Dangerous Games

Part one: Dancing


Author: Sentaikat aka Kyoko Godaikun

Authors email: Kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com

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Note: This story takes place in my Butterfly Universe but can be read on itís own


Time Late Summer 2004




Kame was in a hotel, Kat Tun had been sent to Okinawa to film a cm, and take a small vacation. The group shared a private suite with a nice living area. The good thing was that the Kamenashi Kazuya's personal manager had been kept back on the mainland working on groups affairs, meaning that Kame was free. He could pretend that he wasn't what he really was. A prisoner who wasn't allowed to have any type of real friendships.


"Hey Kame, the hotel has a private beach."Akanishi Jin had tempted him as they sat together in the living area. "We could go swimming with no fans chasing us."


Kamenashi Kazuya looked at his friend, so enthusiastic. He couldn't help but smile. "That sounds great."


"We could go out for dinner afterwards." Jin said suggestively.


"You mean a date?" A dream, this had to be a dream. They had been friends for years; Jin couldn't suddenly have feelings for him. Jin was just turning on the charm. Kame didn't know when his feelings for Jin had changed from friendship to love. He just knew that one day he loved his friend. He kept it to himself; he knew that Jin didn't like him that way.



"What's wrong with a date?" He smiled seductively.


He reminded himself that he could do what ever he wanted. "That would be nice."


"Our first date." The kiss came out of no where.


As they kissed, Kame wondered if Jin knew how much kisses meant to him. His PM never kissed him. Kissing was always too intimate. But now Jin was kissing him, and Kame found that he really liked it.Kame opened his mouth, and Jin gently loved him with his tongue. Jin's arms went around Kame as the kiss increased.



"Perhaps we could skip the beach." Jin murmured as he began to nuzzle Kame's neck.


The door to the suite opened, and Kame's PM came into the room. "Kame! What are you doing?"


"Nothing!" Kame pulled away from Jin ashamed. He wiped his mouth, as if he had been contaminated by Jin. *Oh god, he's here! I thought I was free!*


"Come with me," The PM ordered.


Kame looked at his friend Jin. "I'm sorry, we can't go out."


"Kame..." Jin began.


"Goodbye." Without another look, he left with the PM.


Kame had even been followed to Okinawa. The time away from his personal manager that he desperately wanted wasn't there. Instead Kame had to plaster on a fake smile and pretend that he wanted the managerís attention.


Kame desperately wanted freedom. Wanted to be able to wake up in bed with a lover, and know he was there because he wanted it, not because he was protecting his friends. Trying as hard as he could not to let them know what he was doing. It had hurt his relationship with some of the members. Junno hated him for selling out. Junno never knew the true reason for his betrayal.


"Why can't you let me have my freedom?" Kame demanded when they got near the Manager's hotel room.


"You're my property, do you understand that!" PM slapped Kame. "If you don't do what you're told, I'll take Jin. Then I'll go after that brother of yours. He's still a fresh junior."


"Please, leave them alone." Kame's mind raced, trying to think of a way to calm the manager down.


"I wonder if your brother's flesh is as soft as yours." He threatened. "Perhaps I need to upgrade to another Kamenashi."


That was when he realized Jin was watching in an out of the way place that the manager hadn't seen. Jin moved to come out of hiding, but Kame shook his head no, and prayed inwardly that his friend would stay unseen.


"What would Jin do if he knew a whore like you was in love with him?" He said. "Remember our deal. You're not allowed to love. If I catch you kissing him again, I'll have to break in your brother."


"I won't." Kame lied.


The manager opened his hotel door and went inside. With one last look at Jin, Kame followed.






Jin's view of Kame had changed the day he had overheard the manager.They had used to be good friends. Then Kame had started acting more and more cold and distant. He had isolated himself to the point that he had no real friends, just people he worked with. Jin had believed that Kame had cared for no one but himself. Now he knew that it was really the opposite. .


Jin's hotel plan hadn't worked. In a way he was glad that it didn't. He had planned to seduce Kame, not because he really cared for his friend, but because he could have always wanted the chance to sleep with Kame.It would also give him power over his friend. Jin had learned long ago that seducing someone could be to his advantage. He thought of love as a weakness, and he swore that he would never be weak.


The weeks passed. Jin tried to get closer to Kame, but found it impossible. It seemed as if the Personal Manager hovered over Kame. His friend tried to avoid Jin's eyes. He always tried to play cool, like before. But every once in a while, when the manager had stepped out, he realized that Kame was watching him. His eyes full of pain.


Jin went back to his life.He reminded himself that love was a weakness. He tried to steel his heart from his feelings. But it didn't help. His feelings for Kame grew and grew every day. To the point that he was deeply ashamed the things he used to think of as routine. He had slowly stopped selling his favors for money.Even finding excuses when Johnny-sama called for him.


