Title: Misunderstandings

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

Email: kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: I donít own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Date: Late August 1997




Koichi was tired, more then tired. It was hard to film all day, and entertain the mansion all evening. Koichi spent the evening entertaining his manager's business associates. That was a kind way of saying what he did. In reality it was a form of prostitution. All he wanted to do was sleep.


Koichi walked up the stairs to his dorm room, he could hear music coming down the hall.As he neared the door, the music was louder.He got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Nagase, the man who was famous for his wild parties was having one in his room.Koichi knew it was only a matter of time before Nagase found a good excuse for a party, but did his roommate have to pick that night?


As he went into his room, Nagase looked up to him. "Hey Koichi! Want a beer?"


"Yeah, I would." he told him.


Nagase took a beer out of a cooler, he handed it to Koichi. Then he turned back to Leader.


"Thanks." Koichi opened it, and took a long drink out of it.He then looked around the room. The bunk beds had been shoved against the walls so there was now a space for dancing.The beds had various dorm mates sitting on them.



'That's a bunch of Crap!" Morita growled at Ken. Morita and Ken were sitting on Okada's bed.


"Is not!" Ken said."Yamaguchi's right! You're a baga!"


Morita hit Ken. They both jumped down from the top bunk. They began to hit each other.


"Okay, that's it! Youíre out of here!" Leader grabbed Morita and pulled him out of the room.


"You too!" Yamaguchi grabbed Ken and they left the room.


"I won't go with you!" He heard Tsuyoshi say.

"You'll have fun." Inocchi had Tsuyoshi shoved in an out of the way corner.There was a small space near the wall and one of the beds.Koichi wouldn't have seen it if he hadn't been standing near it.He could tell the rest of the room couldn't see it. *No wonder Inocchi picked it.*


"Nope, not going!" For the first time, Koichi realized that Tsuyoshi was drunk.


The V6 member began to nuzzle his neck."Come on Tsu-chan. He won't find out."


"Yes he will." Tsuyoshi slurred. "I'll tell him."


"Come on, why are you so loyal to the sell out?"


"I love him."


"He's a lucky guy." Inocchi unzipped Tsuyoshi's pants, and put his hand inside. "I can make you forget the spy."


"Please, don't touch me like that."


"Shut up" he hit Tsuyoshi across the face. Then he turned the Kinki Kid around, pulling his pants down."You'll thank me for this later."


"I don't want this, I don't want this!" Tsuyoshi tried to struggle away from Inocchi, but he was too drunk.


Something inside Koichi snapped. If he didn't take action that instant, Tsuyoshi would be raped. He jumped onto Inocchi's back, putting the V6 member into a headlock.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Inocchi tried to struggle away from Koichi, but he held on tight.


Suddenly Koichi felt someone try and pull him off of Inocchi. Still he didn't let go.The two men fell to the ground together.


"Let go of him!" Nagase ordered.


"He's insane! Koichi attacked me!" Inocchi told him. "Get him off of me!"


"He had a good reason for attacking him!" Okada said. "Look at Tsuyoshi! Inocchi just tried to rape him!"


"Let him go Koichi! I want to handle him!" Nagase said.


Koichi did as he was told, Nagase pulled Inocchi off of Koichi and threw him against the wall.Then Nagase punched Inocchi in the face.


Koichi got to his feet, he went to Tsuyoshi. Okada had all ready pulled his pants back up.His friend looked at him confused. "You saved me."


"I made you a promise didn't I?" Koichi took Tsuyoshi in his arms, protecting him.


Inocchi punched Nagase back. Nagase countered punching him in the stomach.


"What the hell is going on?" Leader thundered. He was followed closely by Yamaguchi.


"Inocchi tried to rape Tsuyoshi." Koichi explained.


"It wasn't rape. He' wanted it!" Inocchi slurred.


"Stop it Tomoya!" Leader ordered.


"Of course Leader." Nagase stepped away from Inocchi, who lurched at him.


Yamaguchi shoved Inocchi back against the wall."He's drunk!"


"What I do with Tsuyoshi is no one's business!" Inocchi spat. "Why does he have to have sex with the spy? Why not me?"


"Theyíve never had sex!" Okada said impulsively.


"Never?" someone gasped.


"No, we've never." Koichi admitted.


"Ko-chan." Tsuyoshi gasped."Why do I feel so drunk? I don't drink."


