Title: Friends and Brothers

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: Ryo/Maruyama

Sequel to: Decorations Made By Children

Summary: A year after finding out that Ryo is his brother. Maru realizes that his feelings for Ryo might be more then just one brother for another.



In the year since Nishikido Ryo found out that Maruyama Ryuhei was his brother. Ryo had changed. He had opened himself to his friends and things suddenly were better. He no longer felt as if he was the abandoned boy from a Children's home.

Ryo was a member of two groups. To Ryo each group was different. One group was his friends, the other his family. NEWS was made up of his friends. Ryo liked hanging with them. But there was a dark side to the group. Yamapi the leader of the group believed that a group that lay together stayed together. Ryo had participated in their nighttime activities from the formation of the group.

Working with NEWS meant that the time always came when Ryo had to go home. To the loud, boisterous group of guys that he thought of as his brothers. The group that never played silly games to keep the members happy. They were a family.

News was on tour. Ryo had to spend most of his time away from Osaka. It was all right. Maru kept in contact with him. Maru was the one that gave him strength to stand up to Yamapi, to tell him that things had changed. That he would no longer attend their parties.

He was sitting in the News dressing room Christmas Day, when his ketai beeped. He looked at it. A message, from his favorite brother. The only one he thought of as a real brother.

"I got your Christmas present. It's really nice, I'll wear it always. I have a present for you, but I want to give it to you in person. We'll be in Tokyo on the 28th. I can't wait to see you."

"Who was that from?" Yamapi asked.

"None of your business." Ryo snapped.

"What are your plans for Friday night?"

"We have practice."

"What about afterwards?' he smiled a bit. The groups have been dying to have you come to one of our parties. It's been quite a while since you've enjoyed one."

"How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not interested?"

"Who is it?" Yamapi smirked. "You're not dating anyone. Unless it's that brother of yours?"

"Leave Ryuhei out of it!" Ryo snapped.

"I wonder what he would say if he found out that you're nothing but a slut?" his friend smiled evilly.

"He'll never find out!"

“You should ask him to join our orgies.” Yamapi tempted. “I would love to see the two of you getting it on.”

“Get out of here!” Ryo bellowed. “Stay away from Maru!”

"Don’t worry, no one really wants that baka." his friend said as he left the dressing room.

Ryo began to compose a message to his brother.

"I'm glad you liked my gift. Don't worry about giving me anything. Just seeing your smile is enough for me. I miss you."

He pressed send. He had wanted to put more in the message. He wanted to tell Maru his feelings for him. But how could he? Ryo knew what he was feeling was wrong. They were brothers, not lovers.


There were three castes in the Johnny's agency. The debuted, the juniors and the trainees. But somehow Kanjani 8 fell into a special caste. One that was between debuted and juniors. They didn't get paid as much as the rest of the debuted artists. They still had to share their own apartments. But the biggest difference was that they had to take a train or bus everywhere. The other debuted groups got to fly places.

The Kansai branch had to take a bus to Tokyo. They were expected to perform with the other debuted artists in the countdown concert.

Maru looked out the window to the cars that passed by. He was thinking of his brother Ryo. He had brought his Christmas present with him. A present that would be more of a New Years present then anything. He could almost see Ryo's smile as his friend opened it. He was such a kid when he came to gifts.

"Nice bracelet." Ohkura said to Maruyama.

"Thanks, it was a Christmas gift."

"A Christmas gift?" His friend smiled. "What would Ryo-Chan say about someone giving you a bracelet?"

"He's the one that gave it to me."

"Really?" Ohkura looked very surprised. "He never gives his boy friends gifts."

"Ryo's not my boy friend. He's my brother," Maru reminded him. "I told you that we're only brothers."

"Most brothers don’t' give each other gold chains." his friend pointed out.

Maru glanced down at his wrist. "I know that."

"Do you love him?"

"I think I've always loved him." Maru whispered. "You can't tell anyone."

"What about Ryo?" Ohkura whispered. "He has a right to know."

"No! You can't tell him." The bass player insisted. "He can't find out."

"Why not?" his friend asked.

"I would loose Ryo." He confessed. "I can't live without him."


The New Years was always a whirlwind when you where a Johnny's. Being in two groups at the same time meant that it was a typhoon.

Like all of Kanjani 8 Ryo stayed at a hotel for the concert. He had an apartment in Tokyo, but he didn't want to stay there. He wanted to show his brothers that he was still a member of their group.

Brothers...he had always thought of Kanjani 8 as his brothers. But he had fallen for one of the brothers. In a way he felt as if his feelings for Maru were incest. He shouldn’t' feel this way for him, that's what he told himself.

It didn't really help that Yamapi kept trying to get Ryo to come back to the wild life of group parties. He felt as if he would be cheating on Maru if he agreed to participate.

He was in rehearsal with NEWS when he heard the noise. The loud boisterous noise that meant that Kanjani 8 had arrived.

Yamapi groaned and looked at Ryo. "You'd think that those bakas would learn to be quiet in the rehearsal hall."

Ryo noticed that Koyama and Singe smirked.

Then the door to the rehearsal room opened, and Kanjani 8 came in. The group looked exhausted from the long bus ride. If it had been NEWS they would have taken a plane, but they were Kanjani 8, the poor step children of the agency.

He noticed that Maru was talking to Ohkura. The bass player looked around the room, his eyes settling on Ryo. Then he smiled at Ryo.

Ryo nodded and smiled back. He wanted to run to Maru, to hold him. But that was out of the questions. Everyone would talk, and he didn't want people to talk about Maru. He wanted to lock Maru away, to protect him from the taunts of people like Yamapi who didn't understand exactly what Maru meant to him.

He had to protect Maru, so he kept his feelings to himself. Hoping, just hoping that no one else knew he loved the bass player.

Soon it was time for Kanjani 8 to rehearse. While the rest of News went to the corner to rest, Ryo joined his friends on the dance floor. Ryo knew he would have at least three more hours of rehearsal.

No one in Kanjani 8 noticed that Ryo was all ready exhausted. They never noticed things like that. They were too busy getting ready for the countdown concert.

Ryo tried to work as hard as everyone else, but he was lagging behind. His steps not as quick as everyone else's.

Finally they stopped for a quick water break.

"How are you doing?" Maru asked concerned.

