Title: Johnny's Big Brother House

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: bunches, mostly KenxGo
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: PG

Note: This story is a what if story. Based on a Doctor Who episode. But really, you don't have to know Doctor Who to read this.

What if after the Daleks are defeated on Dr. Who, the evil Big Brother that they ran kept going. This time stealing big brother contestants from though out time. In this story, all contestants are some of my favorites from the world of the Johnny's.

Note two; The Big Brother on Doctor Who was based on the British Big Brother which is a little big different then the American one. As the public votes who gets evicted instead of the housemates.

Note Three: This is a work in progress


Day One:

Eighteen year old Morita Go woke; he was in the top bunk of a bunk bed. He looked around the room. There were beds in this room, twelve in all. Some people were waking.

*How did I get here?* He asked himself. *What do I remember last?*

He tried to remember. The last thing he remembers was working with Miyake Ken on a Fashion police segment for Gakko. He did not remember coming to this place.

Then an electronic female voice said. "This is Big Brother. Will all members of the Johnny's house please gather in the living room?"

"I must be dreaming." Morita sat up.

The rest of the house began to go into the living room. Various Johnny's from various groups, not everyone Morita recognized.

Morita jumped down from the bunk bed. He almost landed on top of Miyake Ken. But it wasn't the Ken that he knew. This Ken was older, more mature. He was also very, very good looking.

"Ken?" Morita asked. "Is that you Ken?"

"Of course it is," Ken smiled at him. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen," Morita paused. "How old are you?"

"Twenty seven," Ken told him.

There was an announcement from Big Brother warning everyone to get into the living room now.

"We better go," Ken told him.


Ten minutes later, he housemates all sat on couches. It seemed like a normal living room, except for an eye pattern dominated each wall. The walls also had mirrors everywhere. There was a sliding glass door that led to a yard.

Morita looked around the room. There were members of the Juniors Morita recognized. Sakurai Sho seemed to be in his mid thirties, while Ohno Satoshi was still in his twenties.

There were other people that Morita didn't recognize. The one with short hair and his friend that looked like a koala. The skinny blond with a guy who seemed very self centered.

He did recognize Tackey, but didn't recognize the guy in his thirties that Tackey sat by.

He also knew who Okada Junichi and Sakamoto Masayuki were. Though Okada was no longer a kid, instead a mature man.

"Would it be all right if we introduce ourselves?" Morita asked.

"Morita-sempai, we know who each other are." Koala face said.

Sempai, it seemed strange that a guy in his thirties was calling Morita sempai.

Morita felt Kens' hand on his arm. Then he whispered. "I'll try and help you."

"Who are these people?" Morita asked confused.

"Okay, those two over there," Ken nodded at the blond one and the mad one. "That's Uchi Hiroki and Nishikido Ryo they belong to Kanjani 8 and News."

"They belong to two groups?"

"Yeah," He nodded at Koala face. 'Those two are Nakamaru Yuichi and Tanaka Koki of Kat-tun."

"Kat-tun? That's a strange name for a group."

Ken signed, and then nodded at the other two. "Tackey and Imai Tsubasa."

"Imai Tsubasa's a little kid." Morita said a little two loud.

"I'm thirty four," Tsubasa told him.

"How old are you?" Sakamoto asked.

"I'm eighteen," Morita said.

Before anyone could say anything else, a woman's voice came over the PA. "This is Big Brother. Welcome to the Johnny's Big Brother house. You have been chosen by the viewers to fight for the ultimate prize."

"What's that?" Ryo asked.

"The winner is allowed to go back to their own time." Big Brother explained. "Starting tonight, there will be nominations. The public will vote on the people you nominate. The loser of the vote will be matter dispersed."

"What does that mean?"

"The loser will die." Big Brother said matter of factly.

A hush fell over the group. As Big Brother went on talking, everything they did is shown live to the people of Earth. They will receive no outside contact. They were picked from various times, the earliest being Morita Go in 1998, the oldest Sakarai Sho in 2018.

Then they were told to pick a partner that would last for the rest of their stay.

"We've always been friends." Ken looked at Morita. "Why don't we team up?"

"Sure," Morita shrugged.

"Someone please come to the diary room." Big brother announced.

No one moved. Then Morita got to his feet and went to the door marked Diary Room. It opened. He went inside. It was as small as a walk in closet with a chair.

"Hello Morita, how are you today?" The voice asked.

"I am fine." Morita told the voice.