"Come on Tsu-chan, let's go to bed." Koichi guided Tsuyoshi to his bed, and helped him to lie down.


"Take Inocchi to your room Yamaguchi," Leader ordered. "Make sure he doesn't get out until morning."


"Can I deal with him? I can make sure he'll never try it again." the bass player asked.


"Of course."


Yamaguchi pulled the V6 member out of the room.


Leader turned to the rest of the guests. "I don't want anyone mentioning what Koichi said ever! Do you understand?"


"That makes no sense. Koichi's slept with everyone else! Why not his boyfriend?" Someone said.


"His love life is no one's business." Nagase said. "Besides, they are only partners."


"Everyone, lets get back to the party." Leader ordered.


Koichi turned to Leader. "Our manager had a party tonight. I spent the evening entertaining guests. Iím exausted."


For a brief instant a flicker of pain passed over Leader's face. "Why don't you sleep in my room tonight?"


"Can I have your keys?"


The leader handed them to him."Lock the door behind you. I'll probably sleep here tonight."


"Thanks." Koichi looked at Nagase. "Can you keep an eye on Tsuyoshi?"


"Are you going?" Nagase asked.


"There are too many people here. It could get back to the manager about what happened."


"Understood. See you later." Nagase told him.



Tsuyoshi woke with one of the worst hangovers he had ever had.He looked around the room. Leader was sleeping in Nagase's bed. The lead singer of Tokio holding his lover, Sakamoto and Okada slept in Okada's bed. In Tsuyoshi's bed, Nagano and Taichi of Tokio where sleeping together.


For the first time, Tsuyoshi realized he was sleeping in Koichi's bed, but his friend was no where to be found. "Where's Ko-chan?"


A wave of nausea overcame him. He had barely gotten to the toilet when he vomited.


"What's happening?" Inocchi looked as if he had been in a fight, both of his eyes where black and his lip swollen.


"What does it look like?" Tsuyoshi sat down on the floor. "I drank too much and I got sick."


"Where's Koichi?"


"Don't know." Tsuyoshi shrugged. "He might not have come back last night."


"You don't remember then?"


"Remember what?" Tsuyoshi asked confused.


"I really can't believe you can't remember."


"What happened?"


"You got drunk, really drunk. Koichi came in." Inocchi closed his eyes."He took advantage of you. You could barely move, and he didn't care! It seemed to turn him on."


"He raped me?" Tsuyoshi couldn't believe it. "I can't remember."



"He had sex with you in front of me.You screamed "NO, No." but it seemed just to make him more excited. He bent you over and crammed himself inside you." Inocchi paused. "When he was done with you, he had sex with me. I'm sorry; I got hot watching the two of you. He seemed to realize it. Then he gave himself to others at the party.


"No only he raped me, he did it in front of someone?"Tsuyoshi's head began to spin. Koichi, his best friend, the only man he could trust had hurt him.


"Yeah, a lot of us."


"He gave himself to others?"


"What did you expect of him." he looked down to Tsuyoshi. "You really didn't think he actually changed did you? He's a whore, he'll always be one!"


"I think I'm going to be sick." Tsuyoshi vomited again.




Domoto Tsuyoshi hated Koichi. With every fiber of his body he hated his partner. The only person he had ever loved turned out to be like the Manager.He went to the closet and curled up in the corner. He thought of the closet as a safe place, no one would bother him or find him.


A few minutes later Okada opened the closet door, reaching for a shirt. He stopped when he saw his friend. "Tsuyoshi, what happened?"


"I don't want to talk about it."


"Do you remember what happened last night?"


"Were you there?"


Okada sat down on the floor beside Tsuyoshi. "It wasn't your fault. You where drunk."


"I don't understand why I'm hung over. I don't drink." He asked confused. "Did you see me drink?"


"The only thing I saw you drink was pop." Okada admitted. "Perhaps I should go get Koichi. You need to talk to him."


"NO! I don't want to ever see him again." Tsuyoshi said firmly. "After last night, do you blame me?"


"You probably need some time alone." Okada agreed. "Do you want me to stay?"


"I don't care." He shrugged. "I don't want to talk about last night."


"I'll find something else to do." Okada got to his feet and left the room.


A few minutes later Koichi came into the room. He went to Tsuyoshi. "Why are you in the closet?"


