teeth sunk into his neck. It didn't hurt the way it did before, instead it was pleasure mixed with pain. Hina came undone, sucking on Yoko's wound as he did.

They held onto each other for quite a while afterwards. Yoko realized he was really, really cold.

"Prince Charming, my ass is getting frostbitten," Yoko told him.

Hina helped him down from the shelf. Yoko put his jeans back on. Hina disposed of his condom, and then he pulled his jeans back up. He went to Yoko, touching his neck gently. "Does it hurt?"

"Not really," Yoko pulled his jeans back on. He could feel something drip on his shirt. "Shingo, you're bleeding."

"What are we going to do?" Hina suddenly looked like a lost child.

"This is a store, we can steal some bandages." Yoko smiled at him. "Wait here, I'll be right back."

Yoko ran into the store. Ohkura noticed him; he raised an eyebrow at him but didn't say anything. Yoko found a wide roll bandage and some antiseptic and went back to the cooler.

"Let me see your hand." Yoko told him. Hina showed him his hand. Yoko cleaned the wound, and then he bandaged it. "Does it hurt?"

"A bit," Hina admitted. "But it felt so good when you did it."

"We need to have a long talk about your love of biting." Yoko told him. "I’m going to have to break you of that habit."

"But it feels so good when you bite me." Hina protested.

"I'm going to have scars all over me!" Yoko pointed out. "Why did you start like biting anyway?"

"When we were kids, I had to bite myself so Mother wouldn't hear me come." Hina shrugged. "I can remember, right before I was sent away. I put my hand over your mouth and you bit me. You can't believe how good that felt."

"So your love of being bit was because of me?" Yoko couldn't believe it.

"Yeah, it is all your fault," Hina kissed him gently.

"We better get back to work," Yoko took Hina's good hand. They went back into the main part of the store. The store suddenly felt as hot as a summer's day.

"What happened?" Shota asked.

"Fell down and accidently hurt my hand," Hina showed him his bandaged hand.

"You better be careful next time," Shota smiled. "You might want to put a bandage on your fall too."

Yoko went and got a bandage. He handed it to Hina who put it on him.

Ohkura looked at them, he smiled a bit. Then he put his hand out and Shota handed him some money. That made Yoko laugh, his two band mates had a bet on them? Before he could say anything Hina grabbed him and kissed him on the lips.



Yoko was working in the grocery store, that's all he seemed to do was work. Hina had told him about his big plan. They would go on a double date, with Hina’s girl friend Erika and her partner Rie. He really didn't want to be reminded that he wasn't the only one in his lover’s heart. That there was someone else. They would go shopping, have a meal and then go to a hotel. They would spend the night at the hotel, Hina and Erika. Yoko would have his own room with Rie.

Yoko felt like crying, he wanted to tell Hina that he didn't want to go on a double date. That they had just gotten together. The only problem was that the date was part of Hina's big plan. The plan that he didn't trust Yoko enough to share with him.

There was something else bothering Yoko. He had a small voice inside that that still believed it was wrong to be with Hina. They had been raised as brothers. HIs first memories were of Hina, of his suddenly no longer being the baby that he had a little brother he had to protect.

He watched as Hina went to his step mother. "Do you remember how you wanted to meet my girl friend Erika?"

"Yes! I would love to meet her!" Yokoyama san told him.

"I'm supposed to have a date with her tonight. The only problem is that her best friend needs a date." Hina told her. "I thought if Kimi found the right girl he might straighten out."

"So when is your double date?"

"This evening, that is if you can give Kimi the night off." Hina said. "I can arrange for them to come here to pick us up."

"If Cinderella had asked, I would have said no." Yokoyama san smiled at him. "But since it's you, how can I refuse?"

"Thanks!' Hina kissed Yokoyama san on the cheek.

Yoko watched his step mother go to the back room. He looked at his friend. Who walked over to him.

"I don't want to go on this date," Yoko told him.

“Since we’ll be gone, that woman will have to work tonight,” Hina whispered. “I’ve arranged so we can get our revenge.”

“While we’re on a date?”

Yeah, She won’t think we’re involved if we aren’t’ anywhere around.”

“What's going to happen?”

“I can't tell you. Really, if you don't know you can't be charged with anything.".” Hina explained. “Now don’t ask who will be the ones working for us. It will be better if you don’t know.” Hina ran his hand down Yoko’s back, until he brushed his hands across Yoko’s firm buttocks. Then he pressed down harder, letting Yoko know what he wanted without saying anything. Then just as quickly the hand was gone.


Hina went to Yoko's bedroom. He was wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. He went to Yoko's bedroom. The only thing left there was their change of clothes. He found Yoko sitting on the bed looking depressed, really depressed.

"Aren't you going to get ready for the date?" Hina asked.

"I don't want to go out with Rie." Yoko said in almost a whisper. Yoko paused. "If you sleep with Erika tonight, can you not tell me?"

