Title: Lipsticks and Christmas Trees

A story in the Butterfly Universe

Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka Sentaikat
Pairing: JunDa
Genre: Bishonen ai
Rating: Yaoi

Time: Christmas Eve 2006


Someone had been sending Junno pictures by cell phone. He wasn't sure who. It had started two days after Ueda had entered the hospital. At first they had been happy pictures with Ueda's old smile. Then suddenly the pictures turned sad. With Ueda looking depressed. The one that disturbed Junno the most was the one where he had a bandage on his right arm. The chain was gone, and his face was bruised. Then a short message was given to Junno. "Ueda-kun's been attacked. His bracelet was taken."


Then finally, the good news came. Ueda Tatsuya would be released from the hospital on Christmas Eve.


So Junno did the only thing he could do. He prepared Ueda's apartment for Christmas.  His lover loved Christmas with a child-like glee. When everyone else gave New Years presents, Ueda had always given the rest of the group Christmas presents. Every year he had been disappointed when he had never gotten anything back. This time, Junno hoped that it would be different.


He decorated the apartment in silver, white and blue. Not the traditional green and red of Christmas, but the colors that Ueda had told him made a real Christmas.


He had invited the rest of the members to help him decorate the apartment. He hadn't even bothered to wait for an answer. That was before, when he was so uncertain. Things had changed for Junno in the three weeks Ueda was in the hospital. Junno didn't know why the rest of the group suddenly became his friend. He was just glad.


The doorbell rang, Junno answered it. Kame stood in the doorway, holding a large box. He came in and set it on the floor. Then he looked around the room.  At the decorations Junno had all ready put up. He gave a half smirk. "Tat-Chan’s going to love this."


"I hope so," He said uncertain.


"You haven't heard anything from him?" Kame asked.


"There was just one thing." Junno picked up his ketai and found the photo of Ueda. "Someone sent me this. They told me that he was attacked and his bracelet stolen."


'Was the bracelet important?"


'Very, we promised to exchange bracelets when we made a lifetime commitment."


"You need to buy him a new one." Kame told him. "It's very important that you give him a replacement as soon as possible."


"I bought him one, it's under the tree."


"Good boy."


"I just hope he hasn't changed his feelings about me." Junno confessed.


"I know how you feel." Kame said softly. "You just have to have faith that you're still in his heart."


When he said the words, Junno realized his friend was talking about his relationship with Jin.


"There's a present for you under the tree." Junno picked it up and handed to him.


"Wouldn't it be better if Tat-Chan gives me my present himself?" Kame tried to give it back.


"This present isn't from Tat-Chan," Junno refused to take it. "It's from America."


"Jin," Kame breathed. He opened the present. It was a beaded Native American bracelet. He put it on, and then read the note to himself. "I wish I could put this on you myself. Please wear it as a promise that we'll be back together."  He turned from Junno, not before Junno saw the tear that rolled down his cheek. "He has one like mine."


 "Why don't you call him?" Junno took his ketai out of the charger. When Kame began to protest, Junno smiled. "I can finish the rest myself."


"I brought some stuff, it's in the box."


"I'll put it up." Junno promised.


Kame took the ketai and went into Junno's bedroom. Thanks to Junno, Kame was now in regular contact with his lover.


There was a rapping at the door. Junno knew who it was before opening it. It was Koki. His friend never used the doorbell. Junno went and opened it. Koki came in, followed by Maru, who held packages.


"Where's the tree?" Maru looked around; he put the package under it. "Did you get Jin's package?"


"Yeah, I got it." He looked around the apartment again. "I hope it will make Tat-Chan happy."


Koki went to the table; he stared at the plate of sandwiches Junno had made. Junno knew that Koki was still under a very harsh probation. That included cutting him off from his salary. Everyone in the group worked to keep Koki from starving. Without letting Koki know that they knew. Instead, everyone seemed to have left over food. So Koki was doing them a favor by eating the food.


"You guys want some sandwiches?" Junno asked casually. "I made too much for my lunch."


"They probably taste like crap." Koki went and picked one up. Then he began to eat. Quickly he wolfed down the first sandwich. He grabbed another one. "I told you they suck. Better get rid of all of them."


As he ate, Koki looked around the room with his critical eye. He was the only other member of the group who had regularly celebrated Christmas with his family.


"You left the angel off the tree," he said grabbing another sandwich.


