Time passed, Jin hadn't woken yet. But Kame being closer to him made him feel better. The breathing tube had been removed the day before. Which meant that Jin was one step closer to getting well. One step closer to being able to wake up in each other's arms. One step closer to the things that Kame wanted more then anything.

It made Kame feel good that Koki and Ueda had decided to camp out in their room. Ueda was the one awake; he fussed around the unconscious Jin. Koki on the other hand always found out of the way places to rest. This time Koki's place of choice was somewhere he thought no one would ever see.

A nurse came into the room, she looked around. Her eyes settled on Koki, who was asleep under Jin's bed.

"What's he doing there?" She demanded. It was the nurse that Kame nick named horse face. She always yelled at Kame to try and get him to understand English.

Ueda got to his feet; he went into the hallway with her. Kame could hear them talking, but he couldn’t understand anything they were saying. Still, after a few moments she left, and Ueda went back into Kame and Jin’s hospital room.

A few minutes passed. A man came into the room. He looked official, wearing a suit and tie. It was one of the few suits that Kame had seen since arriving in Oklahoma. He glared at Ueda. . "It is past visiting hours."

"I am a translator for Mr. Kamenashi," Ueda told him in English.

"Why does Kamenashi need a translator?" The man asked.

"He does not know English." Ueda told him. "We did get permission to stay."

"Who exactly gave you permission?" the man asked.

"The head nurse,"

"She does not have permission to grant you the ability to stay here." He paused. "I am going to have to ask you to leave."

"I'm sure we can come to some arrangement." Ueda left the room with the man.


After Ueda left, Kame got a little bit scared. He knew he had to have someone with him who knew the language. Plus Ueda might need Koki.

"Wake up Koki!" Kame told him. Then he said the thing that always got Koki to his feet. "Ueda's ran off with Junno. Their doing it in the elevator!"

"Tat-Chan wouldn't do that." Koki turned over and rubbed his eyes. "What's wrong?"

"There's a man, he wants you to leave." Kame said.

"What man?"

"I have no idea, but he wears a suit."

"Can't leave you guys." Koki crawled out from under the bed and stretched. "Who would translate for you if I left?"

"I don't know." Kame admitted. He glanced at Jin, who was still asleep. "Jin was my translator, but he's gone."

"He's not gone!" Koki almost spat. "He'll wake up and be back with you."

"We haven't even made love yet." Kame said sadly.

"That doesn't mean he doesn't love you." Koki reminded him. "He almost died saving you. Not many people would do that."

"I know, I'm very lucky." Kame reached out a bit, touching the frame of Jin's bed. So close, but yet so far. He couldn't touch the man he loved.


Ueda found out that the man was the hospital director. He was the only one who could give them permission to stay. He had a large important looking desk that reminded Ueda so much of Johnny-sama’s.

"I do not think it's good for some illegal alien to be sleeping under a patient’s bed." The Director told Ueda. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you into immigration and get you deported?"

"We are not illegal aliens." Ueda countered.

"Then why don't you do what others do? Go to a local hotel."

"That wouldn't be a good idea." Ueda said quickly. "The press might pick up the fact that we are coming to visit patients."

"What's so wrong with that?"

"We are members of the group Kat-tun." Ueda tried to explain. "You really do not want the press here."

"Why would the press come here? I've never heard of Kat-Tun." he curled his lips a bit.

'Give me ten minutes on your internet. If I cannot prove that the Japanese press will come, then we will leave." Ueda offered.

"Why should I even let you have that?" The director countered. "Unwelcome visitors do not have access to the internet."

"If that's what you want." Ueda paused. "You can be the one that checks. Look up Akanishi Jin on the internet yourself. Look up Kamenashi Kazuya. Hell, look up Kat-tun. Look at our photos. You tell me if we are famous. You tell me if you really want this place swarming with Japanese press. Our press aren't like the American press! Most of them won't leave because you asked them too. They will sneak in and harass your patients."

"What if there's nothing?" The Director countered.

