Title: Don't Let Him Go Part One

A Story in the Butterfly Universe

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Bishonen Ai
Rating: R-for violence


Summary: Kame goes to Kansas on vacation and finds Jin



Time: Mid March 2007






The agency wasn't happy with Kat-tun. They weren't doing as well since Jin left. So Kitagawa Johnny decided that the group needed a rest. Beginning on the first of February the group would take a year break. Then he announced two new projects that would debut at the beginning of March. There had never been a debut of two units at the same time. But it was wildly popular. A rap unit staring Maru and Koki and a visual K unit fronted by Ueda and Junno.


Because there were no projects for Kame, it was decided that he would go on a short vacation in America.†† Ueda had convinced Kame to go to a strange place called Kansas It would be a wonderful vacation, he had been told. He could go skiing. Kame's mother had laughed when Kame had decided to go to Kansas. She was an American citizen of Japanese decent. She wouldn't tell him why going to Kansas would be so funny.


Kame didn't want to go to Kansas. It was part of America. Jin was in America. It was hard on him, going to a place so close to his friend, but so very far away. Jin was in LA, everyone knew that. There had been photos of his lover taken at parties with girls. In a way, it hurt that Jin hadn't waited for him.


Kame decided that it was about time he left the agency. His father's attorney was looking about how to get him out of his contract. Perhaps, hopefully in the near future, he would be able to be with Jin. That his lover would smile, and tell him that the photos didn't matter, that Jin had stayed loyal to him.


Because he had to finish some taping, he took a late flight. He was able to catch up with some much needed sleep. But every nap was interrupted by the same dream over and over. The night he had been broken by Kitagawa Johnny. Kame had been forced to sign a piece of paper promising never to get near Jin again.


Kame's vacation would be without any handlers. Because he had been broken, Johnny-sama knew he would come back to Japan.


Kame missed Jin. With every fiber of his body he missed his friend. He knew he should have gotten over him. But the fact remained that Jin had sacrificed his entire career for him. It didn't matter to him that Jin found others. His lover was lonely, and he knew from experience that Jin couldn't stand loneliness.


After Kame checked into his room, He turned on the TV and tried find a channel to watch. He was still unsure about the Kansas vacation. Kat-tun was too well known. They had been mobbed in California. He knew that once it got out that he was in Kansas his vacation would be over. They would be stuck in the hotel, and Kame really didn't want to spend a week locked alone in a hotel room.



The place was cold, really cold. It was also one of the flattest places he had ever seen. There would be no skiing at this place.


"Housekeeping." Someone said in English. The voice sounded familiar, but at the same time not so.


"No thank you," He replied without looking up.


Kame could hear the door open and close. He breathed a sigh of relief. The housekeeper had left.


Kame couldn't believe what he saw. Jin just stood there, watching him. A changed Jin. His hair pulled back into a tail. He wore glasses instead of contacts. What was even more surprising was his dress. He wore jeans that had seen better days, and an old faded college sweat shirt.


"Jin," He gasped. He went to his friend. "What are you doing here?"


"Ueda invited me along on the vacation." he said seriously. "You don't mind do you?"


"Of course I don't!" Kame said quickly. "You could get in trouble."


"There's nothing else Johnny-sama can do to me."Jin looked away from him, suddenly he looked very shy. "I know we've been talking on the phone, but if you've moved on, I understand." he began to babble. "Yamapi's crazy about you. I would understand if you got together with him." he continued. "You need someone to be with you all the time. Yamapi would be good for you."


"Shut up!" Kame snapped. "You're the only one I want." Kame's lips found his lovers. It should have been gentle, instead it was full of the pent up feelings they had for each other. Kame began to work on Jin's clothes."I don't want anyone but you!" Kame said between kisses.






Afterwards, Jin held Kame in his arms.His friend seemed to have lost weight since Jin had left Japan. Kame was so small, almost skin and bones.


He knew that what they had just done was wrong. Really wrong. Kame had moved on, he now was living with Yamapi. It felt like Jin's heart had been tore out of his chest when Yamapi had told him the news.


. When Ueda had called Jin to arrange Kame's visit, Jin had been so hopeful. Ueda had insisted that Kame had missed him. That it was his idea that Jin join him on the vacation. By the look of shock on Kame's face, he realized Ueda had been lying.


Jin knew it shouldn't mean so much to him. That he should have gotten over Kame. But Jin hadn't. A day didn't go by when he didn't think of his friend.