"Angel?" Junno repeated. He went to a box and took out the fairy ornament. He put it on the top of the tree.


"That isn't an angel." Koki countered. "That's Tinkerbelle!"


"It will make Tat-Chan happy," Maru told his lover. "He believes in fairies."


Junno went to Kame's box and opened it. He began to put out the decorations that his friend had bought. He was followed by Koki and Maru.


Kame returned to the living room after a few minutes. Without saying anything he too began to help. Kame's eyes were red rimed from crying. He grabbed a sandwich from the plate.  Koki glared at him, and Maru whacked Koki. Everyone knew Kame was having trouble keeping his weight on.


"What's wrong?" Kame finally asked him.


"I'm just a little worried." Junno admitted. "What if Tat-Chan returns from the hospital and has stopped loving me?"


"A man who writes a stupid song calling you a stupid butterfly would *not* just stop loving you." Koki said harshly. "You have to have faith in yourself."


"You're right, of course." Junno smiled. He now knew that all the gruffness on Koki's part hid a very soft heart.


The group finished decorating the apartment, and then they left. Leaving Junno alone.






Then the day came that Ueda would be released from the hospital. He knew no one would be there. It was the policy of the hospital. His PA seemed glad to see him. She told him that Junno had a new apartment and a new life. Ueda felt crushed. He had dreamt of this day, of Junno holding him in his arms, and telling him that he forgave him. Then Junno would kiss him. Junno's kisses always touched Ueda's soul.


Ueda had moved into Junno's apartment. So he wasn't surprised that the PA took him to his old apartment. Ueda loved Christmas Eve. But he would spend this one alone. The thought of spending Christmas Eve with Junno had given him strength in the hospital.


 He didn't want to go home. Junno had left him. His life would be a new one alone. Ueda knew that it was his fault that Junno left. So he followed his PA to the apartment. Asking his PA if he could stay. Surprisingly, the PA said no, he had to do something. So Ueda was dropped off.


 The living room was dark. On a table in the corner was a Christmas tree. The lights were on, blinking.  The tree was made out of silver foil just like his grandmothers had always been.  The apartment was decorated with white and blue decorations. There was a fairy instead of an angel on the top of the tree. There were also carefully wrapped presents beneath the tree.


Ueda had always loved Christmas. He went to the table. He reached out, touching a branch on the tree. Then he realized that the entire room had been decorated in a way that made Ueda's dreams come true.


Who could have put up the tree? Then he realized, it must be Junno. Why would he do something like this after leaving him? The tree was so beautiful. If everything had been different it would have been their first Christmas together. He felt tears of regret fall down his face. He wished he could change everything.


He looked down to the new scar on his right wrist. He had been attacked by a fellow patient who had taken his bracelet. The staff said he was lucky, he was only beat up. But no matter how much the staff looked, the bracelet couldn't be found. How would he explain it to his lover? Even though Junno had left him, Ueda knew he needed an explanation.


He heard a door open. Then the voice, the voice he thought he would never hear again said. "Merry Christmas."


He turned. "Junnosuke, what are you doing here?"


Ueda thought Junno looked like the most handsome man on Earth; he was dressed in a black silk shirt and black jeans.  He smiled at Ueda. "I got permission for us to live together. I thought we could have a fresh start in your apartment."


My PM told me you left me." He wiped the tears off of his face.


 Junno went to his side. “Do you want me to stay?"


"I would like that very much." He admitted.


 "Can I hold you?" Junno asked almost shyly.


"You never have to ask."


Junno put his arms around Ueda and very gently held him. Ueda put his arms around his lover. It was one of the things that Ueda had really missed his lover's touch.  He was disappointed that Junno didn't move the hug further. He tried to kiss Junno, but his friend moved his head so that all Ueda kissed was his cheek.


Junno pulled away from him. "It's Christmas eve. Why don't we put on some music and have some fun?"





Thirty minutes later, Christmas music played in the background. Junno had poured them cups of egg nog. They sat together on the couch, but Junno sat almost a meter away from Ueda.  There was awkwardness between the lovers that had never been there before. It was almost as if Junno was afraid of Ueda.


The CD ended, Ueda got up and went to the stereo. He put on a new one.


"You never told me why you love Christmas." Junno went to him.


"My grandmother was an American. Some of my happiest memories are of spending Christmas with her." He admitted.