"As first one in here, Big Brother would like you pass out colored bracelets." Big Brother instructed. "Each pair will wear the same color. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"You will also read the flimsy to the others." Big Brother ordered.

Morita picked the box and the flimsy up. He went into the living room. He read the flimsy to the others. Each pair would pick bracelets with their choice color. Since he went in first, he would be the one to pick the first color. He opened up the box. He picked the black pair, he handed Ken his and put his on.

Then Big Brother said. "This was the first test. The pair with the yellow armbands is nominated for eviction next week."

Morita looked around the room. Uchi was crying. So that was it, the first to be up for vote would be Uchi and Ryo.


Week Two:

Ryo had been evicted. Uchi cried a lot. It bothered everyone. For they knew that they would all have their time to be voted out.

The place is all right, but no one can leave. Ken spends a lot of time watching Morita. His friend no longer older, no longer bitter. He is young, innocent. Ken couldn't understand it. Morita had been badly hurt about the time he was taken, but this Morita seemed not to know about the pain.

The way he looked at Ken. The look Ken had always craved. The look he had never once had from Morita in the years they had been together. Totally and unconditional love. This Morita loved him, really loved him. He trusted Ken's word, though many years separated them.

He was so unlike the Morita that he knew in his time. Who always had pain in his eyes. Who never fully trusted Ken. Even though Morita had been Ken's first love. Because his Morita had someone else before him. Someone who was older, someone who had trampled on Morita's heart to the point he couldn't fully trust. Ken would never be Morita's first love, and for some reason, that fact hurt more then anything.

This Morita wouldn't have given Ken the letter. The one that said that he never loved Ken. That they were over. This Morita would never have broken Ken's heart.

They lay in bed together. Just listening to the sound of the others that shared the room. Most of the room took advantage of the dark and loved each other. Tackey and Tsubasa on one side of them, across the room they could hear moans coming from Sho and Ohno's bed.

They could also hear sobbing coming from Uchi's bed. The teen missed his lover terribly.

"Come on Uchi, he wouldn't want you to cry," Maru told the teen. He crawled into bed beside Uchi. Koki got into the other side.

The two members of Kat-tun held him as he cried. Then soon, surprisingly there came moans from Uchi's bed.

The only couple they hadn't heard from was Sakamoto and Okada, who had decided to spend the night in the shed. The only places were they were no cameras.

Ken wanted to sleep; they didn't know when Big Brother would wake them. They weren't' allowed to nap once they had been woken. But Ken's body demanded something else. Listening in on everyone made Ken very excited. No one before had sex in the house, now everyone was. Something was very, very wrong.

"Ken-Chan?" Morita's bedmate asked concerned.

Ken shook his head. "Sorry, was thinking."

"Probably about your boy friend." Morita said. "A guy like you probably has someone wonderful."

"I did, but he left me." Ken admitted. "I found his letter right before I was taken."

"Tell me who he is," Morita said. "When I get back to my time, I'll take care of him."

"It doesn't matter now," Ken admitted. He put his arms around Morita and pulled him close. He kissed Morita very gently on the lips, and then eased his head to his shoulders. He could feel Morita's excitement, almost as much as his own.

"Ken-Chan, do you think they put something in the water supply again?" Morita asked. In the week they had been there, they had been subjected to various drugs being put into their water. One time it had been a sleeping drug, the next something like LSD. Then came the depressants, then everyone spend the day laughing at everything and nothing...

"I'm not sure." Ken admitted. He could feel Morita's hands running over his body. He didn't feel in control of himself. He pulled Morita close to him and kissed his lips.

Morita kissed him back, hunger in the kiss. He pulled Ken on top of him.


Morita woke. Ken was lying beside him, holding him. He had only dim memories of what happened the night before. The only thing he could remember was Ken loving him, again and again. Ken, his wonderful Ken showing him what love was.

"Gotsun, do you remember last night?" Ken asked.

"It was wonderful." Morita tried to snuggle against his new lover.

"We should pretend like this didn't happen," Ken told him. "Your lover in your time might get upset."

"My lover?" Morita echoed. "I donít' have a lover in my own time. You were my first."

"Oh my god," Ken pulled away from him. "This can't be."

'You didn't want it." Morita realized.

"Yes, no, I'm not sure." Ken got out of bed. "I think Big Brother drugged us. We should think of last night as a dream."

"You don't want your ex boy friend to find out." Morita realized.

