Title: The Latest Upgrade 1/3
Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG
JinDa, JunDa
Note: This story will have a happy ending.
Summary: Junno and Ueda are in love. But Ueda was involved with Jin first. So when Jin returns to Kat-Tun, Ueda leaves Junno for Jin.


The press was full of stories about the latest Johnny's announcement. Akanishi Jin was returning to Kat-Tun. With his new knowledge of English, the agency knew that soon Kat-tun might be able to break through in English speaking countries. The next morning, the plane bringing Jin back from America would be arriving at Narita airport.

Two of the members of Kat-Tun had just spent the evening loving each other. It was a new love that had blossomed during Akanishi Jin's absence. It was a love that had burned as bright as the morning sun.

Ueda was getting dressed. Usually the pair would spend the night, but this time, Ueda had insisted that he had to go.

"I have to go," Ueda told Junno.

"Don't go." Junno begged. "Come back to bed."

Jin's returning," Ueda told his lover Junno

"Yes, we all know." Junno looked up to him from the bed. "Have you told him about us?"

"Of course I haven't!" Ueda looked away from him. "I told him I would wait for him."

"It's not your fault that you moved on." Junno went to his lover's side. He put his hands on Ueda's shoulder, but Ueda shrugged them off.

"I made Jin a promise," Ueda told him. "I told him I would be here when he returns. That we would still be lovers."

"Tat-Chan," Junno realized what Ueda was trying to tell him. "You didn't know you would fall in love."

"I have to put that behind me." Ueda put on his shirt and buttoned it. "For Jin's sake."

"He's never stayed true to you." Junno reminded him.

"Jin's promised me it will be different this time." Ueda looked at him. "I'm sorry, but it's time for us to part."

"Do you really want to leave?"

"I have to." Ueda said sadly. "I made a promise, and I always keep my promises."

"Even when you don't want to keep it?" Junno asked puzzled.

"I'm sorry," A tear rolled down Ueda's cheek. "We have to break up."

"Just tell me, do you love me?" Junno persisted.

"I'll always love you." Ueda vowed. "I'm not going to tell him about us. I think its better that way. But in my heart will always be my Junnosuke."

"I love you," Junno told him.

"I love you too." Another tear rolled down his cheek. "Sayonara my love."

With that, Ueda Tatsuya walked out of Taguchi Junno's life. Ueda would go back to like it was before Jin had left. Ueda had been cheated on almost constantly, who lived daily with a broken heart. Junno realized that no matter what he did, he couldn't stop Ueda returning to Jin. All Junno could do was sink to the ground and sob heartbroken tears of regret for what he had lost.


October 4th

It was Ueda's birthday. There was going to be a party. Since Jin had returned to Kat-Tun the group seemed to have more reasons to party. Any holiday was an excuse for them to have fun.

Jin was back, and everyone was happy. Everyone that is, except for Junno. Jin and Junno had never really gotten along. There was a personality clash between them. Junno didn't understand it. He actually liked Jin. When the member wasn't acting like a spoilt brat.

When Jin was gone, the group didn't fight. They were a tight unit. But Jin was back. Fights now happened almost every day with the group. Most of them between Junno and Jin. Junno could see how Jin was treating Ueda, and he didn't like it. Not one bit.

It was Ueda's birthday. There was going to be a party, but Junno wasn't invited. He had been told the morning of the party by Jin.

Still Junno smiled, acting as if it didn't matter. He pushed all feeling that he had developed for Ueda aside. Before Jin had returned, Junno and Ueda had become lovers. Junno felt as if he had finally found his soul mate. All that had changed the day Jin returned home. Ueda had broken up with Junno.

Jin was back, in the group, and in Ueda's life. Jin and Ueda had been lovers before Jin had gone on hiatus. Now Jin and Ueda were back to being lovers.

When he got home, Junno took out the present that he had bought for Ueda. It was a gold chain bracelet. He put the wrapped package on a shelf in his living room. The present would stay there forever. It was for Ueda, and it would wait for him, until perhaps someday Junno could give it to him.

Jin went to the window. Ueda lived in the apartment house across the street from Junno's. There was a pair of binoculars beside the window. Before Jin had come back, they would look at each other with the binoculars and wave good night.

