Title: Hiding In Plain Sight

A sequel to Sanctuary
Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: JunDa
Genre: A/U
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Kat-Tun. Wish I did. But I do own the concepts of the Gotsu Empire and the Miyagi Empire.
Note: This takes place in the far future.
Note 2: this is simply a love story with no war.
Note 3: This story is weird.

Note 4: thanks to everyone who reads this story. Also thanks if you comment. I do really appreciate it

Summary: Jin has a talent that could save everyone that Shikayko wants returned.


There had been a lot of commotion in the Empress of Miyagi's castle. A diplomatic visitor's guards had been killed. What made matters worse was the fact that it was Crown Princess Shikayko's guards that had been killed.

Something seemed to be very wrong. Koki wasn't sure what it was. As head of the castle's security, it was his job to investigate the crime scene. His agents took holos of the entire quarters. Every millimeter was recorded.

Crown Princess Shikayko acted as if she were very concerned. But Koki knew it was just an act. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Still she answered all of Koki's questions without her usual digs about the illegality of Koki's marriage to Maru.

During the questioning, an intergalactic communiqué machine began to spit out flimsies. Shikayko tore one off; she couldn't hide the look of victory on her face. Then she excused herself to go talk to the Empress.

After Shikayko left, the machine began to spit out more flimsies. Knowing it might help the case; Koki went to the machine and ripped the paper off. What he read made his blood run cold.

It was from the Intergalactic court of Justice. It was a court order. "Pending the hearing that will take place in two weeks time, the Empire of Miyagi will return the husbands of Crown Princess Shikayko, and Princes Junno, Jin and Maru to the Empire of Gotsu."

There was more to the communiqué, but Koki knew he had to act fast.

He called the Empress, telling her in no circumstances should she allow Shikayko into her offices.

He took the back passages to the Empresses office, running the entire way. He had to let her know that his hunch was right; all this was a set up.


Ueda was surprised when the door to the services tunnels opened, then Koki came into the empress's office.

"What is the emergency?" The Empress asked.

"The killing of the guards is part of a plan of Crown Princess Shikayko," Koki explained.

"What proof do you have?"

Koki showed the flimsy to the Empress. "The court order states that our government kidnapped Prince Junno, Prince Jin, Prince Maru and Shikayko's husbands."

"But we didn't," Ueda said.

"There's nothing we can do," The empress said. "We have to follow the court order."

"Your Majesty, is there any way we can get around it?" Koki asked.

"I'm sorry, there isn't." The Empress said. "We just have to hope that the court will rule in our favor, and Gotsu will be forced to give them back."

"Give them back?" Ueda asked incredulous. "They'll never come back."

"Gotsu will have to if the courts rule in our favor." She reminded them.

"There will be an accident," Koki told her. "Their ship will explode or something."

"We don't have a choice." The Empress told them. "I am sorry but you'll have to give your loved ones up."

"Just a minute mother," Ueda began to pace around the room thinking. "Koki, Do you remember when we played that sim game and Jin ran away?"

"Which one was that?" Koki asked. "We've played lots of sim games."

"The one where his limiter malfunctioned."

"Is this important?" The Empress asked.

"It's vital." Ueda told her. "Do you remember what Junno told me when I suggested I turn the game off?"

Koki thought for a second. Then he realized Ueda was right. "Your Majesty, Prince Jin has a way of turning games off while inside the game."

"That isn't anything new." The Empress said.

"You don't understand." Koki said. "Jin stays in the game!"

"How do you think this will help us?"

"Simple, we put them in the game, have Jin turn it off." Ueda said. "For all extent and purposes, they will no longer be on Miyagi."

"What about the hearing?"

"We can have them make depositions before they enter the game." Ueda told her. "Then we can present those depositions as part of our evidence."

"I want to speak to Prince Jin right away." The Empress ordered.


Jin had been called to the Empresses office. Ueda was there, as Crown Prince he was there as part of his duties. Ueda looked as if he had been crying.

"I live to serve," Jin bowed to the Empress.

"I have heard from my sons that you have some talent in sim games." The Empress said.

"Yes, your Majesty, I have some skill." Jin told her.

"Is it true that you are able to program a game where you can hide in it?"

"Who told you that?" Jin asked surprised. That fact was supposed to be a secret among his brothers.

"Junno told me," Ueda told him.

"It's against the law to be able to hide in a sim game." Jin said by rote.

"That's not the point," The Empress said. "It is vital for me to know if you can program a game where you can hide. Then the game can be shut off, and you still remain in the game."

'The information could save your unit's' life." Ueda wiped his eyes with a handkerchief.

"Yes, I am able to do that," Jin admitted. "Something bad has happen hasn't it?"

"Crown Princess Shikayko has been given an injunction by the Galactic court." The Empress told him. “We have twenty six hours to hand over your unit, and her husbands,"

"Why would the courts do such a thing?"

"The Gotsu Empire's lawyers have convinced the judges that you are being held against your will."

"But we'll be killed," Jin said.

"Crown Princess Shikayko has promised that you will be safe until the full hearing takes place in two weeks."

"Your Majesty, we won't be safe. We'll dead before a hearing is conducted." Jin said firmly.

"I know that." The Empress said. "That is why I am asking you to please set it up so that you can hide."

