Koki went to a small onsen for his Johnny-sama mandated vacation. There were few guests. The only ones he knew were Arashi. Koki stayed away from them. Even though he considered them friends, all he wanted to do was be alone.

He watched the news casts. There hadn't been any more attacks by the Dark Shadow Sailors. Perhaps Tuxedo Kamen had succeeded in defeating them.

He looked down to the last note that Usagi had written him. "You do not have control over Sailor Moon. I do. Until you can get back together with Maru, I refuse to let her out."

Koki was more then a little upset at his other half. She was refusing to transform herself to Sailor Moon. If she had even once, Maru would know that Koki wasn't the Dark Shadow Sailor Moon.

Koki did have his suspects. Five of them being at the onsen. Four of them had fallen into various cursed springs that translated into what could be Sailors. All of them falling in during the night.

Koki didnít know why he cared to investigate. He would never be Sailor Moon again. The only thing he knew was there was Dark Shadow Senshi after Maru, and he would do anything to protect him.


Koki sat outside, the view was breathtaking. His ketai was beside him. He didn't know why he brought it. It wasn't like Maru would really call him. Maru was like everyone else, he kept telling himself. He wouldn't keep a promise.

The pain of his break up with Maru hurt even more then the pain of abuse. He thought that Maru trusted him. Maru's lack of trust had disturbed him.

Then he realized someone was standing behind him. He turned. It was Maru, who was holding an identical phone to his.

"What are you doing here?" Koki couldn't keep the pain out of his voice.

"I'm looking for you." Maru put the phone in his pocket. "I read your note."

'Oh did you?" Koki tried to sound harsh.

"I wanted you to know that until I read your note, I really didn't believe you had accepted Usagi." Maru told him gently.

"But when I'm like this, I'm not Usagi." Koki pointed out.

"I hope not!' Maru went behind Koki, he hugged him from behind. "I only was with Usagi, because she was a part of you."

"A part of me." Koki repeated.

"A very small part." Maru's arms tightened. "I think I like this part better. The real Koki."

"So you forgive me?" Koki asked.

"Of course I do."

"You still think of me as Dark Shadow Sailor Moon." Koki accused.

"How many Sailor Moons are there?" Maru let go of Koki. "There is one, you."

"How many Tuxedo Kamen's are there?" Koki countered. "There are two! So why can't there be two Sailor Moons?"

"Are you Dark Shadow Sailor Moon?" Maru asked point blank.

"No, I havenít been Sailor Moon since that last time we were together." Koki took the note out of his pocket, he showed it to Maru. "Usagi refuses to let Sailor Moon out."

Maru showed him a photo he took with his camera ketai. "This isn't you?"

Koki looked at the photo. "No, it isn't me." He paused. "You know, I'm not the only one that fell into the stream. Ohno did. Except it was dark when he fell in."

"So it's Ohno?" Maru guessed.

"I've been suspecting that Sailor Moon and her Senshi are Arashi members." Koki told him.

"How are we going to prove that?" Maru asked.

"Their taking a vacation at this onsen." Koki told him. 'We could watch them."

"Good idea," Maru said. "I'll do the first round. I'll just accidentally take a soak near where they are saying."

"Are you sure?" Koki asked concerned.

"Trust me." Maru smiled, and Koki found himself smiling back.

Then Maru was kissing his lips. The kiss was as gentle as he remembered. Maru didn't push him against the ground; pulling his clothes off, touching him in places he didn't want to be touched. Instead, Maru just stood there, kissing Koki. Then Maru pulled away from Koki.

"What did I do wrong?" Koki asked.

"What do you mean? It was a wonderful kiss." Maru smiled.

"I thought..." Koki shook his head. "Never mind, youíre not him."

"I'm not who?" Maru asked gently.

"It doesn't matter." Koki told him. "You wouldn't understand."

"Usagi once told me you where hurt as a child. Were you talking about that?"

"Yeah." He admitted. "You probably want me to tell you about him."

"No, you don't have to." Maru shook his head. "It doesn't matter anyway. It's in the past. What would telling me help?"

Koki realized that Maru did understand about the pain that Koki experienced as a child.

'The thing is I don't know how to love." Koki told him. "Would you teach me?"

Maru smiled. "I would be honored to teach you."


"When I asked you to teach me how to love, I didn't think we would be doing this!" Koki objected.

Maru had changed into his yukata, Koki had too. They had gone outside to the small private pool that came with the room.

"A good soak will do is good." Maru told him. He took off his yukata, and nude, got into the pool.

Koki didn't move. This was puzzling him. Sex didn't involve soaks in a pool. It involved pain and bleeding.

"Come on Koki get in." Maru smiled at Koki. A special smile, one that seemed to come from his soul.

Koki found himself doing what Maru asked. He slipped his clothes off, and then slid into the pool. He sat across the pool from Maru.

Maru swam over to him. He sat beside Koki, but not touching. "I just love Onsen."

