by sentaikat

Title: Lipstick

Author: Sentaikat aka Kyoko Godaikun

Authors email: Kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com

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Note: This story takes place before Butterfly, but can be read on its own. It's about Junno's one sided love for Ueda and his lipstick fetish.

Time: Six months before Butterfly- Spring 2006

A Commercial, Ueda Tatsuya and Taguchi Junnosuke were filming a CM. Ueda's lip gloss CM had been so popular, that his sponsors had decided that they wanted Ueda in another. This time for their new lipstick line. Junno had at first thought that the company would rather have Jin and Kame. But the make up company had been firm. They didn't want a pair as well known as Kame and Jin. They wanted the unusual looks of Ueda and the boy next door look of Junno. The two would make a good contrast.

A male being in a lipstick commercial, while unusual, wasn't unknown. Kimura Takuya was famous for his lipstick CMs. The sponsors had decided on using Ueda and Junno. There would also be an actress. Junno had been surprised at Ueda's reaction. He didn't like working with women, but he was excited to work with the actress. In fact, he drove Junno crazy talking about it.

The actress was very androgynous. Her hair short dyed a honey color. She looked very much like Ueda before he dyed his hair black. If Junno went out with her, it would be easy for him to pretend that she was the one he really wanted.

Junno walked up to her. "Hi, I'm Taguchi Junno."

"Hi, my name is Mako Shaylinn." The woman smiled. "My cousin's told me so much about you."

"Your cousin?" Junno echoed.

"Junno-Chan, you donít' really remember me do you?" She asked.

"I meet a lot of people," he plastered on a fake smile.

"But how many people have you spending nights at their house?" She smiled. "You remember when you first joined the agency, and you parents had to go out of the country."

Junno suddenly realized who she was. Ueda had a cousin that lived with his family. She had very long dark hair and wore glasses. She had never real struck him as looking too much like Ueda. She was always an annoying aggravation then anything. There was also one problem; she used to have a crush on Junno.

"You're Ueda Midori!" Junno gasped. "You really changed your look."

"It was Tat-Chanís idea." her smile grew wider. "He even gave me my stage name. Do you like it?"

"Shaylinn sounds like a name Ueda would like." Junno smiled. "But I have to admit, I do like the make over."

"Thank you!'

"After the shoot, would you like to go out?" Junno asked.

"That would be great!" she bubbled.

Just then, Ueda arrived. He smiled when he saw his cousin. Then he went over to her. "Hey Midori, I mean Shaylinn." He smiled his winning smile.

The cousins began to chat about old times and walked away from Junno.

Junno was called to make up first. He sat in the make up chair and tried to flirt with the make up artist. It was like all things dealing with woman, a chore. He had to make his family proud. Junno tried to lock away his real sexuality, hoping that he could make it go away.

When they were through with him, it was Ueda and Shaylinn's turn. Junno sat in an out of the way chair and watched Ueda being made up. Junno knew he was strange to like to watch people having make-up put on. He had never told anyone about his fetish for lips and lipstick. But like his sexuality, he kept it hidden away. . He could feel his mid section tighten as he watched the make up artist put plum lipstick on Ueda. His friend had wonderful lips. All Junno wanted to do was to kiss those lips.


Junno had always felt a bit envious of Ueda. Ueda had never had to worry about his sexuality. His family so open minded that they had always accepted him. Because of that, Ueda was able to openly date anyone he wanted. His friend had dated at one time or the other, the best looking members of the agency.

Junno on the other hand had always pretended that he was something he wasn't. He dated girl after girl, hoping that he could find one that would actually make him happy. But every time, he found that he was miserable. He wanted so much to be like Ueda. He wanted to be courageous enough to come out about his sexuality. But he couldn't. There were too many people who would be disappointed if he did.

Junno was the only son in a family of many girls. It had been drummed into his head since he was very young that he was expected to marry and have children. He had to carry on the family name. He couldnít disgrace his family by being gay. Junno tried to be a good son, and do as his family wished. Though in his heart of hearts going out with girls was more like an unpleasant chore.

The story line of the cm was fairly simple. Shaylinn played a girl with two boy friends. She dates both, then fantasies about lipstick with both of them together.

The first part of the filming was simple. The director filmed the date between Junno and Shaylinn. Then the two of them spending time together in her apartment. Then the almost identical scene was filmed with Ueda.

Next filmed were the fantasy scenes. The scenes were going to be difficult for Junno. The script called for him to put lipstick on Ueda.

