Title: Live Journal of Kame-is-a-sexy-lover

Sequel to Life Of A Baka

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Genre: Humor

Pairing: Akame


Summary: More writings from Akanishi Jin. This time he thinks he's a fanfic writer on Live Journal!



Day One


Kame took away my diary, so I decided on something better! Live Journal! I will write everything in here in English!I am going to write stories about sexy Kame!


My username is Kame-is-a-sexy-lover. I set up a pretty page with a turtle. Cause Kame means turtle.


Iíve got this really good Uke picture of Kame. If you want it just pm me! It will make you want his ass too!


I've made my journal friends only. Mind you I have a lot of friends. I friend them all. But I didn't friend Kame, he didn't ask.


Day Three


Kame was a man with a difference

And what a difference

Even Koki noticed

And He's used to Real men


PS I love Kame


Day Five


Title: Doing Kame in Grave Yard

By: Kame-is-a-sexy-lover


Note: This is my first fanfic, please everyone be gentle with me.


Akanashi Jin the most wonderful man in all of Johnny's went to visit his grandma's grave. He walked by the grave of his cousin Vito.


"Hi Vito!" Jin smiled as hits the grave stone.


Then he walked a few more meters to his great grandma's grave. "Hey Grandma." He said. "My momma's told me a whole lot about you. She says your are a wonderful woman."


He finally stops in front of his grandma's stone. "Hey grandma! How's it going? Did you know I'm back in Japan? You should see me now. I'm hot!"


Jin put the wreath at the grave stone.


Jin was about to say a prayer when suddenly, very suddenly Kame came out from behind the stone. God, do you know how sexy Kame is? Jin cannot resist Kame because he is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"What are you doing here?" Jin asks. "Didn't you know only dead people live here?"


"It's just that I've missed you so very much!" Kame unbuttons his shirt. "I can't wait to be your bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"What?" Jin asked.


But Jin couldn't resist the sexist man in all of Japan. Kame began to do a strip tease right in front of Jin's familyís grave stones!


All thoughts left Jin's mind as he was dragged to a bench and forced against his will to make love to Kame!



Day Seven


Do you like Ice cream?

Yes I like Ice cream!

Do you like Kame?

Yes I like Kame

Do you like Kame nude?

Yes I like Kame nude!

Do you like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.

Yes I like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.



Does Junno like Ice cream?

Yes Junno like Ice cream!

Do Junno like Kame?

Yes Junno like Kame

Does Junno like Kame nude?

Yes Junno like Kame nude!

Does Junno like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.

Yes Junno like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.



Does Ueda like Ice cream?

Yes Ueda like Ice cream!

Does Ueda like Kame?

Yes Ueda like Kame

Does Ueda like Kame nude?

Yes Ueda likes Kame nude!

Does Ueda like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.

Yes Ueda like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.



Does Maru like Ice cream?

Yes Maru like Ice cream!

Does Maru like Kame?

Yes Maru like Kame

Does Maru like Kame nude?

Yes Maru like Kame nude!

Does Maru Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.

Yes Maru like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.



Does Koki like Ice cream?

Yes Koki like Ice cream!

Does Koki like Kame?

No! Koki like Maru!

Koki don't hurt me!

You love Maru!


Spoil Sport!



Do you like Ice cream?

Yes I like Ice cream!

Do you like Kame?

Yes I like Kame

Do you like Kame nude?

Yes I like Kame nude!

Do you like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.

Yes I like Kame with ice cream rubbed on him.



LETíS HAVE A KAME ICE CREAM ORGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And leave out Junno because he's boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Day Fifteen:


Title: How are you doing up there

By Kame-is-a-sexy-lover

Note: Please friends do not laugh at Kame! He is sexy!


"How ya doing up there?" Jin asked as he sat in the park. He was talking to the birds.


"I'm not doing very well. Yeah, school is fine, but my love life sucks, because I'm going out with JUNNO!" Kame said coming into view. "Junno has no funny jokes! He is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also ugly with a big nose with a bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think heís really English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Why don't you cheat on him?" Jin suggests.


"I can't be that stupid!" Kame began to sob. "I love Junno so much, more then life it's self. But he keeps sucking Ueda's dick! Junno is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"That's so wrong!" Jin took Kame into his arms.


"Now I'll leave" Kame told him.


"If you go now, I'll never see you again!" Jin held onto Kame harder. "I would never do that to you!"


"But Junno did, and I'm paying for it!" Kame sobbed. "What I can do, I was even thinking of killing myself!"




"I don't want to live without you!" Kame sobbed more. Kame looks so sexy crying by the way. His nose wrinkles up so much!


"Who say you have to?" Jin asked.


Then Jin pulled Kame down to the grass, and showed him how much he loved him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kame called Junno right after that, and dumped him. Because Junno is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Day eighteen


Why are all my friends laughing at Kame?


Kame has such a nice ass. I think that's why he makes such a great bottom! He's so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone! Do not laugh at Kame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laugh at Junno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Day twenty five


Do you like Kame?

Yes I like Kame!

Does Pi like Kame!

No Pi like Kusano!

Does Junno like Kame?

No Junno like Ueda!

Does Ueda like Kame?

Sure why not? Ueda said. Ueda likes to try anything once!


We need to have a Kame orgy! I wanna watch everyone do Kame! He has such a tight butt, it could hold everyone!



Day Thirty


One foot two foot,

Red foot blue foot

One foot two foot

Kame got two foot


One hand two hands

Red hand blue hand

One hand two hands

Kame got two hands!


One dick, one dick

Kame has one dick!

Eat it eat it!

I will eat it!


Day Thirty Five


Some people ask, am I really Akanishi Jin? The answer is yes! Here is proof.


Will you have him on a plane?

Will you have him on a train?

Will you have him in a storage closet?

Will you have him in a toilet?

Will you have him on the roof of the JE building?

Will you have him under the stage at the Tokyo dome?

Will you have him with whips and chains?

Will you have him in the rain?

Will you have him here or there?

Will you have him anywhere?


NO because I had him there first! So there! I've had him everywhere!




Day Forty:


This is Kamenashi Kazuya. Jin cannot write today because he's all tied up. I've used some really good chains to tie him to my bed. So he can't write!


Thank you to Junno who told me that Jin's been up to mischief again. Don't worry I will beat his story writing out of him.


I don't know where my boy friend gets the idea that I'm a bottom! Really, do I really look the type?


Jin's been a bad boy again, but you know what? I love him.


btw. Can everyone please delete that nude photo of me that Jin was sending everyone? Just because it shows my ass, doesn't mean you can have it!