If only there hadn't been the calls. They had started when Ueda was in the hospital for his attempted suicide. Each call had given Jin hope for the future. Kazuya his Kazuya was waiting for him.


Then Yamapi began to call him too. Yamapi was in love again, this time with Kame. . It hurt Kame had moved on. He knew for a fact that Yamapi was crazy about him. Actually more then crazy about him.Soon after new years, His best friend had sent him photos of Kame nude, in his bed.


Jin felt the tears coming. He didn't fight them. Just a few weeks before a packet came from the agency. It included an original copy of the contract signed by Kame. There was also a stain on the contract. He had a friend who was majoring in science at the college he attended. His friend had discovered that the stains were blood, which was Kame's type.


"Why on earth are we in Kansas?" Kame asked. "I mean, aren't you living in LA?"


"I was there for a while, but everyone recognized me." Jin shrugged. "I couldn't even walk down the street without people taking my photo. I got sick of being asked to leave language schools."


"So what are you doing in Kansas?"


"I'm going to college." Jin told him.


"You are going to college?" Kame asked. "I thought you had to graduate from high school."


"I earned my GED. So I'm allowed to go." Jin ran his hand down Kame's arm. He wanted to give his lover one more chance to confess that he had moved on. "Is there anyone else?"


"Donít' you trust me?" Kame looked Jin over. "You cheated on me, didn't you?"


"How can you say such a thing? I gave up everything for you! Everything!" Jin pulled away from Kame. He began to put his clothes back on. "Then I find out about you and Yamapi!"


"What about me and Yamapi?" Kame asked innocently, a little too innocently.


Jin felt something inside of him snap."It's over!" Jin yelled. "Over do you understand that?"


"You're breaking up with me?" he asked astonished.


"I hate you!" Jin hissed. "Go back to Japan! I never want to see you again, slut! "


Kame flinched when Jin said the word. Jin was so angry, that he had forgotten his promise to Kame. That he would never call him a slut.


Kame's face suddenly became an emotionless mask. "Do you have any proof that I'm going out with Yamapi?"


Jin took out his ketai and threw it on the bed. "You read my messages! Look at the photos!"


Long minutes passed as Kame read the messages.Kame's composure fell. Suddenly he was that scared, frightened boy that had first become Jin's lover.


"Why would he say such things?" Kame looked on the verge of tears.


"Itís the truth isn't it?"


Kame dropped the phone on the bed. "I waited for you. My life became a living hell after you left. My PM sold me. The only thing that gave me strength was your love."


"What about the photos Yamapi took of you?" Jin demanded. All the jealous, and anger he had repressed came out.


"Yes, I let Yamapi take photos of me. But he said they were for you." A tear rolled down his cheek. "He told me that you asked him for photos of me in bed. Because you missed me so much."


"He's my best friend. Why would he lie to me?" Jin snapped. "Give me one good reason why he would lie!"


Kame paused as reality hit him. "Jin-Chan, he's one of Johnny-sama's favorites."


"So? He's also my friend."


"Do you think perhaps he did all of this under Johnny-sama's orders?"


"He wouldnít' do that." Jin said quickly, and then he kicked himself for being such a baka. Johnny-sama had a way of making his favorites do what they didn't want to do. Suddenly Jin felt very ashamed for accusing Kame for cheating.


"But doesn't this sound like something Johnny-sama would do?" Kame reasoned. That was what he loved about Kame. His friend had a lot more sense then he did.


"Yeah, it does."He looked down to his hands."I'm sorry I didn't trust you."


"Do you really hate me?" Kame asked.


"I love you with all my heart." Jin tried to gather Kame into his arms. "I'm such a baka."


"You know, you might be a baka. But you're my baka."Then Kame was kissing Jin's lips.





Kame was dreaming, the same dream he had lived over and over again since the day he had been sold to Kitagawa Johnny.


He was tied to the bed in Johnny-sama's guest bedroom.He was on his stomach, Johnny-sama's favorite position. He was being allowed to rest after a severe beating by Johnny-sama. His whole body hurt.


"I'm giving you one more chance," The agent told him. "Sign the contract."


"I won't do it. I won't betray Jin." Kame vowed.


"Oh look, my special curling irons hot." Johnny-sama said almost gleefully. He went to the bed. The cord on the iron was so long that it stayed plugged in. Kame tried to move away from the agent, but the ties around his wrist stopped him from going far. The agent grabbed Kame by the hair, and shoved his face into the pillow.