Tsuyoshi jumped to his feet. He punched Koichi in the face; his friend fell to the ground."Never talk to me again!"


"Tsu-chan?" Koichi asked puzzled.


"Don't call me Tsu-chan! My names Domoto! Call me Domoto!" Tsuyoshi shouted. The anger he felt at his friend came out full force."I can't believe I trusted you!"


"What's going on?" His former friend acted innocent, a little too innocent. "What did I do?


"You know what you did!" Tsuyoshi screamed.


"I have no idea what you are talking about!" Koichi got to his feet.


"Do you really think I believe that?" He picked a book and threw it at Koichi. His friend was able to move quickly enough so that he wasn't hit. "What about last night? Care to explain that?"


"Tsu-chan.... I mean Domoto, when I came back from the mansion there was a party going on. I went to Leader's room to sleep." He told him. "What else is there to say?"


"What about forcing me to have sex with you?" Tsuyoshi accused.


"I forced you to have sex?" Koichi asked unbelieving. "I couldn't do that to you."


"You're just like the Manager." Tsuyoshi spat."You used me. Not only that, you did it in front of people. Then you whored yourself."


"I didn't do it! I didn't use you! I couldn't!" Koichi insisted.


"Liar!" Tsuyoshi yelled. "I can't believe I really trusted you! You raped me!"


"I didn't rape you!" Koichi went towards his friend. "Please, believe me. I could never hurt you."


"Did you think it's different simply because I was drunk?"


"I didn't use you! I love you." Koichi tried to reason. "I promised I would protect you! I could never hurt you!"


Tsuyoshi punched Koichi again. "Never tell me that again."


"It's the truth I didnít' rape you!"


"We're over. Do you understand over?" Tsuyoshi took Koichi's ring off. He threw it on the ground. "I won't stay with some who I canít' trust. Who after rapes me, will sleep with others."


Koichi bent down, picked up the ring.He then put it back on.†† "I'll go to leader. I'll ask him to find me another room."


"Yeah, and when youíre with the Manager, ask him to find another group." Tsuyoshi sneered. "As of now, you're no longer in the Kinki Kids."


Koichi nodded. Tears fell down his cheek."Sayonara."






The day had finally come; Koichi was out of his life. No longer his friend, no longer his lover. The man he had trusted with his life had turned out to be as bad as the Manager.†† Tsuyoshi looked at his bare finger. He had worn a ring there for fifteen months.Now there was nothing. At least they where no longer a group. Koichi couldn't hurt him anymore. He sat on his bed, thinking about how his life in the future would be like. Would the Manager force him to have a new partner? Would there even be a Kinki Kids anymore?



Nagase came into the room. He glanced at Tsuyoshi. "What's up? Why are you so down?"


"I've broken up with Koichi." He really didn't want to discuss the break up with Nagase because he was Koichi's best friend.


"What did he do?"


"He took advantage of me last night." Tsuyoshi told him. "I was drunk, and he forced me to have sex with him. Then afterwards, he gave himself to other men."


"You're kidding right?" Nagase sat down on the edge of Koichi's bed.


"I know you're Koichi's best friend." Tsuyoshi said. "I don't want to defend being raped by him last night."


"When did Koichi rape you?" Nagase asked very gently.


"I suppose after he got back from the mansion."


"You suppose? You don't remember?" Nagase asked. "You think he raped you, and you can't remember?"


"No, I don't remember." Tsuyoshi admitted.


"Then how do you know he hurt you?" he demanded. "How can you accuse Koichi of raping you when you don't remember?"


"Inocchi was at the party. He told me."


"Inocchi lied to you!"


"Something must have happened!" Tsuyoshi interrupted. "I must have had sex with Koichi!"


"You Baga! You broke up with Koichi because of something Inocchi said?" Nagase shouted.


"Yes, I did."


"Baga, Baga, Baga!" Nagase shouted. "You are such a Baga!"


"Why am I an idiot?" Tsuyoshi demanded."If Koichi forced me to have sex, it shouldn't matter where the information came from."


"I was there Tsuyoshi! I saw what happened!" Nagase continued. "I know the truth, and it isn't what Inocchi told you!"


"Then what is the truth?" Tsuyoshi asked. "If you know what happened, you should tell me."


"When Koichi came home last night, you where drunk. Really, drunk."


