Title: Jin and the Tornado (1/?)
Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG
Note: this was written because of all the stress I've had about tornados lately!
Note 2; I owe x_angle_x and thewhiteprophet an Akame story. So this is for you two!
Note 3: The Oklahoma City zoo is fine, honest, I was there last week.

Summary: Jin and Kame are in America to film tv segments. But a tornado comes that will change their lives forever.



Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya were in America to film a segment of a TV show. It was to show off Jin's new knowledge of the English language. They were spending two weeks in the states, filming segment after segment in different places. So that they would have many episodes of Cartoon with Jin and Kame's adventures in America.

Jin had been acting strange since he had returned to America. He would look at Kame and smile when he thought Kame wasn’t' watching. It was almost like Jin was like he had been before 2003, when the pair had been good friends. Actually, they had been beyond close friends. But they had been discovered. Because Kame was so young, they had to sign papers promising not to be together before Kame's twenty-first birthday.

It had changed their relationship forever. Both hating the other for signing the paper, though both knew that they did it for the good of the group.

Now the pair was in Oklahoma, in a medium sized city to film the TV show. They had a bit of a script they had memorized. It wasn't a large script. Just a few notes of suggestions of what they should say. They had been to Anadarko to see Indian city. It had opened early for their filming. Then afterwards they had been transported to Oklahoma City, to see the zoo.

They where in the local zoo, touring it. The zoo had something called the Oklahoma trails. Kame had expected it to be like a long walking path; instead the trails were made of wooden planks. A long maze that showed all the different parts of Oklahoma and the native animals.

Kame glanced up to the sky; it was dark, very dark, even though in reality it was almost one in the afternoon. The air was very humid and heavy. Kame wondered if it they were going to get a rainstorm.

"Kame-kun, did you know that the golden bear is native to Oklahoma?" Jin asked as he glanced at the camera.

"No, Akanishi-kun, I didn't." Kame said.

They walked around some more, seeing the artificial turner falls. It was like a tour of the entire state. Jin had been the one that had to memorize page after page of information on all the places they where going.

They had just gotten some dipping dots from a vender. It had been set up before, so they could get it on camera. Then they went to a bench and sat beside each other, talking as if the camera wasn't there.

"Wouldn't it be nice if Kat-Tun were able to tour America?" Kame asked.

"Yeah, that's been my dream." Jin agreed. "The American girls are so cute."

"You're right, they are." Kame agreed.

The dipping dots were little pellets of ice cream, looking like small bb's. They tasted good, Kame thought. Knowing the way the Johnny's worked, they both ate with gusto, knowing this might be their only meal for some time.


More and more people came to the zoo. School groups, Kids wearing identical t-shirts. One school had shirts that said safari on them. With each class having a different color shirt. The kids looked like high schoolers.

A group of girls, perhaps four saw Jin and Kame. They began to whisper to each other. Pointing at them. Kame was surprised about the girls. They weren't Asian. Instead, two were Caucasian, and two African-American.

"Do you think they recognize us?" Jin asked.

"No way," Kame told him. "No one knows our group in Oklahoma. Besides, aren't we a Japanese group? Why would someone who speaks English be our fan?"

Soon the girls came up to them, they pulled camera phones out of the pockets.

"Are you members of Kat-tun?" One girl asked in English.

"What would make you think that?" Jin answered.

The staff went to Kame and whispered something to him. Kame looked at Jin. "We better talk to them!"

"Yes, we are members of Kat-tun." Jin admitted.

"We love Kat-tun!" The second girl said.

"Yeah, we got your CD at Wal-mart!" the third girl said.

Jin was the one that talked the most to the fans. Kame was surprised that someone could go into a discount store and buy Kat-tun cd.

Everyone word spoken between the American fans and Jin was taped for the TV show. Kame tried to hang back, but Jin pulled him forwards so that he too began to chat with the girls, though his English wasn't the best.

The staff told Kame that the American fans were allowed to take photos with the two Kat-tun members. In fact the staff member held the camera while Kame and Jin posed with the girls.

Kame knew if the cameras weren't there, that they wouldn't have been able to let the fans have photos. But in a way Kame was glad. He always hated that the fans couldn't take photos with them. Though Kame did understand the reasons.