"So do me," Koki felt afraid. 'Are you sure we should be doing this?"

"Shut up, and try and enjoy the soak." Maru ordered.

Koki did, he leaned back, resting his back on the side. His body began to relax.

After soaking for quite a bit, Maru looked at him, his eyes half lidded. "Did I tell you that onsen turn me on?"

"No," Koki yelped as Maru's hand touched the inside of Koki's leg.

Then Maru was kissing Koki, the kiss was no longer gentle, it was hungry. But Koki was hungry too.

"Just relax, let yourself go." Maru told him gently. He pulled away from Koki, and then he bent over the edge, his bottom still under water.

Koki came behind him, his hardness brushing against Maru. Maru murmured and rubbed himself against it.

"I'll hurt you." Koki finally said.

"I trust you," Maru told him. "I know you'll never hurt me."

Koki gently entered Maru. His friend wet from the water. Maru was so tight, so warm. Koki just stood there, not moving, just enjoying being inside of Maru.

"Am I hurting you?" Koki asked concerned. "I must know if I'm hurting you."

"It feels wonderful," Maru told him. Maru grabbed onto the edge of the pool and pushed himself back onto Koki.

"Tell me if it begins to hurt," Koki told him.

Maru began to moan in time to the thrusts. Then he began to babble. "Yes, Koki yes, like that, don't stop."

Something snapped inside Koki, he began to thrust over and over. He put one arm around Maru's waist, holding him tight.

It was happening fast, way too fast. Koki came suddenly. He could hear Maru's cries as he too came.

Koki slumped against Maru, gasping for breath. It hadn't hurt, it hadn't made him bleed. It was wonderful, very wonderful. All the bad memories of his past began to fade. What he had just done with Maru was real love, not the abuse he had when he was a child.

When they were finished, they got out of the water. Then Maru took Koki's hand and led him to his room. They both laid down on the futon. Then again they loved.

After words, Koki lay in Maru's arms. It was just as he remembered. Maru was a wonderful lover. They where happy, very happy. They didn't know that just a few meters away were the Dark Shadow Sailors who were plotting to kill them.


Koki had begged Maru to stay in bed. Koki wanted them to forget the mission for just one day. But Maru knew that he had to go on with their spying plans. Maru's lover had just learned what love was, and he wanted to do it again. They had been taking turns loving each other for hours. Both needed a break.

"It won't be long," Maru promised. "I'll just spy a little, and then I'll be right back."

"Don't get caught," Koki looked up to him from the futon.

"I won't," He kissed Koki one last time, and then he left their room.

The Arashi gang liked using the larger pools. So he went to the largest and went to the changing room.

Maru was getting ready to go into one of the larger pools when he could hear Arashi through the changing room walls.

"We need to find out who the good Sailor Moon is." Ohno told them.

"We know who the good Tuxedo Kamen is, Maru." Sho told him. "I make a better Tuxedo Kamen then he ever did."

"So all we have to do is watch Maru." Nino said. "Eventually he will lead us to the light Sailor Moon."

"I think its Koki." Matsujun told the group. "Can we just kill him?"

"No! We can't just kill him." Ohno ordered. "I personally think its Ueda. He's a guy who turns into a girl."

"Well, so is Junno." Aiba reminded him.

"I still say it's Koki." Matsujun insisted. "Can't we just kill him?"

"Our first kill will be Maru." Sho decided. "He's weak. It will be easy to pick him off. Then we can go after Sailor Moon."

"I want Sailor Moon," Ohno decided. "I want to kill her very slowly, very painfully."

"How will we be able to get Sailor Moon to come out in the open?"

Suddenly Sho rushed into the changing room. He grabbed Maru. Maru tried to fight back. But he hadn't changed into Tuxedo Kamen. .

"How dare you spy on us?" Sho tackled Maru to the floor and began to hit Maru over and over.

Even though Maru wasn't in his transformed state, he fought back.

Soon Sho was joined by the rest of the members of Arashi. Five against one wasn't good odds. Two members of Arashi grabbed Maru's arms, preventing him from fighting back

"Who is Sailor Moon?" Sho demanded.

"Go to hell!" Maru spat.

"You first!" Sho punched Maru hard across the face.

Maru felt himself falling, but he was held up by the ones holding him.

"Take him to our quarters." Sho ordered. 'Wouldn't want Sailor Moon finding out that we have her precious Tuxedo Kamen until we're ready to kill her."



Maru was gone, full stop. What was Koki going to do? If only he had Sailor Moon. She could help him. But of course she had left him too.

Koki wrote a desperate note to Usagi. She might be able to help. He didn't like to ask for help. But he had to save Maru, if it was the last thing he did. Instead, he heard Usagi in his mind.

"Are you sure you want to unleash the other one?" Usagi asked him.

"We need her help." Koki insisted.

I no longer have control of her, you know that." Usagi told him.