"I've never cheated on him before." Ken told him. "Even though we broke up, I hope someday that we'll get back together."

"Your boyfriend's a lucky man," Morita said softly. "We'll conceder last night just a dream."

With that, Ken went into the bathroom and shut the door.

"I love you," Morita told the shut door. "My first, you'll always be my first love."


In the shower, Ken let the water wash over him. He could still remember the day he had found Morita crying for his lost love. Morita had clung to him, telling him that just his touch made him feel better. That Morita need Ken, really needed him. That Ken wasn't like his other lover. The one that had died. Then when Morita was still hurting, they had become lovers. Morita was Kens' first.

All of Ken's relationship with Morita he had always been jealous of that first lover of Morita's. Now he realized he was the one that had broken Morita's heart by dying.

"I don't make it out of here alive,"" Ken realized.

He could hear the bathroom door open and closed. Okada came into the room. Ken turned off the shower and stepped out.

"Need the shower?" Ken asked.

"Why is Morita crying?" Okada demanded. "What did you say to him?"

"I realized something," Ken said. "Gotsun must have won this."

"Why do you say that?" they both sat on a bench.

"Do you remember what Gotsun said about his first lover?"

"Yeah he died." Okada shrugged. "I don't know how he kept him from us. Since we all lived in the dorms."

"I figured it out," Ken put on his robe. "I found out who the monster was that destroyed Gotsun's ability to trust."

"Who did he tell you it was?"

"He didnt' tell me." Ken sat back down.

"Then how do you know?" Okada demanded.

"You know that stuff Big Brother put in the water?"

"You mean the aphrodisiac?"

"Yeah, that. I tried to resist it, but the need grew too much." Ken admitted. "Last night was Gotsun's first time."

Okada grew pale as reality hit him. "Oh god, no."

"I've always hated the man who hurt Gotsun," He looked down to the ties of his belt. "All this time, I hated myself."

"You should go to Gotsun." Okada suggested. "Perhaps you could change history."

"I'm afraid, what if I'm supposed to go to him. What if my going to him is the thing that makes him so bitter?"

"You'll never know until you try."

"I need time to think about this."

Just then, Morita came into the bathroom. His eyes were puffy, red rimed. Okada got up and left. Morita went to the sink and washed his face. Then he checked his eyes to see if they were still red.

"I'm sorry," Ken said.

"For what?" Morita wiped his face.

"I didn't mean to hurt you," Ken apologized to him.

"You didn't." Morita said. "My first time with you will always be special to me. Even if we decide to only be friends, it will always have a place in my heart."

Ken got up and went to Morita. "I would really like to be your friend."

Morita turned and put his arms around Ken hugging him close. Then Morita was kissing his lips. It took every bit of strength that Ken had to pull away from Morita.

"You're only eighteen. I'm too old for you." Ken told him. "Besides, I have a boyfriend in my time."

"You mean the guy I want to punch." Morita smiled his special smile at him. "See you later Ken-Chan."

With that, Morita left. Ken felt tears stinging his eyes. This time he didn't fight them.


Morita could hear whispered talking by some of others. It stopped when he came into the room. Ohno hushed. "It's one of the V6 gang."

Morita wanted to say something, but he had promised Ken before that they wouldn't do anything back to the other group. Instead he went through the room and into the kitchen. Then the whispering started again.

Morita loved spying. Since he was small, he was able to get on his hands and knees and listen in on the conversation. The five members T&T Arashi block were trying to convince Tanaka Koki to join them.

"Morita sold us out. You know he did the day he went into the room." Uchi hissed. "He knew the colors that we would pick!"

"So you want revenge." Koki looked up; he spied Morita and shook his head. Morita moved back.

"He's his fault Ryo died."

"Sorry, I won't work with you." Koki left the room.

"Guys an idiot." Tackey said.

"Doesn't he realize that V6 are a danger to all of us?" Tsubasa agreed.

"You know their the ones that have been drugging us." Sho said. "The best way to get back at them is to nominate two."

"Which two?" Ohno asked.

"Morita and Sakamoto." Sho decided. "They are the two most dangerous. Get rid of those two, and the rest will behave us."


"Will all house mates report to the living room?" Big Brother demanded.

Morita by this time had moved out of his hiding place. He went into the living room and sat on the couch. He was soon joined by Ken. His friend sat on the other side of the couch. He didnt' look at Morita. He hadn't since they had woken.

Finally the rest of the housemates joined them.

