Title: The Impossible Pair

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: JinNo

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance

Summary: Jin falls for Junno. But then he goes to LA. Will the pair get together now that Jin's back in Tokyo?



It started...well every relationship has a starting point. At least that's what Jin thought. But the beginning of his relationship with Taguchi Junno was something that should be celebrated as a national holiday, at least in Jin's mind.

It was a cold November day. Junno had acted like something was bothering him. His mood getting worse as time went by. No one noticed, no one ever noticed when Junno was upset. They were all too busy with their own lives. Junno wasn't important enough for them to care.

Junno had two friends in the group. Ueda and Maru, they should have noticed, but they had fallen in love. Their thoughts of their friend were interrupted by their thoughts for each other.

Jin had followed Junno back to his apartment. Through the window of the first floor apartment Jin could see Junno take a cup cake out of its package and set it on the table. He put a candle in it.

"They didn't remember...again." Junno sank into a chair and began to sob broken hearted.

Why would Junno be so sad? Then Jin realized; it must be Junno's birthday. Junno was the one that always organized the parties for the group, so that their birthday would be remembered. But yet again, no one had cared enough for Junno to remember his birthday.

Jin liked Junno more then he admitted. He told everyone that Junno was boring. But really, Junno was smart, and that intelligence frightened Jin.

Jin ran to the corner store. He looked around the store quickly trying to find something Junno would like. Jin knew that Junno was a gamer. Jin didn't know what games Junno owned, so that was out.

Then Jin remembered that Junno had been using a pen lid to play with his Nintendo DS game system. Jin bought the most expensive set of stylus he could find. He sweet talked the stores cashier into wrapping it for Junno.

Jin ran back to Junno's apartment. It no longer matter that it was cold. The only thing that mattered was that Junno was happy.

With a smile, Jin was able to get by the guard at the entrance of the apartment house. Then Jin rang Junno's door bell.

"Just a minute." Junno yelled. Then he opened the door. His eyes red rimed from crying.

"Hi Junno." Jin put on his winning smile. "I was wondering if you where doing something tonight."

"No, nothing." Junno admitted.

"I know it's kind of late, but I forgot to bring your present by."

"Present?" Junno echoed.

"It's your birthday isn't it?" Jin put on his most baka look.

"You remembered," Junno smiled a smile that came deep from his heart.

Junno let Jin into his apartment.

"Can I open my present?" Junno asked shyly.

"That's why I bought it."

Junno opened the stylus. His eyes lit up.

"I can't believe you were so thoughtful!" Junno gushed. "I lost my stylus two weeks ago, and I've had to do without. I didn't think anyone would notice I was playing with a pen's lid. But now I have this, and it's wonderful!" Then suddenly Junno stopped talking. The joy ran out of his face. "I'm doing it again, aren't I? That's why we can't be friends; I talk about myself too much. It's boring."

"No, you're not being boring." Jin smiled again. "Just the opposite in fact. I love it when you're happy. You have the way of cheering up a whole room with your smile."

"Thank you so much for my present."

"You know, I've never been good at game boy." Jin admitted. "I would love to learn about it."

"I could teach you if you want." Junno offered shyly.

Jin took his game boy out of his pocket. It was an old game boy, with poke man yellow as the game of choice.

"I've been working on this game for two years, I can't get very far." Jin admitted. "I think that the poke man are conspiring against me."

"The pokeman aren't out to get you," Junno reminded him. "It's just part of a game."

"But I can't catch anything!' Jin pouted. "I've played for two years, and all I have is pikachu!"

ďYou'll own all the pokemon once I teach you all the cheat codes.í Junno smiled again.


That was the beginning of their friendship. It was at first just about DS and games. They would spend evenings together just playing games and talking. Jin slowly began to fall for Junno. Nothing happened between them. Jin was thinking of going to LA. He didn't think it would be fair to Junno if Jin left right after they got together. So instead, Jin kept his feelings for Junno to himself.

When Jin was in LA, Jin and Junno exchanged emails, writing to each other almost every day.

"Hi there, I miss you." was the first email from Jin.

Junno had emailed back. "I miss you too. How do you like LA?"

"Why did I leave? It's so boring."

That was the start of the email exchange. The emails got longer, much longer. Jin felt like he was really getting to know Junno in the emails. It was almost as if Junno was showing him his real face.

Then one day the email came that Jin knew Junno had been waiting for.

"I'm coming home. It's not because of the bakas that have been mean to you. It's because I miss you so much."


When Jin got back, it was just like before. Maru and Ueda were still Junno friends, but they had each other. Though they made time for Junno, he always felt like he was the third wheel.

Junno seemed to be truly happy during Jin's surprise concert appearances. His smiles lighting up the entire stadium. Jin had tried to get near Junno during the concerts, but Kame always got between them, putting his arm around Jin possessively. Jin couldn't help but notice the pain in Junno's eyes. But his friend had masked it with his wonderful smile.

Before, Jin would have let Kame be mean to Junno. Jin had changed in LA. He decided not to be just friends with Junno, but he wanted to take it to the next step. He asked Junno on a date. Just a simple night together playing games. Jin had really missed that in LA. Then perhaps later, they would have their first time. He would prove to Junno that it was now different between the two of them.

Kame was in their dressing room, looking at a tabloid. It had photos of one of the first of Jin's return concerts. The group had just completed another rehearsal for the concert tour. Kame and Jin had been given a break while the other four practiced.

"Just look," Kame mocked. "Junno has his love for you written all over his face."