Now he took the binoculars and looked across the street to Ueda's window. The curtains were pulled back so he could see inside. Ueda looked depressed. Jin pulled Ueda onto his lap, and then they sat together that way. Jin was trying to reassure the upset Ueda. He reached up wiping something from Ueda's cheeks. He looked into Ueda's eyes and said something. Something that made Ueda throw his arms around him.

Junno put the binoculars down. All this time, Junno had hoped that he would get back together with Ueda. That perhaps Ueda would tell Jin about his relationship with Junno. Junno now knew that that day would never happen. Given the choice between him and Jin, Ueda would pick Jin.

Junno went to the couch, and sat down. The tears came, and this time he didn't hide them.


Ueda tried to enjoy his birthday party. It had been thrown for him by his lover Jin. All of his friends were there, everyone except for Junno. Ueda hadn't told Jin about Junno. How in the time that Jin was away, Ueda had fallen in love with his best friend. Instead, he let Jin move back in with him. He had promised Jin that he would wait for him.

"What's wrong?" Jin had pulled Ueda onto his lap.

"You wouldn't understand," Ueda tried to fight the tears that took over everything. How could he explain to Jin that he was crying about someone else? That he no longer craved Jin's touch, but someone elseís? Still, Ueda had made a promise; he had always prided himself in keeping them. So he stayed with Jin, though he wanted to be with Junno.

"It's not me is it?" Jin asked concerned. "I told you, I changed in America, I won't cheat on you again."

"I know I trust you."

Jin gently wiped the tears from Ueda's cheeks. Then he looked into Ueda's eyes. "I promise it will be different this time."

Ueda decided to believe the words of Jin, even though he knew they where probably lies. He threw his arms around his lover. Jin held him tightly, his lips brushing Ueda's cheek.

Ueda waited for Jin to tell him he loved him, Junno used to tell Ueda he loved him all the time. But Jin was not Junno. He had never told Ueda he loved him. Instead, he pulled away from Ueda. He was smiling. "Come on, it's your party. We have to have fun."


November 27th

Junno was getting ready to go home from rehearsal. He had done that many times before. But it was different. He had the next two days off. He was still trying to get over Ueda. It was really hard for him to. Perhaps if they didn't have to work together almost daily, it would have been simpler. Instead, he had to face Ueda and act as if nothing had happened. That before Jin's return they had been lovers.

"Hey Junnosuke," Ueda came up to him, he was smiling.

"Yes, Tat-Chan?" Junno couldn't help but smile back.

"Do you have anything planned for your birthday?"

"No, thought I would play some games."

"I'm throwing a party for your birthday," Ueda said almost shyly. "I'd really like it if you could come."

Ueda looked so hopeful, that Junno found himself agreeing.

"I need to go, I'll see you tomorrow night," Ueda went to Junno, kissing his lips softly.

Junno found his arms going around Ueda, almost on their own. He had so missed Ueda's kisses. They kissed for quite a while. The kiss so loving, so gentle. Junno felt himself melt into the kiss, until Ueda loved his mouth with his tongue.

Finally, Junno pulled away from him. "This is wrong."

"Don't you love me?"

"I'll always love you," Junno promised. "But you have Jin."

"I want to break up with him," Ueda admitted. "He cheats on me."

"When you do, come to me." Junno told him. "I'll be waiting."

Ueda kissed him one last time. Then he left. Junno looked at the door. How could he promise his love to someone else? Someone he knew would never leave Jin? But his heart still hadn't given up. He lived in hope that someday, Ueda would come back to him. Until then he would wait.


It was the day before Junno's birthday. Ueda had called him early, to wish him happy birthday. His voice so cheerful, Junno could almost see him smile as he talked. It was as if they had never broken up.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, and I love you." Ueda had repeated.

"I love you too." Junno told him.

"I have to go, Jin's waking up." Ueda sounded afraid.

"I'll see you tomorrow night," Junno promised.

Junno went about his day off, mostly playing games. He thought of Ueda. Perhaps, just perhaps they would be able to get back together.

There was a pounding at Junno's door. Junno thought that was odd, almost everyone he knew used the door bell. Still, Junno looked through the peep hole in the door. It was Jin.

Junno opened the door. His face was met with Jin's fist. Junno fell to the ground. Quickly, Junno got up, but was punched in the face again, and he fell. Jin picked him up and shoved him back into the apartment. He then slammed the door shut.

