Title: Feeding the Beast

Sequel to If You Give



Written By: Kyoko Godaikun

Authorís email: kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com



Disclaimer: SMAP does not belong to me. Their bodies might belong to

Johnny's Jimusho talent agency. Their souls belong to themselves. Also, I

Really don't think the real Takuya Kimura is as evil as this in real life.

He just makes a great bad guy. Also, any wives etc are fictional and made

up by me. They are not meant to portray any real person.


Another disclaimer: Abuse of the group is mentioned in this story. I have

given the abuser a fictional name. Even though a fan of one of Johnny's

Jimusho's groups might know who he is.


Note: This story features Inherited Vampires. These type of vampires where

created by the fanfic author Katrinka. Her concept used with her

permission. The basic difference between inherited vampires and regular

vampires is the fact that Inherited can have children, and go out during

the day. Their children will also be a vampire, crossing over in their teens.



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Kusanagi Tsuyoshi was a very bored man. He had spent a very boring five days in Shingo's bed. He was recovering from being staked by his ex-girlfriend. It had been a week of living in a dream, of finally becoming Katori Shingo's lover.


Tsuyoshi has spent the time watching TV and studying Korean. Shingo had even gotten into drilling his friend over words he had learned.Still, Tsuyoshi was tired of it. He wanted to get out of bed, to do something. Even something as trivial as taking a bath.



The confined space was getting to Tsuyoshi. "I want to do something."


"Sorry, out of the question." Shingo was studying his lines for a new drama. He would be leaving in less the two weeks to film in the USA. His golden hair rumpled. He had dedicated the past few days to taking care of Tsuyoshi. To the point that Tsuyoshi wondered if he even slept. Shingo was always awake when the older man woke.



"Can I get out of bed?" Tsuyoshi asked. "I promise I'll behave."


"What did Lian-sensi say?" Shingo reminded him. "YOU were staked, you almost died. You have to rest."



*When we became involved, I didn't think I would have to live with five days of complete celibacy.* Tsuyoshi thought. *You're driving me insane.*



"What else did you expect to do when you were told to stay in bed for a week?" Shingo put down his script.


"Have lots of sex." The new vampire kissed his lover, running his hand over his body. He stopped at Shingo's groin and began to rub in earnest.


Shingo pulled away from Tsuyoshi. "The doctor said no sex."


"We won't tell the doctor." Tsuyoshi kissed him again. He could feel Shingo sigh, and then open his mouth to him. As they kissed, Shingo stretched out beside him.


*I'm tired of fighting. It's been so hard to wait.* Shingo telepathed.


Shingo pulled away from him, and took off his shirt. His golden chest beckoned to him.Tsuyoshi moved close, and began to kiss his chest, running his fangs over the nipples. Licking them, sucking on them. Tsuyoshi bit down on the nipple. Then he drank his lover's blood.


*Oh god, Oh god.* He could hear Shingo think. *I don't believe this.*


Shingo pulled away from him. He put a hand on each cheek. "Now it's your turn. I want you to take me. I need you inside me."


Just then, the doorbell rang. He could feel who the person was at the door.He was suddenly jerked into reality. Tsuyoshi had lived in a dream world for the past week. But all of that was now gone. His mind was reminded of the secret Shingo would never find out. A secret that would keep him from being involved with Shingo. Tsuyoshi pulled away from him. "It's Nakai. You better go answer it."


"How do you know it's Nakai?" Shingo began to kiss Tsuyoshi's neck.


"I just know." He said simply. "He won't leave until you answer."


"Can't we ignore him?" He licked Tsuyoshi's juggler.


"He's got a key." He pulled away from Shingo. "He'll come in by himself if you don't let him in."


"I forgot about that," He kissed him one more time.




The doorbell started ringing again, as who ever was pushing it, had his finger on the buzzer. Shingo sighed. He got up, and went into the living room. They had come so close to finally consummating their relationship.


