Title: A Lone Wolf
Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Pairing: JunDa
Genre: Romance
Rating: R

Summary: Jin's return to Kat-Tun means that Junno again is the outsider. Also, sometimes a person's worse feature is the feature someone else loves more then anything.


Ueda loved Junno's nose. While everyone, even the make up people always fussed at Junno, telling him his nose was too big. He would never be a star because of that nose; Ueda thought Junno's nose was perfect. It was a tall nose. But it was the bump that he really loved. It was right by his bridge. Junno once had broken his nose when he was a kid. For Ueda, Junno's nose was beyond sexy.

It had been a long day, filming several episodes of a cooking show. Ueda Tatsuya didnít mind doing the show. It was a way to get free food. Not only that, it was a way to spend more time with his friend Taguchi Junnosuke. Before Jin's return, they would have taken a bullet train, or perhaps an airplane, but that was then, this was now.

The only draw back to filming a show so far away from home was that they would have to take the train back to Tokyo. Not the bullet train, but a normal slow train. Not only that, but they hadn't been given very comfortable seats. They no longer received the luxuries that those debuted had. Instead, they had to take cheap seats in trains and buses.

It was part of the fall out, at least that's what Kat Tun called it. By popular demand, Jin had finally returned to Kat-Tun. But the whole group was on punishment. It was because the agency had given the groups the choice, let Jin return as a trainee, without the chance of his return to the group, or he could return and the entire group would be on probation

Ueda sat next to Junno, who was playing a game on his PSP. Junno was a gamer; he spent a good part of his salary buying the most up to date systems. Ueda on the other hand played his old fashioned game boy advance. He felt Junno shift, so that he was leaning against Ueda. Since they where now of age, they were allowed to drink when filming TV shows. Junno's drinking hadn't stopped when they reached the station. Now he was slightly drunk.

Then very suddenly, the lights in the train dimmed. Ueda turned off his game and put it back in his bag. "I guess that's our hint to stop playing."

"Yeah baby!" Junno yelled at the game. Ueda realized that Junno didnít realize the lights had dimmed.

"Junno, the lights." Ueda reminded him.

Junno looked up from the game. He turned it off and put it in his bag. "Want some beer?"

"I'm not thirsty."

"I am," Junno opened one that he had hid in his bag and began to drink.

"Junno, we're not supposed to drink in public!" Ueda hissed. He wasn't a prude; he still could remember what happened to Uchi with his drinking.

"I'm over the legal age." he drowned the rest and put the can back in his bag. He then turned to Ueda. "You look really good tonight."

"So do you."

"Good night Tat-Chan." Junno closed his eyes.

'Good night." Ueda looked out the window, to the passing scenery.

. After a few moments, Junno said softly. "Can I have a good night kiss?"

"Sure," Ueda kissed his friend gently. He had to turn his face just right when they kissed, so that Junno's nose wouldn't bump him.

"You are such a great kisser," Junno kissed him again, this time Ueda opened his mouth to him, and he loved Ueda with his tongue. Ueda could taste the beer on his breath. Sometimes he wished that He wasn't so up tight about drinking in public. But as leader of Kat-tun, he knew they had a reputation they had to maintain.

When they finally pulled away from each other, Ueda was gasping for breath. Then Junno was kissing him yet again. Ueda didn't want to, but he pulled away.

"Junno, you're drunk." He said almost teasingly.

"So, what does that matter?" He slurred. "I love you."

"I love you too." He said truthfully. He knew that in the morning, when Junno woke up, that they would go back to being friends. He pushed Junno's head down onto his shoulders, and began to stroke his friend's silky hair. Soon, Junno was snoring softly. Ueda reached out, running his finger over Junno's nose. He felt tightness in his crotch as his fingers caressed Junno's bump.

Ueda looked around the cabin. Almost everyone else had started to settle down. With some maneuvering, he was able to get his jacket out from behind him, and drape it across his lap. Beneath the jacket he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants pulling them down just a little bit to expose himself. Then his hand dipped in. He turned just a bit and began to run his lips over Junno's nose. Savoring it, loving it. At the same time, his hand began to love himself.

He fantasized about Junno as he loved himself. That Junno loved him all the time, not just when he was drunk. Junno's hands running over him. Touching him, caressing him.

"Tat-Chan, what are you doing?" Junno pulled away from him a bit.

"Nothing," He felt himself blush. *shit.*

"You need some help with that?" Then without waiting for an answer, Junno pulled the jacket away exposing Ueda's hand around his cock. He slapped Ueda's hand away. He bent over, and then suddenly Junno had taken Ueda into his mouth.

A dream, a dream come true. Ueda put his hand on the back of Junno's head. This was a once in a life time event, and he was going to try and make it last as long as possible.

Ueda found out that Junno was a master at giving head. He had a way of using is tongue to swirl around the base. He could also deep throat with ease. The way that Junno sucked almost drove Ueda over the edge. Ueda found himself thrusting into Junno's mouth. Then Junno plunged first one finger, then the second inside of Ueda. Loving him with his fingers, not just his mouth.

It was over quickly. Ueda biting his bottom lip so he wouldn't scream Junno's name. Then Junno licked Ueda clean, swallowing all of Ueda's cum. Then he helped Ueda refasten his pants.

Junno then put his head back on Ueda's shoulder. This time, Ueda was able to close his eyes and fall asleep. He dreamt of a time that he would be together with Junno, as lovers.


Junno woke, his head was throbbing. He had drunk too much again. His head was on someone's shoulder. He sat up. It was Ueda. The only thing he could remember was kissing Ueda and falling asleep with his head on Ueda's shoulder.

"How was your sleep?" Ueda looked at him very strangely.

"It was all right," He paused, his jaw was really sore. He had an odd taste in his mouth. It took Junno a moment to realize what it was he had eaten. "Did I give head to someone?"

"What would give you that idea?' Ueda pulled away from him.

Then a memory flickered through his mind. He was sucking Ueda as hard as he could, deep throating him deeper then he usually did. His drunken mind had thought this would make Ueda love him.

"Tat-Chan, did I go down on you?" Junno asked.

"We were both drunk," Ueda told him. "We'll pretend it never happened."

"I did, didn't I?" Junno persisted.

"We're only friends," Ueda reminded him. "We're not lovers, we'll never be together. So why don't we think of it as a dream?"

"A dream, are you sure?" Junno tried to hide his disappointment. He had hoped, really hoped that Ueda liked him too. But now he knew it was never meant to be. Junno turned and looked out the window. A tear rolled down his cheeks.


It was like the incident never happened. They had ridden the last two hours of the train trip chatting about everything and nothing. Junno realized Ueda had been right in his decision. Ueda only liked him as a friend, and they would never really be together. Putting it behind them was the best thing they could do.

There was no car waiting for them at the train station. Because of the punishment, the group was responsible for their own transportation.