Junno tried to fight back, but Jin was the better fighter. Junno fell, hitting his head on a table. He fell to the floor. He must have blacked out for a moment, because when he woke, Jin was standing beside him. A sneer on his face.

"I have a message for you from Ueda." Jin told him, he kicked him hard in the side. Junno could hear something in his side pop, and then Jin kicked him again, this time in the face. "Don't you want your message?"

"What is it?" Junno gasped.

"Tat-Chan doesn't want you at your party." Another kick in the side.

'Why didn't he tell me himself?"

"He's afraid of you," Jin kicked him yet again. "He sent me to give you the message." Yet another kick. "I know what you're doing with my boy friend! You're sleeping with him!"

"No, we're not lovers." It was getting hard for Junno to breathe.

Another kick, in the stomach. "Bullshit! I heard him talking to you this morning!"

Junno was scared, very scared. Jin was like a mad man when he got this angry. Plus if Junno wasn't careful, Jin would turn the anger onto Ueda.

"Tell him I'll stay away," Junno promised. "Tell him I wont' go near him again."

Jin punched Junno one last time, and left. Junno got up; he shut and locked the apartment door. He went to the mirror. His face was a mass of bruises. He would get into real trouble with the agency. His side really hurt. He picked up the phone and called his PM.



November 28th

While he waited for his PM, Junno came up with a story. He had been mugged. He couldn't let anyone know the truth, that he had been beaten by Jin. He still couldn't believe that Jin would beat him the way he did. Jin had never hit anyone, before he went to America, now he hit people all the time.

Junno's PM finally arrived. He told her his made-up story. She believed him. She insisted he go to the doctor. There was one that worked with the agency. The Doctor wouldn't tell the press. It would be a secret.

It was bad news; Junno had a broken nose, and two broken ribs. The doctor ordered rest, lots of rest. Both Junno's ribs and his nose were taped. He would have to stay out of the spotlight until the bruises faded, but Junno really didnt' feel like working.

When they returned to the apartment, the PM suggested that Junno go to bed. Junno didn't argue. The medicines the doctor gave him for the pain made him so sleepy that he wanted to sleep.

Junno waited to cry until the PM had left the room. Junno realized that Ueda didn't love him, didn't even like him. He couldn't even tell Junno that he wasn't invited to the party himself; no he had to have Jin do it for him.

Junno wanted to look at Ueda. It would give him some comfort from the pain. He took a photo album out of his drawer. It was photos of the two of them together. It was made by Ueda. Junno could still remember Ueda giving it to him.

"When we have to be parted by work, you can look at this." He smiled at Junno. "I have one just like it."

Junno had looked at the photos and had kissed Ueda, telling his lover he would never forget him. He didn't need them. He would always know that Ueda would be waiting for him. That would be enough for Junno.

But that had been then. Now Junno desperately needed the photos. It was simple things in the photos that Junno valued. His favorite photo had Junno sitting on a hand rail, Ueda leaning against it, close to him, only his hand touching Junno's hip. The hand looked accidental, but Junno had known different.

Almost everything in his relationship with Ueda had been deliberate. Junno wanted to teach Ueda that Ueda was worth more then what Jin gave him. Jin had given Ueda heartbreak, pain and cheating. Junno wanted to give Ueda something very special, something that had to be valued like a rare jewel. Junno loved Ueda, really loved him. It hadn't been enough.

Perhaps it would have been different if Ueda hadn't been Junno's first. It had happened when they still lived in the dorms. Their fooling around had gone too far one day. They had been lovers for only a few weeks when Ueda had broken up with him. It would be better if they were friends. Lovers didn't last long, but friends were forever. But time had passed, and suddenly they were back together. Only to be broken up yet again.

Now looking at the photo album, Junno could only wish that they could turn back time. That he could wake up in Ueda's arms, with his friend smiling at him and telling him the break up was only a dream.

Junno fell asleep with the album on the pillow beside him. Hoping beyond hope that his wish could come true, that he could have Ueda at his side.

November 29th

Junno's PM let him sleep in. While he was asleep she cleaned the apartment. There was no longer blood on the carpet. She had worked so hard for him; Junno knew she needed a break.

