Title: The Dress

By Kyoko Godaikun

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Note: I don't own Morita Go and Miyake Ken. They belong to the agency

Disclaimer: I have no idea if Miyake is a cross dresser, but he would look good in a dress :)

This story came from a really odd dream of mine. Be warned J

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Time: 1994


It was a pretty spring day. Miyake Ken lived in the Agency’s dorms. The rooms were small, cramped. His bed only a meter from Morita Go’s.   The Junior's didn't have work that day. That meant that Miyake Ken had a rare day off. Most of the other Junior's had many plans and were busy on their days off. Ken on the other hand just wanted to rest. He sat on his bed, pretending to do homework. He wanted to make sure he didn't get caught staring at his roommate again.


"Hey Ken-chan, want to see a movie?" Ken's roommate asked him.


 He looked up to his friend, Morita Go. "What movie is it?"


"Shingo's rented a few pornos." Morita said with a knowing smile. "The girls are supposed to be awesome in them."


Ken could remember the last time they had watched pornos with women. They were okay, but the men in the videos had been ugly. He hadn't been turned on by them. He realized he had to make an excuse. "I need to catch up on my homework."


Morita gave him another smile. "I can help you with it."


"You don't have to."


Morita sat down beside him on the bed; he reached out, running a finger down Ken's arm. "Isn't the real reason your not going is because you don't like girls?"


"How did you know about that?" Ken suddenly felt very uncomfortable. His mind began to race. "Who told you?"


"No one had to tell Me." He said knowingly. "I just knew."


"I see."


There's nothing wrong with liking guys." Morita suddenly looked like a very hungry cat. His voice was seductive.  "Course, what I like is girls in dresses."


"Yeah, I know." Ken tried to sound like it didn't bother him. "I just promised my mom I would keep my grades up."


Morita looked at him for a moment. He stood up. "I'll tell Shingo that you're doing homework."




Morita went to the door. He stopped. "If you get done, will you join us?"


Ken forced himself to smile. "Sure, why not."


He watched his friend leave. He glanced at the photos on Morita's side of the room. .  Morita Go had plastered some of his collection of glamorous women in dresses on the wall beside his bed. Ken had never looked closely at them. He never felt the need to. It was just one more reminder that his friend liked girls. What would his friend say if he knew that Ken felt that deep inside he was a girl?


A very lonely girl that had fallen in love with his room mate. The rough around the edges far more experienced room mate. He had to keep his secret away from Morita.


Ken knew it was a good thing that Morita was straight.  He had promised himself after his last boy friend that he would never be involved with anyone. His ex-boyfriend hadn't cared of Ken's feelings. Ken had learned that from that boyfriend that love was something that only caused pain. 


Ken locked the door and went to his drawer. He took out the small make-up bag.  He also took out a mirror and a curling iron. He plugged in the curling iron.  He then sat down at the desk and set up his mirror. He took out a cleansing pad and wiped off his face. Then he began to put on the base make-up.


One of the reasons Ken's mother had made him join the agency was to change her son. His mother had attempted many things while he was growing up, even making his twin sister live with his father. None of her attempts had seen any success. Ken couldn't stop his cross dressing.


Ken slowly put on eye shadow and then drew on eyeliner. Then he picked up the blush and his brush. Even though he was ashamed of his addiction, he still had to do it.


He chose a deep coral lipstick. It had belonged to his sister. She had been the one person who understood his actions. She had given him a full make up kit for the last birthday they had been together.  She used to be his best friend. Now their parents kept them apart.


Ken went to the dresser. He picked up his curling iron and began to curl his hair. He had wanted to use electric rollers, but that wasn't small enough to hide. So he had to settle on the curling iron.


When he was finished curling his hair, he turned off the curling iron. Then he fluffed his hair.


Ken put on clip earrings, another present from his sister. She had always called him Ken-ko. She had always encouraged him to be himself. Ken missed his twin sister.


He took off his robe; he was all ready wearing a bra. He went to the closet and took out a black dress. His sister had given him her cast off dresses. He had to admit that she had good tastes. He ran his fingers over the material. It wasn't made of silk.  But still it was very soft. Then he slipped on the dress.


As he put the dress on, he heard the door unlock. Then his roommate came in.


"Ken-chan." Morita said surprised.


His worst fear came true, he had been caught. Ken grabbed his robe. His mind raced to find an excuse.  His face turned red from shame. Finally had stammered out "Gomen Nasai."


"Ken-chan." his roommate repeated.


"I'm sorry you had to find out about this." He put on the robe. "I know I'm sick..."


"Why do you think you're sick?"


He looked away from his friend. "I like dressing up as a girl."


Morita locked the door. "Don't be ashamed of who you are."


 "There is something inside of me that makes me want to wear dresses. I feel so good when I dress up. I feel like it's the real me." Ken couldn't keep the shame out of his voice. "I'm not normal."


 Morita went to him. "Let me look at you."


Ken stood, not moving, not looking at his roommate.  He waited for laughter that he knew would come. Then the older teen took Ken's chin in his hand and moved it so he was looking into his eyes.  "You're even more beautiful then I imagined."


"Nani?" he couldn't believe his ears. "You think I'm beautiful?"