Finally, the girls took out pieces of paper, really zoo maps. Kame signed each one. Putting his name first in English, then in Kanji. Then Jin was talking to the girls again. Each one he took time out to make sure they felt special. That was a talent that Jin had that Kame always envied. The ways that he made each fan feel special.


After the girls left, Jin and Kame walked on. The air getting even more humid, more oppressive. More school groups arrived on yellow buses. Some of the teachers looked up to the sky nervous. Still, the buses continued to arrive.

Then alarms went off. They sounded like air raid warnings. The staff member ordered them to ignore the sirens. To continue to film.

Everyone else seemed to stream into the places that were marked as shelters. Because there were so many children there, Kame knew that if they didn't hurry, that there might be no shelters left.

Kame could only stand and watch the argument between staff and the Zoo liaison. He had no idea what they where talking about.

Jin pulled him to the side. "The zoo lady says there is a tornado warning."

"What's a tornado warning?" Kame asked.

"It means we might have a tornado soon." Jin said. "The zoo lady wants us to take cover. But staff says no."

Just then there was a noise like Kame had never heard before. It was louder then even the loudest crowd roar at Tokyo dome.

Kame looked into the sky. Far in the distance the clouds had turned into a funnel, and it was bearing down on where they were!

Staff grabbed Kame, trying to pull him away from Jin; they had decided that each member needed to go to a separate shelter.

Kame was surprised when Jin grabbed his hand. Holding it tighter then he ever had before.

"We will stay together." Jin said in English.


Jin went with Kame to the shelter. It was just a simple room made out of concrete under one of the exhibits. They sat down together on a bench. The staff sat at the other end of the room. There were other people there too. Several groups from different schools. The kids huddled together on the floor. Because there were so many people in the shelter, Jin was squished up against Kame. His friend didn't seem to mind. He put his arms around Kame's shoulders to give him a bit more room.

Kame had been acting very strange since Jin had returned to Japan. It was like they where friends again. Real friends. When Jin had been asked to pick one member of Kat-tun to come with him for the TV show. He hadn't even thought twice, he had picked Kame.

"A tornado," Kame whispered. He didn't want the others to hear him, though only a handful knew Japanese. "Did you see any tornado's in LA?"

"No, we only had earthquakes." Jin whispered into Kame's ear.

"I'm glad if I had to go through this, it would be with you."

"I am too." Jin tried to joke. "Can you see Junno trying to go through this?"

"No, I couldn't," Kame admitted. "But you're here, and I feel safe."

They were so close. They hadn't been so close together in a long time. Kame's body pressed against his, his leg so close. Jin wished he had the courage to tell Kame the truth. That he had never stopped loving him. That since his return, he was even more in love with him. Jin kept his feelings to himself. They were friends again, he couldn't risk that friendship.

As the noise grew nearer, Jin felt Kame slip his arm around Jin's waist, so they were sitting arm in arm. Jin looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, but everyone else was so worried that they hadn't.

Closer and closer came the noise, now it was louder then a jet engine. Kame was so afraid. His entire body was trembling. Jin was afraid too. He knew they where going to die. He didn't trust a concrete room underground to protect them, not from a tornado.

Kame moved, he was good at doing that. Before Jin knew it, he was sitting on Jin's lap. Both arms around Jin. He put his arms around Kame, trying to comfort him. But it was hard, because Jin was terrified. Kame buried his head in Jin's shoulder, against his neck.

The noise got louder, so loud that Jin felt as if he was going to go deaf. He could feel his ears pop. The whole room began to vibrate. He could hear the screams of the others in the room. The teachers tried to take control. Making the kids kneel down, their foreheads on the floor, their hands behind their neck.

"I love you," Jin told Kame, though he knew the rumbling was so loud that Kame wouldn't hear. "If I die, I want you to know that I love you more then anything."

Kame moved, so that he was facing Jin, then he kissed Jin's lips. Their kiss hungry, as if they wanted to put all of their feelings for each other in the kiss. Jin felt a thrill go through him; this would be his last thought, that Kame loved him too.

Still, the rumbling grew harder, the noise so loud that Jin knew that this was end. But it no longer matter, because he had Kame.



Kame and Jin clung to each other as the tornado passed. Finally the tornado was gone. It had been followed by a silence that was almost deafening. The children sat up, they began to talk to each other excited.

"We made it." Kame said relieved. He got off of Jin's lap. He seemed embarrassed that he had been caught on Jin's lap. "We'll consider the whole tornado a bad dream."