"Happy birthday Taguchi-kun," She told him. "Did you have a good sleep?"

"Yes, thanks for letting me sleep in."

"You should do it more often." She smiled. "I got a lot of work done while you slept."

"Why don't you go home for the day?" Junno suggested.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Junno's personal manager asked. She had been hovering around Junno. Making sure nothing else happened to him.

"I'll be fine," Junno promised.

"Why don't you let me make you some lunch?" She asked.

"Sure, why not?" Junno sat down on the couch.

Junno felt humiliated for letting himself be beaten. His nose was broken, and two of his ribs were cracked. The agency had given him a time off to recover. The official story was that he had been mugged. No one would ever find out that he was beaten up by Jin. He would stay in hiding until the bruises were gone.

Junno's ketai rang, it was a text message. It was followed in rapid succession by message after message.

"Happy birthday my love. I love you so much. Love Tatsuya."

"I can't wait for tonight, it's going to be a wonderful birthday party. Love Tatsuya."

"I slept with our album at my side. Donít' worry, Jin was out. I'm so sorry I broke up with you. Can you forgive me? Love Tatsuya."

A few minutes later, another message. "I love you more then anything. Tonight, can I come home with you? I can't stand Jin anymore. Love Tatsuya."

Junno turned off his ketai. He had promised Jin that he wouldn't contact Ueda anymore. If he kept getting text messages, Junno knew he would. Then they would be back together, and Ueda would get hurt.

Junno now knew that Jin had lied about Ueda wanting him not to go to the party. Ueda still wanted him. He wanted to run to Ueda, to hold him in his arms, to tell him that everything would be all right. They still had each other. But he couldn't. He would never hold Ueda again. Junno was terrified, that Jin would hurt Ueda the way he had Junno.

Just then his PM came into the room; she carried a tray and sat it on the coffee table. Then she left for the day.

Junno watched his PM leave. He finally looked at the lunch she had made him. There was a small birthday card on the tray. He picked it up. It was from Ueda.

"My beloved Junnosuke,

I want today to be your most wonderful day. I know you asked for some time alone. I respect that. All of us need down time.

I've been working so hard to make your party a good one.

You where right, I should have stayed with you. Perhaps this birthday will be the first day of our new love. I do love you; I love you more then anything. I was a fool for thinking I loved Jin. Did you know he's never told me he loved me, not even once? I miss the times you told me you loved me. To tell the truth, I miss everything about you. I wish you were holding me now.

I am planning on breaking up with him in front of everyone at the party tonight. That way he can't sweet talk me into coming back to him.

I canít' wait for our new life together. My wonderful Junnosuke.



Junno looked down to the card. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Ueda wanted him back. But Junno know that would never be. He decided to protect the one he loved more then his life he would have to stay away.


Ueda was throwing a party for Junno. He knew that Junno hadn't come to his birthday party. But he had a feeling that Jin had something to do with it. He just couldn't get Jin to admit it. Instead, Jin had insisted that Junno not coming to Ueda's party was a sign that Junno didn't care for Ueda. But Jin could never really lie to Ueda. Instead there was a look of victory in his eyes as he gloated that Junno would never get back together with Ueda.

Ueda knew that Jin wasn't telling the truth. He didn't know, couldn't know about the kiss Ueda had shared with Junno. The kiss still gave Ueda hope.

Ueda had called Junno several times on his ketai. But Junno hadn't answered, not even once. He had also text messaged Junno. Ueda had been told by Junno's Pm that Junno just needed some down time that he was exhausted from work.

Still, Ueda hoped the party would change everything. That Ueda could upgrade his boy friend. That he would be able to leave the party on Junno's arm. Ueda had invited a big crowd of Junno's friends. Junno loved crowded parties. Everything, even down to the brand of beer was what Junno liked. But because of Jin, Junno would never get to come to his party.

Ueda went to the window. He could see movement in Junno's apartment across the street. He picked up the binoculars that sat by the window and looked out. Junno's face was swollen and bruised. He had a bandage on his nose. Junno had been beaten up badly.

He tried Junno one last time with his ketai, but it went directly to voice mail. It had been at voice mail all day. He left yet another message.