The look that his friend gave him was of unbridled desire. Then Morita leaned forward and kissed him. Ken found his arms going around the older teen.  His friend shoved him back against the door of the closet, Ken's back pressed against the mirror.


Morita began to work on Ken's robe as they kissed. He unfastened it, and pushed it over his shoulders. The younger teen let the robe fall to the ground.


Ken gasped in surprise, and Morita's tongue shoved its way into his mouth. Ken's tongue battled the smaller man's. He let the more experienced Morita take the lead. He suddenly wanted Morita, it no longer matter how much it would hurt to make love.


Morita pulled away from him a bit. He had Ken's lipstick on his lips, his eyes dark with desire. "You should see yourself."


"What do you mean?" He felt as if he were under a spell. His friend giving him what he had always wished for.


He let Morita turn him so that he was looking into the full length mirror. Morita stood behind him, his arms went around him, and began to explore his body. "Look Ken-chan. See how beautiful you are? There is nothing sick about you."


"You like how I'm dressed?" he gulped as Morita's hands moved lower. For the first time ever, Ken tried to look at himself through Morita's eyes. The curls, the impeccable make up. He realized he looked just like his sister. "I look like a girl."


"You're far more beautiful then a girl could ever be." Morita's lips touched his ear. He could feel his friend's hardness press against his back. "Didn't you dress for your other boy friends?"


"No." He didn't fight Morita moving up the hem of the dress and letting his hand run up his leg. Then he found his underwear. His hand caressed Ken until he was hard.  "I don't understand you like girls."


"I like all sorts of girls." Morita's voice grew rougher. "I especially like girls who are men."


"I see," Ken said, even though he wasn't too sure what his friend meant.


"I want to make love to you," Morita's voice was husky. "Leave the dress on."


Suddenly the fear he had suppressed returned with full force. "Are you sure? My blood will ruin it."


"Blood?" Morita sounded confused. "Why would there be blood?"


"I've always bled when I've had sex." The spell seemed to be broken. He tried to get away from Morita. 


 His friend let go of him. "How many men have you been with?"


"Only one, every time we had sex I bled. It hurt so much that I began to avoid sex." he closed his eyes.  "I'm not a good lover."


He felt Morita's hand on his cheek. "We don't have to be together tonight."


"I want you to make love to me, but I'm afraid." Ken confessed. "Why does love have to hurt?"


"Ken-chan." his friend said softly. "All love doesn't hurt. It can be a wonderful thing."


The younger teen shook his head. "It does hurt. It can't be wonderful."


  Morita stroked his hair. "Have you ever topped anyone?"


"I've always been told I'm a bottom,"


"Would you like to be a top?" He kissed him gently.


It didn't take Ken a moment to think. "I want to be inside you."


Morita pulled away from Ken. He very slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and then slipped it off. Then he took off his pants and tossed them on the floor.  For the first time, Ken saw his friend's hardness. It arched up to his belly. For a small man, Morita was well endowed. The size of his friend frightened Ken.


Morita kissed his lips. The feelings Ken had came back with full force. He moaned and moved closer to his friend.  Morita pressed a small tube into Ken's hand. "Tonight, you'll be the top."


Ken didn't fight as his friend pulled down his underwear. Then Morita was on his knees, taking his underwear off. Then he was back on his feet.


"What if I hurt you?"


"You won't. I trust you." Morita took the tube from Ken, and covered Ken's hardness with the lube.  Then he pulled the younger teen onto the bed and on top of him. 


Ken's hardness brushed his friend's opening. Morita pushed himself onto him. There was a very brief tightness, and then Morita opened himself to him. Ken's whole body cried out for him to move. "Does it hurt?"


"It feels good. Now move!" Morita ordered.


It didn't take any more encouragement. Ken pounded in and out of his friend.  Morita's body arched back as he tried to impale himself more onto Ken. Then he could feel Morita tighten, and he came, crying out Ken's name. That drove Ken over the edge, and he too came.


Ken's head spun from the after effects of the orgasm. He pulled out of his friend and collapsed on the bed.


Morita took Ken in his arms and kissed him very softly. "My beautiful Ken-chan. You made my dream come true."


"What do you mean?"


"My biggest fantasy was seeing you in a dress, making love to me." He confessed.


"You're kidding." Ken nestled down beside his new lover. He put his head on Morita's shoulder.


Morita wrapped his arm around him. "I love my boys being girls."


"What about my love of make up?"


"We wear make up to be on stage, what made this any different?" Another kiss, "I like my girls to wear make up."


"So I'm your girl?" Ken tried to keep the happiness out of his voice.


"Yeah, you're my girl." Morita kissed him.


"What about the pictures of girls on your wall?" Ken asked confused.


"Look closely at them," Morita pointed at one. "My girls are transvestites."


Ken looked up at the pictures. From close up, he realized that Morita had been right, all the photos were of cross dressers. Every single one of them were men.  Finally, he said. "They're beautiful."


"They're not as beautiful as you," yet another kiss. "Got any more dresses?"




"We'll have to try them all out." Another kiss, Then Morita Go closed his eyes. It wasn't long before Ken could hear his soft snoring.


“You’re right Go, love is wonderful.” Ken told him before he too went to sleep.