Then fire coursed through Kame's body as the iron was applied to the back of his neck. Seconds felt like years. Kame screamed inhumanly.


The iron was removed. "Sign the contract."


"No," Kame sobbed.


The iron was applied again and again. To his thigh, to each of his buttocks. To the inside of his arm near his armpit. Still, Kame refused to sign.


Nothing existed to him except for pain. He could feel hands on him. Untying him, then turning him. Then the bonds were tied again.


'All this will end if you just sign the contract." Johnny-sama crooned.




The curling iron was applied first to his right wrist, then his left.


The final time it was applied was to the area only cm's above his penis.This was held on longer then any other time.


"I'll sign," Kame screamed. "Don't burn me any more, please don't burn me."


Kame was untied. A pen was shoved into his hand. His arm was bleeding. He was crying so hard that he couldn't even see what he was signing. He signed a piece of paper, that was removed, and it was repeated, until he signed four.


"Good slut, my good little slut." the agent said. "You've made me hot punishing you. Roll over slut!"


Still crying, Kame laid on his stomach. He could hear Johnny-sama take off his clothes, and then crawl on the bed. There was a weight on top of him, then pain as he was entered. Then the agent put his full weight on top of Kame, and he felt as if he was being suffocated. Kame closed his eyes, hoping that it would end soon.





"Kazuya, wake up." Kame heard Jin say to him.


Kame opened his eyes. He was in a hotel room with Jin. Jin, the man he had betrayed. "Where are we?"


"Wichita Kansas." Jin said. "You're in a place that's safe. You can't be hurt here."


"He'll find me. I'm his property." Kame said confused. "Then he'll burn me again!"


"Who burnt you?"


"My PM sold me to Johnny-sama. He had to break me in." Kame admitted. He held his wrist out to Jin. There was a scar on it. "He's the one that burnt me."


Jin took Kame's hand in his, and ran his lips over the scar. "If I asked you to stay with me, would you?"


""Not here, he might find me." Kame said. "He told me that if he finds me with you, he'll kill both of us."


"Why don't we go to my place?"


"Your place?" Kame echoed."Should I call a taxi?"


"My college is 96 kilometers away."


"That far?" Kame asked.


"I have a car," Jin told him. "It's not the greatest, but it will get us there."


Kame got out of bed and put his clothes back on. He went into the other hotel room and got his things. He looked back to Jin, who was all ready dressed


Jin joined Kame in his hotel room. He took Kame into his arms. "Don't worry. I'll protect you."


Kame put his arms around his lover. He knew that everything couldn't be that easy. . He could be killed if they where found together. But Jin was his life.





They went to the hotel's parking lot. Kame grabbed Jin's hand. He had been in America before; he had seen gay couples walk hand in hand. Here they could be together free.


He heard some men in front of them talking about them in English. Kame could understand some of the words, like faggot.He looked at Jin, his face almost expressionless.


Jin let go of Kame's hand. He moved closer so that Kame could hear. "Please, Kame we can't touch in public."


"I thought America was more tolerant of gays."


"Some places yes, Kansas no." he explained. "When we're in Kansas, we can't act like lovers in public."


They got to Jin's car. Jin had a way of always picking cheap cars. What he drove in Japan used to belong to his grandfather.But this car was cheap even for Jin. His friend put Kame's bags into the trunk.


Kame began to take off his jacket before he got into the car.


"You might want to leave your jacket on; my car doesn't have a heater." Jin explained.


"Sure," Kame put his jacket on. That was when he realized the passenger side door didn't work.


"You'll have to crawl over." Jin looked very embarrassed.


Kame crawled through to the passenger side and sat down. Then he buckled himself in.


They drove in silence as they left the city. Jin's car would have been something thing might have had to drive as a batsu game in the past. But it was the only transportation Jin had. The thing's engine knocked. It couldn't go past 55 even though the speed limit was 75.


Kame looked out to the highway. A pick up truck passed the car. It seemed almost as if everyone in the state drove a pick up. Mile after mile of farmland rolled by. There was some snow on the ground. But still it was fascinating in a way. When he traveled he usually just saw hotel rooms and airports. Not the land or the people.


"I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier." Jin finally said.


"It's my fault," Kame admitted. "I'm just so glad to see you, I did something really bakaish."