"Then we will leave." Ueda promised. "But be warned, our comings and goings will bring the press down on you. No one in this hospital will get any rest when that happens."


Ueda was waiting in the Director Office lobby. This was driving him crazy. Didn't anyone really care if Kame had a translator? Kame had told him about how he was treated without the translator. Someone had to be there to look out for Kame's best interests. He called Johnny-sama who promised to talk to the hospital director.

Still, Ueda tried to hope. He knew his friends needed them there. If Ueda didn't handle it, Koki would. Ueda would save Koki as a final resort.

The door to the Director's office opened. The Director came out into the lobby.

"I got a very strange call a few minutes ago from a Johnny Kitagawa." The Director told him. "Is that your boss?"

"Yes, we work for him." Ueda admitted.

"It seems you are right. You are famous." The Director admits. "I also admire the fact that you do not want this hospital overrun with press."

"Thank you." Ueda told him.

"We'll give you a cot in an out of the way place." The Director decided. "That way no one will have to sleep under Akanishi's bed."

"Thank you very much sir." Ueda smiled to himself as he watched the Director hurry around and make arrangements.


Kame was sick of hospital food. Really, really sick of it. They never had rice. It was just stuff. Really weird stuff. Things called pigs in a blanket. Other things, things they called stir fry, but were made of soggy vegetables that had lost their taste, other things he couldn't name. Kame didn't like to eat most of the food. So he usually gave it to Koki, who was so hungry he gobbled it down.

Kame wasn't really that hungry. He was the type of person who would forget to eat. So instead, he would loose weight.

"When was the last time you ate?" Ueda asked.

"I haven't really thought of it." Kame admitted.

"If you could eat anything, what would it be?" Ueda asked.

"Rice, I miss rice." Kame admitted.

"I thought they gave you rice." Ueda told him. "I did arrange that for you."

"They put peaches with heavy syrup on it! Then the next time, they put sugar and milk on it." Kame shuddered. "What is wrong with these people? Don't they know how to serve rice?"

"Americans are different from Japanese." Ueda pointed out.

"I know, I know." Kame groaned. "I asked for tea, and they gave me tea with all this sugar. I couldn't drink it."

"Why don't I see if I can arrange something?" Ueda suggested. "You just rest here, and I'll get you something."


Ueda went to the nurse’s desk. He smiled at a certain one, one he had wrapped around his little finger. "Do you know a place that serves good rice?"

"What kind of rice?" She asked.

"Steamed rice, fried rice. Something that we can eat with chop sticks."

The woman passed him a menu. "This cafe has really good food. They'll even deliver."

"Can I use your phone?"

"Go ahead." She smiled.

Ueda called for take out. Enough for all four members of the group. Though Jin was still out. He picked things he hoped that Kame would eat. That was one thing that made Ueda worry about Kame. While he never ate enough, he had totally stopped eating since coming to the hospital. The food was so horrid that the only one of the three that was eating normally was Koki.

A few minutes passed, and the take out was delivered, with chop sticks. He brought the food to Kame's room. Koki was sitting on the floor, talking to Kame.

"I got us some take out. Hopefully it will be good." Ueda said. He looked at his lover. "I hope you like it."

"You know I will." Koki got to his feet; he helped arrange the containers on a small table.

The cafe had even included the bowls that Ueda had requested. That way, everyone could have a bit of everything. And that way he could force Kame to eat more.

"What do you want?" Ueda asked Kame.

Kame looked at the food, for the first time in a while, he looked hungry. "I'll take some of the rice, and some of the meat."

Ueda served Kame the food. Then he made his own bowl. He sat down on the floor with Koki. He was please when Kame quickly ate his bowl then asked for more. Ueda smiled and got to his feet. He refilled the bowl, and then passed it to Kame.


Jin opened his eyes. The pain in his stomach was gone, replaced by a dull ache. He looked around the room. The room was so very small. Then he glanced to the bed next to his, the one that was so close he could touch. The person beside him had a cast on one arm, and one on his leg.

"Kazuya," He murmured.

