Title: The Latest Model 1/1

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Genre: Crack

Pairing: Shota/Subaru

Summary: Shota thinks that Subaru wants to give him away.




Shota and Subaru had been lovers for two years. A very long time for a Johnny's. A relationship in the Johnny's didn't last long. Usually it was because since most of them worked together, spending all their extra time together was too much for any relationship.


The two lovers had so much in common. They both knew that they would overcome the odds. So they moved in together. They spent all of their off time with each other, and Shota was very happy.


Still, everyone needed some private time sometimes. Subaru had asked Shota if he could be gone for most of the day.The apartment had a large kitchen, almost as large as the living room. Subaru adored it.


"Do you mind if I could have some privacy today?" Subaru asked. "I need to clean the kitchen."


"I can help you with that," Shota smiled at him.


"No, I don't think that would be a good idea." Subaru told him. "I really need to do some deep cleaning."


"I'm good at cleaning," Shota said hopefully.


"I'm sure you are," Subaru said in a tone of voice that meant he didn't. He took out his charge cards. "Listen, why don't you go shopping for me?"


That was something Shota loved doing. Shopping was his second favorite thing next to making love. He had been a bit short on funds lately. He took the credit cards from Subaru. He grinned at his lover. "I'll find something you really like."




Six hours later, Shota returned to the apartment. The light in the living room was off. But he could hear movement in the kitchen. Shota put down his bags of things and went towards the kitchen.


That's when he heard Subaru talking to someone. "I don't like this current one. It heats up too fast."


"Too fast?" Maru said. Maru had once been Shotaís boy friend. It had almost been like a swap, after Shota had left Maru, Maru had gotten together with Subaruís ex lover Hina.


"Then it's done way too quickly. I mean it's supposed to be slow." he complained. "The slower the better."


"Yes, these new ones have been faster then the older ones." Maru agreed.


"I know I gave you my old one," Subaru said. "But I'd really like it back. I didn't appreciate older models until I got this new one."


The old one! Shota knew what that meant! Subaru had been with Hina before he had been with Shota. He couldn't believe his ears.


"What will you do with the new one?" Maru asked.


"You can have it if you want," Subaru offered. "I don't need it."


Shota felt tears sting his eyes. His lover had just offered to give him away, almost as if he was a thing.


"Sure, I'd be glad to take it," Maru said. "I'd really love a new one."


Shota stormed into the kitchen.The kitchen looked spotless. He stomped over to Subaru, slapping him hard in the face.


"How dare you think you could just give me away!" Shota shouted.


"What on earth are you talking about?" Subaru asked confused.


"You want the old one back! Fine, take your old one back!" he said loosing his temper. "I thought I meant something to you!"


"You do! I love you!"


"I heard what you told Maru!" he hit the counter. "Don't lie! You asked him for the old one back."


"I did, but..."


"It's over!" Tears poured down Shota's face. He ran out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. He slammed the door then locked himself into the room.


Then Shota sank to the floor, crying bitter tears.




The two friendís watched Shota storm out of the room. Then there was the obvious noise of Shota slamming the bedroom door. Shota always locked himself into the bedroom when he was angry.


"What was that all about?" Maru asked confused.


"I'm not too sure," Subaru rubbed his sore cheek.


"I didn't know he was so attached to it." Maru said.


"Shota can be a bit fickle sometimes." Subaru admitted. "Can I still have the old one back? I'll buy you a new one."


"Sure," Maru told him. "I don't like it anyway."


After talking for a while longer, Maru went home to make dinner for his new lover Hina.


Subaru checked the bedroom door, it was locked. So he went into the bathroom, checking the door that went from the bathroom to the bedroom. That wasn't locked.


He found the younger man on the floor, crying hysterically. Subaru reached out, touching him. Shota swatted at him, hitting Subaru again in the face. "I hate you!"


"Sho-Chan, listen I'm sorry." Subaru told him. "I didn't know it meant so much to you."


"How could it not mean anything to me?" Shota asked. "Itís everything to me."


Subaru gathered the younger man into his arms. "I won't trade Maru for the old one. He's giving it back to me, and I'll buy him a new one."


"How will you be able to have two?" Shota pulled away from him, wiping his eyes. "Aren't you worried that people will talk?"


"Two isn't that many," Subaru tried to smooth. "Maru has seven."


"Seven?" the younger man said confused. "Hina doesn't mind?"


"Why should he?" Subaru smiled at him. "It just means that he'll be guaranteed a hot meal when he gets home."


"Hina doesn't mind sharing?"


"Maru has a closet devoted to them. They live their quiet nicely."


"Maru makes his lovers live in the closet?" Shota gasped. "Aren't they crowded?"


Subaru began to laugh, he couldn't help it. "Why do you think that Maru has seven lovers?"


"You just told me!" Shota pouted.


"What do you think I was talking to Maru about?"


"You wanted Maru to give Hina back to you." he didn't look at Subaru. "I heat up to fast, and our love making isn't as good as it was with Hina."


"I wasn't talking to Maru about swapping lovers." Subaru said gently. "He could give me a billion yen and I would never give you to him."


"But you said...."


"I was talking about my slow cooker." Subaru tried to explain. "I swapped mine with Maru about a month ago, but Maru's didn't work right. So I wanted my old one back. I know you always like to have hot meals when we come back home at night. All I was feeding you with the new one was burnt meals."


"So you don't want to give me away?" he asked softly.


"I can't give you away." Subaru took Shota into his arms. This time his lover let him. "I love you too much."


"I love you too." Shota whispered.


"So will you take me back?"


"You're not getting rid of me that easy," Shota promised.




Two hours later, Subaru was the first to wake. He looked at his sleeping lover. Shota was so innocent, so gentle. Subaru couldn't believe he had almost lost him due to a misunderstanding.


Subaru got out of bed and put on his robe. He walked quietly to the kitchen. He went to the new slow cooker, the one that had started a fight. It had switched to warm on its own. He took off the lid, checking the pot of meatball stew that Shota so loved. Then he put the lid back on. It would be ready when Shota woke from his nap.


He felt arms go around his waist. Then Shota said sleepily. "Good morning."


"Good evening." Subaru turned in his lover's arms. Kissing his lover gently. At least with lovers, sometimes the latest model was much better then the old one.