"I don't understand,"

"A guy wishes he's the only one in his lover's heart." Yoko stood up and went to the closet. He opened up the door and took out the only clothes of his remaining, his suit. Hina had made sure that they had left Yoko’s grey suit behind. It was his favorite suit.

"You're the only one in my heart," Hina told him.

They got dressed in silence, every time Hina tried to bring up the date, Yoko told him he didn't want to talk about it.

He watched as Yoko tried to fix his tie. Yoko always had a problem with getting his tie right. Hina went to him, he adjusted his tie.

"You look really good Kimi." Hina smiled.

"Thank you Prince Charming," he smoothed his suit. "You look good too."

"There's something else bothering you," Hina realized. "What is it?"

"What is the first thing you remember?" Yoko asked.

"What does that matter?"

"My first memories were when I was little," Yoko told him. "I was put in this gate thing; I think it probably was a playpen. There was a baby in the playpen. He was just learning to walk. I can remember Papa telling me that he was my new little brother and I had to protect him."

"Your first memories were of me." Hina realized.

"I'm so scared Shingo," Yoko admitted. "I'm so afraid that you'll pick Erika over me. We've gone too far together. We can't go back to like it used to be, before we became lovers."

"That will never happen!" Hina insisted. "We're not going to break up."

"Then why won't you tell me what's going on?" Yoko asked. "Please Shingo, tell me."

"Kimi-Chan, the only reason we're going on this date is so we have proof that you've been behaving." Hina reminded him.

"You told me earlier it was a part of your plan." Yoko said morosely. "A plan you don't trust me enough to tell me."

"I've been trying to protect you." Hina reminded him.

"Tell me the plan, I won't tell anyone. If you have to go to jail, then I want to too." Yoko begged.

"When we're on the date, Ryo is going to set fire to this house." Hina confessed.

"Why are you going to burn mother's house down?" Yoko repeated.

"This is what your slavery paid for." Hina told him. "She used all of your money to pay for our brothers going to school. Then she put her money into buying this house. She needs to pay Kimi."

"Did you find the contract she made me sign?" Yoko asked.

"All seven copies of it. Don't worry; they've all ready been shredded." Hina promised. "If you don't want us to burn the house down, we don't have to."

"No, I think it's a good idea." Yoko admitted. "Part of me wishes she was inside it while it burns."

"I couldn't do that," Hina said in almost a whisper. "No matter what happens, she is my mother."


Yoko didn't want to go out with Hina's friends. He wanted Hina to himself. They had just gotten together. He didn't think it was right to see others. He reminded himself for the hundredth time that it was part of the plan.

Shopping was the first part of the date. They walked down a side street that was lined with shops. Hina and his date in front. There were at least two cameramen following them.

Yoko's date seemed all right. Her name was Rie. She was very, very pretty.

Hina pulled Erika into a jewelry shop. They began to look at something in the display. A clerk opened the display case and showed Hina something.

"We better shop for jewelry too," Rie told Yoko.

They went to the other side of the store. Yoko glanced at Hina again who still was busy picking out jewelry. Then he concentrated on the jewelry in the case in front of him. He found a gold chain bracelet. He suddenly wanted to buy it for Hina.

'Yokoyama-kun, is there anything you like?" Rie asked.

"I really like that chain." Yoko admitted.

"It's really nice," She agreed. "Perhaps you should buy it." When Yoko didn't answer, she continued. "You do know he's only doing this for the press."

"I shouldn't get so jealous." Yoko admitted. "It's just Murakami Kun’s very special to me."

"If you love someone, you have a right to be jealous when their out with someone else." She paused. "When this date is over, you can give him the bracelet. Tell him how much he means to you."

Yoko bought the bracelet for his lover. He decided that the next time they were alone together; he would give it to Hina.


Hina walked down the shopping street with Erika holding his arm. Yoko was ahead of them, he was holding Rie's hand. Hina didn't realize he would feel so jealous at seeing Yoko doing something so little as date someone else. He wanted to shove Rie away from him and tell her that Yoko was his. The only reason he didn't was that the cameras were following him.

"This Yokoyama kun," Erika said.

"What about him?" Hina couldn't keep his eyes off his lover.

"Are you sure you can trust him with Rie?" his girl friend asked. "I mean he looks a bit shifty."

"Yoko's a nice guy." Hina told her.

"I suppose so." Erika moped. "It's just...does he really have to hold her hand?"

"It's part of the act." Hina reminded her. "It's nothing we haven't done before on our dates."

"How can you trust him?" Erika countered. "The two of you just got together."

"I've known Kimi all of my life. We're step brothers." Hina admitted.

Just then a camera man snuck close to Yoko. His lover pulled Rie to him, kissing her lips hard. The shutters of cameras went off.

Hina wanted to suddenly punch Rie and the cameraman. He was really, really jealous. Yoko was his boy friend. No one had the right to kiss him!

"Yokoyama-kun." Rie gasped as she pulled away from him.