"Bakaish?" Jin almost laughed.


"My mom used to use that word."


"We are no longer in town." Jin put his arm on the back of the seat. "Plus I'm freezing. If we cuddle, we can stay warm."


Kame moved closer to his friend, and snuggled against him. Jin was right, it was warmer this way.





They finally arrived at the town Jin's college was located in.The place Jin lived was at the edge of the campus. The apartment house was a renovated three story mansion. One that had seen better times.


Jin parked in the back, and then went inside.They went to a desk in the lobby.


Jin went to a desk in the corner and signed a piece of paper. The girl behind the desk looked up to Jin. In English she said."Hey Hitoshi."


"Hello." Jin said.


"Whoís the cute guy?" The woman smiled at Kame. She looked very familiar, but he couldnít put his finger on which she looked like.


"This is Akira Shuji," Jin introduced in English. "He's just in for a few days from Japan. He won't be living here."


"Oh I see," She smiled. "Nice to meet you. I'm Kara Martin. I'm the RA."


"RA?" Kame echoed.


"Resident assistant." She explained. "Didn't that baka brother tell you that?"


"Your brother?" Kame repeated.


"My brother Jimmy," She looked at Jin. "Didn't you tell him why you came here?"


"Kara's Jimmy Mackey's sister." Jin told Kame.Kara, Shuji's my boy friend."


"Of course he is." She said. "I heard you like girls. Jimmy told me you are girl crazy."


"I'm gay."


"Jin!" Kame gasped.


"Would it be all right if I let my friend spend about a week here?" Jin asked.


ďItís all right." She smiled again. "You'll have to pay 150 dollars."


Jin flinched for a second at the price of Kame's staying. Kame took out his wallet and passed the money to the girl.


She handed him a piece of paper that Kame was to fill out. He was about to ask her to translate, when Jin began to translate it for him. Kame was very surprised, his friend now knew how to read English.






"I could have paid," Jin said as they walked up to Jin's room on the third floor.


"I paid because I had the money in my pocket." Kame told him. "I wasn't trying to insult you."


"You're right," he told him. "Thanks."


"Akira Shuji?" Kame asked. "Couldn't you come up with a more original name?"


"Perhaps, but you look like a Shuji."


"I also had a hit under the name Shuji." He pointed out.


"Gomen," Jin suddenly looked very sad.



"What are you studying?"


"Different things." He shrugged. "Mostly classes teaching me how to be a reporter."


Jin unlocked a door and went in. Kame followed.Kame looked around the apartment. It was a one room apartment. A twin bed was against the wall. On the desk, there was a framed photo of the two of them. That was the only reminder of his former life. One side of the room was dominated by a small kitchenette. He noticed that there was no rest room. So they would have to share.


Jin put Kame's suitcase on the desk. Kame put the one was carrying beside his. Jin put his hand on top of Kame's.


"I missed you," Jin admitted.


"I missed you too."


Jin's hand was trembling, and Kame realized he was afraid of rejection. With his other hand, he touched Jin's cheek. Then he kissed him very gently. Jin sighed and gave into the kiss.



"Why did you tell Kara you're gay?" Kame asked as he looked out to the snow."You're bisexual."


"No, I'm gay." Jin came behind him, putting his arms around Kame's waist.


"You like girls."


But girls cannot kiss me like you do." Jin began to give Kame little love bites on his neck.His hand began to stroke the front of Kame's Jeans. "They cannot hold me the way you do.He unbuckled Kame's jeans and unzipped them. "They do not fill me the way you do." Then his hand went inside of Kame's jeans and began to stroke him. "They do not make me feel like a man the way you do. They can't love me the way you do."


"I do all that to you?" Kame moaned.


"I only dated girls because it made Johnny-sama mad." Jin admitted. "You on the other hand showed me what real love is."


Kame let his jeans fall to his knees. Then Jin was rubbing his hand across Kame's buttocks while all the while, caressing his hardness. Kame groaned and pushed back onto Jin. His lover was very hard. Jin was taking the led. Jin never took the led. It excited Kame.


"I want to fill you," Jin's voice was rough. "I want to make you as much mine as I am yours."


He could hear Jin unfasten his belt, and then unzip his pants. He pushed Kame over the desk. He could feel Jin's hardness brush his cheeks. Kame tried to relax. It had always hurt with the manager and with Johnny-sama. He hoped it wouldnít' with his lover.Suddenly, Jin pulled away from him. "Oh god, I'm sorry."


