Week five Part two

It was eviction day. Morita sat on the couch with Uchi. Morita had a black eye, given to him by Tackey for making Uchi cry. After calming down Morita knew he deserved it, he shouldn't have been thinking of just his own pain. Tackey sat at the other side of Uchi.

"Perhaps they public will vote to save you," Tackey told Uchi.

"I promised Ryo that I would try to win." Uchi said. "It's been so hard without him."

"Perhaps he didn't really die." Morita tried to reassure. "He might be right now in your time, waiting for you."

"I'm sorry we didn't really get along." Uchi told him. "You reminded me too much of Ryo."

"Can you do me a favor?" Morita asked.


"If I'm the one that dies, can you become Ken's friend?" He asked. "That way the two of you won't be alone."

"I'll look after him." Uchi promised.

"This is Big Brother," The woman intoned. "With a vote of sixty percent, Uchi you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."

Uchi began to sob. Morita found himself holding the teen. "No matter what happens, you'll be back with Ryo. You have to have faith."

"Uchi, you have been evicted. Please go to the dispersal chamber." Big Brother began to say over and over.

Uchi let go of Morita. He said his goodbyes to everyone. Tackey and Tsubasa walked him to the dispersal chamber. Uchi got into the chamber. He hugged himself. There was a hum, and then Uchi faded out of view.

Morita began to cry for Uchi. For he knew that it could have easily been him that died.


"This is Big Brother. Would Morita Go come to the diary room?" Big Brother ordered.

Morita wiped his eyes. How could Big Brother ask him to go to the Diary room so soon after Uchi died?

Morita went to the diary room. Everyone had to go once a day to talk to Big Brother. He opened the door and went inside. Ken was sitting on the chair.

"Ken-Chan," Morita gasped.

"The two of you have one minute to talk before Miyake is reintroduced to the house." Big brother instructed.

Ken went to Morita, and took him into his arms. "You don't know how much I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." Morita admitted. "It hasn't been the same without my best friend."

The next thing that happened surprised Morita. Ken kissed him, the kind of kiss that sucked the breath out of him. Morita had never been kissed by anyone that way.

"Forgive me for punishing you." Ken had tears in his eyes. "I promise it will be different between us."

"Yes, I forgive you."

Then Ken was kissing him again. He didn't know what had changed Ken, he really didn't care. This was the Ken he had dreamed about. One that loved Morita as much as Morita loved Ken.

"Your time is up." Big Brother told them.

Ken pulled away from Morita and took his hand. "Let's rejoin the house."


Thirty minutes later, V6 was in the bedroom. The rest of the house was in the back yard smoking. The ones in the back yard were upset that Big Brother had brought back Ken so soon after Uchi's death. They had hoped Ken wouldn't come back.

"They say they've cured all my allergies." Ken told Morita. They where sitting on their bed, with the other members of V6. Ken and Morita sat so close that Morita was almost sitting on Kens' lap.

"Big Brother, did you get to see her?" Sakamoto asked.

"No, just a medic android."

"Medic android?" Okada repeated. "What's that?"

'Their like doctors in this time period. I'm not supposed to tell you anything else." Ken said. "If I tell you anything else about the hospital, we'll have a penalty nomination."

"Are we on earth?" Sakamoto asked.

"Of course we're on earth." Morita said. But then everyone glared at him.

Ken shook his head no. "We're on a satellite circling earth. I got to look out the window. The earth was quite beautiful."

Sakamoto leaned forwards. So close that he hoped no one could hear. "Just how far in the future are we?"

"55,000 AD."

"And they have time travel technology." Sakamoto guessed.

"Well duh," Morita said. Everyone glared at him again. He moved to leave.

Ken reached out and grabbed his arm. 'Please Gotsun stay. All I could think about when I was being treated was you."

"Why don't we trade shifts?" Sakamoto decided. "You take the noon to 4 shifts tomorrow. We'll take your shift tonight."

"You'll have to ask Big Brother." Morita said.

"Come on Junichi, let's go ask." Sakamoto got to his feet; he grabbed Okada's hand and pulled him out of the room.

"You thought of me," Morita couldn't keep the happiness out of his voice.

"Did you think of me?" Ken asked almost shyly.

'That's all I could think about." He admitted.

Ken reached out, touching Morita's face. Then he kissed Morita very, very softly. "I wasn't being fair to you. Can you ever forgive me?"