Junno had been hurt badly. Ueda tried to control his temper. He was going to find who ever did this to Junno and make him pay. He just wasn't sure who it was. Then it hit him, it had to be Jin.

Ueda tried to busy himself with the guests. Kat-Tun was there, so was News and other friends of Junno. They all had questions as to why Junno wasnít' at the party. Ueda lied, he would be coming later. He had an important project to work on. It was terrible that he would be arriving late.

Then something Ueda over heard confirmed his suspicions. He had gone to the kitchen to get more beer. When he came out, Yama P was talking to Jin. He set the beer on the table, and moved closer to them.

"Where's Junno?" Yama P asked Jin.

"Oh he's not coming," Jin laughed. "I told him that he wasn't allowed at his own party. That Tat-Chan hated him, and didn't want him to come."

"Why would you do something stupid like that?" Yama P asked.

"I have to keep him away from Tat-Chan, You should see how Junno looks at him," Jin suddenly sounded jealous. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that heís in love with my boy friend. I had to beat Junno down like a dog."

'You mean you where able to talk him out of coming?" Yama P corrected.

"I beat Junno up, poor little thing now has broken ribs and a broken nose." Jin bragged. "I had to let him know who Tat-Chan really belongs to. Junno now knows if he gets near Ueda again, I'll hurt him even worse."

"That wasn't right Jin," Yama P insisted. "You can't do something like that."

"I learned in America that the best thing to do when you have a cheating boy friend is to beat down the other lover." Jin hissed. "Junno's lucky I didn't kill him."

The news shook Ueda to the core. Junno hadn't come to his birthday party now Ueda knew why, it was Jin's fault. Jin had learned something horrible in America. He was not the man that Ueda had become involved with. He had turned into a monster, one who had hurt the man he loved.

Ueda had to get to Junno, to protect his lover. The two of them together might just be able to keep Jin away. He grabbed his keys.

That was when Jin noticed he was leaving. He ran across the room and grabbed Ueda by the arm and shook him hard. "Where are you going?"

"Out!" He tried to get away from Jin. The party had stopped, and it seemed as if everyone's eyes were on them.

"We're having a party!" Jin reminded him. He twisted Ueda's arm hard behind his back. "You can't forget that it's Junno's birthday party?"

'Of course I didn't forget." Ueda gasped in pain. "How can I let you keep Junno away from his own party?"

"I'm not going to let you cheat on me!" Yet another twist.

"What's the difference? You cheat on me!" Ueda countered. "You can't deny you're sleeping with Kame!"

"You knew from the beginning that I couldnít' stay true to one man!" Jin's voice was evil almost as if he were possessed. "I have two boy friends, you and Kame."

"Did you beat up Junno?" Ueda demanded.

"I had to keep him away from you!" Jin told him. "So yeah, I beat him up! If he gets near you again, I'll kill him."

"It's over! Do you understand me! Over!" Ueda shouted.

"It's not over until I say it's over!" Jin gave Ueda's arm another twist. Then there was as crack, it was so loud that it reverberated around the room. Then a feeling like fire coursed through Ueda's arm. It hurt, nothing ever hurt like that in his life.

Ueda screamed in pain. He was sobbing, he couldn't help it. His body forced him to. His arm, Ueda could no longer move it. All that existed was pain.

Jin let Ueda fall to the ground. Ueda landed on his face. All Ueda could think of was Junno. Had his friend felt this way when Jin hurt him?

Jin kicked him hard in the stomach. "Get up slut!"

The rest went like a flash, Yama P and Kame pulled Jin away from him. Ueda's friends surrounding him, keeping Jin away from him.

Koki knelt beside Ueda. "Your arm."

"I think it's broken," Ueda gasped in pain.

"Donít' worry, we'll take care of Jin," Koki promised.

"Junno, oh god. I heard what Jin said." Tears stung Ueda's eyes.

"What did Jin do to Junno?" Koki's eyes were angry.

'He's not at the party because Jin hurt him." Ueda began to cry. Not just because of the pain in his arm, but because of Junno. Everything had been destroyed because of Jin. "Koki, we have to protect Junno. Jin told Yama P that he was going to kill Junno."

"Right now, we need to take care of you." Koki decided.

Ueda was too injured to fight Koki. He let himself be bundled into Koki's car and driven to the hospital. All he could think of when he was being treated was Junno. If only he had never left Junno, none of this would have happened.