After so many years, they where back together.Shingo didn't realize how much he missed holding Tsuyoshi until their first embrace. It was almost as if they had never been apart.


*I wish you could remember our love.* Shingo thought. *How you where my first, and I promised to always love you.*


Nakai stood at the doorway, looking annoyed. "You're going to get sick if you don't put on a shirt."


Shingo looked down, not only was he not wearing a shirt, but there was two thin trickles of blood rolling down his chest. He put a hand over it. "Cut myself shaving."


"Yeah, right. And you stained the front of your pants shaving too?" Nakai snorted.


*Oh shit* Shingo didn't have to feel the front of his pants to know Nakai wasn't lying.Shingo grabbed a sweat shirt from the back of the couch, and put it on. "It's not what it looks like."


"What do you think it looks like?" Nakai raised an eyebrow. "You don't look ill."


"I have a doctor's note." Shingo tried to smile.


"Sure you do." Nakai pushed his way into the apartment. "Last time I looked, your kind donít' get sick."


"My kind, I don't know what you mean." Shingo felt a bit of dread. Did Nakai know Shingo was a vampire?He locked the door behind Nakai. He tried to joke. "Do you really think I have the cure for illness? Hey I could be rich! What is it?"


"Look, our management just wanted me to check up on you." Nakai tried to explain. "I told him I would do it. How is Tsuyoshi doing?"


"He's getting better."


"Is he wearing his pentagram?" Nakai sounded concerned.


"No, he's not."


Nakai took a box out of his jacket pocket. "He needs to wear this before the sun goes down tomorrow night."


"I don't understand, why?"


"If he isn't wearing this, and the moon goes up. He'll turn." Nakai's eyes were serious. "How much experience do you have with werewolves?"


"You've lost your mind." Shingo went to the door.


"Really, Perhaps I'm not as stupid as you think." Nakai walked towards Shingo's bedroom.


*He can't find Tsuyopon!* Shingo ran towards his bedroom, and tried to block Nakai. "Listen, I'll go back to the studio with you. Just leave Tsuyopon alone."


"Or you'll what? Drain my blood?" Nakai asked sarcastically.


"What are you talking about?"


"I know youíre a vampire."Nakai said calmly. "Before you ask, I can sense vampires."


Shingo's mind began to race. If Nakai could sense vampires, that could mean only one thing-Nakai was a werewolf. He decided to play stupid. "You can sense vampires?"


"Tsuyoshi can only sense others of our kind. He doesn't have the gift. He had no idea the three of you are vampires." Nakai tried to explain. "Now he's a vampire. If he turns tomorrow night, you could die."


"Are you trying to tell me Tsuyoshi is a werewolf?" Shingo couldn't believe his ears. "Is he also an immortal who carries a sword around?"


"I'm not joking. He's like me, a werewolf." Nakai took a deep breath and let it out. "I know what your kind thinks of werewolves. I know I'm less then human. Do you really want Tsuyoshi turning? He might kill you! I have to save your life!"


"What do you mean?"


"You have to take his blood two times to become a werewolf. Have you taken his blood?" When Shingo shook his head no, Nakai explained. "It's against the vampire code to be a werewolf/vampire hybrid. The enforcers will come after Tsuyoshi, they'll execute him."


"Are you going to tell the enforcers?" Shingo asked suspiously.


"Tsuyoshi's my friend." Nakai said firmly. 'I don't betray my friends."


"You might as well see him." Shingo opened the bedroom door. Tsuyoshi was studying a Korean textbook. "Tsuyopon, you have a visitor."


The smaller man looked up to them. He put down the book. "How are you doing Nakai?"


Nakai went into the bedroom. "I'm doing well. How are you feeling?"


"I'm getting better." He looked ashamed.


"I better go check the laundry." Shingo went back into the living room and sat on the couch. Using his vampire hearing, Shingo could hear what the two men were saying.




"Tomorrow night's a full moon. You'll need this."Nakai told him.


