Title: Mr. Blue Sky

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG

Pairing: JunDa

Summary: Maru plays matchmaker to two of his band mates


Everyone thought that being an idol gave the idol a glamorous and exciting life. That's why women sent photos of their sons and brothers to Johnny's. Taguchi Junnosuke wondered when that glamorous life would begin.

Perhaps it was more glamorous for Kame or Jin, but he wasn't Kame or Jin. Everyone always fawned over the group's two tops.

Junno wasn't jealous of Kame and Jin. Even though for a while he had been chosen as one of the up and coming juniors. But then Kame had been pushed to the front. Soon Junno had been relegated to the back, to support.

Instead of moaning about not being one of the two tops, Junno worked hard. When he was on stage, he would dance like a manic. Hoping that the perhaps one fan would be happy with his performance. That he could make them happy while they waited for one of the two tops to come near.

People called Junno boring. They made fun of his hyperactive dancing. Everyone except one person. He sat beside Junno on the bus that took them to their next job. They travel most of the night.

"You did really well tonight," Ueda smiled at him.

"So did you." Junno couldn't help but smile back.

Then Ueda moved just a little, so that he was leaning against Junno. It made Junno feel so wanted, so needed. They weren't lovers, not yet. But the way Junno was feeling around Ueda, he knew it was only a matter of time until he would have to stop being Ueda's friend.

Ueda took his hand, curling his fingers around Junno's. He didn't want to stop being Ueda's friend. But he knew what would eventually happen. Junno would be hurt again. But he couldn’t' stop what he was feeling inside of him. He was so much in love with Ueda. Perhaps, just perhaps Ueda would be different. He wouldn't hurt Junno's heart the way Jimmy had.

Jimmy Mackey had been Junno's lover for years. But then Jimmy had quit the agency and went to America. Junno hadn't been told. He thought Jimmy's trip to America would be only a couple of weeks. That is, until Junno got the letter dumping him. A letter stating that Jimmy had never loved him.


“Do you like anyone?” Maru asked Junno as they waited for their turn on rehearsal. Maru was tired of Junno being so miserable. Maru thought he deserved some happiness.

“Perhaps,” Junno didn’t really answer the question. Junno looked at Ueda who was across the room. Just the look on his face made Maru realize the truth. Junno was madly in love with Ueda.

"Its Tat-Chan isn’t it?” Maru guessed.

"Tat-Chan?" Junno echoed.

"Well?" Maru prompted.

"He's a good friend." Junno told him.

'Just a good friend?" Maru smiled. "Why don't you ask him out?"

"After Jimmy left me, I knew that I would be fated to be alone." With that, Junno got up and left the room.

Jimmy, Maru sighed. He should have known that would be the reason why Junno hadn't been dating. If he ever saw Jimmy again, Maru wanted to punch the man. No one hurt his friend and got away with it.


Stage one of Maru's plan was to find out if Junno liked Ueda. That was done. Now he was attempted to complete stage two. Finding out if Ueda liked Junno.

"Hey Tat-Chan," Maru asked during a rehearsal. The two were sitting together on a bench.

"Yeah, what is it?'

"Did you hear that someone's in love with you?"

"I don't have a boy friend." Ueda insisted, though for some reason, he felt as if he was lying.

"What about Junno?" Maru asked.

Ueda smiled for a second, just a second. Then he composed himself. "We're just friends."

"I think he loves you,"

"No, you weren't with him after he got that letter from Jimmy." Ueda told him. "I was. I promised myself that I would never put him through the kind of pain that he went through with Jimmy."

"You're not Jimmy," Maru pointed out. "You wouldn’t' treat Junno the way that Jimmy did."

"I know that," Ueda paused. "Until Junno realizes that not all love is pain, we can't be together."

"How will he know if someone doesn't teach him?" Maru pointed out.

"If I had some time alone with him, perhaps." Ueda told him. "But we don't have that time. We're all too busy."


"I have a present for you Tat-Chan," Maru came up to Ueda two weeks later.

"What is it?' Ueda looked up to the script he was learning.

Maru passed an envelope to Ueda. He opened it. Maru smiled. "My aunt owns a little inn. I've arranged for you to have a long weekend with Junno."

"Have you talked to Junno about this?" Ueda tried to hide the hope he was feeling.

"Not yet." Maru admitted. "I thought we could go to him; tell him that the whole group is going."

"Let's try it." Ueda smiled.

They found Junno in one of the solo rehearsal rooms, rehearsing the new routine.

Junno paused when he saw Ueda watching him. He walked over to his two friends. "What's up?"

"The group's going to go to an onsen during our long weekend off." Maru began to explain.

"What's that got to do with me?" Junno asked suspiciously.

"It's a group trip," Maru began.

"Come on Junnosuke, it will be fun." Ueda looked into his eyes and smiled.

"All right, if we can be roommates." Junno smiled back.

"I would like that," Ueda's grin grew bigger.

"Great, I'll go tell the rest," With that, Maru left closing the door behind him.

"You're dance is so good." Ueda didnt' take his eyes off of Junno.

"It's not that good."' Junno said modestly.

