KAT-TUN Butterfly Universe

Lipstick first story in Butterfly Universe: Junno has a one sided love for Ueda
Butterfly: Second story in the Butterfly Universe: Ueda has a one sided love for Junno. What happens when Junno reveals all at a party?
Hotel California: Koki has a one sided love for Maru, but belongs to another
Dangerous Games Part One: Butterfly Universe Jin and Kame have a forbidden love
Dangerous Games Part Two:
Dangerous Games Part Three:
Bottomless Pit Part One: Butterfly Universe: Jin's leaving deeply affects Ueda
Bottomless Pit Part two:
Bottomless Pit Part three:
Bottomless Pit Part Four:
Lipsticks and Christmas Trees: Butterfly Universe: Ueda and Junno's happy ending
Don't Let Him Go Part One: Butterfly Universe JinxKame
Don't Let Him Go Part Two: Butterfly Universe JinxKame

KAT-TUN Miyagi Universe

Miyagi : Kat-Tun are princes in the future.
Strange Allergy-Miyagi Universe: Prince Jin thinks he's allergic to Prince Kame
Limiter-Miyagi Universe: Prince Maru is going insane
Culture Clash-Miyagi Universe: Prince Kame has a lot to learn about other cultures
Sanctuary Part 1-Miyagi Universe: Shikayko is trying to start a war
Santuary Part 2-Miyagi Universe:
Hiding in Plain Sight P1-Miyagi Universe:
coming soon:
Blue Boxes And Princes-Miyagi Universe: the final story in the Miyagi Universe
Blue Boxes and Princes Part 2:

Kat-Tun Vampire Stories

Hybrid : Koki's a Werewolf, Maru's a vampire their love is forbidden
Purebred: Ueda Helps Kame become a vampire
The Kidnapping: Ueda is Kidnapped
The Return: Kame is forced to live with Ueda
The Return P2: :

KAT-TUN Stories

Fly Away: Kame talks to Jin about Jin's leaving the group
The Park Part One: Junno and Ueda make extra money at a place called the Park. But both want to quit.
The Park Part Two: Ueda and Junno recover from the events in part one
The Park Part Three: Will being apart for six weeks mean that Junno and Ueda can't be together?

Of Candy Canes and Cocoa: KokixKame story
Number Two: KokixKame poem
The Red Thread of Destiny: UedaxMaru story about Magical People
Why Morn for A Mizuko?: Junno's being haunted. Can Ueda help?
The Gift: Because of an attack, Ueda is given HIV, will Junno stay at his side?

More Then Friends: Maru Likes Koki more then friends
Bugs For Dinner: Maru offers to Make Koki a different dinner
Handcuffs: Ueda has a different type of love
V-Day: No one loves Ueda on V-Day
White Day: The Sequel to V-Day

Junno One Half: Junno falls into an cursed stream
The Babies Inside: Both Junno and Ueda are preggers
Diary Of A Rabbit: Koki becomes Sailor Moon
Diary Of A Rabbit P2:

Latest Upgrade: Ueda is in love with Junno, but a promise he made in the past brings him back to an abusive Jin
Life Is Like Chess P1: Jin comes back from America addicted to drugs
Life is Like Chess p2: Jin spends time in a hospital and falls in love with Kame
It was Once A Memory: Koki has amnesia which affects the relationship he has with Ueda

Lone Wolf: Junno has no friends in Kat-Tun. Can he find friendship with Ueda?
Chains: Maru and Koki are members of the fetish comunity
My Pet Bo-Bo: Junno loves his pet more then he loves his boy friend Ueda
Still: Jin's back from America, and his lover misses him most of all

Sold Out: Jin's back, Kame's missed him. But both think the other's sold him out.
Spotted Dick: Sequel to Sold out Ueda/Koki

Whipping Boy: Junno is in love with the King of Pain
The Assistant: Jin is punished by the King of Pain

Life of A Baka: Jin loves Kame, but he's a baka
Live Journal of Kame-is-a-sexy-lover: Jin has decided to write a live Journal. Sequel to Life of a Baka

Jin and the Tornado P1: Kame and Jin run into a tornado in OKlahoma
Jin and the Tornado P2: Kame and Jin recover from the tornado
The Impossible Pair: Jin/Junno
The Replacement: Kame falls in love with Junno

Ueda and the Small Black Puppy: Ueda accidently turns Junno into a puppy
Ueda and the Small Black Puppy Part 2: Junno is growing bigger and bigger. But he could die of old age if Ueda doesn't help him.
Words Can Cut Deeper Then A Sword: Jin has done something really bad to Kame. Can he change time and make everything right?
Prince and the Dragon: Ueda has turned Ryo into a dragon

Ueda the Late Bloomer: Ueda enters late puberty koki/Ueda
Snapshots of a Relationship: Jimmy Mackey and Junno have a forbidden relationship
Mr. Blue Sky: Maru plays matchmaker for two of his bandmates
Random acts of Kindness: Jin/Kame

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