"No, I didn't."

'You need to call him on the ketai that Maru gave you. All you have to do is dial the number I give you. It will bring her out." Usagi told him.

Koki dialed the ketai, Koki found himself changing again. This time, into a sailor, a male sailor. Prince Sailor Koki.

Prince Sailor Koki read the notes that Usagi and Koki had exchanged. He began to dial numbers on his ketai; he would need help to get Maru back.


After being caught by the Dark Shadow Sailors, Maru had been tied up, and shoved into a bag. He had spent the trip back to Tokyo in a trunk of a car. He didn't usually get car sick, but he couldn't help it. Matsujun was driving, and he was a horrible driver.

Then Maru was taken to Sho's apartment. He had been shoved into a corner and ignored. It was quite apparent that Arashi thought it wasn't important enough to pay attention to.

Arashi were discussing their plans. They were going to move Maru; perhaps the other Dark Shadow Sailors could keep him. Sho thought the The Dark Shadow Outer Senshi had time to watch him. Mar had seen them, they where younger then the other sailors, Maru thought they were probably juniors. They also discussed Dark Shadow Sailor Venus; all of them were in terror of him and his partner Dark Shadow Mercury.

Maru looked down to his hands. He wore a diamonds cross ring. It was from Sailor Moon. She said told him she would be able to find him if he ever pressed the diamond. Of course, if she ever came back. Maru still wasnít too sure she would. Maru pressed the diamond, but nothing happened.

"What are we going to do with him?" Aiba asked.

"I plan to give him to Luna as a present." Ohno decided. "I don't know why he has such a thing for Kat-tun members."

"They can spend a lot of quality time together," Sho smirked.

Luna, Kusanagi. Maru sighed. That boy was irritating. But he also liked to talk. Perhaps Maru could get information out of him. Information that could help defeats the Dark Shadow Sailors.


Time passed; there was no word about what was going to happen to him. Maru wasn't given any food or water. Just ignored. A few hours later Kusano was drug into the room. His arms bound. His face was black and blue with bruises. He was thrown into the corner with Maru.

"What are you doing here?" Maru whispered.

"Same as you, I'm a prisoner." Kusano told him.

"I thought you where evil." Maru told him.

'That's what I wanted the dark shadow Sailors to think." Kusano told him. "But I'm really working with the good sailors. I was sent as a spy, until I got caught."

The good sailors?" Maru repeated.

"You know, the ones led by Prince Sailor Koki?" Kusano sounded like he couldn't believe he was having this conversation.

"Who is Prince Sailor Koki?" Maru asked.

"The latest evolution of Sailor Moon," Kusano shrugged. "But Dark Shadow Sailor Venus caught me. He beat me up."

"You mean in his sailor form?"

"No, in his normal form." Kusano told him. "He is a very good boxer."


Koki woke; he was in a Karaoke room with the members of News. All of them were there, except for Kusano. He had another black out. The time it had been really bad. How could his mind make him forget when Maru was gone? He needed to concentrate to get Maru back.

"We have to rescue Maru and Luna." Yama P decided.

"What do you think Prince Sailor Koki?" Ryo looked at him, and then swore. "Crap, it's Koki again."

"We better stop discussing plans," Kato said.

"What on earth is going on?" Koki demanded.

"Nothing, we're just spending some time singing, that's all." Yama P was lying.

"You want to get Luna back, well, I want Maru back." Koki told him. "We're working on the same goal, so can't we work together?"

"Group meeting!" Yama P gathered the other members of News in the corner. Koki could hear them talking, but not what they where saying. They were arguing about him. That's all he knew.

Yama P went to Koki. "We have a lot to explain to you. Not all you might believe."

"Try me." Koki said levelly.

"We are your sailor Senshi." Koyama told him.

"If there is a dark shadow sailors there has to be light ones too." Kato said.

"You're right, there should be." Koki agreed. "Let me try and name who you guys are. Yama P is Sailor Venus, Ryo is Mars, and Koyama is Mercury. Kato is Jupiter. Massa is Chibimoon and that just leaves Uchi. Sailor Pig."

"How did you know?" Kato gasped.

"I just knew," Koki shrugged.


Maru wished that the Shadow Sailors had gagged Kusano. He knew why Luna was caught spying, he talked too much. Way too much. It was hard for Maru to try and get information on the Dark Shadow Sailors what with Kusano's' incessant babbling.

"I miss Yama p." Kusano sighed.

Because he's your boy friend." Maru tried to keep his temper.

"No, it's because he's my leader." Kusano said. "I mean that Prince Sailor Koki is all right, but he's not always there, but Sailor Venus is."

"I miss you Koki," Maru tells himself. Kusano doesn't hear, he's still rambling on about his Senshi. Tears fall down his cheeks. Maru canít help but crying about Koki. Koki his lover, Koki who had a secret life away from him.