"How are you doing?" Kame asked concerned.

"I feel much better." Jin admitted.

"Why didn't you tell me you where hurt?" Kame asked.

"I thought I would get better." Jin suddenly realized something was in his nose. A tube that went from a bag to his nose. He could feel the coldness from the tube in his throat. "What is this thing in my nose?"

"Feeding tube, so you could get nourishment." Kame explained.

"How long have I been here?"

"About a week." Kame looked into the hallway. "Hey Koki, he's awake."

Koki came into the room. He looked at Jin. "I'll go get a nurse."

"Don't get horseface." Kame told him.

"Will do," Koki left the room.

"Horseface?" Jin repeated.

"Yeah, there's a nurse here that thinks if she shouts at you in English, that you'll understand it." Kame explained.

"So what's Koki doing here?" Jin asked.

"I asked him to come here." Kame said. "I needed a translator."

"Where's his other half?" Jin asked, referring to Ueda.

"He's taking a nap some where." Kame said. "They're taking turns caring for us, one during the day, and one at night."


The nurse came into the room. The curtain between Jin and Kame's bed was drawn, so that Kame couldn’t see what was happening. He wanted to see. He wanted to know what was happening with Jin. But everyone was talking in English. So he had no idea what was happening.

Soon a doctor came into the room. Kame could hear them examine Jin. Then the curtain was pulled back, and the nurse left with the feeding tube and IV bag.

Kame wanted to ask what they had told Jin, but instead, he looked at the TV. At the judge show that Koki was addicted to. He suddenly felt very shy around his friend.

"Kazuya, the words I told you in the zoo." Jin told him. "None of them were lies. I wanted you to know that."

"You told me that all ready." Kame reminded him.

"I wasn’t' sure. It felt like a dream." Jin admitted. "I am in love with you."

"I love you too," Kame turned to him and smiled.

"Why do I suddenly want to hold you?" Jin said almost sadly. "But I can't, you're too far away."

Kame reached out his good hand. He could touch the rail of Jin's bed. Jin put his hand on top of Kame's. Their skins connecting, the first time since they had gotten into the ambulance. Then Kame bent down, it took quite a bit of effort, but he was able to kiss Jin's finger tips. Letting his lips love them.

"When we get out of the hospital. I want to spend a week in bed with you." Kame admitted. "I want us to make love to each other until we can't walk."

"I do too." Jin admitted. "I just woke up and I'm horny."

"Me too," Kame sighed. "But we'll just have to wait."

Kame knew that he would have to wait to be with Jin. But he now knew that when the wait was over, that it would be worth it. Because he had Akanishi Jin.



Two weeks passed. The pair had become more then friends, much more. They were together, though because of circumstances they couldn't actually become lovers. Jin was recovering, and was even allowed to walk around some. He had the option of spending his time any where in the hospital, but he chose to spend it with Kame.

In normal circumstances, Kame would have been allowed to move around with a wheel chair, but there was none available. So he had to spend time in bed, forced to watch the judge shows that Koki and Jin were addicted to.

Kame was beginning to understand more and more of English, but still he was miserable. He was never allowed to be alone with Jin. While he liked Koki and Ueda, he just wanted some quality time with his boy friend.

A doctor came into the room. The curtain was pulled between Jin and Kame's bed.

"How are you feeling?" The doctor asked.

"I am fine," Kame told him in English.

"How's the leg?"

"The pain's going away." Kame said in Japanese.

Koki translated for him. The doctor said something to Koki, his friend looked at him. "He wants to know if you get discharged from the hospital, were would you go?"

"I haven't thought of it."

“I can arrange for you to have a hotel room close by the hospital.”

“Why cant’ I stay here?”

Koki translated. Then he turned back to Kame. "You're going to be discharged in the morning. The hospital needs your bed for other patients."

"I can't leave Jin!" Kame said firmly.

"He still has a few more days to recover," The doctor told him. "But you'll be allowed to visit him often."

When Koki translated, Kame asked. "How will I be able to visit, I don't even have a wheel chair?"