"Then I'm glad I'm able to spend it with you." he put his arms around Ueda's shoulders, hugging him from behind. Junno's whole body was trembling.  He hadn't kissed Ueda yet. Ueda couldn't tell his friend just how much he missed his touch. That he couldn't feel back together with his lover until they were together.


"I don't have any presents for you." Ueda said sadly.  "I know I always give presents for Christmas...."


"What about the ones under the tree?"


"Aren't they empty boxes?" Ueda asked. "I always wrap empty boxes. It makes the tree look more Christmassy."


Junno let go of Ueda, he went to the tree. He picked up one present. "It's from Maru."


"You mean their real?" Ueda couldn't keep the glee out of his voice. Christmas presents, after all this time, his friends have given him presents. He went to the tree. Junno handed him the first present. Ueda sat down on the couch, and unwrapped the package. "Latest Hyde CD."


Junno handed him another one. This package from Koki. Ueda was always a bit afraid of Koki's presents. But still he opened it. He wasn't quite sure if Koki was being serious with the presents.


"What did you get?" Junno asked.


Ueda grinned. "It's Twisted Christmas."


"What's that?"


"It from the American group Twisted Sister." Ueda tried to explain. "They did a heavy metal version of Christmas songs."


Junno handed him Kame's present. Ueda opened it. It was a book of translated Poe stories.


"I need to give you something. It's not from me. It's from a friend." Junno took a package off the table. Then he handed it to his lover.


Ueda looked at the label. Then he dropped it. "Oh my god, it's from Jin."


"He's wanted to make sure you got it on this day."


"How did you get a hold of him?" Ueda asked. "No one knows where he is."


"Maru knew. I went through this crazy period of wanting to leave the group." Junno admitted. "He had Jin talk to me. We've been in contact since then."


"He sent me a present. What is it?"


"I have no idea. I thought it would be best if you opened it."


Ueda opened the present. There were photos on top. "Junnosuke, please sit with me."


Junno sat by him, close but not touching. . Ueda went through the photos. It was almost of another life. The baseball team Ueda had been on. The photos of the young Jin and Ueda together. Then he took out a baseball catcher’s mitt.


"I haven't seen this since the day I got shot." Ueda said.


"It's yours?" Junno asked.


"Yeah," he put the things back into the box.


 Junno went to the tree. "Tat-Chan, I have one more present for you. It's the one that means more to me then anything."


He brought Ueda a small box.  With shaking fingers he opened it. It was a bracelet, to replace the one that was stolen. When he saw it, Ueda realized that Junno forgave him.


"I want to spend my life at your side. Please wear the bracelet." Junno asked.


Tears poured down his cheek. "Can you put it on me?"


Junno put it on him, and then reached out, wiping the tears from Ueda's face.  Then Junno's thumb traced Ueda's full lips. But there was no kiss. Junno dropped his hand.  Ueda felt crushed.


 Ueda looked at Junno's arm, at the wristband which was orange which didn't go with the rest of Junno's clothes. . "Why are you wearing that?"


"My arm's cold." Junno lied; Ueda could always tell when Junno was lying.


Ueda pulled the wrist band off of Junno's right wrist.  There were four claws like scars on the top of his arm that attached to puncture scars. He moved his wrist around to show one on the other side of his wrist, with a similar puncture wound. The wounds were red, fresh.


"Who did this to you?" Ueda asked.


"Don't worry about it." Junno sounded very sad. He pulled his arm away from Ueda, and put the wrist band back on. "I didn't want you to see this until after Christmas."


"Did I do this to you?" Ueda demanded.


"You don't remember, do you?" Junno countered. "How can you forget hurting me?"


"I can't remember." He moved closer to Junno, who flinched.


"I don't blame you, I really don't." Junno said. "I just wish you could say you're sorry."


 "We have to break up." It hurt Ueda to make the decision, but he knew it was the right one.


"Why Tat-Chan?" Junno asked.


"I might hurt you again. I can't hurt you. I love you too much." Ueda ran out of the room.





Ueda hid in the bedroom closet. Is eyes closed tightly to the truth. He had hurt Junno. Why would Junno do everything he could to give him a good Christmas if he had been hurt? Then he realized that Junno hadn't kissed him. Hadn't given him one of those kisses that made Ueda feel as if he could melt into the floor. Junno had given him his Christmas wish simply because he was a friend, nothing else.

In the darkness Ueda began to fumble around for a tissue. His fingers found a box he had hidden before they started to live together. He had bought lipstick samples for Junno's birthday. Even though Junno had never told him his fetish, Ueda had been able to figure it out. He shoved the box back into it's hiding place. He would never be able to give his lover the samples.

He took off the bracelet that Junno had given him. He held it as he cried. He loved Junno so much, but he had hurt him.

The door to the closet opened. Then Junno was kneeling beside him, taking him into his arms. Ueda hated himself for needing his lovers touch. He leaned against the taller man. Junno's long fingers stroked his hair. Junno's touch so loved, that it made Ueda cry even harder.

"I hate myself," Ueda sobbed. "I hurt you. I'm sorry, I am so sorry."

"I shouldn't have said anything." Junno told him. "You didn't mean to hurt me. You were sick."

"Now I know why you can't love me." Ueda told him. "Why you'll never love me. Why we'll never be together. Why you'll never kiss me again."

"Kiss you?"

"Your kisses are so wonderful, so loving. I've never had anyone kiss me the way you do." He shoved the bracelet into Junno's hand. "But I'll never be kissed by you again. It's over between us."

Junno pulled away from him a bit, and kissed him. The soft gentle kiss that Ueda had missed so much. He opened is mouth, and Junno loved him with his tongue. That was what Ueda would miss the most from his lover. His kisses, Junno had a way of putting his entire soul in the kisses.

He pulled away from Junno. His lover looked at him, his eyes confused. "I can't do this Junno. I can't love you if I know I could hurt you."

"You were sick," Junno had determination in his eyes. "You're well now. You won't hurt me."

"How can you trust me?"

Junno didn't answer him. Instead he kissed him again. As they kissed, Ueda realized that Junno forgave him. Then he put the chain back on Ueda's wrist. "I trust you because you're the other half of my soul."

Ueda took Junno's hand in his, and then he very gently ran his lips over the scars. Tears dripped on Junno's skin. Junno put his hand on Ueda's cheek and they kissed again.

"That's what I love the most about you." Ueda said. "You are a wonderful kisser."

"Then let me love you with those kisses." Junno's eyes were loving. 'That's what you need, someone to love you completely."

Ueda couldn't believe his ears. Was his friend trying to tease him? "You want to love me with your kisses?"

"Just kiss nothing else." Junno promised. "The only thing that I'll touch you with is my mouth."

"What about your need?"

"I won't make love to you." Junno promised. "You don't have to worry about that. I just want to give to you."

"All right," Ueda agreed. He took Junno's hand and let his friend guide him to the bed.

His lover quickly stripped down to only his shorts, then he got under the covers. Then he smiled at Ueda. "Come on."

Ueda took his clothes off, leaving only his shorts, and then he got into bed beside Junno.

"I want to kiss your scars." Junno said softly. "Would you let me?"

Ueda had never let Junno touch his scars; he was always ashamed of them. "Why?"

"Their part of you," Junno told him. "I want to prove to you that I love all of you."

Ueda held out his right wrist, the one that had the scar from the bracelet removal. Junno took his hand and very gently brushed his lips over it. Then he took Ueda's left hand. There were two scars there, one white and old, the other red and fresh. His lips dwelled on those scars, and Ueda wondered what was going through Junno's mind.

Junno moved down so that he could kiss the scar on Ueda's lower back. His lips were like feathers, so light, so very soft. It was strangely erotic.

Then his lips went lower, to the wound on Ueda's upper thigh. Ueda gasped, it was so close to where Ueda wanted Junno to love.

Junno began to explore Ueda's body with his lips. He made light circles on Ueda's stomach, getting near, but never touching Ueda hardness. Ueda moaned and moved closer to him.

"I want to mark you," Junno's voice was husky. "When we go to work tomorrow I want everyone to see you're mine."

"I want that too."

Junno kissed his way up his lover's body, and then his lips went to a spot just below Ueda's very sexy mole. He began to suck and nibble gently on his collarbone. Ueda put his hand on the back of Junno's head, urging him on. He knew he would get in trouble, but he didn't care.

As he loved Ueda's collarbone, he began to work on Ueda's underwear. Ueda helped him pull it off. Then Ueda was trying to take off his underwear. Junno helped him with it.

Junno pulled away from him, he looked at his lover's neck and smiled. "You look like you're mine.

For a brief moment, Junno was kissing his lips. Ueda tried to pull Junno on top of him; he wanted him to understand that Ueda didn't want to play anymore. All he wanted was to feel Junno inside of him.