A tear drips onto Maru's hand. It hits the diamond on the ring that Usagi had given him. The ring begins to glow.


Koki returned to his apartment alone. While News was superheroes, they were also working pop idols. They had jobs to do.

"Yu-Chan!" Koki gasped. The silver cross ring began to glow. The stone in the middle bathing the room in light. He found himself transforming, into Prince Sailor Koki, but this time he knew what he was doing.

He could see Maru, through a light wall. Almost as if he was only a few meters from Koki. Maru was sitting on the floor next to Kusano. Both of their hands were tied. Maru was crying.

"Yu-Chan, take Kusano's hand and walk through the light." Koki ordered.

"Koki?" He could hear Maru's voice.

"Hurry my love, please hurry." Koki begged.

A few moments passed, and then Maru and Kusano appeared in the room. The light faded.

"How did that happen?" Kusano asked. "I mean I was just sitting here and...."

"Shut up!" Maru ordered. "Your mouth is driving me insane."

Koki went to Maru, "My love, I'm so sorry."

"What do you mean?" Maru asked. "We're rescued."

"It's my fault you where captured," Koki told him. "I should have insisted on coming with you."

"No, that would have meant that we would have both been captured." Maru pointed out.

Koki untied Maru's hands and swept him into a big hug. "I thought I might never see you again."

"What about your other life?" Maru pulled away from him. "I thought we fought crimes together. You told me that Sailor Moon stopped coming out. Now I find you looking like this."

Koki looked down to himself. His clothes had changed. He went to a mirror. He was in a uniform. It was no longer a femaleís sailor costume. Koki now wore black pants, and a black jacket. There were golden stripes of rank on his shoulders and shoulders. It looked like a formal sailor's uniform. "I don't understand."

"Your highness!" Kusano bowed.

"Who am I?" Koki demanded.

"You're Prince Sailor Koki." Kusano told him.

For the first time he realized he had memories of everything that happened as Prince Sailor Koki. The plans he had been making with the Good Sailor Senshi to defeat the Dark Shadow Sailors, and his reasons for not telling Maru. For now he had the knowledge that his mind had been repressing. The true powerful super hero was Maru when he awakened into Prince Tuxedo Kamen. Until then, Maru had to be protected.

"Why didn't you tell me about this part of you?" Maru demanded.

"I kept myself from remembering." Koki told him. "At the time I thought I was protecting my beloved Maru."

"What changed it?"

"Your tears hit the diamond. The link between us was complete." Koki tried to explain. The sailors are all helpers for me. But my partner is Prince Tuxedo Kamen."

"Prince Tuxedo Kamen?" Maru repeated.

"The Dark Shadow Senshi is terrified of Prince Tuxedo Kamen." Kusano told him.

Koki untied Kusano. "Call the rest of my Senshi. Tell them I have awakened. We must plan for the battle between the good and the dark shadow."


Maru tried as hard as he could to calm his beating heart. Prince Sailor Koki was hot to put it mildly. He wasn't sure what was going to happen when Koki grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom. Locking the door behind them.

Then Koki pulled him into his arms and began to nibble hungrily at his neck.

"What about Kusano?" Maru asked. "Won't he barge in on us?"

"He's busy making phone calls." Koki murmured.

Koki kissed Maru hard. It was quite obvious that the one kissing him was Koki. But then how did he know if Prince Sailor Koki would let Koki remember loving Maru.

"Hey Koki?" Maru asked when they finally broke for air.

"Yeah?" Koki was trying to undress Maru.

. "I mean isn't it really cheating on him?"

"You didn't say that when you where going out with Usagi," By this time Koki had Maru's belt unfastened and had dipped his hand inside.

"I mean is he going to remember any of this?" Maru couldn't help but moan when Koki began to stroke his hardness.

"I'll remember," Koki promised. "We're one and the same now."

Maru no longer felt like arguing. Not with the way that Koki was caressing him. Instead, he let Koki pull him to the bed.



As the days passed, Koki and Maru wanted to track down the Dark Shadow Sailors, but there were other things to do, like real life. They were Johnny's, which meant their lives were very busy.

Koki and Maru had spent the past few days planning. Everyone was under orders to protect Maru. He didn't understand why. As Tuxedo Kamen, he could protect himself.

The entire Johnny's from Arashi on down were going to participate in a Johnny's grand prix. It would be filmed on the set of SmapxSmap, and ran in a similar way to the SmapxSmap Grand Prix's.

Koki and Maru arrived together. The cameras filming everyone's arrival. They had to pick balls out of a container as soon as their arrived. Maru picked Red, Koki White.

"You're dressing room is that way," The staff gestured to Koki.

"Let's go." Koki told Maru.

Maru began to follow Koki, but a staff member grabbed his arm.

"I'm sorry Nakamaru-Kun; the red dressing room is that way." The staff member pointed in the opposite direction.

"Of course," Maru looked at Koki. "I'll see you later."