"But galactic court..."

"I'm sure once we have the full hearing, that you'll be allowed to stay." She said. "Every one of you must ask for sanctuary, and then take Miyagi citizenship. Then we will take a statement. We will present those to the court. Sanctuary is a concept that is revered in all systems in the galaxy."

"Until then you must hide." Ueda told him.

"I understand." Jin said. "Leave it to me."


Ueda returned to the quarters he shared with Junno. His heart felt heavy. He had promised Junno that he would be free. Now he felt as if he was the biggest liar in the universe. He had cried a lot after hearing the news. He loved Junno. He had to remain calm when he gave Junno the news.

Junno was at his desk, working on his doctrinal thesis. He was getting near finishing his doctorate. Just a few more edits, and he would be able to turn it in for grading.

Junno looked up to him. He was wearing the dark blue Kimono that Ueda loved. "Why is there a guard on our quarters?"

"It's for your protection." Ueda tried to sound professional.

"My protection? But you're the Crown Prince." Junno pointed out.

"Is there any way you can stop what your doing?" Ueda tried to will himself not to cry. "Come to the couch, we need to talk."

Junno put his papers down. He went to the couch. Ueda sat beside him. The tears began to sting his eyes again. He closed them tightly, trying to stop them.

"Something terrible happened, hasn't it?" Junno guessed. When Ueda nodded, Junno continued. "Shikayko's done something hasn't she?" Ueda nodded again. "The empress is making you marry her." Ueda shook his head no. Then Junno realized what it was, what was so bad that Ueda couldn't tell him. "I have to go back, aren't I?"

"I made you a promise," Tears began to roll down Ueda's cheeks. "Your mother went to the intergalactic court. There's a court order saying you have to return."

"It's not your fault."

"There's a chance Junno, just a chance we can get around the court order."

"If the intergalactic court said I have to go back, I have to go back." Junno said firmly.

"You know that trick of Jin's where he can make himself shut down a game with him in it?" Ueda asked. "Has he really done that before?"

"Yes, many times."

"My mother has decided that to hide you, your brothers and Shikayko's units." Ueda finally told him.

"The Gotsu have scanner on their ships. They'll be able to find us."

"Not if we hide you in the game." Ueda told him. "My mother's decided that if the courts rule against us, that you'll stay in the game forever."

"That would work," Junno realized. "You're coming with me, aren't you?'

"I can't," Ueda told him. "I'm crown prince."

Junno got up and went into the other room. Ueda felt as if his heart was being pulled out of his chest. The tears came again.

A few moments passed, and Junno returned. "I bought something," Junno told him. "I was planning to give it to you as a wedding gift."

Their wedding, for the first time, Ueda realized they might never get married. They were scheduled to be married the next week.

A tear rolled down Ueda's face. "We should have had a civil ceremony like Maru and Koki did."

"We have to have faith that we will be married." Junno looked troubled.

"Our wedding's never going to happen," Ueda told him. "It's all the fault of that bitch."

"That's why I think we need to use our earrings." Junno told him. "I've heard that they can broadcast over light years. Perhaps they will be strong enough to reach the game."

"You can't use transmitters in a sim game." Ueda reminded him.

"Not a transmitter," Junno told him. "I bought us matching earrings. Their made of Auron Empathy stones. If we wear these, perhaps, just perhaps we can feel each other."

Ueda turned to him. "Do you really think that can happen?"

"We have to hope," Junno's face was so earnest that Ueda had to believe him. Junno opened the box. "See? One for each of us."

"Let's put them on, right now." Ueda decided.

Junno smiled, but the smile didn't go to his eyes. He took his earring out, and put one of the empathy stones in. Then he did the same with Ueda. He moved away from Ueda a bit, to look at him.

Then Ueda felt Junno, for the first time he felt something from his lover. Junno loved Ueda as much as he loved him.

For the first time since hearing the news of the injunction, Ueda felt hope.

Junno kissed him, and Ueda found himself kissing back.


. Junno was the first to have his testimony recorded. Because of Gotsu law, men could not testify in court unless it was a holo projection. There was only a camera person, a lawyer and a truth machine. He had asked Ueda to stay, but it had been too painful for his lover. So he waited outside of the room.

"What is your name?" The lawyer asked.

"My name is Junnosuke." Junno told him. "My friends call me Junno."

"Can you give the court your full name?"

"Yes, I am sorry. I'm still not used to it. Taguchi Junnosuke." Junno told him.

"Where were you born?"

"I was born on Gotsu Prime." Junno said. "I was artificially incubated."

"Why weren't you naturally incubated?"

"I am male," Junno explained. "Natural Incubation is a privilege of female babies.'

On and on the questioning went. Junno told the lawyer everything he was asked about Gotsu. Even if the questions were painful, he knew he had to answer them.

"If you had the chance to return to Gotsu, would you?"

"No, I would never return of my own free will." Junno said firmly.

"Why wouldn't you?"

"I am a convicted criminal. If I return I will face the death penalty."

"What crime did you commit that warrants the death penalty?"

"I was convicted of treason."

"Describe this treason."

"My brother Nakamaru fell in love with one of my mother's husbands." Junno explained. "Falling in love with the Empress's husbands is considered treason."

"Why were you convicted?"

