Kinki Kids Stories

Just Friends: Tsuyoshi shares his first kiss with Koichi
The Present: Tsuyoshi gives Koichi a present
new beginnings p. 1:
New Beginings Part 2:
New Beginings Part 3:
New Beginings Part 4:
The Return: Koichi Returns to the dorms
trust and faith:
let your heart rule your head:
Birthday Surprise:
Birthday Surprise p 2:
Birthday Suprises P3:

V6-Juniors stories

The Dress: A Miyake Ken/Morita Go story. Very, very strange
New Routine: Okada has troubles learning a new routine
Onsen Trip Part One: V6 find love at an Onsen
Onsen Trip Part Two: Even new love has problems
Finding A Sister: Will Ken ever find his lost sister?
A little Bowling: Ken and Morita go bowling
Two of a Kind: Morita has a secret, can he trust Ken?
Only a Junior: Hasajun has a one sided love for Kaza
Johnny's Big Brother House P1: Ken and Morita find themselves in a future big brother house
Johnny's Big Brother House P2: One must die to save the other
Just to Be Close to You: Ken has a tumor, will Morita stay at his side?

Smap Stories

The Final Break: Goro excapes an abusive relationship, and finds love
Someday My Prince Will Come: A silly stupid story about Smap being transvestites. Except for Kimura of course!
Bistrorangers: A silly Non-yaoi story about Smap becoming Bistro Rangers!

Smap Vampire stories

If You Give: Shingo of Smap helps Tsuyoshi become a vampire
Feeding the Beast: Tsuyoshi has a terrible secret that could damage his relationship with Shingo
Jelious Dancing: sequel to Feeding the Beast
Nakai: A power struggle between Kimura and Nakai leads to understanding
Broken Bond Part 1:Goro and Kimura: Goro and Kimura cope with Goro's return to SMAP
Broken Bond Part 2: