Title: Don't Let Him Go Part Four of Five

A Story in the Butterfly Universe

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Bishonen Ai
Rating: PG


Summary: During a visit to Jin in America, Kame finds out just much Jinís had to sacrifice to make his friendís dream come true.



Jin decided that he had the perfect night. Some love, some sleep, being woken for love. Kame seemed always one of two things since he came to Jinís dorm room for vacation; starving or horny.


The alarm rang too early for Jin's liking. Jin reached over and turned it off. He picked up his glasses and put them on.Then he got out of bed. It was seven thirty; he had to be at the school's paper office at eight.


"Do you have class today?" Kame looked up to him from the bed.


"I get out at 1, but I have to work tonight." He said. "I won't be back till late."


"Even an hour with you is enough." Kame stretched catlike. "What classes do you have today?"


"I'm working on the school's paper." Jin smiled. "I am learning how to put together the paper, and I write stories about J-pop releases."


"Do you like it?"


"It's fun. Perhaps someday, I can work on a real paper." He sighed. "But I don't get paid, so I have to work."


"Why aren't you using your savings?"


"Johnny-sama's frozen it." Jin admitted. "He told me he's holding it in trust, until I return."


"So you only live on what you make." He guessed.


"It's all right. The money's his anyway." he decided to change the subject."You don't mind spending your vacation in a dorm room?"


"I like it this way." Kame admitted."Anyone recognize you yet?"


"At first, but then I convinced everyone that I was just Hitoshi." He went to his closet. All of his clothes were bought from the resale shop. He was embarrassed by them. He picked the most new clothes out, and put them on.


"Do you think if I walked around the campus today, I'd be recognized?" Kame asked.


"Perhaps," Jin began to brush his hair.


"Then I'd better stay in." he sounded depressed.


"If you pull your hair back, put your real glasses on, not your sun glasses, and dress like a student, you shouldn't."


"You mean geek, not idol." he guessed.


He pulled a backpack out of his closet. "Wear this. Youíll be seen as a student."


Kame patted the free space beside him on the bed. "Come back to bed."


"I'm sorry, I really have to go. I have class." He went to Kame kissing him. "I'll see you at one."




Kame walked around the grounds of the campus, he wore the backpack Jin had given him.


He looked in the windows of the building Jin was supposed to be in. Jin was standing in front of a table that was tilted on one side. He was putting things that looked like negatives on a clear sheet of paper.He looked so different from the Jin he knew in Japan. He looked so serious. That was when Kame realized that getting an education meant a lot to Jin.


A security guard walked by, he gave Kame a strange look. Before he could say anything, Kame decided to play baka. He smiled. ďWhere can I buy paper?"


"Inside every building there is a stand with free papers." he said."You don't have to look in the window to get one."


"Yes, thank you." Kame went into the next building. It was quite easy to find a paper; it was in a break room. He sat down at the table and began to look at it. Near the back was a whole section on entertainment. Next to the reviews of American groups was a small section on J-pop. It was written by Jin, in English.


"I want to be a reporter," Jin had told just about everyone. No one had believed him, not even Kame. But now Kame realized his lover did want to be a reporter.



His lover had always talked about going to college, and now he had his dream. Kame couldnít let his selfishness get in the way of his friend's life.Now his plans were different. College was very expensive. Jin had to work hard to be able to even pay for his classes. Kame would give him something that would allow Jin to concentrate on his studies.


Then as Kame walked to the bank at the edge of campus.He realized what he had to do. He had only stayed in Japan to keep the group apart and to protect his brother. His brother had quit the juniorís right after new years. The group was no more. Kame had an American passport. Johnny-sama couldnít get him deported. He was going to stay in America, with Jin. That is, if Johnny-sama let him out of his contract.


He just wondered if Jin would accept his choice. Would Jin really let Kame live with him?


Kame made a phone call to his parentís attorney; he was the one trying to get him out of Kame's contract with the Agency. The negotiations were almost complete. Soon Kame would be free. The good news was that Johnny-sama had signed over the rights to Kame's bank accounts, that is after taking a thirty percent cut as a fine. So now Kame had the rights to his own money.