"You're well enough to use a boot cast." The doctor explained. "You'll be able to walk with that."

“I see,” Kame said.

“I’ve talked to your agency.” The doctor continued. “They are sending staff here to take care of you. They said they have your best interests in mind.”

The doctor pulled the curtain and left, not talking or looking at Jin.

That should have been good news. It should have been the best news ever. But to Kame it wasn't. It was news close to tragedy. He would be parted from the man he loved. Soon staff would arrive, and they wouldn't let Jin around him. The love that he so craved from Jin would have to be shoved even more on the back burner.

"What's wrong?" Jin asked him.

"I'm being released tomorrow," Kame looked away from him.

"That's wonderful news!" Jin smiled.

"That's horrible news. They are going to give my bed to someone else." A tear rolled down Kame's face. "What are we going to do?"

"We'll be together," Jin promised, his dark eyes so honest that Kame nodded and agreed, though his heart didn't.


Time passed, Kame grew more and more depressed. The knowledge that he would never be Jin's lover began to bother him. How could he tell Jin that all he could think of was Jin loving him? He felt like a teen aged boy going through puberty. Living with an almost constant hard on. Never getting relief from his needs.

Jin was so close, so close Kame could touch his fingers. But that was the only thing that Kame could touch. The rest of Jin's body was far away from him.

"What's bothering you?" Jin asked concerned.

"It's nothing really."

"I can help," Jin told him. "Please tell me what's wrong? Is it the dreams?"

“No, it’s not the dreams.” Kame didn’t like to talk about his nightmares that he had been having since the tornado.

“Then what it? “ Jin’s eyes were so earnest. “I’ll get you the best help.”

"There is no help for me, not here." Kame whispered. "It will get even worse tomorrow. I leave the hospital tomorrow. Staff is coming to take care of me. When the staff arrive. They'll force us apart, the way that they did when they made us sign the contract. Then I'll never feel your caress, your touch."

"Kazuya," Jin breathed.

"I should be grateful of what we have. That we could spend this time together." He paused. "I shouldn't be so selfish, to want to be inside you. Because that will never happen again.

"No, it will be different this time." Jin promised. "We won't be forced apart. We'll live together in happiness. I'll wake in your arms every morning."

"I hope so, but I'm a realist. I know that someday, very soon they'll force us apart." Kame put his hand on Jin's railing. "Then I'll be alone again. Just like I am now."

"You're not alone." Jin put his hand on top of Kame's. "If they ask me to sign a paper, I'll tell them to go to hell."

"You'll be fired."

"If it's with you, I don't mind." Jin looked into Kame's eyes.

Just then Ueda came in with food. Kame let his hand drop. He hated being careful. But this place was so wide open, anyone could see them.


Kame was seriously depressed. No matter what Jin did to try and cheer him up nothing happened. Kame seemed to be withdrawing from Jin. The fact that Kame was being released from the hospital should have been good news, but Kame was treating it like a tragedy. Almost as if they would break up when he left.

"What's wrong?" Koki asked after Kame was taken to the bathroom to take a shower.

"I'm worried about Kame." Jin admitted. "There's something wrong with him, and he wont' tell me what it is."

"He hasn't told you anything?"

"He told me that he thinks the agency will force us apart after he's left the hospital." Jin told him. "He's really depressed about it."

"That won't happen," Koki said. "I talked to Johnny-sama about the two of you. Now that you're of age, you're allowed to love anyone you want, even each other."

"I wish I could love him. To show him that even though he'll be out of the hospital, we'll still be together." Jin sighed. "I know he won't let me crawl into his bed, but I wish we could do some phone love or something."

"Why don't you?" Koki gave him a wicked smile.

"We'll get caught."

"Tell you what, after Kame gets back from his shower, we'll close your door, and I'll stand watch over it. I'll tell everyone you're sleeping." Koki promised. "Don't worry; no one will get through that door!"


Kame returned from the shower. The nurse helped him get into bed, even though Kame was perfectly able to get in himself. But the nurse was horserace. Kame hated her.