"Can we share a taxi to the studio?" Junno asked Ueda.

"Don't we always?" Ueda teased.

Both were surprised to see the large older model van that waited for them outside the train station. Jin leaned against it, smoking a cigarette.

"Need a ride Ueda?" Jin asked.

Junno felt jealous as Jin grabbed Ueda's bags and started to put them in the back of the van. Junno didn't even get a hello from Jin. He wasn't too surprised. Junno had never gotten along with Jin. He had only become friends with the group after Jin left. Now that Jin was back, it was back to the old days.

"That's just what we need. Don't we Junno?" Ueda said cheerfully.

"I don't think there's room for me." Junno tried to make his excuses. He knew Jin well enough to know that he was being intentionally left out.

"Why don't you come to the studio in a taxi?" Kame got out of the van. He glared at Junno.

"Jin, you're taking Junno with us aren't you?" Ueda asked.

"Why would you think that?" Jin asked. "There's only room in my van for you."

"It's all right," Junno told Ueda. He didn't want to start a fight, not now. "I don't mind taking a taxi."

"Why do you let them treat you this way?" Ueda demanded.

"Because I'm not Jin's friend. I'm tired of pretending that I am." Junno looked into Ueda's eyes. "You know it would be this way after Jin returned."

Ueda went to the back of the van. "Give me back my luggage."

"I donít' understand." Jin said.

"If you don't have room for Junno, you don't have room for me." Ueda insisted.

Kame went to Jin and told him something. Junno couldn't hear what.

"All right, we'll make room for him." Jin sighed. "But it's only to make you happy Tat-Chan."

They got into the van. The dark windows had hidden the fact that the rest of the group waited too.

"We saved you a place Ueda," Maru told them. "Oh hi, Junno."

"Come on get in Junno." Kame put Junno's bags in the back.

There was a place reserved for Ueda. Junno wasn't sure what to do. He still didn't feel comfortable sitting next to Ueda.

Ueda got into the van; he patted the seat beside him. "Come on Junno, sit with me."

Junno got in, he sat down beside Ueda. "Hope there's room."

"Youíre too tall for the van!" Koki grumbled. "We would have more room if it wasn't for your long legs."

"Sorry," Junno apologized.

"Don't apologize!" Ueda touched his leg. "It isn't your fault that you're tall."

"How was the trip?" Maru asked.

"It was mostly work Maru." Junno reminded him.

Ueda swatted Junno's leg. "Don't lie! We had a lot of fun!'

"I bet you did," Koki sniggered. "The way you drink Junno, you probably got drunk every night."

Kame and Jin finished putting up the baggage, and then they got in. Jin started up the van and drove off.

The group began to talk about the trip as Jin drove. They mostly talked to Ueda. Junno wasn't surprised; he was the lone wolf of the group. The only one that spent any time with him in private was Ueda. It had changed when Jin was gone, but he was back. So they where back to all not getting along with Junno.

Junno realized that's why he must have fallen in love with Ueda. He was the only one who even half way considered him a friend. But Junno had done something stupid, something so stupid that it risked their friendship. For the good of their friendship, Junno would have to pull himself away from Ueda. Then perhaps, Junno could get over Ueda, and they could be just friends again.

"Is that right?" Ueda nudged Junno.

Junno didn't have any idea of what they where talking about. So instead, he cracked a joke. Like always, no one thought it was funny, except for Ueda. Who laughed until tears rolled down his face.




The agency had called a meeting with Kat-Tun. The group sat around a table with a vice president of the agency. Taguchi Junnosuke sat by Ueda his best friend. Junno hoped they would be told at the meeting that the Agency had changed their minds. That Kat Tun was no longer being punished.

Junno glanced at Ueda, who was staring at his nose. Junno rubbed it self consciously. He knew what Ueda thought of his nose, what everyone thought. It was too big. It made him ugly. Plain was the word that everyone used about his looks.

"We'll pretend it never happened," Ueda had told him.

*I don't want to pretend,* Junno thought to himself.

Ueda and Junno had worked together a lot in the past year. Junno wasnít too sure when his feelings for Ueda had grown from friendship to love. Perhaps it was all times they had played games together, or the way that Ueda seemed to smile special for him. Junno just knew to him, Ueda was now much more then a friend.

"The agency has decided that since the group is on probation, that you are to no longer live in single apartments." The vice president told the group.

"Do we have to move back into the dorms?" Ueda asked.

"You will be moved into a three bedroom apartment." The vice president told them. "You will decide at this meeting who you will share a room with."

"I'd like to have Tanaka-kun as my roommate." Maru told him.

"Is that all right with you?" The vice president asked Koki.

"It would be wonderful." Koki smiled at Maru. That didn't surprise Junno, Koki and Maru had been in love for quite some time.

"Kame-kun and I will be roommates." Jin volunteered.

The vice president wrote it down. Then she looked at Ueda and Junno. "That means that the two of you will be roommates."

"Sounds good to me." Ueda smiled at Junno. Junno felt his heart flutter. Ueda was just being a friend. Junno knew for a fact that Ueda didn't love him.

*I can't live with him!* Junno thought. *He'll figure out that I love him.*

"What about you Junno-kun?" Ueda asked.

"I won't live with Ueda.Ē Junno said firmly. "I'd rather stay in the dorms then live with him."

"You two fighting again?" Koki asked.

"We all know you fight simply so you can have a great make up." Kame teased.

"You see too much into our relationship." Ueda pretended to be interested in one of his rings. "We're only friends."

The vice president left the room to make a call. Junno barely noticed, he was too busy watching Ueda. His friend seemed to be preoccupied. He wanted to go to Ueda and explain about his real reason he couldn't live with Ueda, that he had a once sided love for his friend.

"I don't understand why you don't want to live with him." Jin said. "Aren't the two of you in love?"

"No we're not!" Junno said truthfully.

"Tell us why you don't want to live with him?" Maru asked.

"You wouldn't understand." Junno looked away from Ueda, and began to concentrate on the table.

"We all know you're madly in love with him." Koki said.

"We have nothing in common," Words began to rush out of Junno's mouth. "We only do things together because the agency orders it."

Ueda flinched, and then he looked away from Junno, not before he could see tears stinging his friend's eyes. He couldn't understand why Ueda was upset. Didn't Ueda realize that Junno was doing this for him? Ueda didn't need to live with someone he didn't love.

"YOU BAKA!" Jin screamed at Junno. "How could you hurt Tat-Chan?"

"I don't know what you mean." Junno tried to sound cold.

"Don't tell me you don't know he loves you!" Jin countered.

"Jin, donít' do this." Ueda wiped a tear from his face. "If Taguchi-kun doesn't want to live with me, he doesn't have to."

"But you...Ē Jin said concerned.

"Donít' bring my feelings into this." Ueda interrupted.