"Thanks" Tsuyoshi paused. "Why did you bring me the pentagram?"


"I promised I would look out for you." Nakai said seriously. "I can remember your first turning. I helped you get through that, didn't I?"


"I was just sixteen." Tsuyoshi said. "I had no idea what was happening to me. But you did. You protected me."


"I'll always protect you." Nakai promised. "You're the little brother I never had."


"Thank you."


"Do I need to bring a pentagram for Shingo?" Nakai asked.


"No, he doesn't need one." Tsuyoshi sounded depressed.


"Haven't you shared blood with him?"


"Why would you say that?"


"He has bite marks on his neck." He said solemnly. "By the way he looked when I got here, the two of you must have been playing blood games."


"We weren't playing games. It was love." Tsuyoshi's voice was soft. "Vampires make love by exchanging blood."


"You're going to have to be careful loving him." Nakai reminded him. "He has to take your blood twice to become a werewolf."


"No, he hasn't taken my blood. If we had continued, he would have."


"You don't have to let him take your blood." Nakai reminded him. "You know, there are other ways to love that don't involve blood."


"I feel so close to him when I take his blood. I wish I could let him take mine." There was a long pause. Then Tsuyoshi said sadly. "Once he finds out about this. He'll leave me."


"Shingo loves you. I think he'll stay."


"Vampires hate werewolves. We're less the humans to them." Tsuyoshi whispered. "Hybrids are forbidden by the code. Once he finds out about me, he'll turn me into the enforcers."


*Tsuyoshi's a werewolf.* Shingo thought. *Oh god, what must he have gone through?*


*He thinks he's less the human.*


*I won't let him go through this alone.* He decided. *He needs me beside him.*



"If the enforcers find out about me, I might have to hide." Tsuyoshi said.


"Don't worry; I'll take care of you."Nakai paused. "I better get back to the studio."


"Thanks for visiting me."


"See you later." Nakai came back into the living room. He shut the door that led into the room. "Thanks for letting me see him."


"Any time." Shingo told him.


"Did you hear what I told him?" When Shingo nodded, Nakai asked. "Are you going to turn him into the enforcers for punishment?"


"How could I do that? I love him." he looked at the groupís leader. "Can you get me one of those necklaces?"


"To protect yourself from him?"


"For myself." Shingo smiled sadly. "I'm going to let him make me a werewolf."


"Why would you do that?" Nakai sounded puzzled. "Why would any vampire in his right mind want to become a hybrid? You know the penalty for being a hybrid is death."


"I want to stay with Tsuyopon forever." He rubbed his face. "It would be easier of we're both hybrids."


Nakai took off his own pendant. He handed it to Shingo. "Before you say anything, I have more at home."


"Thank you." Shingo slipped the necklace into his pocket.


"I want you to really think before you become a hybrid." Nakai told him. "You're on family might kill you."


"I'm not worried about my family." Shingo said truthfully.


"It's hard to be a werewolf. You can lose friends if they find out about you." Nakai admitted.


"Like Kimura?" Shingo guessed. "The two of you used to be lovers."


"After Takuya crossed over, he wanted to take my blood. I wouldn't let him. I told him the truth about my condition." Nakai seemed bothered. "He broke up with me. I don't blame him. I'm less then human."


"You're not less then human. Kimura is a bigoted elitist." Shingo suddenly felt compassion for Nakai. "You'll always be my friend."


Nakai looked relieved. "Thanks."







*I should never have become involved with you. My existence is against the code. I can't have you dying because of me.* Tsuyoshi thought to himself about an hour after Nakai had left. Nakai's visit had reminded him of the truth. His existence was forbidden. If he got any closer to Shingo, it would put his lover in danger. The enforcers would kill him too. The enforcers, vampires whose existence was spent enforcing the code. They were ruthless, without mercy.


*We can't be together.* Tsuyoshi reminded himself.


He watched Shingo studying his lines for his new drama. In a week his lover would go to America to film it. Tsuyoshi hoped that perhaps they might grow apart in that time. Then he wouldn't have to break up.


