Time: October 2006


Something was going on. Jin could tell. Johnny-sama had begun to be cold around him. He made little snide remarks to Jin. Reminding him that he was only in KAT-TUN because he had slept his way to the top. Jin realized that he was in terrible trouble. He tried to distance himself from Kame, but he had a feeling that it was too late.  Johnny-sama had told him a price would have to be paid for any freedom. He would do anything to let Kame be free.


Then one day, in early October, Jin and Kame had been called to Johnny-sama's office. The agent sat behind his big oak desk. He glared at the two members of KAT-TUN.  Kame and Jin sat in chairs only a few inches from the other. They tried as hard as they could not to look at each other.


 "Jin, you belong only to me. What did I tell you would happen if you got caught cheating on me again?" Johnny-sama began. "You're a whore Jin, nothing but a whore. Kame, you're not much better."


"I told you before, I want my freedom." So he had been right, Johnny-sama knew about the two of them.


"There is no freedom without a price. You never paid that price!" Johnny-sama snapped. "Instead, you cheat on me again, and again. I am fed up with you!"


"If you are tired of me, give me my freedom." Jin retorted. He knew he shouldn't talk back to Johnny-sama, but he was so tired of being bullied by him.


"I know what happened between the two of you in Osaka." Johnny-sama said. "Did you ever think that perhaps I had my staff put security cameras in your room?"


"Security cameras," Jin repeated.


"The two of you are sexually involved." Johnny-sama handed them both a stack of photos. They had been taken in the hotel room.


"What right do you have to film us together?" Kame asked without looking at them.


"Jin's my slave! I can film him any time I want." Johnny-sama said.  ""Look at them!"


Jin looked at the photos. They made him sick to his stomach. There was evidence of their being together in Osaka. The photos made something that was so wonderful and loving look as if it were dirty. He glanced at Kame, who also looked sick.


"I want you both to sign a contract promising that you'll stop seeing each other." Johnny-sama pulled out the contracts. "You do, and it will be the end of this."


The contract, all members of the agency were familiar with it. Anytime anyone got serious with a girl friend, they had to sign, or be fired. Kame had never signed a contract, but Jin had signed several. He had always signed willingly, for he didn't have any real feelings for the other person. This time was different. Jin crumbled the contract into a ball.


"I won't sign."  Kame vowed.


"If you don't sign, I will dissolve KAT-TUN." Johnny-sama vowed. "Or we could come to a different arrangement."


"What arrangement?" Kame asked suspiciously.


"The same arrangement Mori and Nakai had."


Jin could still remember the publicity about Mori's leaving SMAP. It wasn't until he had joined the agency, that he found out that Mori and Nakai had been lovers. Mori had been a favorite of Johnny's. When their relationship had been found out, Mori had sacrificed himself so that Nakai could stay in SMAP.


"We won't do that." Kame said firmly.


When Jin heard the words, he realized he would have to be the one that quit. With his actions, he could save Kame. He leaned forward a bit.  "What would happen if one of us did sacrifice himself? What would happen to the other?"


"The other would be able to stay." he paused. "KAT-TUN would go on with five members."


"I have a condition if I sacrifice myself." Jin said very seriously.  "Kame is the property of his PM. If he is given his freedom, then yes, I will go."


"No Jin, you can't!" Kame gasped.


"Kazuya, I have to. I can't see you being abused. You have a right to live without the fear of being hurt." Jin looked at his lover.  "It's not just you. It's the rest of the group. We have to think of them too."


"Kame will have his freedom. As soon as you leave Japan, the PM will be fired." Johnny-sama promised.


"Thank you sir," Jin told him. "How will we explain my leaving?"


 "The official word will be that you're taking a hiatus for six months." Johnny-sama explained. "Jin, you want to study overseas. I'll say I let you. For your own good."


"Will I be able to go overseas?” Jin asked.


"Of course. There will be a press release tomorrow." Johnny-sama decided. "Then a press conference a few days later. Kame, I want you to write a letter for Jin that can be read at the conference. You'll say how proud you are that Jin is going to study."


"What if I don't?" Kame tried to control his temper.


"I will dissolve KAT-TUN the way I did with News." Johnny-sama threatened. ""Unlike News, the entire group will be fired."


"Please Kazuya, do it." Jin asked. "It's for the good of the group."


"All right, I will." Kame promised.


"No one, except the two of you will know the true reason Jin left." Johnny-sama told him. "Do you understand?"


"Yes, I understand." Kame said.  "What are your terms for Jin to come back?"


"Jin has to agree to belong only to me." Johnny-sama said. "He can return at any time, if he signs the contract."


"I'll never do that." Jin vowed.





A few days, Jin was in his apartment, packing. He had been told to pack light He would be only allowed two suitcases when he left. Everything else would be put in storage. There was a press conference in a few hours. Questions would be asked about his leaving. He had been thoroughly rehearsed in what story he should tell.


Jin picked a framed photo up off the bed side table. It was of him and Kame. He loved entertaining, but he loved Kame more. He hoped that his friend would understand his choice. Kame was being abused by his PM. It hurt Jin to see the bruises on Kame as they loved. If he had signed the paper, Kame would still be abused. His leaving meant that Kame would be free from the pain.


It was for the good of the group, Jin kept reminding himself. He had to agree to leave. The others would be even bigger once he was gone. Kame had the chance of being a star of Kimura proportions. If he was gone, then his friend would be even bigger.   He put the photo in his bag.


