Title: Just Friends

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

Email: kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: I don’t own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Yaoi. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

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Time: Early Summer 1994



Three years, it had been three years since Domoto Koichi had joined Johnny's Associates. His life had changed beyond recognition.  His life in Hyougo had been boring compared to what he had now. He went to school and played basketball. Now living in the Junior's dorms, he had dramas, concerts and television appearances. Not only that, Koichi was now part of a group. The group had at first been called Double Domoto, but it had been changed to the Kinki Kids.



 His room mate Domoto Tsuyoshi closed the script he had been studying. He took it to the desk they shared and slammed the script down. It didn't take a genius to know that his friend was annoyed. The Kinki Kids were in staring in a drama together. Koichi and Tsuyoshi where playing friends who had feelings for each other.


"Tsu-chan, what's wrong?" Koichi asked his friend.


"Have you read the script?" Tsuyoshi asked exasperated.


"Of course I read it."


"Have you read page 36?"


Koichi knew exactly what his friend was talking about.  "You mean the part where I kiss you?"


"Yes! That part! Can you believe they want us to kiss?" Tsuyoshi made a face. Koichi felt a bit sorry for him. His friend was straight. It probably bothered Tsuyoshii as much to kiss him as it would for Koichi to kiss a girl.


"What did you expect? Your character has a crush on mine." Koichi tried to sound nonchalant.  He didn't want Tsuyoshi to know the truth that he was in love with him.  "It's like any kiss, except you're in front of cameras."


"I suppose." Tsuyoshi moped.


Koichi decided to put his friend at ease. "Are you worried that kissing me will be different then kissing a girl?"


His partner sat back down on his bed. "Is it the same?"


"It's not really different." Koichi told him.  "Perhaps when we do it, you should close your eyes and think of a girl."


"Why should I think about a girl?" Tsuyoshi asked puzzled.


"You like girls, don't you?"


"I like them only as friends."


*As friends?* Koichi thought. *He only likes them as friends?*


"You're very popular; girls are always passing you notes." Koichi reminded him. "They follow you around at school. You have to be going with one of them."


Very softly, almost too soft to hear Tsuyoshi said. "I thought you knew that I don't like girls."


"You don't like girls?" Koichi couldn't believe his ears.  "Then what do you like?"


The younger teen looked away from him. "I like men."


*This is great, perhaps we do have a chance together.* Koichi closed his eyes for a second, and then he opened them.  "When we talked about cute guys, it wasn't just to make me feel better?"


"I thought they where really cute." he paused. "It's just that I've never kissed on television. I'm a bit nervous about it."


"Then why don't we practice?" Koichi suggested.


"You want to practice our scene?" Tsuyoshi repeated.


"Yeah, so when we go in to film it, you'll be like a pro."


"It doesn't mean I'm interested in you. I don't like you that way. You're a friend, that's all!" Tsuyoshi insisted.


"Baga! I know that!" Koichi smiled, even though the words had hurt him. "Let's practice. Okay, you're supposed to lay down on the floor, unconscious."


Tsuyoshi got off his bed. He lay down on the floor. "I'm unconscious."


"Close your eyes!" His friend ordered.


When Tsuyoshi closed his eyes, Koichi got off the bed. Then he knelt beside his friend touching his cheek.  Right before Koichi kissed him, Tsuyoshi began to giggle. Koichi sat up a bit. His friend had covered his mouth with his hand.


"I'm sorry. I'll try again."


Koichi touched Tsuyoshi's cheek. Then as his lips touched his friends he began to laugh. Koichi sat back up "What's so funny?"


"I don't think you'd understand." Tsuyoshi turned away from him. His face was red.  Even without his friend telling him, he knew the answer.



"You've never kissed anyone before," Koichi guessed.


Tsuyoshi shook his head no.  "I was afraid to tell anyone how I am. I might get fired."


"No one's going to fire you because you're gay.  At least eighty percent of the agency is gay."


Tsuyoshi looked shocked. "It is?"


"I think our manager likes to hire boys like us." Koichi decided that if he couldn't have Tsuyoshi, at least he could make his friend happy.  "Just tell me who you like, and I'll make sure he'll kiss you. Then you can go to the studio tomorrow and not worry about it."


Tsuyoshi began to laugh. "You can't do that."


"Sure I can. I have connections." He told him. "I'll go to his room and bring him here."


"You can't. He's got a girlfriend."


"That doesn't mean he doesn't like boys!" Koichi pointed out. "I know a lot of guys who like both."


Tsuyoshi suddenly got serious. "He doesn't. I asked him."


"Who is it?"




"You've got good tastes. But you're right. He's straight." Koichi paused. "Okay, when we do this. Close your eyes and think of Goro-chan."


"Will it work?"


"Why don't you try?"