*I want to spend my life at your side. No, I can't think that way anymore.* He felt guilt wash over him.*We have to break up. I have to save your life.*


Shingo looked up from his script. "Tsuyopon, what's wrong?"


"Nothing," Tsuyoshi looked away from him. It was going to be harder then he first thought.


"You've seem so upset since Nakai visited." Shingo told him. "Did he say something to you?"


"No, he didn't." Tsuyoshi looked away from him. He made up a reason why he was upset. "It's just that the rest of the group will now know we're together."


"What's wrong with that?" Shingo put the script down. He turned to Tsuyoshi. He kissed his lover passionately. Tsuyoshi couldn't help it. He put his arms around Shingo. He could feel Shingo's lips trail their way down the smaller man's neck. Shingo began run his teeth over Tsuyoshi's juggler. *You don't know how much I love you.*


"I love you too."


"I want to take your blood." Shingo murmured.


Tsuyoshi pulled away from him. He tried to hide the panic he felt."That wouldn't be a good idea."


"You've taken mine. Why can't I take yours?" He reached out, touching his cheek. "I want to bond with you."


"I want to take a bath." Tsuyoshi tried to change the subject. He tried to put on his most pitiful look.


"Can I help you with it?" Shingo asked.


Tsuyoshi shrugged. "Might as well."




*He wants to take my blood.* Shingo heard the thoughts of his friend Tsuyoshi. *How can I tell him that he'll never be able to take my blood?*


*When he finds out that I'm a hybrid, he'll leave me.*


*Why do I have to be a hybrid? Why does my existence have to be against the code?*


*Why does my love have to be dangerous to him?*


Shingo returned to the bathroom. His friend was sitting on the bench. Tsuyoshi was holding a washcloth. He was staring into space. A tear trickled down his cheek.


Guilt, his friend was wracked with guilt. Shingo had to do something. Perhaps if Shingo seduced Tsuyoshi, he would realize that Shingo loved him unconditionally.


Shingo took the washcloth from Tsuyoshi. "Why don't I help you wash?"


"Sure," Tsuyoshi wiped the tear from his cheek.


Shingo began to wash his lover with gentle strokes, trying to avoid the wounds. They almost totally skinned over, but they still looked sore. The scar from the staking red.


"Is there something wrong?" Shingo asked.


"I was wondering, what do you think about werewolves/vampire hybrids?" Tsuyoshi asked.


"What do you mean?" he pretended ignorance.


"Do you think they should outlawed?"


"Of course I don't!" Shingo said firmly. Shingo wanted to tell Tsuyoshi that he knew the truth, but he found himself holding his tongue.


"Kimura thinks we're...I mean they shouldn't be allowed to exist." Tsuyoshi continued.


"Every hybrid I've ever known has been a much better person then an elitist like Kimura."


"Do you really think that?"


"Yes, I do."He soaped up the smaller man's back.


*He would understand,* He could hear Tsuyoshi think. *Why am I still afraid to tell him?*


Shingo washed his friend in silence. He could still feel the turmoil in Tsuyoshi's mind. His friend was terrified of the truth. What would he say if he knew Shingo too wanted to be a hybrid? That he wanted to spend his life protecting Tsuyoshi from the enforcers.


A memory flashed through Shingo's mind. Of something that happened when he was young. The manager had come to abuse eleven year old Shingo.


"I'll do anything you want, just leave Shingo alone!" Fourteen year old Tsuyoshi said as he knelt in front of the groupís manager.


"Anything?" The manager took off his belt.


"Yes, anything." His friend was crying. "I won't fight back."


"Tsuyopon, no!' Shingo said.


"Leave, I'll be all right." Tsuyoshi promised.


"Enough talking." The manager hit Tsuyoshi across the back with his belt. He glared at Shingo. "You have five seconds to leave, or you join him!"