"I don't understand." Kame asked confused.


"I was about to break my promise to you."


Kame turned around. "What promise?"


"When we first became lovers, you made me promise never to make love to you." Jin gripped the desk chair, trying to catch his breath. "You told me that it reminded you too much of the abuse."


"That was two years ago." Kame reminded him.


"I made a promise, and I almost broke it."


"If I don't count him, you've been my only lover." Kame went to his suitcase and took out some lube. "When he uses me, it always hurts. When we have sex, you always cry out in pain. So I know all love hurts. But I'm selfish; I always have to have you."


"It doesn't hurt when you make love to me." Jin said. "It's the most wonderful thing in the world."


"But your cries...Ē


"Are of pleasure." Jin interrupted.


"Please Jin-Chan; teach me that love doesn't have to hurt."He put the lube on the desk in front of Jin. Then he pulled off his clothes. "I want to be completely yours."


Jin turned to him. "If I hurt you, I want you to tell me to stop. I will, I promise."


"I trust you," Kame got onto the bed, the way he had so many times with the manager. He lay on his stomach, and closed his eyes. He waited for what he knew would come. The heaviness on his back, the pain of being entered, then the feeling of being suffocated when his lover put his full weight on him. He was no longer excited. Instead he was terrified.


"Kazuya, not like that." Jin said softly. "Please, sit up."




"It wont' be like the way Johnny-sama uses me, or your manager uses you." Jin told him. "I want to sit with you."


Kame sat up. Jin pulled his clothes off, and then sat down on the bed next to Kame. "Does he ever kiss you?" Jin kissed his lips softly. "I kiss you," Then he ran his lips over Kame's neck. Kame felt chills go through him. "Does he care about how you feel?" Kame put his hand on top of Jin's head. "I care about how you feel. You are my world." His hands began to explore their way across Kame's body, almost as if it were there first time. His hands moved to Kame's back.


They pulled away from each other while Jin lubed his fingers. Then he pulled Kame to his lap, so that he was straddling Jin's parted legs. Then they where kissing again, Jin's tongue gently loved his. He felt Jin's finger touch his hole, and push its way in. There was pain for a brief second. When he was used to the first one, another finger was added, then the third. There was only the smallest amount of pain, then pleasure.


Jin slowly loved him with his fingers. His nails hitting something that made a feeling like fire go through Kame's body. Kame cried out, his body almost coming.


Jin pulled his fingers out of him. "I'm sorry, I hurt you."


"What was that?"


"What do you mean?"


"The thing you touched. It felt so good."Kame pushed Jin's hand towards his buttocks again. "I want to feel that again."


Jin obliged, until Kame became a babbling idiot. He could feel Jin's hardness kissing his own.


"Please Jin, I want to feel you inside Me." his fear of being pinned down was gone.


He was surprised when Jin pulled him closer. They kissed, and he could feel Jin's hardness brushing against his cheeks.


"Lower yourself, onto me." Jin instructed as he removed his fingers.


Kame did as he was told. The pain was very brief. Even though Jin was topping him, he let Kame be in control. He began to move very slowly up and down. He was Jin's completely Jin's. But he wanted more. He pushed down as hard as he could, and something hard hit his sweet spot. He held onto Jin's shoulders, and began to ride as hard as he could. He could feel Jin's hands on his hips, urging him on, forcing him down even harder. His mouth cried out with each thrust.


Then suddenly Kame's world exploded. His body showering his lover with the proof of his love. He forced himself down even harder. Then he heard Jin, his beautiful Jin scream, and he too came.


They held onto each other. Kame suddenly had the urge to mark his lover. He began to make small love bites on his neck, and then he began to suck. Jin's fingers stroked Kame's hair. He could feel Jin soften and slide out.


"Now I'm yours, totally and completely yours." Kame rolled off Jin, and let his lover take him into his arms. He settled with his head on his shoulder, not caring that he was about to fall off the bed.


"Did it hurt?" Jin asked.


"Oh my god. Why didn't you tell me it was that great?" Kame asked. "Johnny-sama taught you well."


"It wasn't Johnny-sama who taught me what to do when you love someone." Jin kissed Kame's forehead. "It was you. I just did to you what you always do to me."


Jin's heartbeat began to lull Kame to sleep. "I'm so sleepy."