"I'll be fine." Ryo's smile was tired.

"Tonight, you should go home." Maru suggested. "Don’t' go out and party. You need your rest."

"You're right, I do." he agreed. "Come with me."

"All right," Maru smiled his special smile for Ryo. The one that made Ryo feel as if he was the most important person in the universe.

The group began to rehearse their number. Maru kept glancing at Ryo worried, but he didn't say anything. He cared for Ryo, like a brother. That’s all it was, a brotherhood.


Finally, hours later, Kanjani 8 were finished rehearsing. News had left hours before. Ryo was secretly glad. He didn't want to have to defend Maru to them. They could go off and have their parties. Ryo felt as if he was now committed to someone.

He waited with the rest of Kanjani 8 for the bus. He knew that the agency would have provided him a car, but he didn't think it was fair to the rest of the group. They had to take a bus, so he would.

Finally the bus pulled up. Maru and the rest of Kanjani 8 got onto the bus that would take them to the hotel.

Maru sat in a window seat. Ryo sat down beside him.

"Why are you taking the bus?" his friend asked.

"What's wrong with riding a bus?"

"Aren't you going to stay in your apartment?" Maru asked concerned. "You said you would go straight home."

"I would rather stay with you," Ryo took his hand. "It's not the same without you."

"I feel the same way," Maru smiled a bit.

Ryo felt the familiar doki doki feeling in his heart. It felt so good to touch Maru. Being with Maru felt different then any other boy friend he had in the past.

They weren't staying at the good hotel that was near to Tokyo dome; instead they were staying in a hotel several kilometers away.

His brother's broad shoulders beckoned to him. Ryo put his head on it. Maru shifted and put his arm around Ryo. Through Maru's clothes, Ryo could hear his heartbeat. It was very strong. There was no fluttering in Maru's heart.

Maru was his brother, Ryo reminded himself for the thousandth time. Being held by his strong arms was just Maru being a brother, nothing else. It didnt' mean that he loved him.

Ryo felt himself falling asleep. Was it his imagination, or did he feel Maru kiss his lips very gently?


Maru knew it was hard on Ryo, his being in two groups. He seemed to be always tired. That was why he didn't protest when after returning to the hotel, Ryo insisted on taking the first shower.

Maru didn't mind, Ryo was tired so he needed a good shower. Then when Ryo was out, Maru took one.

Maru went back into their hotel room. The lights were all ready off, and Ryo was in bed.

"Sleep with me tonight," Ryo asked almost plaintively.

"All right," Maru got into bed beside Ryo. It was the way that he had almost every night they spent at the Children's home.

Ryo moved closer to Maru, putting his head on his shoulder. Maru had to still his thumping heart. The doki doki feeling taking over almost everything. Still, he put his arms around his brother holding him close.

Maru wanted to tell Ryo he could no longer sleep this way. That it was too close, that it only made Maru want him even more. But Maru would have to admit to the feelings that he felt for Ryo, and he couldn't do that. Not yet. If he did, he would loose his brother.

"Sometimes I wish it was always like this." Ryo snuggled against him. "You being at my side."

"It will be," Maru promised. "I'll never leave your side."

"I've been so happy this year." Ryo's eyes were sincere. "I never thought I would be this happy."

"I didn't either," Maru confessed.

"Good night Jun-Chan," Ryo's eyes flickered shut.

"Good night Akira." Maru held Ryo until he knew he was asleep. Then he kissed Ryo gently on the cheek. He didn't want to get out of bed, but he had to. His feelings for Ryo were wrong. It was getting harder and harder to control himself around Ryo. He had to leave, to protect his brother.

Maru went to the window looking out. Ryo had called him Jun, a reminder that they were brothers. Maru knew that they would never go beyond being just family.

*Why can't I stop loving you?* Maru thought to himself.



New Years was only two days away, which meant that the Johnny's agency were very busy getting ready for the New Years shows. The rehearsal hall was very crowded. Almost every Johnny's group plus the juniors were preparing for the New Years Countdown Concert.

There was one changing room that had been seperated with a divider that made the room two rooms. NEWS had one side, Kanjani 8 the other. Maruyama Ryuhei was the only Kanjani 8 member on their side. He could hear several NEWS members on the other side talking.

Even though Maru knew that Ryo always preferred to be with Kanjani 8, he had to do what he was expected. He would spend time with NEWS. Now he was spending time with the pair that Maru always called the Young Nymphomaniacs. Tegoshi and Massu, not only a couple on cd's but in real life. Maru wondered if they were born hunting for other men.

"Your boy friend's cute," Tegoshi told Ryo.

"I don't have a boy friend." Ryo denied.

"Aren't you and Maruyama-kun going together?"

"He's my brother." Ryo reminded him.

""We should invite Maru to one of our parties." Tegoshi suggested.

"Kanjani 8 don't do parties."

"Why not?" Tegoshi smiled. "A party can make everyone get to know each other better."

Massu sat down beside Tego. "A party would do those angels a world of good."

"It would!" Tegoshi agreed. "You can't really know a person until you sleep with them."

"They need to have some member love." Massu said brightly.

"Just like we have!" Tegoshi enthused. "Come on Ryo-Chan, you have to agree they need some love."

"Stay out of my business." Ryo snapped.

"We want the old Ryo back." Tegoshi wined. "The one that would be willing to give us Maru to sleep with!"

"You'll never have Maru!"

"Ryo's in love," Massu teased in a sing song voice.

"Ryo's in love!" Tegoshi joined in with the singing. "In love with a stupid idiot."

"Shut the fuck up!" Ryo yelled.

"Make us!" Massu cackled.

"You can both go to hell!" Ryo stormed into the Kanjani 8 side. Then with barely a glance at Maru he went into the rest room.

Maru knew he should probably leave Ryo alone. He followed Ryo to the rest room. Ryo was sitting on the floor, his eyes dark with anger. Maru knew that he was risking facing the fire tongue of his friend. But he had to try and make Ryo realize that Tegoshi and Massu were wrong.

Maru sat down beside him. "Don't let those baka's get to you."

"They wanted me to give you to them." Ryo spat.

"I know. Even if you did try and give me to them, I wouldn't agree to it." Maru told him. "I might be stupid, but I'm not a fool."

"They'll never get you." Ryo vowed. "I'll protect you. You're everything to me."