"This is Big Brother," The woman intoned. "Because of blatant rules violation, a punishment nomination will occur."

"What rules were violated?" Sakamoto asked.

"It's against Big Brother rules to discuss their nomination votes." Big Brother said. "This week five housemates will be up for vote. Instead of one being evicted, two will be evicted."

"Shit!" Uchi swore. "Who told Big Brother?"

"Big Brother is everywhere,"" Tsubasa reminded him.

"The five housemates up for eviction are in no order; Uchi, Tackey, Tsubasa, Sho and Ohno." Big Brother intoned. "All rules will be followed or more will be evicted."

"Big Brother, have you been drugging our water supply?" Sho demanded.

"Necessary medications are added to the water supply." Big Brother said. "Refusal to use the water will also incur a penalty nomination."


Three days passed. Ken had begun to sleep in the living room. It was better that way, he insisted. It hurt Morita that Ken couldn't even be his friend. But he understood, Ken had someone he loved in his own time. In a way he admired Ken for being so loyal to the man who had hurt him.

It was dinner time; the people who had been assigned to cook were the members of V6.

"What do you want me to do?" Morita asked.

"Try to stay out of the way," Sakamoto said.

"We all have to help, or someone else will be nominated." Morita reminded him.

"He'll help you Ken," Sakamoto decided.

Ken and Okada exchanged skeptical looks. Then Sakamoto went up to Okada and whispered something to him. He kissed Okada, running his hand over Okada's firm backside. That was one thing that had surprised Morita, the relationship between Okada and Sakamoto. The pair was lovers. They were the only pair that came from the same time period.

"Come on Gotsun," Ken told his friend. Ken took a bowl of fresh vegetables and they went to the kitchen table.

Ken set about teaching Morita how to chop vegetables. Morita found it easy. Ken was such a patient teacher.

*A good looking one too,* He thought. *I've got to stop that. Ken-Chan doesn't love me.*

Morita looked at Ken. "Where did you learn to cook?"

"We were given lessons. We had a show where v6 cooked." Ken shrugged. "The two of us were the worst cooks."

"What about now?"

"The Morita Go of my time is an excellent cook."

"It's so strange," Go said. "It's like I know all about you. But at the same time, I know nothing."

"I know, it's very strange." Ken agreed. Still the walls were up around Ken. Walls that Morita wondered if he could ever see over.

"How am I like in your time?" Morita began to wonder who exactly had broken Ken's heart.

"You're different in the future." Ken sighed. "Your heart was hurt badly. You became quite bitter."

"Who hurt me?"

"You never told me." Ken admitted. "I found you in our dorm room crying broken hearted. I comforted you, but you never told me who had hurt you."

"Do you remember when it happened?"

"It was on valentines day, 1998."

Morita's blood ran cold. Valentines Day 1998 was the day he was taken! Finally he asked. 'I didn't tell you anything else?"

"No, just that the man was his first love. That he was older, handsome."

"So why did my boyfriend leave me?"

"He didn't leave, he died." Ken decided to change the subject. "Can you set the table?"

"Sure," Morita grabbed the plates and began to lay them out on the living room table.

Then he looked back to Ken. What his friend said troubled him. Ken said that the man he loved's first love had died. Could Ken really love him? And could Morita's first love have died?

"But that's Ken-Chan," Morita said almost broken hearted.

"What?" Okada set some food on the table.

"Can you tell me who Ken's boy friend is in his time?" Morita asked his friend.

Okada looked around, almost as if he was saying something top secret. "I don't think that would be a good idea."

"Was it me?"

"Don't tell him I told you. But yes, it was you." With that, Okada left the room.

"Ken dies," Morita realized. He looked at his friend again, and promised himself that he would do everything in his power to save Ken.



Week Three:

The Various Johnny's sat on the couches in the living room. It was eviction night. The night that their ranks would be reduced by two. The ones that were up for eviction clung together terrified. The rest who weren't up for eviction were silent, because they knew that next week it might be their turn.

'This is Big Brother," The female voice intoned. "By a vote of 34 percent, Ohno Satoshi, you have been evicted. By a vote of 33 percent, Sakurai Sho, you have been evicted. You have thirty seconds to say your goodbyes."

The two quickly told the rest good bye. Then they went to the eviction door.

Ohno began to cry. Sho took him into his arms. "Don't cry Satoshi, I love you so much."

'I don't want to die," Ohno told him. "I want to stay with you forever."