"I am too." Jin turned Kame so that they where spooning, then after a few moments, Kame could hear Jin's quiet snoring. Then Kame too fell asleep.









"Don't burn me, please don't burn me." Kame sobbed in his sleep. Still asleep, he screamed in pain.


Jin lay beside Kame on his very small bed.Kame had fallen asleep soon after they had loved. But his sleep was interrupted by a nightmare about being burnt.


Suddenly Kame was looking at Jin. Half-asleep he said. 'He made me sign. I didn't want to betray you."


"It's all right," He soothed. Jin gathered his lover into his arms. "You're here with me now, you're safe."


"I don't want to go back." Kame said. "Don't make me go back."


"You don't have to." Jin began to stroke his lover's hair. "You can stay here with me forever."


"Forever," Kame's eyes flickered shut. "I love you."


"I love you too." Jin stroked his friend's hair until he fell back to sleep.


All Jin wanted to do was to rescue Kame. To keep his lover with him. Kame could go to college. But Kame would be like him, poor. Kame was used to dressing and living well. Jin on the other hand had very quickly learned to save his money, to do without.



Jin was hungry. He realized he had gone about a day without food. He got a container out of his refrigerator. It was leftovers from the restaurant he worked at. He put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Then got a pair of chopsticks. He sat at his desk and began to eat.


Kame moaned in his sleep and turned over. The blanket came off his leg. There were large burn scars on both cheeks of buttocks and a healing burn wound on his leg. Jin felt sick to his stomach. The wounds must have come from Johnny-sama. The nightmares Kame had weren't just dreams. They had really happened.


*What did he do to you?* Jin suddenly felt very helpless. He went to the bed, and covered Kame back up. "I want to rescue you, but how can I living like this?"


*Could you live like I do? Working at a minimum wage job?* he wondered. *I live off of leftovers from work. Could you do that?*


The phone began to ring. Jin answered it. It was his boss at his part time job. Even though the boss had told him he could have the week off. His boss had changed his mind.Suddenly Jin was back on the schedule. He had to be at work in fifteen minutes.


Jin hung up the phone. He went to the dresser and began to brush his hair. He pulled his hair back into a tight pony tail and fastened it.Then he put on his glasses.


"What's wrong?" Kame opened his eyes.


"I have to go to work." He said simply.


"Work? Why are you working?"


"How else will I pay my bills?" he said softly. "College is very expensive."


"What do you do?"


"I work in a restaurant at the other side of the campus." Jin began to put on his uniform.


"What about your Johnny's salary?" Kame persisted.


"Suspended members don't get paid." He finished putting on his uniform, and then put a name tag on, it read Hitoshi."I won't be back until about four. If you want you can explore the town."


"I'll stay here." Kame stretched like a small kitten. "I'm jetlagged. I could really do with a nap."


"If you get hungry, there's food in the fridge."


"Food? I'm so hungry." Kame admitted. "I have to be very careful about what I eat at home. Johnny-sama sometimes drugs my food."


"All my food is safe." Jin promised.


Kame picked up the container that Jin was eating from. He picked up the chopsticks. Then he began to wolf down the food. "This is good Jin."


"Thanks." He kissed Kame gently and left.




After Jin left, Kame decided to take a walk around campus. On the edge there was a strip mall with several stores and a Chinese restaurant. Kame wondered if this was the place Jin worked. He decided to go check it out.


On the way to the restaurant, Kame passes a resale shop. He noticed something very familiar in the window. It was Jin's designer suitcase.


He went to the jewelry counter, Kame couldnít believe what he saw, and the first thing his eyes set on was Jin's versachi necklace. Almost all of Jinís jewelry collection was for sale.


"Why would he sell his things?" Kame finally gasped.Then he realized, Jin's clothes were worn and used. He must have traded his Jewelry for clothes.


A clerk came up to him. "Can I help you?"


"I want to buy these." Kame said.


"What exactly?"


"I want to buy everything Hitoshi Akanishi sold you."


"Do you have any money?"


"Yes, I have money." Kame admitted.


"Just a minute," The woman took a jewelry box from a place under the register, and packed all of Jin's jewelry in it. Then she took the bag out of the window. Then she began to add it up with a cash register. Finally she stopped. "858.45."


"You take visa?" Kame took his credit card out.


She took the card from him, and slid it through a slot on the top of the register. Then she handed it back to him.


"Can I see you're ID?"