"YOU REST NOW!" she screamed in English.

"I will," Kame had a new cast on his leg, one with a boot that let him walk. He would have to be independent soon.


"Yes, thank you." Kame tried not to roll his eyes, but it was hard.


"I like it," Jin said in English. "Has anyone told you that you scream too much?"


Just then the door opened. The head nurse came into the room. “What is going on?”

“This nurse has called us a bad name.” Jin told her in English.

“What kind of name?” She paused. “What I heard was horrible. She called you a queer?”

“Yes, she did.” Koki said. “She’s been mean to my friends since I’ve gotten here.”

“Their gays!” the horse faced nurse sneered. “We don’t need that kind of people around here.”

“Go to my office and wait for me.” The head nurse ordered.

The nurse they called horse face left.

“I’m very sorry you had to go through that.” The head nurse told them. “I can promise you, she is being fired on the spot.”

“Thank you very much.” Jin said relieved.


As soon as the nurse left, Koki gave Jin a knowing smile. Then he left the room, shutting the door.

"What's going on?" Kame asked.

"I want to make love to you," Jin said.

"No way, not here!" Kame told him firmly. "I will not have us getting into trouble because you're in my bed. Besides, have you really thought how we would do it, with my casts?"

"I was thinking of phone love." Jin said in his best sexy voice. "I know its' not the same as real love, but it will due until we get out of here."

"You mean phone sex?" Kame asked. When Jin nodded. Kame told him. "Baka, you can't have phone sex when I'm in the next bed."

"Why can't we?"

*Why is my boy friend such baka?* Kame sighed. "Why don't we just love each other as we look at each other?"

"Well, that's what I meant!" Bakanashi insisted.

Kame felt himself grow hard at Jin's suggestion. "Are you sure you want to?"

"I need you Kazuya, even this way." Jin put on his best puppy dog eyes. "Please?"

Kame couldn’t' resist Jin's puppy dog eyes. "All right. Let's do it."

"What do you want?"

"Us, in one of the closets at the practice studios." Kame told him. "We're well finally."

"We look at each other across the practice floor," Jin said. "Your eyes met mine. I know it's forbidden, but it doesn't matter to me."

"I walk past you," Kame tells him. "I brush against you slightly. Then I keep going, into the hallway. I don't look back to see if you will follow."

"I watch as you enter the closet. I am soon following behind you." Jin said. "I have just closed the door, when suddenly you grab me."

"I kiss you. Your tongue dances with mine." Kame pulled down his pants, and takes his throbbing hardness into his good hand.

'Your kiss is so rough," Jin told him. "It's like it sucks out my soul. Our lips slide together. Your arms crush me to you. I want to yell at the world that I belong to you."

"All I want is you. We don't have much time. Not enough time for foreplay." He glances at Jin, who is sucking his fingers. "I help you off with your pants. You press the lube into my hand. I quickly coat myself with it. Then with one thrust I am inside you."

He watched Jin take the fingers out of his mouth. He pulled the blankets down so that Kame can see him. His scar was still so fresh, so new. But the scar didn't matter to Kame. Then Jin plunged the fingers he had been sucking into himself. His penis hard, weeping with pre-cum. It jerked with every thrust of Jin's hand.

"Oh Kame, you're' so big today." Jin gasped. His other hand went to his nipples pinching one. "Please, let me see you."

Kame moved the blanket so that Jin could see what he was doing. Jin watched him intently.

"You are so tight," Kame began to stroke himself again. "So very warm. When I'm inside you I realized what I have missed is back. I begin to thrust. Then I take your cock in my hand and began to pump it in time to my thrusts."

Kame watched as Jin's hand moved to his cock.

There wasn't much talking for the next few minutes. They watched each other as they loved themselves. Jin was the first to go over the edge. His head arching back. He bit down hard on his bottom lip, trying to keep himself from crying out.

Jin was always the sexiest creature on earth when he had an orgasm. It was enough to drive Kame over the edge. He came, hard. Filling his hand.