"We're being stalked by photographers. I just wanted to give them a show." Yoko shrugged.

Rie looked around, spotting a photographer. She grabbed Yoko by the front of the shirt and kissed him hard. Yoko sighed and kissed her back.

Hina realized that this was what Yoko felt every time he saw Erika with him in the papers. The overwhelming jealousy of seeing his love with someone else. Yoko was his, no one else's. Hina suddenly wanted to beat up Rie. It had been difficult for Yoko to agree to the double date. Now Hina realized why.

"Hey you two, wait till we get to the hotel." Hina snapped.

Rie pulled away from Yoko. She grabbed Yoko's hand. "Sorry, we just got carried away."

"Remember he's mine." Hina snarled. "Keep your lips to yourself!"

"Of course," Rie told him.

"If you don't want me to kiss Rie, then you need to keep your hands off of Erika!" Yoko snapped. He walked as fast as he could away from Hina, pulling Rie along with him.




Hina had arranged for the two couples to go to an Italian cafe for their double date. It was a very public place with a two of the walls being dominated by windows. Anyone off the street would be able to see them eat. Hina loved pasta, and he knew that Yoko liked it too. It would be a good date for both couples. That is, if he could get Yoko out of his bad mood. His friend's bad mood was so much like the bad moods Ryo got all the time. Hina knew the best thing he could do was to ignore it.

"Do you want a booth or a table?" The host had asked them.

"I think we should get two tables," Yoko decided.

Hina looked at him confused. "We're on a double date."

"I would like to spend some time alone with Rie," Yoko spat. "Look at it this way; it will give you more time to be with Erika."

"Well gentlemen?" The host asked.

"We'll take two tables." Hina told him.

Hina and Erika were seated at the first empty table. Hina picked up the menu and began to look at it. He pretended like it didn't matter that Yoko had snubbed him. It did matter to Hina. Just a few hours ago they had made love in a walk in cooler, now Yoko was acting as if he couldn't stand Hina.

"What's wrong with Yokoyama kun?" Erika asked.

"He's in a bad mood," Hina explained. "When he gets this way, it's' really better for us to give him some space."

"It's really hard to date your lover when she's at another table," Erika pointed out.

"Don't worry, when we get to the hotel you'll be able to be with her." Hina reminded his friend.

Hina looked across the dining room. Yoko was sitting with Rie. To say Yoko didn't look happy was a vast understatement. Hina could remember the last time Yoko looked so dejected. It was when Johnny Sama had decided to send the Kansai Juniors back to Kansai and breaking up their unit The Three Bakas. At the time they believed that their dreams of stardom had come to an end.


Yoko looked down to the food that the server had just given him. It looked all right; the only thing was that he didn't want to eat. He couldn't help but think of Hina with Erika. When they were finished eating, they planned to go to a hotel. His lover would be spending the night with someone else. He didn't want to share Hina. He wanted his lover to himself. He wanted to go to Erika and punch her in the face, telling her to keep her hands off of Hina.

Yoko knew that this was going to happen eventually. Hina had been going out with Erika before they had gotten together. Yoko knew he was foolish for thinking that Hina would pick him over her. Erika was very beautiful; Yoko knew he was funny looking. He knew who he would have picked.

"What is it Yokoyama Kun?" Rie asked as she began to much on her salad.

"It's nothing," Yoko picked up his fork and began to move around his food.

"But why aren't we sitting with Erika?" Rie continued. "I thought we are on a double date."

"I don't want to sit with Hina," Yoko confessed.

"Murakami kun told me that you're his brother." Rie tried to make conversation.

"We're step brothers," Yoko said. "I should really say former step brothers, our parents are divorced."

"You're still close to him." She took another bite of her salad.

"Yeah, he's pretty wonderful."

'Then why aren't we sitting with him?" She smiled.

"I don't like seeing him with someone else," Yoko smiled sadly. "When I'm with him, I feel like the most important person in the world. The only problem is that he has Erika."

"It's not fun to see my girl friend in the tabloids with your boy friend." Rie admitted.

Yoko looked at Hina, his lover looked so happy when he was with Erika. He cracked a joke and Erika laughed. Yoko couldn't believe how unfair it was, that he had to share Hina.


It was time for them to go to the hotel. Hina couldn't keep his hands off his date. Yoko couldn't hide the jealously he felt as he watched his lover go to the room with his date. They even stopped in the hallway to kiss.

"Our room is next door." Rie told him.

"All right," He followed Rie to the room. All the time acting as if they were lovers.

Yoko unlocked the hotel room door. Then he let Rie in first. The room had been arranged by Hina, like everything on the date. Yoko locked the door behind him. He didn't want the press to come in.

"Now we can relax," Rie looked around the room, which was dominated by one large bed. "Do you want me to take the first shower, or do you want to?"

"I don't want to take a shower." Yoko sat down on the bed. "Tonight I'll sleep on the floor."

