Title: King of Pain

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Paring: Ryo/Ueda/Uchi

Rating: NC-17

Genre: S&M

Warning: If you're offended by Ryo being beaten by Ueda and Uchi, don't read this.


Summary: Ryo has treated Uchi horribly. So to pay him back, Uchi hires the King of Pain.


Nishikido Ryo was the most temperamental person in the entire Johnny's. He had a temper, and he felt like the world owed him everything. No one owned him. Not even his lover Uchi. To prove it, he cheated on him with almost everyone in the agency. It wasn't like he loved Uchi. All right, he did love him, but he had to prove to his heart that love was over rated.


Ryo woke up, he realized he couldn't move, couldn’t' see. His arms and legs tied. His eyes bound. He fought against his bindings, but found they where handcuffs and leg cuffs, and they weren't moving.


"Where am I?" He demanded.


"You're not allowed to talk!" Was the command from the first voice.


There was a sharp pain as something hit him hard across his bare buttocks. That was when he realized he was nude. 


"Why did you do that for?" Ryo yelped.


"Because I can, now shut up, or I gag you!" The person snapped. It was a man, and his voice sounded very, very familiar to him.


"You can't talk to me that way!" Ryo said. "I'm a star."


"So what?" Another voice asked. "So are we."


"We? Just how many are you?"


"Gag him!" The first person ordered.


Ryo could hear the sound of tape being pulled off of a roll, then it being slapped over his mouth. It was duck tape, the awful silver kind. He used it on Uchi a few times.


"You don't know how long I've waited to do that," The first voice sighed. Ryo finally realized who it was, Ueda Tatsuya. Johnny's king of bondage and other fetishes.


"We won't hurt you...Much."  The second voice asked. It could only be one person Uchi.


That made Ryo fight against his cuffs. He was going to be damned before he let Uchi top him. No one had ever topped Ryo, never. No one had the strength to.


"Look how he fights," Ueda crooned. "He really needs a good spanking."


"Can I do it?" Uchi asked excited.


"Be my guest. But don't be too rough on him." Ueda ordered. "Put this in him first."


Ryo felt Uchi's hands on him. Spreading the cheeks, exposing him to everyone.


"Don't struggle my love. You will feel better if you just give in." Uchi told him.


Still, he fought as the cold cream was put on his opening, and something was shoved inside him. Then fastened with a brace around his waist. It felt large, huge and it hurt.


Ryo hated the thing inside of him, but there was nothing he could do. Being all tied up. It pressed just right against his prostate. Then a switch was flicked. Suddenly the thing began to vibrate at its lowest power. Every vibration sending a shock wave through him.


Ryo decided a quick death was too good for Ueda. He was going to torture him slowly to death. But then Ueda probably liked that. He had to try and find something to punish Ueda that he wouldn't like.


 As Ryo grew hard he felt hands put a cock ring around his hardness. 


That was when the first blow came down on his back. There was no pleasure in the blow, only pain.


"That's for cheating on me with Yama p," Uchi said, another blow came. "That's for Massa." Blow after blow rained down on him. To punish him for all the sleeping around he did. Ryo cried out against the tape.


Then suddenly it stopped. "I'm not sure if I can do this any more. I love him."


"Ryo's such a slut." Ueda told him. "Just remember he deserves everything you give him."




Time passed, Ryo wasn't sure how much time. He lost track after the second day. He was beaten often. Sometimes with whips, sometimes with power cords. Sometimes he was left alone, to wait for the first blow to come down on his flesh, like it always did eventually.


He had to listen to Uchi and Ueda together, loving each other. Not once, but many times. Beating Ryo got both Ueda and Uchi hot, and they would go after it in the same room Ryo was being held.


 Ryo felt like a sword had gone through his soul. He had thought of Uchi as only his, and yet he was giving himself up to someone else.


After a while, Ryo stopped fighting Uchi.  When he did, he realized just how good this felt. To be totally owned by someone. He began to rub his aching hardness against the bed. Trying and not succeeding to give him relief. Every time he moved, the dildo rubbed his prostate. It was beginning to drive him insane.


"Oh look, the slave's beginning to learn his lesson." Ueda crooned.


"Ueda's the king of pain, but you must learn there is pleasure in the pain." Uchi told him.


"We're going to try and let you talk."


Ryo felt the tape being taken off his mouth.


"I'm going to kill you." Ryo snarled. "How dare you sleep with my Uchi?"


"I'm a free man; I can sleep with whom ever I want." Uchi told him. "After all, you cheat on me."


"I'm going to kill you Ueda!" Ryo tried to get away from his bonds. "Let me go!"


"If you don't start to behave, I'm going to leave you this way." He felt Ueda reach under him and caress his hardness. "I'll leave you here for days, not being able to cum."


"You wouldn’t' do that." Ryo hissed.


"Try me." Ueda yanked on his penis, and Ryo cried out in pain.


He realized that this was the same type of pain he had given Uchi so many times in the past. He realized that all the pain, all the torture he was receiving he deserved. He had hurt Uchi, and he had to pay.


He found himself breaking. He sobbed bitter tears for the man he loved.


"What's wrong?" Uchi asked concerned.