Then the day came, when Kame looked at him, and gave him a special smile. Jin knew then that he wanted to spend his life at his friend's side. The weakness had taken over his heart, and Jin no longer cared.


Jin needed to speak to Kame, but had to find an excuse. When he observed Kame, he realized he was being watched. Even during the drama they where filming together, they where staff there to make sure Kame behaved. Then one day, Kame had left his bag at rehearsal.Jin picked it up, and told everyone he would return it. Now having the excuse, Jin went to his apartment.


"What are you doing here?" Kame's eyes went to the monitoring camera that was across the hallway.


"You left your bag at rehearsal." Jin showed him the bag.


'Thanks for bringing it by." another glance. "I'm having troubles with my lines. Can you help me with them?"


"Sure,Ē He was glad he had a reason to come into the apartment.

He went into the apartment. Kame shut and locked the door. Jin looked around the apartment. Kame was alone. He always seemed to be alone when they weren't working.


"Are there any cameras in here?" Jin asked.


"You know about the cameras?" He asked suspiciously.


"Are there any in here?" he persisted.


"No, none. I check everyday."




"Have a seat. I'll be right back." Kame sounded very nervous. He went into his bedroom and put the bag up.


Jin quickly moved to the couch, sitting down. He grabbed a magazine. Kame came back into the living room. He suddenly looked very pale.


Jin realized that he had to tell Kame the truth about his relationship with Johnny-sama. If he did, Kame might understand they were a lot a like.



"We're alike you and I." Jin told him.


"We aren't anything alike." Kame's face became an emotionless mask. "You have friends. I have no one."


"What about you and the manager? Do you really like him?"


"Of course I donít like him!" Kame insisted. "But I do what I must!"


"As I do." Jin said softly. 'Both of us have put our group's best interests before our own personal safety.'


"You're safe. I protect you." Kame sat down on the other end of the couch. "My PM hasn't touched you in years. So how can you say you are like me?"


"I have the same deal with Johnny-sama. He will leave the group alone if I go with him."


Kame flinched. Then he closed his eyes as reality hit him. The mask faded, and suddenly Kame seemed on the verge of tears. "No, god no."


. "I'm his; I'm more like a slave then anything else."


"Oh Jin, what are we going to do?" Kame was now trembling. "We're both prisoners."


Jin went to his side and took Kame in his arms. "I hate seeing you like this."


"Jin-Chan, don't touch me like this." even so, Kame didn't resist his embrace, instead leaning into him.


Jin kissed him very, very gently. He wondered if Kame knew how much a kiss meant to Jin. When he was with Johnny-sama, he never kissed. It was something special that he saved for someone he cared for.


He could feel Kame put his arms around him. The kiss increased.


"I want to dance with you," Kame said between kisses.


"Dance?" Jin asked confused.


"You've never heard love being called dancing?" He took Jin's hand. "Let's dance."


Jin knew if he agreed, Kame could be in a lot of trouble. But he did want his friend. He smiled. "All right, let's dance."




Kame woke. He could feel Jin pressed against him, snoring softly in his ear. Their becoming lovers had massively complicated the situation. If Johnny-sama or the manager had found out, their group would be destroyed. To save everyone, their relationship had to be only the one night.


"I don't want it to be only one night," Kame told his sleeping lover. He looked at the clock, five in the morning. Jin had to leave. He poked his friend.


Jin moaned in is sleep, and then rolled over. His eyes flickered open. "So it wasn't a dream."


"What's Johnny-sama going to do if he finds out about this?"


"He will be very angry." Jin said. "He hates when I cheat on him."


"You have to leave." Kame told him. "If my PM finds out, I have no doubt that he'll hurt my brother."


"Would you feel the same way if he wasn't in your life?" Jin asked.


"Of course not." Kame said without thinking. "I've never loved this way before. I'd like to do it again."


That made Jin smile. "Things can change."


"Not this, they can't." he told him.


"If things do change, can we be together?" he ran a hand down his arm. "I want to share more dances with you."


"Of course," Kame lied. He knew things would never change. This would be their only time together.


Jin got out of bed. Kame watched him dress. It took all of his self-control not to beg Jin to stay, but he knew it was in everyone's best interest if he left.


"Please, Jin. Don't tell anyone about my deal with my PM." Kame asked. . "It's better this way."


"I have to help you."


"No, there's no help for me." he smiled sadly. "Promise me, that you wont' tell."


"Kazuya..." He began.


"Please Jin, if you love me, you must promise." Kame begged.


Kame could tell that Jin didn't want to do it.He wanted to get Kame help. But he reached out, touching Kameís cheek. "I promise. I'll never tell."


"Thank you." Kame sighed.


"See me to the door?" Jin asked sadly.


"Sure," Kame put on his robe, and walked Jin to the door.


"If you ever change your mind, I'll be waiting for you," Jin kissed him gently.


"I will." He promised."Sayonara."


Then with his heart breaking, he watched Akanishi Jin walk out of his life.