"You don't have to do that," Rie moved closer to him. "I don' mind sharing the bed."

Yoko tried to move away from her. "I'm sorry. I can't touch you."

'Touch me?" She asked confused.

"I know we went on a date, and I know that we're in a hotel room." Yoko tried to explain. "I'm with Murakami kun. I would be cheating on him if I had sex with you."

"You want to have sex with me?" Rie repeated.

"You're a very beautiful woman," Yoko tired to let her down easy. "But I love Murakami Kun. Please don't take it personally."

"Don't worry, I won't." She said quickly.

"I just wish I was enough for him." Yoko got up; he went to the wall hitting it hard. "I want to punch Shingo, I want to hurt him. I want to hurt Erika too."

"Why?" Rie sounded confused.

"They expect us to cheat on them!" Yoko spat. "While their cheating on us! How can you come here knowing Erika's going to be with him? I'm going to hurt them; I swear they’re going to pay for this!"

"I think I need to go ask Erika something," Rie ran out of the hotel room.


Fire starting was far easier than anyone believed. All Ryo had to do was get some bombs, scatter paper around the house and light the whole thing on fire.

It had always been a challenge to Ryo to start fires. It gave him a rush that in some ways was better than sex. Ryo had set many fires in his life. He had learned quickly how not to get caught.

They were able to use a car that was acquired by Maru's yakazuka contacts. They pulled it up to Yokoyama-san's back door. They were dressed in all black, both wore stocking masks.

They silently carried the boxes of evidence into the house. Ryo opened one, scattering it on the floor. Shota helped him empty every box, distributing the photos around the house.

"I can't understand why you said you had to be the one to burn down this house." Shota whispered as soon as all the evidence was in a house.

"I owe Yoko." Ryo said simply.

"I don't understand." Shota asked confused.

"You know how short I was when I was first a Johnny's?" Ro asked. “They used to call me chibi.”

"You were shorter than me." Shota reminded him.

"It didn't matter to Yoko, he made me feel as if I was normal sized." Ryo told him. "He was my first love."

"Does Maru know this?"

"Of course he does." Ryo looked around the living room. "I wonder where that bitch keeps her liquor."

"I'll help you look." Shota volunteered.

Ryo and Shota looked for Yokoyama-san's liquor. Ryo could remember that Yoko had told him that his step mother was a very heavy drinker.

Ryo found Yokoyama san’s stock of bottles in a hallway closet. He took out the bundle of fireworks from his pocket.

"What are you doing?" Shota asked.

"We are celebrating the life of the patron saint of fire starters." Ryo explained.

"I didn’t' know fire starts had a patron saint."

"HIs name was General Molotov. The most wonderful cocktail on earth is named after him." Ryo smirked. "They work on tanks, and their very good at firebombing buildings."

It wasn't that hard for Ryo to show Shota how to make Molotov cocktails. All he had to do was take the top off of a bottle of liquor, jam a fire work where the stopper should go. Then light it. They put at least three Molotov Cocktails in every room. Ryo knew that most Molotov cocktails were thrown, but they were almost just as effective when he used fireworks. Plus it gave him time to get away without being caught.

Ryo went to what had been Yoko's bedroom. He looked around getting the clothes that Yoko and Hina had changed out of before they went on their date and shoving them into a bag. He then checked all the drawers to make sure that nothing of Yoko's had been left. In a drawer on the bedside table was a framed photo of Yoko with Hina. He put it in the bag.

When Ryo was sure everything was cleaned out of the room, he went back into the living room.

"Take this to the car. The stuff belongs to Yoko." Ryo handed the bag to Shota.

"Understood," Shota told him. He left the house.

When Shota returned, they went to the farthest part of the house and began to light the cocktails. They quickly moved through the house until they got to the back door.

"Go start the car," Ryo ordered.

Shota ran off to do what he was told.

Ryo lit a cigarette. He smoked for a couple of moments until he heard the first firework go off, then the second, then the third. Ryo picked the last unlit Molotov cocktail up and lit it. Then as hard as he could he threw it against the far wall of the kitchen. It shattered, sending shards of glass and burning liquor onto the floor.

Ryo turned and ran to the car. He got into the passenger seat. "Let's get out of here!"

Shota drove so that they went past the house that was all ready on fire. The fire turned on Ryo in a primal way.

"Sometimes," Ryo thought. "Payback is wonderful!"




Hina knew there was something really bothering Yoko as they shared the double date. His lover didn't usually get into such seriously bad moods. Yoko refused to talk or look at Hina during their ride to the hotel. Once Yoko calmed down, Hina knew he would have to talk to Yoko about the way he carried himself on the date.

Hina heard some very loud thumps from the room Yoko was staying in. He wanted to run and find out what exactly was happening in there. But if he did, he might seen by the press.

There was a tapping on the door that separated Hina's hotel room from Yoko's. Hina went and answered it, it was Rie.