"Watch your back." Koki ordered.

Maru wanted to kiss Koki, but staff and cameras surrounded them, so instead he walked off in the opposite direction.


Koki followed the staff member to the White dressing room. He was surprised to see that all of the members of Arashi were on the white team. There was also Tackey and Tsubasa. Also all of Ya-Ya-Yah and some juniors.

"Hey Koki, good to see you." Tackey smiled at him.

"Thanks," He was glad to see some friendly faces.

"I want you to have this," Tackey pressed a present into Koki's hand.

"You shouldn't have." Koki opened it. It was a thick golden chain necklace, dominated by a black diamond bling. "This must have set you back a mint."

"That's all right." Tackey told him.

"Go on, wear it." Tsubasa encouraged.

Koki took the necklace out of the package, and slipped it on. Then suddenly everything changed. A dark shadow took over his mind.

"Welcome to the dark side," Tackey told him. "You are now Dark Shadow Sailor Koki."

"Dark Shadow Sailor Koki." Koki repeated. Everything that he had loved before in his mind, he hated.

"We will do the grand prix like nothing has happened." Tackey ordered. "But afterwards, we have a score to settle."

"A score to settle?" Koki asked.

"We have been defeated by Tuxedo Kamen and his Sailor Senshi too long." Tsubasa agreed.

"We must be rid of Tuxedo Kamen." Tackey told him. "He must die. You will be the one to kill him."

"I will be honored." Koki said without emotion.


"Want to see the latest baby pictures?" Junno asked Maru almost as soon as he arrived in the dressing room. Junno was always excited when he wanted to show everyone the photos of his four children.

"Sure," Maru had nothing else to do. The Grand Prix didnt' start for two more hours.

Junno took out a small photo album. He passed it to Maru who began to look through it.

"Your wife must be staying with the kids," Yama P guessed.

"No, my mother is." Junno told him.

"Where's your wife?"

"She'll be in the audience," Junno lied.

Kusano plopped down beside Maru. He pulled the photo album away from Maru. "Oh how cute!"

Maru grabbed the photo album back. "I was looking at it first!"

"Can't we share?" Kusano pouted.

"No!" Maru snapped. He looked at the baby photos. He had to agree, the babies were cute. Even though Maru was mother to two of them, all of the photos showed him as a man. "The oldest two must be your favorites."

"No, actually, Eri's my favorite." Junno sat down on the other side of him. "I know parents shouldn't play favorites, but I can't help it with Eri."

"It must be sad that they all look like their mother," Kusano told him.

"No, the oldest two look like their father." Junno said.

Before Kusano could say anything else, Yama p grabbed him and pulled him across the room.

"There's something you need to know," Junno whispered. "Ueda is Sailor Uranus, and I'm Sailor Saturn."

"You're kidding." Maru gasped.

"Why would I joke about something like that?" Junno looked up as Ueda entered the room. His face lit up.


They had five minutes before they went on stage. Junno stood close to Maru, being his body guard. Ueda Maru's other partner in the match stood on the other side. Maru busied himself watching the other contestants. He was worried about competing against the white. Most of them were good cooks. Ohno Arashi's leader was standing with his team members Sho and a junior. Their teamís color was orange.

The only team that was bad cooks was the team of Nino, Aiba and a junior. Maru had the displeasure of tasting their food before. He wasn't worried about beating them in the Bistro section.

The purple team was Koki and Tackey and Tsubasa. Koki seemed to be very distracted. He hadn't even looked at Maru since they had been separated into different teams.

Maru smiled and walked to Koki. "Good luck!"

"What are you doing talking to me?" Koki snapped.

"We're friends; it's natural for us to talk." Maru reminded him.

For the first time, Koki looked into Maru's eyes. His eyes glowed black. "We're not friends! I can't stand you."

"Koki!" Maru couldn't believe his ears.

Tackey went up to Koki; he slipped an arm around Koki's waist. "What's going on Darling?"

"This baka thinks we're friends." Koki snorted.

"Stay away from my boy friend, Tuxedo Mask!" Tackey looked into Maru's eyes, his eyes also glowed black.

Junno grabbed Maru's arm and shoved him across the room. Maru tried to resist, but Junno was surprisingly strong.

"What was that all about?" Maru demanded.

"I can feel Dark Shadows in Koki." Junno told him.

"No, not Koki," Maru denied. "He's not on the dark side."

Maru watched heartbroken as Koki first kissed Tackey passionately, then kissed Tsubasa in the same way.


The Bistro part of the Grand Prix had been pure chaos. Five teams of workers in the space that two teams usually took. They had gotten the main ingredient an hour before the Grand Prix started. It would be chocolate and curry. Junno had talked to Maru briefly about it. Maru would do the main dish, Junno the desert. Ueda would be in charge of the side dishes.

As they cooked, they didn't need to speak. All three had confidence in the other to know that the other would do the right thing.