"I'll never leave your side." Maru promised. . "We'll fight them together."

Maru wanted Ryo to know that he understood. That he meant everything to him. Maru reached out, touching Ryo's cheek. But then he let his hand drop. Maru couldn't kiss him. They were simply brothers. So instead he put his arms around his brother. He felt Ryo almost melt into the touch.


Ryo found that his relationship with Maru had changed. He wasn't too sure as to why. Suddenly the two friends were closer then ever. Ryo had come to a decision. While Maru was his brother in sprit, they weren't legally. He wanted his relationship to move on past the point of simply friends and brothers. He wanted to have the bass player as his lover.

Ryo worked hard to make sure that Maru wasn't alone with the members of NEWS. It was difficult to do that, because he didn't want to discuss it with Kanjani 8.

They where in their dressing room. It was a quick break between rehearsals.

Maru was going through his bag. Then he pulled out a small package. He turned to Ryo. "This is for you."

"What is it?" Ryo asked.

"You're Christmas present." He pressed it into Ryo's hands.

Ryo felt giddy, he always loved getting presents. He quickly unwrapped it. It was an indigo velvet box. "You gave me a box."

"Open it silly." Maru smiled.

Ryo opened it. It was a silver chain so much like the one he had given Maru.

"I hope you like it." Maru told him. "When I got it, I had no idea you had bought me a chain."

"I love it." Ryo put the chain on. "It's like we were meant to be together.”

"I feel the same way." Maru confessed. "I'm so glad I found you."

Maru's lips beckoned to Ryo. He wanted his friend to know that he meant everything to him. Ryo reached out, touching Maru's cheek. Then he kissed his lips. The kiss felt so right. He had never kissed the members of News. It was against their member love rules. But he desperately wanted Maru to realize that what he felt for him wasn't anything like member love.

"Ryo..." Maru finally gasped when they pulled away from air.

"Don't tell me this is wrong." Ryo told him

"We can't, we're brothers." Maru reminded him.

"In our hearts, we're more then brothers." Ryo's voice was hoarse. "You'll always be my brother, but you're something else to me."

"Something else?"

"You're the man I've fallen so much in love with, that I can't see spending my life without you." Then Ryo's lips touched Maru's. He could feel his friend tremble against him. He didn't move to put his arms around Ryo.

Maru pulled away from him. It's forbidden...."

"We're not legally brothers." Ryo reminded him. "We promised to stay at each other's side. But we were children. We didn't know about love. But I think I loved you even then."


"Please don't send me away." His friend begged. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Maru confessed. A tear rolled down his cheek.

Ryo kissed his friend again. The taller man sighed and gave into the kiss. Opening his mouth just a bit. Ryo loved him with his tongue. He could feel Maru's strong arms go around him, pulling him close to him. He wondered if Maru knew how much kisses meant to him.

"I wish we could find somewhere to be alone together," Maru murmured. "I want to make you totally mine."

"I do too," Ryo agreed.

They kissed again, he could feel Maru's hand move to cup Ryo's ass and pull him closer to him. Ryo couldn't help but feel his hardness against him. Ryo's lips left Maru’s and began to make small love bites on his neck.

There was noise behind him. That was when Ryo realized they weren’t alone.

"Oh my!" Shota gasped.

"Hush!" Ohkura shushed.

Then silence. Ryo realized they where being watched. He was fed up with the voyeurs in NEWS. He wasn’t going to allow his friends in Kanjani 8 the pleasure of watching him kiss someone.

Ryo pulled away from Maru, but he took his friend's hand. Then he turned to the unwanted intruder. It was Ohkura and Shota.

"This isn't how it looks." Maru told them.

"It isn't how what looks?" Ohkura smiled at them. "You two are brothers."

"Brother's kiss don't they?" Shota teased.

"We're happy the two of you got together," Ohkura put his arm around his lover Shota.

Just then, a staff member came to the dressing room, telling Ryo that he was needed at rehearsal.

He looked at Maru, who smiled at him. "I'll be waiting for you."

"See you later," With that, Ryo followed the Staff member out.


When Ryo was finished with rehearsal. He was surprised to see that Maru wasn't there. But Maru had a duet with Guchi from Tokyo and was working hard on that.

He heard the familiar tune from his ketai. It was the tune that was especially for Maru. He checked it. "I can't wait to see you. I have rented a special suite for us. It's room 1155b. I love you so much. Ryuhei."

"I'll be right there. I love you too. Ryo." He texted back.

Maru took a taxi to the hotel. He couldn't help but smile to himself. Finally, the two brothers would be together as lovers. He usually kept his guard up, but he didn't this time. He was going to meet Maru. He trusted him.

He knocked at the door, but found it swung open on its own. The room was darkened. He went inside.

Someone came up behind Ryo, clamping something over his mouth and nose. Ryo tried to fight it, but blackness overcame him.

When Ryo woke up, he found himself handcuffed to a chair. The rest of NEWS gathered around him.

"What the hell is going on?" Ryo demanded.

"You need an intervention." Yamapi smirked.

"I don't need an intervention!" Ryo fought against his handcuffs. They weren't play handcuffs, they were the real thing.

"You're sick Ryo." Yamapi spat. "You find out that you have a blood brother. Then you fall in love with him. What would happen if we let that continue?"

"Blood brother?"

"Both of you were adopted from an orphanage. The two of you where brothers until you where separated." Koyama told him. "We're your friends. We can't have the scandal tainting our group."

"We're not blood brothers." Ryo told Yamapi. "We are adopted brothers."

"If that's true, why didn't you tell us?" Shinge demanded. "You just told us Maru was your brother."

"I feel as if he's my brother." Ryo admitted. "But really, we're just friends."

"Adopted or blood, its' still a bit sick." Yamapi told him.

"We just want the old Ryo back." Massu smiled.

"If you're doing this to get me to join back in with your orgies, you have another thing coming!" Ryo spat.

"We don't care if you join our orgies." Tegoshi told him. That got the glares of the rest of the group. He ignored it. "We want you back to your normal self."

"Go to hell!" Ryo said. "When I get out of this, I'm going to kill all five of you!"

"When we get done with you, your precious Ryuhei won't want to be with you again." Yamapi handed Tegoshi a large envelope. "Make sure that Maruyama gets this."