"Murakami Kun, you're going to have to do something about that boy friend of yours." Rie said as she came into the room.

"What did he do this time?" Hina sighed. "Let me guess, he was hitting the wall."

"Yokoyama kun is very, very angry right now. He wants to beat both you and Erika up." Rie tried to explain.

"Why would he do that?"

"He thinks he has to have sex with me." She told him. "He turned me down; he told me that you're the only one he wants."

"Hina-Chan how much did you explain our dates to Yoko?" Erika asked.

"I just told him we had to go out to get some publicity." Hina shrugged. "I thought he knew the dates were fake."

"He doesn’t, not only that but he's heartbroken that you're dating someone else." Rie explained. "He's also very jealous. I'm a bit afraid of him."

"You better get in there and comfort him." Erika decided. "I mean if you want to keep Yoko as a boy friend."

"All right, I'm going." Hina decided to give in gracefully. "Call me before you two decide to leave, so we can leave together."

"Will do," Erika promised.

Hina went to the door that separated the hotel rooms; he opened it and went inside. Then he shut and locked the door. Yoko was sitting on the bed, his head in his hands. His right hand knuckles were bruised.

"I told you Rie-Chan that I can't be with you," Yoko said. "I belong to that ungrateful bastard Murakami Kun."

Hina knelt in front of Yoko; he touched his friend’s hand. "I'm not Rie."

Yoko looked at him, his eyes full of confusion. "I don't understand why you aren’t with Erika?"

"How can I be with her? I have you." Hina pointed out. "Now why did you hit the wall?"

I'm so jealous of you being with Erika. I know I shouldn't." A tear fell. "I should be more understanding."

"I'm sorry," Hina reached up wiping the tear that rolled down Yoko's cheek. "We're only going out so that we can get you back in the group. Then we can be together."

"Together? Really?" Yoko sounded like he didn't believe Hina. "In a few minutes you'll go back to that bitch Erika, you'll be sleeping with her instead of me! How do you think that makes me feel?"

"I only want you! How can I make you believe it?" Hina demanded.

"You can't Shingo," Yoko said sadly. "The only thing you can do to convince me is to make to love me. But you can't because you have her waiting for you."

"I love you Murakami Kimitaka," Hina told him using his lover's real name. "I don't want Erika. She can wait forever for me, because I'm not going to be with her!"

Hina kissed his lover, the kiss started very gently, but when Hina split his lips for just a second, Yoko eased his tongue into his lover’s mouth. He tried to be as loving as he could with the kiss. The kiss was different, very different. He wanted to show Yoko that this time was different, that their time together wasn't just a onetime thing.

Yoko got up and moved away from him. Hina went to his side, kissing him again. As they kissed Hina unfastened Yoko's jacket and pushed it over his shoulders. Yoko let it fall to the ground. The kiss grew in intensity. Hina pushed Yoko against the wall as they kissed and he ground himself against his lover. Then he began to kiss Yoko's neck as he did he unbuttoned Yoko's shirt. Hina's hand went beneath it, running his fingers over his lover's bare flesh.

In answer, Yoko worked on Hina's clothes, his jacket was the first thing cast off. Yoko grabbed Hina's shirt, pulling it open. Hina could hear buttons popping off as Yoko pulled it open. At the same time, Hina worked on Yoko's pants. He unfastened the belt, then unbuttoned the pants and unzipped the zipper. He was about to slip his hand inside, when Yoko grabbed him by his shoulders and they turned; he slammed Hina against the wall. He began to make small love bites on Hina's neck. As he did, he worked on Hina's pants.

"You're mine Shingo, mine." Yoko snarled as he bit his neck. "You belong to me, no one else. Do you understand me?"

"I'm only yours," Hina moaned moving his neck into Yoko's bite. Hina knew he would be in trouble for having marks on his neck, but he didn't care. He wanted the world to know he was Yoko's.

"I'm going to take you," Yoko's voice was harsh. "I'm going to show you that I'm the only one allowed to fuck you. You're going to take off your clothes and bend over the desk."

Hina did as he was told. He stripped in front of his lover. Yoko had a strange look of desire as Hina took off his clothes. They had seen each other nude countless times, but this time was much different. They were lovers, and for the first time his lover were in control. Hina had never seen this side of his lover before. It was one of the most incredible turn ons he had ever felt.

The desk was cold against Hina's bare stomach. He could feel Yoko run a hand down his ass. "I have half a mind to beat you, to make you understand why you can only be mine."

"Use my belt," Hina moaned. "I deserve being beaten."

Hina could feel Yoko move around the room. The first blow cracked against his ass. Hina moved forwards, he rubbed against the desk. There was a second, quickly followed by a third. The belt felt wonderful against his skin. Hina brought his forearm to his mouth, biting down. The bites also turned him on more.

"Quit biting yourself! The only one allowed to bite you is me!" Yoko ordered. "I want that bitch next door hear your cries. She will hear that you'll never be hers."