"Do you remember the old tale? Those who die together spend eternity together?" Sho tried to reassure. "We'll be back together, some day, some how."

Big Brother began a loud, inhuman countdown. The evicted pair kissed each other. A long passionate kiss.

'Sakurai Sho, Ohno Satoshi, you have been evicted. Leave the house now." The door to the eviction room opened. Sho guided the crying Ohno into the room. Then he took Ohno into his arms. Holding him tightly.

There was an inhuman hum, and then the pair was bathed in a very bright light. When the light faded, they were gone.


"Big Brother requests that someone come to the diary room." Big Brother intoned. "The rest of the housemates please gather in the living room."

"It's my turn," Uchi said. He ran to the diary room and went inside. A few moments later he returned with a flimsy.

Ken went to the living room. Morita was all ready there, chatting with Koki and Maru. The three had become fast friends. Koki had always idolized Morita in the past. In many ways he had tried to shape his career like Morita's. The three were talking about their mutual love of Rap.

Morita smiled when he saw Ken. The special smile that Ken had always wished he could have from his lover. There was a place beside Morita on the couch. He had saved it for Ken.

Ken didn't really want to sit near Morita. He was trying as hard as he could to change history. Perhaps, just perhaps if he didn't get close to Morita, his friend wouldn't be so bitter.

But he also couldn't hurt his friend. He sat on the couch beside Morita.

"Uchi please read the flimsy that Big Brother gave you." Big Brother told him.

"Starting tomorrow morning at seven, the house will have a task." He read. 'You will have six days to a certain amount of potatoes. Failure to complete the task will mean that housemates will eat the potatoes and only potatoes until they run out of them."

"What happens if we do complete the task?" Tackey asked.

"We will be given a luxury food budget." Uchi said. "Until the task is complete, we will be eating basic rations."

That made everyone groans. Basic rations were tofu, beans and rice. The only drinks allowed were coffee, water and tea.

Everyone starts to leave. "Wait! I'm not finished yet!" Uchi tells them. Everyone sits down.

"During the task, everyone will sleep in their asigned beds." He read. "Failure to do so will result in a penalty nomination."

"We can handle that," Sakamoto told the group.

"Also, Big Brother will assign a schedule." Uchi continued. "Everyone will be assigned to work a shift with their best friend. The one without a best friend will work a solo shift."

Uchi put down the flimsy. He looked down to the yellow bracelet. The reminder to him that Ryo was dead. A tear rolled down his cheek.

Tsubasa got up, he hugged Uchi. "Don't worry, we'll all chip in and help you."

"Thank you," Uchi said.

"Don't you think we should vote on if we want to help?" Morita asked.

"Perhaps we don't want to help the sniveling little brat." Koki agreed.

"Let's vote," Sakamoto decided. He glared at Morita. "Who votes to help Uchi?"

Everyone, except for Maru, Koki and Morita raised their hands. Ken nudged Morita, who sighed and put his hand up.

"Six to two we help Uchi out." Sakamoto said.


When they got back to the bedroom after the meeting, Ohno and Sho's bed had been removed.

Morita heard Ken sigh. So that was it, Ken had decided that he would sleep in Ohno's bed.

Morita's heart hurt. Again, he was reminded that Ken really wanted nothing to do with him. He could remember what Okada had told him. That in Ken's time, Morita was Ken's lover. A lover that had hurt Ken badly by leaving him.

"Remember what we used to do on road trips?" Morita asked.

"What do you mean?"

"We always used to have to share a twin bed." Morita reminded him. "I slept with my head on one end, you on the other."

"Yeah, I remember that."

"It always gave us more room." Morita tried to smile.

"All right, let's do that." Ken agreed.

They laid down the way that Morita had suggested. Ken sneezed. His allergies had begun to flare up again.

"Good night Go," Ken sneezed again.

'Good night Ken-ken." Morita closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep.

Morita always found it difficult going to sleep in this place. He could hear Okada and Sakamoto whisper to each other. He felt jealous of the pair. They were the same years apart as Ken and he was now. They never had problems being together. The age thing never mattered to them.

It hurt that the age difference meant a lot to Ken, so much so that they couldn't be together. He hated the Morita of the future, the one that had caused Ken not to be able to trust. He still didn't understand what had happened that made him hurt the one man he loved more then anything.

"Go-Chan?" Ken whispered.

Morita didn't answer. He wanted for Ken to think that he went to sleep. Then perhaps Ken too would be able to sleep.