Shingo went into the hallway. He could hear the manager lock the door. He stood too afraid to move as he listened to his friend get beaten. Tears poured down the young boys face.


He heard a door open and Nakai came into the hallway. "Is he hurting him again?"


"Our manager came for me this time." Shingo wiped his face. "Tsuyopon wouldn't let him."


"You can stay with me." Nakai put his arm around him. He led Shingo to his room, and shut the door.


"Why would he give himself that man?"


"He did it because he loves you." Nakai told him.


Suddenly Shingo was back to realty.His lover had gone through hell to make sure that Shingo wasn't abused. Kimura's taking away Tsuyoshi's memories didn't lessen the fact that Tsuyoshi's bravery had put off Shingo's abuse for three years.


*You protected me, it's my turn to protect you.* Shingo told him.






Tsuyoshi leaned back in the tub, and watched. Shingo was cleaning himself before he got into the tub. Shingo unfastened his robe, and let it fall to the ground. Beneath the robe was only golden skin. He bent down, and picked up the small wash bucket, exposing his perfect backside.


He could feel tightness in his midsection. All Tsuyoshi think of was how it would be like to make love to his friend. *He's so beautiful."


*Oh Kami.* he couldn't help but notice his friend's smile in the mirror.


*I keep forgetting he can read my thoughts.*


*What would he say if he knew I was a hybrid?"


*Hybrids are against the code.*


*Would he turn me into the enforcers?*


*Why can't I leave him? Why do I have to love him?*


He could feel the water shift, as Shingo got into the bathtub. Then Shingo's hands touched his shoulders. "You're all tight."


"I've had trouble relaxing." Tsuyoshi admitted.


Shingo began to rub his shoulders. "I can't wait until you're healed."


"Oh really?" He moaned as his friend hit a sore spot.


"Yeah." Shingo began to rub his back in earnest.


Tsuyoshi closed his eyes, it felt good to have his back rubbed. They always turned him on. He moved so that Shingo could have more access to his back.


*I'll always protect you.* Shingo vowed. Then, before Tsuyoshi could say anything, it happened. Shingo bit him.There was a sharp pain, then an ecstasy like he had never felt before. His hand went to the back of Shingo's head, urging him on.Then everything went blank.






Tsuyoshi woke. He was laying nude in the bed he shared with Shingo. His lover lay beside him. The last thing he remembered was being bitten by Shingo. He wondered how he had gotten into bed, and then realized that Shingo must have carried him.


He could still feel the tingling of the wound on his neck. He had let his lover take his blood. Not only that, he had enjoyed the taking. He wanted Shingo to take his blood again. He had hoped beyond hope that he would be able to love his friend without exchanging blood. But that had proved impossible.


*Shingo, I'm sorry.* Guilt washed over him. *One more feeding and you'll become a hybrid.*


"I don't want to leave you.* He reached out, touching his sleeping lover's cheek. *I want to live with you forever.*


He kissed his lover's lips. It was going to have to take all of his will power to leave.


Shingo moaned and rolled towards Tsuyoshi. He murmured Tsuyoshi's name.


Tsuyoshi got out of bed, and found a shirt. He pulled it on. Then he found his bag, and began to put his things in it. He didn't want to go.


*Tsuyopon, come back to bed.* Shingo telepathed. *Let's exchange blood again.*


*We can't.* He closed his eyes and lowered the barriers in his mind.


"Tsuyopon, what's wrong?" Shingo's eyes opened.


"I think it would be best if we were just friends." Tsuyoshi lied.


This made his lover wake up. "You're breaking up with me?"


"I don't love you." Tsuyoshi felt his heart breaking.


"I've taken your blood. I know how you feel." Shingo insisted. "You do love me."


"I have to protect you!" Tsuyoshi fought back the tears.


"From what?"


"I can't tell you." Tsuyoshi went to the door."Please accept my choice. It's for the best if we end now."


"Tsuyopon," Shingo got out of bed and went towards Tsuyoshi.