Tsuyoshi lay back down and closed his eyes.


Koichi touched his cheek, and kissed him.  "How was that?"


"Good, but the script said you're supposed to lie on top of me."


"Okay, we'll do it again." Again Koichi kissed him. He moved his body so that he was lying on top of Tsuyoshi.


Koichi opened his mouth to the kiss, letting his tongue invade Tsuyoshi's mouth.


"Hey! You're not supposed to do that!" The younger teen  gasped.


"Well, that was the kiss for the next episode." Koichi teased.


"I didn't know we had to kiss in the next episode."


"Yeah, we do. It will be a big passionate kiss, tongues and everything!" Koichi teased.


 "I don't believe you!"


"Then we take a shower together nude and have sex!"


"You're lying!" Annoyed Tsuyoshi whapped his friend on the shoulder, he smiled when Koichi yelped.


"You're right. I am." He admitted.  "You’re supposed to think of Goro-chan. Just close your eyes and pretend I'm him."


Koichi kissed him again, this time Tsuyoshi opened his mouth to the kiss. The older teenager's tongue darted into Tsuyoshi's mouth. Koichi felt a rush go through him. He was surprised that Tsuyoshi's kisses where better then he had ever imagined. Tsuyoshi had never kissed before, and yet he kissed like an expert. The older teen held back a bit, letting his friend take the lead. Koichi's hand became entangled in Tsuyoshi's hair. Finally Tsuyoshi put his arms around him. 


As they kissed, Koichi began to thrust gently against him. The kiss seemed endless. If it had been anyone else, Koichi would have undressed him. But this was Tsuyoshi, and he was special. So he simply enjoyed the kiss.


Suddenly Tsuyoshi pulled away from him a bit.  "We should stop." He tried to catch his breath. "We're going too far."


"All this kissing's turned me on." Koichi confessed.


"I'm turned on too." Tsuyoshi's eyes where dark with passion. He reached out, tracing the contours of Koichi's face. "I'm going to have to go to the rest room and take care of it."


"We've all ready started. Let's finish." Koichi moved slightly so that he rubbed against his friend. "We'll do this as friends."


"After this, we'll just be friends?" Tsuyoshi asked puzzled.


"You know what kind of guy I am. I've slept with half the dorm." He told him.  I won't hold it against you if we do this. You're my friend, that's all we'll ever be."  Koichi pulled away from Tsuyoshi. He took his pants off. As he did, the younger man pulled his own pants off.


Koichi reached out, his fingers wrapped around his friend's hardness.  His fingers began to caress it. Tsuyoshi kissed him with a savagery Koichi had craved.  Koichi didn't fight as the younger teenager pulled him down to the bed. Tsuyoshi settled between his legs. Their cocks touching, he began to thrust against him.


Tsuyoshi had his eyes closed as they made love. Koichi realized that he was fantasizing about Goro. Koichi on the other hand was enjoying the only time they would be together.


The younger teenager's strokes became quicker, faster. Then there was warm wetness against his stomach. Tsuyoshi moaned “Goro." Tsuyoshi's orgasm brought Koichi over the edge.  He came, crying out Tsuyoshi's name.


Tsuyoshi rolled off of him. He pulled him into his arms. "Thank you for letting me live my fantasy."


"I'd do anything for you." Koichi told him as he tried to catch his breath.



Koichi lay in Tsuyoshi's arms. He was lulled by his friend's heartbeat.  He should have known that his friend would like someone refined as Goro-chan. At least Koichi had the memory of their only time together. It would remind him of what could have been.  Koichi decided to never tell Tsuyosi about his feelings. It didn't matter, since Tsuyoshi didn't feel the same way.


"I think I'm ready for the scene." Tsuyoshi pulled away from him.


"Good, that's good."


"I'm glad you're my friend." Tsuyoshi gave him a chaste kiss. Then he stood up and got his shower things.  He pulled off his shirt and put on a robe.  "You won't tell anyone about this?"


"I won't." Koichi promised. "We're just friends who got a little carried away. It will be our secret."


"Our secret." Tsuyoshi repeated.


"Besides, I've got a lot of boyfriends, but I only have one partner." Koichi told him. "I'd rather have you as a friend then a lover. Lovers are only for one night. Friends are forever."


Tsuyoshi smiled. "You're a good friend."


"So are you. You're my best friend." Koichi smiled.


"I've got to take a shower." Tsuyoshi gave him one last kiss, and then he left the room.


Koichi watched his friend go. He realized he would have to get cleaned up.  He took off his shirt and put on his robe. When Tsuyoshi got back, he would take a shower. He picked up his script and began to study.  Tsuyoshi had believed the lie. They would be friends, no more no less. In the back of his mind, Koichi hoped that someday they would be more then just friends.