He felt Ken get up and move so that he was lying beside Morita. Then he moved so that they were spooning. Then Ken draped an arm around his waist. He could feel his friend hard against him.

"Gotsun, are you awake?" Ken asked as he slowly began to grind against Morita.

Morita didn't answer his friend. Instead, he let Ken use him as an outlet. He felt Ken's hand snake to the front of his pants and began to stroke in time to the grinds.

Morita couldn't help it, he groaned.

"Please Go, I know you're awake." Ken pleaded. 'Please tell me it's not force."

"Don't stop Ken-Ken, donít' stop. I want it too." He pushed back against Ken.

Then his friend turned him in his arms. He was kissing Morita's lips at the same time stripping off Morita's clothes. "I love you Go, please let me make love to you."

Then Ken loved him. Even more gentle and loving then their first time.

Suddenly Morita could hear "Made In Japan," played about a thousand times too loudly. He woke. Ken was still asleep on his side of the bed, with his feet near Morita's head. The front of Morita's pants was wet, as was the sheets.

"Shit," He cursed.

"What's wrong?" Ken sat up in bed.

"I had a wet dream," he admitted.

"Why don't you wash the sheets then?" his friend wisely suggested.

Embarrassed, Morita got his stuff together and went to take a shower. He didn't look at Ken. He didn't want his friend to laugh at him.


Tasks that are what Big Brother called the mind numbing things she made everyone do. This time it was potatoes. An enormous amount of potatoes. All of them had to be peeled at Big Brother's specification. The potatoes didn't look like the potatoes of home. The skins were purple, and the insides were burgundy.

The housemates took the potato peeling in shifts. Ken and Morita had the midnight to four am shift. This was their third day of the challenge. Ken hated the potatoes, the smell made him sick to his stomach. Plus Ken was congested. He could barely smell, but that didn't stop the awful scent.

Morita worked with gusto. Ken was still very surprised about how innocent this Morita was. He wasn't such a badass. Ken liked this Morita. Even better then the one he loved in his own time.

Ken's hands had been numb for quite some time. But he wasn't allowed to quit. No breaks in the Big Brother house. If the house lost, all they would have to eat was potatoes. If they won, then they wouldn't have to eat potatoes.

Ken changed the potato peeler so that it was in his left hand. He banged his right hand on the table. The sores were back. He had gotten sores every shift.

"Something wrong?" Morita asked concerned.

"I'm fine," Ken lied. For a brief moment he felt dizzy.

"Ken-Chan let me finish our shift." Morita told him. 'You go rest."

"You know we'll never reach our quota if I quit." Ken reminded him.

"If you get too sick to work, you'll tell me, won't you?"

"Of course I will." Ken promised.


Finally the shift change bell rang. Tackey and Tsubasa came into the kitchen; they sat down at the table and took the peelers from Ken and Morita. They looked rested.

Morita helped ken to his feet. Then he put his arm around Ken's waist. He guided the exhausted Ken to bed. He helped Ken take his clothes off and slip under the covers. He was worried about his friend, more then worried. Something was really, really wrong with him.

"How's the hand?" Morita asked concerned.

"It hurts," Ken showed his hand to his friend. Ken had open sores on the palm of his hand. They were purple like the shade of the potatoes.

Morita took his hand and began to rub it. "What you need is a vacation, in Okinawa."

"That would be nice." Ken said. "You need to go to sleep."

"I will soon," Morita promised. He let go of Ken's hand. "Let me give you a back rub."

Ken turned so he was lying on his stomach. Morita began to rub his back. His friend had always like Morita's back rubs, even when they were kids. Ken's body was hot to the touch. He could hear Ken wheeze as he rubbed.

"Ken-Chan, we should tell Big Brother you're sick." Morita finally said.

"I'll be fine, I just need some rest." Ken lied.

"I think we're both tired." Morita agreed.

"Tonight, instead of sleeping like we usually do, can you hold me?" Ken asked.

"Sure," Morita crawled into bed, and took Ken into his arms. He eased Ken's head down onto his shoulder.

"Do you love me?" Ken sounded afraid.

"I love you more then anything." Morita said truthfully.

"I love you too." Ken's eyes flickered shut. Soon Ken was asleep. It wasn't long until the exhausted Morita also fell asleep.


The room was noisy, very very noisy. Morita put his pillow over his head trying to block out the sound. But the noise grew louder. Morita had always had trouble being gotten up, but this time the noise was so loud that he couldn't sleep.