At the hospital, Ueda found out that his elbow was broken, and his arm was broken in two places. It hurt, but Ueda's arm had been put in a cast, and he had been ordered to go home and rest.

Ueda didn't want to go home. He still had a key to Junno's apartment. He went to his ex-lover's apartment. He rang the doorbell, but he didn't answer. So he used the key to get in. All the lights were out. He turned on the living room light. Then he went to the bedroom. Junno was lying on the bed, asleep. His face was covered in bruises. His nose taped.

Ueda went to the bed, reaching out, touching his lover. Usually Junno was a very light sleeper, but this time he stayed unconscious. For a moment he thought of crystal meth. Jin had come back from America addicted to crystal meth. There had been times that Jin was knocked out by the meth. Then he would wake up, and sometimes not even recognize Ueda.

He looked at the bedside table, there was a prescription bottle sitting by the night light. Ueda picked it up. It was Tylenol-3. It contained codeine, which had a way of making Junno pass out. Ueda realized it wasn't drugs that made Junno go to sleep, it was medicines. Junno hated taking anything, even for a headache. Junno's ribs must really be hurting for him to take medicine for it.

"Tat-Chan," Junno murmured in his sleep. Then he began to snore.

Ueda tucked Junno into bed. Then he went back to the living room. Ueda decided that he had to give Junno his birthday party, even if it was a day late.

He went to the kitchen and took out of the cabinet one of the microwave cakes that Junno loved to eat. He wasn't too sure how he was going to do it. He only had one good hand. But he opened the container up. It had a small pan made of paper. It was only enough for a good snack. He pushed the pan against the coffee pot, and was able to make it so it couldn't move.

He then opened the package of mix, pouring it in the container. Added the water, mixed it. Then put it in the microwave.

When the timer binged, Ueda took it out of the microwave. He had to wait for it to cool to frost it. He found that frosting the cake was even harder then making the cake. He found a small decorators tube of icing. Ueda wasn't too sure why Junno had it, he never decorated anything. With his good hand shaking, he wrote "happy Birthday." Then he covered the cake with sprinkles.

When he was finished, he put the cake on the living room table. Finally he put a candle in the middle. He hoped that when Junno woke, he would enjoy the party.


It was Junno's birthday, and he was very depressed. Ueda was throwing a party for him. He could still remember the happiness in Ueda's eyes as he invited him.

Junno lay down to take a nap. He took something for the pain before he lay down. He hadn't meant to sleep so long, but the light streamed in the window when he woke. He checked the time; it was ten in the morning. Junno felt depressed, he had slept his birthday away. He went into the bathroom and shaved. It was easier said then done. His bruises hurt. His ribs had also begun to hurt again. He glanced at the bottle of pain medicine, but didn't take any. He didn't want to fall asleep again.

He went into the living room. The curtains had been pulled shut, so it should have been very dark. But it wasn't dark; instead it was illuminated by candles everywhere. Candles that Ueda had given him to brighten up the place, now they gave his apartment a wonderful homey glow. It took Junno a couple of seconds to realize that on the table was a birthday cake with a lit candle on top.

Junno went to the table; he looked down to the cake. A birthday cake, how could he have a cake? How could it have gotten here? The cake was odd to put it mildly, it was one of those microwave cakes that Junno loved to munch on when he stayed up late gaming. But it had been decorated with someone's sloppy icing handwriting. "Happy birthday." The cake had lots of sprinkles.

"Happy Birthday Junnosuke." Ueda came into view. He smiled a special smile at Junno. He had a cast on his left arm, it reached from his finger to almost his armpit. The cast was made out of black and silver fiberglass.

"Tat-Chan," Junno gasped. "What happened?"

"It doesn't matter," Ueda told him.

"You're arm...it was Jin wasn't it?" Junno couldn't keep the concern out of his voice. "He broke it, didn't he?"

"My arm doesn't matter." Ueda plastered on a smile. "It's your birthday. I want to give you a happy memory."

"Yesterday was my birthday." Junno pointed out. "Your arm..."

"I told you, don't worry about it." Ueda said firmly. "I want to celebrate your birthday with you. Any day can be a birthday Junno."