"I told you, I forgave you." Morita took Ken's ring off. "You dropped this in the shower."

"Keep it; it looks better on you then on me."

"But it's yours...."

"I bought it the day before I was taken." He reached out, putting the ring back on Morita's finger. "I would like it very much if you kept it."

Ken suddenly was kissing Morita again. Another one of those kisses that so excited Morita. Then Ken was pushing him down to the bed. They where kissing again. Morita pulled Ken's shirt up, and began to stroke the muscles on his back. He split his legs, letting Ken settle between them.

Morita heard Sakamoto loudly clear his throat.

Ken pulled away from him. He looked at Sakamoto. "Yes, leader?"

"Big Brother's Okayed our shift change." Sakamoto told him.

"Thank you," Ken looked into Morita's eyes. "I wish that the task was over."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because tonight, I want to spend it with you, in the shed." Ken said. "I want to make love to you."

The bells rang for bedtime. Then the voice. "Big Brother wants to remind houseguests that only those assigned the task will be permitted to stay up past bells."

"Come on Gotsun, let's go to bed." Ken told him.

Ken got into bed first; he held the covers up for Morita. The younger man tried to stay on his side of the bed. But he was surprised to feel Ken's hands on him, pulling him into his arms. Then Ken eased Morita's head onto his shoulder. The room went dark as Big Brother turned the lights off.

"Don't you think it would be easier for us to sleep this way?" Ken asked.

"Yes, it would." Morita admitted. He felt as safe as Ken held him. He kissed his friend. Ken signed and gave into the kiss.

Ken pulled away from him. He was breathing heavy. "I promised our next time would be special. Not here, where everyone can hear."

"We have to hear them all the time." Morita pointed out. "Any time with you is special as long as I'm in your arms."

"You're right, of course." Ken pulled Morita to him. Then ignoring everyone else, the two became lovers.



Week Six

The Big Brother houseguests were seated in the living room. Ken and Morita were seated together. Best friends officially, but in reality, much more then that. The housemates had passed the potato task two days before. Now they were waiting for news of what the next task would be.

"Would someone come to the diary room?" Big Brother ordered.

"My turn," Ken got to his feet. He then looked at Morita. "See you in a bit."

Ken went to the diary room. He came back a few minutes later with a box not unlike the boxes they used on Gakkou were they picked out teams.

'Housemates, Big Brother knows you miss your own time." Ken read. 'To make you feel more at home, Big Brother's decided to hold an event that is comment in of your time."

"What kind of event?" Sakamoto asked.

"Those housemates with a best friend will draw a colored ball. The one who has no best friend need not draw." Ken continued reading. "The housemate with the lucky ball and his best friend will receive something special."

No one looked at Tackey, though that was who the flimsy referred to. Tsubasa had been matter dispersed that morning.

Ken took the box around to those with best friends. First Koki and Maru, then Sakamoto and Okada and finally Ken and Morita.

Morita drew a silver ball.

"All right," ken looked back down to the flimsy. "In four days time, there will be a wedding at the Big Brother house. The pair that drew the silver ball will be the lucky couple that will get married in the ceremony. They will have the option of being legally married if they so wish."

"What about the rest of us?" Tackey asked.

"Big Brother will assign everyone else different roles." Ken read. "This is considered a task. Failure to complete the task could result in penalty nominations and loss of food budget."


*I can't believe I'm getting married to Ken.* Morita mused. "If only it were real. But Ken doesn't want to marry me."

Morita was in the back yard, trying to take in some sun. It wasn't real sun, but everyone like to sunbathe in it. They could get a dark tan without burning.

His face itched. He scratched it. He hadn't shaved in almost a week. Ken had begged him not to shave. It was the first time he grew a beard, but he found that he liked the look.

Suddenly the sun was blocked by someone standing over him.

"Gotsun, can I talk to you?" Ken asked.


"Not here, in the shed."

They went to the shed, the only part of the house that wasn't under the eye of Big Brother. Ken had Morita sit down. Ken sat beside him. Morita didn't know why it was called a shed, since it was more like a one room trailer with a bed.

"Gotsun, you know we're getting married in four days." Ken began. His friend was nervous, very nervous.

"It's not real marriage," Morita reminded him. "It's just a game."

Ken flinched. "If it wasn't a game, would you still marry me?"