"We kissed," Jin reminded him. "You can't just forget a kiss."

"We both were under a lot of stress. Sometimes all you need is some togetherness to make you feel better." Kame didn't look at him. "We'll pretend the kiss didnt' happen."

"If that's what you want." Jin said sadly.

"Is that what you want?" Kame countered.

"It doesn't really matter what I want." Jin turned from Kame. He had hoped so much that Kame would feel the same way he did. Now that Jin knew the truth, he felt his heart break. Tears stung his eyes. He didn't want Kame to see his tears.

One of the doors to the shelter opened. A teacher went out. "Oh my god, its' all gone!"

"All of it?" Someone else asked.

The teacher came back into the shelter. He looked around then ordered that the children line up so that they could leave.

Most of the children got in line by the door. The adults on the other hand decided to wait until the children left.

Jin and Kame got to their feet. They milled around together, waiting for their turn to leave the shelter. Neither of them looked at each other. Jin couldn't. All he wanted to do was tell Kame he loved him. But he couldn't. The entire kiss was stress relief. The love that he thought he felt from Kame was really nothing.

Then just as suddenly there was a large cracking sound! And the shelter's roof collapsed. Jin felt Kame push him away from the crash. Some debris hit Kame. He had put his arms over his head to protect it. Jin fell to the ground, and then debris hit him hard in his chest. It hurt, it really hurt.

"Jin?" Kame asked weakly.

"I'm here," Jin found the strength to get the debris off of him. Kame needed him, and even if Kame didn't love him, Jin would be there for him.


Kame had dunked and put his arms over his head after he pushed Jin to safety. But debris had hit his arms and as he fell, one of his legs. He felt pain go through his body. He lay on the floor in a heap, both of his arms hurting beyond pain. His leg feeling as if it were on fire.

"Jin," He said weakly. He glanced at Jin, whose chest was covered in debris.

"I'm here," with one massive push, Jin shoved the debris off of him. He ran to Kame's side.

"What happened?" he gasped. "I can't see with all this stuff on me."

Jin was able to take the debris off of Kame. "Looks like part of the roof collapsed. I think some of the survivors were killed."

"You, are you all right?" Kame asked concerned.

"Yes, of course I am." Jin promised.

"I lied Jin," Kame gasped. "The kiss meant everything to me."

"Don't talk about that now." Jin soothed. "We have to work on getting out of here."

"I hurt so much,"

Kame could hear talking, in English. People moving things around. He couldn’t' see much. He was so afraid to move. It seemed as if his whole life was one of pain.

"What's going on?" Kame asked.

"One of the doors to the shelter still opens." Jin translated. "People are leaving, going back to the surface."

"You need to go." Kame told him.

"I'm not leaving without you." Jin vowed.

Kame tried to get to his feet. But he couldn’t even support his weight on his arms. "I can't walk, you must leave without me."

"I won't do that!" Jin said stubbornly.

Jin picked Kame up in his arms. Even Jin's gentle touch hurt. He could hear Jin groan in pain as he carried Kame. That could mean only one thing, Jin was injured too.

'Jin..." Kame began.

"You’ve gained a little weight, that's all." Jin lied; Kame could tell he was lying.

Kame couldn't hold on. He just had to have faith in Jin. Why on earth would Jin go to so much trouble to help him, if he was hurt?

Kame gasped in pain when Jin accidentally hit his leg against some debris.

"Sorry, sorry." Jin said.

Jin carried him outside. Kame couldn't help but look. The entire zoo was flattened. It looked like those photos of the war that Kame had seen in history books. What it looked like after the bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima. Everywhere he could see had been destroyed by the tornado.

"Jin, look." Kame gasped.

"I don't have time to look." Jin told him. "I have to save you."

There were no emergency services anywhere. But against a tree, there was something Kame didn't expect, a child's over sized wagon that didn’t look damaged at all. It was large enough for a parent to push two or three children at a time.

"I'm going to put you in the wagon." Jin told Kame. "It might hurt."

"All right." Kame steeled himself for the pain that he knew would come.

Jin lowered Kame into the wagon. Kame bit his bottom lip so that he wouldn't cry out in pain. Then he felt Jin's gentle hands on him, soothing him, caressing him. Just his touch made him feel better.