"Tat-Chan, you have to tell him the truth." Kame insisted.

"I really don't want to talk about this." Ueda looked away from Jin, a tear rolled down his cheeks. Soon Ueda turned away from the group, and Junno realized he was crying.


Ueda was annoyed. Everyone seemed to want to be involved in his love life. Ueda tried to change the subject. But Jin was being very persistent. He didn't know why Jin even cared, it wasn't like Jin and Junno got along. The pair had never really gotten alone.

Suddenly Junno was on his feet. He grabbed Jin by the front of the shirt. "Leave Ueda alone!"

Jin jumped to his feet. He shoved Junno away from him. "Get your hands off of me!"

"Quit bullying Tat-Chan!" He punched Jin in the face. Ueda couldn't understand why Junno was fighting; He was a horrible fighter who always got beaten up.

"I'm not! You're the one breaking his heart!" Jin punched back, and soon the pair was fighting like Jin had never left the group.

Junno shoved Jin against the wall and began to punch him over and over in the stomach.

Jin kicked him hard in the crotch. When Junno doubled over in pain, Jin grabbed his hair; he pulled him up and began to punch Junno over and over.

"We've got to stop this," Ueda decided. "All of us will be in trouble if they get caught fighting."

Kame and Maru grabbed Junno and pulled him away from Jin. Koki grabbed Jin.

"You are a baka. Tat-Chan loves you!" Jin screamed.

"Jin-Chan, drop it!" Ueda ordered.

"Jin doesn't have the right to hurt Ueda!" Junno fought to get away from his friends. "You made him cry!"

'We aren't the ones hurting him." Jin spat. "You are. Why do you even stay in this group? Everyone hates you!"

Ueda stepped between the two fighting friends. He hit Jin as hard as he could across the face. "Stop it right now!"

"Ueda's right." Koki agreed. "We canít be at each other's throats."

"Are you going to stop fighting?" Ueda demanded.

"Yes, I will." Junno promised. Kame and Maru let go of Junno. Junno bowed low. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have lost my temper."

"Why don't you save us a lot of trouble and quit?" Jin sneered.

"She's coming," Kame looked into the hallway. "Everyone act like nothing happened."

All six members of the group quickly sat down. Junno sat a little bit away from everyone. They began to talk like there had been no fight.

Just then, the vice president came back into the room. "I've talked to management; they've decided that Taguchi Kun will have to live with Ueda Kun."

"When will we move?" Koki asked.

"The agency will move your things tomorrow." The vice president reminded them. "Things that will not fit into the apartment will go into storage. You will get special boxes in which to put the items you want to keep with you."

"Will we be able to look at our new apartment?" Kame asked.

"There is no need to." She snapped. "In three days, we expect you to be settled down in your new home."

"Thank you for everything you do." Ueda told her.

The vice president turned and left the room. Everyone let out a collective sigh.

"I want to talk to you about something," Junno said.

"What's there to talk about?" Jin mocked. "Another one of your not funny jokes?"

"Shut up Jin," Kame said. "We should listen to what Junno has to say."

"I've made up my mind." Junno told the group. "I've made this choice so that our group can be better."

"What's that?" Ueda asked him.

"I'm going to leave the group." Junno told his band mates.

"Junno...." Ueda gasped.

"Tell me, does anyone really want me here?" Junno demanded. When no one answered. "I don't want to be where I'm not wanted. I'm going to talk to Johnny-sama right now."

"Please Junno, don't leave." Ueda begged. "We need you."

"I'm sorry Tat-Chan, I must." Junno went to the door. He paused for a moment and turned around. He looked at them for one last time. Then he turned and left the room.

"Johnny-sama won't let him go." Kame said.

"Why wouldn't he?" Ueda countered. "Junno thought we had all become friends after Jin left, but we weren't."

"We're still friends," Kame told him.

"Then tell me, why wasnít' there room for him in Jin's van?" Ueda was trying very hard to keep his temper. "If you guys had treated me the way you've been treating him, I would want to leave too."


Ueda had followed Junno to Johnny-sama's office. Junno was let straight into the office. The door to the office was shut behind him.

"I really think I need to be in there," Ueda told the secretary.

"You of all people know what it means when Johnny-sama has his door shut." She told him. "Why don't you wait?"

So Ueda waited. It was almost an hour when the door opened on its own. Ueda always thought it was creepy the way that Johnny-sama had automatic doors.

"You can send the next one in," Johnny-sama said over the intercom.

Ueda got up, he went into the office. But Junno wasnít' there!

"I don't understand...Taguchi-kun." Ueda gasped. Ueda could hear the door shut and lock on its own.

"He left the back way." Johnny-sama said. "He didnít' want to talk to anyone."

"I see," Ueda started heading towards the door. "Sorry to bother you sir."

Don't leave just yet. I do want to talk to you about something." Johnny-sama gestured to a chair.

"Sir?" Ueda sat down.

"Taguchi-kun wants to leave the group." Johnny-sama held up a hand. "I've talked him into a cool off period. I won't accept his retirement for three weeks."

"Three weeks," Ueda repeated.

"Your group has three weeks to talk him into coming back to Kat-Tun." Johnny-sama ordered. "If you do not, then you have breached the terms of your probation, and the entire group will be demoted to juniors."

"Yes, sir. I will try my hardest." Ueda vowed.

"For your groupís sake, I hope you do." Johnny-sama told him.


Jin and Kame had shown up at Ueda's apartment soon after he arrived. Ueda would have rather been alone, to try and work out a plan to get Junno back in the group. But his friends had pushed their way into his apartment.

"I can't believe that Junno would just leave like that," Kame said.

"Why couldn't you?" Ueda countered. "The groups picked on Junno way too much."

"Why can't we?" Jin asked. "He has no personality. All he talks about is our songs, our routines."

"He is one of the hardest working members of our group." Ueda countered.

"He hurt you!" Jin insisted. 'I can't just sit there and let him humiliate you."

"My relationship with Junno isn't really any of your business." Ueda snapped. "Since you've come back, youíve made a change for the worse."

"I don't understand."

"Of course you don't baka." Ueda told him. "Picking me up at the train station and not intending to pick up Junno is juvenile even for you."

"Tat-Chanís right," Kame told his lover. "After you left, we all decided that we wouldn't go back to what it was like before. When Junno was everyone's whipping boy."

"He's boring." Jin protested.

"So are you sometimes," Kame countered. "Really boring."

"Listen, we have three weeks to get Junno back.Ē Ueda began.

"Who says we want him back?" Jin countered.

"Because if we don't get him back we're being demoted to juniors!" Ueda growled. "We'll be back dancing Ya-Ya-Ya!"

Kame blanched, he grabbed Jin and whispered something into his ear. "Do it! Do you understand?"

"I'm going to have to make up with Junno, aren't I?" Jin realized.