"Of course I would!" Morita said quickly. Then he looked at his hands. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"Big Brother's given us the option of getting legally married." Ken reminded him. He reached out, taking Morita's hand in his. "Would you marry me?"

'You mean real marriage?"

'I want to spend my life with you." Ken told him. "You don't have to give me an answer now, but would you promise to think about it?"

"I don't have to think about it." Morita looked into his eyes. "I would be honored to be your husband."


The couple was sitting on the same chair in the diary room. They had been called there several minutes ago by Big Brother and made to wait. Ken hated when that happened. Morita hated it too, but he was louder about his hate. Grumbling under his breath about how terrible Big Brother was. He also was grumbling about Big Brother being a woman. Shouldn't she be called Big Sister?

"How are you today?" Big Brother asked.

"Why do you call us here, and then make us wait?" Morita demanded. Ken poked him hard. "Sorry, Big Brother, I'm fine."

"Have the two of you decided what you want to wear to tomorrow's ceremony?" Big Brother asked.

"What do you mean, wear?" Morita asked.

"Big Brother has researched marriages in your time. Isn't it costmary to wear special clothes?"

"Oh yeah, it is"

"Doesn't the youngest wear white?" Big Brother asked. "To show their innocence."

Ken glanced at Morita, who was blushing. He covered his face with his hands. Ken couldn't believe it. Morita was embarrassed. Not in any sense of the word was Morita innocent, not since they had become lovers.

"What is wrong Morita?" Big Brother asked.

"I think we'd like to dress in the more traditional Japanese wedding style." Ken tried to cover for Morita.

"Describe this for Big Brother." She asked.

Ken did in as much detail as possible. Describing every piece of clothes that the wedding party would wear.

"Is there any other requests?" Big Brother asked.

"Even though we are dressed in traditional Japanese fashion, I would like us to have a western wedding."

"What do you think Morita?" Big Brother asked him. "What do you want?"

"I agree with Ken," Morita looked at him.

"Have the two of you discussed weather this wedding with be legally bound?" Big Brother asked.

"Yes, we would both like that." Morita answered.

'Then the two of you will be brought in here before the ceremony, and you will be tattooed."


"A small one on your finger. Buy the laws of the time period you are in now, it is necessary for a wedding to be legal."

Morita looked at Ken. Who nodded.


Okada was helping Ken get ready for the ceremony. Okada was all ready dressed. Ken had asked and received a woman's Kimono. He hadn't really thought of being married in one, but Morita had looked at him with his large brown eyes, and told him that it had always been his fantasy. He had let Morita pick it. It was pink with small white flowers.

"How does the finger feel?" Okada asked.

Ken looked down to his newly tattooed finger, "It's a bit sore."

"The agency's going to kill you when you get back." Okada smiled.

"The tattoos small. I can wear a ring over it."

"I wish I could marry Marsa." Okada said wistfully. .

"You know, it's not legally binding when we get back to our time." Ken reminded him.

"But it would be in our hearts." he signed. "At least the two of you can be happy."

Maru came into the room. He looked Ken over. "You look wonderful."

"Thank you." Ken adjusted the kimono's obi.


"A bit," he admitted.

"Gotsun's in the bathroom throwing up." He looked at Okada. "I need to talk to Ken alone for a moment."

"I'll go check on Go," Okada left the room.

Maru looked at him, really looked at him. "I'm from your future."

"Yes, I know." Ken said.

"I need to tell you a few things." Maru said quickly. "You told me something, in the year 2010. We only talked about it once, but I think you should know."

"From what Morita told me, I donít' get back. I die." Ken reminded him. "But I will listen to what you say."

""You made me promised to tell you something if I ever attended your wedding." Maru said. "You said that sometimes sacrificing yourself so that your lover can live can save you both."

"Big Brother wants to remind houseguests that it is against the rules to talk about future events." Big Brother said.

"Sorry," Maru told Big Brother.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Tackey asked a very nervous Morita Go. They where standing in the back yard, which had been fixed to look like an outdoor wedding.

"I really want to marry Ken-Chan," Morita said.

Koki who was acting as best man glared at Tackey. "Trust me; the two of them are destined to be together."

The nerves overcame Morita; he was able to dunk behind a bush before he threw up again.

The music began; it wasn't the traditional bridal march. It was Lionel Ritchieís Endless Love. Morita ran back into place.

Then Ken appeared He was on the arm of Sakamoto who was going to give him away. Ken was gorgeous.

