Time: Fall 2006


After their first night together, Jin and Kame began to find ways of being together. It had been Jin's idea. It had taken almost a month for him to convince Kame that it would be all right if they were together. Kame was scared, and Jin didn't blame him. He didn't want to think what would happen if Johnny-sama ever found out about them.


 Both belonged to others, but their hearts belonged only to each other. Their game together had become very dangerous. They had gone almost a two year playing the game. Spending any time they could get away from the PM and Johnny together in bed.


Like every game, their relationship had rules. Jin had begun to hate the rules, though he was the one who thought them up. They were not to act like lovers outside of the bedroom. No one must find out. The main rule was that they were not allowed to fall in love with each other or use the word love. Then if they did get caught by the agency, they could sign the no relationship contract and move on.


Jin loved Kame. He had never been in love before, but slowly realized that he was in love with Kame. He couldn't tell Kame that he had broken the rules. Instead, he tried to act as if the relationship was only physical. It was hard on Jin, who wanted to spend his life at Kame's side.



They were in Osaka filming a cm. That gave them some much needed time together. Kame's PM had been forced to stay in Tokyo for business matters. For a little while, they were free.


Jin had thrown a party for KAT-TUN and the members of Kanjani 8. But there had been a fight between Junno and Ryo of Kanjani 8. So the party had ended early.


Koki had joined them in the cleaning, but with Kame and Jin's support, he had gone off to see if he could get together with Maru. Jin hoped so. Someone in KAT-TUN deserved happiness.


Finally they had finished cleaning up the mess. Kame gave him a look that made Jin feel like he was nude.


"What should we do now?" Jin kidded.


Kame took off his shirt. He was always more matter of fact about love then Jin.  When he wanted it, his clothes came off. Jin had quickly let Kame become the dominate one in the relationship. Jin didn't mind, he liked the feel of Kame inside of him. In fact, there was times when he craved it.


Kame had a large bruise across his lower back. It came from his PM. Kame was strong. Jin knew he could have fought the PM off, but the PM would then hurt Kame's little brother. He tossed the shirt on one of the beds. Then he took off his jeans and shorts. More bruises were revealed across his legs and buttocks. The bruises made Jin want to hurt Kame's PM.


He kissed Jin. "I want to get inside you."


"Oh really?" Jin teased.


"Yeah, but your dressed." He moved to Jin, caressing the front of his pants. "Take off your clothes."


"Say please." Jin smiled.


"Take them off or I rip them off your body." Kame threatened.


"Do it then,"


Kame sighed in annoyance. Then he pulled Jin's shirt up to his shoulders. "Raise your arms you baka." Jin did. He pulled his shirt off, and then worked on his pants. The belt and buckle were easy, but Jin was wearing 501 jeans, and Kame was having troubles with the buttons. After the second one, he gave up. He kissed Jin passionately, pulling the pants down. Jin kicked them off.  His hand grabbed Kame's hardness almost blushingly.


"What do you want?" he demanded.


"You inside me." Jin said.


"What do you want?" he repeated the hand grew faster.


"I want you to make love to me." His head arched back. "Please Kazuya, please Kazuya."


Kame pulled away from him and gave him an evil grin. "I'm going to make you wait." Jin murmured in protest. Kame pulled away from him, and took something out of his pants pocket. He rubbed the lube over his fingers. Then Kame dropped to his knees, and began to slowly lick up and down Jin's shaft. Kame reached behind Jin. Jin felt the lubed fingers against his opening. Two fingers entered him at the same time Kame took him in his mouth.


Kame's mouth was very warm. He tried to thrust against it. Kame pulled back, Jin moaned in protest. "You know the rule; you can't thrust when I love you with my mouth."




Kame smirked, and then began loving him again. Jin tried as hard as he could to keep his body still. But it was hard. No one had a mouth like Kame's. He was an expert at giving head. He felt another finger enter him, then the fourth. Kame thrust his fingers into Jin enough that the nails brushed his secret spot again and again. Jin's voice began to babble. He couldn't help it. He was getting very close to the edge. When Kame's thumb entered him.  Then suddenly, he was filling Kame's mouth.


Kame leaned back on his heals, releasing Jin's hardness. Jin couldn't help but notice Kame's arousal. He was huge. Then he stood up, his fingers still inside Jin. "I want you to taste yourself."


Jin could only nod, and Kame kissed him passionately. Kame again began to thrust into him with his fingers.  Jin's hand went to Kame's arousal, wrapping his finger around it, pumping it.


"Please Kazuya." Jin murmured. "Please, please. Inside me, please."


"You've been good." He pulled his hand out of Jin and shoved him across a nearby desk. Suddenly Kame was inside of him. He began to thrust hard, furiously. His hardness filling him completely, hitting Jin's sweet spot again and again. Jin found himself getting aroused again, his cock thrusting against the desk. With every thrust by Kame, Jin made love to the desk. At first he began to gasp, that turned quickly into groans which then became cries.


Jin's world exploded again and again. His voice cried out Kame's name. He impaled himself back onto his lover, and he could hear Kame's horse cries as he too went over the edge.





Afterwards they lay in bed together. Jin's head on Kame's shoulder. Kame damned himself. He had become a wild man again. Jin had always protested he loved it when he got this way. But his cries when they made love always made Kame wonder if he was lying.


"I wish it was always like this." Kame kissed Jin's forehead. "Wouldn't it be great if we were free?"


'That would be wonderful." He ran his hand across the bruise. .  "I'd like to make it so that you would be free too."


"I'll never be free." Kame didn't like to talk about his PM's abuse. It had gotten worse since their debut. "The only time I'm free is when we're together."


"I want to take a break from KAT-TUN," Jin said quietly.


"You mean you want to quit?" Kame asked. "I thought you changed your mind about that."


"No, not quit. A break," He snuggled against Kame. "Remember how Tsubasa went to New York for a month to study English and watch Broadway shows?"


"He had a great time. He learned a lot."


"I want to take you with me." Jin kissed Kame's neck. "We could come back to the group, new, refreshed."


"Have you asked Johnny-sama?"


"I asked Johnny-sama but he turned me down." Jin pouted. "I didn't want to leave for a long time, a month or two at the most."


"Did you really think he'd give you your freedom?" Kame countered.


"Can't I hope?" He kissed Kame gently.


"What would you do if we were free?" Kame asked.


"I'd live with you forever." he confessed. "I'd belong only to you. I would be so happy."


"I would too." Kame said wistfully. "I'd love to wake up every morning in your arms."


"Someday it will happen," Jin vowed. "Someday."


Both were too busy to notice the hidden cameras filming them. Cameras that belonged to Johnny Kitagawa. Neither of them knew that this time of love would almost cause the destruction of the thing they loved more then each other, their group.