Junno dashed around, trying to be one of the two teams that would lay claim to the ice cream freezer. He could see Tsubasa heading towards the last freezer. Maru was closer to it then Tsubasa. He 'accidentally' bumped into the Arashi member, knocking the bowl of mix into the floor. Junno dashed past them, putting his own mix into the machine and turning it on.

"You BAKA!" Tsubasa screamed.

"I'm sorry," Maru apologized. He bent down trying to help his sempai clean up the mess.

"Do you really think sorry is going to help? You ruined our desert!"

"It's okay; we'll share our ice cream with you." Maru told him.

"Thank you," Tackey grabbed Tsubasa's arm. "I'm sure there's enough to go around."

"Do you really think that's enough?" Tsubasa demanded. "You hit me on purpose!"

"Mercury, not now!" Tackey hissed.

"But Venus!" Tsubasa wailed. "He's our enemy."

Tackey pulled Tsubasa to their side of the set. Koki helped clean up Tsubasa while glaring at Maru.

"So Tackey's the Dark Shadow Sailor Venus." Junno told Maru.

"That means he's the head of the dark side." Maru guessed.

"Koki's now on the dark side." Junno reminded him.

"No I don't believe it." Maru told him. "It has to be a trick."

Junno went to the stove and stirred Ueda's curry. He took a spoon and tasted it. It was good, very good.

"How does it taste?" Ueda smiled seductively.

"Perfect." Junno smiled at him.

"You better get back to your desert." Ueda suggested.

Just then Maru could smell food burning; it was from the white team's side. Then Nino thundered. "Aiba-Chan! You burnt the curry!"

Maru looked at Junno, the look in his friend's eyes made him laugh out loud.


The next race was a relay up the stairs of The Fuji building. The producers told them that Junno would go first, then Maru. He looked up the steep stairs to his partner. Maru was fast, but he knew that Koki and Sho were faster.

Maru thought it was strange that there was no audience watching. He thought Grand Prix's always had audiences. This time was different. Security kept the audience several blocks away.

The announcer told everyone to take their places, and reminded the teams that if they went past the hand off area before the end of the race, they would be disqualified from the Grand Prix and automatically loose.

The sound of a gun started the race. Junno ran hard, buy the hand off his team was in first place.

Maru ran as fast as he could, then he felt Koki slam into him from behind. Maru landed hard, elbow first. He cried out in pain. Koki ran off, as if he didn't notice Maru was hurt. Maru held onto his left arm. Tears poured down his cheeks.

Maru was injured. No one paid attention to him as the rest of the race went on. Junno ran to his friend's side. He knelt beside him.

"Are you all right?" Junno asked concerned.

Maru glanced at the cameramen that had followed. "Junno, you shouldn't have come here. We've lost the Grand Prix."

"I don't care."

"But the Batsu game!" Maru protested.

"I couldn't just let you lay there." Junno told him. "You're hurt."

Maru could hear the race ending. He glanced up, Koki's team won first, closely followed by Sho's team. The white team was unbeatable.

"Nakamaru-san," The referee said, walking up to them. "You disqualified your team. Your team will begin the Batsu game."

Junno looked at the referee. "Nakamaru's hurt his arm. I think it might be broke. He needs medical help."

"Let me see." The referee knelt down beside him.

Maru showed him his arm. "I can't move it. It hurts."

"It looks dislocated."

"I don't mind doing the batsu as long as Maru is helped." Junno said firmly.

"Of course we'll get Nakamaru-san help." The referee got up. He turned to an assistant and told him to call for the paramedics that were on standby. The paramedics went to them, and Junno moved away. Maru was helped down the stairwell.

"There will be an hour's break in filming!" The director ordered. "Everyone take a break."

Almost all the technical staff went back inside of the building. The only ones left outside were both the red and the white teams.

"Let's do it!" Tackey ordered. "Dark Shadow Powers make up!"

Maru watched in horror as all of the white team changed into Dark Shadow Sailors. All the red team could do was back away as they descended the steps. In the middle of the group of Dark Shadow Sailors was Dark Shadow Sailor Venus, who was really Tackey. Dark Shadow Mercury who was really Tsubasa. In the very middle was Dark Shadow Sailor Koki.

Soon the red side was changing. They began to battle with the Dark Shadow Sailors.

"We have to get away!" Junno told Maru.

"I have to help Koki." Maru protested weakly. His arm hurt too much for him to protest much. Instead, all he could do was flee with Junno.


Maru wanted to stay, to fight against the Dark Shadow Sailors, but his arm prevented him. Instead, he let himself be bundled into a van with the rest of the group except for Koki.

Maru couldn't stop thinking of Koki. Just that morning, they had loved. Koki had promised that he would never leave Maru's side.

The ride was bumpy; Junno drove like a mad man. Maru cried tears of pain and frustration.

Finally, they stopped. They were outside of the city. . They arrived at a motel. Ueda went and got one room for all of them.