*This is the man I want to spend my life with.* Morita thought.

It seemed to take forever for Ken to get to Morita. Ken smiled at his lover. "You look so good."

"I need a shave," he referred to his face, which he hadnít' shaved at Kens' request.

"No, you look wonderful this way." Ken said.

"I'm the luckiest man in the universe." Morita told him.

The pair was so busy talking, that Sakamoto grabbed Ken and almost forcibly gave him to Morita. Then he looked at Tackey. "We better begin."

"You're right." Tackey said. "Let's begin. Sakamoto and Okada have a song for us."

The pair went to the side and sang "Endless Love."

When they were finished, they sat down.

Morita was nervous, very nervous. So nervous that he could only concentrate on not throwing up again. He didn't hear Tackey's words.

Koki poked Morita very hard. "Say you do!"

"I do?" Morita asked.

'And Miyake Ken, do you take Morita Go as your husband?" Tackey asked.

"Yes, I do." Ken smiled at Morita.

"By the power invested in me by Big Brother, I declare you husband and husband." Tackey smiled. "You may kiss."

"In front of everyone?" Morita asked.

Ken sighed, he kissed his new husband.


The task wasn't completed yet. The housemates had to complete the reception. There were gifts from everyone. All of them hand made. Sakamoto and Okada had made book marks, which made Morita grumble that they weren't allowed books.

'Sakamoto, please come to the diary room." Big Brother said.

Sakamoto went into the house. He came back a few minutes later with a package. "Big Brother's given you a gift."

Morita was the one who opened it. It was a very large diamond on a golden chain. He put it around his neck. "Look! Bling!"

Everyone else laughed.

Ken picked up the flimsy. "This is a gift from Big Brother. It's the diamond veto. It's' use will allow the wearer to save one person up for eviction. That person will be allowed to return to his home time. The user will then sacrifice someone to take the place of the saved one. The replacement will be automatically dispersed."

"Oh my god." Morita looked sick. He began to take it off.

Ken stopped him. "To protect everyone, you have to wear it."

"Thank you Big Brother." Morita grumbled.

"The storeroom is now open." Big Brother announced. "Maru and Tackey, please remove the refreshments."

They left, coming back with a cartload of drinks and food.

"Big Brother would like to announce that the houseguests have passed the wedding task." Big Brother intoned.

Everyone began to cheer.

"Because the housemates have passed the task, the two housemates up for eviction this week are in alphabetical order." Big Brother said. "Miyake Ken and Morita Go."

"Why Big Brother?" Sakamoto demanded. "Why let them get married then do something like this?"

"Oh Big Brother forgot to tell you," Big Brother said evilly. "If the housemates won the task, the married couple would automatically be up for eviction."

Ken reached out and took Morita's hand. The words of Maru suddenly made sense. He realized he would have to give himself up to save Morita's life.



Week Six part Two

After the reception, the couple was given a honeymoon in the shed. It had been decorated by the other housemates. Big Brother had told them when they had first arrived at the house that the shed had no cameras. Ken had found out the terrible secret when he was in the hospital. There was a special pay per view channel just for the activities in the shed. Ken knew it was the real reason that even though the shed had a bed, it had no covers.

Ken lay beside Morita. They had stripped each others clothes off, then nothing. Ken had attempted it, but Morita was still very, very upset. Ken hadn't told Morita the truth about the shed. He was too afraid that they wouldn't get their honeymoon if they did.

Ken had all ready come up with a plan. The only thing he could do to save his husband's life. He would somehow get the diamond veto from Morita, and then go to Big Brother. Saying he would use it. He just hoped that his death in the dispersal chamber would be quick.

"What if big brother lies?" Morita asked. "What if we're not really killed?"

"What would they do to us?"

'Teleport us back to our own times."

Ken couldn't help but smile at his friend's hopeful words. He reached out, tracing around Morita's face. "Perhaps you're right."

Morita touched the jewel. "I have the diamond, I could save you."

"You'd have to pick someone else," Ken told him. "How could you pick one of your friends to die?"

"Youíre right." Morita agreed. "I couldn't kill anyone."

"This might all be a trick of Big Brother." Ken ran his fingers across Morita's body. "Who knows, she might just be playing around with our heads."

"She wants to ruin our honeymoon," Morita guessed.