Jin was hurt. No matter how much he lied to his friend, Kame could tell. Jin looked around the ruins. There was a broken pop machine. Jin went to it. He talked to some people who seemed to be standing guard over it. Then he pointed at Kame. They nodded and gave him a few bottles of water.

Kame got more of a chance to look around at the damage. Almost every building was in heaps of ruins. Some animals had escaped creatures that looked like deer, some elephants. They also milled around. As if they were waiting for something.

Jin came back to him. He carried four bottles of water. "I brought you some water."

"Thank you." He tried to take one of the bottles, but it hurt so much he couldn't hold it.

Jin knelt beside the wagon. He opened the bottle, and then put it to Kame's lips. "Take little sips."

Kame did, all the time Jin held the bottle for him.

After a little while, Jin took the bottle away from his lips. "We have to save the water. We don’t' know when we'll get more."

"I'm afraid." Kame admitted.

"Don't be," Jin told him. "I'll stay at your side until you get help."

"Thank you."

"It's no problem." Jin put the bottles at the end of the wagon. Then he put a blanket over the bottles, hiding them. "The people guarding the machine told me that there will be help at the entrance. We just have to find it."

"Help?" Kame repeated.

"Yes, for you. I have to get you help."

"The kiss," Kame whispered. "Lie to me, tell me that it meant something to you. Even if you don't feel it in your heart, I need the words. They will give me courage. If just for a little while I can think you love me as much as I love you. Please, lie to me."

"If that's what you want." Jin reached out, touching Kame's bruised cheek. His thumb caressed it. Then came the lie, the one that Kame knew was a lie. "The kiss means everything to me. Because I'm in love with you Kamenashi Kazuya." Then Jin was kissing Kame, this time very gently.

A lie, Jin had lied to Kame. But the lie meant something to Kame. He closed his eyes, pretending that the lie was true. That when he got out of this place, he would be in Jin's arms as his lover.


Jin pulled the wagon through the remains of the zoo. It hurt to pull the wagon. Jin's chest hurt. He knew he must have broken a rib or two. If it were anyone else, he would have left that person to his own devices. To hope that an ambulance would get to him. But this was Kame. The man he loved more then his life.

So Jin endured the dizziness, the feeling that his stomach was getting full. The double vision. He endured because he had to save Kame's life.

Kame had asked him to lie, to tell him that he loved him. But Jin couldn't lie. He had to tell Kame the truth. That he loved him.

The whole zoo. It was such a waste. It was totaled. Many people had been killed. Jin hadn't told Kame that the staff and camera crew had been killed in the collapse of the safe room. Luckily the school children had gotten out. But there had been deaths, too many deaths.

Children milled about. The buses that still worked were used to ferry the children to some place else. Jin wasn't sure. But it would be safe. Someone asked if he wanted to get on one of the buses, but he had turned them down. He would have had to leave Kame.

Most of the dangerous creatures had been put in underground safe rooms before the tornado hit. The only things that did roam were the ones that couldn't be brought in on time.

Kame watched the creatures as Jin pushed him. It took his mind off of the pain. Kame hasn't said much about the pain, but Jin knew he was hurting. Both of his arms probably broken his leg too. Jin had found things along the way, to help. T-shirts that had been scattered from a gift kiosk had been used to cushion Kame's ride.


Kame sat in the wagon, he watched the zoo creatures. The zoo had cows and other farm animals. He watched them milling around the buildings, looking for things to eat. It took Kame's mind off of the fact that riding in the wagon hurt his injuries.

The kiss, if only the kiss hadn't happened. In his fear of dying, Kame had put all of his feelings into a kiss. Showing Jin just how much he still loved him. But Kame knew that Jin didn't like him that way. So he had lied and told him the kiss didn't matter. When in reality, that was the only thing that did matter to Kame. Then Jin had lied to him, and kissed him a gain. That moment, that single moment had given Kame the courage to survive the tornado. Survive all this, survive the pain of being moved.

"We've made it to the entrance." Jin told him. "I'll go talk to the men there."

"All right."

Jin bent beside him, kissing his lips again. The kisses, why did Jin have to kiss him? Kame wanted to tell him to stop. Wanted to, but couldn't. Kame needed the kisses, the touches, the lies that Jin loved him.

Kame listened to Jin talking to people in English. He now thanked god that Jin had left Japan to go study English. Soon Jin was back at his side. His fingers touching him gently. It was almost as if the lie was the truth.