"What is it?" Tegoshi asked.

"Proof that his precious little Ryo is nothing but a slut." Yamapi smirked.

"I'm not! I gave it up!" Ryo yelled.

"Maruyama won't know that will he?" Yamapi nodded. "I'm giving him photos and videos of your activities. Once Kanjani 8 sees this, I'll be surprised if they don't kick you out of their group.”

Ryo watched helpless as Tegoshi left with the evelope. Ryo knew that once Maru saw the evidence that he would leave him. The bass player wouldn't believe that Ryo had changed, that he had given up the orgies when he realized he was in love with Maru. Ryo felt his heart breaking. A single tear rolled down his cheek. He realized that his relationship with Maruyama Ryuhei was over before it really began.



Maru was finally finished for the day. He returned to the hotel in a taxi. He knew it was costly, but he wanted to get back to Ryo as soon as possible. Maru couldn't stop thinking about Ryo. The way that Ryo's lips felt as they kissed. The taste of his lover's smokey breath. The most exciting thing was that Ryo loved him.

Maru shoved the code key into the door, as soon as it beeped green he went inside. He had to go through the suites living room to get to his room. He found Shota and Ohkura curled up together on the couch. The two lovers never hiding their relationship from others. Maru hoped that someday his relationship with Ryo would be like that.

He went to his room, but found it empty. He quickly returned to the living room.

"Where's Ryo?" Maruyama asked.

"Sorry, we don't know." Ohkura told him.

Time passed. Maru was still worried about Ryo. The rest of the group tried to make him feel better. But it really didn't help. He tried his ketai several times, but Ryo never answered.

Maru paced the room. He was frantic with worry. He knew someone must have kidnapped Ryo, but whom? He knew that Yoko, Hina and Subaru were on the other side of the room, trying to figure out what happened to Ryo. But Maru couldn't stop his racing thoughts.

"Calm down," Shota told him. "You’re no help to him this way."

There was a tapping at the hotel room door. Ohkura went and got it. Maru glanced at the door, hoping beyond hope that it was Ryo.

"I'm supposed to give something to Maruyama-kun." Tegoshi said perkily. "I have to give it to him in person."

"You better come in." The drummer let him in, and then he stood in front of the door so that he couldn't leave.

"Do you know where Ryo is?" Subaru demanded.

"He's hanging out with the rest of NEWS." The boy said seriously.

"Why hasn't he contacted me?" Maru demanded.

"Have you thought that he doesn't want to contact you?" Tegoshi broke eye contact. "You could say he's kind of tied up at the moment."

"You said he had something for me."

Tego handed him the envelope. It was large, bulky. "I have to be here when you open it."

"Fine, I'll open it now." Maru told him.

He opened the envelope. There was a stack of photos. He flipped through them. In the photos Ryo was with other lovers. Sometimes not just one, but two or three. Ryo had given himself to all the major names of the Johnny's agency except for Kanjani 8. Maru had heard about the NEWS’s parties. But he had always denied it to himself. He wanted to think that Ryo loved only him. But the evidence...the photos made Maru sick to his stomach.

"You're supposed to show them to everyone." Tegoshi gloated. "There's a couple of DVDs. You can watch those too. He's a slut, nothing but a slut!"

Maru dropped the photos and launched himself at Tegoshi. The younger man was knocked to the floor. Maru hit him over and over. Not caring that the younger man cried out in pain. He didn't care if there was a concert in two days. All he cared about was justice.

Maru felt hands on him, pulling him away from the NEWS member. He struggled against his friends. "Let me go! I want to make him pay!"

"Tegoshi is just a messager for Yamapi,' Ohkura reminded him.”We have to get him first."

Tegoshi got up, and punched Maru in the face. Maru could feel his noise bleeding, but he didn't care. Then Tegoshi grabbed handfuls of Maru's hair and began to pull hard.

Yoko and Subaru grabbed Tegoshi, pulling him away from Maru. The bass player knew he had lost at least two handfuls of hair.

"What should we do with him?" Yoko asked Hina. "Let him go?"

"Of course we won't let Tego go." Subaru said.

"They have Ryo, we have Tego. I think we should arrange some kind of swap." Hina ordered. "Tie up Tegoshi and throw him in the closet."

Maru watched Tegoshi lead away. Then he turned to his friends. "You can let me go now. I won't hurt anyone."

"Take him to his room." Hina ordered.


Maru went to the room he had shared with Ryo. Maru refused to cry, even though his heart was broken. He couldn't stop thinking of the photos. They were Proof that Ryo had no feelings for him.

Ohkura stayed with him, while Shota went back into the living room. He returned later with all of the photos.

"Why did you bring them in here?" Maru demanded.

"We didn't think you would want everyone to look at them." Shota told him.

"It doesn't matter does it?" Maru wiped a tear from his face. "I read too much into our relationship. I was just a brother to him."

"I noticed something when I picked them up." Shota said. "It might be nothing."

"It might not!" Ohkura said. "Every detail is important."

"I looked through the photos one more time, and I realized that Kusano was participating in the parties."

"Let me see them," Maru finally said.

Shota handed him the photos. He looked through them. Every photo had been date stamped before Maru found out he was Ryo's brother. Shota had been right, not only was Kusano in the photos, but Jimmy Mackey and Uchi.

"We didn't look at the DVD’s but I bet that their from the same time period." Shota said gently.

"They probably are." Maru looked at the photos one last time. He knew he had to get rid of them. But how? Then he noticed that the room’s trashcan was made of steel. "Do you know how to disconect a smoke detector?"

"Yeah, why?" Ohkura asked.

Maru picked up the trash can, he shoved the photos and the envelope in it, and went into the bathroom. He stuck the trash can into the bath tub.

"What are you doing?" Ohkura followed him into the bathroom.

"I'm going to destroy Yamapi’s evidence. Ryo shouldn't have to worry about anyone else seeing the photos." Maru went back into the bedroom and began to look for Ryo's lighter. He found it quickly and went back into the bathroom.

"Are you doing this because you are mad that he was with someone else?" Shota asked.

"No, I'm doing this to protect him." Maru paused. "I'm his brother. So I have work for his best interests."

Maru waited while the drummer disconnected all the smoke detectors in the room.

Maru picked up the envelope and lit it using Ryo's lighter. Then he put it in the trash can. It felt good to watch the evidence go up in flames.