"I don't drink!"" Tsuyoshi insisted. "I don't like what drinking does to me."


"You were drunk. You couldn't defend yourself." Nagase said. "I don't know why you drank last night, but you did."


"The point is that Koichi betrayed me."


Nagase got to his feet, he pointed at Tsuyoshi. "Koichi didn't rape you, he didn't cheat on you. He sure as hell didn't betray you!"


"Why would Inocchi lie to me?"


"Because Inocchi would like to be your boyfriend. *he's * the one who tried to get you to go to bed with him." Nagase yelled. "He had you against the wall with your pants down."


"So Inocchi raped me."


"You weren't' harmed last night. The only reason Inocchi didn't rape you is because Koichi protected you!" Nagase told him. "Then I took care of Inocchi.He's your attacker, not Koichi!"


The truth sank into Tsuyoshi. He had been tricked. "Oh no."


"Koichi gave himself up so that you would never fear being touched against your will." Nagase reminded him. "Do you really think that a man who did that would rape you?"


"No, he wouldn't." Tsuyoshi admitted. "I shouldn't have believed Inocchi."


"You need to apologize to Koichi."


"I've said too much for him. He'll never forgive me." He looked down to his bare finger.


"You won't know unless you try!" Nagase insisted. "Now get out of here, and apologize to him!"




Koichi lay on Leader's bed; he stared up at the ceiling.He fought the depression that tried to take over everything.Tsuyoshi's lack of trust in him broke his heart. He couldn't stop crying. He reached up, whipping the tears from his face.


There was a knock on the leader's door. He got up and answered it.Tsuyoshi was standing there.Koichi tried to sound cold. "What do you want?"


"I need to talk to you." Tsuyoshi came in, and Koichi shut the door.


"Why? So you can accuse me of more things?" Koichi couldn't keep the pain out of his voice. "Are you sure you should visit me alone? According to you, I'll do something to you!"


"I wanted to tell you I was an idiot.I shouldn't have trusted Inocchi." Tsuyoshi got down on his knees, and then he knelt down, his forehead on the ground."I know that you'll never take me back. I don't expect you to.But I'm sorry. I am very, very sorry."


"If youíre doing this because you think I'll have the Manager send for you, I won't." Koichi told him. "Even if you hate me for the rest of my life, I made you a promise. No one will touch you again against your will."


"You don't understand." Tsuyoshi's shoulders began to shake. Koichi realized his friend was crying.


"You've never trusted me." Koichi accused.


"I'm sorry I didnít' trust you." Tsuyoshi told him. "I shouldn't have accused you of raping me. I know you'll never forgive me. I don't deserve it."


"Who told you that I raped you?"



"Inocchi, He told me that afterwards you gave yourself to others." he said. "I've seen with my own eyes you sharing your body. I knew that part could happen."


"Inocchi is the one that tried to rape you." Koichi told him. "He lied to you."


"I shouldn't have believed him." Tsuyoshi's tears turned to sobs. "I'll never have you again.I lost the most important thing in my life. I lost you." "


Koichi realized that Tsuyoshi had made a mistake. The anger he felt towards Tsuyoshi vanished, his friend needed him.Koichi knelt down beside Tsuyoshi.He pulled Tsuyoshi into his arms."Don't cry."


Tsuyoshi held onto him as if his life depended on it."I was so stupid. I broke up with you."


"We haven't broken up," Koichi said in his hair. "I'll always be yours."


"I've done too much." Tsuyoshi sobbed."I don't deserve to be forgiven."


"I have to forgive you. I can't live my life without you." Koichi's own tears stung his eyes. "You'll always live in my heart."


"I don't want to have a heart if it feels like this."


"It won't always feel like this." Koichi told his friend."Remember we loved once. How did you heart feel then?"


"My heart felt so wonderful. As if I would live forever in happiness."


"The same heart that gives you pain gives you happiness." Koichi kissed him gently."You had to trust me to love me."


"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Tsuyoshi's tears turned into sobs. Long minutes passed as Koichi held his friend.


"I forgive you," Koichi whispered. "I'll be at your side forever."


Finally Tsuyoshi pulled away from Koichi, he wiped the tears from his face."I'm sorry I betrayed your trust."


"Those who trust are never betrayed, only mistaken." Koichi said gently. He settled on the floor beside his friend.


"I don't understand." Tsuyoshi said confused.