"You'll be on the next ambulance." Jin told him.

"What about you?" Kame asked.

"There's nothing wrong with me." Jin lied.

"Bullshit!” Kame spat. “I know there' something wrong!"

"I just bruised my ribs, nothing major." Jin stopped for a minute and coughed. Then he braced himself against the wagon, as if he was dizzy.

"When the ambulance comes for me, you have to promise me you'll tell them about your ribs." Kame insisted.

"I don't matter." Jin told him. “The only thing that matters is you.”

"They'll separate us if you don't tell them." Kame insisted. "Who knows when we'll be together again if they do that?"

It wasn't too long until the next ambulance came. They worked on Kame, with Jin translating. It was quite obvious to Kame that Jin wouldn’t tell them that he was hurt too.

Kame was placed on a stretcher. They used straps to tie him down. Kame tried not to cry from the pain. But the pain grew too much and tears rolled down his cheeks. He felt Jin's hand on his shoulder. His friend's touch soothed him.

Then the paramedics began to wheel Kame away. He had to do something so that he wouldn’t be parted from Jin.

"My friend," Kame gasped in English. "Hurt ribs. Help him, please."

The paramedic turned to Jin. "Are you hurt?"

"Yes, I am." Jin admitted.

"Let's see."

Jin pulled up his shirt. Showing his injuries. They where worse then What Kame had been told. His stomach was swollen and purplish. When a paramedic touched it, Jin almost doubled up in pain. The paramedic talked to Jin more in English.

Kame was put in the ambulance. He looked at Jin who was waiting beside the ambulance. The paramedics helped him climb in. Jin was told to sit on the floor, by Kame's head.

"I'll never leave your side," Jin promised him in Japanese. "Then when we finally get out of here, we'll be together. We'll be lovers, and there isn't anything Johnny-sama can do about it. Because I really love you Kazuya.”

A lie, another lie. But the lies were the only thing that gave Kame strength. Kame felt a tear roll down his cheek. If only the lies were true, and that he would have Jin forever. But Kame had begged him to lie. So the words that had given Kame hope were false. He felt himself crying bitter tears.

Then when the ambulance was so full that it couldn't hold any more survivors, it was driven off. To take survivors to the hospital, so that they could get help for the injuries. Kame glanced over to Jin, who had fallen asleep, his head resting right by Kame's. It was then Kame realized that Jin didn't look like he was breathing.



"Jin," Kame said. But there was no response from his friend. Jin laid very still, his head on Kame's stretcher. The pair was in a packed ambulance. Kame looked at the paramedic. He didn't know much English, but he had to try to help. "My friend, not breathe. Help please."

"What friend?" The paramedic asked.

"This one, Jin." Kame told him.

The paramedic touched Jin's neck. He got out a stethoscope and placed it against Jin's chest. Then he took out his blood pressure cuff, which he placed on Jin's arm. Then he filled it up.

That was when Jin began to stir. The paramedic talked to him in English.

"Sorry, I'm suddenly so very tired." Jin told the person checking on him.

"How is your stomach?" The paramedic asked.

"It still hurts." he admitted.

"We'll get you to help soon." The man smiled. "But you might want to stay up. Your friend thought you had died."

Jin looked at Kame, then in Japanese asked. "What's wrong?"

"You looked like you had stopped breathing...” Kame told him. "I was so afraid...."

"You can't get rid of me that easy." Jin smiled weakly. “I promised to stay at your side.”

"I know promises mean nothing." Kame began.

"Promises mean everything." Jin told him. "I want to tell you something. You know, you asked me to lie."

"We don't have to talk about that." Kame didn't want to feel the pain of the truth, not now.

"We do!" Jin said firmly. "I have to tell you the truth. I never lied to you. Everything I said was the truth!"

"The truth..."

"I do love you." Jin reached out, wiping the tears from Kame's face. "That's why I had to save you, because I love you so much.

"I love you too." Kame smiled through the tears.


They rode quite a ways to the hospital. The paramedics told them about the tornado, and Jin translated. A large part of the city had been hit by the tornado. They weren't sure how many dead. They were traveling 40 miles away to the nearest hospital that wasn't full. Others were in the ambulance, it was so packed that Jin had to sit on the floor.