He felt Ohkura slip an arm around his shoulder, on the other side, Shota put his arm around his waist.

"Ryo loves you." Shota told him.

"I know," Maru said.

"We'll get him back." Ohkura promised. "We won't leave Tokyo without him."

"He didnt' cheat on you." Shota continued.

"No, he didn't cheat on me." Maru agreed. "I just wish he knew that I still had faith in him."


An hour later, a conference call had been set up between the members of NEWS and the members of Kanjani 8. All of the members of Kanjani 8 sat around a table. Sitting in the middle was the speaker phone.

"What do you want from me?" Yamapi asked.

"We have Tegoshi, you have Ryo." Hina said over the speaker phone.

"What do you want us to do about it?" Yamapi said sarcastically.

"You give us Ryo; we'll give you Tegoshi back."

"Who says we want Tego back?" the leader of NEWS countered.

"I want him back," Massu said in the background.

"Shut up!" Yamapi snapped. "I want to talk to Maruyama-kun."

"Maru," Hina prompted.

"What do you want?" Maru asked.

"You're brother's a slut." Yamapi told him over the phone. "We've all had him. He'll bend over the table for anyone."

"What do you want from me?" Maru asked.

"We want our toy back," Yamapi told him. "Since he's found out that he won't play when you're in town."

"Wont' play?" Maru repeated.

"We had him right before you came into town." Yamapi said coldly.

"He's lying to you!" Ryo said in the background. "I wouldn't cheat on you!"

"Shut up!" There was the sound of flesh being slapped.

"Give us Ryo!" Yamapi demanded.

Subaru wrote something on a piece of paper. "LIE!"

"I can't give you Ryo. I don't own him." Maru lied.

"He's right here, tell him the truth." Yamapi said. "If you do, we'll let him go."

"Akira-Chan," Maru said softly. He hoped that Ryo knew that by using their Children's home names that he had to lie to him.

"I'm here," Ryo said. "Tell me the truth Jun."

"We're only brothers Akira." Maru said. "I'm ashamed that my brother would let himself be photographed this way.”

"I understand," Ryo said softly.

"Oh look, Ryo's crying. He thought you really loved him." Yamapi gloated. "You see, I've won. If you get Ryo back he'll still belong to us."

With that, Yamapi disconnected the phone.


Ryo sat in the hotel room; he was handcuffed to a chair. He felt heartbroken, even though he had used a code word to Maru. . He hoped, just hoped that what Maru told him wasn't true. He had cried when he heard Maru saying they were only brothers. He knew he shouldn't have cried, but it hurt to hear the words

In the other room, he could hear a mini party going on, between Shinge, Koyama and Yamapi. The only one not participating was Massu, who was in charge of making sure that Ryo didn't escape. Massu actually seemed to be happy not to be invited to the party.

"Ryo-Chan, I was wondering something." Massu asked.


"You and Maru, you where loyal to each other." Massu asked him.

"Yeah, we were." he admitted.

The next question surprised Ryo. Massu looked him up and down and asked. "How did it feel to have only one lover?"

"It was wonderful. There's not another feeling like it. To know that someone belongs to you completely, and no one else." he paused. "Why do you want to know?"

"I hate the parties." The younger man looked away from him. "They were fine when we were kids, but we're grown up."

"Why do you keep doing them if you hate then?"

"I would loose Tego." He whispered. "So I do it, because it makes him happy."

"You love him that much?"

"I can't live without him."

"Then you should go to him, tell him the truth." Ryo moved his wrists. "Let me out, I can talk to him too."

"I can't, I don't have the keys. Yamapi wears them around his neck." Massu looked guilty. "Perhaps I can get you some help. Your brothers are good at lock picking."

"Kanjani 8 will think it's a trick." Ryo thought for a moment. "I'm wearing a chain on my wrist, give it to Maru. He'll know that I sent you."

Massu knelt by the chair, taking off the chain. "I'll make sure he gets it."

Just then Yamapi came out of his bedroom, he was fastening his jeans. Following was Koyama who buttoned his shirt. Right behind him was Shige who put his shirt on.

Massu went to Yamapi pulling him into the bedroom. Ryo wondered if he was telling on him.

"I hate this," Singe whispered to his friend.

"I do too." Koyama agreed. "Every time he touches you, I want to kill him."

"I want to be your only one."

"Someday I'll belong only to you." the older man kissed Shinge's lips gently. "We have to have faith."

"I want to quit the agency," he looked around the room. "We could be together without him."

"Give it some time," his lover told him. "As soon as you get your degree, we'll quit."

Just then, the door opened. Koyama quickly moved away from Singe. He suddenly became fascinated with the painting of tulips that hung on the wall.

"Massu is going to go get us some food." Yamapi said. "I hope you don’t' mind McDonalds."

"We could all do with some food." Shinge agreed.

"See you later," Massu went to the door and left without looking back.

Ryo realized for the first time, that all of the group NEWS were prisoners. He was the only one wearing chains. Ryo decided that as soon as he got out of the hand cuffs, he would stage a revolution against Yamapi.



Tegoshi had been tied up and shoved into Hina’s hotel room. The group was cross examining Tegoshi. He was tied to a chair. Maru sat close by. He didn't want to be near Tegoshi, but he knew it would be another step in getting Ryo rescued.

Why are you doing this to Ryo?" Maru demanded. "I thought he was your friend."

"I have to do as Yamapi says." Tegoshi looked away from Maru. "Yamapi will fire us if we don't."

"Yamapi can't fire you!" Yoko told him.

"The members of Johnny's groups have no say that’s in our groups." Hina told him. "If we did, we would have Uchi back."

Just then the door opened, Shota and Ohkura shoved Massu into the room. The NEWS member quickly picked himself off the floor. He looked terrified of the Kanjani 8 members.

"Look what we caught." Shota gloated. “Our second NEWS member in one day!”

“Should we keep him or toss him out?” Ohkura teased.

“We could throw him off the balcony.” Yoko suggested with an evil glint in his eyes.

“Please don’t kill me!” Massu begged. “I have a message for you.”

"What are you doing here Massu?" Tegoshi looked very afraid. "Yamapi's going to punish you!"

"Ryo sent me, to get help." Massu told Maru.

"Ryo sent you." Maru repeated. "How can I believe it?"

