Title: Handcuffs

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Genre': Yaoi
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: JunDa

Summary: Junno's in love with Ueda. A chance encounter in a dressing room changes everything.


In the Kat-Tun dressing room, Junno sat a chair. . The door was shut, which meant that no one could see him. He was a member of Kat-Tun, one of the hottest groups around. A genius at acrobatics, good looking. Everything that someone would want as a person, except for one thing. His secret.

Junno's good looks made him attractive to girls.

There was something about him that made being with a girl unsatisfying. Not that he had tried. He had slept with girls before. But each time the experience made him feel empty. Something was missing, but he couldn't place what. He knew that girls had crushes on him. It made him feel flattered, but at the same time, he could never match those feelings.

He reached out, and picked up the photo of his group. Jin and Kame stood in front. Ueda and Junno in the back. Ueda's arms were around his shoulders. The way Ueda looked at him almost made him feel as if his friend wanted him too. The tightening got even harder.

Junno reached down and began to stroke through the cloth of his pants. That felt good, really good. There wasn't anything wrong with pretending. Pretending that Ueda really cared for him, pretending that his friend really wanted him. Thinking of Ueda kneeling in front of him, taking Junno's cock into his mouth......

He unzipped his pants, and as he was taking his hardness out. The door to the dressing room opened, and then shut. Junno could hear the door being locked. Then the familiar voice of Ueda asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Working," he put the photo back on his dressing room table. He hoped that Ueda wouldn't see his hardness as he shoved it back into his pants.

"With the lights off?" Ueda sounded amused.

Junno reached out and turned the lights on.

Ueda moved so that he was facing Junno, leaning on the table. He glanced down at Junno's hardness for a moment, as he stifled a grin, he said. "Why we are in a bad mood are we?"

"Aren't I allowed to dream?" Junno got to his feet.

Ueda blocked his way, and then did something that surprised his friend. He kissed Junno with a passion that was even stronger then any fantasy. Junno couldn't believe it, he just stood there. Ueda pulled away from him. "I'm sorry; I'll never do anything like that again."

Hope surged through Junno; perhaps, just perhaps Ueda liked him too. Ueda turned away from him and began to go towards the door. Junno knew he had to stop him. "Don't go, please."

Ueda turned to Junno, confusion written in his eyes. "Are you sure?"

"I have been hiding my secret for so long; I was startled when you knew it." Junno confessed.

"How long have you had that secret?" Ueda asked seductively.

"From the first moment I saw you. The first time we became friends." Junno moved ahead a step, and kissed his friend. With a sigh, Ueda opened himself to Junno. He could feel Ueda's arms go around him, holding him close. Their tongues battling each other. Passion, he couldn't believe there was such a passion between the two of them.

It seemed natural for Ueda to push him against the dressing room table.

His friend seemed to know what he was doing, as he reached for Junno's waistband, unfastening it, freeing Junno's aching hardness, then pulling his pants down, until Junno's pants hit his knees. Junno took in a large gasp of air as the coldness of his friendís fingers touched his cock. The as they kissed he felt Ueda struggling with his own pants.

Junno wondered when Ueda would turn him onto his stomach. Ueda was so dominate, he must be a top. Instead his friend took off his pants, and then shoved himself against Junno, kissing him again, their cocks touched for the first time. Then Ueda began thrusting his cock against Junno's. Junno stood there, unmoving.

Ueda pulled away from him a bit, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know what to do," Junno finally confessed. "I've never been with a man before."

"Move," Ueda grunted, and then kissed him again.

Junno felt like a virgin, his first time with another man. This felt good, perfect. Junno thrust as hard as he could against his friend. This was no time for gentle love making; instead, this was the time to express long held passions. The excitement was too much for Junno, and he came, biting his lip so that he wouldn't make any noise.

Ueda's thrusting increased, until he too orgasmed, screaming his friendís name. Then he slid off of Junno, pulling him down to the floor and took him into his arms. Junno's head on his shoulder.

"How long have you felt this way towards me?" Junno asked.

"A long time, but you liked girls....."

"I have tried with girls, but I can't form relationships with them." Junno confessed. "There has always been something missing, then what we did. The missing part is suddenly there."

Junno felt Ueda's lips on his forehead, gentle, loving. "Don't lie to me. You've been with men. I know youíre not a virgin. Youíre too gorgeous to be one."

"I have been with girls before, but with men, I am....I mean I was a virgin." He told his new lover. "I'm sorry I didn't know what to do, sorry I was so terrified."

"The first time is always the scariest," Ueda agreed. "If you take it slowly, it will be all right."

"When was your first time?"

"I started early, I was twelve." Ueda told him. "I'm surprised you haven't heard that I sleep around. I've been with almost every gay guy in the agency."

"Oh, so that's all I am to you." Junno felt his soul crush. "I'm simply a lay."

"Is that what you want? Simply a one night stand?" Ueda sounded upset.

"No, you're special to me."