When he finally came down from his orgasm, he looked at Jin, who was licking his own fingers clean. His lover always had a thing about sperm.

"Jin, can you clean me?" Kame extended his hand.

Jin leaned over, and cat-like licked Kames' seed from his hand.

When Jin was finished, he sat back up. "Don’t' think of tomorrow as the ending. Think of it as the beginning. One step closer to us being real lovers."

"Johnny-sama will force us apart." Kame reminded him.

"Koki talked to him. He's told me that since we're of age, we're allowed to be together."

"Can it be this easy?" Kame asked.

"Believe it." Jin kissed Kame's hand. "If you can only believe in one thing, believe in our love."

"I do believe," Kame promised.

Jin let go of Kame's hand. Then he pulled the blankets back over himself. Kame did the same. Then Jin smiled. "Someday we will look back this time and smile."

"Do you think so?" Kame asked.

"I know so." Then Jin settled back down into his bed.

Just in time, for soon a nurse came into the room, and pulled the curtain to examine Jin. Kame lay back in his bed, hoping that perhaps everything might be all right, that he wouldn’t be forced to leave Jin. But Kame knew that staff from Johnny’s would arrive when he was discharged, and that would change everything.


It had been a week since Kame had been released from the hospital. The staff had decided that Kame couldn’t' see Jin. They were afraid that Kame's visits to the hospital might make the press suspicious. The staff wouldn't even let Kame call Jin.

It wasn't the same. Staff had arrived at the hotel, but they gave Kame plenty of room to think. That's what he did most of his time when he couldn’t' see Jin, think. There wasn't much else for Kame to do. Oh he had Ueda and Koki to keep him company, but on their off times they had a tendency to love each other very loudly.

That was the problem with the hotel they were staying at. It had thin walls. Kame was really glad that Ueda and Koki had each other, but hearing it was another matter. It just reminded him of his not having Jin nearby.

Kame's peaceful day was being interrupted by Ueda and Koki in the other room.

"I need you so bad," The first lovers said. "It's been so long since I've had you."

"It's only been a couple of hours." Ueda reminded Koki.

"It's not my fault that you're so damned sexy."

A few moments passed, and Kame could hear the rhythmic thumping of the bed against the wall that separated his room from Koki and Ueda's. Ueda was a very loud lover, groaning with every thrust of Koki's. Kame could feel fingers of white hot fire run down his back and settle in his penis.

Kame wanted to run into the other room and tell the pair to stop. To demand that they think of others. To tell them that it wasn't fair to turn on Kame like that, then do nothing.

It didn't help anything for Kame to have to hear Koki and Ueda loving each other in the way he so desperately wanted to love Jin. Kame decided to give into the noises from the other room.

Kame picked the photo off the bed side table. It was his favorite photo of Jin. It had been taken for a Potato magazine. It was a head and shoulder shot, Kame at Jin's side. They both wore kimonos. His hand went to his pants, unfasten it. He took his aching hardness out.

Then Kame stared at the photo as he loved himself. Pretending for just a few minutes that he had Jin with him. That the hand touching him was Jin's. That the sounds coming from the next room were his and Jin's.

But when Kame had come down from his orgasm, he realized he was alone. Jin wasn't there; Jin might never be back at his side.


Kame was having a nightmare. The nightmares reminded Kame again and again of the tornado. The ones that made him afraid that Jin was dead. Kame had tried to stay awake, but sleep overcame him.

The noise, like a freight train, like a million jets crashing over his head. The noise was deafening. Kame looked into the Tokyo skyline. In the distance was a huge tornado.

*Not again,* Kame thought.

"Come on," Jin grabbed Kame's hand. "I'll take you to safety."

Kame and Jin ran down the streets of Tokyo hand in hand. Both desperately looking for shelter.

Suddenly it was too late; the tornado was almost on top of them. Jin pushed Kame to the ground then shielded him with his body.

Kame could feel a force pulling Jin off of him. Then he looked up, Jin was being taken by the tornado.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kame screamed.