"He told me to give you this." Massu held up a silver chain. "He said you would understand."

Maru took the chain from Massu. Then he turned to his friends. "We're going to help him."


Time passed, and Ryo was still chained to the chair. It was Shinge's turn to watch him. Koyama had disappeared into the bedroom with Yamapi. Shinge looked very upset.

"Ryo-Chan can I ask you something?" Singe tried to ignore the noise coming out of the bedroom. Yamapi insisted on his lovers being loud. So that meant that anyone who stayed with him had to hear him be with his lovers. With every cry from Shinge's lover, the younger man looked like he was going to burst into tears. Ryo was glad he had never gotten involved with a NEWS member. He didn’t think he could stand to hear his lover with Yamapi.

"Ask," He was hoping it was a question that would make Shinge stop thinking of Koyama.

"Did you stay with Yamapi because of his recuperative abilities?"

"What?" Ryo couldn't understand what Shinge was talking about.

"I mean, you know how Yamapi is. He can come several times and still not be happy." He looked around to see if he was being watched. "You are the same way. Is that why you where with him?"

"Yeah, it is." Ryo told him. "But love is more then just sex. You can love someone very much and never make love to him."

"Like you and Maru?" Shinge guessed. "Everyone knows you haven't been with him."

"I don't want to talk about Maru." Ryo looked around. "I overheard what you said to Koyama."

"You weren’t supposed to." the younger man looked embarrassed.

"I think we need to have a revolution." Ryo whispered. "Yamapi needs to become just a member of the group. These foolish parties need to stop. We need to be with the ones we love."

"This has to end." Shinge decided. "What do we need to do?"

"Get the key from Yamapi, and unhook me. Then we can chain him up."

"I'll talk to Kei, see what we can do." Shinge promised.


Maru waited with the rest of the group and Tegoshi. He wanted to bang on the door, to demand that they give back Ryo. But he knew it wouldn't be that easy.

Massu gave a special knock. That was one thing about NEWS everything was so complicated, even the way they knocked on the door.

Shinge finally opened the door. Kanjani 8 rushed the door, pushing him away from the door. Maru led the charge.

He found Ryo sitting in a chair, his hands handcuffed to the legs. Ryo looked at Maru; his eyes seemed to plead for help.

Yamapi was at Ryo's side. He grabbed his chin and pressed something against his neck. "Get any closer Ryo and I'll cut your brother."

All Maru could think of was Ryo's safety. He tackled Yamapi, pulling him away from Ryo. He fought with Yamapi. Then he felt as if his arm was on fire. He couldn't help it, he cried out in pain.

"Shit!" he grabbed his forearm. He glanced down to it; blood was seeping through his fingers.

Yamapi shoved Maru onto the floor and cut his arm again, this time the knife went deeper. Still, Maru tried to fight back. But it hurt, and he had to stop fighting.

"Ryo, tell them to stop, or I will kill your brother." Yamapi threatened.

Maru glanced at Ryo. His friend was crying tears of frustration. Maru could tell that Ryo was about to order them to stop, when Subaru and Hina knocked Yamapi off of Maru. Then they got the knife away from him.

"The keys to the handcuffs are around his neck." Ryo told him. "I have to get up. Ryuhei's hurt!"

Yoko grabbed the chain with the key on it, and pulled on it hard. It snapped off.

"You have no right!" Yamapi thundered.

"This is a revolution," Shinge told him.

Yoko suddenly was at Ryo's side, unfastening the handcuffs. He was talking softly, gently to Ryo. But Ryo was too worried to listen. All he could think of was Maru being hurt.

Ryo jumped out of the chair and went to Maru's side. The blood was running down Maru's arm. He gritted his teeth in pain. He tried to get up. He was after all there to rescue his brother.

Maru felt Ryo's hands on him, pushing him back down to the floor. "We need to get you to the doctor."

"I don't need a doctor," Maru told him. "I have to help you."

"Ryuhei-Chan, you're bleeding." Ryo said gently. . "We have to get you help."

"You need me." Maru said plaintively.

"I can take care of myself." Ryo snapped.

"You're right, you can." tears stung Maru's eyes. "I can't believe I'm so weak."

Ryo reached out, gently touching Maru's face. It was almost as if they were the only two in the room. "You’ve rescued me. Now please, get help. I can't stand to see you hurting like this."

"I love you," Maru couldn't keep the fear out of his voice. .

"I love you too." Ryo tried to smile.

Then Ryo leaned forwards and kissed Maru's lips very gently. Maru sighed and gave into the kiss. It was everything he had looked forwards to. Ryo was safe, and he was there.

"Ryo you're not supposed to kiss anyone." Massu reminded him.

"I can kiss whom ever I want!" Ryo thundered.

"But the rules..."

Tegoshi went to his lover’s side. "Sweetheart, there are no rules."

"How cute!" Shota enthused. "Ryo's so different when he's around Maru. It's almost as if he's human!"

"Shut up!" Ryo snapped. "Don't you care that Maru's hurt?"

'We're not the ones kissing him!" Yoko smirked.

"Come on Maru, let's get your arm looked at." Ohkura prompted.

"Ryo Chan?" Maru said softly. He still didn't want to leave Ryo.

"When you get back from the hospital, I'll be there." Ryo promised. Then he kissed him one more time.


Yamapi tried to use the commotion about Maru being hurt to get away. Yamapi fought against Hina. The Kanjani 8 member was quickly joined by Yoko, Subaru, Koyama and Shinge. It took six of them to get Yamapi to the chair and handcuff him.

"We're going to change things right now!" Koyama told him.

"No more parties!" Tegoshi agreed.

"You can't do that." Yamapi yelled. "I'm the leader; I say there are parties so we have parties!"

"Okay, we'll vote. Who wants to get rid of the parties?" Tegoshi asked.

Every member of News except for Yamapi raised their hand.

"See, you've been outvoted." Ryo gloated.

"You need to have NEWS check and make sure that they destroy the rest of the photos." Hina suggested to Ryo. "Yamapi's clever, he probably will make backups."

"Your right, he will." He paused. "Tego, you're good at finding things. Go through Yamapi's stuff!"

"Stay out of my stuff!" Yamapi thundered.

Tegoshi and Massu went into Yamapi's room. They came back with a bag that Yamapi always took with him.