When Ueda didn't answer, Junno realized the truth. Junno felt his heart sink; he sat up, and began to pull his clothes together. He turned his head away, trying to hide the tears that stung at his eyes.

Ueda sat up; he reached out, touching Junno's chin, turning his head so that he could see into Junno's eyes.

"I'm not ashamed of my feelings toward you. If you want us to be open, then we will. I love you/"

"Are you sure?" Junno asked.

"Trust me please."

"I do," Junno tried to smile.

Ueda pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. "I want to blind fold you, will you let me?"

"I told you, I trust you."

Junno felt Ueda put the blindfold around his eyes. As Ueda was doing it, he said. "I know youíre afraid of to be a bottom. Itís something that scares a lot of people."

"Youíre going to teach me how?"

"No, I am not. Your first time shouldn't be like that. My favorite part of sex is being someoneís bottom." Ueda paused. "You've been with a girl before, it isn't that different."

"But I can't see you."

"You said you trusted me." Ueda reminded.

"I do trust you."

Junno sat there, half fearing, half anticipating about what Ueda wanted to do to him. Ueda pulled Junno's clothes off. Then his lover asked him to lie down on his back.

Junno did as he was told. His lover kissed his lips, the began to trail kisses down his body. It made Junno crazy that he couldn't see anything. Ueda's lips left his, and he felt the lips trailing their way down his body. Then he felt Ueda's lips on his nipple, sucking. Junno gasped.

"You like that, don't you?" Ueda's voice was deep, seductive.

Junno could only nod, wondering what his lover would do next. He was quickly hardening again. Ueda's fingers went around Junno's aching hardness, stroking. Then the hands left his cock, suddenly his cock was immersed in something warm, wet. It took him a few seconds to realize that it was Ueda's mouth.

Junno reached out, touching Ueda's head in the darkness. This felt better then any dream.

Suddenly Ueda's mouth left him. He could hear a noise. His friend grabbed the hand on top of his head, and then pulled it up, over Junno's head.

"Give me your other hand." Ueda ordered gruffly.

"What are you going to do?"

"Trust me." Ueda mocked.

With some hesitation, Junno raised his other arm. Then he felt something metal slap against one hand, and then tightness around the wrist. Then the same thing with the other wrist. Junno tried to move his hands, and for the first time, realized that he was handcuffed to the table.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to make love to you silly." there was playfulness in his friendís voice. He began to stroke with his fingertips down Junno's body. Seeming to touch every part of Junno's flesh. Ueda seemed to revel in making small circles in the inside of Junno's leg. Then the fingers would go higher, rubbing Junno's balls, avoiding the part that demanded attention. Just when Junno thought his lover would touch his cock, the fingers moved lower, stroking his legs again. "Tell me, if you could have anything, what would it be?"

"I would be inside you." Junno was surprised to hear his voice so hoarse.

There was the sound of something being torn. "I brought a condom. I want to put it on you."

Junno nodded. His friend's hand left his leg, and then he felt something being rolled onto his cock, slowly, madingly. This was crazy, how could he make love to anyone when he couldn't even touch his lover? Couldn't see him?

He could feel Ueda straddling his body, and then slowly, very slowly Ueda impaled himself on his lover's hardness. There was tightness as Ueda spammed around Junno. Then Ueda opened like a flower.

Ueda paused for a moment, then leaned down, and kissed Junno's lips. Junno moved up to meet the lips. As they kissed, Ueda began to move up and down slowly.

For a brief moment, Ueda's lips left his and he gasped almost in pain.

"What happened?" Junno asked confused.

"You hit my prostrate." Ueda moved again, and groaned. "Junno, youíre so big, I didn't ever imagine you would be this big!"

"Am I hurting you?"

"No," Ueda panted. "You are giving me a dream."

Ueda began to move with abandon. Junno began to move his hips up to meet his friendís thrusts. Then Ueda screamed so loud that it seemed to rattle the windows, and something squirted Junno in the chin. It brought Junno over the edge and he came, hard.

Ueda got off of Junno and he could hear his friend pull on his clothes. "Tat-Chan, what's wrong?"

"I screamed, someone will come looking!" Ueda sounded panicked.

"Yeah and they will find me tied to a table!"

"Sorry." Ueda took off the handcuffs.

Junno sat up, and took the blindfold off. He began to feel for his clothes. Ueda picked them up and handed them to him. Junno quickly dressed.

As soon as he was dressed, someone began to knock on the door. Ueda went to the door and unlocked it. Junno couldn't see who it was, because Ueda stepped out in the hallway. "I banged my shin on the table. Iím such a wimp I screamed."

"You can be such an idiot Ueda." The unmistakable voice of their friend Maru teased. "We're going to karaoke tonight, want to come?"

"I'll catch you up; I have to wrap up a few things."

"Okay, see you."

Ueda went back into the room. He went to Junno, and pushed him against the table. Ueda kissed Junno again. As he did, the door began to rattle again. "We better go!"

"All right, but next time, youíre the one who gets tied up!" Junno teased.

There was a glint in Ueda's eyes. "Sounds like fun!"