But his lover had other plans. Junno began to kiss his way down Ueda's chest. He stopped at one nipple, biting down on it. Then his lips went down the ridges of Ueda's stomach. Junno's lips were driving him insane. Now all he wanted was to feel those lips on his hardness, making love to him the way he did with his tongue.

"I love you, I love you so much." Junno murmured as he kissed him. Ueda's fingers began to get lost in Junno's hair.


"Please what?" Junno asked. "Tell me what you want, and I'll do it."

"Make love to me with your mouth," Ueda begged. "Then use your fingers."

Junno licked up and down Ueda's hardness, as if it were an ice cream cone. Then he took it all in once gulp. It took all of his will to sit up on one elbow to look at Junno. His lover was watching him. He moved one hand to Ueda's lips. He sucked on his fingers. Then the fingers were removed.

Long seconds passed, Ueda began to babble. "Please butterfly, please."

Junno nudged Ueda's legs apart. The sucking grew even harder as he inserted the first finger; it was quickly followed by the second, then the third. Then Junno's fingers scraped his prostate. Fire coursed through Ueda. Ueda gasped, his head rolling back. It was becoming too much for him, the fingers loving him, the mouth loving his hardness. Ueda exploded screaming butterfly.

Junno pulled away from him, and took him into his arms. Ueda could feel Junno try to still his breathing. Ueda nestled down on his chest. Junno's heart was beating fast. Junno's entire body was trembling. Ueda wondered why Junno didn't do what came next. Ueda was more then ready for his lover to take him.

Ueda put his arm around Junno's waist. There was a sharp intake of breath by his lover.

"Please, Tat-Chan, don't put your arm there." his voice sounded pained. He moved Ueda's arm from his waist. Then he turned his back to Ueda, but not until Ueda saw just how excited he was. "Just go to sleep, my love, and sleep."

"What about you?"

"I'm fine, really, I'm fine." he lied. Ueda could tell that Junno was lying.

Ueda couldn't understand why Junno couldn't take Ueda into his arms, and make love to him.

"Your need..."

"I made you a promise," Junno told him. "I told you my needs didn't matter."


"It’s just been so long since we've been together. You're such a turn on." his body was shaking even harder. "Please, go to sleep."


Junno hoped that his lover would take the hint. That he would go to sleep, then Junno could go to the bathroom and pretend his hand was Ueda's body. .

He didn't realize that giving Ueda would make him this excited. But Ueda's lips, they were Ueda's best point. Every time Junno looked at him as he pleased Ueda, he could see his lovers lips flushed almost as if he was wearing lipstick.

All he could think about was having Ueda love him. Junno was always the top in the relationship. That was the way that Ueda liked it. So Junno always gave Ueda what he wanted. There had been few times that Ueda had made love to him. He craved every time that Ueda decided that he had to make love to Junno. But he knew that it was always up to Ueda when he was given that treat.

Ueda pulled away from Junno, he felt around in a drawer and took out a small tube. Then placed it on the pillow by his lovers' head. You promised to give me my needs." Ueda reminded him. "What I need is for you to love me.”

Junno kissed his lips, trying but not fully succeeding in trying to keep the need out of the kiss. Ueda pulled away from him, and with gentle fingers spread the lube on his hardness. Junno closed his eyes for a moment and tried to steady his mind. "No, no, not like this."

"What's wrong?" Ueda asked concerned. "What did I do?"

"It's not you, it's me." Then he told his lover the truth. "I'm not really a top. I'm a bottom. I want to you to make love to me. I want to completely belong to you."

Ueda kissed his lips, then reached behind him, and inserted his lubed fingers into Junno. Junno moaned and his eyelids fluttered almost closed as Ueda began to love Junno with his fingers. Junno bit down gently on his lower lip. His other hand went to his nipple and began to pinch it. Ueda was hard again; Junno arched back as Ueda hit his sweet spot. He gasped, Ueda plunged the fingers in again and again.

"Do you like it?"

"Tat-Chan, please." Junno said almost like a prayer.

"What do you want?" Ueda's voice was deep, sensual. A thrill went through Junno. His lover was back, the one that had left him when Jin had. The one that had taught him what real love was. The one that was hotter then the daylight sun.

"All I care about now is you filling me, making me completely yours." Junno said in almost a whisper. "Oh god Tat-Chan, you don't know how much I need you inside me."

