Title: Junno One Half

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Genre': Romance, Humor, this story is A/U a really really strange A/U
Rating: PG
Pairings: JunDa

Note: the boy turns into girl stolen from Ranma nibun-no-ichi?,

Summary: Junno falls into a cursed stream during a visit to China. That's just the beginning of his troubles.


Taguchi Junnosuke had a problem. Not a small problem, but a large one. One so huge he couldn't share it with anyone.

Junno had gone to Bayankala Mountains in the QingHai Province of China for a segment of their volley ball show. Junno hadn't been watching where he was going. He fell into a spring that had the translated name. "Spring of Drowned Girl."

His guide had been devastated when it happened, though Junno was never really told why. The entire guide would tell Junno was that he had to stay away from cold water. She cried a whole lot, saying a curse was now on the Taguchi families’ house.

Junno had laughed it off. It was ridiculous, having a curse simply because he fell in some water.

But that had been the start of most of his problems. For when Junno was splashed with cold water, he turned into a girl.

Junno had a second problem, one almost as big as his first. He was madly in love with Ueda Tatsuya a fellow member of Kat-Tun. But Ueda was straight; he told everyone he was straight. He wasn't gay. Oh no. No way. Everyone thought Ueda protested too much.

How on earth was Junno going to explain his other half? Then it hit him. Junno made up a story. He told everyone that his cousin who looked a lot like him had moved into his apartment.

No problem there, he could go on with his life. If anyone saw him as a girl, he would just say he was his cousin. He went on this way for over a year. No one ever guessing the truth. That Junno wasn't simply a man.


A year passed. A year of hiding the truth from everyone. Junno had been caught in a rainstorm. The place the group was filming at was only a few blocks from where Junno lived. Now Junno was going to have to walk home without an umbrella.

He put his coat over his head and began to walk. But the cold rain was coming down so hard that he still got soaked. As Junno walked he could feel his body changing into a girl's. He just prayed that he wouldn't be caught this way.

"Hey Junno!" Ueda called, running up beside him. "Oh, its Suke isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm Suke." Junno turned to his friend.

"Why don't we share my umbrella?" Ueda suggested.

"That would be nice."

"I'm Ueda Tatsuya," Ueda told him. "I'm a friend of your cousin."

"Oh yes, he's talked a lot about you." Again, Junno lied.

‘Your cousin never told me just how beautiful you are." Ueda smiled seductively.

'Thank you," Junno felt himself blush. They finally arrived at his apartment house. "Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?"

"That would be wonderful." Ueda smiled at him.

Ueda followed him to his apartment. Junno felt very nervous. It felt almost like a first date. Ueda sat on the couch, and Junno made some coffee. As he did, he began to think. Perhaps they could date, and Ueda might never know he was really a Junno.

Junno shouldn't think that way. He loved Ueda. He couldn't trick him. But Ueda was straight. He wouldn't go out with Junno as a man. But he might, just might go out with Junno if Junno was a girl.

Junno poured two cups of coffee from the coffee pot. He fixed it the way that Ueda liked with plenty of cream and sugar.

He brought it in the living room and set Ueda's cup on the table in front of him.

Ueda looked up to him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Junno sat on the couch beside Ueda. "Is being a singer exciting?"

"Yeah, I like it." Ueda told him. "Someday I hope to have a visual k band."

"You'd be good at it." Junno told him.

'Are you a fan of Kat-tun?"

"I guess I have to be, since my cousin is in it."

"If your cousin wasn't a member would you like it?" Ueda persisted.

"Yes, I think I would." Junno told him. "Though I'm more a fan of the t-tun guys then K and A."

Ueda smiled as if pleased. Junno wondered how many girls went out with him just to get closer to Kame and Jin. Ueda took a sip of his coffee. Then he looked at Junno, really looked at him. "Did your cousin tell you how I like coffee?"

"I suppose he did." Junno told him.


It didn't take long for Ueda to develop feelings for Junno's cousin. He would call at all hours to talk to her. They had so much in common. Junno knew he shouldn't do what he did. He had encouraged Ueda. He knew his friend would be very upset when he found out the truth. That Suke and Junno were one and the same.

Then one day, Ueda asked him out. His female half that was. He asked Junno to wear his little black dress. Assuming that he owned one. Junno didn't, he had to go buy one. It felt strange wearing it, but it would make Ueda happy.

The door bell rang. Junno smoothed down his dress, then looked into the mirror. He had to admit, he looked good.

He opened the door, and let Ueda in. Ueda smiled as he looked at Junno. "You are so beautiful."

"Thanks," Junno tried not to act too manly.

"Where's Junno?" Ueda asked looking around the apartment.

"He had a date," Junno told him. At least that was the truth.

Ueda took Junno's hand in his. "Come on Suke, I've got a lot planned for today."

"What are we going to do?"