"All right, I want you to put lipstick on Ueda-kun,Ē The director told the Shaylinn.

Junno stood to the side of the shot, just behind the Shaylinn. He watched as the model applied plum lipstick to Ueda's lips

Music played in the background. Since this part of the cm had a voice over, they where filming without sound. The Director had put on ELO's greatest hits. Junno was going to throw something if he had to hear "Telephone Line," many more times.

"Okay, Taguchi-kun, I want you to trade places with Ueda." The Director told him.

The two Kat-tun members did as they where told. They filmed the same shot, but with Junno.

"Now Taguchi-kun, I want you to put lipstick on Ueda-kun." The director told him.

"You want me to apply lipstick to him?" Junno felt his midsection grow tight at the though. He tried to still his racing mind.

"I know its odd putting lipstick on a fellow group member," The director said. "Just pretend like it's your girlfriend."

Ueda smiled at Junno, a special smile that always made Junno feel like Ueda loved him. "Come on Taguchi-kun, we have to give the girls some fan service."

"I'd love to see you put some lipstick on him!" Shaylinn gushed. "The two of you are hot together."

"Do you know how wrong that sounds?" Ueda asked her drolly. "You are my cousin."


"For you anything," Junno told Shaylinn.

*Steady, steady.* he told himself as he let Ueda sit down. *No one needs to know that putting lipstick on Ueda is one of my biggest fantasies.*

"Action!" The director said.

Junno picked up the lipstick. With shaking fingers, Junno put the lipstick on Ueda. He felt himself grow even more excited. Ueda was good at acting. He began to look more and more turned on as Junno applied the lipstick.

The Director didn't like the shot. So he made them do it again. Take after take made the situation even worse, until Junno knew he would have to relieve himself in the near future.

"Okay, cut. Perfect." the director said.

"Excuse me," Ueda got up and headed towards the rest room.


When the shoot was finished, Junno went to the rest room. As soon as the stall door was closed, he unzipped his zipper. His hand went to his aching hardness. He closed his eyes and began to fantasize. He always fantasized about Ueda. Beautiful, perfect Ueda.

Then he heard noise from the next stall. It took a few moments to realize who it was. Ueda was loving himself. As he loved himself, he pretended that the noises Ueda made were for him. He couldn't help it, he too began to groan.

Suddenly Junno came. He had to bit his bottom lip so the scream wouldn't be so loud.

Junno opened his eyes. He was alone in the stall. He leaned against the wall, trying to get his breath back. As he did, he wondered, why girls didnít ever make him feel the way he did when he was near Ueda. He had to remind himself yet again that someone as wonderful as Ueda would never love him.

Junno quickly cleaned himself up. He couldn't be caught. Then he took a tissue and wiped the spilled sperm off the toilet seat.

Then suddenly there was a loud, husky moan as Ueda orgasmed. Junno felt very jealous towards the man Ueda was fantasizing about.

Junno went to the sink washed his hands. The door to the next stall opened. Ueda came out. He was pale, his face glistened with sweat. Junno realized he looked even more gorgeous after an orgasm. He was beautiful before, now he was radiant. It took all of Junno self control not to go to Ueda and kiss him.

Ueda went to the other sink and washed his hands. "Got a date with my cousin?"

"Yeah, I do." Junno admitted. "She's waiting for me."

"You better go to her." Ueda suddenly looked very jealous.

"I could tell her that something came up." Junno offered. "We could go out to eat."

"You can't do that." Ueda turned the faucets off. "It might get out you're gay. We both know you like girls."

"Sometimes going out with girls seems like a chore." he admitted. "I just do it because I'm expected to."

"Perhaps you are gay," Ueda teased.

"Perhaps I am." Junno said truthfully.

"If you came out, you would have to fight the guys off of you." Ueda kidded.

"You think so?" Junno asked.

"Come on; don't tell me you don't know that youíre gorgeous." He dried his hands. "See you tomorrow."

Then Ueda was gone. Junno looked into the mirror. Then he told his reflection. 'Why am I so afraid to come out?"

"Does Tat-Chan really think I'm good looking?"

Just then, Junno's PM came into the bathroom. "Taguchi-kun, you're dates waiting for you."

"Coming," Junno dried his hands and left with his PM. Wishing that he was courageous enough to tell the truth. That he loved men. Instead, he went with the girl that looked so much like Ueda. Wishing the entire time that the Ueda he went out with was Ueda Tatsuya.