Kame suddenly felt self-conscious. The English he knew didn't seem to be too good in this place. He knew phrases and words, but to talk to anyone face to face seemed to be difficult to him. Even though his mother had made arrangements for her children to be American citizens, she usually spoke only Japanese to them.


He went to Jin's Bank. It too was on the edge of the campus.


He went to the information desk. The woman looked up to him. In English she asked. "Can I help you?"


"I would like to set up an account and transfer some money." He said in English.


"Do you have any identification?" The woman asked. "Your green card?"


"Green card?" Kame repeated. He had no idea what a green card was or why he needed one.

"Proof your here legally." She looked at Kame skeptically. "You do have a green card."


"I am a citizen." Kame took out his American passport and passed it to the woman.


"Sign here," he handed him a piece of paper.It had a large block of text in English. He looked at it confused.


"I don't understand." he finally said.


"Sign your name here." She put her finger in a blank spot.He signed his name. She looked at it. "No, sign in English."


"Yes, sorry." he smiled and wrote it in English.


He took a piece of paper out of his pocket. It was a bank statement that he lifted from Jin. The woman was able to help him transfer the money from one of his savings accounts into Jin's. Then he was able to create a new account at the bank in his name.†† He transferred all of the money from his other savings accounts and his checking account into his new account. He thought it would have to wait for the money to be available, but with a few phone calls from his new bank, they were able to confirm that Kitagawa Johnny wouldn't be able to get the funds reversed.



Then he walked to the electronics store that was near the resale shop. He went in, and bought the best laptop that he could find. It was even configured so that Jin could use the campus's wireless network.






"How was the campus?" Jin asked when he got back from class. This would be their second day together. They had only a few hours before he had to go to work.


Kame was sitting on the bed, wearing a robe. He got up and went to Jin, kissing his lips. "I want you to quit work."


"I can't do it." Jin pulled away from him."I have to make money to pay for my education."


"I went to your job." Kame confessed. "Yesterday, I saw how your boss treated you. You need to quit."


"It was hard for me to find a job." Jin told him. "If I had the money, I would quit. But I don't!"


"Iíve done something," Kame confessed.""I know you're not going to like it. But I had to."


"Please don't tell me you talked to my boss." Jin sighed. He knew his boss would fire him if anyone took up for Jin.


Kame took the statement out of the drawer, and handed it to Jin. Jin opened the paper and looked at it. A deposit had been made into his account. Jin was now One hundred thousand dollars richer.


"You sacrificed for me, I want to give back." Kame said.


Jin picked up the phone and called the bank by phone number. He keyed in his bank account number. The automatic voice told him the new amount of balance in his account. The paper was true; Kame had given him the money. He hung up the phone.


Jin suddenly felt very humble. "Thank you. I'll pay you back some how."


"I know."Kame paused. "If you don't get to come back, the money will let you finish your degree."


"I don't deserve this."


"You let me have my dream; I'm just letting you have yours." Kame went to the closet and took the laptop case out. "I bought you something.


"What is this?" Jin took the case from Kame, and then he put it on the desk and opened it. "A laptop, where did you get this?"


"I bought it at the electronics store at the edge of the campus." Kame paused."A good reporter shouldn't have to go to the library to write his stories."


"Thank you Kazuya," he ran his fingers over his new computer. "Perhaps it will make me better. But then, you haven't read any of my stories."


Kame picked a copy of the school paper off of the bed. "I enjoyed the story on Morning Misery."


The phone rang. Jin reached over and answered it. It was his boss from the restraint, demanding he come in early.He felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders when he was able to tell his boss."No, I'm not coming back. I quit."


Jin hung up the phone, by then he was grinning ear to ear. "I quit my job. Now I can do what I really wanted to do."


"What's that?" Kame asked.


"Love you," He took Kame into his arms and kissed him. Now that Jin had money, he had just one wish, to talk Kame into staying in America with him.







It was the fifth day of Kame's vacation. The day that he was scheduled to go back to Tokyo. He knew that he wasn't going back. He just hadn't told Jin of his grand scheme. He was waiting for his father's attorney to finish with all the details of his leaving the agency. But the thought kept going through is mind, would Jin still love him once he knew Kame signed the contract?