Jin was the one that the paramedic checked on almost constantly. The blood pressure cuff stayed on his arm. Then when the ambulance did finally arrive at the hospital, Jin was the first one taken off it. He was placed on a stretcher and wheeled away, fast, very fast.

"What wrong?" Kame asked.

The paramedic tried to explain, but Kame couldn’t' understand most of what he said. Just something about surgery.


Kame was taken to a hallway where other beds were. People tried to talk to him, but Kame couldn't understand most of it. All he could think of was Jin. Was he all right? There was a call over the intercom, they needed type O blood. Kame felt a chill go through him. Jin had type O blood.

Doctors checked him, talking to him in English. Their hands rough on him, as if he were an idiot for not understanding the language. So they just shoved him around.

Kame was afraid; he was injured in a strange land, with no one that understood him.

A nurse came up to him carrying a clip board. This was a different nurse; there had been several, all trying to get information out of Kame.

"Name?" The nurse asked Kame in English.

"Kamenashi Kazuya."

"How do you spell that?"

"What?" Kame asked.


"My name is Kamenashi Kazuya." he repeated.

"I know that! But how do you spell it?" She demanded. “Are you an idiot or something?”

“I don’t know English.” Kame admitted.

Kame looked around. He had been put in a hallway, since most of the rooms are full. His eyes set on one of the girls from the zoo. She was sitting in a chair just waiting, he wasn't sure for what. She looked very lost.

"She knows me." Kame told the nurse.


"That girl, there!" Kame tried to point, even though it hurt.

The nurse went to the girl, and asked her something, pointing at Kame. She nodded.

The girl followed the nurse back to the stretcher. She was all ready wearing a cast on one arm.

"Hello Kamenashi-kun," The girl said in Japanese.

"You know Japanese?" Kame asked relieved.

"My father was stationed in Osaka when I was little." She told him. "My mother's Japanese."

The girl translated for the nurse, and soon the forms for both Kame and Jin are filled out.


Kame was pushed to x-ray, and put in line. The girl stood by him. Kame chatted with her. He found out her name was Midori. She was going to college, and was with a school group as a volunteer.

Kame asked her if she could be his official translator until he could find Jin. She smiled and agreed.

That was when a door down the hallway opened, and then someone was pushed quickly down the hallway. It was Jin! Kame couldn’t take his eyes off of him. There was a bag of blood attached to an IV that was carried beside the stretcher by a nurse. Jin had on oxygen mask on, and his chest had been bandaged. The person was unconscious. Then his stretcher was pushed past Kame and put into an elevator.

"Jin," Kame gasped. "What happened to him?"

"I'll ask a nurse." Midori told him. She went up to a nurse. She chatted for quite some time with her. Then she returned to Kame. "Akanishi-kun had a ruptured spleen. He had emergency surgery to take it out."

"Will he be all right?" Kame paused. "Please Midori, the truth."

"They aren't sure." She admitted. "He had a lot of internal bleeding. He almost died before they could get him to the operating table. But they said there is a good chance that he will live. He will need some more blood transfusions."

"I wish I had his type of blood so I could help him." Kame said.

"You'll help him the best by getting better." The girl told him.


Kame was x-rayed. One of his arms was out of joint. That was put into place. That had hurt beyond belief, but once it had been reset, the pain had left his arm. The other arm was broken, as was his leg. Those were put into casts. Then, because the hospital had no more room, he was put back into the hallway.

All Kame could think about was Jin. He wanted to be near him. Jin had told him he loved him. Kame was terrified he would never see his friend alive again.

"Is there anyway you could call Japan for me?" Kame asked. "I mean, could I trust you to do this, and not give out the number I'm going to give you."

"I won't tell anyone." She promised. She pulled out her cell phone. She dialed the number Kame gave her. "Hello? I am calling for Kamenashi-kun." She paused. "Here, I'll hold the phone up to his ear."

The girl held the phone to Kame's ear. "Hello Koki?"

"Kame!" Koki yelled over the phone. "We heard about the tornado! Are you all right?"

"I've been hurt. I've broken both my arms and one of my legs." Kame admitted.

"What about Jin?"

"He has a ruptured spleen." Kame told him. "He had surgery."

"Does the agency know?"

"No, I called you first." Kame admitted. "I don’t' really want a lot of staff here. There really isn’t' any room. All they will do is give both Jin and I private rooms, and there is a lot of people hurt much worse then us that need those rooms."