"I heard it on a TV series." Koichi tried to smile. "It made me think of you. You didn't stop trusting me, you where mistaken."


"We have a rehearsal tomorrow." Tsuyoshi tried to change the subject.


"We do?" Koichi decided to try and make Tsuyoshi smile."Imagine being thrown out of a group who has the number one single in all of Japan."


"You don't have a group?" Tsuyoshi asked puzzled.


"The manager will probably stick me in V6 or something." Koichi teased."Course, you'll still need another Kinki Kid. Okada's from Osaka, I bet our Manager will have him join Kinki kids. Then you'll still have a partner."


"You in V6, and Okada in the Kinki kids?"


"Well, Osaka is in the Kinki Region." Koichi pointed out. "I'll do all right with V6.I'll probably have to become involved with Sakamoto."


"Sakamoto?" Tsuyoshi raised an eyebrow. "You and Sakamoto? I can't see you with Sakamoto!"


"Won't have a choice, I need to have a group."


'What's wrong with being a Kinki Kids?"


"I was fired. The other Kinki Kid is a prince. He's gorgeous. He's too good for me."


"I'm too good for you?" Tsuyoshi said unbelieving.


"Way too good."


"Ko-chan?" Tsuyoshi asked.




"Can I have your ring back?"


"Are you sure you want it?" He teased. "I mean you'll be with Okada. He's cute. He'll be a better partner for you."


"To be in the Kinki Kids, you're name has to be Domoto!" Tsuyoshi said firmly. "No one will ever be in the Kinki Kids who has a name like Okada!"


"So there is only going to be one Kinki?" he said coolly.


Tsuyoshi crossed his arms. He looked annoyed. "I get it. You're going to make me ask you to rejoin the group."


"Well, I was fired." Koichi reminded him.


Tsuyoshi bent down low, his head touching the floor. "Please rejoin the Kinki Kids. I need you. Please be my partner again."


"Let me think about it."


Tsuyoshi sat up. "How long do you need?"


"About five seconds." Koichi smiled, he put his arms around Tsuyoshi."Did you really think I would leave you? I promised to be at your side forever."


"I wasn't sure." Tsuyoshi admitted.


"Yes, to both questions." Koichi took his ring off. He took Tsuyoshi's hand, and slipped the ring on his finger. "Love you Domoto-chan."


"Domoto-chan, I like that!" That made Tsuyoshi smile for the first time.He put his arms around Koichi kissing him.Pulling his friend close.


Koichi wanted to kiss back, wanted to pull his friend to the bed and make slow love to him. But he knew at least in love, his friend would have to be the lead.


"Ko-chan," Tsuyoshi kissed his neck.




"I want to make love to you again, on Leader's floor." Tsuyoshi said in a rush. "I'm still not ready for...."


Koichi didn't let him answer. He kissed him back full on the lips. He let Tsuyoshi pull him down to the floor.




"Tsu-chan?" Koichi asked his head on Tsuyoshi's shoulder.


"Yes?" he felt Tsuyoshi's lips kiss his forehead.


"Are we back together?" he teased.


"Baga." another kiss.


Leader came into the room, shutting the door. "I guess the two of you have made up."


"I HATE living in the dorms!" Tsuyoshi got off the floor, straightening his clothes. He pulled his shirt down over the stain on the front of his pants.


Koichi stood up. "It's okay, he won't tell anyone."


"I hate this place! It's like living in a fish bowl!"


"Do you mind if we come in?" Leader asked.


"Do we get a choice?" Tsuyoshi asked. "Did I mention I hate living in the dorms?"


Leader smiled. "A few times."


"We better clear out. It's your room anyway." Koichi said. "Don't tell anyone we where using your room.Ē


"Anytime you need it, just ask."


There was a knock at the door.


"OH great, more of them." Tsuyoshi groaned.


The leader opened the door. ."Their here.Bring him in."


Nagase and Yamaguchi half drug, half carried Inocchi into the leader's bedroom.


"I can walk by myself!" the struggling Inocchi insisted.


"Yoshihiko has something to tell you. Don't you Inocchi?" Leader said.


"I'm not saying anything until you let me go!"


Yamaguchi and Nagase dropped Inocchi onto the floor.Nagase said very insincerely. "Ops, sorry."


"Now what do you owe Tsuyoshi?" there was an edge of danger in Yamaguchi's voice.