"We can't let her do that." Ken touched the necklace. "Why don't you take it off? You can hide it under the mattress."

"That's a good idea." Morita took off the diamond, and put it under the mattress. Then he settled down beside Ken. "Now that feels better."

Ken pulled Morita close to him. It would be his first and only time loving Morita as his husband. He had to forget about the cameras. They no longer mattered. The only thing that mattered to him was Morita's happiness.

"When we get old, we'll laugh about this." Morita told him.

"Yeah, we will." Ken said even though he knew that both were lying.

Ken began to kiss and bite his way down Morita body. There would be marks, but neither cared. He stopped at one nipple biting hard.

Morita gasped in pain. "That hurt!"

"Sorry, just wanted to let everyone knew your mine." Ken grinned ferally at him. Then he began to bite and suck right by Morita's nipple. His hand began to make feather light strokes down his husband's body.

Ken's lips went lower, stopping at Morita's belly button. Ken was hard, very hard. He tried to move so that his lover would realize the fact.

'What do you want?" Morita asked evilly. His hand went around Ken's hardness, stroking it.

"Inside you," Ken gasped.

"What do you want?" Morita repeated he gave Ken a little tug.

Ken grabbed Morita; he pushed his friend so that he was holding the footboard of the bed. Then he bent down and began to tongue Morita' opening.

"Ken-Chan," his husband moaned.

Ken pulled away from him, and replaced his tongue with his hardness. He pushed in very slowly.

Morita grabbed the footboard and pushed back onto Ken as hard as he could. When he was a bottom, Morita loved it rough. No lube, nothing but hard, fast sex.

Ken began to thrust, pushing in, then out to the point that he almost was totally out of Morita's body. Then another push inside. He did not want to rush it. He loved the feel of being inside of Morita. His lover was so tight, so warm. It always felt as if their bodies had been made to fit together perfectly.

'Harder harder." Morita gasped. Then he began to babble like a mantra. "Please Ken, oh please."

Something inside of Ken snapped, and he went harder. Pushing Morita so that he was now lying with his stomach against the headboard, with every thrust it made Morita's cock rub against it. Morita groaned with every thrust, until the groans turned to sharp cries. Then using all his strength, Morita pushed himself as hard as he could against Ken and came.

Then everything exploded. He thrusted a few more times in the afterglow. Then he pulled his husband down to the bed. Putting his head on his shoulder.

'I love you so much." Morita snuggled against him.

"I love you too." Ken kissed Morita.

After a few minutes, Morita began to stroke his way down Ken's body. His fingers making light butterfly caresses.

"Ken-Ken, you awake?" Morita asked.

"Yes," Ken's body began to react to Morita's touch.

"I want to make love to you," Morita asked almost shyly. "Can I?"

Ken rolled onto his back, and pulled his husband on top of him. He split his legs, letting Morita settle between them. Then Morita kissed him, a long romantic kiss. If Morita liked it rough when Ken made love to him, he liked it gentle when he loved Ken.

As they kissed, Morita pushed inside of Ken. He gasped; it always felt good to be filled by Morita. Then Morita was moving, even slower then Ken had. Morita was teasingly slow. Ken arched his body against him, trying to get more of Morita inside of him.

Then Morita's hardness hit his sweet spot. Ken gasped and began to writhe against him.

"Like that?" Morita asked with another hard thrust, hitting the spot again.

"Yes, Go yes."

"What do you want? Beg for it!" Morita stopped moving, and looked down to Ken.

"Please Go, please faster."

Morita still inside Ken sat up; he pulled Ken onto his lap. Then he held him tightly as Ken moved himself up and down. Morita's hardness hitting his sweet spot again and again.

"I love you," Morita kissed and sucked Ken's neck. "I'll always love you."

Morita's words drove Ken over the edge and he came again, spilling his seed over his chest. Then he lover too was coming. He screamed Kens' name.

Morita pulled out of Ken, then bent down and licked up Ken's sperm, the same way a cat would lick cream.

He looked down watching Morita. He found himself growing hard again. Morita licked his way down Ken's body, and then took his lover whole in his mouth with one gulp. It only took a few sucks to make Ken explode.

The pair sank down onto the bed. Morita pulled Ken into his arms.

"Let me take a nap, and then we can do it again." Morita told him. "You'll wake me up in an hour?"

"I don't know if I can wait that long." Ken kidded. Though Ken was too exhausted to love any more.