Kame showed Jin the pages of the magazine with the concert photos. "Look every photo the idiotís beaming like he's madly in love."

"He has a nice smile."

"You have to stop being so nice to him. Now that he's fallen in love with you." Kame told him.

"Fallen in love with me?" Jin repeated.

"Yeah Junno's in love with you. What a baka." Kame mocked. "He finally got his chance to shine by singing all your parts, but he didnít want that. What he wanted was you. Sick isn't it?"

Just then, Jin realized that Junno was standing in the doorway. Kame saw, leaned forwards and kissed Jin hard on the lips.

Jin pulled away from him. But by that time, Junno was gone.

"You can thank me later." Kame told him.

"You are the one that's the baka." Jin growled. "I have a date with him tonight!"

"A date?" Kame sounded like he couldn't believe his ears.

"I'm in love with him." Jin got to his feet. He decided to run after Junno. "Make some excuse for me and Junno. Say it's an emergency!" Then Jin was gone, chasing after the one that he really cared for.


Jin had asked for a special night with Junno. Junno had thought, hoped that it was really a date. But the way that Kame kissed Jin. There was no question in Junno's mind who Jin liked. Junno had barely gotten into his apartment when the pain took over everything. He began to cry tears of regret. Why did love always have to hurt so much?

There was a knock at Junno's door. Junno went and answered it. It was Jin.

"Can we talk?" Jin asked

"It's all right. You don't have to explain to me." Junno said. "I just saw more into our friendship then was really there."

"You're crying...." Jin took a step towards Junno.

"That doesn't matter." Junno took a step backwards. "You're a busy man, too busy to be my friend."

"I'm never too busy for you." Jin admitted. "Please let me come in."

Junno stepped to the side and let Jin into the apartment. Jin noticed the photo of the two of them together on Junno's desk that was in the corner of the room.

Jin took out the gift. "I had something special made for you when I was in LA. I hope you like it. It's for your Nintendo DS."

Junno opened it. It couldn't believe it, a Nintendo DS skin. It showed the two of them together. A photo taken right before Jin left for LA.

"I didn't think you of all people would make fun of my feelings for you." The skin fell to the floor. Then Junno went to the window. "It would be best if you leave."

Jin went to Junno. He turned Junno so that the taller man was facing him. "I made two of these. The others' on my DS. I gave this to you because I really love you." Jin pulled his own Nintendo DS out of his pocket, showing him his own DS skin. "See? This shows my feelings for you."

Then Jin was kissing Junno's lips. Junno froze for a moment, and then he kissed back. The kiss so right, so wonderful. He felt Jin putting his arms around him as the kiss increased.

"What about Kame?" Junno pulled away from him. "I saw the two of you kissing."

"Kame kissed me, I didn't kiss him." Jin pointed out. "The only one I want is you. Please believe me."

Jin was such a bad liar that Junno always knew when Jin lied. It was something about his eyes that made Junno know when he was telling the truth. Jin looked so hopeful, that Junno realized Jin was telling the truth this time.

"Yes, I believe you." Junno breathed.

Then Jin was kissing his lips again. Junno kissed back, this time knowing that he was all that Jin wanted.


The new lovers arrived together to the rehearsal. Everyone ran over to say hello to Jin, but ignored Junno, just like it always was. Junno went to the corner, putting his bag in a chair. Now that they where together, Jin thought of Junno as his and no one was going to disrespect Jin's lover.

"Why hasn't anyone said hello to Junno?" Jin asked.

"What?" Koki asked.

"I said, why anyone hasnít said hello to Junno." Jin repeated. "You know, Taguchi Junno. The other T in Kat-Tun."

"Jin, you don't have to do this." Junno whispered. "It's all right; it's what I'm used to."

"No, it's not all right." Jin insisted. "Please, let me handle this."

"All right," Junno said warily.

"If you snub Junno, you snub me!' Jin put his arm around Junno's waist. "Junno gets along with almost everyone in the agency, except for you bunch!"

"You said it yourself, he's boring." Kame pointed out.

Jin could feel Junno pull away from him. He went back to his bag and began to get ready for rehearsal. That was one thing that Jin would have to spend a life time trying to live down. His calling Junno boring had really hurt his lover.

"I was wrong! He isnít' boring!" Jin said. "He's worked hard at trying to be friends with you! Every birthday, he throws a party for you guys. But what have you ever done for his birthday? Are you guys really that self-centered?"

"You're the same way." Kame pointed out. "You're the first one that called Junno boring."

"When I went to LA. I changed." Jin said. "But you guys didn't. If I have to pick a side, I'll pick Junno's!"

With that, Jin went to Junno; he put his bag on the chair beside Junno's.

"You shouldn't have done that." Junno said softly. "They'll begin to hate you too."

"I don't care." Jin admitted. "You're my friend and I don't turn my back on my friends."

Just then Maru threw his bag on the chair on the other side of Junno's. "Jin's right. We're acting like a bunch of spoiled brats." He looked at Junno. "Gomen na."

"Itís all right." Junno said.

After the encounter at the rehearsal room, the group slowly began to change. Junno was included with the rest of the group in their activities. Not only that, but he became friends with them.

Soon after that, Junno also became a star in his own right, with a hit single of a theme to a drama. Jin Akanishi stood at the sides, proud of his lover. Jin realized that even though everyone thought that the Junno and Jin were the impossible pair. That in reality, Akanishi Jin and Taguchi Junnosuke were the perfect pair.