He was the first to wake. Jin was pressed up behind him. The bed was so tiny, but this way at least they could get some sleep.


It was cold at this place. The temperature reminded him of Hokkaido. He put his clothes on to stay warm.


He got up and made some coffee.Then after his cup was made, he went to the window, sipping on the hot coffee. The entire grounds of the college were blanketed in a thick layer of snow. There were no cars out. That was strange, there always seemed to be cars moving at the campus.


He turned on the TV, to find out what was going on. He didn't understand most of the announcer said, but from the screen he could tell that there was something wrong. There was a list of school closing scrolling on the bottom of the screen. He sat there watching, until Jin's college scrolled by.


Kame went to the alarm clock and turned it off. Then he reached out, touching Jin's face. If only he hadn't betrayed Jin. They could have had forever together.


Jin's eyes blinked open. "Morning,"


"There's something going on. It's been on tv." Kame tried to explain. "The commentators keep using a word I don't know."


"What's the word?"




Jin sat up, and then put his glasses on. He smiled at Kame. "They really said blizzard?"


Yes, blizzard."


Jin got out of bed. He turned the sound up on the TV. As he watched, he got happier and happier. "Johnny-sama's going to be so mad."


"What's wrong?"


"The midcontental airport is closed because of the weather." Jin explained. "You can't go home today."


"So I'm stuck here?" he guessed. "For how long?"


"Until the airport re opens. They say at least three days." Jin paused. "You're going to have to call the agency."


"I will later,Ē Kame cuddled against Jin. "Let's stop worrying about work and enjoy the snow."




Kame woke, his mind adjusted to the fact that he was in bed with Jin. He could feel Jin's lips on his forehead, and his fingers stroking his hair. Usually Kame always fell back to sleep. But not this time. His mind wracked with guilt for what he had done to Jin.It was March fourteenth. The one month anniversary of Kame signing the contract.


He picked his robe up off the ground. When he wasn't under the covers, Kame preferred to stay covered. That way, Jin couldn't' see the scars. He couldn't be reminded how Kame had betrayed him.


Kame went to the kitchenette and prepared a pot of coffee.


"Kazuya, come to bed." Jin beckoned.


"I can't," Kame said softly. "I shouldn't have ever gotten into your bed. I should never have come here."


"I don't understand. Jin asked. "What's wrong?"


"All this is a lie," He looked away from his lover. "Once you find out what I did, you'll throw me out."


"Why would I throw you out?" Jin got out of bed, he tried to touch Kame.


"It's what I deserve." Tears of guilt fell down his face. He picked his clothes up off the floor and began to put them on. "I should go."


"There's a blizzard outside, you can't go anywhere." Jin tried to reason. "Besides, I all ready know."




"I want to show you something." Jin went to one of his drawers. He took an envelope out. He gave it to Kame.


Kame opened it, he then looked at it. It was a copy of the signed contract.


"If you knew I did this, how can you love me?" Kame asked. "How can you let me stay here? Why didn't you throw me out?"


"Look Kazuya, really look at it." Jin pointed to the strange stain near the signature. "You were bleeding when you signed it."


Kame looked down to the scar on his wrist. "It was from this wound."


"I knew if you where bleeding like that, that he must have forced you to sign it."


"He burnt me over and over again, until all I could think of was ending the pain." Kame said. "I signed."


Jin put the paper down. He took Kame into his arms. "I want to kiss your scars."


Kame nodded. Jin moved the hair on Kame's neck, reveling the first scar. The one that still wasn't completely healed. Jin ran his lips over it.


Then he picked up first Kame's right hand, then his left. Kissing the scars. It was so sensual to feel Jin love him this way. He felt Jin's hands untie his robe. Then his lover pushed the robe over Kame's shoulders, and he let it fall to the floor in a heap.


Jin was on his knees. His lips ran over the scars on Kame's back. Kame gasped when he touched the scar on his left cheek. Then he closed his eyes. His body was waking to the touch of his lover. Jin took longer this time, lingering for almost a minute on each scar.


There was only one scar left, the one above his penis. The one that still was an open wound. It bled every time Kame made love to Jin. He didn't expect Jin to touch it, since it was still open. Jin did his lips even softer then feathers.