"We're going out to dinner," Ueda gave him a look full of lust. "Then my place for drinks."


The date led to Ueda seducing Junno. It wasn't hard, since Junno wanted it too. Junno bled his first time as a girl. He hadn't expected that. But then again, he hadn't been with any girls before. Ueda had been a wonderful lover. He knew exactly how to make Junno feel good, without Junno even telling him. It was like Ueda had experienced feelings as a woman himself.

They lay in bed together, Ueda holding Junno close to him. His fingers stroking his hair.

"Are you still bleeding?" Ueda asked concerned.

"I don't think so," Junno said truthfully. "Do girls always bleed when they make love?"

"No, only their first time." Ueda told him. "Listen, you no longer have to pretend around me, Junno."

"Why do you think I'm Junno?" Junno tried to play innocent.

'Do you remember when you went to China; I told you my family had gone there once on vacation?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"I was only eleven when my sister pushed me into the spring of the drowned boy." Ueda explained. "I guess I'm a little crazy, because I like being a man better then I ever did a girl. I mean like this, I don't have to have periods."

'I don't understand." Junno asked confused.

Ueda sighed. He went into the kitchen. He put the kettle on. Junno followed him stopping only to put on his robe. Ueda leaned against the counter, waiting for the water to get hot. As soon as the water was hot Ueda grabbed Junno by the wrist and pulled him into the bathroom.

"If I show you this, you can't tell anyone." Ueda said. "If it got out, I would be thrown out of the agency."

"That would only happen if you where a girl." Junno reminded him.

Ueda poured the water on his head. Then he tossed some onto Junno. Enough for Junno to turn back into a man. Junno couldn’t believe what stood in front of him.

A gorgeous girl stood in front of him. A little bit Goth, but beautiful. The news hit Junno like a sledgehammer. Ueda was really a girl. A very beautiful girl, but a girl none the less.

"Now you understand why I say I'm not gay." Ueda told him. "I'm really a girl."

Junno was at a total loss for words. "This is too strange."

"Tell me about it." Ueda told him. "I'm a girl who turns into a guy, who is in love with a guy who turns into a girl."

"That's why you say you're not gay,” Junno wasn't usually turned on by women, but Ueda as a woman was quite a turn on. He tied his robe. He didn't want Ueda to see his excitement.

"I like guys, that doesn't make me gay." Ueda shrugged. "I guess I have to call myself bisexual."

"I think we both are." Junno agreed. "Look at it this way, we're more alike then we thought."

"You're the only one I think who could ever understand my problem." Ueda agreed.

"What's your real name?"

"Midori," Ueda breathed. "I've never been with a man in my female body."

Junno couldn't believe his ears. "You haven't?"

"In a way, I'm still a virgin." Ueda moved closer to Junno. He put his arms around Junno's waist. "I would really like it if I could have my first time with you."

"I would really like that," Junno found himself saying. He kissed Ueda's lips.


The months passed, Junno was so happy with Ueda. Both totally accepted the other. It didn't matter that they had a curse. It actually spiced up their sex life. They had been taking turns being the girl in their relationship. Without even thinking of using birth control.

Junno had begun to get sick every time he woke in the morning. It was worse then a hang over. In the back of his mind, Junno knew that Ueda was getting sick too. But he didn't ask, that just made him sicker.

"So that's where you went to." Ueda said as he went into the bathroom.

"I'm sick again." Junno told him. He sat on the edge of the bath tub and wiped his mouth. "This is crazy, I get sick every morning."

Ueda opened a drawer and took out a small box. He opened it and passed something to Junno. "I have a test we're both going to take."

Junno looked at something that looked like a digital thermometer. "What do I do?"

"Put this in your urine stream.' To demonstrate, Ueda stood in front of the toilet. He began to urinate. Then he stuck the thermometer in the stream.

Junno did as Ueda instructed. "Now what do we do?"

"We wait," Ueda sat at the edge of the bath tub.

Junno watched as two lines appeared in the white area. "I've got lines."

"I do too," Ueda looked disgusted. "Damn, what are we going to do?"

"What do you mean?" Junno asked concerned. "What's wrong with us? Are we going to die?"

"We're not going to die." Ueda sighed. "Why didn't we use birth control?"

"Birth control!" Junno almost yelled. "But we're guys!"

"We're not always guys you know." Ueda groaned. "Sometimes we're women! If you remember, women can get pregnant!"

"You mean I'm pregnant?" Junno couldn’t believe his ears.

"We're both expecting." Ueda tried to stay came. "What are we going to do?"

"Get married?" Junno guessed.

"How are we going to explain this to Johnny-sama?" Ueda asked.

"Don't worry, we'll figure out a way. Perhaps we can tell Johnny-sama we need to go study English in America for about nine months." Junno pulled Ueda into his arms. His future with Ueda would be very, very strange. But they would face it together.