They went into the room. Jin stood at the window, on watch.

"Why are we running away?" Maru finally asked. He sat on one of the two beds.

"We're not running away." Kame told him.

"It looks that way to me." Maru told him.

"Our job is to protect you." Ueda sat down on the other bed.

"It's very important that the Dark Shadow side not capture you." Junno sat beside Ueda.

"Why is it so important?" Maru demanded.

"Because it is," Kame said simply.

"If you don't tell me the real reason, Iím going to walk out of here!" Maru promised.

"Why would you leave your friends?"

"Because you're hiding something from me!" Maru yelled.

The four of them exchanged worried looks. Finally Ueda spoke. "When you awaken fully, you will be the most powerful Senshi on earth."

"Who told you that?"

"I can see the future." Ueda told him. "I know that in a matter of days, in your grief for Koki you commit mass murder."

"My grief for Koki?" Maru gasped. "You mean he's going to die."

"Yes, he will die."

"I don't believe you." Tears stung Maru's eyes.

Ueda put his hand on Maru's cheek and closed his eyes. Then suddenly Maru was seeing the future through Ueda's eyes. Maru was wearing a different uniform. He was kneeling beside Koki, holding his limp body in his arms. Then He was screaming. And everything was covered in a glow. When the glow faded, everyone, Dark Shadow and Light Sailors were lying on the ground dead. The only one who still lived was Maru.

Finally Ueda took his hand away from Maru's cheek. Maru looked at Ueda with new eyes. "I'm a murderer."

"Not yet you're not." Ueda told him. "We will protect you. To make sure that my vision won't come true."


Maru was basically ignored by the rest of the group as they made plans. All four of them had piled into the bathroom leaving Maru alone. Maru knew that he should leave, that it was dangerous for him to be there. But he couldn't. His arm hurt too much.

Maru wasn't sure he could believe the vision, but everyone else did. He really didn't think he could kill anyone.

The door to the bathroom opened. Ueda went up to Maru. "How's the arm?"

"How do you think?" Maru countered.

"Why haven't you put it back in joint?"

"I don't know how to."

"We'll do it for you," Ueda decided.

Maru found himself being pushed onto the bed. Junno, Kame and Ueda sat on him so he couldn't move. Then Jin pulled on his arm hard, very hard. Tears stung his eyes. Damn it hurt. Then another jerk, this one harder then the first. Maru screamed in pain.

"It's done," Jin told them.

Everyone got off of Maru. Junno looked down to him. "How's the arm?"

Maru tested it. It still hurt, but the overwhelming pain was gone. He could also bend it by itself. "Much better, thank you."

Ueda's ketai rang. He went into the bathroom. When he came out, he looked grim. "Only three of our side survived the battle."

"What about the rest?" Kame asked.

"The Dark Shadow Sailors put black diamonds necklaces on them." Ueda told them. "Their now Dark Shadow Sailors."

"The survivors?"

"Their on their way." Ueda told them. He looked at Jin. "Let them in when they get here."


An hour later, the survivors arrive. Uchi, Ryo and Yama P. All three were bruised, battered. They looked at Maru warily.

"Don't you think we should tie him up?" Yama P asked.

"He's still an ally of ours." Ueda reminded him.

"We won't work with you unless you put him in the closet." Yama P decided.

"Absolutely not!" Junno told him.

"It's all right, I'll go." Maru told the group. He went into the closet; he could hear someone locking it from the outside.

"We should kill him!" Ryo sneered.

"That would make us as bad as the ones weíre fighting against." Ueda decided.

"It would save a lot of lives if he did die." Yama P insisted.

Maru tried to shut his mind off to the arguing. The remaining members of News wanted him dead. He couldn't believe the loyalty of Kat-Tun. They had never really become close, not like the other groups. But still they stayed at his side.

He wondered about Koki. Koki knew about the vision. Was Koki with him because he loved him, or because he was trying to prevent the future?

Maru would kill himself before he let Koki be hurt. He touched the ring. When Koki had given it to him, he had promised him he would love him forever. How could Koki make such promises, when Maru was the real villain? One that is even more dangerous then the Dark Shadow Sailors?

Maru finally fell asleep. He dreamt of a time that he could be back together with Koki. His lover holding him close. Telling him how much he loved him.

He opened his eyes. He could see Koki kneeling beside him. He was wearing his Dark Shadow Sailor Uniform.

"Koki?" Maru asked.

"You have to work with the good sailors to defeat the Shadows." Koki told him.

"They won't let me." Maru told him. "They see me as the real enemy."

"Those bakas! Don't they understand that you're our savior?" Koki countered.

"I cause the deaths of many people." Maru reminded him.

"No! You save all our lives!" Koki insisted. "Promise me, you'll defeat the Dark Shadow Sailors."

"I can't fight against you."