"Sorry." Inocchi said quietly. "Last night I slipped some drugs into your drink. I was told that you would be more willing to make love if you took them."


"So Tsuyoshi wasn't drunk." Nagase said.


"He was drugged. The guy who gave them to me called them Ruffies."


"You gave Tsuyoshi the date rape drug?"Leader demanded."Where did you get the drugs?"


Inocchi looked away from him. "Someone on the set of my drama gave them to me."


"Why? Why did you try to rape me?" Tsuyoshi asked."Why did you lie to me?"


"I thought if we became lovers, you would realize that you loved me." Inocchi confessed. "When I woke in the morning and saw you sick. I thought it might be one more chance to make you love me."


"That's insane." Koichi told him."You canít make someone love you."


"I know I shouldn't have." he said quietly. "I'm sorry Tsuyoshi."


"Do you think that would be enough?" Nagase asked. "He needs to be punished."



"He's right." Leader told him."I think a few hours of explaining your reasons to our manager will teach you a lesson."


"Why can't we the dorm punish him?" Koichi suggested. "Inocchi's very popular. Make him a non-person for month."


"What do you mean?"


"For a month we'll act like he isn't here. If there is a party, he isn't invited. If he talks to you, ignore him. He's no longer here."


"That will drive him crazy." Tsuyoshi said.


"A month is too long." Leader said. "Two weeks will be punishment enough."


"All right," Koichi agreed.


The leader turned to Inocchi. "Well? Which punishment do you want?"


"I'll go to the Manager. I deserve it." Inocchi got to his knees, he bowed low to Tsuyoshi."I am very sorry."


"Do you really mean it?" Tsuyoshi asked. "You'll give yourself to the Manager?"


"Yes, I mean it. I'll take my punishment."


"I can't let you go." Tsuyoshi said."The punishment is too harsh."


"He deserves it." Nagase said.


"No, he doesn't." Tsuyoshi said. "Inocchi is a guy who did something stupid. I think the choice should be punishment enough for him."


Leader nodded. "So be it.Since Tsuyoshi is the victim, I'll agree with his choice. You won't have to go to the manager."


"Thank you." Inocchi said.




Tsuyoshi sat on Koichi's bed looking at a script. His friend sat beside him, also reading a script. They were alone together in the room. They had been signed to do a drama together. The shooting would start in a few weeks. They where co-stars, but Koichi's role was bigger then his.


"What do you think of the new drama?" Koichi asked him.


"It looks good."


"You don't mind working with me?" Koichi asked. He looked into Tsuyoshi's eyes. Then he leaned forwards kissing his lips.


"The Manager must be insane. The script calls for two gorgeous guys." He paused. "So why did he sign me?"


Koichi glared at him. "You're right; they should have put Nagase in your role. He's much better looking then you."


Tsuyoshi's mouth flew open. He couldn't believe Koichi would tell him that.His friend was trying to tease him. Tsuyoshi decided to tease back.Then he said softly. "I've heard rumors of you and Nagase."


"Do you really think I'd sleep with Nagase?"


"He's much better looking then me." Tsuyoshi got up and went to his desk. He put the script down on it."If you want to sleep with him, that's fine. Just don't tell me."


"Nagase might be good looking, but he's a lousy lover!"


"If you're attracted to him, how can I argue with you?" He shrugged. "I've been attracted to....hum, Yamaguchi, yeah thatís' it Yamaguchi. I think I'll go and see if I can be with him too!'


"Tsuyoshi!" Koichi gasped."Yama's a sadist! You really want him to beat you?"


"Might be fun." he turned back to his friend. The look of concern on Koichi's face made Tsuyoshi laugh.


"Whatís' so funny?"


"I'm sorry. I was teasing you!" Tsuyoshi told him. "I don't want Yamaguchi. I want you!"


"Come here." Koichi told him.


Tsuyoshi went to Koichi; his friend grabbed his hand and pulled him down to the bed. Tsuyoshi looked up to him. "I donít' care if I'm not as gorgeous as Nagase, as long as I have you."


"You're much better looking then that Baga." Koichi kissed his friend.


Just then the door to the bedroom opened and Nagase came in. He smiled as he saw the two friends. "I see you two are studying for your next drama."


Tsuyoshi looked at Koichi, and the pair began to laugh.