"If one member of a unit is convicted of a crime, they all are." Junno told the lawyer. "I was thirteen when I had my first conviction."

"What were you convicted of?"

"I am homosexual." Junno said. "I was tortured many times to break me of my homosexuality."

"Do you have any proof of such torture?"

Junno took off the kimono he was wearing. Then he turned so he was showing the camera his back. He could hear the camera zoom in on his scars.

"How did you get your scars?"

"They were given to me by torture machines.' Junno said matter of factly.

"You can put your Kimono back on." The lawyer said. "Tell me, about your asking for sanctuary."

Junno put on his Kimono, and then he described in detail why he gave up his titles and Gotsu citizenship to become Miyagi.

Finally, when he was finished, he left the room. Ueda looked up to him, and then he got to his feet and went to Junno. Without saying anything, Junno took Ueda in his arms. He could give everything just to have Ueda join him in the game, but he knew that would never happen. Instead he had to have faith that everything would turn out all right.




Jin had much work to do. He was the one setting up the game. He would be the one in control if anything happened. He was glad that he didn't have to set up just an ordinary game. If they had to stay in the game for more then a week, it would get very boring. At least this way, everyone who went in might become officers. They would have a job when they came out. For they were going to go through the Miyagi Space Academy Sim.

"I wish I could come with you." Kame confessed.

"You're a prince, you have duties." Jin reminded him.

"I've talked with mother, if the courts don't rule in our favor, I will enter the game." Kame lied.

"No, you cannot live your life inside of a game." Jin told him.

"Isn't that for me to decide?" Kame smiled sadly.

"You're right, of course." Jin tried to smile too, but it was blocked by tears.

Jin couldn't tell Kame that he knew the truth. The Empress had refused to allow her sons to enter the game. They were too important to simply live their lives in a game. Instead, Jin acted as if he believed Kame's lies. He knew that Kame wasn't just lying to Jin, but to himself.

He knew that it was a matter of time until Kame moved on. Jin was no longer a prince. If anything happened to Ueda, Kame would be emperor someday No matter how much they loved each other, time would pass. Kame would get lonely, and find someone.

Jin had only an hour before he had to go to work. He wanted to spend that last hour in Kame's arms. He kissed his lover.


Skin sliding against skin. The smaller lover on top of the larger. They knew that this might be their last time together. They wanted to remember every touch, every movement. The way they kissed, the way they moaned when the sweet spot was hit. The way they held each other.

They tried to make the lovemaking longer, they wanted it to be endless, but they where only human. Their bodies betrayed them.

Kame arched backwards, he screamed Jin's name as he came. His sperm splashing both their chests.

Jin pushed Kame harder onto him, so hard that he knew he would be bruised. Jin growled in the back of his throat, deep, sexy. Then Jin emptied himself into Kame's body.

Usually the lovers wound have sunk to the bed, instead, Jin held onto Kame tightly, still burred deep inside of him.

"I don't want to let you go,' Jin confessed.

"I wish we could stay this way forever," Kame put his head on Jin's shoulder. The tears he had been hiding began to fall.

Jin must have felt the tears, because his grip on Kame grew even tighter, and he began to stroke Kame's hair. Then he felt Jin's tears on his shoulder.

"This won't be our last time." Jin reminded him. "If we lose the court case, you'll join me in the game."

"Yeah, I will." He had lied to Jin, to try and give his lover hope. How could he tell Jin that his mother refused permission for Kame to enter the game? Instead, he held onto Jin, and let the tears flow.

It had all been too good. They had been too happy together. Kame knew what always happened when things went too good. Something bad would happen.


*She wants us back, she wants us back,* Shota kept thinking.

Shota was afraid, very afraid. He basically only had the clothes on his back. His brothers had all ready entered the game. But Shota had waited for his lover.

He was waiting for Ohkura's disposition to be completed. He had all ready had his. Answering questions from the Miyagi's lawyers. Proving to the court that he really wanted to stay in the Miyagi Empire. He had told the total and complete truth. To save lives he had to. He had broken Gotsu law in telling the truth, but he didn't care. In his heart he was still Miyagi.

Finally Ohkura came into the chamber outside of the sim room. He looked very depressed, that is until he saw Ohkura. Then he smiled at his lover.

"I'm ready," Ohkura went to him, taking his hand. "What's wrong?"

"What if the court rules against us?" Shota asked.

"It will be like the empress says," Ohkura told him. "We'll simply live in the game forever."

"Together," Shota breathed.

"We'll always be together," Ohkura promised.

Then together the two lovers opened the door and joined the game.


"How can I live without you?" Maru asked sadly. "We're still newly weds."

"I'm going with you," Koki decided. They were in the room outside of the sim chamber. He hadn't told Maru his plans, he thought Maru knew. Now he realized no one had told his husband.

"I don't think you’re allowed." Maru told him.

"I'm your husband," Koki reminded him.

"You're also Tanaka of the security force."

"I don't care about that," Koki took Maru's hand. That was unusual. Koki wasn't the type that made public displays of affection. "I love you. I'm going to stay with you."

"You're stubborn."

"Yes, I am." Koki agreed. "Plus Jin asked me to be the instructor at the Space Academy."

"Space Academy?" Maru repeated.