Then the tornado let Jin go, and Kame’s lover fell to the ground.

Kame ran to his side, his friend looked up to him with lifeless eyes.

“Don’t die!” Kame shouted. “You promised you wouldn’t leave me!”

Jin couldn’t’ respond. Instead, all Kame could do was hold his dead lover and sob.

"Kame!" Ueda said. He was shaking Kame hard.

"Tat-Chan, what are you doing here?" Suddenly Kame was in the hotel room. "What happened? Where’s Jin? Did he die?”

You were having a bad dream." Ueda explained.

"A dream," Kame repeated.

"What were you dreaming about?"

"I dreamt that Jin had died in the tornado." Kame paused. “I’m insane, I know I am.”

"It doesn't mean that you're crazy." Ueda said gently.

"You’re wrong, I am insane." He insisted. "The dream haunts me. But in the hospital, I just had to look at Jin, and know that everything's all right."

"I have the same problem as you. Remember when I saw that man killed?"

"You don’t like to talk about it."

"I used to dream about the man a lot." Ueda told him. "The same kind of dreams that you are having now. Reliving the same event over and over in my mind."

"I'm so afraid that the agency will take me away from Jin. I know that Koki said they wouldn't but..." He thought for a second. "They told me I can't see him until I get back to Japan. I'm not sure I'll even be allowed to be alone with him then."

"After they made you sign the paper, I understand totally." Ueda told him. "I'll have my fathers' lawyers talk to Johnny-sama; we'll get something in writing about not tearing the two of you apart."

"Can you do that?"

"Sure, that's the good thing about having a family with money... and connections." Ueda smiled. “Now you go to sleep. I’ll stay with you tonight.”


Three more days passed. Things had changed in the hospital. The press had found out about Jin's being at the hospital. Soon the hospital was surrounded by Japanese press.

The director of the hospital quickly decided that it was time for Jin to be released from the hospital. Jin would be released in the middle of the night. A time when most of the press had left to rest for the night.

"Will Kame be waiting for me at the hotel?" Jin asked a staff member as they rode to the hotel in a taxi.

"The agency’s decided that you'll be on a different floor then Kamenashi-kun." The staff begun.

Jin felt his heart sink. A different floor from Kame. His lover had been right; it was so much like before. When the agency had forced the two lovers apart.

The staff member talked to Jin, but he tuned it out. He didn't want to hear the agency's reasons for keeping him away from Kame.

He heard the staff's phone ring. Jin ignored it. He thought of Kame. Koki had told him how Kame had quit eating, was lapsing into depression. The nightmares were back, even worse then before. Jin realized that Kame needed him at his side.

They arrived at the hotel. They had to wait for a clerk, since it was so late. Jin's cell phone rang.

"Hi?" Jin said.

"You out of the hospital?" Ueda asked.

"Yeah I'm in the lobby."

'"Enjoy tonight."

"How can I enjoy tonight?" Jin countered. "I'm going to be on a different floor then Kame."

"Baka! I told you I've arranged it. You're going to be in the same room as Kame." Ueda chided. "Johnny-sama has told me personally that you are allowed to be with him. He even told me you two could live together when we get back home."

"If you say so." Jin didnt' believe him.

"Have fun,"

"Will do." Jin hung up the ketai. If only Ueda words were true. But Jin knew that there was no way they would be together.


The staff member gave Jin his room key. She told him to take care, and then went off to her own room. Jin thought it was strange. Staff usually followed them to their rooms.

Jin went to his room. The key was the type you slide in, and then pull out. Then the light would tell you the room was unlocked. Jin noticed the do not disturb sign on the door. But perhaps they had gotten that prepared for him.

He opened the door, and went it. The lights were off, but the TV was on.

He felt around for the light switch and turned it on.

Lying in the bed was Kame. His cheeks sunken from not eating, he looked exhausted.

"Jin!" Kame screamed. It took him a bit to move to Jin. He limped to Jin.