Morita felt hands on him. He was being forced into a standing position.

"Let me alone, I'm tired." Morita protested.

"We're all tired." Sakamoto told him.

Morita opened his eyes. Okada was holding his other side.

"I'm awake now," Morita told them. "You can let go."

Still the noise continued. It was like an odd combination of a jack hammer and a drill 100 times louder then usual.

They looked around the sleeping room, but everyone was up. Then he looked down to the bed. It was empty. There was a strange purple puss on the sheets.

"Where is Ken?" Morita asked concerned.

"He went to the bathroom." Okada said. "He said he needed a shower."

"How long ago?"

"About thirty minutes ago."

Something deep inside of Morita made him realize something was terribly wrong. Morita ran into the bathroom. Ken had passed out on the floor of the shower. The water pelted down onto him. His body was now covered in purple welts.

Morita reached out and turned the water off. Then he touched Ken, his friend was burning up. His breathing was raspy.

"Junichi! Sakamoto!" Morita yelled.

"For the health and safety of the community, Big Brother instructs Morita Go to leave the bathroom." Big Brother intoned.

"Please, Ken-Chanís sick. He needs to see the doctor." Morita begged.

"The Doctor is the enemy of Big Brother." For the first time Big Brother sounded afraid. "Miyake will be cared for. When Big Brother deems him to be well, he will be returned to the Big Brother house."

"Will you kill him?" Morita demanded.

"Matter dispersal only happens after a public vote." Big Brother said. "Now for your safety and health, please leave the bathroom."

"Can I stay with him?"

"Big brother has told you all ready that you must leave." Big brother said.

The door to the Bathroom opened. Okada and Sakamoto grabbed Morita. "I have to stay with Ken!"

"You can't mess around with Big Brother!" Sakamoto nodded at Okada and they both picked up Morita.

"Let me go! Let me go!" He struggled against his two band mates. He tried to fight them, but he was smaller and they were able to pick him up and carry him. Then the bathroom door slammed shut.

Morita heard noise coming from the bathroom. Voices speaking in a language he didn't understand.

After ten very long minutes Big Brother said. "This is Big Brother. The bathroom is open for use."

Sakamoto and Okada let go of Morita. He ran to the bathroom. Ken was gone. He found Ken's silver ring on the floor. Morita picked it up and put it on his finger. Then he asked Big Brother if Ken died, would he be told? But there was no answer from Big Brother.



Week four

Ken woke, he was somewhere. He wasn't sure exactly where. He just knew he was on a bed. He looked around; the room was bare, almost stark. But nothing was in the room except for the bed, a monitor and a large screen TV.

An android stood by the bed, dressed in a blue uniform. The android looked almost human, except for that it was made of metal.

"Where am I?" Ken asked.

The Android began to talk in a language that Ken couldn't understand. It began to poke at him. Its fingers probed his upper arms, then his head.

The android sighed and said something else that Ken couldn't understand. It took out a something that looked like a gun. It moved closer to Ken, who tried to struggle to get away. The android touched something on its belt, and suddenly Ken couldn't move.

"Please donít' kill me! I have to get back to Gotsun!" Ken said almost hysterical.

The android put the gun right behind Kens' ear. Ken closed his eyes and prayed. There was a whooshing sound.

The android said something to him.

Ken didn't answer. This place was too strange. The android adjusted something on her belt. Then suddenly Ken could understand the android.

"How can I understand you?" Ken asked.

"You've had a universal translated implanted in your brain." The android explained.

"What is this place?"

"You are in the med center." The android told him.

Ken looked around for his friend. "Gotsun?"

"Please rephrase your question." The android did not look happy.

"I have a friend, Morita Go. Is he all right?" Ken asked concerned.

"He is completing his duties in the Big Brother house. Soon you will be able to watch him." The android looked at a monitor. "Why did you not tell Big Brother that you are severely allergic to altarian potatoes?"

"I have never seen altarian potatoes before we started the task," Ken told it.

"Their Altaris's chief import to the planet Earth."

Ken couldn't believe he was having this conversation. "Earth doesn't import things from places we can't go to."

There was a beeping. The android put its hand to its ear. "I see, you are from the twentieth century."

"Twenty-first," Ken corrected. "I am from the year 2007."

"How long have you had allergies?"

"All of my life."

"Why did you not have your med techs cure you of your allergies?"