Why didn't Ueda want to talk about what happened to him? Junno knew it must have been Jin who hurt his arm. But all Ueda could think of was Junno's happiness.

"I can't believe you did all this for me." Junno decided to give in gracefully. "The cake is wonderful."

"I couldn't forget my Junnosuke's birthday," His smile grew broader. "Now make a wish, and blow out the candle."

Junno made a wish that he could be back together with Ueda. A wish he knew would never come true. Then he blew out the candle.

He was surprised to feel Ueda slip his good arm around his waist. Junno found himself putting his arm around Ueda's shoulders.

"Why did you come here?" Junno asked. "You have a boy friend."

"You mean I did." Ueda corrected. "I've broken up with Jin. It was like it had been in the past."

"He's beaten you before." Junno said softly. They never talked about the bruises that sometimes appeared on Ueda.

"It only happened after Jin returned from America."

"That doesn't excuse it Tat-Chan."

"Don't call me Tat-Chan, he always called me that." Ueda suddenly looked very sad.

"I won't," Junno promised. "Can I call you Tatsuya?"

"I would really like that," Ueda's arm tightened for a moment. "You're right; Jin broke my elbow, and my arm in two places. But I really don't want to talk about it."

"If that's what you want." Junno paused. "What happens when Jin finds out we're together? He might kill you."

"Jin broke my arm in front of the whole party. I donít' think he's going to be allowed to get away with it."

"I'm afraid," Junno admitted.

"I am too." Ueda agreed. "If you won't take me back, I am still not going back to him."

"I have to take you back, I can't live without you." Junno said softly. "I love you so much."

"I do love you." Ueda insisted. "Now let's have a party."

Junno pulled away from Ueda. "If we are celebrating birthdays, I want to celebrate yours."

"Mine?" Ueda repeated. "My birthday was last month."

"I know it's a little late, but I bought you something for your birthday" Junno smiled at him. "Can I give it to you?"

"I would be honored."

Junno went to the self and took the package off. Then he went to Ueda and pressed it into his hand. "This is for you."

Ueda quickly unwrapped the package. He took the bracelet out. "Oh Junnosuke, I love it!"

"I thought..." Junno quickly shook his head, He couldn't think negative any more. He had to get Jin out of his mind. They had to think of their new lives together. "Do you want me to help you put it on?"

"Please," Ueda handed the chain to Junno.

Junno put on the chain for Ueda. Then he stood, unsure what to do next. They both were injured; they couldn't love, not the way that Junno wanted to love.

He was answered by Ueda, who put his hand behind his head and gently pulled it downwards. Then Ueda was kissing his lips. Junno sighed and kissed back, putting his arms around his new lover.

Then Ueda pulled away from him, he was smiling. "I'm hungry, let's have some cake."

"Sounds great to me." Junno smiled back.


Their party was finished. Just some cake and ice cream, but Junno had really enjoyed it. He tried to ignore the tears from Ueda. His lover wanted so much for Junno to be happy, so he was happy.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I left you." Ueda told him, he followed Junno to the bedroom. Junno was giving in and taking some aspirin for his aching ribs.

Junno turned to Ueda, his lover was crying again. He wiped the tears away. "No regrets Tatsuya. We have each other now."

They kissed again. Ueda could only put one arm around Junno. He had to be careful, what with Junno's hurt ribs.

"I want you to love me, but I'm not sure how we're going to," Ueda admitted.

"That's the problem, we're both healing." Junno sighed, he closed his eyes. "Remember when we were kids, and we used to fool around?"

"You mean when we were room mates in the dorms and we used to jack each other off?" Ueda guessed.

"Yeah, then." Junno smiled. "Sometimes I miss those days."

"You're crazy,"

"It's either that, or we wait till we both heal." Junno told him. "It might be weeks. Long weeks of forced celibacy."

"Help me get my clothes off," Ueda decided.

Junno gave Ueda a quick kiss. Then he helped Ueda take his clothes off. Then he took his own clothes off. He kissed Ueda yet again, and then got under the blankets.

Ueda crawled in beside him. Junno had been right, those days had been wonderful. Their fooling around eventually lead up to Junno's first time. Now he had Ueda back. His first love, his only love.