"Yeah, that's what you're going to do in the game." Koki told him. "Attend the Miyagi Space Academy."

"I don't understand, why would Jin want us to do that?" Maru asked confused.

"It's the Empress's orders," Koki told him. 'If we lose the case in the galactic court, we might go to war."

"Miyagi will need officers," Maru realized.

"Just be warned, I had Jin create something very special in the shooting gallery." Koki smiled wryly.

"What is that?"

"All the shooting targets are now programmed to look like Shikayko." Koki told him. "That way, we can kill her over and over again."

"You are so blood thirsty." Maru kissed his husband.

"I know she's your sister, but I want the bitch dead." Koki spat.

"I do too." Maru agreed. "Any love for her died when she tortured to death Uchi."

The door to the sim chamber opened, Jin looked out. "You two ready?"

"Yes, we are," Koki told him. Then holding Maru's hand, the two entered the game.


Junno stood in front of the sim chamber. He was afraid, they were all afraid. Shikayko's husbands had all ready entered the game. So had Koki, Maru, and Jin.

As crown prince, Ueda couldn't enter the game. It would be his duty to power down the game, and hide the crystal once it had been powered down. It would also be his duty to restart the game once it was safe.

Ueda took Junno's hand. "Don't worry."

"If the court rules I have to go back..."

"Don’t' say that!" Ueda interrupted. "You have to have faith."

"Please my prince listen to me." Tears stung Junno's eyes. "There is something I must tell you."

"All right,"

"If I have to return to Gotsu, I want you to go on with your life." Junno told him. "I want you to fall in love again, to find someone else."

"No Junno, there can be no one after you." Ueda said firmly. "I have to have faith that you'll be back with me."

"But there is no guarantee I'll ever be able to come back to you." Junno reminded him.

"That doesn't matter," A tear rolled down Ueda's cheek.

Junno reached out, wiping the tears from his lover's face. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Ueda kissed him one last time. Then he took a bracelet off his wrist. He pressed it into Junno's hand. "I want you to wear this. To know that I'll remember you."

Jin opened the sim door. "You have to come in now Junno."

Junno pulled away from Ueda, "Good bye my prince."

He followed Jin into the game. He didn't look back; he knew he would start crying again if he did.

"What will it feel like once you turn off the game?" Junno asked.

"It will simply feel as if the game is still going." Jin said. "Instead of the game going on in the chamber, it goes on in the crystal."

Jin said some words and a panel appeared on one wall. He punched several buttons. Then he turned to Junno. "There, it's been done."


Ueda and Kame watched as the game powered itself down. Ueda took the data crystal out of the chamber. He put the crystal on a chain and put the chain around his neck. The crystal sat just above his heart.

"Are you sure it will be safe with you?" Kame asked concerned.

"It will have to be." Ueda touched the crystal. "I can't just leave it in the chamber where anyone could find it."


The time that the injunction stated that the princes had to be returned to Gotsu came and passed. Shikayko stormed into the Empresses office.

"The men you were ordered to turn over have not appeared at the arranged place." She told the Empress.

"They haven't? That's strange." The Empress told her. "I gave them the news of the court order, and told them they had to follow it."

"My husbands have been kidnapped." Shikayko told the Empress. "What exactly are you planning to do to get them back?"

"I've told you, security have been looking for them." The Empress told her.

""I want my husbands back!" Shikayko demanded.

"Are you sure they didn't get lost?" Ueda asked. "They don't know Miyagi. They might have just taken a wrong turn."

"The Gotsu shuttle has made a scan of your planet for their identity chips." She told him.

"You mean limiters," Ueda corrected.

"Limiters are illegal." She reminded him.

'That didnt' stop you from putting them in my finance’s unit's minds." Ueda tried to control his temper.

"I have no idea were you husbands are." The Empress told Shikayko. "I do know that our family welcomed the return of our four nephews. But that is an internal matter."

"They are no longer Miyagi." Shikayko growled. "They are Gotsu citizens and responsible to follow all Gotsu laws."

"Oh the contrary, my nephews have regained their citizenships." The Empress said. "As you know, galactic law prevents the forcible deportation of a systems own citizens."

"What about my other three husbands?" She demanded. "They do not have citizenship!"

"They have been given sanctuary."

"This is an act of war!" Shikayko told her. "I demand you hand them over now!"

"Or you'll do what? Invade with your one ship?" The Empress scoffed.

"The injunction states that I have a right to take them with me." Shikayko said hostilely.

"As your scanners say, they aren't on this planet." The Empress said. "If they where, I would of course turn them over."

"Where are they? Let me say good bye to them." Shikayko insisted.

"Sorry, I have no idea where they are."

"What about you?" She asked Ueda. "Where are they?"

"I have no idea." Ueda lied.

"I think we could come to an arrangement that would benefit both our systems." Shikayko decided. "If you did what I asked, you could keep my brothers and my husbands."

"What is that?" The Empress asked.

"If you give me your sons so they can be my husbands, I will leave the system." Shikayko told her. "There will not be any war."

"I'm sorry, my sons aren't for sale." The Empress said firmly. "My sons will not be members of your Men's quarters."

"I am returning to Gotsu prime." She told the Empress. "But I will return with an invasion fleet."

Shikayko stormed out of the office.