Kame was now very hard from Jin's touch. He looked down, Jin too was hard. But all thoughts left his mind when Jin began to love Kame with his mouth.


Jin, his Jin loved him. It didn't matter that Kame signed the paper. No matter what, he was still Jin's. He wanted Jin so much, so very much. Soon Kame went over the edge and came.


Jin tried to pull Kame to the floor with him, but Kame resisted. He wanted more from his lover.


"Please, make me totally yours." Kame said very softly. "Right now, I need to feel you inside me."


Jin got to his feet. Then he kissed Kame. Kisses always meant a lot to the pair, almost as much as their lovemaking.


Then Jin pulled away from him. With a sweep of his arm, everything on his desk crashed to the floor. Books, photos, everything. Then again, he was kissing his lovers lips. As he did, he picked up Kame and set him on the desk.


He took out some lube from one of the desk drawers, and covered himself with it.


"The edge," Jin gasped.


Kame moved to the very edge of the desk. Jin stood in front of him. They where kissing again, and then Jin very slowly entered him. Kame lay back onto the desk. He looked up to his partner. The man he loved more then anything. Now he was filled with Jin's hardness.


Then Jin teasingly slowly began to thrust it drove Kame mad. He put his legs around Jin's waist, trying to push him in even more. Then Jin for the first time hit his sweet spot. Kame soon grew hard again.


Kame arched back, trying to become one with his lover. "Harder Jin, Harder."


Jin did as he was told, groaning every time he thrust. Kame's hand went to his cock, pumping it in time to his lover's thrusts. Jin's thrust over and over hitting Kame's prostrate.


Then suddenly, for a brief instant, they were one. Then Kame came. He screamed his loverís name. He pushed himself even more against Jin. His body contracting over and over onto Jin.


Jin's thrusts grew so hard that Kame knew he would hurt later, then suddenly with a very loud moan, Jin went over the edge.


Kame could feel Jin pick him up and bring him back to the bed. He set Kame down and covered him up with the covers. Then Jin too got under the covers, he took Kame into his arms, and began to stroke his hair.


Kame was almost asleep when he heard Jin said. "I won't let you go back to Japan."




It was like a honeymoon, Jin thought. The getting to know his lover even more fully.It was what they always wanted, a few days together. Jin's bed was small, but it had found the room for Kame.


It was the day Kame went back to Japan. Jin dreaded the day. He would have to face up to reality. Jin had asked Kame several times if he would stay, but each time Kame had said perhaps. Now after hearing the full details about what happened to Kame, Jin couldn't let his friend go back.


But Kame wasn't acting at all like his normal self. Usually he made long lists before he left for anywhere. But He hadn't this time. Just made a pot of coffee and cleaned Jin's room. He was waiting, Jin wasn't sure for what.


Kame wasn't packing.Since the blizzard, Kame had spent a lot of time waiting. Jin didn't understand why. They watched TV together, drank cocoa together. Loved each other until they were both sore from it all. Still Kame waited.


"Is your brother with still with the agency?" Jin asked.


"No, he quit after new years." Kame said. "Now I have no real reason to go back."


Kame looked away from Jin. Not before Jin could see the regret in his eyes.


"You're not going back to him." Jin decided. "You can stay with me."


"Jin, are you sure?" Kame asked."I know how you are; you'll change your mind about me."


"I won't change my mind!" Jin begged. "I'll try and make you happy. Please think about it."


"All right, I'll think about it." Kame promised. "I can't give you a firm answer until I hear from my parent's lawyer."


"Why do you need to hear from him?" Jin asked.


"I'm trying to get out of my contract." Kame admitted.


"If he doesn't let you out of your contract, are you going back?" Jin asked concerned.


"Of course not." Kame said quickly.


"Stay with me." Jin kissed Kame's lips before he could say anything else.







Time passed. Both Kame and Jin received packets by express mail, in side there were papers that released them from any ties they had with the Johnny's Agency. They were free, for the first time ever, really and truly free.


Kame stayed with Jin for two weeks before he was told he had to either enroll in the college or leave the dorms by the end of the week. Jin was panicked at the news, but Kame had just smiled at him and told him not to worry. He would find them a place to live, together.