"If you don't want to start sleeping on the couch, you will!" Kame glared at him. It wasn't a threat, it was a promise.

Jin took out his ketai and began to punch buttons. He handed it to Ueda.

"I am sorry I am such a jerk. I would like us to be friends. I promise I won't hit you anymore. Nobody's making me write this honest. But please don't leave the group."

Ueda had to laugh. The message was so 'bakanashi."

"You don't like it?" Jin asked.

"No, send it!" Ueda told him.

Jin sent the message. A few moments passed. His ketai rang. He read it, and then passed it to Ueda. The message was from Junno.

"I forgive you. I want to be friends with you. I don't think I will stay in the group. I love it too much to let it be torn apart by our fighting. PS. Say hello to nobody for me. Tell Nobody I just need some time to think."

"We have to make a new plan." Kame decided after he read the email. "We have to keep Junno in the group."

"Let's call it Operation Keep Junno from Quitting!" Jin decided.

"All right," Kame decided. "I'll call Koki and Maru and tell them about it."

"If we all five work together, we just might be able to keep him in the group!" Ueda picked up his favorite photo of Junno. The one that showed his sexy nose bump. "I'll do anything to get you back. Because I canít live without you."


Junno packed his apartment. Almost everything was going into storage. Their just wasn't room for everything in the new apartment. He had all ready called his mother, to cry on her shoulders. She had told him that he was always welcome to come home.

Junno had already talked to Johnny-sama about leaving. The agent had told him to take three weeks to think about his choice. If he still wanted to quit after that time, he would be allowed to.

He realized he had been a real jerk to Ueda, to the rest of the group. It had been his fault that there was a fight. He had been too angry to see that it wasn't Jin that made Ueda cry, but it was him.

All Junno wanted to do was talk to Ueda. Even though they had their disagreements, he would understand. Junno called Ueda's number, but it went to voice mail. So he left a message. Then he decided to send him an email.

"Tat-Chan, I am very sorry for fighting today. I hurt you, and I never wanted to do that. It was my fault for attacking Jin, not Jin's. I still consider you my best friend, but I have a personal issue I have to work through. Please forgive me. Junno."

A few moments passed. Then his ketai began to ring. He checked it. It was an email. "What's going on with you is too serious for email. Why don't we talk about this more when we see each other?" The message was decorated with hearts and happy faces.

The message puzzled Junno. The hearts and happy faces made him feel good, but the rest of the message seemed so abrupt.

His doorbell rang. He hoped beyond hope that it was Ueda. But instead it was Maru. Junno had no idea that Maru's visit was phase one on the plan to keep him in the group.

"Oh it's you," Junno sighed. "You might as well come in."

Junno walked away, letting Maru let himself in.

"Good to see you too," Maru ignored Junnoís bad temper.

"Do you really want to be seen talking to me?" Junno countered.

"We're friends," Maru reminded him. "So why did you loose your temper at the meeting?"

It's really hard to explain. Something happened during our train trip." Junno paused, trying to find his thoughts. "We did something, and then Tat-Chan told me that it didn't matter, that we should consider it a dream."

"You and him?" Maru raised an eye brow.

"It wasn't real sex, just me going down on him. I thought it might lead to more." Junno paused Junno couldn't keep the pain out of his voice. "I thought that Tatsuya might feel the same way as I do. That he might love me as much as I love him. But He doesn't. I'm just a friend!"

"So that's why you can't live with him." Maru realized.

"How can I?" Junno said softly. "All I want is his touch. I can't live with him and pretend like I don't have feelings for him."

"You love him," Maru realized.

"Yes, I do love him." Junno admitted. "I don't know why I'm talking to you about this. You'll just run off to Koki and you'll have a good laugh."

Maru suddenly looked very, very serious. "Is that what you think I would do?"

"Why wouldn't you?" Junno countered. "I thought we finally became friends, but then Jin came back. Now weíre no longer friends. I don't want to be the lone wolf again. So to keep my sanity, I have to quit. "

"You're never going to be the lone wolf again." Maru vowed. "I know that Koki feels the same way. We won't let Jin and Kame bully you anymore."

"Thanks," Junno said.

"What about this quitting stuff, still going to quit?" Maru asked.

"I'm still thinking about it." Junno admitted. "I'm still not sure if I will stay."

"Let me help you pack," Maru grabbed a box.

"Thanks," Junno went back into his bedroom. Maru followed. They talked as they packed. For the first time ever, Junno felt as if Maru was his real friend. He still wanted to leave the group, but it felt good to have a friend.


Ueda looked around the new apartment. He was the first member of Kat Tun to arrive at the new place. He didn't like how the agency had arranged it. He noticed with distain how they had basically dumped Juno and Koki's game gear in a corner. The apartment was small, too small. He couldn't imagine living with everyone in this place. Especially Junno.

Junno, his heart hurt even thinking of his friend. They had always been so close. In the past few months, when Junno became drunk, they had ended up Kissing, with Junno professing his love for Ueda. But Ueda knew it was only a drunken dream.

Ueda toured the apartment, what there was of it. There were four doors. One lead to a very small bathroom. The next door had a post it note with His and Junno's name on it. It was a small bedroom with room for just a bureau and a set of bunk beds. This room had no windows; it gave him a claustrophobic feeling.

He went to the next bedroom which was the same way. The third could be called the master bedroom, as it was a bit bigger, there was a book case in one corner, and there was a window. There was also a full sized brass bed. The bed belonged to Ueda. He had inherited it from his grandmother. He was *not* going to give it away.

Ueda checked the door. It had Kame and Jin on the post it. As always, they would get the best. Without a second thought, Ueda took the post it off of the door and switched it with the awful room that he had been assigned. Then he switched the boxes of their items.

The door bell pushed the glum thoughts out of his mind. He went and answered it.

"Sorry, forgot my key." Maru said pushing his way into the apartment before Ueda could tell him he really wanted to be alone.

"That's all right." Ueda shut the door.

Maru looked Ueda over. 'Where's Junno?"

"He isn't here." he wiped his face. "I was thinking of rearranging the living room."

"Need some help?" Maru offered.

"Sure,' He shrugged.

Maru helped him move furniture around. The room suddenly looked a lot better. But still, the pile of game stuff bothered him.

'I have a set of shelves in my room; we could use it for the game systems." Ueda said.

"I see, a present for Junno." Maru smiled.

"I just want the games off of the floor." Ueda told him.

'I'll help you carry it."

It took the two of them a great amount of strength to push the book case into the living room; they put it beside the entertainment center. Ueda went about hooking up the game systems. Junno seemed to own every system Ueda could think of.

"I don't think that Junno really hates you." Maru told him.

"We're not really friends." Ueda reminded him. 'I'm just someone he works with."

"What about you? Still love him?" Maru put a framed photo on the end table.