"What will you do if she does bring a fleet with her?" Ueda asked.

"She won't." The Empress told him. "The Empress of Gotsu has more sense then her."

"What shall we do about my cousins?"

"Once the court rules in our favor, we will get them out of the game." The Empress promised. "We'll also release your finance, and the two of you can get married."

Ueda touched the crystal. His fingers caressed it. He had to be strong, for Junno. He just hoped the Shikayko wouldn't win.




The months passed. Junno had stopped counting the days he spent apart from Ueda. He didn't miss his lover so much when he didn't think of him. Junno had gone back to living with Jin as a unit. They fell back on the comfort that the unit could give them. It wasn't quite the same without Maru, but then one day, Maru moved into their apartment. They were brothers. They supported each other. That's why when Maru started having problems with Koki, they supported him.

As time passed, Ueda stopped being always in his thoughts. Instead Junno worked on his studies at the Miyagi Space Academy. The class he was studying with would graduate in just a few days. Then Junno would be an officer. But what could he do with his rank when he was stuck in a game?

The earrings they had hoped so much about didn't work in the game. Jin tried to explain to him that it was because they were living as pulses of information in a crystal. But once in a while, Junno could feel Ueda, almost as if he was at his side. That was when he began to remember his lover.

Junno was trying to study for his final. When he suddenly could feel Ueda very close to him.

*The final appeal hearing is today,* Ueda told in his mind. *The Gotsu have appealed the ruling all the way to the Supreme Intergalactic court.*

"How can I feel you so clearly?" Junno asked out loud.

*An Auronar priest has taught me how to use the earring.* Ueda explained. *Are you alone?*

*Yes, I am alone.*

*Lay on your bed my love.* Ueda told him. *Then close your eyes.*

Junno did as Ueda told him to. He could feel someone lay on the bed beside him. Then lips, lips that he had missed kissed him. Lips that were softer then feathers.


*Our stone,* Ueda explained. *Even though my body isn't with you, do to the air as you would do to me. I will be able to feel it.*

Junno reached up to the back of Ueda's head. He realized he could feel Ueda! His hands traced their way down Ueda's muscles on his back. He was surprised to feel that Ueda had been working out.

"My prince." Junno gasped as Ueda bit down gently on his neck.

"I love you so much." Then they where kissing again.


It had all gone horribly wrong. Maru had been happy with Koki, but his husband had never given himself fully to Maru. He began to wonder if his husband was having an affair. Maru always spent his free moments alone. Koki was always too busy to spend any time with him.

Once he had asked Koki about his absences. Koki snaped that it wasn't his business. Because they weren't really married. It hurt Maru. He had wanted a real ceremony, but at Koki's insistence they had just filed the papers.

Finally the day came, when Koki looked at him with hatred in his eyes. He had told Maru to that it would be better if Maru found someone else to live. That was the day that Maru moved back in with his brothers.

Still hurting, Maru decided to hunt Koki down. He wanted to see who this man was that took Koki from him.

He finally found Koki at the Academy's shooting range. As usual, Shikayko was the target. This one looked a little more alive then usual. She walked out and stood in place.

Koki unloaded a clip from his gun into her. Not one shot, a clip. Her body fell to the ground, it was now barely recognizable.

"She was dead after your first shot." Maru pointed out.

"Every day that passes puts us one step closer to war." Koki explained. "If we do go to war, as the Tanaka, I have to be in top form."

"Yes, I understand that but..."

"Millions of people might die because of her," Koki tried to explain. "Millions. That makes me want to kill her."

"So you take out your frustrations on the shooting range?" Maru guessed.

"I can't bring it home with me. It might affect our relationship. Oh yeah, we don't have one." Koki put down his gun. "You're right, I did go overboard."

"No harm done."

Maru was surprised when Koki took his hand. "I know why don't we get something to eat? We haven't had a date in a while. I really do want to spend some time with you."


Even though they were in a sim game, the place had rules about times. At the time of night Koki and Maru were out, not much was open.

Except for one place. Yoko and Hina's small cafe. They had opened a small business on the side. It had started out as part of their final for the catering corp. They had enjoyed it so much that they begged Jin to let them keep it. The food in their cafe was virtual, but good.

"Come have a seat," Yoko yelled. "We were just about to close."

"Do you mind if we have something to eat?" Maru asked.

"Of course not." Yoko came out from the back, wearing a cafe uniform. "What would you like to eat?"

"What ever you have left." Koki said. They sat down at the bar.

"Hey Hina, what do we have left?" Yoko yelled.

"Who wants to know?" Hina came out from the back room.

"We do," Koki told him.

"I was making some sushi for bentos," Hina said. "Why don't I bring some out?"

"All right." Maru said.

"Want some Udon too?" Yoko asked. "It wouldn't' take a tick to make it."

"Sure, why not," Maru smiled. He knew that Yoko got upset when people didn't ask for his famous Udon.

As soon as they were given food, Shota and Ohkura came into the cafe. They sat at a back table. The pair was still a bit embarrassed to be out together in public.

Yoko fixed two bowls of Udon for his brother and Shota. He took them to the back table.

"How does he know what they want?" Koki asked.

"They always come in here for Udon," Hina shrugged.

"Why do they still hide?"

"After what happened to Uchi, do you blame them?"