Jin went on with his classes and news paper activities. While Kame busied himself finding them an apartment. Jin knew how expensive apartments were in Tokyo. He just hoped they didn't spend all their money in rent.


After a long day of working at the paper, Jin went back to his dorm room. His room had almost been stripped bare. Someone, he wasn't quite sure who had packed up not just Kame's stuff but his stuff too.


Jin had to stop thinking of his lover by the name Kame. He no longer went by that name.By accident, Kameís American passport and his social security cards read his name in the Japanese order instead of the American order. This made his loverís official given name Kamenashi. Kame had shortened that name to something that made him sound like a Japanese-American.Like Jin Kame began to go by a different name. Nash Kazuya.


Jin's cell phone began to ring. He answered it. It was a text message. "Come to 661 North Jennings. Love Kazuya."


Jin went to the parking lot to drive his car, he realized it wasn't there. He knew that Kame must have borrowed it. Since Jennings was only three blocks away, Jin walked.


Finally he found the address. It was a house, large by Japanese standards. Jin's car was parked in the drive way. He went to the door and knocked.


A few moments later, someone with very short hair answered the door. It took Jin a few moments to realize that the person was Kame. .


Jin just stood there, staring at Kame. "Kazuya, what did you do to your hair?"


"That was Kame's hair," Kame told him. "Nash Kazuya has short hair."


"But I liked your other hair," Jin said plaintively.


"It's my hair; I can do what ever I want with it." Kame said almost hostilely. He let Jin in.


Jin took off his shoes, and put on slippers that Kame had set out for him. Then he went to Kame. He looked his friend over. Realizing that his friend looked really good with short hair. "I think I like this hairstyle better."


"Good." Kame kissed Jin very gently.



. "Whose place is this?"


"Ours," Kame pressed a key into Jin's hand.


"Isn't it expensive?" Jin asked. "A place like this costs a lot at home."


"We're not at home." Kame reminded him. "It's only 350 a month."


"That's less then what I am paying for my dorm room."


Kame grabbed his hand. "Come on; let me show you our house."


Kame showed Jin the house. It had a large living room, a kitchen, a large back yard with a hot tub and a garage with a washer and dryer. Jin was glad about that. He was sick of going to laundry mats.


Jin kept looking around, not finding what he was looking for. "Hey Kame, does this place have a bedroom?"


"Yeah, it has two."Kame opened the door to the first bedroom.


The bedroom had a car theme. In fact the bed frame looked like a large racing car.It was obviously designed for a small child.


"What's this?" Jin asked.


"The landlord thinks it's your room."


"Oh," Jin said disappointed. "Why do we have two bedrooms?"


"Cause the landlord told me he wouldn't rent to gays." He pulled on Jin's hand. "So of course I had to lie and say we're straight."


"So what's your bedroom? A Princess bedroom?"Jin countered.


Kame gave him one of his lopsided grins. "Let me guess, you wanted the princess bedroom."


"You have a princess bedroom? Really?" Jin asked.


"Let me show you," Kame's grin grew bigger. He took Jin through the bathroom. To another door on the other side of the bathroom.


He opened the door to the bedroom.†† It was dominated by a large king sized bed.


"Officially this is my room." Kame said. "But really it's ours. Sorry it's not a princess room."


"Did this bed come with the house?"


"Nope, I bought it for us." Kame took a flying leap and landed splat on the bed. Then he gave Jin the look that drove Jin wild. "Want to join me?"


Jin crawled onto the bed beside Kame. Then he kissed his lover's lips.


"Our place," Jin murmured. "I love the sound of that."


"I do too."


"Let's have a party tomorrow night; I want to show this place to my friends." Jin suggested.


"Not tomorrow night. I've got classes." Kame smiled at Jin. "GED classes. If I work hard, I can take the test in July. I can go to college this august. If they let me in."


"Oh don't worry about that, they'll let anyone in." Jin moved so his was on top of Kame. "They even let me in."


"Do you know how much I love you?" Kame asked. "How glad I am that I went on vacation?"


"Not half as glad as I am." Jin told him. Then Jin was kissing Kame's lips. Finally, they could be together and free from the agency. Jin knew in his heart that his future with Kame would be wonderful, because they had each other.


The End