"Jin-Chan," Kame came into his room. "When are you leaving?"


"As soon as the press conference is over." He turned to Kame. "I'm sorry, this is all my fault."


"It's my fault too." Kame said softly.


"I'm the one that convinced you that it was all right to love." He sat on the bed. "If I hadn't been so bold..."


"I would still be with the PM, and you would be Johnny-sama's slave." Kame interrupted him. "No regrets Jin."


"I wish I could stay." he admitted.


"You'll be back soon." Kame sat beside him. "Johnny-sama will realize he's wrong, and you'll be back."


"Uchi was suspended and he never came back." Jin reminded him.


"That's different. He broke the law."


"I broke the law, Johnny-sama's law."  Jin pointed out.


"Why are you sacrificing yourself for me?" Kame demanded.


"Johnny-sama has always called love a weakness. But it's not." Jin looked down to his hands. “It gave me the strength to sacrifice myself for you."


"You love me." Kame breathed.


I know when we got together that we agreed not to fall in love." Tears stung his eyes. "As much as I tried, my heart wouldn't cooperate. Suddenly I couldn't see a life without you." The tears he had been holding in fell.


Kame moved so that he was standing in front of Jin, then he took him into his arms. He felt Jin's arms go around him. "It's all right Jin-Chan. I love you too."


He stroked Jin's hair. Jin clung onto Kame. He didn't know how he would be able to live without him.


"I wish I could go to your press conference." Kame said.


"No it's better that you don't go." Jin said. "I couldn't keep my story straight if you where there. I'd tell everyone I loved you."


Kame was suddenly kissing his lips. Jin sighed and gave into the kiss. Their last time, he had to have one more time with Kame. There were no longer any cameras in the apartment. They had been removed that morning. Jin had been suspended. There wasn't much more Johnny-sama could do to him.


"Jin-Chan, we could get caught." Kame said between kisses.


"Johnny-sama's had all the spy devices removed." He pulled the shirt out of Kame's pants. "Please Kazuya. I need you."


"I need you too." Kame pulled away from him, and then they quickly pulled their clothes off. Then he was kissing Jin again. "I love you so much."


"I love you too." He eased Kame to the bed.




Kame watched the press conference on a small TV in the airport. Kame thought that Jin's acting during the press conference deserved an Oscar.


If Kame wasn't allowed at the press conference, he was determined to see his lover off.


Suddenly there was hub bub in the airport. He watched as security officers held back screaming girls, as they let one lone figure into the area. He looked so lonely, so lost. His eyes down cast, as if he was fascinated by the floor.


 Jin loved him. He was surprised when Jin had first told him the words. It was the kind of love that most people dreamed of. They could have spent a long life together, if they hadn't been caught. Jin, his Jin had given everything up so that Kame could have a better life.


Kame had to think of Jin too. He could have been selfish and told Jin to sign the paper. But by letting Jin go, he was giving Jin his freedom. His lover was no longer owned by anyone. Kame knew it was a matter of time until Johnny-sama realized the mistake he made, and allowed Jin to return with no conditions.


Kame walked quickly down the hallway towards Jin. His friend passed him, without even looking at him. Kame took the carryon bag from him. Jin finally looked at him.


"What are you doing here?" Jin's eyes looked very sad.


"The group voted that I'd be the one that saw you off at the airport." He lied.


"All right," he agreed.


They walked side by side to the terminal, not talking, not looking at each other. Kame reached down and took Jin's hand. Jin's fingers trembled as he held his.


 There was a long line of passengers checking in. Some stared at them. They had been recognized, but Kame didn't care.


Kame and Jin stood to one side, looking at each other.  Kame’s last few moments with his lover.  Jin stood staring at him. As if he was trying to memorize Kame's face.


"Kazuya," Jin finally said. "I want to give you your freedom. I don't want you to wait for me."


"You'll be back in six months." Kame reminded him.


"We both know that it's just a story." Jin said sadly. "I'm not coming back."


"You don't know that." He had to be strong, for Jin. He couldn't let Jin know he was just as afraid that his friend wouldn't come back.


"To come back, I have to give myself to Johnny-sama." He reminded him. "I'll never do that. So it's best that you move on."


"I refuse to break up with you." Kame said firmly. "I'll wait for you."


There was an announcement about the plane. Kame didn't understand it; he was too focused on Jin.


"I love you," A tear trickled down Jin's face.


Kame held back his own tears as he reached up and wiped Jin's. "I'll always love you."


Jin kissed Kame; it was as gentle as their first kiss. Then he pulled away from Kame. "Sayonara."


"Not Sayonara, but see you later." Kame kissed him again.


Jin pulled away from Kame and got into line. He gave his ticket to an attendant, then without looking back, went though a door. Kame went to a window and watched Jin walk the steps up to the plane. He looked back to Kame one last time. Kame gave a little wave. Jin waved back, and then went into the plane.


 His Ketai began to ring. He opened it; it was a text message from his PM. "So Johnny-sama's trick worked. You've lost your Jin. You're not free; you'll never be free of me. Now get back to your apartment. I'm waiting for you. You'll be getting a special punishment tonight."


Nothing had changed with Jin's leaving. All of it was a trick of Johnny-sama. Kame stood at the window and watched the plane take off. As he did, the tears he kept in began to fall. Jin was gone. Probably not to ever return. He had sacrificed himself for a lie.  Kame vowed that someday he would get his lover back.