"I can't just stop loving him." Ueda admitted. "The last time we worked on the cooking show, on the train back to the Tokyo, he fell asleep on my shoulder. I really thought he cared for me too."

"I think he does."

"Why are you bringing this up?" Ueda stopped working.

"I visited him an earlier in the day," Maru confessed. "He told me that the reason he didn't want to live with you is because of his one sided love for you."

"He doesn't love me." Ueda pointed out.

"Have you asked him?" Maru smiled. "Don't worry. I won't talk to him about it. But he does love you very deeply. That's why he doesn't want to live with you. And since you told him your encounter with him was a dream, he is afraid to tell you.Ē

'That makes a very warped Junno-type sense." Ueda paused. "Listen Maru, I know you're trying to help. But don't you have something to do?

"Okay, I'll take the hint. You want to be alone."

"You wouldn't mind, would you?"

"I need to check out my new room." Maru went to the door. He turned back to Ueda. "Give Junno another chance. I'm sure the two of you will get back together."

Maru went into his new room and shut the door. Ueda sighed. He wished that it could be so easy. But he knew the truth. Junno didn't like him. He had said so in front of the entire group. He redoubled his efforts working on the game systems. Trying to ignore the tears that slipped down his cheeks.


The group met in secret, all piling into Maru's bedroom. Junno hadn't arrived yet, though his stuff had been moved in. Maru's bedroom was so small. He didn't like the fact that he had been given bunk beds. He sat on the desk, Koki at his side. The other couple sat on the bunk beds.

"I finally figured out a way to keep Junno in the group." Maru told them.

"How is that?" Kame asked.

"Get him together with Ueda."

"That's easier said then done." Koki told him.

"No it isn't!" Maru's eyes flashed. "Shove them in a room together, and don't let them out until they do it."

"Do you think it would be that easy?" Jin asked.

"It worked for us!" Koki's eyes danced with excitement. "You guys locked us in a closet until we did it."

"You know, that wasn't the reason we did that," Kame pointed out. "We were sick of your fighting."

"It worked! Koki-Chan and I don't fight any more!" Maru said perkily.

"We need to go to bed early tonight," Kame decided. "Like as soon as we're done with this meeting."

"Why early?"

"So that when Junno does show up, he can have some quality alone time with Tat-Chan,"

"I don't want to go to bed early," Jin wailed.

Kame reached out, rubbing Jin's leg. "Yes you do."

"Yes, I do." Jin said almost hypnotized.

"What happens if they do sleep together?" Koki asked. "That's not a guarantee that they'll stay together."

"I think they will," Maru said. "Neither of them has ever been causal about sex."

"You're right; they're both too serious about it."

"Then it's agreed." Koki said. "We go to bed early tonight."

That said, the four other members of Kat-Tun went to their bedrooms, ready to launch stage two of the Operation Keep Junno in Kat-Tun.


Junno arrived at the new apartment. Instead of the nice, rich places they had to live in before, Junno could tell with one glance that they had moved down in the world. It wasn't a high security place. Just a normal apartment building with only one guard.

It was the day that they were to start living in their new apartment. Junno had work, so he arrived relatively late. He was glad that the agency had people move their things in. It would be easy to unpack since they were only allowed to bring two boxes of stuff.

The lights were off in the living room, so he realized that rest of the group had probably gone to bed. As he turned on the lights, he saw an area of the living room set up for his games. He had once talked to Ueda about if he ever had an apartment that he would have a space devoted to games, now everything he had told his friend had come true.

The door to one of the bedrooms opened, and Ueda came out wearing a robe.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?" Junno asked.

"No, I hadn't gone to sleep yet." Ueda looked very tired. "I was too busy setting up the game system."

"Why would you do that?"

"So we could play games." Ueda shrugged. "I know I'm not as good as you are, but with practice, I hope to be."

"It looks really nice." He admitted.

Junno noticed a small framed photo on the table by the couch. He picked it up. It was a photo of the two of them standing closer together. Junno could remember the day it was taken; they were taking photos for the calendar. It was so bad that it had been rejected. Junno hated the photo; it showed his nose the way it really was. With the large bump near the bridge.

He was about to say something about the photo, when Ueda pulled it out of his hands. He held the frame close to his chest, as if it where the most precious thing in the world. Why would Ueda be so crazy about such an ugly photo?

'That's mine. I'll put it up." He looked very guilty.

"You don't have to."

"But we're not really friends." Ueda reminded him. "You told everyone that we only socialize because we work together."


"You were my first friend when I joined Kat tun." He held the frame even tighter. "It hurts knowing that I saw more into our relationship then it really was."

"Tat-Chan you don't understand..." Junno began.

"I need to go to bed, it's late." Ueda interrupted. "Have a good night."

"Ueda, wait please...Ē

Ueda went towards his bedroom. He turned for a moment. He looked very sad. "It's better this way. I know the truth. I'm nothing to you. I think that is what hurts the most. I really thought we were friends. I even dreamed that perhaps we might be together some day. But now I know that will never happen. Sayonara Junno." With that, he went into his room and shut the door.

It was then that Junno realized the Maru had been right; Ueda was in love with him. Half the time Ueda irritated Junno, but in the other half, it was getting increasingly harder to hide his feelings for Junno. The arrangement of the game center had touched Junno. His friend had done it for him, not caring about himself.

"Some how we'll get together," Junno promised himself.


This wasn't going to work, Ueda realized as he hid the photo of Junno and him together. He had no idea how the photo had gotten into the living room in the first place. It reminded him of the fantasy world that he had lived in for the past few years. That Junno wasn't just a friend, but he loved him too. But the truth had come out; Junno wasnít even really his friend.

Ueda looked out the window of the bedroom. The city lights made the neighborhood look a lot fancier then it really was. Two weeks ago, it wouldn't have mattered to Ueda. He would be staying with Junno, so that made it all right. Now, he would have to share a room with someone who in reality only socialized with him because of work.

Ueda felt a tear roll down his cheek. He had promised himself not to fall in love, not after the hell that Koki put him through. He had really loved Koki, even to the point of letting him tie him up and whip him, but it never had been enough. Koki had never fully trusted him. Then Koki left him for Maru.

Ueda had promised himself that he wouldn't fall in love, but he forgot to tell his heart. His heart had fallen in love on its own, and it hurt.

"Is this our room?" Junno asked from behind him.

"I want to be alone." Ueda wiped the tears from his face.

"This is my room too." Junno pointed out. "Where else would I sleep?"

"What about the living room?" Ueda suggested.

"When I said the things I did at the meeting, I didn't think of your feelings." He could hear Junno walk to him, until he was standing right behind him. "Itís true what Maru said. You do love me."

The tears began to fall again. "I didn't want you to know. Maru shouldn't have told you."

"Why couldn't I know your feelings?"

"Because you don't feel the same way." Ueda put his hand on the window sill to support himself. "I'm not even really your friend"

"You're my very best friend. You're my world." Junno said softly, he put his arms around Ueda's shoulders.