"Is this all of it?" Subaru asked him.

"Go to hell!"

Ryo wanted to hit his leader, but he realized that it wouldn’t' be fair. Instead, he grabbed his friend's hair, pulling it back hard. "IS that it?"

"Yes, I always carry the evidence with me." Yamapi gasped. "I didn't want the agency finding it."

"What do we do with it, Ryo?" Massu asked.

"We burn it." Ryo decided.


After burning the evidence, the group went back to meeting about a new leader. Subaru, Hina and Yoko remained as Ryo's back up. At first Ryo was surprised that his band mates would stay, then realized that no matter what, they were still his friends.

"We need to elect a new leader." Ryo decided.

"I'm the leader." Yamapi told the group. "Johnny-sama chose me."

"No more,” Massu told him. “We don’t need a leader like you.”

"You can't do anything about it." Yamapi smirked.

"Kat Tun changed their leader." Koyama reminded him. "All Ueda had to do was write a resignation letter."

"I refuse to resign." The leader looked around the room. “Let me out, and I won’t punish you.”

"Give me some paper, a pen and a writing sample." Yoko sat down at the only table in the room.

Shinge brought him what Yoko needed. Yoko began to work on the paper. Ryo inwardly smiled to himself. If Yoko hadn't become an idol, he could have been a master forger.

The group began to discuss who would be the new leader. Four of the members had an obvious candidate, but Ryo wasn't too sure.

"I think that Koyama should be leader." Ryo told him. "He's the oldest."

"I wouldn't be the best for the group." Koyama told him. "You are the best leader."

"But I'm not in Tokyo all the time." Ryo pointed out. “We have to have someone strong to make sure Yamapi doesn’t take over again.”

"So? We could have Koyama as your second." Massu suggested.

Yoko looked up to Ryo. "The letter is almost done. I just need to add the name of the new leader."

"Our leader is Nishikido Ryo," Shinge told Yoko. "With Koyama as the second."

Yoko finished writing. He then got up and went to Ryo. He showed him the letter. “It’s finished.”

“What will you do with it?” Ryo asked.

Yoko folded it, and put it in his pocket. “I’m going to go to Johnny-sama and give it to him.”

‘Do you think he’ll believe it?”

‘I have the old man wrapped around my finger.” Yoko smiled. “Don’t’ worry; I’ll explain everything to him.”

Ryo heard a sob. He turned, Yamapi was crying to himself. Ryo knew that he should feel sorry for his former leader, but he couldn't. Yamapi had brought loosing his leadership onto himself.



Several hours passed while NEWS met. Ryo had been elected leader, though he didn't want the title. He only took it if Koyama would promise to be his second in command. Yamapi cried to himself, but no one really felt sorry for him.

Ryo went back to the Kanjani 8's room. He was worried about Maru, more then worried about him.

Ryo tapped softly on Maru's hotel room door. No one answered He wondered if this was Maru’s way of telling him to leave. They had kissed before Maru had been taken to the hospital. But even so, he knew Maru probably wouldn't take him back, but he had to apologize to him.

He couldn't get the photos out of his mind. Maru now knew his secret. He had slept around in the past. Ryo was now ashamed of his past. He wished he could throw it all away. Instead, he would have to face his brother and explain just how much of a whore he was.

Ryo found Maru looking out the window. His left arm had been bandaged.

"How's the arm?" Ryo finally asked.

"It's better. Yamapi nicked a couple of veins, which meant that I bled a lot." Maru told him.

"What about your duet with Guchi?"

"I still can do it." Maru smiled.

"But you were stabbed." Ryo said concerned.

"I wasn’t' stabbed, I was cut." Maru corrected. "I just had to have a few stitches. It doesn't even hurt."

"You probably hate me for your getting hurt."

"It's not your fault, it's Yamapi's." Maru tried to reason. He turned to Ryo "Your meeting done?"

"Yes, its' finished." Ryo paused. "There's something I really need to talk to you about."

"You can talk to be about anything." Maru smiled a bit at him.

"I wanted to tell you, I'm sorry about the photos." Ryo told him. "I didn't know Yamapi took them at the time."

"You shouldn't do anything that would get you into so much trouble." he paused. "You're lucky he gave them to your brother."

"I don't understand."

Maru went to his suit case. He took out a zip lock bag of ashes. "Here are all of Yamapi's photos."

"What happened to them?"

"I burnt them." He put the ashes up. "I am your brother. I have to protect you, even from yourself."

"But you know the truth about me." Ryo whispered.

"What truth is that?"

"I sleep around." He looked around the room. "I'm a whore."

"Don't call yourself a whore!" Maru looked at him. "I've always known that you give your love freely."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"What was there to say?" Maru shrugged. "It's a part of you. I accepted it a long time ago."

"Before I found out you were my brother it didn't matter to me if I slept around." Ryo confessed. "The only thing that mattered to me was my own pleasure. But it changed last Christmas, I felt as if I was cheating on you."

"Then you changed."

"Please believe me. I would never cheat on you." Ryo vowed.

"Of course I believe you, I trust you." Maru put the bracelet back on Ryo's wrist. Then he kissed him.

Ryo kissed back. He couldn’t' believe it, Maru understood. But then, Maru always seemed to understand.


Maru woke to find Ryo sleeping on his shoulder. He reached up, tracing Ryo's face. They had spent most of the night loving, not falling asleep until they could see the sun rise. Maru couldn't help but feel guilty. He should have told Ryo about his abnormality before they had fallen in love. He was one of those rare men who had a short recovery time. Ryo had gone along with him, never complaining about Maru's almost endless need. But near sun rise Ryo had begged to please let him take a nap.

Maru's love life had been one first night after the other. There was never a second time with any of his lovers. They had always broken up with him after that first night. They always called him a freak of nature.

Maru's arm hurt. It didn't matter to him. All he could think of was Ryo, the man he was in love with. He didn't want to tell him good bye. But he knew he would have to.

"Good morning," Ryo smiled sleepily.

"Morning." Maru tried to smile, but he couldn't.

"How's the arm?" Ryo asked concerned.

"Hurts a bit." He shrugged.

"Sorry,” Ryo ran his hand down Maru's arm. "Why didn't you tell me that you're almost insatiable in bed?"