"Gomen na," Maru suddenly looked very sick. He shoved the food away from him. Then he got up and ran out of the cafe.

"What's with him?" Yoko asked.

"Hina you tell him!" Koki said. "Before I punch you!"

"I just told them that Shota and Ohkura might not want to go out in public." Hina said. "I mean after what happened to Uchi."

"Baka!" Yoko screamed. "That was the most stupid thing to say to Maru!"

"It's the truth!"

"Maru feels horrible about what happened to Uchi." Koki told him. "He still has a lot of guilt inside of him."


Koki ran looking for Maru. He found him sitting on a hill, looking up at the stars. The couple had been having problems lately. He wasn't sure who was at fault. Maru always seemed to be happy to have him around. But he knew that wasn't all of the truth. Koki was second in Maru's heart. Maru’s running out of the cafe had confirmed it to Koki.

Koki knew that if something didn't change quickly between the two of them, that they would get divorced. He tried to tell himself it didn't matter. He had told Maru that he didn't think they were really married. Maru had cried when Koki told him. But knew he was right. They hadn't had a ceremony. So they weren't really married.

Then Koki remembered, Maru planning their wedding ceremony. He had so looked forwards to having his brothers there to bless his union. He had wanted a Gotsu ceremony. He had never seen Maru so happy since that day. His eyes so full of love for Koki.

Koki had been the one that insisted they only file the papers. He didn't want a ceremony. Maru had looked heartbroken, but had agreed. He no longer looked at Koki with love in his eyes, now all Koki saw was sadness.

"So this is where you ran off to." Koki sat beside him.

"They're never going to forgive me, are they?" Maru finally said softly. "I'm the one that killed their brother."

"You shouldn't think that way." Koki told him. "You gave Uchi the wonderful gift of love."

Maru didnt' say anything; just wipe a tear from his cheeks.

"Have you asked Uchi about it?" Koki asked. He knew that Shikayko had implanted a copy of Uchi's memories in Maru's mind.

"Uchi sleeps in my mind." Maru told him. "He hasn't woken since I married you." Again, Maru wiped his face. "Oh yeah, I forgot. We're not really married are we?"

"You could wake him up." Koki suggested.

'No," Maru decided. "Uchi's in my past. As much as I loved him. I want my future to be with you. I left my unit to be with you. You don’t' know how hard that was for me to do."

"I always thought you saw me as a replacement for Uchi." Koki admitted.

"No, you're not a replacement." Maru told him. "I wish you could see inside my mind. To see what you are to me. Every day we spend together I love you more. I guess that's why you being away has hurt so much. All I want to do now is spend time with you, and you're gone."

"I'm sorry," Koki moved closer to him. "You want to know why I don't touch you in public."

"It's just not your way." Maru tried to stop his heartbroken tears, but they wouldn't stop. "It's just something I have to get used to."

"I thought you would eventually leave me." Koki admitted. "That you would wake up one day and realize I wasn't the man you really wanted to marry. Then you would be gone. How can I compete with a dead man?"

"Uchi was my first love. No one can ever take that away from me." Maru said firmly. "But the only man I ever wanted to marry was you. My love for you is different. It's a mature love. I know what it's like to be hurt. I've looked at all the drawbacks, and I know that their worth it to have you. That's why I agreed not to have the ceremony, because that was what the man I loved wanted." Tears now poured down Maru's face. "I don't want to divorce you. Please stop saying we're not married. Oh please Koki take me back."

Koki realized just how wrong he had been. He moved even closer to Maru. He put his arm around him. He felt Maru stiffen for a second, then relax. The dam broke and Koki began to sob heartbroken. Koki held Maru as he cried. Koki too cried. Everything had been one big misunderstanding.

Finally Maru pulled away from him. He wiped his tears. "I'm sorry you saw me that way."

"It's all right," Koki reached out to wipe the tears off.

Maru shrugged his hand away. "If you really want to get divorced, I won't fight you."

"If you don't want to get divorced, you should fight it." Koki pointed out.

"I want to remember the good times," Maru admitted. "If I fight the divorce, my memories of you would be overtaken by the bad ones. I want to cherish the good times."

"I'm sorry," Koki said. "I...”

"It can't be helped," Maru interrupted.

"When we get out of here, can we have a real marriage ceremony?" Koki asked. "I mean all we did was file papers. We didn't promise anything to each other"

"You want a divorce," Maru reminded him. "Why would you want a ceremony if you want a divorce?"

"Because I was wrong," Koki said. "All this time I thought I was number two in your heart. I really thought you would leave me someday."

"I want to spend my life with you." Maru admitted.

"That's what I want to do with you." Koki tried to touch Maru again, this time he let him. "I want to be really married to you. Not just on paper, but with a ceremony."

"Why don't we have a ceremony here?" Maru suggested.

"There won't be an audience."

"The stars can be our audience." Maru pointed out. "I mean we're all ready married. We just never said the words."

"Let's marry, right now." Koki decided. "Then when we get back, we will have another ceremony, this time with your family. The big ceremony you always wanted."

"You first," Maru smiled.

"I Tanaka Koki, take you Prince Nakamaru as my husband." Koki told him. "I promise to love you forever. To love only you. In sickness and health, until death, not that bitch tears us apart."