After they loved, they lay in Junno's bed together. Ueda's head on Junno's shoulder. Junno stroked his lover's silky hair. Ueda felt happy in Junno's arms. It hadn't been the party that they had planed for, but it had been much better, at least in his eyes.

"Did I hurt your arm when we made love?" Junno asked concerned.

"Not really." Ueda cuddled against him. "What about your ribs?"

"I didn't mind the pain." Junno said truthfully.

"Get any good presents?" Ueda asked him.

"The best present I've ever got." Junno kissed his lips gently.

"What was it?"

"You," said so softly that Ueda almost didn't hear.

"I got my best birthday present too," Ueda told him. "A few weeks late, but well worth the wait."

"What's that?"

'My beautiful Junnosuke,"

"What are we going to tell the group when they figure out we're together?" Junno asked.

"I'll tell them I upgraded boy friends." Ueda decided. "I mean what's the point of having a boy friend everyone's had? My last one is too worn out. I needed someone fresh, someone wonderful."

'Never thought of myself as an upgrade," he kissed Ueda again. "Besides, aren't I your first boy friend?"

"That's a technicality." Ueda gave him a small kiss. "I should never have left you that first time."

"No regrets Tatsuya," Junno kissed him again. "We have each other now. That's all that matters."

Just then Ueda's ketai began to ring. He had the type of ketai that had special rings for special people. This ring belonged to Jin. Ueda suddenly was afraid, what was he going to tell Jin?

"Is it Jin?" Junno asked. Ueda nodded. Junno picked up the ketai. He put it on speaker phone. "Hello?"

"Tat-Chan, I'm so sorry. Take me back." Jin said in a rush. "Come on, we both know I was on crystal meth. I couldn't control myself!" Jin paused. "Tat-Chan, are you still there?"

"What do you want?" Junno asked.

"Really, I'm sorry I broke your arm." Jin told him. "Please forgive me."

"Do you really think I'll forgive you for breaking my Tatsuya's arm?"

"Who is this?" Jin demanded.

"I'm Ueda Tatsuya's latest upgrade in boy friends." Junno told him. "Taking crystal meth isn't an excuse for breaking an arm!"

"Who is this?" Jin repeated.

"I told you before you baka, I'm the latest upgrade." Junno smiled.

"Come back to bed Junno," Ueda called loud enough for Jin to hear. "My last boy friend was such a bad lover. I need my upgrade now!'

"Junno!" Jin screamed. "What the hell is going on? I'm going to kill you!"

Then suddenly in the background Ueda could hear struggling, Jin was fighting with at least two people. Then Kame's voice came on the line. "Sorry about that. We're taking Jin a mental hospital."

"A mental hospital?" Junno echoed.

"He has a mental illness. He hasn't been taking his medication." Kame explained. "He's also on crystal meth."

"Why did you let him use the phone?" Junno asked.

"We didnt' realize he had it." Kame admitted. "He won't bother you any more. Oh and Junno, happy birthday."

"Call me after Jin's admitted to the hospital." Junno turned off the phone.

Ueda pulled the covers down. "Come back to bed, upgrade."

"As you wish," Junno smiled, he got back into bed, but he resisted Ueda pulling him close. "I want to ask you something."

'You can ask me anything," Ueda said truthfully.

"Kame told me that Jin was on crystal meth." Junno told him. "Did you know about it?"

"He used to beat me." Ueda said softly. "The first time was when he first got home, he was going through withdrawals. He wanted me to have my grandfather give him meth."

"You didn't did you?"

"Of course not." Ueda sighed.

"So he does meth." Junno said levelly.

"Jin does something called booty bumps; His favorite way of taking it is by a plug." Ueda admitted.

"A plug? Where?"

"His anus. I know, strange isn't it?" Ueda shrugged. "He learned to use it that way in the states."

"Why didn't you tell anyone?"

"I was scared," Ueda looked at him. "I was afraid he would hurt me."

"I will never use drugs, or hurt you." Junno promised, he reached out, putting his hand on his cheek.

"I know," Ueda took Junno's hand and kissed the palm. "I feel safe with you. Not only that, but I'm happy when we're together."

Suddenly Junno was kissing Ueda yet again. Ueda let Junno pull him to the bed and make love to him. For Ueda loved his latest upgrade very much. An upgrade that he knew would never leave him would never cheat on him. He had Junno, and he was very happy.