Soon Morita was snoring. Ken couldn't help it. He too fell asleep.


Morita woke, he reached out for Ken. His lover wasn't there. The sun was streaming in the window. He looked around the shed. Ken's clothes were gone. Morita rolled out of bed. He felt under the mattress. The diamond was gone.

"Ken!" Morita yelled.

He ran into the house screaming Kens' name over and over. Then into the living room. Ken was getting into the dispersal chamber. The rest of the housemates were standing around the room watching.

"No Ken! Don't." Morita screamed.

Sakamoto and Okada grabbed Morita. He fought against his friends.

"Gotsun, I have to do this. This is the only way I know to save your life." Ken told him.

"My life isn't worth anything without you."

"Please don't punish my younger self for what I'm going to do. He is innocent of my crime." Ken got into the booth.

"I love you!" Morita yelled.

"I love to you too. Sayonara." Ken said.

Then there was an inhuman buzz. Then Ken was gone.

"No!" Morita screamed.

His two friends let him go. Morita sank to the ground sobbing. Ken, his beautiful, wonderful Ken was dead.

Morita began to sob for his lost love. Then he was back in his dorm room in his own time. He was now far away from the Big Brother house, far away from the man he married. He went to Ken's bed and picked up the pillow. He brought it to his face. It smelled like Ken.

"Gotsun, what's wrong?" Ken came into the room. But it wasn't the Ken that had married Morita; it was a Ken the same age as him. Ken who was young, innocent. Who wasn't the older experienced man that Morita had married. This Ken wasn't the Ken that he loved in the future. But this Ken was something the older Ken wouldn't be for him. This Ken was there for Morita, and he needed him very, very much.

"He died Ken, oh god, he died." Morita sobbed.

"Who did?"

"My boy friend." he looked at Ken. "Please hold me, I need your touch."

He felt Ken take him into his arms. The arms those were so familiar to him. He closed his eyes, realizing that nothing they could do could change history. Morita had turned into the man that had eventually hurt Ken. All he could do was morn for his lost love.



Valentines Day, 2007

It was the day that Ken disappeared. It had hurt Morita to write the note to his lover. But he had to. He had hoped that leaving Ken would change history. That his lover wouldn't be taken by Big Brother. He let himself into their apartment. Now that Ken was gone, he could come back. But to what? No long would he have his lover's wonderful smile when he woke.

*It has been years since Ken sacrificed himself for me,* Morita thought. *Why does it still hurt?*

Their dogs ran up to him. He bent down to pet them. He would care for them, for his lover's sake. He went into their bedroom. He picked up Ken's pillow. It still smelled of his lover. The tears began to fall. Ken had been taken by Big Brother. He would never return.

Suddenly there was a crackling sound. A sound Morita hadn't heard in years. It couldn't be. He put the pillow down and ran into the living room.

Ken was in the living room. Ken, the same one that had given his life for Morita's. The love bites still large on his neck from their last time together. Ken looked confused, very confused.

"It's a miracle." Morita breathed. He took a step towards Ken. He wanted to run to Ken, to hold him. To kiss him, for this was the one he waited nine years to come back.

Just then the phone rang. Ken answered it. He turned his back to Morita. He talked fast to someone. Then he hung up, the phone rang again. "Koki! Yeah I'm back."

Morita went into the bedroom. Tears began to pour down his cheeks. Ken, his husband was back. The man who had taught him how wonderful love was. The one who had given his life for his freedom.

Ken had ignored him, to talk to his friends. Ken's brushing him off hurt more then any beating he had ever received. Morita had thought that perhaps, just perhaps his friend could have forgiven him for the break up.

Morita took out his suitcase and began to pack his things. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Nothing had changed in their relationship. As Morita had never loved the young Ken the way he had loved the Ken he married, he realized that Ken could only love the young Morita.

Ken was alive, really alive, but Ken didn't want him. With every piece of clothes Morita folded, tears damped them.

Finally, when his bags had almost been completely packed, Ken came into the bedroom.

'Gotsun, what are you doing here?" Ken asked.

"I live here." Morita threw the last thing into the bag and zipped it up.

"I know that," Ken tried not to sound annoyed. "I didn't hear you arrive."

"I was here when you got back." Morita pointed out.

"Then why didn't you say anything?" Ken demanded.

"I did, but the phone rang. You knew I was standing there, but you chose to talk on the phone." He picked up his suitcase. "I'll come get the rest when you're gone."