Ueda took his fingers out of Junno. The younger man couldn't help it. He whimpered in disappointment. Ueda shoved him onto his back. Junno watched with anticipation as his lover coated himself with the lube. Then he nestled between Junno's legs.

"What do you want from me?" he said in tone of voice that Junno recognized. "Tell me!"

"Please tat-Chan, make love to Me." he begged.

Junno could feel Ueda's hardness brush his cheeks. He moved his legs up to give his lover access. Then there was a moment of pain followed by pleasure. Ueda began to gently thrust into Junno. He arched his body up to meet each thrust.

Then for the first time in weeks he hit Junno's sweet spot. Junno gasped, and wrapped his legs around Ueda's waist.

"Harder, harder." Junno began to moan.

Ueda did as he was asked, thrusting again and again, harder each time. Junno clawed at his lover’s skin. His hardness wedged between their bellies, getting stroked with every thrust of Ueda.

Ueda's body glistened with sweat. All Junno could do was stare at his lover's lips. Ueda's lips were now full, red. His lips enticed Junno. Junno thrashed around, trying to get Ueda even more inside of him.

"What are you thinking of?" Ueda with a hard thrust.

"Your lips." Junno moaned. "God, how can anyone have such sexy lips?"

It was close, really close. Then suddenly Junno came, pushing himself even more onto Ueda. He screamed so loud he could hear it echo around the room. Then Ueda came, screaming butterfly. He continued thrusting, emptying himself into Junno. He collapsed onto his lover, who pulled him into his arms.

"Now we're really back together, Butterfly.” He kissed Junno very gently.

"We'll never be apart again," Junno promised.




Ueda was the first to wake up. He was always the first to wake. He reached out and touched his sleeping lover. He was probably exhausted. They had made love several times during the night. He still couldn't believe that Junno was afraid to tell him what he really wanted. That really his lover was a bottom. This was fine for Ueda, since he was really a top.

Junno smiled in his sleep, and then opened his eyes. "What is it?"

"Go back to sleep," Ueda smiled back. Then waited until his lover closed his eyes again, and his breathing deepened.

Ueda got up, found his robe and put it on. Then he went to the rest room. He took his medications. Meds he would have to take for the rest of his life. He didn't mind taking them, for they kept his mind well.

He then went to the kitchen, he checked the refrigerator. It had been stocked with fresh food. He had eggs, bacon. All the makings of an American big breakfast. He knew that Junno must be starving after all that loving. He put the Christmas album that Koki gave him on the stereo, and began to sing along as he cooked.

It was Christmas Day the most wonderful Christmas he had ever had.


Junno woke. He was lying alone in Ueda's bed. The bed smelled of sex, sweat, and Ueda. He reached out, but didn't find his lover. He could hear music coming out of the next room. It was a very, very strange song. It sounded like a twisted version of "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "Oh Come All Ye Faithful."

Junno was tired. But it was the good type of tired. Not the tired he experienced after Ueda's nightmares. Instead, the type of tired that one got from being woken again and again by his lover, for love. The type of tired that made him feel wanted, needed, loved.

He could hear movement near the door. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. His lover always wanted to wake him. Junno could hear the door open, then Ueda set up a tray beside the bed. He felt Ueda sit on the bed beside him, then touch him very gently on the face.

"Butterfly, it's time to wake up." he said gently.

A thrill went through him. After all this time, Ueda had brought him breakfast in bed. . Junno pretended to yawn. Then he opened his eyes. "Is it morning?"

"Yeah, it is." He smiled at Junno. "Are you hungry? I made you breakfast."

"I'm starving." He admitted.

Ueda put a lap tray on Junno's lap, and then he prepared him a plate.

"Thanks Tat-Chan," he began to eat the food.

Ueda climbed up onto the bed with his own plate of food.

"Junno, why didn't you tell me before last night that you're a bottom?" Ueda asked as nibbled on some sausage.

"Well, since you are a bottom, I knew that someone would have to be the top." Junno said. "I love you so much; I had to give you what you wanted."

"Even after the abuse, you like being made love to?" Ueda sounded as if he couldn't believe his ears.

"Strange isn't it? I thought I would hate being bottom, I really did. "Junno said. "But every once in a while, you'd want to make love to me. You don't know how much I learned to crave those times. You're the one that taught me how great it is to give yourself totally to someone. How with the right lover, it didn't hurt, but felt wonderful."