"There's no cure for allergies."

The android began to grumble about primitive twenty-first century medicine. Ken found this very strange, an android that had feelings and emotions.

Ken looked at the other side of the bed. It was against a wall with a window. He could see a field of stars, and the Earth.

"Your treatment will start now." The android said. "When you return to the Big Brother house, your immune system will be cured."


The rest of the housemates have to continue the task. The day seems to be so much boring without ken. Morita found himself hanging around with Koki and Maru. He finds he has a lot in common with Koki. His new friend helps take Ken's shift so they will not fail the task.

"Like the ring," Koki said. He was helping Morita with his shift.

"It's Ken's." For a brief instant, Morita looked at the ring.

"Why don't you ask him if you can keep it?" Koki suggested.

"I might," Morita lied. He knew he would never ask Ken anything like that. "Back in your time, what is the age difference between you and Maru?"

Koki toss his finished potato on the pile and picked another up. "Back home, he's two years older then me."

"How old is he here?" Morita started on another potato.

"He's thirty-five."

"You're about my age aren't you?"

"Nineteen,Ē Koki smiled. "Yu-Chanís even better in bed now then he is then. Guess what they say about love is true."

"What's that?"

"Itís like fine wine, it gets better with time." Koki shrugged. ďI know there's an age difference, but Age doesn't really matter when you're in love."

"It does to Ken. He says I'm too young." Morita said depressed.

"But you're involved with him in his time." Koki said.

"Ken told me that in his time, I left him." Morita said. "Ken's really hurt."

"That might be, but he loves you. You should see how he looks at you." Koki smiled. "Who knows, perhaps coming here will change history. Perhaps the two of you won't break up in past."


Ken lay in his hospital bed. He watched the Big Brother house on the monitor. He didn't really get a choice. Big Brother said that when he was recovering that he was still working for Big Brother.

He was given the choice of watching cameras on each of the house guests. He picked Morita. That way, he could still keep and eye on his friend. As he watched, he realized that Morita had begun to change. Into the self-centered Morita of his time.

"Morita, will you sit next to me when the eviction results are given?" Uchi asked. They were sitting in the back yard.

"Why would I want to do that?" Morita was smoking, the first time Ken had seen him smoke since they had arrived at the Big Brother house.

"We're both up for eviction." Uchi looked scared. "We're both alone."

"I'm not alone." Morita sneered. "I have friends."

"After Ryo died, I haven't felt a part of the group." Uchi admitted.

"Oh that's so sad." Morita said sarcastically. "Why do you care if you live or die? Okada told me you got fired from the agency."

"Don't you want to live?" Uchi countered.

Morita didnt' answer him, only puffed on his cigarette.

"You're just like you are in my time!" Uchi jumped to his feet. "Youíre a self centered lying bastard!"

"Go to hell." Morita stabbed out his cigarette and went into the house.

Morita ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. Then he went to his bed. He covered his head with the towel. Morita was sulking. Morita used to sulk a lot in his time.

Sakamoto moved from his bed, to Morita's. "What are you doing hiding in here?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"You made Uchi cry,"

"Good, he needs to cry." Morita said hostilely. "I hate him. I hate everyone."

"Do you miss Ken?" Sakamoto took the towel off of Morita's head.

"I don't know why, he doesn't love me." For the first time Ken realized that Morita was crying.

"Do you really believe that?" Sakamoto countered.

"I hurt him in the future." Morita wiped his face. "He can't trust me now. I have to understand that."

"It's not fair that he punishes you for something you haven't done yet." Sakamoto said.

"Why did I hurt him?" Morita sounded heartbroken.

"I really think you where trying to protect him." Sakamoto said. "I overheard something once, a discussion between you and Koki."

"You mean here?"

"No, in our time. The two of you reconnected right after Koki turned nineteen." Sakamoto shrugged. "At the time I thought you were talking crazy talk."

"What kind of crazy talk?"

"You were discussing what you could do to keep Ken from being taken by Big Brother." Sakamoto explained. "You said you couldn't let it end the way it did."

"Ken told me that my first love died." Morita said. "But my first love is Ken."

Just then something came on the screen. "To continue watching Big Brother the viewer must vote on whom to evict. Morita Go or Uchi."

This had come on the screen every thirty minutes. Ken didn't even think twice. He voted for Uchi to be evicted. He liked Uchi, but if it was between his lover and Uchi, he knew that Uchi had to die.