"I Nakamaru take you Koki as my husband." Maru repeated. "I promise to love you forever. To love only you. In sickness and health. Until death, not that bitch of a sister tears us apart."

Koki suddenly felt at peace. He finally felt really married to Maru. He kissed his husband, and then eased him down to the ground. Everything would be different for them. Koki knew he wasn't the only one, but Number one was enough for him.



Eighteen months has passed. There had been court case after court case. Appeal after appeal, until the appeals process had ran out. On every count the Miyagi Empire had won. Now all the Gotsu's lawyers could do was go back to their empire, with their tails tucked between their legs.

The day finally came when the Empress ordered that the Gotsu Ten, as they had been called in the press, to be taken out of the game. It was a very big deal. There were reporters waiting for a press conference that would happen as soon as the game was powered down.

Kame went with his brother Ueda to the sim chamber. Ueda took off the necklace that he had been wearing for the past eighteen months. He looked at the crystal, inside was the circuitry of the game. Their lovers existed as pulses in the crystal. They really didn't exist until the right switch was activated.

Ueda went to the control panel and snapped the game crystal in place. Kame couldn't understand why his brother acted so sure about everything. It was like he knew that everything would be all right. But how could he? He hadn't contacted Junno in eighteen months.

"Why don't you turn on the power?" Ueda suggested.

Kame powered up the unit. He could hear the sounds of the sim coming from the sim chamber. It had worked! The sim was back.

Ueda flicked a switch, and the observation monitor turned on. The scene was the park outside of the Space Academy. There were booths; almost everyone was dressed in uniform. But there were locals also there, celebrating the wonderful day.

'Look! Their having a carnival," Kame told him.

"It' must be the graduation festival," Ueda guessed. "Why don't you see how Jin is doing?"

Kame used the observation port to hone in on Jin's life signs. He found his lover sitting on a bench. He wore a uniform of the Miyagi Space Fleet. He was looking at the bracelet that Kame gave him. Then he looked out to the crowd. Jin loved people watching, but this time he looked so depressed. He looked just like the lost little boy that Kame had befriended in the Men's quarters sim game.

Maru walked by with Koki. They were holding hands. This surprised Kame. Koki wasn’t' the type to hold hands, but now he was. Maru saw Jin and nudged Koki.

The two of them went to the bench; Koki sat on one side, Maru the other.

"What are you doing?" Maru asked.

"Just watching the game." Jin said.

"But not playing?" Koki asked.

"Carnivals for lovers," Jin said softly. "I'm alone."

"You're not alone," Maru told him. 'You still have Prince Kame."

"What's the use of having him, if he's out there?" Jin said sadly. "I'm so far away from him. Perhaps he's forgotten me."

"He hasn't forgotten you," Maru said.

"That's why he put you in the game," Koki reminded him. "To protect you."

"What if the court decides to give us to Shikayko?" Jin asked.

"I'll cut Shikayko's heart out." Koki said. "I've wanted to kill that bitch for a long time."

"Why would Prince Kame still love me?" Jin continued. "I have no titles, no money nothing. I'm not sure I even have him."

Kame reached over and turned off the monitor. He couldn't just stand there, and let Jin suffer, not when he could do something to help. Without asking for permission. He opened the door to the sim chamber and ran inside.


Junno could feel that something in the game had changed. He knew that it could just be his becoming an officer. He now had a title, one he earned. He was proud he could be called Commander Junnosuke.

Junno looked up to the night sky; in the game it always seemed to have an end. But now the sky looked endless. Like the real night skies. He missed being in the outside world. He was tired of living inside of a game. He wanted to go to the stars he had studied about at the Academy. To explore. To wake up in Ueda's arms, to love him not as a Phantom, but as a real lover.

Then Junno realized, he could feel Ueda. It wasn't like the visits during the night, when both would love each other. This was different, so very different. This was like before the game had been miniaturized.

Ueda was inside the game, Junno could feel it. He looked around for Ueda. But he couldn't find him. "My prince, are you here?"

"Of course I am!" he could hear Ueda say in his mind. "Meet me at the top of the hill."

He went to the top of the hill, trying to find him. No sight of Ueda.

"Like the uniform." A voice he had so missed said from behind him.

Junno turned, running to Ueda. Their lips met. They kissed, not as phantoms, but as real lovers. Their kiss became passionate quickly. This felt good, so much better then the phantom visits.

"Here," Ueda whispered between kisses. "I can't wait another moment to have you."

"Won't someone see?" Junno asked concerned.

"It's dark," Ueda pulled Junno down to the ground. "No one will see us together."

"You're right, they won't." Junno agreed.


Jin sat on the bench, his brother and Koki were still trying to cheer him up. It didn't really work. He was too depressed.

"So you think Prince Kame won’t come back to you?" Koki asked.

"I don't know," Jin admitted.

'Then who’s that guy over there?" Koki pointed.

Jin looked at where Koki was pointing. Standing near a merry go round was someone dressed entirely in black. Jin felt his heart flip. It was Kame.

"Go to him," Maru told him.

When Jin didnt' move, Koki gave him a little shove.

Jin got to his feet. He went to Kame. He gave a short bow. "You’re highness. My life is at your command."

"Why so formal Jin?" Kame asked.