Hina did as he was told. He moved his hand, his lips crying out when the next blow was even harder. Again, and again the blows rained down. Until Hina couldn't help but scream at every blow.

"Who do you belong to?" Yoko asked as he slammed the belt down.

"You my prince, only you." Hina gasped.

Yoko reached out, running his hand down the inside of Hina's leg, getting close to the prize, then pulling back and repeating the action, this time much slower. Hina shivered as Yoko touched him.

‘Cinderella wants to fuck his Prince Charming," Yoko hissed.

"Please Kimi, please fuck me." Hina begged.

"I'm going to top you without preparing you." There was an evil note to his lover's voice. "Would you like that?"

"Oh god yes Kimi." Hina's body felt as if it was on fire, his pulse throbbing in time to the throbs of his penis.

He could hear Yoko unwrapping something. He felt Yoko put something very cold on his hole. Then Yoko pushed himself inside of Hina. It hurt to have sex without being prepared. At the same time the pleasure Hina felt overcame the pain.

Yoko began to thrust slowly. Maddingly, it was driving Hina insane. Hina loved the feeling of being dominated, of someone forcing him to fulfill his needs; he loved the total loss of control.

"Faster, please faster," Hina panted.

Yoko did as he was asked, thrusting as hard as he could, then pulling out almost all the way, then pushing in even harder. Yoko's slamming against Hina's still aching buttocks almost had him exploding with pleasure.

Yoko grabbed his hair and pulled it back. Yoko forced Hina to turn his head and his lover kissed his lips.

"You're mine," Yoko chanted as he thrust. "You're mine, only mine."

Hina felt as if he was going to spontaneously combust, he could hear his heartbeat in his ears. It was so loud, so strong. Yoko's hand snaked around his body; he began to caress Hina in time with the thrusts.

Then he felt it, Yoko bit his shoulder bone, his teeth sinking in deep.

"Mark me, I want a scar," Hina gasped. "I want proof forever that I'm yours"

"Does it turn you on when I bite you?"

"Oh god yes," Hina said almost like a prayer. "Please, please oh please," Hina begged. "Please Kimi bite me, please."

Yoko bit down hard, very hard. He felt as if Yoko was tearing out his soul. Hina cried out in pain mixed with pleasure, and then he became undone. He sank to the table, he could feel Yoko continue to thrust, and then he too came.

Yoko slumped down onto him. He stayed that way for a few moments trying to catch his breath. He was heavy, really heavy.

Kimi Chan, you're getting fat," Hina pointed out.

"Are you all right?" Yoko asked concerned as he got off of him.

"I hurt in ways I never thought possible." Hina told him as he went to the bed and collapsed onto it.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Yoko looked as if he was going to cry.

"It felt so good," Hina admitted. "No one's ever loved me the way you have."

"Do you have any bandages?"

"Yeah, in my jacket pocket."

Hina lay on the bed, he closed his eyes. He could hear Yoko moving around the room. A few moments later he could feel something warm touch his back. Yoko was gently cleaning his wounds. The touches were so caring, loving. No matter what had just happened between them, Hina realized that Yoko really loved him.

When Yoko was finished, he got onto the bed. Hina moved so he was lying beside him. He put his head on his lover's shoulder.

"How can you forgive me for hurting you?" Yoko whispered.

"It felt so good to be dominated." Hina confessed. "Is this how you get when you're jealous?"

"Yeah, I do." Yoko said. "I turn into an animal."

"I wouldn't like it every day," Hina told him. "But once a week or so would be great."

"I think I could arrange that." Yoko put his arm around his shoulders. He began to stroke Hina's hair.

"Sometimes Cinderella can turn into a prince," Hina whispered into Yoko's shoulder.

"But will the Prince turn into Cinderella at midnight? Yoko teased.

"We have the room for the whole night," Hina told him. "You're no longer Cinderella."

"You'll always be Prince Charming." Yoko kissed him gently.

Hina was lulled by Yoko's heartbeat, he found himself going to sleep in his lover's arms.



Hina was dreaming of the what if's. What if his mother hadn't sent him away when he was twelve to protect him from Yoko? What if Hina had never left Yoko's side? Would anything have been the same? But the dream shifted. Hina could remember seeing Yoko at their try outs. Yoko seemed so scared to talk to him.

Yoko had a new last name; he was going by Hina's mother's last name. . Johnny-sama also wanted him to change his first name, from Kimitaka. It was too much like Kimura-kun's nick name. Johnny-sama wanted to emphasis Yoko's western look. The fact that Yoko looked almost western, as if he was 'something else besides Japanese." Of course Johnny-sama didn't want to publicize the full truth of Yoko's heritage. Looking almost western was enough. Publishing the fact that Yoko's real mother was Welsh was something Johnny-sama wanted to keep hidden.

Hina was woken by his cell phone that rang over and over again. He sat up, putting his glasses back on. He looked at the phone as it began to ring again. It was the grocery stores number.