"Good bye my love." He went into the living room and shut the bedroom door almost on Shingo's face.



Tsuyoshi was only able to get to the couch before he began to cry. He sank down on the floor. Together, the two of them could have been together. If only Tsuyoshi wasn't a hybrid.

*I have to protect him. The only way I can is to leave him.* Tsuyoshi reminded himself. "Why do I have to be a hybrid?*


*Why does it have to hurt?*


*Why do I have to love you so much?*


Tsuyoshi reached out to his friend telepathically. All he felt was coldness in return. For the first time since they had become involved, Tsuyoshi couldn't feel Shingo's mind. Breaking up meant destroying that tie too.


A few minutes passed. The door to Shingo's bedroom opened. He had put on a robe. Shingo sat down beside him."Tsuyopon?"


"Please, leave." Tsuyoshi wiped his face. "I've told you. We can't be together."


"What's so wrong with being my lover?"


"I'm doing this to protect you." He turned away from him. The coldness was still there. That was just as heartbreaking as not being Shingo's lover.


"Youíre trying to protect me?" Shingo repeated. "Shouldn't it be my choice if I become a werewolf/vampire hybrid?"


"You know I'm a hybrid?" Tsuyoshi gasped.



"I over heard you talking to Nakai." He confessed. "I love you. I want to be with you. Even if that makes me a hybrid."


Tsuyoshi turned to him. "I can't live with knowing I made you like me."


"Shouldn't that be my choice?"


"The enforcers someday will find me, they'll kill me." Tsuyoshi whispered. "My very existence is against the code. If you become a hybrid, you'll die too."


'How can you expect me just to let you leave?" Shingo reached out, touching his lover. "I want to protect you from the enforcers. The best way I can is if I too am a hybrid."


"Shingo, are you sure?"


"I want to spend eternity with you." Shingo vowed.


"Why?" Tsuyoshi looked down, thinking.


"I love you."He could feel Shingo's thumb caress his cheek. "Please Tsuyopon, don't leave. I'll protect you. I promise."


"You're going to need a pentagram." Then Tsuyoshi realized that Shingo was wearing one, on a chain around his neck.He reached out, touching it. "That looks like Nakai's."


"It is. He gave it to me. I want to do this." Shingo said firmly. "I have to protect you."


"Shingo," Tsuyoshi put his hand on top of his lover's.


"Please, Tsuyopon, can we bond?"


For the first time, Tsuyoshi smiled. "I would really like that."


Shingo moved to kiss his lover. But Tsuyoshi found himself pulling back. "What is it?"


"Our mind-link's gone." Tsuyoshi told him. "When I try to telepath to you I can only feel a cold void. I can't live with that emptiness."


"I felt you close your mind."


"I don't know how to re-open it."


Shingo put his hand on his lover's cheek and closed his eyes. Suddenly the curtain was lifted, and Tsuyoshi's mind was filled with warmth again. *Is this better?*


*I feel whole this way.* Tsuyoshi telepathed. *Will it be this way when we bond?*


*It will be even better.* Shingo promised as he kissed his lover.




Katori Shingo woke. For the first time ever, he could feel the call of the moon. It wanted him to take off his pentagram. To roam wild, to turn. He knew that he was as werewolf.


He could feel Tsuyoshi lying beside him. Not touching. "How was your sleep?"


"The moon... it's calling to me." Shingo looked at his lover.


"Yes, it is." Tsuyoshi's eyes were half-lidded, his fangs extended. The call, his lover was feeling the call too.


"Have you ever given into the call?" Shingo could feel his own fangs grow.


"Nakai and I used to go into the country, and let ourselves totally turn." Tsuyoshi gave a half smile. "He still does it with another werewolf he knows. I don't blame him. It's wonderful to turn."


"If it was so great, why did you stop?"


"I fell in love with you." Tsuyoshi reached out, he ran his hand down Shingo's arm.


"I don't understand."