"I'll never forgive you if you don't." Suddenly Koki's diamond began to glow with black light. "We know where the rest of you are! We are coming to kill you!" Koki no longer sounded human. "The Dark Shadow Sailors will defeat you!" Then in an instant, he was gone.


Maru began to pound on the closet door. "Let me out!" He screamed over and over.

Finally, Junno let him out. "What do you want?"

"I just received a visitation from Koki." Maru told him.

Junno grabbed him by the shirt, and shook him hard. "What did you tell him?"

"Nothing!" Maru insisted. "He told me that the Dark Shadow Sailors know where we are. They're coming to attack us."

Ueda looked at Maru as if he didnít believe him. "Get back in the closet. We won't lock you in. Come out when the battle starts."

"So you'll let me help?"

"We have no other choice." Ueda said somberly.

Maru went back into the closet. All he could do was wait.


Maru didn't have to wait long. He could hear the Dark Shadow Sailors outside the motel. He could also hear the light Sailors getting ready for battle. Ueda and Junno had kissed one last time, both promising that the survivor would raise their children. Maru knew it must be difficult for them. They had children, yet they were planning on risking their lives.

Then someone opened the door to the closet. Then Jin was throwing bucket of ice and water onto Maru. Maru changed into Tuxedo Mask.

"Tuxedo Kamen, we need your help." Jin told him. He was now Kunzinite, one of Tuxedo Kamen's warriors.

"Master, please do not say no." Kame told him. He was now Jadeite, another one of Tuxedo Kamen's warriors.

The three News members glared at him, but didnt' say anything.

Maru looked at Junno and Ueda. Both dressed as male warriors. "I thought you told me you where sailors?"

"A lie master," Junno told him. "We didn't want outsiders to know we're two of your generals."

Suddenly in a ball of flame, the door to the hotel room is destroyed. The Light sailors ran outside, battling the Dark Shadow Sailors. Tuxedo Kamen and his generals joined in on the battle.

The battle was fierce. The Light Sailors are vastly outnumbered. One Dark Shadow Warrior is defeated; two more join in on the battle.

One Dark Shadow Sailor lost her sword. Tuxedo Kamen grabbed it and began to battle with it.

"Dark Moon wave!" Koki yells. Suddenly a wave of dark moonlight overcomes Tuxedo Kamen.

Tuxedo Kamen used his sword to destroy the wave. Then he realizes in horror that the sword is in someone. The person grabed onto Tuxedo Kamen as he fell to the ground.

"Maru," Koki gasped.

"Koki, hold on," Tuxedo Kamen told him.

"Too late," Koki looked up to him. "I love you." then Koki's eyes suddenly are unseeing. Tuxedo Kamen checks him. Koki has no pulse.

"No!" Tuxedo Kamen screamed in grief.

There is a white light, as Tuxedo Kamen changed one last time. He was now Prince of Earth. His uniform white and silver. He no longer wore a mask. He got to his feet.

"No, Maru you can't!" Ueda screamed.

The Prince of Earth is no longer was hearing. His whole existence was one of justice. He knew one thing. The black diamonds were the source of evil. He stretched his hand out. "I command that all black diamonds be destroyed to their atoms!" There is crash after crash as the diamonds explode. The Dark Shadow Sailors fell to the ground, dead.

"You killed them!" Junno screamed. "It's just like Ueda's vision!"

"I command those killed wearing the black diamonds be healed! Their bodies will be restored to health, and the evil cast out of their bodies." The Prince said.

Suddenly everyone was back to normal. The Dark Shadow Sailors were all wearing white Sailor Costumes. Everyone began to celebrate their good fortune. Now healed lovers hugged each other and kissed, not caring who saw.

The Prince knew there was no hope for Koki. He had been killed at his hands. The Prince changed back into Maru and sank to the ground. He cried uncontrollably in grief for Koki. . He had killed Koki with his own hands. Nothing, nothing could ever change that.

Maru could hear the others calling him the greatest superhero ever. But how could Maru be the greatest, when he couldnít' save the man he loved?

Then strong, very familiar arms wrapped around him. Then a voice he never thought he would ever hear again. "There's no need to cry. We won."

Maru turned into his arms. Koki was smiling at him. Maru couldn't hide his shock. "I don't understand, I killed you."

"It's all right, you healed me." Koki's grin grew wider. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"I love you too." Maru kissed Koki. His tears changed from sad to happy.

He let Koki pull him into the hotel room and into the closet. They began to undress each other as soon as the door was shut. Then the loved each other. There was joy in the loving. For both were very happy.

Neither of them knew at their time of happiness, that two Dark Shadow Sailors still existed. That it would take more then what the Prince of Earth did to defeat Tackey and Tsubasa. Since their evil wasn't because of any black diamond.

Maru knew that the Earth would be attacked by Dark forces again. But this time, there would be plenty of Sailor Senshi to fight against them. For now he would just enjoy the embrace of his lover, and know that they would never be separated again.