"Because it's true," Jin told him.

"I'm here to take you out of the game." Kame told him. "The empress has commanded it."

"I know," Jin looked away from Kame. "I understand what the empress has to do. It will prevent a war."

"You think Miyagi is going to give you to Gotsu," Kame guessed.

"It's what must be done."

"No my love." Kame reached up and touched Jin's cheek. "The courts ruled in our favor. You never have to.”

"What about Shikayko?" Jin asked, his sister was never out of his thoughts.

"She's very upset." Kame smiled. "Seems the court agreed with the petitions of her husbands to get divorced.”

"I'm not worth a war."

"Yes you are!" Kame said firmly. "You have asked for sanctuary. We cannot allow you to return. It’s against everything we believe in."

"If you've changed your mind about us being together." Suddenly Jin had Kame's fingers on his lips.

"Tell me, do you still want to be with me?" Kame demanded.

"Of course I do." Jin said without thinking.

Kame pulled his Jin's head down and kissed him hard on the lips. Jin felt his arms go around Kame almost on their own, and they kissed not caring if anyone saw.


After loving, Junno rested with his head on Ueda's shoulder. His lover had been working out since his departure. He was now buff and in shape. He didn't want Ueda to let go of him. It felt so good just to be held. But he knew that the visit would have to be short.

"My prince, what did I do to deserve the honor of your visit?" Junno asked.

"The courts ruled in our favor." Ueda told him. "You never have to go back to Gotsu."

"Finally," Junno sighed. "It's been a long time."

"You look so dashing in your uniform."

"Thank you," Junno suddenly felt very shy.

"I have one too," Ueda admitted. "I went to the real space academy while you where in here."

"I see," Junno told him. "But of course, my commission isn't real, yours is."

'No, this sim is a part of the Miyagi Empires distance learning project." Ueda told him. "Any hours you completed here count towards a real commission in the space fleet."

"Good." Junno smiled. "I would really like to serve aboard a ship."

"Someday you will." Ueda promised.

Suddenly they were illuminated by fire works. They lay together, watching the fire works together. Then as the fire works show continued, Ueda kissed his lover again. They loved under the lights of the fireworks.


The Space Academy was having a carnival, in celebration of those that were graduating. They had been hiding in the game for eighteen long months. It had taken Shota and Ohkura many months to stop being afraid of being caught together. Still, they shared the same dorm room. Every night spent in each other's arms. They had grown more in love with each other. Shota used to be afraid that their relationship was just physical, but it had grown into much more then that.

"I'm tired of us pretending to be just friends." Shota told Ohkura. "Can we walk around together as lovers?"

"I would really like that," Ohkura took Shota's hand.

The couple walked for a while. Then Shota confessed. "This has always been my dream."

"Hiding out in a sim game?"

"Of course not silly," Shota told him. "I mean to be able to spend time with you. Without being afraid that she'll find out."

"That's a good dream." Ohkura agreed.

"What's your dream?"

"My dream has been to wake up in your arms." Ohkura said softly. "To live with you in freedom. I always thought my dream was one of a madman."

"That's a wonderful dream."

Ohkura kissed him. As they kissed they could hear sounds that resembled rockets. Shota pulled away from him and looked up. It was fireworks.

He could feel Ohkura put his arm around his shoulders then he said. "I would love it if we had fireworks at our wedding."

"Wedding?" Shota repeated.

"Never mind," Ohkura dismissed. "It was just another one of my dreams."

"But we’re on Miyagi," Shota pointed out. "We can get married."

"We're all ready married, to her." Ohkura let his arm drop. "Nothing we can do can take that away from us."

"Someday we'll be free," Shota slipped his arms around his lover. "Then we will get married."

"I love you,” Then Ohkura was kissing him again, and everything seemed to be all right.


After the fire works show, an order came over the PA system. Everyone was to gather in the main square.

Jin walked to the square hand in hand with Kame. He had wanted to drag his lover to the nearest bed, but Kame loved carnivals.

Ueda was on the stage. Junno beside him. Both looked radiant.

"I want everyone who had ever lived on Gotsu, to please come to the front of the crowd." Ueda said over the intercom.

A few minutes passed, as Shikayko's husbands moved to the front of the crowd. Kame gave Jin's hand a slight tug, and he too went to the front. They stood beside Koki and Maru.

"Good, everyone's here." Ueda looked over the ground. "It's a great day for the Miyagi Empire. The final Supreme Intergalactic Court rulings were made today." The audience applauded. Ueda raised a hand. "Our Empire won on all counts. The sanctity of the sanctuary claims by Shikayko's husbands and her brothers." More applause. "Also, the divorce requests of Shikayko’s husbands were approved." He told them. "At the stroke of midnight, this game will end. There will be a press conference where all will speak."

"You're all invited to our wedding!" Ueda held his hand out. Junno went to Ueda's side. Then the two lovers kissed in front of everyone.

Applause, the crowds went insane with their applause. Beside him, Jin watched as Shikayko's ex-husbands began their celebrations.

Then Jin looked at Kame, who smiled at him. "I love you."

"I love you too." Kame told him.

The lovers kissed, as the fireworks began again. For the first time in his life, Jin was free. This time he knew there was no turning back. The Miyagi's had won. Now that he was one of them, he too had won.