"In our code, having sex after you've turned doesn't count." His lover moved his hand to Shingo's body."But it does to me. It must be my vampire side."


"You and Nakai?" Shingo gasped. "You were involved with him?"


"We are only friends." Tsuyoshi began to make little circles on Shingo's stomach. "If it makes you feel better, werewolves aren't in control of our bodies after we turn."


"The beast takes over?" Suddenly the thought seemed to be very erotic to Shingo.


"Yes," Tsuyoshi's hand dipped lower, touching Shingo's hardness. "Even if we don't take off our pentagrams, the beast calls us to mate on a full moon."


"We can't deny our beast." Shingo heard himself say. "Why can't we just take off our pentagrams and turn fully?"


"There are innocents around. In our turned state, we might kill them." Tsuyoshi's began to manipulate Shingo. "We'll just have to have lots and lots of sex."


"Lot's of sex?" Shingo sighed. "It will please our beasts?"


"Oh yes,"


In answer, Shingo rolled onto his lover. Pushing his legs apart, settling between them. Then he realized what he was doing. He was forcing himself onto his lover.


*We should take this more slowly.* Shingo pulled away from Tsuyoshi. He sat on the edge of the bed steadying himself. He looked down to his hands, his nails had grown.


"Stop fighting your beast." Tsuyoshi told him.


"I want to hurt you." He confessed. "I promised never to hurt you."


"My beast wants me to hold you down. To scratch your skin," Tsuyoshi breathed. "TO force myself into you. You feel the same way. Give into it."


"I'll hurt you."


"We need to feed our beasts." Tsuyoshi paused. Then he growled inhumanly. "If you don't want to, lock yourself in the guest bedroom. It won't be too long before I won't be able to control myself."


Shingo turned towards his lover. He had changed even more. He no longer looked human.He grabbed Shingo behind the neck and pulled him to him. Then he kissed him savagely.


Tsuyoshi reached out and scratched Shingo roughly across his chest. Then with inhuman strength, he shoved Shingo onto the floor, onto his stomach. Then he pushed himself into Shingo. The love making was quick frenetic. Tsuyoshi quickly came. As soon as he pulled out of his friend, Shingo had shoved him across the desk. Then he too gave into his animal.






Tsuyoshi woke. He wasn't sure how much time had passed. All he could remember was hour after hour of endless sex and exchanging blood. Shingo lay beside him sleeping; he snored softly in Tsuyoshi's ear. His scratch-covered arm was slung across Tsuyoshi's waist.


He glanced at the clock. It was four in the after noon. The day was Sunday. They had spent two days and nights feeding the beast. Tsuyoshi's body ached, his body scratched and bitten. All he felt like doing was lying in bed and resting up.


Tomorrow, they would go back to work. Now would have to be a day of rest. In a week, Shingo would be going to America to work on a series. This might be the last time in a long time for them to be together.


He could feel Shingo moving; he yawned and rolled over onto his back. His eyes opened. "The beast is gone."


"It will be back." Tsuyoshi told him.


"Good, I'm glad." Shingo paused. "That was the best sex I've ever had."


"I bet you say that to all the boys." Tsuyoshi kidded.


"You are all the boys." A smile tugged at his lips. "I can't believe you gave up sex like that for a one sided love for me."



"So whoís better?" Shingo smiled too. "Nakai or me?"


"You are," Tsuyoshi smiled, grateful that Shingo had changed the subject. "Perhaps it's because I love you, and I never loved him."


"Would you mind if we just spent today resting?"


"No, I'm tired too." Tsuyoshi put his head on Shingo's shoulders. "I can feel you in my mind. I no longer have to think of you. You're just there."


"We're bonded." Shingo explained. "I now belong to you."


*I love you,* Tsuyoshi told him.


*I love you too.* Shingo put his arm around Tsuyoshi's shoulders. Forbidden, they where both now forbidden. It didn't matter to Shingo, for now he had Tsuyoshi. He vowed he would protect Tsuyoshi from anything, even the enforcers.