Ken blocked his way. "We need to talk,"

"What about?" he said more harshly then he meant sound.

"I thought you would wait for me."

"I'm no longer that innocent boy who married you." Morita put down his suitcase. The tears began to fall again. He hated himself for not being stronger. But this was Ken. "I prayed everyday I prayed that somehow you would come back. But my wonderful husband wouldn't have died. But I changed, I turned into a monster."

The Morita turned and went into the bathroom. He curled against the wall and began to cry. All the anger, all the grief he felt over the years came out.


Ken couldn't believe it. Morita had run off to the bath room to cry. His lover wasn't the kind to cry. He was always a tough, strong, bad ass. But now the bad ass was crying uncontrollably. The same way he had the day Ken had found Morita crying in their dorm room. The same... for the first time, Ken realized that this Morita was the same young lover, one who had to face the grief of his husband alone. With only his best friend Ken to comfort him. There was so much Morita had to keep secret that it was no wonder he became bitter.

Everything about their relationship before Ken had been taken suddenly made a whole lot of sense to Ken. Morita had to mourn the death of his lover while he was still there. He had kept Ken at arm's length to protect his heart.

Ken went into the bath room. Morita was curled against a wall, sobbing. Suddenly Ken didn't see the self-centered man who broke his heart. Instead, he saw his husband.

"Leave me alone." Morita sniffed.

"I owe you an apology, when I first got back, there was something wrong with my eyes." Ken told him. "I couldn't see. Then the phone rang, and my vision cleared. I promise, I didn't see you."

"It really doesn't matter if you did see me."

Ken knelt beside Morita. "I was hoping you would be here if I returned."

"You wanted your husband." Morita wiped his face. "I stopped being him a very long time ago."

"I want to show you something." Ken took the holo player out of his pocket. He touched a button. Suddenly their marriage ceremony was playing in the room. "I was the happiest man on earth when we got married."

Morita took the player and turned it off. "I am no longer that innocent young child."

"No Gotsun, inside your still the man I married." Ken showed Morita his hand, with the tattoo identical to Morita's. "We promised to spend our lives together."

"You promised the young Morita that, not me."

"But you are the young Morita." Ken pointed out. "Just as I am the one that found you crying in our room."

"I'm sorry for everything I did to you."

"I understand. You were in pain," Ken reached out, touching him. "I love you so very much."

"I love you too." Morita let Ken take him into his arms. "I'm so glad you're alive."

Then Ken was kissing him, the man that Go mourned for, the man who had grown in love with him. For Ken now realized he was Morita's first love.


An hour later, the winner of Johnny's Big Brother house let himself into Ken and Morita's apartment. He worried about the pair. He knew that Ken had sacrificed himself. So he was unsure if Ken was returned, just like all the other house guests had been.

The bedroom door was opened. He decided to go in. The couple was lying together in bed, Morita's head on Ken's shoulder. Ken was stroking his husband's hair.

"What are you doing here?" Ken asked.

"Don't you usually use the doorbell?" Morita countered.

"Sorry about that," He said. "I just wanted to make sure Ken got back all right."

"As you can tell he did," Morita said gruffly. "Now can you please leave my husband and me alone?"

"Do you want me to ask management if you can have a few days off together?"

"They won't let us do that."

"If I can handle Big Brother, I can handle the agency." he smiled.

Ken looked at Morita. "It would be nice to finish our honeymoon."

"You're right," Morita agreed. "Why donít' you run off and talk to them?"

The winner got the hint, he left the apartment, and standing in the hallway was his husband. For he too had the chance to marry in the future.

"Well?" Okada asked.

"Ken's back," They walked to the elevator and got in.

"And?" Okada raised an eyebrow. "They kill each other yet?"

"Not exactly." He smiled at his husband. "They want a few days off to finish their honeymoon."

"No fair!" Okada pouted as their elevator arrived at their floor. "I want a honeymoon!"

""You know those baka's forgot that we have a week off starting today." He let Okada into their apartment. He put his arms around Okada. "We are going to have our honeymoon."

"Marsa, you're wonderful." Okada told him.

"I try," Sakamoto said, and kissed his new husband. For Sakamoto was happy, for he now knew that the evictions by Big Brother had all been a trick. That everyone was safe and sound. Not only that, he was now married to the most wonderful man on earth.