"I have a secret." Ueda said mysteriously.

"What's that?"

"I only let you make love to me, because I thought that's what you wanted." He smiled at Junno. "You thought I was a bottom too, but you're wrong. I'm a top."

"Really?" Junno couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah, really. Now finish your breakfast."

"Yes, master." Junno began to eat with relish.


As soon as they were finished eating, Ueda cleared away the dished. Then he dunked into the closet. He soon came out, carrying something behind his back.

"Butterfly, I bought you something for your birthday," Ueda smiled. "I know it's too late for that, so can I give it to you for Christmas?"

"You don't have to give me anything."

"I think we both want this present." Ueda pulled a box out from behind his back. It was a jewelry box. He handed it to Junno. "Please beloved, open this."

With shaking hands, Junno opened the package. Inside was something he didn't expect. Tube after tube of small lipsticks in various colors.

"How did you know about my need? I never told you." Junno breathed.

"The way you kiss me, the way you look at me when we love." Ueda said. "I knew."

"Tat-Chan," Junno looked at him.

"I want you to try out these lipsticks on me, until you find the perfect one." Ueda told him. "Then I want to love you."

Junno couldn't believe his ears. "You accept my hunger?"

"I crave it." Ueda said almost breathlessly. "If we do this, you will know that I'm totally yours. That I belong only to you. Please Junnosuke."

Junno picked out a lipstick. "You need to sit in front of me."

Ueda sat on the bed in front of Junno. Then he handed him a package of wipes. "You'll need this."

Junno tried the first one on Ueda. It was too light. He handed Ueda a wipe, and he wiped his mouth off. Then Junno tried another one. This one was too dark.

Then Junno tried lipstick after lipstick on his lover. As time passed, Ueda's eyes became half lidded. His face covered in a glow.

"Can I kiss you?" Junno asked.

"Not yet, you haven't found the perfect shade."

Junno tried several more, until he found the shade that was perfect. It was a light purple-pink that he knew would make Ueda look wonderful. He then pressed it into Ueda's hand. "Tat-Chan put it on me."


"Please, I want to wear it too." Junno was getting so turned on, he couldn't see straight.

Ueda put the lipstick on Junno. He was just as excited as Junno.

"I found the perfect shade. Please, let me put it on you." Junno breathed.

Ueda handed him the tube. With shaking hands, Junno put the lipstick on him. He pulled away from Ueda, Then one more time he applied the lip stick. "Please, can I get on top of you? I want to see you."

Ueda pulled Junno to him, and Junno straddled Ueda's lap. There was a sharp pain as he descended onto his lover. Then pleasure that made the memories of the pain go away. Junno began to very slowly move up and down. It was the biggest turn on, to have someone totally accept him.

His lover began to moan in time to the thrusts. His head lolled back, his entire body glistened.

Ueda grabbed Junno's hips and began to try and force him down even more onto him. Junno's moans turned into sharp cries as Ueda began to hit his sweet spot over and over. His hands went to Ueda's shoulders to steady himself. Then he held on tightly, and he pushed himself down so hard again and again. It hurt in a way to have Ueda go so deeply, but at the moment he didn't care. He had to have Ueda deep inside him.

Then suddenly, Junno came, screaming so loudly that he knew that Ueda's ears hurt. His channel contracting over and over on Ueda.

Ueda couldn’t help it. He too erupted.

Junno collapsed onto Ueda. Letting his lover stay inside of him until he softened and slid out. Then Ueda pulled his lover back down to the bed.

"That was good." Ueda confessed as he tried to catch his breath. "That was the best sex I've ever had."

"Tat-Chan," Junno reached out and touched Ueda's lips, which still had lipstick smeared on them. His beautiful, beautiful Ueda.

"You're the only one." Ueda confessed.

"You're my first love." Junno put his arms around Ueda. "Marry me?"

"You're mine Taguchi Junnosuke," Ueda promised.

"Married," Junno smiled. "I would give everything to be married to you. I love you so much."

"You're my husband." Ueda kissed him. "Our chains are the sign of our marriage."

"Merry Christmas my Husband." Junno kissed Ueda's chain.

"Forever and ever." Ueda's eyes slowly closed and his breathing evened. Soon he was snoring.

Then Junno too fell asleep in Ueda's arms, knowing that he had found the perfect man for him. One that had given him the best Christmas present of all. Total and complete acceptance.

The End

Note: Thanks for reading this! :)