"Hello?" Hina asked.

"Shingo Chan something terrible happened." Yokoyama san said in a rush.

"What happened Mother?" Hina pretended concern.

"When I was working at the store, my house caught on fire." Yokoyama san explained.

"Is everything all right?"

"Everything's been destroyed. It was a total loss." she explained to him. "I'll be staying in a hotel near the grocery store tonight."

"I'm glad you found somewhere to stay." Hina told her.

"I need money so I can stay in a good hotel!" she demanded. "How much money can you give me?”

"Johnny-sama controls my money." Hina lied.

"That's not true, or else how did I get your brother's money?" she paused. "Where are you right now?"

"I'm in a hotel room with Erika." Again Hina lied.

"I'm sorry to disturb you and your girlfriend." she sounded truly concerned. "If you see Cinderella, could you tell him that I expect him at work as normal tomorrow morning?"

"I'll tell him." Hina promised.

When he got off the phone, Yoko looked him over. "What happened?"

"That woman's house has burnt down." Hina explained. "Ryo actually did it. All the evidence has been destroyed."

Yoko reached out; he ran his hand down Hina's arm. "We're almost free,"

"Almost?" Hina said. "You don't have to go back to her...”

"I want to tell her to her face that I'm no longer her slave." Yoko decided.


Yoko wanted to go alone to the grocery store, but Hina knew that he would be asking for trouble if he went alone. Hina knew he had to be there, to make sure there was no trouble. Hina drove Yoko to the store. Like always Yoko went to the back room to get his apron. Yoko wanted to gain his freedom his way. Hina wanted to protect him, to keep him from harm. Hina's mother barely even waved at him. Instead his mother made a beeline straight to the back room.

There was a very loud crash. Hina ran as fast he could to the back room. Yoko was lying in a heap of cans. Hina knew what must have happened; his mother had pushed Yoko into them.

"You fucking half! You can't do anything right!" Yokoyama san screamed at Yoko.

"I'm sorry, I'll be more careful." Yoko scrambled to pick up the cans.

Yokoyama san slapped Yoko as hard as she could across the face.

Hina knew he had to stop it, like he had in the past. The only difference was now Hina was grown, he could protect Yoko better.

"Leave him alone!" Hina demanded.

"Stay out of this Shingo!" Yokoyama san ordered.

"No, I won't!" Hina got between Yoko and Yokoyama san.

"He's gotten to you again hasn't he?" She sneered. "He's evil. You know that, and you still stay his friend."

"Kimi isn't evil!" Hina insisted.

"He's homosexual! He tried to turn you into one!" Yokoyama told him. "That's why I sent you away, to protect you!"

"Kimi and I are leaving, and you're not going to stop us." Hina decided.

"He has to pay for Kenta and Jun's tuition." She insisted.

"I'll pay for it." Hina decided. "Now, let Kimi leave."

"Kimi, you don't want to go." Yokoyama told him. "I need your money to rebuild my house."

"I told you all ready. I'm leaving, with Shingo." Yoko decided. "We're no longer children. You can't just force us apart."

"I'll go to the press." she threatened. "I have evidence! You know I have enough stuff on you that you'll wish you were never born." "

"Your evidence has been destroyed." Hina told her. "It was burnt along with your house."

Yokoyama san turned pale. "You're right, it has been destroyed."

"I am no longer your slave." Yoko insisted. "I am a free man. I'm free to love whom every I like, including Shingo!"

"You're not with my son!" Yokoyama san spat. "He has a girl friend!"

"You’re no longer my mother." Hina told her. "I would rather be an orphan then have someone so evil as my mother."

"Shingo-Chan," She gasped.

"I'm going to have my name legally changed back to Murakami Kimitaka." Yoko informed his step mother. "Even though I will have to use it for work, my name will never really be the same as yours."

"You can't do that!" Yokoyama san looked close to tears.

"Kimi and I were meant to be together." Hina turned to Yoko. Taking his hand. "Let's go home Kimi."

"Sayonara, mother." Yoko said as he left.


Hina had told Yoko that he was taking him home, but Yoko knew they didn't have a home together. Instead, it was simply Hina's apartment. Yoko's apartment had been taken from him until his suspension was over.

"What's bothering you?? Hina asked as they walked down the hallway to Hina's apartment.

"I know it's a good thing that Mother's house was burnt down." Yoko began.

"Did something you want to keep get destroyed?" Hina asked as he found his keys.

"When Mother and Father were still married, they kept a photo of my real mother in the hallway." Yoko told him. "My mother was holding me. It was the only photo of the two of us together."

"How do you know she still had it?"

"She used to show it to me on my birthday, to remind me that the woman who gave birth to me was dead." Yoko tried to keep the depression out of his voice. "She used to tell me that my mother deserted me, but she didn't. She was in an airplane crash."

They got to the apartment. Hina unlocked the door. "There are some slippers out for you."