"Please Junno, don't touch me. It makes me feel like you care for me, and you don't." Even so, he leaned against Junno.

"Who says that I don't?" He brushed Ueda's cheek with his lips. "I was trying to hide my feelings from you. I couldn't loose my best friend. I knew if we lived together, something might happen." When Ueda didnít say anything, Junno continued. "You're so wonderful, that I want to spend my life at your side. But I've been afraid. What will happen if we break up? I wouldn't loose just my lover, but my best friend."

"What about the meeting?" Ueda demanded. "You told everyone that you didn't even like me as a friend,"

"I lied at the meeting." Junno confessed. He let go of Ueda. "I didn't think you loved me. So I had to pretend that I didn't want to live with you. How could I tell everyone that I wanted to wake in your arms, and for you to smile and tell me you love me? When I knew you didn't."


"I'm in love with you," Junno's voice choked, and for the first time, Ueda realized he was crying. "But you always stare at my nose. I know you hated it. Just like you hate all about me."

"Why would I hate your nose?" Ueda sounded as if he couldn't believe his ears. He turned so that he was facing Junno.

"Because everyone hates my nose," Junno rubbed it again. "It's too big, it makes my face look plain, and it's got a bump."

"But that's the sexiest part about you." Ueda smiled seductively. "I've got a thing about noses, and yours is so sexy."

"I donít' believe this! You're teasing me too!" Junno looked crestfallen. "Of all people, I didn't think you would be one that teased me! That's why I have to leave."

Junno moved towards the door. Ueda knew if he let him out, he would never come back.

"Junno, listen to me!" He ran to Junno, stopping him.

Junno tried to pull away from Ueda, tried to fight him. But Ueda had boxing training and was much stronger then he looked.

Junno suddenly looked very scared. "Please let me go."

Ueda realized that he had to do something drastic. Something that might drive Junno away from the group forever if it didn't work. He grabbed Junno behind the neck and forced Junno's head down. Then Ueda kissed him very hard, forcing his tongue inside of Junno's mouth.

Junno stood very still, almost in shock. Then he sighed. His arms went around Ueda, and he kissed back. He matched Ueda's hunger with his own.

Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door. Ueda pulled away from Junno. He felt Junno put his arm around him, keeping him close.

"Yes?" Ueda gasped for breath.

"Is everything all right in there?" Maru asked.

"It's wonderful," Junno's arms tightened. "You don't know how wonderful suddenly everything became."

They heard Maru walk off. Ueda reached behind Junno and locked the door. Then Junno was kissing his lips again.

"I love you," Junno unfastened Ueda's robe. Then his hands went beneath the robe. He let his hands rub Ueda's bare skin. .

"Oh Junnosuke, I love you too." Ueda too began to try and take the clothes off of Junno. He pulled away from Junno. "Would you go down on me like you did in the train?"

Junno flinched, his eyes grew haunted. Suddenly Junno no longer looked excited. "If that's what you want. I will."

Why wouldn't you want to?" Ueda asked. "I mean you are so good at it."

"It's just..."

"Just what?" Ueda asked softly.

'The only reason I became good at giving head, is that was the only way Jin would let me make love to him." Junno looked away from him.

"I'm not Jin," Ueda put his hand on Junno's cheek. "I'll never make you do anything you don't want to do."

"I know," Junno nodded. "I think that's why I love you so much. I trust you."

Ueda kissed him again. Trying to show with his lips just how much he loved him.

"Are you top of bottom?" Junno asked.

'I like it both ways," Ueda admitted.

"Good, I do too." Junno guided Ueda to the bed. He pulled away from Ueda a bit, and Ueda let his robe fall to the floor. Then Junno went to a box and opened it. He took out some lube. He put it on the bedside table.

Ueda went to him, kissing him again. Then Ueda helped him off with his clothes.


Junno was so nervous. He didn't know why his entire being was terrified. He was on the bed with Ueda, they where kissing. Ueda's hands explored all over Junno's body. Then one of his hands went between Junno's legs, caressing him. Junno began to shiver at each touch. It had been so long since anyone touched him, since Jin. But Ueda's fingers were soft, not demanding, nothing like Jin's rough fingers.

"What's wrong?" Ueda asked.

"Why do you think anything's wrong?"

"You're trembling," Ueda stopped caressing him.

"It's just I haven't been with anyone in a very long time." Junno confessed.

"Jin right?"

"Yeah, after him, I wasn't sure I could trust anymore." Junno said. "This is the first time I've had sex in three years."

'But this isn't sex," Ueda began to caress him again. "This is love. There is a difference."

"What's the difference?" He moaned as Ueda's fingers touched a spot just beneath his balls. "Isn't sex, sex?"

"No, it isn't." Ueda told him. "Let me show you just how wonderful love can be."

Junno tried to relax, he was sure that Ueda would take him soon. Instead, Ueda simply kissed him as feather light fingers explored every part of his body. Then his lips left Junno's mouth, and those too began their exploration.

Junno tried to touch Ueda's body, but Ueda swatted his hands away. "This is for you. Just relax."

Junno tried to relax, but it was hard. What with Ueda making small love bites down his neck. While his hands strokes became deeper, harder. But they never touched Junno's most sensitive spot. Junno was hard, very hard. He tried to move into Ueda trying to give him the hint of what he wanted.

Then Ueda bit down on one of Junno's very sensitive nipples. Junno cried out, quickly clamping a hand over his mouth. He was always a noisy lover. But now he was afraid that the rest of the group would hear them.

"You like that?" Ueda asked almost evilly.


Junno's manhood began to throb to the point that it was painful. He was fully, very full, and knew soon he would come. He began to bite down on his hand, so that he wouldn't make any nose.

"Tat-Chan," Junno gasped.

Ueda stopped what he was doing. "Yes, my love?'

"I want to be inside you," Junno said with a rush. "Please, please, please, please."

"All right," Ueda picked up the lube; he squirted some on his hands. Then he rubbed some on Junno's aching cock. "I like it rough; you don't have to prepare me."

Junno nodded. Ueda rolled onto his back and pulled Junno on top of him. Even though Junno was excited, he took the time to prepare his new lover. Putting first one, then two fingers inside of him. But Ueda swatted his hands away; he took Junno's penis in his hand and guided it to the hole.

Junno pushed his way into Ueda. His lover was so tight, so warm. Junno wanted to take it slowly, but he was so very near orgasm, that he began to thrust with abandon. Every time he pounded in just a bit harder.

He looked at Ueda as he loved him. One of Ueda's hands went to his own cock pumping it. His head was tilted back a bit. Ueda was hot; there was no doubt about that.

Then Junno came, he could see stars behind his eyes. He screamed, loudly. He was always a loud lover, but he couldn't hold back as he orgasmed.