Maru realized his fears had come true. His first time with Ryo would be his only time. He tried to stay brave, but inside he felt like crying.

"I never told you because my other lovers always thought I was some freak of nature. They would come once, and it would be over. I would come, and that would be the beginning of a long night of love." He felt very ashamed. Maru pulled away from his lover. He wanted to get dressed, to run from Ryo. He set on the edge of the bed and began to look around for his clothes. "If I was a bottom, I might be able to fake it. But I'm a top. Every time I make love to someone, I usually hurt them."

"You didn't hurt me." Ryo told him.

"Don't lie to me. I know I hurt you!" Maru was so upset that he couldn’t' find anything.

"What are you doing?" Ryo asked confused.

"We both know what's going to happen." He tried to stop the tears, but they came anyway. "You'll tell me it's nothing personal, and then you'll go back to being just my brother."

"Why would I do that?"

"Last night, we made love. I know I should have stopped after the first time I came. But I couldn't...it felt so good to finally be with you." he wiped his face. "I'm sorry; I should have told you about my problem. I would understand if you didn't want to see me again."

"I didn't say I was complaining." Ryo came up behind Maru, putting his arms around Maru's shoulders. Then he kissed his cheek.

"Please Ryo Chan, don't touch me. Just let me go."

"I don't understand. You don't want to go." Ryo paused. "Have you ever had a lover for more then one time?"

"Of course I haven't," Maru's voice was hoarse. "What man would want a lover who could go on for hours?"

"I would," Ryo squeezed Maru. "You are like a dream come true to me. Finally, I found what I was craving."

"What you were craving?" Maru repeated.

I used to sleep around because I was never satisfied.” he kissed Maru gently. "It's because I have a high sex drive. So I love that you do too. This is the first time that just one lover satisfied me."

"Are you sure?"

"I wouldn't lie to you." Ryo vowed. "You are everything I want."

His lover's confession made Maru realized they were alike in many ways. He reached up, touching Ryo's arm. "It's like we were meant to be together."

"I think so too." The smaller man touched the bass players chin, then he kissed his lips. "Come back to bed Ryu-Chan. Let me show you how much I love you."

Maru turned in Ryo's arms. Then Ryo was kissing his lips. Finally, after so much heartbreak, Maru had found the perfect lover. The one that was right for him.


The next day was New Years Eve. The countdown concert finally arrived.Just one more hour and the Johnny's would be on stage. Ryo was on the brink of exhaustion. This time it wasn't because of work, but because of his new lover. He didn't realize Maru was an insatiable lover, with an amazingly fast recuperation time. He had to beg Maru to have a nap.

NEWS was expected to perform together first. So Ryo waited with the group. In the NEWS area, Yamapi pouted to himself. The only one that would still talk to him was Jin, and he had been pulled away from him by Ueda.

The other four members had paired off. Koyama was helping Shinge with his costume. His hand stealthily running over his body.

Tegoshi and Massu huddled together, steeling kisses. They kept looking at Ryo and giggling. Ryo just hoped that they weren't up to something.

Ryo knew that the concert would be one of running around. He had to work twice as hard as anyone else. But he didn't mind. He looked a few meters away where Kanjani 8 was getting ready. Maruyama looked up to him, his smile a special one. One that made Ryo's heart melt.

Tegoshi and Massu grabbed one of Ryo's hand a piece and drug him across the room. Subaru and Hina where in some type of meeting with Mary-sama. That left Maru, Ohkura, Yoko and Shota.

"Would you let me go?" Ryo demanded.

Ryo couldn't help but see Kanjani 8's obvious glee.

"What's wrong?" Maru asked. "Did something happen?"

"Was Ryo-Chan a naughty boy?" Ohkura teased.

"We've decided to give him back." Massu told him. "Take him off our hands."

"You let me go last night!" Ryo tried to get away from his two friends.

"But you came back!" Tegoshi said.

"I'm still a part of NEWS." Ryo thundered. “In fact I’m your leader!”

"See what we mean?" Massu said. "He's back to his old grumpy self!"

"Please take him." Tegoshi pleaded.

"How much money do you have?" Ohkura grinned.

"Money?" Both NEWS members said at once.

"If you pay us enough, we'll take him." Ohkura promised.

"But we gave him to you." Tegoshi insisted.

"We want money," Yoko insisted. "Do you really think we want that pain in the ass all the time?"

"How much,” Massu sighed.

"How much money do you think Ryo's worth, Maru?" Ohkura asked the bass player.

"Ryo-Chan’s priceless." Maru sighed happily.

"Don't listen to Maru he's too much in love to think straight." Yoko said. "Give us all the money you have now, and we'll take him off your hands."

"But we might need more money every time he works with NEWS." Shota decided. "I mean so we can take him back."

"Don’t' I have a say in this?" Ryo asked.

Everyone turned to him and said. "No" at the same time. Then they turned back to arguing with each other about a price for Ryo.


Ryo was about to argue with his friends. He wouldn't let anyone buy or sell him. The whole idea was insane. But he felt a hand take his. Then he was pushed away from Tegoshi and Massu. He looked to see it was his lover Maru. The bass player pulled Ryo out of the waiting area, and down a hallway.

"Where are we going?" Ryo demanded.

"That's a surprise!" His lover said gleefully.

Maru opened a door marked broom cupboard. He shoved Ryo inside and began to kiss his lover's neck. Ryo wanted to sigh, and give into the kissing, but he knew that there was a lot of work to be done. It was after all the night of the countdown concert.

"What are you doing?" Ryo asked.

"Rescuing you from the evils of NEWS and Kanjani 8." Maru said before he kissed his lover, as he did He began to explore Ryo's body with his hands.

Ryo had to force himself away from Maru. "Ryuhei, as much as I love when you make love to me..."

"So you love me making love to you?" Maru resumed nibbling on Ryo's neck, one of his hand dipped into Ryo’s jeans. He was soon able to manipulate Ryo into being hard.

"We only have an hour before we're due on stage." Ryo sighed. He brought his hand to the back of his lovers head.

"There's enough time for us to have a little snack. A nibble to hold us off till after the concert." Maru kissed Ryo again, and this time Ryo let him.

Maruyama Ryuhei was Nishikido Ryo’s family, his world. The only thing that made working in the Johnny's Agency worth while. For the first time in his life, Ryo was very happy.