Jin grabbed him in a massive hug. "Kazuya, oh god Kazuya."

They told me I wouldn't see you until we got back to Japan." Kame clung to him; he had lost so much weight since the tornado.

"I missed you so much." Jin admitted.

"I wanted to see you, but they wouldn’t' even let me call."

"It's okay, it doesn't matter now. We have each other." Jin soothed. . "It's the moment we've been waiting for."

Then Jin was kissing Kame's lips, passionately, hungrily. They had waited so long to just kiss. He tried to pull Kame to the bed, but his friend stopped him.

"I have two casts." Kame reminds him.

"It will be all right, we'll find a way." Jin promised. "I just can't wait any longer."

"I can't either." Kame admitted.

Jin kissed Kame. He wanted the kiss to be gentle, loving, but Kame quickly made it passionate. He began to work on Jin's clothes.

"Koki gave us a present." Jin took out the lube and pressed it into Kame's hand.

"This is strange, but I think we can do it if you lower yourself onto me." Kame decided.

Kame lay on the bed, on his back. His hardness so large, so wanting.

Jin soon joined him. He took the lube from Kame, and used it to prepare Kame. Then Jin took his all ready slick fingers and plunged them into himself.

They kissed as Jin loved himself with his fingers. Soon Kame nudged them away, replacing Jin's fingers with his own. Finally, a part of Kame inside of him. Jin’s eyes fluttered shut, and let out a soft moan.

"Are you ready," Kame finally asked.

"If you don’t get in me right now, I’m going to rape you.”

Jin got on top of Kame; he straddled his hips with his legs. Then Jin lowered himself onto Kame's hardness. He closed his eyes for a moment, he felt so full with Kame.

"God you're tight." Kame gasped. "Move my love."

Jin began to move up and down. Kame's good hand went to Jin's body, trying to pull it down even more. Jin wanted Kame so bad, that he didn’t care if Kame came quickly. He moved up and down as hard as he could on top of Kame.

Kame arched back, scraping at Jin with his good hand. He cried out hard, very hard with every movement of Jin’s.

Soon Kame was coming, screaming Jin’s name at the top of his lungs.

Jin sank down beside Kame, trying not to show his disappointment. He was still hard. Because Kame had a cast on one hand, he wasn’t able to pump Jin’s cock the way he used to when they were lovers in the past.

"Let me take care of that," Kame murmured. His head still spinning, he found the lube, coating Jin with it. He turned, so that he was on his side. His casts moved so they wouldn’t hurt while they loved.

"Please Jin, oh please, oh please. Inside me." Kame begged.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't." Kame promised.

Jin moved behind Kame, then without preparation, Jin pushed himself into his lover. Kame was so tight, even tighter then he remembered. Kame was so warm, so wonderful. He put his arm around Kame's waist. Then he began short, shallow strokes.

Jin's hand went around Kame's body; he was quickly able to get Kame hard again. Then all thoughts left him, all he wanted was to be complete with Kame. The thrusts got harder, even harder. Kame tried to shove himself onto Jin.

Their love making was noisy, neither caring if the neighbors heard them. They were together, that was all that mattered to them.

Then Kame came again, filling Jin's hand. That was enough to drive Jin over the edge. He screamed Kame’s name.

Jin clung to Kame; he brought his fingers to his lips, licking up the evidence of Kame's love. He didn’t want any of this to end.

"I'm never going to let you go." Jin vowed. "Never. We've gone through too much to be torn apart."

"I'll quit before I'll sign another piece of paper." Kame promised. "I'll be with you forever."

"Love you Kazuya." Jin felt his eyes grow heavy.

"Love you too." Kame was able to move so that he was back on his back; he took Jin into his arm. "Sleep my love; I'll be here when you wake."

Jin tried to fight the sleep, but it over came him. When he woke, it was to the smiles of Kame. His lover, the man he had risked everything for. The man he loved more then his life.

They had almost died together, that bond was something that couldn’t be taken from them by anyone. Their closeness would be like none other. They would always have each other, no matter what happened in the future.