As he came down, Junno could hear his lover's whimper of disappointment. It had gone too fast. His lover hadn't' came yet.

He pulled out of Ueda, and moved downwards. "Let me take care of that."

"You don't have to," Then Ueda moaned as Junno took Ueda into his mouth.

He loved Ueda with his mouth. "This isn't Jin," He kept repeating to himself. "This is Tat-Chan, and I am doing this because I love him."

It felt like love as he sucked Ueda, deep throating his lover. All he could think of was his lover's pleasure, not his own. He wanted Ueda to know he loved him by the way that he sucked on him. He wanted to babble over and over how much he loved Ueda; instead he worked on loving him with his mouth.

He could feel Ueda's hand on his head, urging him on. And Ueda began bucking up to meet every thrust of Junno's mouth.

There was no sound but the movement of flesh on flesh. He could feel Ueda swell in his mouth. With one last thrust, Ueda screamed, and filled Junno's mouth.

Junno drank all of it, because he loved Ueda so much. Then he moved so that he was holding Ueda in his arms.

"I'm sorry I made you do that," Ueda gasped.

"No, I wanted to do it." Junno kissed Ueda gently. "I did it because I loved you."

"I wonder what the rest of the group will say when they find out we're together?" Ueda mused.

"I don't care," Junno said truthfully. "All I care about is you, not them."

"I do love you," Ueda's eyes were growing heavy.

"I love you too,' Junno eased Ueda's head onto his shoulder. He stroked his lover's hair. Soon Ueda was snoring softly. Then Junno too fell asleep.


Junno woke to the feel of someone beside him. Someone's head was resting on his chest. Junno took a deep breath, and could smell the unmistakable scent of Ueda. They where sleeping in Ueda's brass bed. They had finally gotten to sleep near dawn, each waking the other during the night with their need to love just one more time.

"Morning," Ueda said sleepily.

"Love you." Junno smiled at him.

"Love you too," Ueda sat up on his elbow. He reached out, touching Junno's face, "I meant it when I said I loved your nose."

"Really?" He still couldn't believe that Ueda would love his worst feature.

"Can I kiss it?" Ueda smiled sexily.

"You don't have to ask."

Ueda moved closer to Junno. He kissed Junno's nose gently. "I know I have a weird fetish."

"What parts of my nose do you like the best?"

"The bump, that's the thing that drives me insane." Ueda confessed.

Ueda settled against Junno, putting his head on Junno's shoulder. It felt good just holding Ueda. Junno never wanted that feeling to stop.

"Tat-Chan?" Junno asked softly.


"You've talked me into staying." Junno confessed. "I can put up with those baka's as long as I have you."

"I'm glad."

Ueda began to kiss his way down Junno's body; Junno began to stroke his lover. Gentle, small strokes. He wanted Ueda to love him with his mouth, but he was unsure if he should ask. They had taken turns being top while they loved, but Junno found that he liked it best when Ueda was on top.

Ueda teased him with his mouth, leaving little love bites up and down his chest. Ueda's hands rubbing up and down right beneath Junno's balls. It was driving Junno insane.

"If you don't ask me to love you, I won't." Ueda said almost sadistically. "I'll leave you here, all packed and loaded."

"Please Tatsuya," Junno gasped.

"Please what?"

"Love me with your mouth," He begged.

Ueda answered by taking Junno into his mouth. Junno gasped and thrusted upwards. It took all of his self-control to keep himself from thrusting into the warmth.

Junno picked up the washcloth that he had hidden under his pillow. He was such a noisy lover that he had to bite something or else the whole group would hear him. He bit down on the cloth. His cries being muffled by the cloth.

"Don't hold back," Ueda suddenly stopped his loving. "Show me how you feel."

"I'll wake everyone up." Junno panted. "I need something in my mouth."

"What about my cock?'

"All right."

Ueda moved so that he was on top of Junno, his cock pressing against Junno's mouth. Junno let it in. He began to suck in earnest. He could feel Ueda take him into his mouth again.

Ueda began to thrust into Junno's mouth. Junno was used to deep throating, he didn't choke. In a way, it felt so good. At the same time, Ueda loved him. Then he felt Ueda's fingers at his hole, and then with a push, Ueda's fingers were inside of him. Loving him with his fingers at the same time as he loved him with his mouth.

It was like going up the hill. Junno felt himself swell, until he felt as if would explode into nothingness.

"Tat-Chan, I'm close," Junno panted. "I don't know if I can hold back."

"Then let go my love." Ueda told him.

Junno screamed a loud, long cry. He emptied himself into his loverís mouth. His body spasming around Ueda's fingers.

Ueda pulled out of Junno's mouth, and then he moved so that he was on top of Junno. He plunged into Junno, his cock wet from Junno's mouth. He began to thrust hard into Junno. He felt himself harden again, as Ueda thrusted again and again into Junno's sweet spot. Then Junno came again.

Junno loved the way that Ueda looked when he came, his head tilting back, his eyes closed, and the way that he bit his bottom lip. Then his mouth would open, and he would scream a war cry, plunging himself into Junno one last time. Emptying himself of the gift he had for Junno.

Ueda waited until he softened to pull out of Junno, trying to come down from the orgasm. Then he cleaned Junnoís stomach, the way that a cat would lick up cream.

Then he sank down beside Junno, who took him into his arms and kissed him gently. "I love you so much."

Junno suddenly realized that someone was watching them.

"Ummm, Ummm." Jin stammered as he stared at the pair in bed.

"What is it?" Ueda tried to act as if he was caught in bed with Junno every day.

"Kame's making breakfast; he wants to know if youíre hungry."

"I'm starving." Junno looked at Ueda, and smiled his special smile.

"Tell him we'll be there in a few minutes." Ueda told Jin. He reached out, tracing Junno's nose with his finger.

"All right," Jin stood for a moment and left the room. Ueda could hear Jin almost yell. "Their together! I walked into them in bed!"

"Oh great, everyone knows about us." Junno groaned.

"So?" Ueda smiled at him. "I want to wear a shirt that says I love Junnosuke on it."

"Baka." Junno rolled out of bed, he put his robe on. "Do you want to leave first, or should I?"

Ueda put on his own robe, and then he grabbed Junno's hand. "Let's leave together."


Hand in hand Ueda and Junno went into the living room. The rest of the group was eating breakfast at the dinner table. They tried to pretend they where used to seeing the two new lovers together. That is, except for Jin, who stared.

"Good morning." Kame told the pair.

"Good morning," Ueda sat at the table.

Junno sat down across from Ueda. His lover filled a bowl of rice for him, and then put it in front of him.

"How was your sleep last night?" Maru asked.

"Best I've had in a long time." Ueda smiled at Junno. "What about you Jin?"

Kame elbowed Jin who jumped as if pinched. "Why did you do that for?"