"Yes, it is." Ueda so wanted to kiss Junno. He moved closer to Junno, but his friend stepped back a pace. Afraid, Junno was still afraid. Ueda decided not to press the issue. They would have a long weekend to work it out.


A group vacation. It had been a long time since the group had gone somewhere together. Junno and Ueda were the first to arrive. The place had an onsen. Junno wanted a soak. Ueda announced that he would join Junno.

"I'm glad we have a few days off," Ueda said as he took off his yukata, revealing his firm, muscular body. Then he slid into the water.

"We've needed a vacation." Junno agreed as he took off his own robe.

Junno got into the water. He sat close to Ueda, but not touching him. There was still about a meter between them. This felt so good, the water soothing his aching muscles. He had been working out even harder then usual. The work outs took his mind off of Ueda.

He looked at Ueda, the onsen made Ueda even sexier then he usually was. The water glistening over his muscles. His lips full, inviting. His lips looked like they were begging to be kissed. Junno wanted to kiss his friends lips, get lost in his dark eyes. To feel Ueda inside of him. To scrape his nails across Ueda's back as Ueda loved him. It took all Junno's self control to stay away from Ueda.

Junno suddenly wanted his friend very much. His body quickly hardening at the sight of his friend. He moved away from Ueda.

"What is it Junnosuke?" Ueda asked concerned.

"Nothing," Junno pulled his knees to his chest, putting his arms around them. Hiding his excitement. "I just can't wait until the rest get here."

"The rest aren’t coming," Ueda confessed.

"I don't understand." Junno said confused. "It's a group vacation. I've talked to everyone; they all said they are coming."

"This is a special vacation, for just for you and me." Ueda confessed. "They know how we feel for each other. They thought it was a crime that we're not together."

"How could they do this to us?" he couldn't keep the pain out of his voice. "Trying to trick us. Why would they want to force us to be together?"

"I don't understand, don’t' you love me?" Ueda said clearly puzzled.

"I love you so much!" Junno admitted. "But love is pain! There will be a time when you will tear my heart out of my chest! I can't live with that pain anymore!"


"I'm going home." Junno got out of the pool. He put on his robe and went to his room.


Ueda followed Junno back to the room. His friend was packing his bags. His shoulders were shaking as he put the clothes back in the suitcase. Junno was crying.

Ueda didn't know what to do. Didn't know what to say that would make Junno feel better. Then he decided to follow his heart. He went to Junno, putting his arms around him from behind. Junno's body began to shake hard against him.

"Don’t' go," Ueda told him.

Junno turned in his arms. "Don't touch me, please. I can't control myself when you touch me.'

Ueda let go of Junno. "Don't leave me."

"I have to." Tears fell down his face like rain.

"No, you don't." Ueda reached up, wiping the tears from Junno's face.

"If you stay, I'll be hurt." Even more tears. "I can’t' stand any more pain."

"I'm not Jimmy. I wont' hurt you like he did." Ueda promised. "Please Junnosuke; don't punish me for what he did to you. In the years that I've known you, have I ever betrayed you?"

"No, never." Junno admitted.

"Then please don't go." Ueda begged. "We don't ever have to be lovers. Just please don’t' leave me."

"Why does that mean so much to you?" Junno demanded.

"I love you," Ueda confessed. "I'm so much in love with you that I can't stand another moment without you. It hurts me to see you so badly hurt. Oh Junno, can't you believe I love you?"

What Junno did next surprised Ueda. He kissed him. The kiss gentle, hesitating. Junno's whole body shook as he took Ueda into his arms. Holding Ueda gently as if he was a fragile porcelain doll.

"I trust you," Junno whispered between kisses.

"Then let's become lovers." Ueda pulled away from him, he took off his robe and let it slip over his shoulders. It fell to the floor.

Junno didn't answer, he put his arms around Ueda again, his grip so tight. His lips went back to Ueda's, this time his tongue demanding entrance into Ueda's mouth. With a sigh, Ueda opened himself to the kiss. Then Junno was loving him with his tongue.


Afterwards, Junno held Ueda in his arms. Ueda's head rested on Junno's shoulder. It felt different holding Ueda. Jimmy didn't like to cuddle after sex. Instead he would always put on his clothes and leave Junno alone.

Junno realized his relationship with Ueda wasn't the same as it had been with Jimmy. Their relationship had always missed something. Now he realized what it was. The thing that had hurt the most about his relationship with Jimmy. Jimmy had never loved Junno. All the years they had been together, Jimmy had used Junno.

"Can I start calling you Tatsuya?" Junno asked.

"Of course you can," He could feel Ueda smile against him. "I love you so much."

"Oh Tatsuya, I love you too." Junno kissed Ueda very gently. "When you tell me you love me, I feel so good."

"Then I'll make sure I tell you I love you every day." Ueda promised.

Junno took Ueda's hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed it. "I'll never tire of hearing it."

"You want to go to the onsen and soak?" Ueda asked.

"Perhaps in a little while," Junno kissed him again, he couldn't get enough of Ueda's full lips. "Right now, I'm happy holding you."

The kiss increased, and again they loved. This time Junno knew that he would never hurt again. Because now he had his wonderful Tatsuya.