"I understand." Koki said. "I have a way with Johnny-sama. Why don't you have me talk to him?"

"That would be great."

"Where are you?"

"I'm not sure." Kame looked at the girl. "Midori, can you help? I don’t' know where we are."

"Sure," She put the phone to her ear. She answered Koki's questions. Then she turned off the phone. "He's going to talk to Johnny-sama, then call right back."


Kame lay in the hallway, with the others that had been hurt. The staff at the hospital tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Midori had stayed, so that she could translate for him. She acted like a nurse’s aid. There was no where else for her to go. For her parents were recovering from their own injuries in a hospital miles away from where she was at the moment.

Suddenly Kame saw him, a guy dressed in gangster gear looking at bed after bed. The patients looked afraid to put it mildly. He was carrying an overnight case. He was followed by Ueda. Even thought there was people every where, Ueda looked calm, cool and collected.

"Midori, Koki and Ueda are here. Can you go and tell them where I am?" Kame asked her.

"Sure," The girl said. She went to Koki, talking to him. Then she guided him to Kame's bed.

"You look bad." Koki told him.

"Thanks a lot." Kame groaned. "That's all I need. Johnny-sama’s going to kill me."

"Don't worry about Johnny-sama.” Koki reassured. “I took care of him. He's assigned us to take care of you."

"Who’s the cute translator?" Ueda asked.

"This is Midori. She's been a big help to me." Kame said. "She's also a fan."

"A fan in this place?" Ueda couldn't believe his ears.

"She's been a big help." Kame gestured to Koki who bent down. "We have to thank her. Her parents are in a hospital in Lawton, is there anyway we could get her to them?"

"I told the taxi to wait for me." Koki said. "I'll be right back."

Kame watched Koki run out of the hospital. He turned to Midori. "I want you to write your address and phone number down for me."

"Why?" She asked.

"It's very important, just do it please?"

The girl got a piece of paper out. She wrote down all the information that Kame asked her to. She handed it to Ueda. "Can you keep this for him?"

"Of course I will." Ueda promised.

Koki came back a few minutes later. He was smiling. "Midori-Chan, can you come with me? I have something very important I need to talk to you about."

"Sure," she followed Koki out of the hospital.

"I mean it Ueda, don't loose that information. I have to pay her back for caring for me." Kame told his friend.

"How?" Ueda asked.

"She's a fan, so I thought I could send her some autographed programs or something."

Koki came back a few minutes later without Midori. "She's on her way to see her parents. I gave her enough money so she could stay in a hotel room."

"Thank you," Kame said.

"Jin, where's Jin?" Ueda asked.

"I'm not too sure." Kame admitted. "Midori's checked on him for me. But he hasn't waked up yet."

"Ueda, stay here with Kame, I'll check on Jin." Koki ordered.


"Kame, you and Jin?" Ueda asked. As soon and Koki left.

"Yes and no." Kame admitted. "We've admitted love each other, but we're not lovers, not yet."

"Why is he so bad off?"

"He saved my life." Kame looked at the other patients. "The shelter we were in collapsed. He took the debris off of me, and then he carried me to safety. He found a wagon and put me in it. Then he brought me to help. He didnt' tell me he was so injured."

"What would have happened if he had?"

"I would have made him leave me." Kame said firmly. 'His safety is the only thing that means anything to me."

"You two do love each other." Ueda told him. "A love like that is hard to find. Don't worry; you'll get back together with him."

"How do you know that?" Kame asked.

"I just know," Ueda smiled mysteriously.


Koki returned a few minutes later with an orderly. "Hey Kame, want to go for a ride?"

"A ride?" Kame repeated.

Koki said something in English to the orderly. They grabbed Kame's cot and wheeled it down the hallway.

Kame was taken to a very small room, not more then a walk in closet. He could hear the sounds of a heart monitor. There was barely room for one bed. It took the orderly and Koki some effort to move the other bed, so that it was against one wall. Then there was enough room for Kame's cot and a path between them.

For the first time, Kame looked at the man in the other bed. The one that was so pale, so different from the man Kame had fallen in love with. There was a tube down Jin's throat, and his chest had been bandaged. There was also a bag of blood hanging from an IV stand. But it was the man he loved, the man who had risked everything to save his life.

"Jin." Kame gasped.