"Ueda asked you if you had a good sleep." Kame told him.

"Ah Kame, you know we didn't sleep!" Jin said. "How the hell can we sleep when Junno screams? And the noise of the bed against the wall!"

"So you couldn't sleep?" Maru raised an eyebrow.

"Can you sleep with someone banging on your wall ever hour on the hour?" Jin tried to give his most pathic look. "And out of Koki and Maru's bedroom....It sounds like someone is being beaten to death!"

Ueda could hear snorts of laughter from Koki.

Maru looked at Koki and gave him a special smile. For the first time Ueda noticed the bruise on Maru's wrist. Ueda knew that the pair was members of the fetish community.

"Two of you get carried away last night?" Ueda asked knowingly.

"A bit," Maru said sighed. "But it was worth every moment."

"I don't understand...." Jin said confused.

"I'll explain it to you sometime." Kame whispered to him.

Kame went off to work on breakfast, he was joined by Ueda. Then Jin looked into Junno's eyes.

"You might be happy now, but we know what will happen." Jin hissed. "He'll stay out once night, then you'll be back to where you where when we broke up."

"Tatsuya's not like that," Tears stung Junno's eyes.

"All men are like that!' Jin snapped. "You're the strange one, you don't like sharing."

Just then Kame returned to the table. He put a plate of bacon on it. Ueda soon put a plate of eggs in the middle of the table.

Ueda looked at Junno. "Is something wrong?"

"Of course not," Junno looked away from Ueda.

Ueda sat down beside Junno and filled him up a plate. He put it in front of Junno. Junno didn't look at his lover. He knew that Jin was right; it was just a matter of time until Ueda cheated on him.

Junno didn't see the way that Ueda glared at Jin, or the way that Ueda kicked Jin under the table.

"What did I do?" Jin asked plaintively.

"Shut up Jin, just shut up!' Ueda told him.


Kame grabbed Jin and hit him hard. "When Ueda says to shut up he means it!"



Breakfast was almost finished, when Ueda and Maru huddled together. Then they both declared that they needed to have a group meeting. Everyone cleared off the table, and then they sat down together. Ueda sat down by Junno; he put his arm around Junno's shoulders. Junno was still getting used to them being together. But after a moment, he relaxed.

"We need to discuss something serious." Maru said. "The way our group really isnít' a group."

"For everyone's sakes, we have to stop fighting all the time." Ueda told him.

"If Junno could just go away, we wouldn't be fighting," Jin grumbled.

"Shut up Jin!' Kame ordered. "I think that Ueda's right, we are fighting too much."

"What can we do to stop it?" Junno asked.

"First, we have to put the past behind us." Ueda said. "All of us have moved on. It's getting a tad ridicules that we hate each other for things that happened years ago."

"What do you mean?" Kame asked.

"Jin hates Junno, because Junno broke up with him." Ueda told him. "It all breaks down to us not forgiving each other for our bad relationships."

"What has forgiveness got to do with this?" Jin demanded.

"If Jin could forgive Junno, then 90% of their problems would be solved."

"I don't want to talk about this," Junno had tears stinging his eyes. He had been hurt by Jin, and Jin's infidelity.

Junno felt Ueda's arm tighten around him. Then he whispered. "I know it will hurt, but we have to solve this problem."

Jin glared at Junno. "How dare the slut leave me?"

"Junno's not a slut!" Ueda countered. "How many times did he cheat on you?"

"Junno's an idiot!" Jin told him.

"You're the idiot for cheating on him!" Ueda told him.

"But all men cheat!" Jin insisted. "Ueda will cheat on him eventually!"

"If he forgave you for cheating on him and you forgave him for leaving you." Kame continued. "Then perhaps the two of you could stop being at each other's' throats."

"If I have to forgive Junno, then you have to forgive Maru." Jin told him. "In fact, you need to apologize to him."

"You're right, I do." Kame turned to Maru. "I'm sorry for what I put you through. It wasn't right."

"It was years ago." Maru told him. "We were both young."

Everyone looked at Jin, who still looked at the table. Junno was the first to speak.

"We need to stop hating each other," Junno told him. "All it's doing is hurting us."

"I'm sorry Junno, I'm really sorry." Jin finally told him.

"I know," Junno nodded. "We need to get along, for the good of the group."

"We all have to work," Koki agreed. "To make our group healthy again."

Maru looked at Junno. "The only question remains, are you going to stay with Kat-Tun Junno?"

"Yes, I am." Junno said without even thinking twice.

The group voted, to meet twice a week to discuss their problems. They all decided they had to work hard to make the group better.


Junno and Ueda returned to their room after the meeting. Ueda locked the door, and then with a shrug he took his robe off. Junno wondered when the other shoe would fall. When the day would come that Ueda stayed out all night with another lover. Every lover of Junno had cheated on him. His dream was a simple one; he just wanted to spend his life with Ueda, as his only one.

"Do you think Kat-Tun can really become a group again?" Junno asked he looked into Ueda's eyes as his lover untied his robe. Then he pushed it over his shoulder. Junno let it fall to the ground.

"We have to." Ueda told him. "If we want to stay successful, we all have to work together."

"You're right," Junno nodded.

"What's wrong?" Ueda asked concerned.

"This, us." Junno reached out, touching Ueda's shoulder. "I know we've spent a whole lot of time together in bed, it's just..."

"Just what?" Ueda looked into his eyes.

Junno broke eye contact, he felt embarrassed. "I want to be your number one."

"Why wouldn't you be?" Ueda asked. When Junno didn't answer, he realized what the problem was. "What Jin said at breakfast was wrong. Not everyone cheats."

"I know I should understand. That if I really loved you, I should be willing to share..."

"Bullshit!" Ueda snapped. "If you really love someone, you want to be the only one. That makes what you have special."

The tears began to fall. Junno didn't fight them. One part of him still hurt badly by Jin's cheating. Jin had blamed him the entire time for not being open minded enough to share him.

Ueda stood in front of him. He took Junno's cheeks in his hand, so that one hand was resting on each cheek. Then he looked into Junno's eyes, there was conviction in Ueda's eyes. "I'm not Jin; I'll never cheat on you. Please Junnosuke, trust me."

"I do," still the tears didn't stop.

"You're not my number one, you're my only one." Ueda told him. "I love you so very much."

"I love you too." Junno told him.

"Let me prove it to you," Ueda kissed Junno, the kind of kiss that sucked the breath out of Junno. Suddenly Junno stopped crying. Then Ueda pulled away from Junno. "Please believe me."

"Yes, I believe you." Junno told him.

Ueda took Junno's hand and pulled him to the bed. Then Ueda was making love to Junno yet again. Junno loved the way that Ueda made love to him. It was like their bodies were meant to fit together. It was perfection, real perfection. For the first time in Junno's life he was someone's only one. He knew he would never be as happy as he was at that moment.