Hina went inside followed by Yoko. He took off his shoes and put on his slippers. It was his slippers that he used at his apartment. He wondered how Hina had gotten them.

"I've all ready talked to Johnny-sama. He's Okayed you staying here." Hina explained.

"Thank you," Yoko went into the living room. He looked around. The photo of his mother holding him was on the living room wall. Besides it was a framed collage of the photos he had kept in his secret album. "Shingo, my photos."

"Do you like them?"

"Of course I do." Yoko felt tears sting his eyes. "Where did you find them?"

"That woman kept them with the evidence. I decided that they were something that had to be saved." Hina explained.

Yoko went to Hina, he hugged him. "You don't know how much this means to me."

"Remember, you used to have a mother that really loved you." Hina's voice choked.

'You have no one," Yoko realized. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have made such a fuss about my real mother."

"I do have family. I have Jun and Kenta. I have father, even though he's not legally my father. He told me that I'll always be his son." Hina paused. "I also have you. You're my most important family member. I don't think there's been a moment when I didn't love you."

"I feel the same way. I've always loved you." Yoko admitted as he kissed Hina very gently.

"We were meant to be together," Hina murmured.

His lover pulled away from him. "I bought you something special."

"You bought me something," Hina repeated.

Yoko took the package out of his jacket pocket. "I got jealous when you bought something for Erika."

'I didn't...."

"It's all right, I understand." Yoko interrupted. "I thought perhaps if I gave you something, you might realize just how much I love you."

Yoko handed Hina the box. Hina opened it. "Kimi Chan, this is wonderful."

"I'm glad you liked it."

"Help me put it on,"

Yoko took the gold chain out of the box. Yoko's finger shook as he fastened it around Hina's wrist.

"I bought something for you at the Jewelry store," Hina took a box out of his pocket. "Please Kimi take this."

Yoko opened the box. Inside was a small silver globe pendant on a man's chain. Hina wore one just like it. Yoko had given it to him when they had first joined the agency. "How did you find another one like the one I gave you?"

"When we were shopping, I saw one on display in the jewelry store's window." Hina tried to explain. "I thought it was time for me to give you one. Please Kimi; let me give you my world."

Yoko looked at the pendant for a few moments, and then he nodded. "Can you put it on me?"

Hina took the pendant out of the box. He put it around Yoko's neck, fastening the catch. Then he kissed his lover's lips.



The tabloids came out as they always did every Friday. Hina was the one that ran out and got them, he seemed giddy at the thought that Yoko might be in the tabloids. Yoko on the other hand didn't want to be in the tabloids. He just wanted to be left alone, to go back to work as a member of Kanjani 8.

An hour later, Hina returned with a large stack of tabloids and magazines.

"You're famous Kimi," Hina said as he put them on the living room table.

Yoko started looking at them. He was surprised by the headlines. "Yokoyama's night of love." "Kanjani 8's Yokoyama You seen buying an engagement ring."

"This is exactly what Johnny-sama wanted." Hina told him.

"Don’t' tell me I'm going to have to date Rie again." Yoko groaned.

"Yeah, every once in a while." Hina smiled at him.

"I only want to go out with you," He pouted.

"I kind of like the way you were during the date." Hina teased. "Jealously turned you into a tiger. It felt so good to have you bite me so hard."

Just then Hina's cell phone began to ring. He got up and went into the other room. Yoko realized it must be really important for him to leave. Yoko picked up another tabloid and looked at it. He still didn't like see Hina out with Erika. He could feel a bit of jealousy well up in him.

Hina came back a few minutes later. He sighed heavily as he sat down. "Well Kimi that was Johnny-sama."

"Johnny-sama?" Yoko repeated.

"I'm supposed to tell my good for nothing step brother that he has to stop working in a grocery store." Hina informed him.

"I all ready did that." Yoko reminded him.

"That you did. But the next thing is a bit hard." Hina smiled a bit.

"What's that?" Yoko couldn't help but keep the dread out of his voice. He was worried that Johnny-sama would force him to be under something like house arrest.

"We have rehearsal first thing Monday morning." Hina's smile grew wider. "If you can promise to behave yourself, you can be back in the group."

"I'm back in the group?" Yoko repeated happily. "What about us living together?"

"I convinced Johnny-sama that you need to live with me." Hina's smile grew wider. "That way I can keep you out of trouble."

"Yes sir, I'll do as you say." Yoko grinned.

"I guess we're going to have to celebrate." Hina kissed his lover. "I'll call the rest of the group and we'll have a party."

"Those tabloids have made me really jealous. Can we do something about it before the party?" Yoko asked. "I want to bite you so hard that you'll have a scar."

"Oh god yes," Hina moaned. "I want proof forever that I'm yours."

"You'll always be mine." Yoko kissed Hina's lips, not keep his hunger out of the kiss. Yoko now had his group back and the man he loved. They were his world, his family. He knew he didn't need anything else. For the first time in his life Yokoyama You was free.