Kame took out his passport and showed it to her. She read it, and then nodded. A few seconds later, the register tape came out. She presented to him. "Sign here, in English."


Kame signed. She smiled, put the jewelry in the designer bag and handed it him.





After buying the jewelry, Kame decided to check out the place Jin worked. He looked into the window. Kame had planned to eat there, to surprise his lover. But what he saw made him realize that Jin wouldn't want to be seen.


He didn't see Jin at first, and then his lover came out of the back room, pushing a cart of dishes. He put them on a table beside the buffet table.


"Hitoshi! Hurry up! You have more dishes to do!" A man bellowed in English. "Donít' just stack two to three at a time, use more!"


"Yes, sir." Jin moved quickly picking up a large stack.The manager went behind him, and then he put a hand on Jin's back and shoved him hard. Jin fell into the cart, and all the dishes on the cart crashed to the ground.


"You god damned idiot! How dare you break the dishes?" The manager yelled. "Whoís going to pay for all these dishes you broke? Your rich cousin?"


"I'm sorry, I'll pay for them." Jin said quickly.


"You will! You wont' be paid this week." The manager said. "Forget about the days off you asked for. You'll be working double shifts!"


"Yes, sir." Jin nodded.


"Now clean them up! We open in thirty minutes!"


"Yes sir." Jin looked on the verge of tears.


Kame turned away. He couldn't watch anymore.Jin was being treated worse then he ever did as a Johnny's. It was then Kame realized, even if Johnny-sama killed him for what he was about to do, he would have to help Jin.


He walked quickly away from the restaurant. Kame he would have to do something to help his lover. He made a long distance call to his bank. He would be able to transfer funds to Jin's account. He gave them verbal confirmation that Jin had access. He just had to find out what bank Jin used. Then Jin could study without worrying about having to work.










Jin returned from work. It was Midnight. He hurt all over. He pulled the band out from his hair. There had been so many dishes broke. An almost endless amount. He wouldn't get to see Kame this vacation. It was his own stupid fault. He should have been more careful.


Jin had gone by the resale shop on his break, to look at the things he had sold. He was scraping together the money to buy the ring Kame had given him back. He hadn't meant to sell it, but when told the mistake, the owner had insisted that Jin had to buy it back. The ring and all the rest of the jewelry were gone. The owner told him a rich businessman had bought everything.


He put the containers of food in the refrigerator. Jin was living off of food not served on the buffet. Food that would be thrown out if he didn't take it home.


Kame curled up asleep on the bed. He wanted to ask Kame to come live with him, to leave that man. But how could he ask Kame to move into poverty?


He grabbed his shower stuff and went down the hallway. He couldn't let Kame know how bad it had gotten. Johnny-sama had taken all of his money when he left. Holding it in trust, he said. His mother had given him enough to start up in college. But still, he had to work if he wanted to go to college the next semester.




When Jin got back, he could smell something cooking. He went to the kitchen counter. The crock pot was out. He opened the lid.Kame had cooked some stew for him. He got a bowl and spooned himself out a cup. Then he sat down at his desk. He could see Kame from where he was sitting.


He hadn't told Kame the whole truth. He hated working. Hated the fact that he always had to save. Hated that all of his clothes came from second hand shops.


He mostly hated Johnny-sama for putting Kame through all of this.


The days of Kat-tun seemed very far away. Johnny-sama had told everyone that he would be back after six months. But Jin knew the truth. He refused to sign the contract, he wouldn't be back. Plus there were the new groups. TaDa and Lipstyx. If he came back, he would disrupt his friendís chances to live their dreams.


He knew he should give Kame his freedom. But the problem was that he loved Kame too much to give him that freedom. Instead he wanted to rescue him, to take him away from the abuse he received from Johnny-sama.


Then he noticed on the desk, his jewelry box. The one that he sold the resale shop. He opened it; all of his jewelry was inside. The ring that Kame had given him was inside. He picked it up and put it back on. He looked at the bed, Kame; his wonderful lover had bought everything of his.


Jin got a blanket and was going to cover Kame in it. When his friend's eyes flickered open. "You're back. I made you stew."


"It was wonderful." He reached out, touching Kame's face. "Did you buy my jewelry?"


"You don't seem the same without your stuff." Kame blinked. "You better not sell them again."


"I won't," He promised. "Thank you."


"You must be tired, come to bed." He pulled Jin to the bed. Then he was kissing Jinís lips.