. "I deserve what you give me." Ryo whispered. "I've been bad. Every blow, ever mark I deserve. Please, give me more."


"I think another round is called for." Ueda ordered.


Uchi began to beat Ryo again. The beats so tender, but hurting at the same time. Blow after blow rained down on him. Ryo began to cry out in pain, but that soon turned to pleasure.


"Please," he gasped.


"Please what?"


"Harder, master, harder." He begged. "What I did to you, I deserve to bleed."


"He called me master!" Uchi said gleefully.


"Do it Uchi," Ueda ordered, "Or I will."


More blows came down on Ryo. These harder, the whip kissing his skin. He would have small cuts, but he no longer cared. The whip, every mark showed Ryo that Uchi cared enough for him to make him pay. That he was really the property of Uchi.


While Ryo was being beaten, he felt someone take his head in his hands. Then someone's hardness was put against his mouth.


Ryo didn't have to be told. He took the cock into his mouth and began to suck. All he cared about, all of his existence was to give his master pleasure. He didn't choke when he was deep throated; instead he took it all in. This was punishment, a punishment he enjoyed.


Then the dildo was unfastened and pulled out of Ryo. He could feel a weight on him, and then someone entered him. He wasn't sure who it was. The person was so gentle who loved him. The one using him paused for a moment so he wouldn't come.


"I'm doing this because I love you." Uchi whispered, that's when Ryo figured out it was his lover.


Then Uchi loved him, every stroke harder, driving Ryo's bound hardness into the sheets. It hurt, he felt like his insides were being torn out. But at the same time it felt so good. He didnt' want it to stop.


"You are so tight," Uchi stroked even harder. Ryo felt himself tear, but he didn't care. The blood pooled up onto the sheets, but he felt so good, he didn't want to stop.


Ryo no longer cared that it was Ueda's cock in his mouth, before he would have tried to bite it off. Now, he sucked it all in as if it was a prize. Ueda began to thrust into him, harder, even harder. Ueda hated him, Ryo knew that, and he was making him pay.


Soon Ueda was filling his mouth, and Ryo drank it all.


When Ueda pulled his hardness away, Ryo gasped "Please."


"Please what?" Ueda asked.


"Let me cum, please master." He begged.


"Not yet." Ueda said sadistically.


There was a sharp cry as Uchi came. His orgasm was loud, hoarse. Uchi slumped against him. Putting the weight of his body against him.


 Then the dildo was placed back into Ryo. This time the pulses where turned on stronger.


He felt as if he was going to die if he didn't cum soon. Tears fell down his face.


"Please Master. I'm sorry for everything." The vibrator's pulse was turned on even stronger. "I'll never cheat on you again."


"Should we believe him?" Ueda asked.


"I have to, I love him." Uchi told Ueda.


"We'll unfasten you. But you're not to remove your eye shade." Ueda told Ryo. "Or the dildo."


"Yes, master." Ryo moaned.


He felt his arms and legs unfastened. Then Ryo did as he was told, he turned over. Ryo felt hands on him, taking off his cock ring.


"Jack yourself off." Ueda ordered.


Ryo's hands went to his hardness, making love to it with his hands. Hard, fast strokes. He was going to cum soon, he knew it. Just a few more strokes.


"Who do you belong to?" Uchi asked.


"You master, only you."


"You've been a good boy, you're getting rewarded. I'll suck you, but you can't move your body." Uchi told him.


Warmth descended onto his hardness. It took all of his strength not to thrust up into that warmth. Uchi sucked Ryo until he quickly came. Ryo never had an orgasm like that. So strong, so terrible. At the same time, he kept his body still so that it wouldn't move.


When it was finally done, Uchi got up, he went to Ueda. "How much do I owe you?"


"One million yen." Ueda said matter of factly.


Ryo could hear money exchanging hands. Then Uchi left the room with Ueda. Ryo couldn't believe that Uchi paid for this to happen to him, but it was what he deserved.


Ryo waited in bed, the dildo still deep inside him. Waited for his master. This was what he wanted all along. All this time, he had wanted to be broken by someone. For that person to show that he really wanted him. No one had cared to find out his needs, until Uchi.


Soon Uchi returned to the room. "You're still wearing the dildo and the mask."


"You didn't give me permission to remove them, master." Ryo said.


"Of course, let me help you with them." Uchi went to the bed. He felt Uchi's gentle fingers take the dildo out from him, and take off the eye shade.


Ryo looked at Uchi, almost with new eyes. "Can I rest now master?"


"Yes, my love, you deserve it." Uchi crawled into be with Ryo. He took Ryo into his arms.


"You wont' tell anyone about this will you?"


"Of course not." Uchi gave him a little squeeze. "You're my slave, no one else’s. In the outside world I still expect you to act like a bad ass."


"I love you," Ryo said for the very first time.


"I love you too," Uchi kissed him gently. "Now sleep my little slave."


Ryo closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep He had Uchi back in his life. His wonderful Uchi who knew everything he wanted. Even his secret need to be dominated. For Ryo was now Uchi's slave, and he loved Uchi for breaking him. But deep in his heart, he still wanted to kill Ueda.