Title: My Pet Bo-Bo (One Shot)

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: JunDA

Genre: Humor


Summary: Ueda is really; really jealous of the love Junno has for Bo-Bo.


What does someone do when the person they love loves their pet more then you? Or even doesn't notice you because he's too busy playing with his pet?


Kat-Tun was back stage preparing for a concert. They had about an hour to be together, just to hang out, before the concert started. Koki and Maru had gone off to explore some closets. Jin and Kame had vanished too, just leaving Ueda to have some quality time with Junno.


Ueda sighed disgusted as Junno played with Bo-Bo, the name of his pet. It was little, black and very shiny.


Junno seemed to smuggle Bo-Bo everywhere. Just when Ueda thought it was safe to talk to Junno, out would come Bo-Bo and their conversation was forgotten.


Even when Jin returned to Kat-Tun, Junno was much more interested in playing with Bo-Bo. He barely looked up to Jin when he talked to him. But Jin, being the sweet baka he was began to play with Bo-Bo too.


Junno loved Bo-Bo most of all, and Ueda hated it, really hated it.


Ueda was dying of sexual frustration. Since Bo-Bo had arrived, Junno hadn't been interested in love. Just game after game on Bo-Bo. It had been almost five months since they slept together last! Way too long for Ueda to go without any.


Ueda knew he shouldn't hate a pet. But he did. He wanted to take it to a Bo-Bo adoption agency, or perhaps give it to a kid. A kid would love playing with Bo-Bo.


The day that Junno forgot their date, because he had to buy a diamond and pearl for Bo-Bo was the thing that took the cake. It was the last straw for Ueda.†† Junno had all ready bought a ruby, a sapphire and an emerald for the ungrateful pet. Now it was a diamond and pearl. That made Junno want to play with it more, non-stop.


That was when Ueda decided to some how steal the pet away from Junno and leave it on the side of the road. He hoped a truck would run it over or something.


If Junno no longer had Bo-Bo. They could date again. Their lives could go back to normal. He would give that special smile to Ueda instead of Bo-Bo. They could also have sex. It had been so long since they had been together. Since the day that Junno was given Bo-Bo.


Suddenly, Ueda's ketai began to ring. He checked it; it was a text message from Junno.


"Tat-Chan, HELP! I've lost Bo-Bo! Please come over and help me find him! PLEASE!"


Ueda sighed and text back that he would be right there.




An hour later, Ueda knocked on Junno's apartment door. A few moments passed, and Junno opened the door. He looked frantic.


"Oh Tat-Chan! I still can't find him!" Junno said in a rush.


"Are you sure you lost him here?" Ueda asked. "You didnt' take him out for a walk or anything?"


"No! I played with him last night, right before I went to bed."


What Ueda found when he went into Junno's apartment was a mess. It looked like a tornado hit it. Things where scattered everywhere. All because Junno had been digging for Bo-Bo.


"You have one of the strangest pets on earth. It wants to hide." Ueda told him.


"Bo-Bo likes being mysterious." Junno told him. "Besides, he loves to come with me everywhere. But it's missing. I bet it's lonely."


"When it gets hungry, it will come back out in the open." Ueda tried to reason.


"It hates me," Junno began to wail.


Ueda rolled his eyes and began to clean the apartment. Ueda knew that Junno was a bit delusional, thinking that something like Bo-Bo would hate him.


"Perhaps if you play with Play-Play it will get jealous and come out in the open." Ueda suggested.


"No! I gave Play-Play to Jin-Jin." Junno said once he calmed down."He seemed so lonely since he's come back. So I knew he needed a pet."


"So all you have now is Bo-Bo."


"I love him so much!' Junno wiped his eyes. "He must miss me!"


Ueda sighed, and went back to cleaning. He wished that Junno cared for him as much as he cared for Bo-Bo. He kicked himself; he should never have given it to Junno for New Years, but at the time Ueda thought his friend would enjoy it. He had no idea how obsessed Junno would get with it.


They spent a good part of the day cleaning the hurricane that passed as Junno's apartment. Ueda wanted to forget all about Bo-Bo, but the way that Junno looked at him, almost on the verge of tears made Ueda want to continue to help him.


"When was the last place you played with Bo-Bo?" Ueda repeated for the thousandth time.


"I was sitting in the comfy chair!' Junno sat down in it. "Then I went to bed. It didn't go to bed with me. It usually does you know. But it seemed so tired."


"The comfy chair," Suddenly men in cardinalís uniforms swam through Ueda's mind. He had been watching way too much Python.


"Yes, the wonderful comfy chair!' Junno moped. "Bo-Bo really loves the comfy chair!"


"Have you looked under the chair?"


"That's the first place I looked!'


"Look again,"


"Don't wanna!" Junno pouted.


"Just try again."Ueda counted to ten, very slowly, in French.


Junno pulled the chair out, showing that there was no Bo-Bo hiding beneath it. He was about to put it back down, when Ueda pushed the chair over on its side and began to run his fingers over the inside of the chair.


"What are you doing?" Junno asked.


"Checking to see if it fell into the chair." Ueda's fingers ran along the back of the chair. His hand hit something hard. He used the Velcro fasteners on the back of the chair to open it, and took it out.


"BO-BO!" Junno screamed. He grabbed the pet out of Ueda's hand and began to slather it with kisses. "Oh Bo-Bo, I've missed you so much."


Ueda looked disgusted at Junno. "It won't be shiny anymore if you keep kissing it like that."


Junno took it away from his lips. He took his handkerchief out and polished Bo-Bo. "Now it's as pretty as ever."


"I know this is none of my business, but why on earth do you call a Nintendo DS Bo-Bo?" Ueda asked.


"Because its' named after UEBO the most wonderful, bestest, sexiest boy friend EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Junno told him. "It's even jet black, the way your hair used to be!"


"You named your game boy after me." Ueda said levelly.


"It's not a game boy, it's a DS!" Junno told him. "I love it!"


"Why do you love it so much?"


"Because you gave it to me!" Junno said. "No one's given me something so thoughtful! Something that you knew I would love."


"I see," Ueda decided that Junno was insane.


Junno put the DS down on the coffee table. He helped Ueda put the chair back in its correct place. He expected Junno to pick Bo-Bo up and begin to play with it.


Instead, Junno reached out, touching Ueda on the cheek. "I have had this strange belief."


"That your DS is a pet?" Ueda asked.


"Well it is! A bright, shiny, good little pet." Junno stopped himself. "I mean that if I ever loose Bo-Bo, that I'll loose you too."


"You're not getting rid of me that easy," Ueda told him.


Junno smiled at him. "I'm glad. Because I don't love Bo-Bo even half as much as I love my Uebo."


"Then prove it," Ueda challenged.


"All right, I will!" Junno took his hand and led him to the bedroom.


Ueda smiled as Junno pulled him into his arms, and they loved for the first time in five months. Ueda was happy very happy. Perhaps he could learn to live with a man who had a pet Ds named after him.